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Sep 6, 2010|

Bobby and Deke invite you into the radio huddle for the Second Guess Show to discuss the Saints and LSU. The guys also speak with Chris Harry of AOL Fan House Sports.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's that he gets through the first week next week NFL analysts and -- -- comfortable expert -- -- the rest of the season in about BB each and every Monday night. Practice Saints coaches -- -- it. Poll Monday Night Football come on out and Jones as always on numbers get involved at 5042601870. Or toll free 86 weeks. 889. 08 season where it is game week anything can. Short show we care for the black velvet follow long weekly who from a Thursday night game and I -- him all the way. And -- them Monday when you think about the first part of the schedule. All the way to what November 14. This is you'll -- a -- week but a good opportunity -- my -- -- know -- get a chance to Aaron -- wrong and you know what -- this game. You know extra risk they have to prepare for another good team needs him to. Yesterday it was kind of a short week when you consider -- -- as they wanted to know last the evening game against the Titans. That you want from Thursday to Thursday that a -- -- than they. So you won the guys that he has ration ticket -- you know and that there's tactical against the Vikings. They'll as far as strategy. You can and is that. Flies them. You know and keep players like -- -- sort -- repeating it is he reads it you'll you know wanted to be dealing with any snakes. Or anything nagging him being ready to roll. You know come that first game then you go away with a win. Then all of us. It is like connect replied considering not playing into that following Monday. You know nine traveling to San Francisco ultimately -- in the 49ers in. -- the be all end of the opponents to kick off this season. You guys the Vikings that'll got to -- at San Francisco. And in the Falcons in the superdome when we talked about this earlier when you look at their overall. You know home field advantage. And head to head what you're doing tickets in its key opponent. That goes along way and it in these first few gains could developed -- who has moved the advantage Newcombe January's old. You know like it's that you look at early the Vikings I mean it doubly important. Considering. Like almost 21. And that can have a significant meaning down the road when innocent -- tiebreaker is Clement at play in the you know just speculating. On little -- lap if we see in the Cowboys have any chances this. But the Packers an outstanding receiver and -- know if that. You know permanently not well being much rather if that scenario the Packers. Government that you all of -- you have to go play of Atlanta the Lambeau Field in January. 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- -- number you can all be the only. -- -- in the background that's because we -- at this it was the casino about it let's go right down the forward to known who it. The -- in making history Austin by tournament committee which -- got hit it. Big -- Angered. That the him Bobby. Dominate. We don't mind saying is being granted. Defensively they handed the next four games because death won't be out big things. The running back we gonna happen next -- gain -- out babies that bought out there. That is so you think as far as the running backs as far as. Alcohol coach Payton doesn't that mean our office not want to -- committee. I didn't become my I'll -- OK -- it is it is Pollyanna view you'll -- you go yeah oh yeah -- two -- not -- -- Yeah I don't know though I don't mean Mondays at. And tonight although I'm probable blow it would be yet. I. -- -- as -- five I think you know you can not be discouraged if that was the case obviously. I would start out thirteen and no I mean come on Buick take Abbott and -- at 50 that's realistic considering. That everybody's gonna bring their a game. And I think we'll be pretty good shape maybe not number one overall seed in the what you went eleven games and you almost for -- the playoffs. I will mark Howell my defense. That we've got that -- Notable reputation and of the brutal game. Eight that is it'd be a big challenge and and -- not to be discouraged in which you look at it. This pre season and I'll look at always the first have -- it that you started the play. We eloped four point two yard gain. And the first half against the Titans now bill and that everybody was playing. We gave up seven point four yards to carry. So -- -- -- bend but don't break if we keep force likens it -- -- over our our field goals instead attacked down. That's political along -- you talking about kick and all this season. You guard against the best that events like he's eight meters then. Ending gore. And then you look you know turner. With the Falcons yet on the scene he's in shape. As good as he looked pretty cable from San Diego a couple of seasons. And did you look at I Carolina. Yeah Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart that might be -- -- cruelty in the whole NFL. So we'll know right quick where we are and that rugby pitch because that's a good point headed -- that could be a big challenge but Gregg Williams and defense. I've that Eric is the the team -- -- or I didn't I eight. Iowa that the you -- it means again and I'm. I mean I. Let those involved. That felt good ground ball -- we've -- all. Made -- Brockman. But my man. This is -- a reasonable. And let's not act and is. Yeah if Eric although it down that you behind dollar -- all we it is all agree you regret it. And I'm copy -- I'd say -- that. If there. In the innovative -- -- go to max in New Orleans on Iowa max thanks for calling WW. What. Right next. The report report -- now the opera that concerns. -- -- -- -- -- Well suited to par all hopeful or -- was little reason for them to read you know. It and and not appropriate topic care success off the the you did it again in the morning and -- Matt was but. Well yeah. You don't like very similar and I brought this -- when Drew Brees started doing it that's it Tom Brady and the Patriots you look at when they seem. Was all said and done and done the easy life and -- eight or nine different guys had a reception right. You know very similar defeated the saint you keeps my confidant but you gotta have to trade him. They're vulnerable that all of the Olympic Games all when the seasons all over look at a lot of different number receivers that actually caught a touchdown pass. I mean how these read it well though it yet that capability. Let -- you know it's at running back by committee are receiver by committee. If you have that went the with the coordinators the sort of burden Midnight Oil that we can focus all your. Could you can't not to force the UK double team everyone. Wrote in Vegas and have confidence that you don't let whoever has the 101 about a week you know win and Drew Brees gonna -- -- -- not well -- the rookie of the had gone through so realized Michael's because he. They're very the world group will -- he's been watch them as you more. Base -- public he will they have a lot of talent on the warm welcome back while it was. Google my. Alamo now what what grade. It what's your opinion on it just gets old and out of corporate. More. Well yeah and more while -- on your moment ago about what Germany in this tournament during the series. You look at him Mexico I think instructors schedule it's actually harder this year to oh if we kick out of of the yeah yeah where they didn't we always room here -- -- again do we think I think -- thought of that about a college football. And how it how it as expected that the easiest. But there's no way you can look at -- Saints he would do well in April he is there aren't witnesses thirtieth as the week goes at about winning percentages by yes but. You come out the gate you're playing Minnesota. You may at San Francisco you compliment him panic you remain here in Carolina as a point seven about it and yeah forceful gave them all for those who. Yeah you look at last year -- and it paid eight toughest schedule Garnett -- that right well you look this year the Cardinals. Supposedly -- an apartment have the easiest schedule of the Saints have this sixth easiest. Have you get -- that even though you know playoff team winning record having everything to the new season. Like like Big Ten is bring it up all of -- to stop the running game he. You know we talk about Chris Johnson and the Titans beat the first back you know pass receiving -- -- -- look what it 500 yards. Look at DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart the Panthers. They've both topped the 1000 wanted to yard more. Last year. That was the first tandem. In NFL history. To do so you're back to headed monster yes we -- the rushing defense rule V talent from the get go to start this season. They educate you can't have gladiator and the ability -- -- -- -- it can't show right here on Saints radio WW. And welcome back. Hello about rebounding abilities that you -- some it has been a big game this week Saints and Vikings Thursday night coverage begins at 3 o'clock first take with. Haven't s.'s in the court it Oceanic -- contact streak in the water with the countdown ticked off at five in the shade after seven of Saints and the Vikings right here. On -- radio W give UAL AM FN dot com. AOL fan -- of sports. Thomas -- -- Chris Perry is our special is now because -- felt about the National Football League. Chris thank you so much for the time of fully get out he took thoughts on our matchup this week. Couple of -- notable names out there that were. Release maybe that would be surprised me now in new homes let's start off what receiver who just hit the bank place here from Cincinnati you. Seattle TJ Houshmandzadeh and now becomes a member of what has become a very solid with feeding -- in Baltimore along with Anquan Boldin. Talk about that move and how you like it enough. Yet anyway and. I'm like what -- done. For relatives there receiving corps. He got game on all that all bring back there -- and on the move they've made in bringing back and bringing in these ones not a mom and basically getting for free I mean the people off the pain now basically. With the exception of the and it felt better -- on the Landers in the so. You know excellent move for them it's only gonna help you expect around and Joe Flacco with players who can get open now he he could become even more dangerous and. Probably than. Scarier than running game and become more dangerous. -- -- -- -- Either Oakland or maybe the Redskins were gonna make -- move but -- surprising that the race that the Ravens -- -- -- get him at. Edit out Chris look at a situation now where Matt liner I mean Heisman Trophy USC kind of the prima Donna syndrome. You know you almost got a ticket for granted that I am gonna beat the Cardinals starting quarterback obviously didn't work out. He had a great opportunity in Phoenix especially court Kurt -- not being in the mix. And now you look at him now the Texans picked him up. But he can't think eating had a chance to -- -- man considering the success that match -- have with the Texans. Now. In you know -- play for a month in Buffalo because. -- if you're talking about. I'm -- -- Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm quarterback you want a quarterback. So. But then again maybe -- -- it up there for southern cal guy that Rob Johnson near the year they got to go out there will -- in the stadium one run back again. But I'm you know with Matt Leinart situation I think clearly -- I don't I don't hear him Whisenhunt says. The status of the Atlantic area in the right way there wasn't anything between the two of them. He was that guy. You look at this guy. And they have been that green quarterback in history when the party line showed. And -- the opposite this wasn't something that was clicking through that was going on in the locker room I'm sure -- -- -- -- work ethic. And their boat -- -- -- in a pretty picture regarding our house when about it and wouldn't I'm very much for Cairo -- is pouting. -- you know I think I think the guy guys kind of cap sabbatical -- you know amount -- enough to pop off line. Winning here in a computer at guard positions so that probably is but that thankful party and Baldwin cut the losses than it is right now. I -- your political partner -- gonna have a very good evening waking up at your interest in two. I'm -- Terrible luck he's uniquely Carroll. Chris -- hey oil fan now sports over the NFL is a special is Christmas look now. Into the before we didn't connections Saints in Minnesota NFC north. Division. This is. But some feel that the fans could be better because of what they've done in the all of c.'s defense in the -- offensively covering in my remarks on. Also looks like it's -- two native raced me Green Bay and Minnesota. A lot of classes toward Green Bay. And then there's people I think it's kind of like that the old habits that aren't about Minnesota's. Is there a fear that people post Theo taking Minnesota because of what fall out the last year. For the these you think it's a playoff team even with the gap and like that the Bears -- if he were to starting quarterback. I I think that their -- I. I got an idea slightly into what we're gonna talk about next but I think in this sort of like you've got to come back of the tackles that I mean what market last year were magical. An -- team. He got were gonna probably thought about this that a little bit but. To me it seemed like a lot like you get out of Minnesota. If it means addict -- at all back nine point and I think their competitiveness and hesitation there about it ankle. -- the last game because he's just got absolutely kill. I think you're going to be more I think that provided the blueprint around the league perhaps -- try to defend Brett -- this season. I don't think you can underestimate. What the law to be like cynical. Fun and Greg Camarillo. Com and I into the -- Easter and Javon. I'm walker secure desperation half court he's not gonna make the team armed you know what -- with him where he -- -- on in the conversation. We're meant and Jack -- -- conversely to -- look like -- uncle that get -- -- right now because with that but he's in the note there's no they're not here for Minnesota guy. Report that either next you're meant uneven either -- this season as ankle doesn't hold -- you don't get this. Yeah actually bring him in right now not to worry about it now -- -- you make your run the Super Bowl in January or Jack and next season but -- I'm I -- I feel pretty popular and I feel better back green today regardless. What that appeasement for the last time out. And I do that the Minnesota Vikings right now like it will -- -- pretty good -- of that third in the making up hey I'm monsters but I think you got hooked up Appleby. And yeah -- Chris look at that. You know at the start the season all the high expectations with the New York Jets obviously being in New York media. Andy -- came to agreement with the route Revis. -- start. Our big challenge natives aren't deceiving going in the Ravens will Revis built that your commitment to kick goal art you'd think he'll be a couple of weeks. Not that I think it was fun I think we know kind of player that guy is. I mean an impact when you play up through their guys. There there their star players around the league that withdrew their contract squabble and McCain and they came back in. You can't hit the ground running I think I think zero lead at that kind of player. -- you know he's making me eat a lot not a little girl well again when you talk about that receiving corps right. Until wacko and then a challenge and a little bit. I'm sure that -- -- -- and expect that and and I you know I. I think there's -- -- there's a lot of blow hard regarding their New York jets' season. I don't think they're anywhere near the team that the world be -- the people Indians credit for it they're their egos are out of control I think art I'll get in the out of control. I think they could be improved rude wake up in the -- if -- play out there -- human mind that he's in. They may not a lot better than that he -- he let. But not that that you can laugh and decent damage like -- -- last year but that. It's more so it's more so on and on -- that you president of on your league right now. Anything Chris that you're looking into a lot of talk about you know positions in them whereas guys all pair's defense Atlanta so -- but. Kind of had -- can't -- the two corners I don't corner of the Saints have to -- here Greer Tracy for a and where you see him across may be stacked up against some of the better second infinitely. I like their craft and there and he. Yeah I think that you know I haven't dropped round it's gonna be opening up for now -- -- -- there are right. Think -- effectively they position. -- have a Malcolm Jenkins -- is back at safety and the economy had a pretty good camp. But I doubt that the truly happened and things -- -- -- -- I think he. When you're young you don't have that experience you kind of do things -- book. It was so -- both those special if you look at -- just -- at MacKey had we creating turnovers than me to think that seventy that the ducks now. Yeah I think that's the difference where you move that little bit no matter what their ability at the Malcolm Jenkins. You just don't have that experience that instincts right now that the parents are from brought to the table. -- one -- and and really nobody nobody is quite. Very few people played the position -- -- he think appearance sharper. And I let them up correctly -- The only thing. You know our our. Are my -- in for a little bit a week can you see him because we think all the -- the amount that -- -- eternal but he's. You know ready yet they're very turnovers last year in defense of -- A lot of breaks went their way lefties and they're they had a couple of injury severe injury that -- that they were able to overcome. And mama on one he's got that I believe in you global trends attack. An admitted that the reason that this team don't repeat reap what you really really artery he is as a it really really hard who went on the first play. So I'll look at defense -- the reason they were point four Oliva -- your 25 in the league lefties specifically -- those turnovers thankfully that they cause. Really you know obviously made up made up for them discrepancies and I'm Anthony consistency on the east and it's -- that you might be real partner with some of that this season especially when everybody can become informed. Current unit failed any oil found house and house -- Christmas Chris thank you so much that that we appreciate the conversation. The it's I think it's that much -- Well -- -- and we come over to the Saints a year ago but -- but he -- coach -- -- the trust. It defensive back Houston very -- now Houston's lead. Colin well with you today on the demo chemical and he's 24 season. In the him Blacksburg Virginia apparently thinking oh boy -- night you know five versus X matchup. -- frank beamer -- -- it caught up with Peterson for him to get his thoughts on his college days and the -- -- -- football program. On the radio East Coast -- In college the bombing this is -- guy's been there for it 24 years and and he didn't do a lot of fanfare because -- day cruises national championship contenders year in year out. Look at stats mean talk about it. Doubles with him out. 1617 years -- -- and the army. -- Doesn't bring out you know. The players that is Bernard of pro players that is out of this world. -- expert. -- the -- -- -- as she says emerges from national. Contenders. Is under on the reason and I think he accidentally. You know you don't -- -- -- from the -- hey why not tell -- -- What who do -- -- week ago. It was two totally. One of these years and was up two more pulling out it's an Egyptian cotton. Again I was reading about it it's not a big yellow -- he's -- he's very calm demeanor. Is that -- is that little things that you know as the players -- college kids and you see guys like nick -- in your -- guys the other coaches. What finger print rumors on every. Football -- step foot three campuses earned the respect. Eastern he's like a -- and -- -- trees and Bynum doesn't have -- -- and he knows. Assistant coaches. Since incident please and you can tell us a great system because we lost fewer coaches annals -- Simpson is noted as him through doesn't -- -- -- Of course assistance -- -- -- when I was there. Got aptly regrets now coaching with him. And he's just look at it definitely. You can tell us as a family environment. This is Clement -- job news and god loves the grass cannot be as screeners religions and other side you -- -- -- -- under the program. That some things we wanted to as far as navigated a promotion according. -- -- -- we have to take. -- called awarded as well as coaches and -- and immediately he. You kind of carved out a good career for yourself on special teams than any NFL -- he's renowned for his special teams units of there present where starter for you tour. Did. -- look at -- office special teams. We're I think we're still. It's special teams in everything you do. Every play is important learning everything doing rolled to the team's important that you negativity -- and that's -- especially team play. Has been so good because. Sometimes in this game. People look at specialty or just special teams. -- something. -- something else. When we installed as of yet -- all the reasons that you wanted to be almost as you know -- just another opportunity to make a play. So he -- -- tonight did you have several thousand. You made you feel like that golf keep our return part partner. That you were just as important as the deepest of covering a receiver or wives who run around. Those like him and you football you know some of these guys keep the give them that read while you're on special teams are high school you just on special teams but yet and they don't I guess they underscore the importance of at all. EEE do you definitely do. Hustlin' owls your Drago. For free it was not in this. And in a lot of those little -- is that -- also worked at -- need to learn you appreciated and respected. And that's that I learned a long -- it this one bloopers -- know listen corners figure to -- you hold. Finally break down tonight's matchup for us and I know where it's gonna go have our little work. They have. Pointing toward and -- and third team lost one game and to use. The stars aligned for the -- bit. Having the whole. Year prepare for this. In Washington DC. Where an all black. This. Report from. Hughes and ultimately to the ball handlers the team. For -- ever go to completely communicable. -- Here's our national question about Thursday night's game for you guys special teams could could be the deciding factor is an area that. Kind of came under some criticism during a pre season because of delicate job of tightening up. Tightening up the coverage units and kick -- game. Lower. Than representatives. Received you have different companies that. It's dramatically from them. And none -- -- counts of opportunity started Thursday. Who changed all you compare them out of the north annals for games in the pre season they're only in April 3 interceptions and for a stranger by August. What's going over to. Rivera. You know reticent emphasis an important to us -- game in his. That -- rosters especially incorporated this. We're prepared as we can go out and give his team this opportunity. To win a football game the specialty. It. Sensitive to make Peterson for a loop with -- sent a reporter Christian Eric King you know by the out of there right now in the first quarter of Boise State block point and me now in the 20. Over to you today but that is a sound program sixth straight team win seasons for frank beamer. And in the because college football. Point four straight years as a head coach been the next closest to him. That's one consecutive Steen and answer my coach in and the police a few years all of them but that's the third set then there's the it's completely down and -- Troy and he's been in twenty years. And now after that the gap with top of this that Joe Paterno he's forty feet year. As the head coach of the instinctively you know body I don't know if we ever see those type of Ron again in college football from a standpoint. Unless it is deciphering it free Lehman has -- ought to Paterno do all -- about. What these thought there if -- -- -- in it and no support in the cool people. Who Gordon -- them. On lap for about them for them at -- time they are and they had the patients to see the program overall in the universities and you know that are right direction because. Now -- to turn over college football especially how confident. You'll see that yeah in those type a years because -- -- and it's windy and the patients is that it has you know I -- that no unity and not nearly what it what. Those big I think that frank beamer has accomplished. That consistency. And considering where Virginia takes program was then and where he's taken it it's almost -- Tennessee type of scenario very similar to what Bobby -- it was Florida State. You know look at -- -- -- the Florida State I mean going back to Burt Reynolds is day's activities Flynn ran it right there -- terrible. Ellison Bobby -- look at this great opportunity because an athlete -- at Florida. You know if we do things the right way we can turn this program around and that's why you have the respect factor where coaches and his people -- college football with frank beamer is benefiting -- day. And now knowledgeable patient -- of Florida State but the groundwork is lady it was Bobby -- in Tehran that Florida State program reported on the map. That's the case you can about -- them Deke Bellavia come back we'll take some calls will go to -- Duke. Who what's up about the big parade fell -- isn't going on in the city on Thursday and of course the big Saints game he's obviously have become a -- It is his second game show where the suit was that great Hank Titanic -- that might see him Bobby each and every week on them Monday's practice Saints coaches show. And Monday Night Football on Saints radio WW. -- we definitely have to. Be aware -- there. Pass rushing ability. You know last year their. Very. Well aware of you know how good of friends than they have with the linebacker -- and probably the best. Group in the NFL so -- well aware of all that and we have to. Make sure that we play fundamental football out there we have to be aggressive pass block and protect that you. Because if we don't we can't get a hand and I think you've seen it a few games with them last year. At saint sort of bay receivers talking about the pass rush that the saints' front and outs in the running backs -- to deal with Thursday night when the Saints opened up this season the entire NFL season at home in the dome. Against Minnesota back to the phone to go Bobby you call him the official shift of the motivation -- Duke. Let's. You got a story and I've -- yet. -- Com analyst that there's. That span and on the industry. Is the movies and now the C. It's going to be pretty remote people it's going to be that cycle we reopen the -- excitement going to be crazy with this parade. And that the characters and exciting. And that they partnership for the nation will be on the road so look parliament and a they close the outlook for the Orioles are but that is the night. Yeah who went went winners infidel who don't know do tell -- that the about the parade when it's dark whereas today. Parade for. Going to respond on the field -- -- in street now. -- Not Peters. Into the warehouse is ridiculous and Julia that was at the end you know offer you don't know -- you know that was ultimately -- Barack. I gotta be. Are all there. You'll. Do that guy you you know all. It's not have been -- It's going to be it's going to be an error. The parade traffic as he forms. When he ships and -- -- -- -- position in Europe Africa Europe. And they made ships especially in the Jack it's. Shirt jacket so if Baker's -- brought up each photo it was different grow. So each well it was different. -- -- -- -- -- -- people's a huge article follow these are we got him. Use it Ali you know -- Hickory chips in the long stroke that was enough talent great. The -- that that happening it's going to be. Something that that that it's going to be I think there are property program there. On Decatur street. It's it would be Olympics -- went to the restraint in how are you guys -- you know -- about that guy who. But make in the media that like it's come down in -- -- on Katrina. For. -- It was and even at the linemen but it Chicago Bears. And you know on an -- the Cordoba that because the team needed is. A humorous Arkansas here's the heat in the all the things that they they hit that make idiotic statement. While goes down here in here it's like Katrina. And it that's the that's. That I mean yeah. Yeah I hear people Aaron people who. Came back and work of buck talked would be back here for Katrina in our it's -- -- now expand my audience for the game but when he -- -- about the trees get personal. Any of that -- mr. Carville people. There will -- hit the first two about 2006. It was strange really grew up about Katrina and trails up like that -- -- Cuba's most you know. While Miller as a group that right now except volatile as the Saints are world champs the -- that that like has been. We'll -- but it Bears picked to finish ahead of the lines mean united talking about it and in the dark division two team the Packers -- Vikings the Bears -- have to -- This event that I've yet they yet I think that the united jealousy really. -- now do we think what the people want to Q way I got -- while I'm so excited about -- -- started. And I you know obviously get you have a great idea that you know we -- not saying they -- Brett Favre and the -- -- -- you know my pocket this. Let us work whether we're in the fall guys yards separate -- and romance. All right here or maybe make -- when accidentally puppies -- You know actually atmosphere CEO. And you know deep and collective rate and you know now. Which faces so important because it's -- -- how we utilize running back by committee. Never dare -- that second half against the bills game we hadn't -- them and get him I don't Hamilton came up big. Right what that's still you know concern right now I think Greg is as healthy as ever and you got here Thomas. You to connect Chris ivory. It's kind of behind the scenes -- series you know his knee will be available. But look at that why -- decided to go witness on to win over the dealt -- I think he's just a young guy. What he's done he's he's what he's pictures -- me. Mean can't he just looked a little faster. And more fluid on the field in bed and it also. Contributed a special team. Yet that tackle on and it went fumble recovery on kickoff coverage in against the charges yes they'll I just think I'm not too concerned right now. Wit forth running back by committee I think I guess that there Reggie ready to roll and one of them that guys will step up to. Gonna Bagwell rapid they handled that night she it's -- -- basis I think -- show. It just so let's open and tacked -- in Mississippi each and every Monday night -- football season on WW. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is incorporated as Louisiana health service and indemnity company and as an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield association. Blue cross president and CEL Mike Wright. And blue cross we pay health care bills for more than one million Louisiana it's our company is a mutual opt for profit only by do our policy goals. When all is said and done after we pay claims taxes and operating calls we keep only a few cents -- -- premium dollars. Some called out of profit others call the margin. At blue cross it's a contribution to our reserved for. Got fund its own our policyholders. That's why we protect your pretty good golf the way we protect your health. And we work for affordable care -- negotiating with your health care about it of what they should charges. Your health care dollars should go for your help wear blue cross and we're fighting for quality affordable healthcare and. And it reminded -- on -- especially bases Saints players show due Thursday night game now players -- Thursday night it is Tuesday night. -- diseases buddhism veterans boulevard Metairie Pomona and Jonas. What four to 8 PM it from six to seven ostensibly -- -- -- line is Saints kicker. Yeah it hardly critical. NFC championship game regrettable -- and interpret in the. Pre season what do you -- 88 and now that they like governor used to mean that's so that you take that event. Yet right those somebody breaks that he's the only kicker and -- who bull. To have three picks oval forty yards and where you Putin is he's rocketed back in the Super Bowl. Well tummy -- ends up next opponent but it is of the night she timing what's coming up on the -- Well first off a word about young Tebow they bear -- vote that like a caller said earlier -- want it over and over and over and Bobby indeed. Gain there was no hold in there I don't know that -- song or thought he song but I -- -- I don't know that's got to trust. All the top ballots aren't the objective Vince the court film like it talk at all with the linemen. Some guys that you blocked a player too good they say well you must help them right on. Yeah and I go against that rough -- roughly in line and man. He was just solid making stuff up and is that you don't -- games basements or talk about. The Saints and I will talk about predictions. And we're also talk about this Dan Hampton comment I guess you heard about that worries that the Vikings only need an -- opening. That was yeah I need to hit the city like Katrina that's what he says. Some talk about that we'll also talk about some lighter things -- Labor Day we -- what we're too hard some favorite guilty pleasure TV shows when you do get home from work. And you know take your pants -- and sit on the couch and watch TV what do you like you guys like -- Jersey shore or not. Not have a victory yet they are great that felt like Jersey how like they'll that's -- it and there's -- guilty pleasure to influence them. We've got a -- there. Thank everybody game is that the things happening and do it and aren't the -- players you know from forty -- at all without guessing it is and it. Had a real fan of all happy going to be the case anybody. Well only they resolved the type vehicles.