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Hokie Gajan Post-Game Commentary

Sep 2, 2010|

Hokie Gajan offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints’ 27-24 loss to the Tennessee Titans in their fourth and final preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And hope you allow him about a minute before coach Payton pre season come -- and hope you think there's some difficult decisions to make between now and Saturday. Little man I don't think there's any doubt about that -- you know -- look at the performance of Adrian and it would only in the night. Again it's not a special teams vote but who do go let did show up big and inspection team that mean there was a gap. Got an -- blocked a punt. Unable to sciences scoop the ball up that idiot for a touchdown but a lot of pressure on the quarterback and make some plays made a bonehead mistake. But yeah you gotta look at that you know you -- you've got to look at. Osama young in the fact that he really what where he was supposed to be at certain times does that give Kit Bond. The advantage over him. You look at -- waited DeShawn Wynn ran the ball tonight that they based it on not tonight but game. He certainly had a better performance than Ledell Betts. But you know those are all decisions that the coaches have to make but it. As you mentioned and as you put it. But it perfectly clear right there tough cuts to make those is a difficult thing to the coach has to do. Between now and Saturday afternoon and hope he the weak Saints fans have been waiting for the start of the season coming up. DK I mean I gotta believe that it's going to be a party. Very much similar to when they have the reopening of the dome that is going to be all day party people -- going to be looking forward to it but one thing. That this particular party we'll have that the other when did and then beat the dropping of the banner. New Orleans Saints world champions -- I think it's gonna be another very emotional moment in the superdome. I know what will be from me I can't speak for everybody else but it's going to be. Is definitely -- -- some special. I think you're we're hoping you know and it can be born birdies you don't be -- practical for a few good hours I believe on Thursday in the frat. He had I mean people gonna go to work home phone Friday morning. Battered Bears say very few but good thing that I -- -- they're gonna have -- -- Good -- Bob is awful Friday more. Well you know what I got guess that's relatively little bit speak you know. Exactly what you call Friday morning when the sun comes up for when it a go ahead and arguably were given a Friday or Europe but -- -- about -- don't know enough about them. Big training camp you hope he is one where you would expect that you know many new faces to make these teams but. Obviously because of that you know -- on special teams -- -- the Colts they are going to be a few new faces in the fold. Oh yeah I don't think there's any doubt about that it not -- not obvious curious as to who those guys going to be you know me. We sat around there at the media center for the last week. All of that -- the media that that watch practice every day at the -- one day you say in this guy's gonna make the club and if they go you know man I ain't so sure anymore and I think maybe that's the position that you feeding into that I don't know for sure because as a person and -- they're been world champion. And one final thought from a Saints color analyst -- guys hocus pre season is in the books we get on that. Already and now everything it's for real of course the next big thing will find out to -- who actually is on the 53 man roster coming up Saturday evening. Did daycare I just heard you say saint station a pre season to into. A look at the other way this season starts now there -- no and on from here and yeah I mean that's it's one of the curses -- haven't go to the pre season you have to deal with him being some injuries and whatnot. You have to fight through it is a sand. Not seen all year favorite guys out there on the field and everything else but. Yeah I think the next big thing that will be on everybody's mind is what happens Saturday when they cut this thing down the final 53. We'll listen to meet your room were right when they said -- I think his schedule -- of that the pulled. Does somebody else so it becomes a little bit more about a game for us than it does for the coaching staff so. That when I'm discredits all over with and would get ready for Thursday night.

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