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Sean Payton Press Conference

Sep 22, 2010|

Bobby and Deke invite you into the radio huddle for Saints Head Coach Sean Payton's press conference LIVE from Saints Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome Alabama to a sports off here on the home with the Saints -- -- fighting Tigers WW LT 70 AM FM 1053. And on the -- at WWL attack -- coming up. This -- to press conferences as the Saints give back to work today. At this victory over San Francisco the long flight home players off yesterday coaches in the game plan together. And we will hear from -- coach on pain of -- in the media. Somewhere around 530 and then at the coach pain it will be Saints quarterback drew breed -- now conversation with. LSU coach less tomorrow numbers to get involved a 2601870. Or toll free 8668890870. LSU taken on West Virginia Saturday night in death out of the mountaineers coming with some strong credentials and a high powered offense perhaps. We thought about what they do offensively and their talent level. May be one of the best. Offensive teams they would see this season and you know big -- to a and look at all the polls this year. This might be the best you know quarterback. Davidson. You know you -- Jake locker going to the game last year against Washington -- say I'd say quarterback running back position. If it's not that as the again -- face there in the conversation. If if you look. When they went -- at Maryland game the in America was averaging 240 yards rushing a game. We'll -- that way Virginia defense they had minus ten so is going to be. A big challenge of the -- jabs and we talked about this I don't know Barbara Evers and LSU quarterback back to back games the starter and not have. At least a hundred yards passing -- then the flip side the quarterback for the mountaineers. Geno Smith he had 226. Yards throwing. Against a Maryland a Terrapins by halftime. He threw a career high four touchdown passes than you look at. The 12 punch -- hand on the ball Noel DeVine Russian -- ball. He rushed 131. Yards. As you know they'd be the Terrapins in. So big it is not going to be easy and you always look for consistency whether -- quarterback -- running back position. You look at Noel DeVine the whereas it during his fifteen in three when he rushes for at least. A hundred yards in a game. -- look at -- device first nationally among active players in rushing yards and four. In yards per carry in all purpose shorts so. Going to be a big challenge LSU's defense and or tiger office might just have to keep pace. You know a lot like. Falcons Saints game he could come about obviously -- turn overs in their but whoever has the ball last. That in my company and have an opportunity to win the game. And obviously can have a guy like -- Noel divine what he has gone the numbers are incredible remember him from South Florida actually. I was close to being an LSU tiger and then I was a late guy came in late academics. And the game got in and went to west to. But right up there at the top of the country 121 yards of all purpose Provo game. He's got eighteen career 100 yard rushing efforts he will wind -- being at the top. Of the Big East category rice in receptions as foreign so. Cobb told we all a hundred yards gained a career rushing marks and so forth but in -- -- -- he has come into this game and it's an issue with four consecutive games. With a hundred or more yards to that will be a challenge but probably the best that in the mollen Uga don't -- to -- -- -- not six point three yards per carry in his career. Well -- you know always brag about and you talk about SEC the speed of the SEC and you look at that leads the speed and pressure on Kansas he's -- he's right there yes. No it is gonna be that's why you better be taken the right angle the proper angle when making a play on him because it is going to be speed against speed. And so you better be -- your responsibilities. Because Noel DeVine and couldn't make you pay if you're not. I kind of back to keep and -- Dan -- had to get a break out away later. Coach -- they will hear from him and Saints quarterback Drew Brees -- by the event Deke Bellavia that is sports talk you're listening to WW. And welcome back we will bring you Saints coach -- press conference and Drew Brees. As it happens lives here in the next couple of moments following the coach -- to get to the podium out of the saints' facility. Back to the phone to go and manifest -- keep getting it thank you for calling. And beaten guys doing Asia appear. -- about. Two to recollect. And a game that they had just stand -- in my memory you're talking about getting into the county stadium. Yeah about the rivalry between the thing to have. Look at him a couple of in nineteen England and -- when you guys really welcoming thing to do about it -- five and after the game. But never forget Apache two point and I never forget watching from the stated he was carrying the and into the -- of that. It was a great moment things different for me. But -- And a quick comment and I don't know a whole lot better about this blatant you know. We're in uncharted territory is as Saints and then in the history of the Saints and that. We never -- above what the target every week of every team we're doing and regions. Best effort and from the perspective. On championship teams. Just wouldn't put into perspective how different prepare the -- didn't do anything to. Make those taxes on them -- -- haven't -- you -- thank you. Well eight can be taxing that you know the only pressure. Trying to get as professional athlete if you arm mature and our -- we have great leaders. And only pressure you should truly have a huge pressure that you put on his cell. Now you always trying to play perfect but don't let outside pressure outside influences affect you game. To me what happens because of the emotions the game what they've done an outstanding job and and that is critical. When you get everybody's best ever I'm on is to win the turnover about it because it is a game of emotions and you always want to keep. That momentum in in your favor. And you know going against the Falcons that's can be critical again. Because if you look last year both the Saints in the Falcons and that was the case. When you looked at the party nine as we were plus eleven in net turnover ratio -- last year at the far and I as a writer behind us and plus nine. Now you look at the Falcons in last year's season. Big did they were plus three so they would in at minus category. So are they are capable. At times protecting the football creating turnovers. And and I think it's going to be a hard fought game. And again. It truly could come come about you know we went to turn -- about a game we -- I think we dabbling in the game. Active phone ago another key -- -- McKee thank you for calling. They guys that a few comments to make effect and one is. About Reggie Bush. I don't think anybody on the team except maybe Devery Henderson in May be played at roll out the back field. Is that you take a look at Busch coming up the -- you on I think he was maybe second delay has dropped. We know we got the field goal is better that that touchdown. Tom bush ruled out he go to the back into the right flat out flat. Two guys quit on him and that -- wrong lane for a -- Marcus Colston beat get the first down -- we got that. We got the field goal instead of the doors down. And the make a point about dead -- Abram -- that -- just said that you'd you'd have a problem with the with the play call it. -- have a problem with only because. We try to pound the rock I don't have a problem with that. Other than. We we wasn't very successful at it and you gotta be balance and his -- that Spain you know you got what down right there. Why you to try to on the ball special fourth down to honesty Q quick wit the fullback -- networks for the saint I think he. Topping the bill will be more creative with that. Yell -- you write a key guys are going to be perfect in his play calling yeah hindsight. You know coach Payton might have thought here we got -- big guards but -- that they were winning on the line is cameras there came a time -- more time had a third one. And coach -- try to bootleg we drew and I hit the throw the ball away. So lie yeah I mean as far as balance though even if they are stuff and you an apartment in case an example to look around the league when quarterbacks throw and in all any title forty passes specially 45 a -- morning used we don't win. So I don't have a problem because we're all set and then we threw a ball thirty times who ran. You know 24 but yet you could say we could use a little more imagination -- also think. Now that you expect the party -- gonna drive down the field. Mike when you are passing you always gotta remember that if it's incompletion that stops the clock. And when you constantly running the clock continues but about it I agree with you when you're down in the reds on right there you gotta get a tires on the -- games over. And I have a problem with them and the police had to run the ball but it was stopped in it was. Make it now -- reliable bat which the whole game. Right right yeah yeah you're right keep and you know adapt to departing niners have done you know people don't realize -- even though they're young team and they haven't -- -- they want to. But the last eleven games I don't know why I guess his immaturity the team. In the last eleven games at home that they've held opponents to fifteen points a game. And you look at our reds on a defense. I mean how style we've been you know bend but don't break you -- few Eagles agreed to -- over. For the 49ers they have a -- red zone defense so you know I think a lot of had to do with the opponent. Maybe -- why we didn't execute as well in that red zone. And you know we gotta turn overs odd thing is really -- the pitches is getting the job done and a red zone but you know could Pena -- be your first and -- you know. You wanna close not a game and don't given -- -- an opportunity. You have to get a touchdown in. And in the and it's not and we all thought -- keep as a serious and you think we got eight point lead. You've taken realistically cut its Alex and all united going against Tom Brady Peyton Manning. Did you think they were gonna drive down the feeling get that touchdown I mean I I mean I I guarantee maybe. I don't know maybe 5% modern agreement but I but I thought the assured that they weren't good drive. And and I were to bet on that they did they only stated David they've beaten down down on the clock but yeah. And that -- think they have a championship team. I think you guys agree remains. With the quarterback situation we have I don't think any quarterback between. We we Ellis at the championship team defense the -- these yet. Bill but the -- kind of -- kind of scary -- you know with the quarterback play is no way it's the other issue and it went went in the championship ago. Get on the wrong but. There's been no way with the quarterback plated when it's championship -- -- become an up when he when he put it into the real real big boys and -- he's -- yeah you -- -- -- well. What they have a big challenge the witnesses say obviously this weekend against West Virginia. You know you -- -- on -- -- you playing a ranked team. And and it -- -- the reason by the challenges this week is is -- -- it's going to be similar to when you play some news conference games because they have a good offense. And a you know that's -- -- dating do well against -- the media doing against both Carolina Marshall got to you know don't -- of Bobo. But not Maryland so what you have seen -- in Hughes and -- stay in third and short situations. They have some man -- down on the call on defense -- -- about it and they can do that the Japan for a mean the quarterback but with dates -- big on economy and ended -- -- -- you to beat him with the -- And you talked about it defense now and LSU defense and stout hasn't shown virtually -- -- -- But this offense those things that the best of defense that spreads them out and they have an athlete that he cute. They hit home on right -- on that type of ballclub. And you don't want have an extreme amount of pressure on the defense about to win last year remember the defense got on the field and -- speed on the field intimately. Yet the guy I think his game is also important from a confidence standpoint and the potentially move up in the rankings. You know UB West Virginia is that there's no reason a known October the second that you shouldn't beat Tennessee is that tennis bowled. And then all of a sudden you five and oh. Going to Florida. I mean you know you could say while we now where we need to be at five and oh. You know is five and oh big to get off to a great start when you -- that confident now business that you needs that. And that hopefully this will continue. Ellis doesn't allow any first quarter points so far this year. Ruining -- streak of regular season games -- not yielding a first quarter touchdown. To eleven. Mississippi State Dallas in week horrible night was the last team to score a first quarter tires on against the tigers' defense. They -- -- regular season so big that goes along without -- care who you play in. It you can get off to a great starting united haven't played catchup. You know that kinda helps against the pressure of -- jabs and whoever the quarterback that we not having to play catchup. So why did he -- to continue to do that. That'll go a long way now we could see it as the k's going against West Virginia. 26018786688908. -- is number to get involved best day in the conference. Thus far Bob and think about it they're big when Alabama. Defending national champion at Arkansas and Arkansas and the next week Alabama please go to Florida. So tough back to back games for the time Georgia and Mississippi State southern has to gear then another loss by the board. To Mississippi State Annika BO threw for mark you know what else intrigue in the south Carolina at. Our. You know both undefeated. And -- and and you look. I guess if you at LSU fan you got to cheer for -- you look at SEC US Phifer -- has he sees so yeah. He'd like Carolina and in Oakland started to BO for no -- after the girl and then of course in the -- and rest him on -- non conference through to know coach and he was Fresno State Bulldogs. In Oxford is ole miss found McDonnell with some things together -- victory against 29. Losing last week handily 28 to 4 o'clock I was surprised that that the league where you surprised how Vanderbilt portal -- I was in I was surprised how they weren't able to move the ball right right right -- fourteen points there but. -- ole miss has been a late -- under on the coach of Houston and even Arkansas was well picks if the they had a hot start. And a -- right at the Ian a couple of games -- one LSU. But a big big day next two weeks or maybe. In the SEC you think about all the landscape. Of the big ball games and -- Saturday LSU versus Tennessee in the following about it an issue please if floor exiting with a continue to that's as some fans -- still -- The -- in the season starts. And you know we'll see how tough the Tigers are this year. But but I took the approach we don't know about all the suspensions in North Carolina. But pre season not to do approach that you beat North Carolina and kick -- classic. I thought -- she got a great chance to start five and nobody you know you be West Virginia is no reason you shouldn't beat Tennessee at home. But then you gotta go at Florida at Armand. And you got Alabama -- got to go at Arkansas now ole miss you know we kind of thought -- be a tougher game and it might be you know down the road. But a great opportunity to get things done this Saturday and start potentially five and -- Metairie for ace ace thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- -- -- So they are you don't go to right. Right he -- are you all league. Does that questioner wanted to unfortunately it's -- chews on route and I haven't generated. He's a headache. Yeah ways of looking at Larry Johnson now the at a Boston College yet yet here it was with the Chiefs I mean. Let you know some kind of a -- riveted on standard of Willie Parker and there yet or -- and Clinton Portis is there and they make him keep when he. Right right sentiments he -- -- -- it -- -- look at Larry Johnson the coach Romeo when he was coach in the achieves. At the column out and basic the baby obviously -- act like a deep right you know and he and he he did except. It was a by the crowd -- -- IP dead except the challenge. And at some outstanding numbers with the cheese -- a big contract within -- And it you don't you might say okay Larry Johnson I still think you get that opportunity NFL but we need immediate hell. Larry Johnson couldn't come in here and all of -- -- contributed to level the Saints need in the Falcons game. And is that they do it how physical you are running the ball it's from a mental standpoint. What you need to as the running back position and coach -- -- That's why Ledell Betts was -- you know the obvious choice to bring them back because he was in camp. He understandably trying to do and that they would have brought him back if they didn't think he is -- was ready I think to contribute on a short term basis. We're waiting to hear from Saints coach Sean Payton will hold here we don't want a BC news that for you and then of course at the coach Payton Drew Brees with a good -- media. Santana poor Christie -- can standing by -- coach Payton makes his way to the podium. He would jump right in it and we'll get out -- to that precedent in its entirety be now in -- trade big out thank you for calling WW -- -- driving out. I don't know I mean Belmont and is the -- it -- on the -- by all of that problem that. Yeah seeing a couple every week -- cute making more and more weight. What is cute -- need to put. It. When he's been out there he's now that I knew right I mean he had -- to make -- plays you know last week though peaking Michael play football for seven years big gap. He had -- a shot on Mississippi State quarterback in random timing this I mean he not been down but you know he kind of extend these transfers. He could relayed to hammer down on it can't enemy now and -- he's and he's a young guy but when you when you have a shot -- a quarterback like -- hit them first of all. Is can be hard to get up and number two -- be thinking about -- with a few all night long and his defense they get to keep doing that. And -- Deke if you look at okay who's starting at a do you think right now he's truly deserves the start I mean look at the production I think that's like he's. Because of the competition. They've got an immediacy I don't know we read into -- anything to Libya but the number of freshman and it relayed. Thus far starting Indians count and playing in the game and in Vanderbilt Mississippi State. I'm not -- in that disease. With the starters and some roles but I do write that they're given these guys about a ripped BO debt. And then on the standpoint it you know these guys -- in Miami and maybe make employees you know I mean. And militarily but some of these -- he and an air Green Bay in the -- from Dutch town. Last freshman back there and in the state -- and make him play like -- -- the gap by name and LeRon Landry became an -- -- you know about and he's got tremendous tremendous talent notes that. And you have a lock down call me he remembered the people's. You know. They didn't. Need a man out the trip and that is no matter what -- at these ball out of the way he's playing the. No he is primary you know they've they've they've gotten good second place finish -- -- -- -- 1% in the first two games right. In north claimant gates two and obviously Patrick beating in the -- pad apiece and they would just. If it's almost like his dad when it's Alice in them by the rest this year provide he stays healthy. With on the bag and see how problem how talented he was how he was toying with people mean Aurilia really he's up there make him -- tap in the ball to and so he's he's just. In the when he gets the football. Either he is a very few people that I've seen in college football about it think deep to Deion in there as a game -- To rocket he can play authentic by defense -- in the last all around in the SEC at that high level. And I think personally he's more talented in him at this point now with Champ Bailey in Georgia. Right Chad Gaudin and -- -- the only thing he Vince said that in the he'd just say this I don't think you actually do this and I'm never calling fair fair catching and because there was a couple of times. State. That you know they had in the cities -- -- that wasn't nice clothes and at five yards and he called a -- kits right. Where you know that's opportunities where you want his hands in the ball. Whereas at times you wanted to take chances. And and that decision making as a returner because all of a sudden instead of fair catch. You know he gets going and also and you pick about 2030 yards. Old remembering what he's he's gonna retirement not -- -- about it -- -- yeah. Well again it all -- Big out that he plays played fast they now you know I mean you don't look like you know a lot of young guys dig -- trying to think what they have to do know. He's playing fast and and that's what you want any time you step on the field the guys are confident. -- -- played fast and make plays. Back to the -- to go Slidell for John John thank you for calling WW yeah. They are pretty soon I really like the way to our schedule shaping up selling issue. In Africa capacity next to gain some ski. I would get to go on flawed and I don't see Florida unbeatable. This year now they now like the Florida Tebow years thought -- coming off -- lulls. Florida they play Alabama there at the retailers some ladies tennis yet. That issue that I action and after that we get almost like a week off for what hopefully magnesia. But before we go to Auburn don't give these guys watching the rest not get the a lot of them -- quarter acute pull out. Get -- Auburn goes there. If he can -- -- an official in -- couldn't understand Alabama again. And then you know Arctic biscuit or shape and might get a week off before Alabama. Ole miss and not look like -- what they should be. By John what do you think so forward rob scene changes observed the highlight you can't watch every game. But I'd be. The stars got to be -- line considering who you're playing where you play in them. Right now at Arkansas that dad's going to be -- -- of game and I think obviously Alabama yeah. I'm not -- gonna be a national champs come -- senate by by any means but they and it looks really good for the team and maybe. Took it to Michael run by changing this year maybe let the bowl victory you know it looks like to get great feet and -- the schedule shaping up. But it right now they went ten regular season games speak in when their ball game anyway and less miles away you know exactly his grades. It's it's it's a scenario way you know people visit than -- away you know we gotta take now -- but the way the next two weeks opposite. If you -- a few of fame here realistically you wanna go as long as you came when at a loss in conference and you can't I lose so that scenario then it's an arrow united cities like -- South Carolina beat Auburn. The united -- Alabama beat Arkansas and innately wrong turn around and beat Alabama and everybody in the wins. Is -- man with a loss with the acceptance with the exception that you provide you take care of Tennessee. Yeah honestly. I think this team has one quarterback away from really -- big -- ball when you look at the three wide receivers I mean you've got. The street received you can look at the you know drinking problem -- went -- at all three -- -- receivers were in the top two -- three. Maybe. Probably -- -- in everybody's. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- Scioscia didn't like number one number two. But John the only problem I have right now -- share with the what is it he catches the ball more consistently yeah. I -- turn of Jefferson's confidence. He got a six spot -- I'll let you -- extreme Reuben -- so that's enough that got you out there. John thank you so much yet coverage starts at 3 o'clock on Saturday an issue and West Virginia kick off as a shady at eight in The Who have the -- legal point after which you. So Sunday morning and Bobby -- along on between Friday Saturday and signed up another five hour energy. -- maybe more than maybe a couple of flexible with a little bit let's go to all Corey on line three Corey thank you for calling WW. They've got corn. And there are your input on June. They played here are. No he hasn't been active. It was just like model I'd like -- it around all. See. Of course I could tell you -- it it if we don't start getting after the quarterback better the as far as pressure. If we have within a few games and a party niners game more you know we nine game sack tonight getting enough quarterback pressures. You could suit junior gallant all of us an active. You know the I don't know look at Alex Brown so far. I mean and Nazis not doing his job. But he's not standing out -- like this like another Charles Grant so far now it's only two games but. -- what -- -- Alex Brown. Will submit. I thought that Spurs game. You know if you look at against the Vikings -- and it plated a Pro Bowl level that wasn't the case against the 49ers. I know twice he met Alex Smith get out of the pocket handing. He was kind of shocked how fast Alex Smith was not a -- going to be the case of Matt Ryan might -- -- -- run like Alex but -- He had born I scrambles in the Cardinals Will Smith just let him get outside so yeah we need to step up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That junior color will be activated and CP can't get after the quarterback. The active phones we go to 601872. Deal I want -- thank you for calling WW. It has yet. It is. Let I don't know what else would lead at UT these guys that watch it on TV but I would say. You're in that room. Thirty feet -- that he beat the but it according double. If -- You gotta go not a kid and and that is not gonna happen the ground if you have a quarterback. You cannot be here and then a coach who won't let you hit the ball that goes distracted. And lose Robert. -- -- the Amezaga then I'd play South Carolina wooten to. Then it goes back and Auburn probably the flag and definitely Arkansas. But they don't let this keep it could have been changed the play calling. You know -- -- lucky these past two games. You know -- we can -- be doing that that's half and we. And that should be. You know you cannot. Place and that at least that he would give credit that he broke the -- wanna go to game. PO thank you so much he had -- -- close as coach Payton is approaching his time to. Addressed the media. We'll bring in a Saints and a poor Christie Garrett who is standing highway and hear from coach -- any moment now Christian a team gone through the first practice since the victory over San Francisco. That's right there are back on the practice to them or walk through today you will macoute that he recognizes that. -- West Coast trip late Monday night. Ride until it get back in the world until 6 AM. Virtually Tuesday morning so. They moved the schedule the typical practice schedule back. Couple hours on on Wednesday and also. That it tournament and it's you know rest some players in terms of you know come off of physical game on Monday so they were back on the practice field today and then in you know. Made a roster moves move as you guys have talked about brilliantly built that DeShawn -- is. Along with team is however eligible for the practice squads that you could see win return and that rule as well. Added you know Christian. I guess speculation is that kind of buzz around the media that maybe Chris ivory is ready to play sooner than later. You know we were kind of targeting. Either the Carolina game or the game after for Chris ivory. So I mean now minicamp this on -- windy it is understood the strategy Goodman told DeShawn Wynn. It's things like just common sense that there probably Chris I was ready to play. That's what it tells me Bobby you know our talk about that earlier today that in the office that that's only the kind of surmise from at all is that maybe it's like Chris ivory -- He's meditate on that -- and contribute weather beat you know five touches a game -- -- touches a game. You know those ten -- twelve touches that Reggie work was giving is gonna have to be spread out between a couple of guys in. That could be at receiver Sean Payton is generally -- a problem -- you know moving guys around and get different guys involved depending on the game and it could be a couple of -- at receiver you know on a -- -- -- sweep of those quick little slant pass that he likes to run out in the flats -- you know in in -- between Iran -- with Wright was -- -- and you know. Our two guys talking earlier about bringing in a guy like put Ledell Betts and no one caller mentioned Larry Johnson -- your right off first off he's a headache if it. And it's not that's not Sean Payton is kind of guy I don't think -- could be wrong but that's not his kind of guys not to mention. At this point this season. You'll I'll think -- the time to get somebody -- up on this office but -- that has been at a soft at least through training camp he has familiarity coach -- talked about at all Tom there's a veteran. Like that out there that has familiarity with the offense it's easier to bring him in not just on offense but on defense to. You know Chris I think -- Reggie Cubs in the play to because really who's a third down running backs this thing -- been Pierre Thomas. And Reggie Bush. Now it's be it with the Tennessee assume that every came about what interests them that Pierre Thomas on third down their trust factor I would be surprised. It did put Heath Evans. In theirs simply for protection. Every now and then he he carries the ball -- you don't have the moves of Pierre Reggie. But I don't know where Ladell Betts is right now big addicted trust them on third down but that's -- -- get him this regiment third down back where Pierre Thomas on no. Drew Brees trusted them number one over everyone because he has that complete back. But you don't wanna wear him out the beginning of the season. Saw Ali be surprised at times it ABC one back on third down that and he damages in the game because their trust factor. That was the strategy they -- use a little bit last year before he before he went down with with his injuries theaters so they did that's -- -- top class and I think you're right Bobby that's certainly a you know a possibility for them to to use that you know it plays a big emphasis on keeping number nine upright right. It's a yet hey Chris and I look at Chris ivory Deke in right now they like Chris ivory 22. A combination of what my bills online no Hamilton did last year they wanted to run hard. Takes -- you have to start -- take some pressure off the there. But not count him as a third down back where he has that -- so much about all those assignments. But coming here and do the job when you have the opportunity. Like Mike Bell and line Hamilton did last year produced the. I mean yeah it is legal limit. His ruler I guess you know and played his strikes and strikes would be as as the least we've seen as nobody knows. Grind it out tough yards on third down article line a lot like they started to use line I'll -- like -- -- down around the goal line towards the end of the year it. Uribe TV's Kristin even that close -- -- -- we had them via a lot of times. And Mike Bell was getting tattooed deacon -- fourth quarter. Where teams know you gotta run trying to get the ball back that we trying to keep. The clock movement with the that's that you one driver to do needed to close -- games even though the opponent knows you Russian. He might be getting only one and let you have your body there. Okay bottom interrupt their coach Sean Payton is walking up to the podium now as he's been addressed the media here at Saints camp on airline drive it take -- listen to coach on me. Just with the -- sinkers -- Quickly and waters hamstring did not practice. Reggie Bush. Leg did not practice Randall Gay concussion did not practice. And some young quadriceps did not practice sex street knee was limited. And Chris ivory knee was limited. We signed running back Ladell Betts and wave -- back DeShawn -- And then practice squad wise re signed fullback Jed Collins. And release quarterback Sean Canfield. Schedule is was. First and second down. Little -- abbreviated but nonetheless. Our normal Wednesday type practice just later in the afternoon. And questions. Because you brought -- that -- -- -- I have three feet farther along than it would be. It has been you. Well he was limited in any way and he hasn't been limited if if we've been looking and his progress so we're expecting him. Based on you know the way you move around and they look pretty good. Well the latest. He's got a -- mile. Fracture. And you know we're looking ballpark it -- probably four to six weeks depending on you know how quickly -- -- You know I think there's there's some obviously some nuances that are different regard to personnel groupings but. You know if you go back and look not just with Reggie but with. With a few of the -- of players periodically we've we've had to play. Without cuts and you know you'd just you'd just your personnel. In. You know you you you put the plan together. Accordingly so that's -- do we had to do before. And you know changes it changes the rules for some players well. You know walking. Yeah -- on crutches. You know he's he's basically you know keep in the weight off. And he'll do that get his treatment. You know basically it's trying to keep the weight off that all of that like. Changed. Teams well. Well we've gone through this before the schism in this his first so. I think teams defensively have have a plan in place and certainly probably affects more -- technique man principles but. In it eliminates may be some personnel packages they might look at us. -- but. But no different then the adjustments we have to make offensively than others if you win in you know you won't. -- Teams try it hurts their careers you guys get the Volvo dealer he's seeing due to injury this two teams. Well I think you know listen we we look and in each week counseling mixture we have enough -- plays in. You know without forcing the years forcing the the issues sometimes you know you're forced to check it down so. We've -- two good defenses. In the first two weeks but. You'll continue to make sure we've got enough stuff going down the field along with the army in immediate short throws. -- to adjust to his. I don't know I don't know that that's the case you know you might say safeties or corners. Are are playing with a little bit more depth but. You know again. I don't offseason and new trend. Well through all the you know he played real well last this past Monday night. He's he's doing exceptionally well. -- held mostly hell. Right now. -- -- -- -- you know make sure like anyone would be you know when you get injured and your miss some games you know you have disappointment. But you know he's someone that's real diligent in his rehab and his preparation in. You know I'm sure he will be through this injury. -- You know we've got a couple options but certainly he'll be in the mix. In Estes -- Sean Payton here on WWL. It. No you know again you know will mix it up whether it's coming from her front front four whether it's coming from. You're blitz packages. You know you you want to. Be unpredictable you wanna have the flexibility to. To get pressure with the four man rush but also negated if you if you decide to to use pressure him in and so. You'll continue to mix it up that's when things that I think we do your job. It. Here -- yeah. Now. -- Just some special teams work with with Lee and and you know we -- able to get them on the field for. Basically all the special teams snaps. -- -- Well I mean there's certain packages that you won't unity for instance there's a handful plays that we run a week it would appear and Reggie and for instance you know to have facts. That package you know we wouldn't we would utilize. With -- now that would be good example. Because when he when Pierre and ranger both in there you know Reggie Kim. Line up at receiver line up in the back field you know it's. It's a two back package force that would be a good example. Be happy Chris. Thing. -- beat him not necessarily -- -- but in the end. Yeah I I would wanna get into it if we did that. -- Yeah I mean I think you know it's it's a fracture but that being said the location type of fracture -- -- Though those were. Those are positives. In in. And the degree which it was fractured so. You know it's it's it was unfortunate things that happens with contact them. You know when and you long. -- Well certainly -- if you were trying to pick a time. Going back in the November. Received little brother as his tailback against. Yeah probably so -- and and when gave us some some special teams flexibility. I think that be accurate. You know I think number one they they played real well last week the plane with a lot of confidence their team speed is is noticeable when you watch them on -- they've got a very good offense defensively. Each year they've gotten better and played exceptionally well last weekend. They do a lot of things that Kim. Certainly. Bring a lot of pressures that other team that likes to bullets in him. And they do your job. They added. Cornmeal offseason he's played well done to Robinson and got good team speed and -- you know team and it's this point with a lot of confidence. On many different reasons all -- and or about this morning. It is did you see -- and differences the cars themselves don't you know play. You don't want I think three weeks have gone by -- -- you know he looked better. In the work out this morning and then when he was here last I think that would be. Expected but he's in good shape and you know he did a good job this morning and in practice this afternoon while. You don't answer -- -- running backs because. -- he and Aaron Stecker were both here. Coach talked about lead bullets in Patrick Robinson with the plan might be with him as far as gulf -- up and down keep. You know Woolsey week by week just how we handle. Towards the US open nineteen yard field when you look at. It's just execution of it. I think more than anything. You know the goal line. Second and one was you know if if you leave the game you'd you'd say man what were down there and have that opportunity and we have a chance to go up by more than a touchdown you know. There there're couple things you know that that opportunity for us offensively that you know the two minute drive defensively. You know the field goal that we make it's tipped. And you know those those are just a few of the things that. You know when the game's over and he although it's a win you're trying to evaluate you know how to win those or couple things -- the viewpoint now when you when you get down as close as we were. In that goal line situation that some specifically that. That we feel like we've got to be better at in India would convert that into a touchdown. Though -- also reviewed it through the buffaloes. These first two wins. These days couldn't bet Senator McCain points here -- there. It was a pretty similar. A lot of -- go to LSU what is making it won't be the Buffalo Bills or there's vegetables because. You know. I don't I don't. Think there's benefits of frustration I think the key for losses to win and understand and each game how that's gonna happen I think in the case in Minnesota mean in both cases you know we feel like we play to reviewed the fences. And you know certainly there's that type of plan and you going to gain weight and and I think more than anything else in in the thing we try to make sure our players grasp is -- would what's the plan this week toward. And you know -- point to the goal line sequence there where were second and long. You know there's a missed opportunity -- and so. More than more than anything else I mean those of the specifics and I think we look closely at all and all the things graded place. And you know how we. Are we agreed amount efficiency wise we look closely at that and all areas and we continue to do that. Are you. Just feel it's. Well yeah I mean. Just from you know watching him practice and in the way he kicked for us last year. I thought. You know relieve the reaction was it was probably -- and overreaction. This guy's got greatly now. You know the way eat. Responded for a -- in the post season but really. Two years he's been yours then room so. It was good in -- this intentional pain on -- -- well. And others and he's sort of out boxing what do you think our coaches around the don't don't take advantage of those things like that it seems all the time. You know I think probably more do them then then you see. You know we felt like the conditions you know we're going to be. Windy going in we just didn't know there was going to be an advantage wind if you know what I mean sometimes is. There's a win but it's not right to left or left to right and we got out their warm ups we felt clearly there it was a an advantage win you know we deferred when we won the toss you know we wanted to early in that game on the road you know try to play that. First quarter on their into the field and so you know just. The thought being is trying to extend the first quarter as long as possible and shorten the second quarter as quickly as possible. And still save one time around you know in the event we get in the two minute drill him in certainly we've got confidence. In our two minute offense. If we have a time out so. You don't you don't wanna lose all three timeouts but it was. It was that mindset. It perfectly I can probably bars an independent. Let it go of that tomorrow morning. And he and he. Do what it's yeah it's it's it's predicated on the results and in you know that and how he's feeling and how he's doing so. That would be the normal protocol. That's it officiating crews that are coming and like you had a certain. This week. That day that -- -- game plan anyway. I don't know as much as a game plan but it who we do. We do a crew analysis. On Fridays with the players we talk about. Basically their tendencies from a year ago. And then where there at this season in. Week we've tried to give a profile of each crew. What they call. May be what they call more than the other crews or what they don't call as much. And in his best we can try to educate our team to what they can expect. Based on history and and that some we've done you know. Each week here every week. Hart thank you. And any Saints coach Sean Payton addressing the media. Talking about a variety of things about his first full press announced they since the saint Tony found 22 victory over San Francisco at candlestick Christie Garrett is Williams. And any moment now Saints quarterback Drew Brees will come to the -- in the we'll go straight to that is will. Bobby you generous as the look it's christened at. -- give -- man ask about double a -- plans -- with a pat Robinson Patrick Robinson Randall Gay emanate universal accidentally towards and then. Yeah big and look -- that Nichols by who is -- -- got a quarterback like Matt Ryan and as -- case and number of times I was trying to attack of the weakest link in the passing game. I'm not to -- in agony throw -- Jabari Greer Tracy Porter. But look when Randall Gay went down in the concussions now in the final tomorrow as the league evaluate it similarly be available but the Falcons gain. The look -- that activating -- torrential Patrick Robinson who was in -- one practically Malcolm Jenkins. You know I think which playing tennis that it would -- -- bring to the table better than part -- Robinson. His contribution on special teams in a swimming and again ago. Malcolm Jenkins. Even when he wasn't starting the he's impact players special teams you look at -- Buffalo Bills team. You look at the Eagles team you know causing a fumble while adjusting them more company -- trust factor in lead -- right now. Over Patrick Robinson. On special teams and and you look and Randall Gay went down. In the game Leigh Torrence was that nickel guy. So he had that the province are concerned about nine behind the scenes as far as setting of the game and you know is Randall Gay is -- towards the corner. And if Randall's all we sure did they have more confident and Patrick Robinson and -- nickel instantly torn is that you might be sacrifice and something on special teams so. That's on the -- whom -- not know until right before kickoff. You know when who's active not active getting ready for the Falcons and you know not showing their hand as forms -- possible preparation -- on -- -- -- Falcons. Because Randall Gay coming off a concussion if he's playing definitely going after a nickel corner. Whether it's random game lead towards are Patrick Robinson in the game. And and Nicholas -- coach Tom house about the the big move Bobby bringing back in the dale Benson and the -- addition on when. Yeah deacon you know if you look at Chris ivory. I guess you know just here in -- things tone -- voice Chris ivory is probably further along. They maybe they expected initially before a season kicked off. -- he was limited today in practice but just but I conversation with a yet they criticize every. Will be available for the Falcons. And in you can see them you know like in Ledell Betts. Better right now act as a pure running back. And now not necessarily looking like the big opponent this season -- DeShawn Wynn had been damaged boldly dale Barrett because especially team play. To the phone and. Nobody home on the north sure Paul thank you for calling WW real. They got Monica Tuesday. I have a question that I hereby call and they and they -- counted down on our own Jordan Jefferson in the onus. On the coached the development could be the player coach him up. It is completely call -- Jerry crow. Beating used to actually at Georgia and down nine -- the. Well you know I take the approach yeah it's it's a hand in hand comedies you look at the relationship you guys coach Payton. And I Drew Brees now as the NFL looking at the college level. You can develop a player only sold for you notice that he can lead a horse to water but you can make him drink out of the jar jar jab and I think that next step. Now and George Iverson's behalf and -- coach gruden as an offensive coordinator. Now we don't know what's happening behind the scenes is coach gruden. Truly have the confidence every play. From -- miles is it maybe he's trying to sentence -- please. There's certain sequence in May -- coach miles might. Override him it's in all wanna do this instead. The and you don't have that continuity senate could affect. Your quarterback play but it's up to George Jemison. And also that put the player playmakers around him an opportunity catch a ball on you gotta make those plays that was to please. Like with Kelvin Sheppard also enjoying Jefferson them it would look a lot better team -- those two catches and one obviously. -- would've been a long touchdown so I think it's a combination of everyone. Coming together. George -- taken that next step having more confidence. And then also while coach -- and putting Georgia is in the best. -- can't to have success. We'll wait and hear -- Saints quarterback Drew Brees is a weekly press conferences her from Saints coach Sean Payton's Saints on output Christian -- Is Manning the control force out at Saints camp as -- -- -- comes to the podium. We will go straight to him out there and Bobby Falcons and Saints on Sunday her coach pay no interest in most of his side of things. And talking about the one question. He was passed. Was that about W Rousseau Mike Triplett Howell asked him was -- a situation where is set. We are we in the media make him maybe too much at Novo beaten the law of the winds at the Saints head. Without the the you know the big offensive numbers that you had maybe a year ago coach -- -- the comeback decision -- The the goal is winning. The goal is planning and any -- how much the goal as winning any also address. -- to looking -- your opponent. I mean of organizing my bike in its -- -- -- when they look at the film you know to better defense is in the National Football League. You know -- Amoco's greeting import of 49 -- game when when they broke down. How well -- porn on his defense did against Peyton Manning in the Colts. You know you look at the total point. As for scoring defense and also. Until Brett Favre is that long pass play. To beat the 49ers. At home. The 49 is what were stopped and you know the Vikings so I think it's more you know opponent. Maybe why the Saints haven't had his success on offense has as a as fans expect you know we cut fastball. When the Saints had a no -- scoring office last year -- NFL average in 32 point two games. Look at it this week -- by the these two teams had the Saints and Falcons are gonna -- is always an entertaining game when these two get together. We look at it two I think code to the top five quarterbacks in the league going against each other. And then obviously drew of the Moss that was in mad it's in his third year but these two guys Bobby. The best of robberies band is the playoff games out of with the Falcons the competition. But now looks like the Saints without a driver has an opportunity maybe to go to places where it has never been awful. Yeah dig a pitchers should be just look on paper very entertaining game now. You know that being said watch -- a low scoring game and I don't think that'll be the case. I think you'll be high scoring affair. I think turn overs to transitional come in the play it could be a case. Where whoever has the ball last has an opportunity. To win. Look at the Falcons last week now now they struggled offensively. In the pre season -- like the Cowboys and in obviously. A week one going is that Steelers defense. If you look at the against the Steelers they were held to three field goals and and you know you could see was that as a bid troubling because. Ball on the -- the first team managing only one touchdown in thirteen possessions in pre season but these they've like they've turned things around. Considering how much success they had against the Cardinals. Defense last week calling up 444. Total yards when they mixed double the run and the pass. So lobby look and high scoring game with the Saints a big advantage playing in whom coming out on top I -- -- -- its -- -- about a 56 minutes away with squeeze in a quick great comeback in game -- Saints quarterback. Drew Brees is presser from Saints can't basis sports talk you're listening to WW.