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Bobby Hebert, Post-Game Commentary

Sep 2, 2010|

Bobby Hebert offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints’ 27-24 loss to the Tennessee Titans in their fourth and final preseason game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You notice what a normal -- pre season game as far as. Maybe the starters. In the past. You know usually have -- a week to get ready for the opening game they might play a series. Or two by the number of starters. You know aura or not out there tonight it's only because it's a -- not a short week but a normal we going Thursday to Thursday. Instead like -- Thursday to a Sunday you know to kick off the season. Soul. Really and nothing surprised in this game -- to score really thought the times we're gonna win. You know what double digits is basically their ones against our tools I thought offensive line. Really struggled. But you going against the Titans. You know no more as their best even discussion list -- on the game and you look at that -- in spurs' defense the this whole pre season dating give up a touchdown. So -- Jeff Fisher has to be pleased with that now. I think if you put Drew Brees in the first half he can make a difference and now would have broke that string. You know but at times defense. I know could strains can emphasize this when you try to break down the numbers. I know he's not pleased -- this when needed to have twelve. On third down 17%. That's -- we always going to be about forty to 50%. And that's what the times where they were eight of sixteen. 50% total net yards on defense gave up. For his 66 stars who will look at a lot of different people. -- probably the most discouraging. Thing and and dig a hole played is not the case. For this season. Because. You know if you look at the first defense. Against the whole pre season you look at their first half. We've given up 44 point two yards a game. Well you know we gave up this the first half seven point four yards per carry. So no that that's unacceptable. And anti it has to be key against the Vikings because I truly think. The Vikings are gonna run Adrian Peterson 3035 times a game. So hopefully. We can have that somewhere around four yards a carry if not. You know under an end and it would be outstanding but you look at the times in over 222 yards a five point four yard average again coach Payton. Is gonna emphasize this a lot of times -- you playing different people in a pre season especially their fourth and it tends to be sloppy. As far as the penalties. Mean it double digit penalties. That kind of a target is always going to be on the seven penalties. Well we had eleven penalties for 89 yards. That cost -- on no three on defense one on special teams. We had him stopped when the -- the penalty. -- game a first down so they -- sustain their drivers now the times. That they had to last with a lot more yards nine penalties the largest 33 yards he -- now three games in a role. That the Saints have been born nine category. As far as penalties on -- coach Payton is gonna emphasized that they look at in the first half. You know kind of chase Daniel look -- -- agent Arrington in that second half wearing -- had you know three judges 78 yards. You know and now one touchdown from chase Daniel -- Ramsey to Meachem. They dallas' go to guy when Meachem had five catches for 49 yards in big look at Adrian Arrington. I mean are truly think if you put him on the practice squad this year someone -- you know snatch him up even though he doesn't really produce. On special teams in the last two pre seasons. They just impressed because I talk about. You know average per catch we look at Devery Henderson has done that in a high level and an NFL. The longer Robert Meachem wafted to pre seasons. In his is -- last pre season Robert I mean eight generic and now has fourteen catches. For 322. Yards that's a 23 yard average so Adrian Arrington. Definitely a big play receiver. Deke if you look at. No the defense creating turnovers that's I've been a big asset for us. You know I know look at his track record you know last year like a similar -- takeaways at 39. And I think he carried over from pre season their regular season last pre season. We were applause for what tonight in a turnover ratio we'll righted zero would that it were plus one mention he's Daniel had. That interception righted and trying to make a play on the Ford down in the end zone so we're zero for the game Murton for a total for the four games in pre season were plus two. That's key at least we on net plus side in a give -- take -- ratio. And and -- goes a long way as far as the defense -- up. Chris threes. And now you think and Amos fans these player buddy took one a bad angle. All in one big run that they had. By our ringer the kid out of Michigan State where he had four carats is 64 yards. But you know what eight tackles seven unassisted well what did John I think this season a Patriots game. Having -- and assisted tackles outstanding job. Overall by Chris threesome Joe Lon Dunbar had five unassisted and seven total. The -- his -- me did the most. -- and Vilma can't get hurt. I'm a Mormon Mitchell was horrendous and pass coverage. I mean every time I'll look when they were completely passed down the middle there were. Do a lot of zone coverage. Marvin Mitchell is a big part of that and and and just getting burned bottom line. Junior go let you -- -- junior lake became a what a big sag -- three told three unassisted tackles. And he also blocked a punt and wasn't even. A blocked punt call the but he went in there got his big pawn and also Jimmy Graham. Blocked a punt dig out enough Aussie men in a while even though was a pre season -- Saints had to blow -- punt in one game I guarantee you did in the regular season game. What our offense did you read your blog to -- you gonna win and on it you know fourth in the fourth quarter before that block on June acclimated tackle first down on second Manning got the sack on third. Would become a look at my notes as we continue to show. There was two phase in the gained. Where he made three plays in a -- And in later in the game you need another three plays literal but then I guess he was so wage is a onetime -- that kind stop. And Indy jumps off sides. You know I know could straighten out to about this when you cannot. You know have bad but -- legacy playing a number of guys. But you know that you come back to kill you when you have Iran a hundred yards. In penalties that that's almost like given up a touchdown if you positions on -- coach -- not gonna be too pleased with that. But but overall a good pre season now it's on the real football in the -- has come to town next Thursday night.

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