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Sep 22, 2010|

Bobby and Deke take your calls on the Saints and LSU football. On a scale of 1-10, how much does Reggie Bush’s injury affect the Saints offense? Are you pleased with LSU’s weekly improvements? Can the Tigers contend with the likes of Alabama for king of the SEC?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening welcome his -- -- is home day edition of Wayne State. August 20 to September 22 qualification gaining about a fair I'm being Bellamy on the home of the world champion New Orleans Saints WW LA MF and and that kind of coming up later in the program we will hear from coach Sean Payton addressing the media lives. Around 530 and then Saints quarterback Drew Brees Saints and a -- -- -- out at Saints camp. And we will go to those presence as they happen. Also have a with the compensation and an issue coach. Let's -- numbers to get involved our Final Four to 60. 1878 or toll free 866889087. Well Bobby it is a big week the biggest games -- for the black and gold and the -- Congo. The NFL with a contending team and the West Virginia Mountaineers twenty for frank. A ballclub that has been in the top ten for a long time from Rich Rodriguez and and of course to be used to with a coach who took over. A few years ago Rodriguez left to go to Michigan. After the tigers' 29 to seven victory over Mississippi State coach this mouse that the talked about the progression of the ballclub. And he -- nieces and continued improvement the beat. He concede his team turning into a championship. Caliber team so we're asking those that they can you see these Tigers turning into. -- championship caliber team and can be in the form of an SEC western division championship. And ACC championship or even a little greater. 5042601878. Or toll free 8668890878. And Reggie Bush. Bobby out of the offense for a extended amount of time the Saints bring him back again the Liu felt comfortable with that they would. More than likely bring back because of this may -- in offense and the dale bit. Did begin you know looking at the -- bids. Never really I guess the starter with the Redskins. But waiting for an opportunity very similar to who we gonna face with the Saints Michael Turner. You know when he was that would descending the charges he was always bought behind LaDainian Collison -- -- -- opportunity. -- per share with the Falcons -- 08 season you know he had 17100 yards rushing. In the NFL you look at -- Taylor. Here's a guy with the Ravens -- with the Vikings and he's now with the Bears. You know net not that featured back but you know to -- in months whatever you wanna call it and Ledell Betts was kind of that with the Redskins. When they had Clinton Portis and you know whenever he had the opportunity he really produced. And Redskins uniform now he's coming off that knee surgery and he brought him into camp. And now both him and DeShawn Wynn -- had nine attempts in the pre season. Well Ledell Betts had nine it is to be three yards that the five point nine yard average as long as gain. With twelve yards but I think is cut the familiarity with the offense. That's why they brought him on board a short term somebody decade goal and -- and knows who knows what he's doing the trust factor whether it's per second. Are you know third down where if you bring an end of the bank from a mental aspect. How can he actually contributed could you never want to be. Thinking about what you're doing you want it to be a second -- and you truly you know going full speed now as far as Reggie Bush not being available. The keys in the is that they've had success. Even without Reggie and I know Davidson coordinators they set up you know game plans in -- have to recognize what Reggie is that. But to show you how efficient on the coach Payton and Drew Brees is all that has been in the twelve game that Reggie Bush has Smith. The Saints -- eight and four. You know I think you'd take dead any day of the week and considering. In those games and those twelve games they've averaged 33 points a game. Last year to Saints have been -- one scoring offense average in 32 point two games that would be tops. You know in the NFL -- -- we spread the ball around in UC game any game out drew hidden utilized an 8910 different receivers. I think coach Payton and drew they understand the task at hand. And they still have enough weapons that he can exploit that Falcons defense. -- -- so impressive and I said this in -- last night on the thinking gas. If you look at Drew Brees and you wanted to -- consistency since 2007. Drew has 29 games go to quarterback rating of at least a hundred as the most in the National Football League. And Brees had -- six straight game which he finished wood or reading a more than a hundred against. The 49 is in and everything like tumbles fans -- missiles ball of the journal had a good game you never say great. But his quarterback rating was still wanna -- point seven. And you know look at Drew Brees against the 49ers -- -- an all time he's had success. Against that team you know who you compare and drooling. You know Peyton Manning Tom Brady with the until seven. Cruz had 29 games -- a hundred quarterback rating of Peyton Manning had 25. So drew has had for four more and you know the got a great sports that appeared Davydenko Christie Garrett. I'm -- in the eighties them to show to consistency of drew and I think that's key while we're plus five. In that turnover ratios -- not turning over the ball. And you look at Drew Brees he's now in his last 240. Pass attempts. Now they -- -- his last two to party pass attempt you know is -- numbers are the he has thirteen touchdowns. Zero. Zero interceptions. His last interception over that and was against the Cowboys. The last time drew an -- got in realizes -- drew threw an interception. Was against the Cowboys -- you with completion percentage rate as you know he broke can Aniston's -- that was said in the early eighties. You know he threw like 7% all the that -- his last two departed pass attempts. He's completing as a completion percentage is 74%. So I know Reggie is a big part of this team what he does. As a punt return at times he's been as good as again has been at times a little inconsistent. But there's only -- Drew Brees at the Helm filled I still think Dolphins can click on all cylinders and I'm just going modern track record. Based on -- to twelve games that Reggie has missed the Saints uniform like I said. Bearing for an average in 33 points a game. Now tomorrow on location at hooters in Metairie for the crown overall cool is light Saints players show us special -- Special teams guru -- receive -- Courtney Roby what checked into the radio little so come on out and -- as some goodies for you. -- give those away from a sports avenue in the -- sacks -- also has some of those weighty and CDs that all the great Saints music that was available at Walgreens Wal-Mart. And New Orleans music dot com. We've got a lot to get -- today 7 o'clock it's the less Marcia will visit with coach miles and -- the 5 o'clock hour so going out to Saints can't for the life presses the Saints coach Sean Payton. And Saints quarterback drew very. -- you know big team you don't I'm excited about guess what we got another home game come twelve noon. So being his -- early. -- it's all have at the show -- game making it gives me Brady taking a little things but everybody to be in that number be ended dome in they get ready for the calling -- being. Yeah because the team captain get all of the fans to rally around for a moment and it won't -- they go beat them -- -- bird feathers ruffled re. You quit. -- -- -- and by the eBay and Deke Bellavia this is forced off on WW yeah. And welcome back to educate you can -- bad I'm Deke Bellavia huge week in this weekend. Black and -- is home purple and gold at home. But now -- broadcasting. On the beautiful LA issue campus. Saturday from three to 6 PM just outside the south stadium in zone south stadium draft next -- wall playing -- sit for an issue. And West Virginia the left to aid is the kick off at the point after early Sunday morning for you. Right here on WW mail to the phones ago Bobby to Escambia county at the cola for Mike in Florida Mike thank you for calling WW yeah. Might. This book which earlier. And let mild strain that we might have a championship game. What my comment as we can't scored touchdowns on the goal line we have to result field goals -- think that championship formula. Well you know one thing you that the formula that shows that is doing well forum. Mike is that. If they stay in third and short and you bring up a point there through three games this is total against Carolina. Vanderbilt Mississippi State. If it's third between third and a yard in six -- -- always shoot good percentage at 1624. But any fame between seven and fifteen all over it just three in sixteen so they've gone -- to continue to stay. In showing on situation or about him more right back progression. Yeah you know deacon obvious I don't care what level. You know you want it is the situation to be third and short ride you wanna be able to dictate you know whether you know runner past Sasha obviously -- -- you know 31 no. But you know at third and seven. You know third Nate if you getting quality quarterback play he's still -- convert on those -- the you know of 40% of the time. But if you don't wanna start out all the Sunday -- All-Star in his first and fifteen. -- you have negative yardage on your purse you know play. In India if you're like third and twelve and that scenario. -- know it's hard to sustain drives. And you look at the great field position the -- she was -- -- -- be innocent as the of their record and a game where there having to go let's say 7580. Yards plus. And Mike what you bring in and talk about what offensively and defense -- and that is the key in the first three games the Tigers and dominated field position this -- in point. Against Carolina right in the if you don't 47 they got their own 33 against Vanderbilt which -- in -- when you consider you know put to its next twenty plus thirteen. And my guys miss at least eight they average position started. And there you know at the music they basically 48 on line. Where's the defense has been playing lights out and then Bobby goes back to special teams play which has been huge this ballclub. The best on a position averaged one opponent was and but the third. Yeah although there that the best outing in three games yeah yeah. Also. Under the state game that Reuben Randle and parents column is with the same side it was a complete mismatch for the defense especially Russell Shepard was on the other side. Like and we see what formations with that I mean under the public and it didn't know aren't you know. Jelena every night could scorer in the office but yet the coaches come -- did they have to be aware of that and few production in certain formations so what are you getting. Mismatches so that stunning. You know when you start getting trends. And see what success was not successful. You could see more of that formation alignment -- there was in game. -- All right Mike thank you very in my it's to the phones ago Bobby Jason on to Jason thank you for calling WW. New car and college here cope with it. It's all morning gain. Upcoming. Reggie Bush. And -- -- -- a lot on a back injury. Here and he's been here in the wall and. -- we got now. -- you can where it was. Big game player in the center in the championship. We're working in all parts. Winning. Upcoming year. In going to be it's going to be an eagle -- go and. And. The ball. But we got the ball. Well and. Like it. Might be gained much easier come -- oh. Yeah what Jason what you have to do it and -- -- I think will do this. The guiding avarice and -- look at balance ever since that Tampa Bay game on the road memory it was kinda wet field. We had a thing when all's said and I -- like eighteen rushing attempts. -- I think coach Payton has grown from that and now he realizes now obviously you can't give up on the run. If he's struggling and he didn't do that against the 49ers. You know when all is said and done go to IDs and -- got a break out what you what you look at all all said and done -- even though we averaged only two point one yards -- -- we still had 24 carries. Now you -- Drew Brees threw the ball 38 times and always say this -- against -- and on you wanna have it -- you know high 20s2728. Rushing attempts. Andrew throwing some more at 3435. Never oval -- Martha's Vineyard playing -- I mean just look at. You know Donovan McNabb situation Peyton Manning we won. How many passing had to throw in the all of us that winning football you have to build the attempt to run the football and have been about the basic combat wanted to make you sick and -- really in the -- UConn. And welcome back he is the -- he came by beating bad the ability coming up next -- -- 530 Saints coach Sean papal address the media the Blanco getting back to work today for Sunday's big showdown with the Falcons. And NFC coach Payton will have Drew Brees from the podium and whale back to Jason info would make and his point Jason thank you for your patience already here. And you can bring him relax and hopefully we're the only loss to stop essential things being here. You got remember it was a very memorable gain much I am an actual rushed. Under a block and went to Atlanta and ironically that was named in weeks Ricky would hurt. Anyway we keep note that not so. A coach know when it's football it will be. And a -- -- -- you don't. All right Jason that he is talking about that -- -- Saints seven more on that one loss was -- the first meeting. As they -- starting quarterback rookie of Matt Ryan that was the year and then of course so -- that season we beat the beat the Falcons. At home but coach -- is not owned. And the -- it -- in the Falcons seven and one and there eight meetings. And you know big behalf the Falcons the line have the capability. Get NAFTA -- quarterback here's a guy -- Croix betterment. Mean obviously not a household name but. You know kind of a breakout candidate for the Falcons this year considering what he's done in the past -- high motor guy the university a month and a and then a guy at Iowa talk to in my did Philly Jonathan Babineaux. -- as a you know good games against the Saints in the and you look at John Abraham who has guided paid big money when he came or -- the Jets. I think had an outstanding all eight season within -- -- last year so they have the capability. Not necessarily maybe at the level of the 49ers. And on the line backing -- is talented. You look at Curtis Lofton and Oklahoma. In in the draft Sean when this weatherspoon is saying to existed in a university Missouri in the first round so. They're Knuble team you look at their secondary. They knew he had to address that and trying keep pace with the Saints. They went ahead and get -- Robinson. Who to Texas Lago who was you know franchise last season body Texans. So they invested a lot of money in him yep and mean it wasn't by chance. Yeah a lot of to run the nation things of the Falcons can challenge. The Saints may be to win the NFC south data very impressive performance last week against the Cardinals when -- dominated the Cardinals. Time of possession. I mean it was ridiculous to a total yardage forge a 442267. So those things on the play well -- to be the -- problems even -- deploying an old. Call -- -- really who's on the road really thank you for calling WW real. They got -- -- -- right. And it is no question. Deep -- I was gonna get complaints I'm not a bush well. Well the thing is though Chris ivory wasn't active really disease dealing with a knee injury -- -- -- that to do it Reggie Bush. You know as far as being active in being in the running back rotation. Not a speculation was that Chris ivory was going to be out like the first three games. And you know we're coastal we got a point that it Carolina Panthers game after the Falcons. The Daniel looked as of late with this news did bring Ledell Betts. But then they cut DeShawn -- So as far as numbers just on that same place so that's telling me. Chris ivory a must be recovered quicker -- than they thought and he will be available. To play against the Falcons come Sunday. Right OK target as big -- I thank you so month to 601878668890. Eighths at 880 dig have a question this is there any. I mean rhyme or reason why now we were speculating. They gonna bring that they'll bid for the night. Cutting decide to win right so take in the common sense approach is that kind of telling you until we know for sure we don't know what of the move the Saints are gonna make. But daddy telling me what you think that Chris ivories probably ready to play. Exactly yet it that that's that's prompting though of course coach Palin addressed the media and analysts and our. And we won't have that four year right here about a Falcons a come to town. And you know you're a guy in of course so Morton. Obviously kind hand in some of those over the course fans think Michael Haynes of -- day in and over here. What makes and manner and New Orleans a special -- Well I think is the closest thing obviously proximity. Casino like him or plain old Connie stating before he had the Georgian always talk to -- more about this. You know full kind of stating -- held about 55000. People that is going back to late eighties. We played one game and there we beat them by thirty some points we were like the whole team in big difference between 3035000. Saints fans. That made that road trip they were second lining getting into it so no we felt like we had the home field advantage and I think. If you look at hard -- Saints and Falcons and that is as -- that he winning or losing -- who's on the bandwagon. I'd say at saint hardcore. Now on that summer has grown -- talk about before they won the suitable -- probably in the range forty to 45000. Huerta Falcons have probably 151000 hardcore fans when the ballots are winning yet they could -- of the Georgia Dome. But did they don't have the Falcons fans falcon as a team don't have the loyalty the from the fan base that the Saints do. 2601878668890. Rates and he's Bobby Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia. Reggie Bush is out of the makes for a while who thinks that's an infield with his place and how much does Brady's injury affect the Saints offense from a standpoint. Now like Reggie -- -- -- more than just production obvious look at the attention that he draw all of -- into. Yeah and you never like to use the -- -- highest paid decoy but -- there are aware. Every -- according to thing in the game plan where Reggie Bush is. Make it certain calls perfect example. On against the best though linebacker global pact to Willis. Reggie Bush and at first touchdown on that option -- them look silly. And -- that at Hammond too many times the -- to Willis Reggie has that kind of ability that I just think at all weapons. And we do have a track record the Saints have been successful when Reggie Bush you know allotted twelve games he's is that going or. And -- also averaged 33 points a game which is as good as again. That's the case again about revamping -- basis sports talk you're listening to WW. -- And welcome back -- the Kasey Kahne Bobby gave Andy some of the air the dirty birds come that sounds. All home games -- -- about it all of them -- no question about it you world champions their bus to come in and dethroned champs pickings. But the NFL but when you look at the schedule this year obviously everybody point toward Atlanta. The kick off the season -- to ban against Minnesota and in the NFC game yet this is this is a huge when he is one of the big ones. And for every home game about it if you not comment go to saint ticket exchange. Give the tickets away deuce on the we want everybody there -- -- kids. Manny in the seat and you want to be Bobby you and then number in a morning drafted change yet in their hand and who would -- -- go beat the Saints you know at a Falcons team had been exposed -- it yet. And also the few Falcons fan they gonna travel to the superdome. So drew was impress the first. -- -- -- of the season against the Vikings so I don't know who's gonna be to team captain but remember he's got his hand raised the booted 360 when he comes down all in unison. You know with say three times -- say going to be in saint who'd and it. -- and you know dig you look at the big gains yet obviously overall regular it's all important. And they'll always gone undefeated all really he you hopes obit. If you are gonna lose a game. And despite his game is so important. Like the first two but even more pressure to NFC opponent and it's a division opponent and if you were to lose games this game is more important and we played -- Steelers and Halloween night. Are at Cincinnati -- Baltimore. Even be in the 49ers. You know you you want a way because it that number one seed you know the and when you break and it down. How you do and against a -- conference. As far as a tie breakers and all that that that's why advocate of the season. You know that Vikings 49 dollar Falcons game is so important. It is important indeed when you look at -- two by the you play Atlanta okay so you hit it with somebody. You to know him by and division is has aloft with the exception of Tampa Tampa is playing Pittsburgh. It Tampa Pittsburgh is how to run -- campus right now. And Carolina hosts Cincinnati you'd take care of business it's a strong idols of the two strong odds you pay those of the two teams will lose. And then you come -- you wanna gained control and keep the pressure on the teens. Earning my Q do you a year a go yeah I would challenge any case guys do -- -- we Bobby. In Cincinnati winds have beaten Carolina which I have my habit I would bet that's gonna happen and you got a chance to basically put Carolina sleep. The following week because if they lose his -- about be this week and they follow -- and three. And then they come here you put the middle of four ain't coming back from that. Right Degan and plus -- look at at the three week he beat three you know. The Falcons would be wanting to write you know keep depression -- to tell you the truth because the NFL might not -- this but I can care less. In and week sixteen that two days after Christmas. If that game at the Georgia Dome was meaningless you know -- right there ready haven't wrapped up you know to win the NFC south but it's all gonna start -- on this and at twelve noon. -- we hold the Falcons. Through phones we go Bobby and Imus goes to a four Mondale for. WW. It you know entity Brett didn't editorial board yet so how's the thing about this relative to the division like. Saints. Agassi -- the big game each week gently into Beijing and but -- -- -- limit to what about the debate who's basically an epic game behind the house link Fallujah one day. -- happening aren't cut out -- -- beat died. In in in the record book in the. They beat your head to head yet. Yeah damaging to get get edgy yet in. Eagle from two games to. Being down two games due to a game goes. Padilla pretty important to really -- You know you mile -- the Falcons are aware of that too you know because they know they play in the world champs. And and he got a trying keep pace so lobby I think he's gonna get. Both teams a game not not -- -- game is too early in the season he could have playoff implications on the road. And I think both teams I definitely know -- that. 260187. -- next hour press a slap presses and Saints coach Sean Payton and Saints quarterback. Drew Brees he's body -- Deke Bellavia coming back to keep David another key thing -- and the rest you called us. This is fourth stop you're listening to WW it. And welcome back is Battier fan -- Beverly. Back to the phones we go let's go to lose David here in the Big Easy David thank you for calling. -- -- -- We -- that he goals and and battle -- look at the schedule a couple of game we -- in Atlanta and B not bad at. At Pittsburgh. Will be. Obama question -- in the anyone out there -- -- Obama know that we just sold. On the appeal is. And be able to put the middle and -- all all of that and commitment on all year and that it's out -- even know it thank you. All right -- David. You know they don't fall off trees like pass -- cover guys I mean whatever. And I don't know what light deep ring me -- mean have listed 318 pounds -- sizzle it now you could say you wanted to be more productive. The right now on the for any idea how he's starting because nobody has beaten them out and any heart grows in this rotation now he's like. He's 63272. You know he's he's the tackle. You know they got him miss that as the 6227. In. But as of right now big -- than the practice squad and he's been part of the team -- three years Demorrio Presley. Who's at 300 pound guy. But I did try to address that would Al woods and it didn't work out I think -- now on the steelers' practice squad but. We just got to get better with the guys we have is -- policy is making any moves that direction even Atlanta's got a story Keith Ingram and those guys -- -- soft plus next fouling him I press conferences from coach Sean Payton and Saints quarterback Drew Brees bush has become a -- LSU coach less miles all right here. On WWL radio.