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Sep 9, 2010|

Spud speaks with Mike Stansfield of the Saint Ticket Office about fake tickets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay opening day. They will unfurl. The manner and that -- And it's going to be cool. Are you gonna be event arguably the brain or -- amid a house. I got a kid who's laid up some going to be at the house. I don't have season ticket I had a chance to get tickets for tonight's game but I got a I got one amongst more comic kids -- laid up. And we can all go we ain't nothing was going so I'll be home. -- I'm sure are well Caribbean there's it would all you and so I expect all of you are going to be inside. The dome today to scream like crazy for all the rest of us who couldn't get in there are you going to the game are going to robredo you go into the house. And how bad a will we beat -- -- -- an angled him like a rented mule like your redheaded stepchild. Like a dirty rag around number ought to read her. Oh we are flattened like a new drive way are we gonna smack fossil hog that his grandchildren -- born dizzying. Forty years old does the markets need Viagra. Which take your -- cleared today as we talk about this thing through six so running 7866889087. Or toll for aren't gonna start out today though gonna talk in my Stansfield. He is them and the man who the man who holds all you must be like you must be like one of the most popular guys in town in my -- you got all the tickets to all a game. So I never thought would pick -- all the games are all the great parents ignore on you ride baby deserves all the credit here. Okay let's start out with tonight's game I mean how many how many people -- coming -- how many tickets were sold. For tonight's game and how many of whom were brought up by Minnesota France. Run out of it it was 7000 tickets are sold each. And you know the normal allotment of tickets went to the visiting team -- like we get when we go on the road and that goes through the players families coaches Stanley. And that and -- certainly after more people can and we don't we can have an impact. Any action -- the vikings so. And that we we we certainly spread around the entire evening you'll never seen a big group of people. You know Herbert. -- and what's a normal allotment because I. I don't know you're -- We're tickets that that the student index. Which is required by the league rules. Yeah so they get 500 tickets. That what they sell Hummer you'd just given to them as members of the tame of one. I think that they buy them and that you -- -- -- -- have players' families and whoever he could put them legal on the road we get the that we get a normal allotment of 500 tickets as well. You need and that pinnacle of his friends and family and stuff like that there what about people what about people from -- do you have a clue how many Minnesota fans are coming down to see the game outside this 500 ticket allotment. I really have no idea I hope the number I hope it. Yes he couldn't ticket holders and other tickets the vikings fans but. Sometimes you know it this season ticket holder can't make it game -- an opportunity and they couldn't secure win. Of those folks being able to sell the tickets at our web site it won't paint dot com sort of even somebody put -- right now alluded to this. And you. You're in the -- had some other plans -- something broke through leader able to make games and I don't consider available. As I speak to you right now at the world thinks dot com click on the air ticket exchange. Part -- net their web site and their secret -- right now. -- and those. That's. That is the good and for sure away because there's nothing more sand and somebody pan out you know cash money outside and most sporting arena and going to -- -- -- -- -- that the tickets they -- are no good so first and foremost. You'll only have really are it it unless you purchase your tickets through this venue for group in there is no way you guys are gonna guarantee you seats. You know. I can't in I've been on the show before. And I doubt it urged everyone is you have people coming come out a parent I know what I'm about a year right now don't buy tickets on the streets. On the on the streets around. The superdome on superdome property. Don't buy them pick somebody you don't know during the Beimel walked another website because we we've got a lot of people. The -- up to the games. And then they want what a kick it off those such and such web site. And that and the tickets no good there's scalpers are very good. -- Making duplicate tickets it's very difficult breathing increase -- by the tell. So I'm I'm urging everyone in you know but what they do is say they day. They go after people that are for America now he and then more more so than not and it's just it's wrenching when some curtains they come -- -- -- Yeah they they -- here yeah they got that they I mean they went through all the agreed to try to find a hotel room. Where they came down they spend the money to get all the way down here they go out there anybody try to buy take and they came to begin in the north of this you know and and and then what they're gonna do good things from here and so now they don't even know where to go to watch the game so the stand around outside the dome. And then also and -- look bad you know like we like you know like the city no losses on the deal wouldn't rest assured. It's -- class and tolerance and in OPD dame put up -- -- I mean you know are they a perfect police organization know. But they don't need the bad -- of somebody's selling hot tickets outside the -- and they just on the. Right now and it just. It to get if you don't even. They have tickets to home through this ticket exchange sites and we're just trying to eliminate that complete. Let me ask you talk about ticket exchange -- -- suppose somebody does come down and they show army can they go to the box office at the dome. And -- that -- -- -- don't pull up any kind of take affiliate. I wish you talk to my -- to this tune your New Orleans Saints dot com ticketing changed click. Wouldn't that I mean I would venture to say they have some kind of computer screen at the box office. A week we can't do that at it at the box office you need to do that before you do -- on comment on the Internet. Before you leave home. We don't have it at that. Capability yet. And -- thing I've been very vocal about that trying to get that the thought to work yeah ours. You know under the. It's just one of those it's just a strange situation that you can't go to the actual -- you and go to the box office at the venue and. That the console but couldn't. They've all been bought -- season ticket holders. Yeah when I'm and I don't think they don't have access to his ticket exchange thing at the box off. I know complete it it say he is there's this passwords that are involved. -- and yeah night. When I got questions for you don't know -- hang -- certain markets in Canada Haymarket -- you don't. But I got a question for the saints. I have season tickets for years the -- seat next to me you can be owned by beat a water they got rid of them out and every. Gain these tickets so typically -- opposing fans and I would like to buy these this season tickets but my understanding is -- -- owned by the saint amnesty to keep them open for sale is that correct. Well -- that there are no I don't know I don't know the exact location you're talking about. But I can tell it like we started off conversation. There are 500 tickets at the Byzantine. Is required to be able to buy every game. -- dedicated -- -- to people buying one ticket exchange. Every week when I got probably six years now seven years. -- that would compete -- ticket holder has moved from their current pick in exchange. All I don't know why don't you why in the world that are able -- -- I want -- to be able -- market forty dollar face value. And my season tickets market 85 dollar -- I wouldn't be. More than happy I give you my address on 50 poor. 73117. 70 that the direct form as the secretary Perry thing I would be happy go over which it. Because even if you can pick a -- assembly for quite some time. And I'd be happy to work with you might help one on one will take care but absolutely. I appreciate that thank you. That's what makes this -- a saint grade thanks markets so don't column today though. These are busy today -- -- opened our eyes so I last bit of infamous because I got a bunch of calls it to 670. 866889087. We are told for now how bad are we going to be the the the vikings tonight there are Mike I mean are we gonna beat them like a redheaded stepchild. Are or we gonna smack talk so hog that his grand charm army Bowen did CME which which one do you think it's gonna. Well I think -- you know what he had put the crowd is gonna do tonight with with all that noise I think that. But you can -- you know even very similar when we reopens superdome and I can't wait to hear that -- Mets stadium tonight. -- brawl when they unfurl a banner that's going to be a new tax revenue and and the united and the thing of it is still a -- your house Renault of a Minneapolis paper and and it's naturally somebody's quote in the stats well we do we really were on cause we had more first downs -- more and it -- You know what you -- -- all the first downs and still never scored on the bottom line is we scored more points lose. Black so burglary warned that the Arab dead. But the poor. And we got that went yea right. I -- less okay. New Orleans Saints dot com click on ticket exchange that is the only safe venue now there are other ticket venues and you can go to and that's your business. But this is the absolute only one that you guys are gonna guarantee you by your saying it's you buy your tickets. To go see any saints game through Norman saints dot com that's the only place show we gonna guarantee that they go get him. -- that are -- -- fans about my stance -- thanks a bunch looking forward to a is so. So nicely back in football season get food that they've been. -- -- a great Eric take care -- -- 2601 late seventies and number 8668890. Examining our toll free oh mine. Who dat nation. Then you've got your tickets are you going to the game you go -- the parade are you going -- house. Well what you mean when a black and gold turned purple and gold black similar. And how bad -- we got beat up on them. Plus today is the 45 anniversary -- came back. September ninth. 1965 so I say would've beat the vikings 45 tonight what you say what -- score what's your prediction for tonight's game. When the world champion winning saints take on the vikings. In the dome at home tonight which will be carried live here on WWL turned down the sound and turn up the radio for tonight's. Season opener as the saints. Take the field to annihilate the vikings to a 60187 is the number 8668890. Examining the toll free line don't get a couple of calls that we are so. Look back -- show. Tonight is the season opener tonight in the dome it. They will unfurl the world championship banner. Andy I think the the noise is actually going through. I don't know man I think maybe they needed to go out there and and seemed washed the the company don't because I think the north we're just make cost of powder open float away -- Anyway just 678668890. -- seven they are told rely on how bad are we gonna whip -- on them. How bad is is on this thing's gonna beat up on a bike and. Like a rented mule like a redheaded stepchild they don't beat them like a rag on a rock down moderate burn. But we got flattened like a new drive way and due to vikings need Viagra. We got all and silly science about a women give away a pair of tickets. To the LSU Mississippi game that takes place on September the eighteenth I'll give away a pair of those tickets this hour so listen when you hear the Ellis -- fight song. If you're the eighth caller you're gonna win those that pair ticker still as you Mississippi game on September the eighteenth all right so people -- and and let's get right to -- -- whose first up there miss Carol hi Abraham is Italian Dolan. -- -- -- Our landlord to be prepared I would download them down I would have let them home these are grown turned it down which you know what -- -- have -- I'll bet you -- -- and I will be -- his engine. Tremendously and I OK guys down and because I'm gonna take you. The art is going to be underground world and you can't end and then it was not in you know and don't you impede this is just going to be camera -- in the -- -- They're gonna have people under -- and -- -- were being detected on important. It has the brains don't -- -- the first gunman and there's no outcome and so long as. You should make -- survey that's to be listen -- down the back the debris is we'll bloated bush the burning bush. That's a good time the President Bush. Miss Barrett and we did it matter to an end NC and I'm a momentary -- You don't play well -- has been. How the real live Q and even if it try to parents that describe that look. -- the. Who knew me and I'm an opinion that. It won't repeat the book on them until I -- and they wind -- gotten had we gotten it. She and we -- -- let's not -- here. I'm gonna tell you a bit. Yeah we gotta want it are we gonna keep you Rhode Island and we know that the government do I can't let you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- so -- assembly jobs admits that it would say it's afraid. Should. Bureau and -- are bitten by a fired brutality Brett you're gonna wanna retire. First come to net. Then Alice breakthrough down those are crying -- And I saw -- ground follow monogram. -- -- -- the scene tonight we can see -- around flags on the ground pants on the ground that he's gonna hit the ground he's gonna hit a that's ago when man that's ago -- -- -- -- want what do where Nantucket and Joyce down in the body lets have George -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We should have a costume contest you made up. One -- let me tell you if not it's. I don't know about and you know I'm I'm literally -- gathered during that. Anytime you have a kind Adam who already dependent on. About kind of I don't know and I know I'm downloading content about how and a -- is that I'm a red like Soledad ain't bad you don't evaluate that again but. I don't want to -- original note maybe donations -- I don't know what he did not gonna put me into the next I don't. New and original PlayStation I don't know that George. I'm -- -- content definitely out -- that I get got a big. But it -- up there at the about a group. I'm not need to buy lunch and they detonate and I'll wear it I I had -- I just -- it didn't occur -- I have to show I'm home. I'm mr. Obama denied any I don't do that again. We've -- well we -- market you know. Al lingle talked in a market and manager because this to me it's a matter again not a calendar is trying to clear how. Audio. How -- the bidding up the good. People went to go to bed and yeah I didn't read into debt and bad democratic and I'm Larry didn't it ain't gonna down -- Navistar and remember don't. That's not. I look going to be -- got a tiny. 45 to one ain't grown from from Joyce -- one of the original sane decisions from the sixties. I tell and you know. Take care -- -- 260 -- senate and the mistrust is gentlemen of Mike and Slidell my you know my agenda to the BO. -- oh or better yet. -- how we gonna whip up on. And let I'm not a big proponent domestic violence but I we have created that -- more likely yeah and of medical make them look like you Cinderella and the all of the he. I'm thinking. You know I -- -- -- but beyond that might lead the united thought about the domestic -- -- -- -- but I would have been let it -- lead of global -- legal burden that we've all come to tonight meg in beta. State and got his book vegan and I and and I got local bread but let's be real well moment you know -- -- quick dip overnight bank. Yes you know and the the thing of it is -- I want. -- the saints. A lot of people accuse -- a cheap shots and got some calls that we didn't think they should a guy. I mean it's a hard game and one thing you gotta hand it to farmers go you know what I know it's a physical game I expect to get knocked out. And I expected to I don't wanna see any cheap shots -- -- coliseum for me to sign. I don't want this side thinking that they got cheap shots and are they gonna to take cheap ones of us I'm not interested in is somebody you know. Hit and falls hi low sideways you know just knock him on his behind like -- supposed to do from straight up. And and you know because it's a physical game is like it ourselves but we don't need to resort to cheat to beat them we don't need to resort to dirty tricks of -- to lay them out. You know -- about a team in the story. What -- -- all book about what great word what we're gonna get not who. -- He's gonna be going to -- International Space Station. But again and again to bring a hold -- let them. They military -- 08. They know that they knowledge dehydrated food -- bring some real food up there yet. -- elected they're my particular bomb -- -- -- five to thirty. And it won't be a great game up until about the first six you know for the third quarter net -- that we open and a chapel. Yeah it is 4530 go predicts it. I'm David -- -- momma said hey ain't gonna step away due to Newsday bias in the news room what's your prediction. 4040 to 45 -- Okay anonymously in Columbia heights high scoring game I think it's gonna scored for the saints maybe not so much for grant a forum for true. Almost a grandpa. -- sermons -- meant tell it follow bread far have been doing too many you know what you know what I lost the coin toss that that really great. Thing you put together with the rocky music with a -- saying oh okay. God's gonna open up well Todd and Steve court when it come point three for a the first first the first what are your college or dog first -- first take mystique they get Todd Manassas they get -- you. -- -- Now how -- heat here in -- in the wild at. And that guy's site huge he beat you shaking hands -- amenities like you know he's crushing your bones and you don't even though yeah. That's got to follow you you you can't you you couldn't find a -- on the spot for their remakes they'll go get that at 3 o'clock in the sort of there -- in the meantime. -- -- the top of W and I can't even get there -- we got all kinds of great stuff for WWL dot -- including the map in the times and only kind of stuff with a parade this afternoon as a debit -- beyond -- comes where you need to go right now we need to go into the newsroom equipment Cameron and let you sit and -- Good job filling in value over there. I cannot throw aboard a while we're gonna hear -- well. Crowds are calling you an update about what's going on and then I wanna hear from you you're out there. Regarding the gamer you go -- to the parade -- on -- I house I enforcement got to go to house. But I will be there with all you doesn't spirit I'll be watching -- tonight. 26 Sony seventies and number 866889087. Or toll free line sometime during this hour I will give away a pair of -- you take us the LSU Mississippi game. There's going to be -- also Tony eighteenth to just listen up the real issue fight song and when you -- -- be the eighth caller. And you'll win a pair of tickets was about your phone calls right now just an a plus would say just frayed. -- -- -- And I don't see Jeff Barrett who's next. Frank -- would -- frank you make amid I don't think I can metals going off. -- can't complain -- I'm I'm predicting. Are 35 denying it. And I don't believe they get that -- they didn't make but one -- out. He's gonna be a touchdown and a field goal and that -- track right now sounds. Anyway -- innocent. You know we wait 2010. You know outcome making a bad beat the machines around don't like -- -- touched by being where. So I want to show you ticket -- -- it and it Jagger whether it's legitimate not. It's easy -- portable ones all helped orchestrate. I -- after -- weren't 2000 jammed and you know me. I'm which don't 2010 not see any reason in the world why they don't have it you know at the at the at the actual box office over there I don't know why I hope there will accept limits they let me put it like this. If somebody wants to sell you their tickets in cash outside the dome -- you wanna see daylight driver's license and I wanna take their pension but I say they solitary NN. Are you log into being a brand on the back of the ticket. I fingerprint and oh and I wanna say -- I want your -- -- -- -- take a picture of your driver's license -- -- take a pitcher you miss it you're a -- tickets that. I doubt that cold -- -- say -- debt and limited to six ONE seventy families on the road which I am glad. Hi good and what's your prediction for the night. 38 AM. We're gonna we're we're gonna hit it about what he and they didn't play I hit as. -- -- -- -- Well well that's where the -- waiting to you success. We're I didn't want outlined in the end yeah that could not. I have been up there hi yeah I think on the -- and I wanted to let it matter that. You can go on the think tank -- -- about it our for the game in the light at the -- but I am. Up. Two before the game that's it will know what am I -- is that you're gonna trying to on their I hit it. Bonds and did yeah at the Red -- -- about an hour in the book bag not. Much and that's why I'm wondering you know me is if you still if they still got a whole bunch of tickets that people. A look and her to get rid of why you can't do it at the box office but I don't that they know what it's all I can do to send emails and. Yeah -- yeah. And that is a lot of people are you know you love that -- I'm gonna work on my. My guess though. Item and say it won't make sure you get here time and enjoy again yeah. We're on the right now we're about what it -- Good good asked for Pat -- and -- To this news that -- seven it -- on the road to -- you don't Glenn. I -- a particular -- Whoever that the mobile plans to accomplish it now. Well yeah we're going to be -- the government gonna get beat like it should be. Oh -- -- but I'm saying you know they got pretty healthy corner there when it opens under her you know and the world. Careers don't courtroom and they tried that in Europe and -- agreed that don't in Iraq it will come out of this band again -- there. But I don't wanna see cheap shots again in the. Won't be any event which is putting your name I don't think it was too cheap laughs I don't part of your about it and you know they wanna try and play that game has got to get there it was. Yeah yeah that's and I mean that's that's not. That's not with a -- about although it is a very physical game and is a very violent game -- and I did a story a couple weeks ago my wife and I talk about. You know -- student athletes now more and more precautions are -- There are unique that you need to take the precautions. Because the game is always going to be a very physical and violent game like that end of story senator. You know that are being gentle on the Michael -- I think it's gonna get appearing in it can be here but it won't be -- Well yeah come into bottom line is he's got to be it would get away from them and it can't get away from what am I gonna do pay direct I don't think though. About let me help you -- the ground yet another dad gave it to 67866. They they -- nearly seven toll -- -- Yeah you're right. Dallas June -- free tickets. To the arguments exhibit game on September the eighteenth the eight caller. 12345678. Back to six so wins 2609467. And 60946788. Caller. You'll win two tickets to the LSU Mississippi game. -- Death Valley on September the eighteenth -- call -- right now the eighth caller you're gonna win two tickets the LSU game. Compliments of WWL AM FM and done. Acrimonious much irrelevant yes you're right. They take the lead coming. Don't think so late seventies a number out there who that fans wanna take your call -- we talk about the same opening up this season tonight. Chris Miller is out and about them with the fans out on the streets. How you do a bit. -- I'm doing drugs here under that does spaghetti bowl of highway ramp where a high end and highway ninety split off by the superdome it. Act alike cars and are being in inflatable football players and flag and of course prudent but whatever nation all over the place. What this smells like Gonzales over there earlier today. And I mean like -- -- 8:9 o'clock this morning and already it was smell wonderful from all the tailgate. Yeah a lot of these guys that the Kirkuk an early pockets -- -- several people you know they got to get that stuff that they got a code you know long and slow like up -- buttons spare ribs. You know stuff that big power -- a reporter on the grill the -- can only just now ought to be ready to come off so they can eat and kind of a late lunch. Yeah yeah you're right so what's the job I mean I'm assuming the mood is this pretty fast them and everything but what is the general consensus how bad does everybody expect the things the whip up on a bike and tonight. -- but a pain at what they have -- of or can't hear one of embalming is not enough but whatever it is whoever it is they're talking about injecting apart ankle. There's there's not enough and he be on the planet to keep that thing lubricate it that I could put development. Just happened to see any purple and gold out there. Only purple and gold -- -- dictator well you'd be sure but yeah. I know I mean frankly. I'd say the truth if any vikings fans showed up out there they get they would get a whole lot of really good natured ribbon but I bet somebody put a plate appearance from a -- a heartbeat. Baby well bet they'd be well prompted -- -- well that yeah yeah what are we looking like out there how many people you out there right now. Rough guess a 1002000. How many cars and and and suvs and RVs that got out there to to tailgate. Solid state -- they consider the whole area around the superdome including the parking lot around the other side yet legally independent. Probably and the falcons back into the. There are astounding. Astounding. Iowa we -- keeping up today keep us up to date there mr. charisma you don't know off the top your head. Exactly what time they intend unfurled the a Super Bowl banner being. Or so ago. Amount to go hit -- Dave Cohen because I guy can find out just about anything. -- -- Chris Miller have fun don't get too loaded up on on some of the goodies as you as you. As you venture forth amongst the mood that tail gators up their outside the superdome thanks for call. -- day ago. 260187. Is the number here 8668890. Point seven they are told reliable we come back next our. Gonna start off talking with view. That would take your questions for Mike until -- how -- -- it is game shaping up tonight. Lot of people think it's gonna be -- high scoring game the guys from from Minneapolis called in a radio guy Colin talked about -- they -- a little friendly bet. Across the ways and in the -- Minneapolis thinks the saints are gonna win by two scores. Not drew scores to be two touchdowns it could be a touchdown -- -- -- Who knows but that's his prediction -- what's yours don't ask Mike to affiliate hits and how how old. How is that what him.