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Sep 8, 2010|

Bobby and Deke talk to NFL Network's Steve wyche about the Saints/Vikings matchup and take your calls

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it meaning -- over the final hour sports soccer. -- program originating from the NFL activation to own anyways kicking off the NFL season tomorrow night in prime time. -- -- champion New Orleans Saints in -- the -- they defeated the ticket this Super Bowl Florida for the Minnesota Vikings over the story at 3 o'clock tomorrow here. On WW LA MFM and dot com later in the Allah we will give way to and then eleven games for the PlayStation 2. When you got kind of calling Jim Henderson the voices Saints it's time to party with the Lombardi. You call 504. Through sixth so wins. That's 5042609467. QB they'd call you will pick up on the -- eleven for the PlayStation 2. And of course coming up after our first break we'll be losing one without the guys around the National Football League Steve -- of the NFL network nfl.com. That it. Interesting place on top cornerback tandem of the national football only in the government and about the Saints. Tandem of Jabari green -- Tracy Porter who also visit. With this case and AM radio host in the Vikings play by play. Paul Allen at the bottom of the -- at 7 o'clock we will handed off to the LSU sports network this week's edition of the list -- show Bobby. And you don't big -- We get a break down report at 7 o'clock hour now the new rule because it effects efficient quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Peyton Manning in the world. About positioning of them on par. But that I wanted to bring this that to me and it's so important that you have playmakers. Who can't create turnovers you know a lot of times than not household names. But oh what they -- that this team. And you know I think saint fans to finally I realized it was Scott Shanle. -- -- defense you know I'll look at at at these stats -- last them from last year. You know most takeaways by an NFL linebacker will be it is the to lot of its three top three in the game tomorrow night. Chad Greenway and university I would their strong side linebacker. If you -- get a total of six takeaways takeaways by himself. Scott Shanle had for now we -- seeded number two guy. We played Carolina back Panthers who we think is the best linebacker in the NFC south that being Jon Beason. But here you guy Chad Greenway. Not necessarily a household name. And Scott Shanle how important they are to their defense is creating turnovers and like I said I think eventually gonna come down to. Who's at -- plus one or plus two. Could end up coming out on top. 2601878668890. Rates in the use them again involved. And you know by the I don't know if you would say that it's maybe this name on the level of Ricky in puke green when they went right -- you know in Pittsburgh media incorporated another either the most dominant pro with. I remember -- you play Iowa India Capital One Bowl Nick Saban made here. And I wanted to point them Greenway was there. Right so was another linebacker when name Abdul it's but high it was supposed to be a bit too early to Cleveland Browns yeah but he is in any plates on the Green Bay he I think right now he's an idiot that. Yeah yeah we grieving yet he got by Adrian green way it turned out to be to get a better approach get a better pro and the east to speak of being a better pro. You -- -- go by consistently bring. -- in the -- we look at Will Smith when he's healthy. No he's -- global view that have been. Wanted to advance in the NFL. But you'll look at Jared Allen -- Kansas City Chiefs that would -- -- and I -- to the Vikings paid him. You know that I -- -- player get a big contract will -- we still have the -- -- production. With Jared Allen good -- collective -- I mean hard bills I mean public and it is deep and we all talk about the markets where. Probably be the most dominant pass rush in the NFL. Right now but the Dallas Cowboys Buick NFL's sack leaders from all four to organize. Want it to this season. Guess is double one in the NFL. And it's not even close Jared Allen has 72 sacks it's all for the markets where has 64 point 564 and a half. And it looked last year NFL sack leaders in 09 Ellis government bill they've made in the big bucks he got hurt we've never had seventeen. -- right behind him and number two with Jared Allen with fourteen and a half. Will Smith ended up with thirteen so you can see a lot of big dive play makers. You know whether as the quarterback position whether it's on offense or defense in the game tomorrow night typical NFL season. Right and -- email here from Bobby you want to know about that you know you could stop talking in the dome tomorrow I have talked to some fans Bob anyway asking us about the show. And -- -- -- -- the the -- talking don't -- will be apt to want to say between two to 31 of the of the stock market that's already inside the dome. To -- To the phone to go Bobby and we will go to. A sack on line threes that good evening thank you for calling WW ago. He's back all right well I -- you're from. Saint Ottawa had been an and it you know. You don't practice it. The trash talking. And I think being fitted lower limb and upward -- is that -- influence the way all the clinic and it'll be hard. And I wouldn't -- been that they didn't and wanted to look in my unit and an absolute and. Hope mr. -- out and he said Dixon. I -- in his name would that they've done Utley said Dixon you know on the you know they have their quarterback but he's big look at it and it yet -- -- -- in the and we -- -- Peterson navy -- I don't know -- way. No I think it's gonna be a key. And you want the momentum. From the get go get off to a great start. Put the bike it's an uncomfortable situation. Where they can't control the tempo right and that being alert you know defeated the ball to -- Peterson 3035 times. You know you can't jump on -- whether you almost feel like how we gotta play play catch up. Or keep pace with the Saints I think therefore you can that they get it and to rely more -- -- maybe could have some mistakes. You look at Brett Favre to about a warrior they injected his ankle and he's playing they got enough it doesn't mean I'll play till I was 37. And -- beat the crap but I you know going Sunday to Sunday and for -- to answer the -- not a season just started. If -- interest -- -- the back -- his game -- how that progresses. -- Who will witches it's unheard of and Venus and it Brett Favre retires the Peyton Manning would have to start like almost seven completes the season to surpass them. As NFL record no record it was like Ron Jaworski. At a 130 some games -- -- Brett Favre taken that. And I believe we will let it let level and outfit -- before. Study -- was in the Redskins -- right he said look at all was that Brett Favre has. To me that impresses old quarterbacks or quarterbacks that have been their the most impressive thing. His consecutive starts because how hard it is to answer the bell week in and week out come Sunday. Coming back to you calls plus one of the time. Tim who covers of national -- leagues the -- of NFL network and nfl.com tips -- the radio total basis sports talk with the NFL activation zone. It all indicators streaky this info New Orleans and Minnesota tomorrow night right heroic Saints radio WW. And welcome back on the came -- -- -- a -- time Deke Bellavia. Time Ottawa command one of the top gentlemen cover in the National Football League. In town for the season opening game to kick off the National Football League season Mon night the Saints and the Vikings. Steve Weiss of NFL network's -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. -- -- They trap me on -- welcome to this beautiful city my favorite in the NFL I'll have a. And Steve look at their expectations. Than you know and I'm trying to. You know be objective about this and talkative mood and nation to me is going to be crucial come tomorrow night. Considering. The strength of the Vikings and then and I could see them one at the patrol the -- given the ball 3035 times need you Peterson then I think it is still come down to. And the -- fortunate last year. And that turnover ratio. Whoever is plus one plus two to me when the game. You know I agree I don't know. I don't know that -- gonna come down but you know historically whoever wins the turnover battle typically weigh in our opinion that you thought he would Peterson. We almost the other see it again. -- Warriors notre defeated them. You know I think a situation where. But I -- right. Think probably -- their quarters or grew up an active while Bernard period person or it. Aren't really expected it to -- and exotic looks some exotic blitzes even though was to really control the line of scrimmage on the. And dusty look at now because that affects our great quarterbacks. Like good Drew Brees like a Peyton Manning looking at the positioning of the of -- What is it -- take you think the NFL now has not gotten right. And it will work considering a move that they're taking going into the season. Yeah I think it to step toward making it right I thought that was an issue eight Manny. Kind of -- -- hey you know when it wouldn't know it was whisper how does that affect you know -- it is elect Barack delighted they're averaging hit the ball. Played against defense off guard. And we saw it -- -- indirect team you know why Indianapolis -- run that that no model all why. I think it's just. Used to help you know those few but the ball Portland more. For the most part is that it like Indianapolis -- 1819. Point five back at Uga wore off the -- -- And you know it's exactly. To make it back out -- -- -- -- what it would different if you look at the cold that he gateway to others about. Ten seconds left for the top spot where they really get it at all science are. But yeah I think that the British in you know -- The repositioning righteous rage or some of the concerns are open to cure all right and I think it's a writes that. There's it was the -- -- NFL network and NFL that -- -- -- got a nice feature of bubbly talk about the cornerbacks around the National Football League. Talk about the cornerback tandem here in new wall and that is had a pretty good you -- -- together Jabari Greer and Tracy. Yeah I think -- stay healthy they're gonna be among the top quarterback and the in the NFL they both Juan. -- -- -- and when you got quarterbacks. Who could and who could copper that allow you to do a lot of things up problem here for seven and ignorant and games with your streak he's on the other. Tandem that we saw there as a Leon Hall -- Cincinnati. But it is really good because things can leave those cornerbacks one on one. -- you know so the other team's best receivers are not it was Jets -- -- or get derailed -- if they don't have a great pass rush. If you don't have one or two individuals pass rushers Wright got to seeing you got the blitz. You've got quarters and a lot to do that. And I think. Jabari Greer entry supporters go obviously a great way to do a lot of things about a lot of pressures. Interview I think their run defense -- What four. And now Steve look at that obviously. It's a long season but game one -- could have implications down the road as far as you can head to head. When you playing in as the opponent as far as home field advantage. You know the Saints here they got. In sort of Vikings and then all of us and the Monday night game at San Francisco in the Falcons -- -- the superdome. You'll have that -- -- a -- get off to a great start. You be trying to the secured at double once because I don't defeatist thing it's laid an egg like -- few of them -- gone back to the playoffs. But it make a whole whale of a difference if all of -- -- you have your Green -- what they've done in the pre season. I'm decision that as an example if a lawless and the Packers got a confidence superdome come January versus you have to go to Lambeau Field that's why I think. This game is so important to get off to a great start. Or support are out we ought to what you -- -- feels different war. Throughout playoffs and even that the game against. Look like he's the you know the fight is -- -- physically but I think that crowd noise right intimidate. Oh -- real effective. Minnesota concourse the you know I -- put tremendous weight on the street and opening game because -- after wins some absolute I think we're still those people these teams in the playoffs. -- get -- -- everywhere it's possible especially old. When it comes to getting home field advantage physical report body you don't -- championship that we want. -- you start putting the pieces of -- developed it will let them to put yourself in contention that we -- And then -- you know look at at the NFC south the all are the Falcons catch in this Steelers at the right time and look at that Pittsburgh. But you know the kind of what you I -- speculate on who's gonna be that the Saints chief competition in the NFC south to win division. High hopes for the Falcons I don't know about -- thinking that way but it fit like big catches Steelers at the right time. Considering they -- when a quarterback in Dixon. That's what -- when he film regular season pass than actual NFL game. You verbally project that you have the right -- an -- and you know well. Why you know if you got that Roethlisberger is the only thing in the social life you're used to improve in the -- game he's not there. Not -- Patten and it's in. They would have much rather than they inspire left which does he -- stationary target -- -- -- along your -- all they can get the same problem hearing that pressure the quarterback. The making -- was like. Or typical in the for the -- schedule and the way currently. Back at protecting Pittsburgh now while burger. But as long as we're all well. That's how you know be it Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be every game because that is being -- -- -- -- -- -- That's about it Schobel in those 344. Which what is with the dusty was like. Why now NFL network NFL that comes the wise. Steve what type. Gotta love this city beat -- any kind of the national by only. Eight what you hear when listening to reopen the dome and 06 in beat him now and seen his team follow them win the Super Bowl. And what's taking place tomorrow night. What does a guy who's cope with this week from through the post and putting New Orleans at the fabled city he likes to cover. What do you expect him tomorrow night in the superdome. Or or about your notes and I think it's different between now and that is oh see nobody knew to expect every war of the city was pretty pretty. A lot of people had moved back at what was looking for something to -- to -- you. That that big victory over land them money I mean and it's cheap when they made them work as -- -- now you're seeing the city. Not only is is that while the Saints -- Football and they're kind of stepping into that form of all the green today or -- or Woody they're not only. What industry in the field -- what because you're good football team. We've really taken in the city vice Versa. I think that they're the atmosphere as you know guys. If you know is you know I hope that it's doubtful other group group approach for its going to be. You -- in overall. If fate in this game I don't know that there -- life in these close to a lot I think we're expecting they look like secondary is very evil sure cornerback. Sure CC and I will be missed ability this Chester Taylor an awful lot there is third down that. -- has accomplished that protections. -- that I can themselves silly long down and distance situations so I like it when the game I think yeah I'd like to when. To win it by -- such. Steve -- NFL network in town covering the Saints -- the coveted -- go for quite a -- the always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. Two guys. Are. I was as shocked if it and that's the there. Drag thank you so but it's. Coming -- next to a continued ticking and on the Minnesota Vikings things with the but I play of the Minnesota Vikings pol out the first W Tokyo news time 631 -- signed the first news 25 and welcome back. Well Bobby them -- Bellamy -- the NFL -- zone on the Kato well actually happening in the NF philadelphians. This in the on the city all day today and of course tomorrow as is opening day tomorrow night in Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans Saints on the Minnesota Vikings. I'm in essence the court kicked things off for it Oceanic Korea contact -- in the quarter from three unified they want and go off but to be. Countdown to kickoff outside gate C of Louisiana Superdome by BA ban myself from 5 o'clock of that seven. Will be to sit before we handed off into the Louisiana Superdome. -- New Orleans and Minnesota at the 730 tomorrow night the Saints and the Vikings and -- Bobby on the countdown to kickoff. The first segment what we are going to do and we are going to get together out there and pay attention Qaeda camp if they've had to come back tomorrow. We will we're gonna have to we have had a duty cheered -- Drew Brees is asked us to do to achieve an issue can be -- tomorrow. And -- did it right at 5 o'clock in the come on and what if you not hurt you go to our website taken out. Exactly drew with audio and video although it a habit he is. Cheerleading practice right but when we gotta be closer to practice inactive -- of the business almost like to walk through before the game nobody is like cramming for a final or -- we gonna get it right. We gonna get it right -- he -- do things all in the last moments that we can't believe -- writes that this moment has to break it you just have it down with this soon. -- right after the coin flip them on I made me feel so beat UC -- looked toward a thirty yard line where the where the Saints player. Goes in the thirty yard lines don't have these hand. In the age is a good 360 and addressed the crowd as the crap anyway you seated Hank come down I'm going to say who it -- going to be insane three down day. Who would it read tan. To keep the crowd amp though -- gonna do it tomorrow we're gonna have a -- you might wanna look slick like with the call line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this could -- be a tradition that's gonna last for years and years to come. The -- I'm already agree with you that'd be great but I time ride I'm talking about thirty years down the road -- went through Reed to be part of the food and the Internet fan. We still going to be doing -- -- you know -- you do some of the other thirtieth emphasized over the phone and that we -- at least it's something we did something right together. -- go to obviously Jarome on -- to -- thank you for calling WW yeah. Right Jerome and aggressive but about the alone every year I would think think -- -- game -- do the same thing I have they have seen. But did not want to live this figured you'd pick up jeans that the team about it. And the media alliances album yeah constant -- I think think you start in the new year. Jerome I don't have a problem. But you know then I'll -- think enough -- so well that I got the same dilemma -- somewhere in the same thing outlaw all of last year right but I am thinking like you -- -- -- thinking okay. How wall at every game play this year but this is a new year it should however some new this year you know. Don't they have if you don't win some new game want would be I think I'm a pack extra shirt just in case. You know like -- that he would that would game it was kind of meaning to cut jackets off. A certain point meaning than when things don't do do we what we feel bad about. Yeah throw some may be if you wanna try to set the new what you gotta have a backup plan would utilize him maybe haven't in a bag or something. On the side so and at the most of them work and you might have to switch. But I'll tell you what if you stay with some that you it doesn't work that you you -- that thing. -- How outlawed there is -- the lead game of the pre evil we lost today and at you know I -- -- the Cowboys game could've catapulted. Intact -- -- -- you -- -- thirteen and oh yeah I am you know like. We don't necessarily be thirteen and oh my god that the unbelievable. I think. Will we needed -- -- get off to a great start. And innuendo behind in the and you have a chance. You know to quoted -- -- -- the Indian -- -- you you know -- I 1112 way you can act gain. The total number of games you win it and it doesn't really say that you beat the to the race. -- you -- -- -- -- initiate this makes me if their team we have to get the number one seed. Right it would had a B twelve for like Minnesota or is that if the numbers to see the way as coach -- for this year. With in six it was a number two seed so it does go by the way the season plays out yeah humane -- -- -- I see all our team -- a home playoff. In my answer is saying they needed thirteen yeah it could have happy and like you say everything and mussina -- back. Twice in the late eighties early nineties we want well -- it was a wild card. The year we won the NFC west and -- anyone who won eleven games. Sosa you'd never know on this eventful Nevin go back to the phone ago and let's go to meet you can go online three minutes but he did thank you for calling -- VW. It yeah I mean it. So let them. -- happened but they thought I could just speak it is yeah -- -- radio few minutes ago that the Lions. Without these the wise and NFL network NFL network it well yeah. No disrespect to abide by what he -- that -- that we can pick it up into the category. Of the pack it has been and not because. Now now that the relationship between. Fifteen minutes getting. Well he's felt good about it -- more like winning football tradition. Right well the fact that I go back -- the sixties -- boys are basically when they had to ask us anything it's about you know was he here -- -- You know in campaigns and we know look at him when he was you know six in the maybe look at the hit to them on nine he would just say that then relate that 06 game kind of symbolize the rest of the world. What everybody -- -- knew how the relationship between the Saints and New Orleans then and the gulf south in the community well. Do you know if it's if I'm on the building up -- That was what he was trying to say when that -- article patient you know admitting I don't know whenever. Think of anything he's got he's got a he's gotta be bad but deep down society through it through. Our government admits he rises who did he loves being in the won't though you love being here and I tell you what. The actually covered me the in Atlanta. But I saw and a -- he's not Marshall. I mean he's truly objective between the think that -- that that he is. You know to this thing. So he's gonna call like he's seen that I think the point it was made it was now this state. He's still -- feel good story but they no longer on the dog -- no no this big big big advocate everybody's state game. And like Mickey Loomis says that it is good to see how and a success and I think we have the right leaving the field -- the that ankle Florida and and you know maybe you can even decades we don't know after wasting my commander intelligence on a line five might could even thank you calling. Obviously. Enjoy your view a few minutes ago I have a question about this that it it -- The issue of the empire that I have. Obviously -- into a problem with you go out and Bob. It's human and often when a quarterback is about and I'd be without the opposite of that would be that well. Yeah well right now what -- it it in the -- bars will continue to be position in the middle that he is that there all but vision. We don't be able to because is that they issued. But during the final two minutes of the first half. And the final five minutes of the game when offenses that -- inside opponent. You know five yard line. So is being made it changes last week in the pre season final. And if you look at it. Right now quarrel with that himself while yard line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped instead of approximately. Fifteen -- it is during the pre season. You know mark is now only get beyond that the majority back. Not -- -- -- position. Before the ball if he's that it -- it's indignity if we need you to know that -- -- office. But it still work in progress. We have to -- through. And as a marching band behind us -- -- -- on Decatur -- With school -- -- before. They'll roll right now sounding good that's kind of band music on masterful. Sort of -- show. Or Friday night email me sound because she picked up because you know that come with beauty of all of that hey it's a festive atmosphere here in the Big Easy Bobby bare feet that -- the NFL picks off the entire season. Tomorrow right here the great city of New Orleans. 5042601870. -- toll free 8668890. Grates at me. Back for more sports talk on location in the NFL activation zone here. On Saints radio visit WW. Call the number eight right now at 504260. Wins Bible for 260 win that it was 609 of fourth. 76794. With 67 view. Pick up on men eleventh -- -- -- E. A. SPORTS at WW LA MFM band that found.