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Sep 23, 2010|

Deke invites Scouting Consultant and Fox Sports Analyst Chris Landry into the radio huddle for Around the League.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Welcome to why we face that made -- around fanciful with scouting consultant fox sports editor and news crews. Leg injury that was -- -- each and every Tuesday night and sit and eat the -- It is anything on Monday Night Football Chris is with us tonight Chris also with us on Saturday. Before we handoff to the net worth between five and six will be as crisp and -- 530 -- his thoughts on the big day college football -- -- In the Southeastern Conference Chris. How are you my friend I am doing great couldn't make that a lot you know college football in rated top pro football you don't get -- better. Now it's showed through increasing Chris. At this time of the day about a couple of guys that the Saints will be facing on Sunday be an opportunity. And the president speak with earlier one as one of the greatest trying to play the game in a Tony. Guns Allison and I haven't talked enough about team mean it's Chris but why has Tony been able to have so much success. For a long amount of time in his league. Into different place. He keeps his body in good shape you know he's a really good athlete I remember him coming McAllen. Not sure that he was a real pro basketball prospect which you hit -- with those guys in the afternoon that he would be. A really outstanding athletic tight and -- guys you know he's just kept himself with such great -- and you don't need. He really is does all the right things in the offseason that's why he's been able to camp along yesterday and make plays at a high level of you listen if you look at him he's not that mean he was eight years ago five years ago. But he's still very effective in what he may be aloft. In explosiveness he made up being -- in his ability to set up the standards he just understands. How to setup that they Anders the team really. Technical -- rain early well at high point the -- just for the poorly thrown ball. Any feel real factor -- thinking that the leader in the locker room that the things that make -- -- kept his body shape are so many. Years he also prepared really hard and really is a great locker room -- -- -- just rubs golf let's light it with good success than. Obviously. You don't. Wanted to move somewhere when the seats were rebuilding. It is maybe it's a team that may be could be a contender in in -- he's got a -- job in that locker room and Atlanta. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Chicago the -- into -- -- Monday night in and a surprise here in the -- although it should be no surprise in the south because that the train we had seen teams and a at the bottom of the division one unit turn -- have a good year at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers two available to get to know. Pittsburgh Steelers to 60187. Or 866. 8890 rated -- -- college football and makes two about the big match -- this week in Alabama and Arkansas South Carolina and Auburn all West Virginia. And -- -- you Chris will be glad to talk about those big matchup as well Chris back to that. Tony Gonzales. 77 pass him for the Falcons in their first two games combat against the Steelers and last week against the caught 52% of those pass attempts have gone. To Roddy White -- -- the 35 and have been thrown to him which he was -- to the scene he's -- when he which is perhaps the first Indian FAO my question is. How much better is Roddy White two fold because of Matt Ryan and it also because of a guy like it's only been out. I think I think that the combination personal law I think he really -- Hughes stepped up in between definitely receiver he's. He's a true number one you've got to roll -- way I think you always benefiting from a good running game. And a guy like only in. From other weapons that they have. But he's the main guy I mean I think that. His ability you know plan -- the ball in traffic separate from defenders. Is make him an elite receivers now. They're a different team they're a play action passing team that. When you look at of one film against the Pittsburgh Betty do America -- they they could not get them running -- the one. And that's not me everybody's spread you out is attacked -- -- downfield. They're eighteen that's gonna set it up with down no running game or the play action passing game ball but that. So it's that the rookies to their success and I think Matt Ryan is outstanding in that role. Much like you know on the line Manning in the completely different guy when they've got a running game. I think that's what Matt Ryan isn't I think that Roddy is a key -- -- what this happen and they have they have Michael Jenkins and Harry Douglas. Step up and become real quality number two guy so that when you roll cooperate Roddy White too late that they can make you pay. They don't really -- that at this point that the difference of that's that the fact that Drew Brees in the in the premier quarterback in the -- they don't have the weapons that they can attack you with. That a -- -- -- seem like the Colts of the Saints and that's with not separate them they've got to do it with a sound running game which we get Michael Turner back this week. That there planted -- thing. As they could -- their running game on last week or they just call -- The Cardinals an opponent in the 220 -- point one yards rushing. Chris 440 yards total and a 189 total yards full running back Jason Snelling. Talk about he and Chris maybe it was a bio because you know -- -- we know what happened in Norwood that we think of all what I was the Michael Turner with his team and noble. A guy comes out of the lesser known and has a career day it's the O'Connell next week you. Big news across the league week while we don't the news was there any fault of his flicking the up. Colts and last week Jason standing maybe two oratorio the three's gold. Well Dayton. Good power down you know running back the -- to pull back played at Virginia. What is really bright guys that he's got good ones deals in. You know what they're downhill running out he really really did its job the chances -- the Cardinals and. In what they you don't miss with him as the explosiveness that they have with a guy like turner. But I think that that there ability to -- ability pretzel bowl. It good inside yardage is his group would really pivotal and that that's set up the flag took it but tough guy. Physical guy runs with good balance I did get after contact yardage you -- know what's been. But he's that good compliment when making did it -- turner back in the lineup. To what they -- -- -- you know you've got to if you back particularly going to be a I'll run oriented team and they'll play action. It's segment is called around the league Lugo around and asked that the opponent was scouting consultant -- went NFL analyst Chris maybe -- maybe -- -- 78 with -- night. Because the Saints on Monday night we had grits it is called around the league. Any questions about the national football only upcoming match -- -- squeaking -- little college to the mix. All up some top players out there it may be at the college to come and up into the pro ranks. He -- Collison Final Four to 601870. Or toll free 86688. -- 087 or you can question emailed me and analyze the Christina and the chief at fifty give you real Chris only week two of the season. Mean we have seen some -- him and -- some changes at the opposition National Football League. I'll before we get to one it's kind of why did he say that it would -- -- -- you read. Let's go down into a division foe Carolina where they can like -- -- Sammy Sampson the showtime at the Apollo Chris. Coach fox is up will be a -- on on -- -- and will go with a rookie it's a week in your thoughts on that. Well I thought it was a little early he. Watch in the days Matt Moore is no question played poorly. You need to -- optimistic but I think even more so. They just didn't move between I don't know what with some success they've had let them. Don't know why they would not and go on a little bit further with them now -- often got in -- you move the team pretty well he did have the one turnover. Obviously they feel like Jimmy is ready I don't think he's ready yet. But I think they feel like he is. Is ready -- any quarterback that they have which you know I think they're just who won with the future now wouldn't be. So sure that this does not coming a little bit from up top -- because if you look at what they've done Carolina. They have kind of clean house food you know mandated -- -- -- not -- want -- committee. Obviously gives up security -- -- great ethics so and it they looked at where young rebuilding. You know let's -- the young guy in there he'd eat it's. He he did steal that -- to me but I don't think -- be ready but I will stated that thinks that he's got a lot of ability and I think any you know he can line. He just pro ready he's going to be in. You know it he's gonna become an -- not Jeff Davidson relative coordinator he -- in New England. So they're running a very similar system. He when we gap was there work another -- -- -- to New England which at this similar system that Jimmy had them working out and working under out of notre -- self. I think that that's really help that in the work ethic itself often. -- kind of really give up its speed and develop a lot of complimented what they're doing so I think they feel like they're just gonna. Gonna give and go and he's given another chance you know. Did somebody in the market not watching the Miami Hurricanes they they have -- say. Outside of -- you know one of them that are -- returning to the other than Miami Hurricanes they. -- return annulled it looked like that the might be called back but I digress but I think Lofton is not ready but I think they feel like he'd repeat yourself -- -- now Ottawa on it or calf. But -- the -- of the quarterback -- but to the phone to go Algiers the Jets if they keep calling on with Chris Landry on WW yeah. -- yeah. -- -- When asked about the injury -- -- for the season done without lot. Maroney traded Brett delegate of the older what actually is the Patriots I don't know what they're often in the running game. Well you know what they did with thing at. Me as state and that tight ends to repeat -- -- they've incorporated them more in the passing game. In you're gonna see -- and it is more money that role as well but there's no doubt that there looked -- -- the dated one and it. You know a couple of guys that they feel our the comp one up with a system that there's not enough yet there. They -- did somebody alone. With some experience in the at some point. But could still miss him and you'll find somebody that can do which candidate for the versatility. And blitz -- in the passing game. They'll -- that we -- You don't think and our our there's in Munich -- not thinking is that -- I didn't think they need to add someone -- the mixed from a depth standpoint. You don't mean he doubted somebody on special teams in the you've got to have somebody in. Going in spells like guys that are now you start I think that it's definitely been offices the guys that they turned to ball what do they do behind him that that. But come the questions that they've got -- through which their their panel war can insert into the wave more. Yet thank you assume months college coincidence go to mobile for Paul on I want Paul thank you for calling if you get you know. Beckett won't do much we enjoy your program will be. And -- -- -- -- me all the way but I'd like achieved has been on some one. -- think Obama has also been reviewed the dark. Now almost veiled comments like very much. All right Paul well -- -- slowly -- up being -- on Alabama first and you know -- its followers and their ball club. I think we will have expectations are leaving him -- expectation among themselves but. I think we'll find out a lot insanity -- have gone up because to a take on -- so. Well yeah. I think there really. -- in dollars it. The quarterback he'd he'd be playing extremely well. The offensive line is -- then they'd get two outstanding feature -- back. -- had another what is pretty good -- you know you're not gonna get on the field much but you're right he's certainly into. Three receivers and playing well. You know defense that front that. Young split. Very very -- like young secondary that's negating a little bit better we. You know when you compare. This Alabama team up against themselves relates -- Probably not. Which you know what I don't I don't I haven't seen it seemed like at. On film but now they're just so fundamentally sound I mean they're good enough where your gonna need some help from damn right -- -- well. You know it's not you know some with the -- hit on that point in -- -- -- use. You look at the schedule wayward son of Alabama and what they -- coming back. You could argue what about the state but. -- what they have coming back defense we'd be here. And you are facing often so in the field as one of the better quarterbacks in the fascination. And seen Florida which hadn't played regular season quite some time. That may be the perfect. Remedial scenario for a nick satan as -- and occasional defense obviously getting into. The local west division the second half of the season to see those type the team's early because in the first previous few Nick Saban used. They haven't seen big beef from a conference standpoint this early in the season. Now imitate them out of conference games you know whether it's the Clinton Virginia Tech which you're right it's. They eat in has eaten them what they're just rock salad in and again they're not they're not gonna beat themselves and not let them get -- not -- It -- going to be right involved in the pulpit it's you know they just came along no high emotion. But I have -- like kind. Trying to make its case for -- on the game other than any motion in -- college football anything can happen but Arkansas run the ball well enough. Don't defend the run. You know. It's not often that Alabama looked forty point don't you blow you out what I just don't sleep much of looking at -- for Arkansas. And it Alabama played poorly -- in the need to don't normally keep him. Make them aware -- that's gonna deviate if you can't say I went back and looked. Over my notes and -- blank here. They didn't bullets now a whole lot and they got a lot of things pressure on him. Interior pressured now here's the difference -- -- the advantage of them but one thing and Arkansas and I won't form besides that the home field. Ryan mallet is mature much more mature in the Alabama that -- -- weaker but he he didn't have enough time to be obligated done. And quality in available on it and -- -- think Alabama does have to be. -- were aggressive and no more popular eight of the box against the run and I think they can drop maximum guys in coverage. And -- good they pressure on Mallon called problems so. -- did not think Alabama really the one thing -- I people look at they've got a pork in this game. Well they've got five scenes on their schedule Alabama that that has -- bye week the week before they play. I mean you'd think that at some point when you look at somebody in the jump up and did you would think that. What could be quite adequately be -- as me who it's going to be because right now -- dating anybody. Gonna go and -- kind of think somebody will but. I don't know it may be at least expected. Kind of circumstance but that that. That's something that at an advantage for every point that played them when you get an extra week to prepare form when. When there haven't ago you know we we -- a company keep in mind is would get latency. Who thought we go slide they'll foot deal bill thank you for calling WW you know you always gang consultant -- FL and others. Chris Landry. -- don't see. But of course the bottom back situation and -- -- in general are really like Patriots he. Such that they keep shall -- and use it as a one back on the predicted that the doesn't seen but dog that bites you know before running out of -- -- The fullback situation partner and it will -- after her back analogy etc. -- -- -- -- about but here. No bet that the batter runner I mean it's the reason why they cap win over -- this 'cause when. Well as a younger more of a factor on special teams and by the -- this is another case two were kind of we can do special teams. When they when they obviously had the situation with bush in law and they brought back the better running back. And Emmy -- The better -- to these players and win. Overall I think that about the health permitting that to beat them to carry let's and it's going to be split here it's gonna get war. You'll. Adult you're not gonna see more they run package for -- that think you're gonna see some run element when pull back in the game because. I'm -- a lot of teams that spread a lot they use the fullback a lot in both the running and passing game and I think that'll that'll be similar. May be a little bit more but now like it's going to be an appreciable difference on on the carries they danced at them. It short yardage goal line. A general question -- -- -- the Patriots in shorter quarterback to injury situation or -- bomb is here. Because stars -- the situation is it just a short. Of backed -- -- not as useful especially with the US -- getting started now they have boredom -- judo guys are second third or somewhat aback. Well with those guys available he'll withdraw from there all that during the contract it would not available to though are capitalism -- There's not a short I mean there's good back out there but that their marginal roster guys to begin with. And what you get into what you're Galen and it's it's it's an issue we deal with at every position and I think -- the less so at running back but he still. Up back there is you know can you get a bad economy and -- help you in the role which -- -- I mean do you yellows that guys that you need to be an inside runner continue to get that that the guy or. VE got to perimeter runner and it's got to mobility in the past it kicking it I'm ecstatic in comeuppance. Be a factor for you the other thing become an -- your roster make up adjustments and. You know distinct situation win -- that well again. Want to better runner runs you know I younger teams guy. So if all else is equal and you got everybody else they'd been wind is exactly now. You need to ask more of a guy in the runner has been bet that the more experienced guy so finding. That experience back. That is. Healthy at this stage you know the big back you know I'd get the question they don't all legal when and what -- Brian Westbrook that -- -- and ultimately -- that the -- still can't -- all about helping itself but because the guy's hand than means of running backs get beat up awfully fat. Getting a young batting coming out he has now beginning of veteran back that's got something -- From a health standpoint durability standpoint is is another matter that make that the even more complicated. Course for -- to 60187866889. He writes him decrease revenue coming but the quarterbacks who would be to the big in this city of -- We talked about Claussen and more who what was the most surprising -- -- Tennessee in the -- the Kerry Collins -- was it in Oakland. Jason Campbell into Bruce Gradkowski who will go to those two surprise -- -- vote and. I guess Vince Young play. When you watch how bad they were playing in hall paralyzed he was against the Steelers don't blitz looks. Seven colonel and -- and look and they they. Partial do it is other factors but band was playing poorly. Politically it may be surprised -- didn't work through with him on it but. Against seven turnovers seven turnovers they committed defense. He's a really decent pop against but challenged. Pittsburgh offense but they they were just trying to win McCain. To meet the Raiders. -- your team offensively when Gradkowski navigate. You know he's got a little bit four remains -- CA and that he's got the ability to slide out of the pocket. You know -- the short passing game. You know I guess maybe a surprise in that. Yet know that the owner wants speaking Campbell and gain. And you wonder if he's gonna pull a trigger on putting -- and. Maybe that was a little bit surprised but I act I think they have to do that and the people had to do it. But negate the -- and he -- -- Gradkowski I think and keep the job that. He can move -- all that someday they start to make that spot -- -- the ball but the offensive line approach. -- -- they are absolutely. It is like -- merry go round what they're trying to do it left tackle left guard and center. And they're gonna get quarterback deal but right -- he can at least six and play a little bit out while -- trying to figure out that this development -- And Chris found the -- drew the most attention obviously. Because the status. And everything it took place. The Philadelphia Eagles trade within the division. Donovan make man Kevin Kolb as their main. Kevin Cobb is -- managed Nazis Michael becomes an easing him copy steal their man. And now this week eight he read I don't know with a 180 or 360 you know whatever 36360. -- -- when he. I don't know what it is -- -- like. And and that I'm loving theory can be as the winner he's a -- while but. I just don't understand is is is meant that how he told the media completely yard back. In in all of this stuff you hear about big big field didn't. Different calls about Kevin -- so would you go from good decision quarterback to is that Roberts about Dan fielding calls. What is going all over the well am I am a little bit. I didn't think it was handled quite the news is well maybe could've been that. Think this win when they let go down in the than -- would listen we we feel like we gonna sport we in which. That kind of this group that that they made that -- make fun OK well Kevin -- guy you don't make that this agent -- if you make that decision. I don't know that anything has happened to change your opinion of Kevin Kolb. And I don't think -- hands in the era that they've had some people that I think have been proactive because the most that they made. But I think they'd been not forget in eat they feel like he's that bad in beating -- I think. I don't think it's as bad situations people think got to that situation would Buffalo well. What they're trying to find lightning in the bottle they have a quarterback Trent Edwards Bryant -- Patrick they're trying to get something I think Philadelphia dad. Quarterback that they field and when it. Here's what I think happened Italy -- -- look at. Big guys bought -- Michael Vick. And the pocket -- this past week played his best game. Out her ever including his time in Atlanta not moving out of pocket what is read. I think that they it became clear to them but you know this is the best quarterback right now for -- in. Why the way we've got some problems on the offensive line he'd given that mobility. But I think it's it's getting popular as the future there I think that data that it feels like it went with now. How it's gonna expect Kevin was that it -- that they'd used in any team handle that. He's probably not -- and at the mental toughness that you need to have anyway long term itself probably surprised that it got to that point but back in it they -- Point 88 you know it is maybe because of the hoopla you know -- in in what he's done in the pants and his erratic ability but. Fourteen under make an Ambien on the read -- La -- I don't mean it's like from my position stamp on his playoffs but. I just -- now Philadelphia becomes the whole wildcard in the National Football League after I really do because there's this story now you know sort of a -- UCL. And with the city and -- -- -- -- -- added a distinct as this it is may need. -- TV you know it even extra -- him what his athletic ability to bring that thing that they. You know if you play well did the store he doesn't. And play well it's just story are you gone back Evan so you're right in in Philadelphia let me just losses eat its teams and their coaches. Instead of -- you know you're right it's going to -- the story. Even if its -- Gordon on the way they keep playing good enough when would it this. No I did regret or you gonna go back it and got it done quite well and let them into the clean that up against the blogs are not great defensively. And I'm gonna say -- act and a little bit disappointed in the east. Dallas not look into it. -- the -- in the good -- actually Philadelphia has some issues Washington could better offensively but I don't think there's the team right now that looks. Very good at all on the east in a debate in the not going to be very very tough. It's only two weeks we will look at Samoan who surprises and some two and I was surprised he got a question for scouting consultant fox sports Annika analysts. Chris Landry -- Final Four to six though when he 780 a toll free 866889. Rates him. Sports golf continues visit WW yeah. And welcome back. And then other news -- the Hornets. Front off -- trade -- being a top draft decree bracken and Darius Songaila to think -- Exchange for guard Willie Green. Seven year veteran out of Detroit. Eight point seven points a game and two point one assists last year and also Jason Smith then put sooner. And he comes out to give both the front court for the Hornets in 118 minutes of -- forty minute effort today -- 3.4 points per game. And 2.4. Rebounds a game just like their basketball season also right around the corner -- opponent opened -- training camp. Next week immediately coming up on Monday and put them. Hornet fans out there in the general public can keep those individual regular season tickets beginning tomorrow starting in 1980 am at the arena box office. Or anti ticketmaster's those opponents -- it will be 20102011. Season and her two opponents. On the coach money Williams and you know -- open at camp at the front. All of next week. Back with the NFL. Scouting consultant and analyst. Fox Steve Chris Landry of fox sports is what is now Chris looking around at this some surprises. But down is -- to Minnesota go into it San Francisco always too. Those teams all favorites in their divisions the north the east and the wins. Which one is the most likely to make a full recovery -- and not get to the post season. Well I like Stanford sisco I mean because there in the debate unity in and I think -- that team I think we saw that Monday night that. You know they've got it. Alex Smith continues to progress at the plate anywhere near like he did against the Saints they're gonna win the Asian and I'll take -- step -- they they could end up winning -- game in the playoffs if he continues to progress they can run on the football. They do good pressure in -- in the interior defensively. I think this Lehman's team to be pretty good. In their in division where you know Owens is not gonna keel now you know Minnesota. It would screaming call -- playing well. Minnesota ends up dropping -- years. Or -- the next 23 weeks when they're going to be facing an uphill battle but even if things did back in get healthy I'm not sure that they're going to be in -- playoff games depending upon. You know the other circumstances you know -- there's probably somewhere in the -- You know. I Crimean city is great if Dallas loses three youth in Newsweek and they lose. Made it 'cause that the pre season game and that was pre season game number 300 laps it was -- right and that's ought to -- Houston dominated involvement in the and it's. Israel although -- Microsoft possibility -- don't get anything Saddam touted as it pulled the trigger. Well it's always been used to get yours mine but I think. I don't think yet I would say no role on that but I think it would have to be even worse than -- -- would have to -- beyond. -- three in May be where he begins to lose the team which now that -- law that I think -- quite frankly it's not a secret. I mean they put on the ball in 98 time they have run the ball -- the eighty team in the league all. -- -- system games what they are on the offensive line they're awful I mean they -- Japan level really -- they can't run the football. And can't run the football and it continues to throw it that he'd -- the game and hospitals and the not gonna win this week in. They're gonna struggle that they've got to get back to. Coming off the ball and running it. I think being committed to it but because they're still like -- -- -- not to start the ball initiate a little bit but. I'm telling you offensive line is the -- got to look at but because pure and simple for all the talk about opt out of the BR. They're not -- -- went to one right now on the they're not good enough. To be able win consistently the way they're playing on the offensive line but that now that everywhere else. And I think. They -- kind of correcting the little bit dot issue here the problem you don't wait run that -- -- state. The difference is pretty good. So if you -- -- -- we'll -- he would lose the scene and again get rid of him. They're not they're they're going to be fortunate. Because I mean I think he can make the case with dad he probably would -- Jason Garrett. What it is as much of a problem as it is solution. And then you definitely your quote unquote beat it's a coordinator. Wade Phillips who doesn't -- job of that fact I don't know that that's the good that I think that's more moves that they got to look at the off season. If they continued on dirt -- but -- something to keep in mind think that there. They feel like in in the other thing to factor in. I don't think Billy. The Giants to the Redskins are gonna run away and it debated so maybe. It may be a situation may look at it long term. Maybe it's that ten win season for Dallas -- you know -- -- the right nine win win in the debate in or some. And then you know they get hot they have to go on the road -- the playoffs but it's not a good start and it really -- to me from the offensive line. Come -- will be chris' thoughts on the Saints and Falcons also Kansas City. Houston Jay. Leno who just off to a good start of the surprising to a new team that the two weeks. Sky consultant at fox sports NFL and it's obvious in the Chris Landry continues right here on the home of the -- this is -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it was getting themselves in the box was NFL hands Chris Landry crystal -- themselves. On the Saints and the Falcons. That day -- the books and the chiefs' surprising to most thoughtful those all clubs. And when you look at the players and -- books and also the Chiefs Chris interesting -- that getting pretty good quarterback they take on the back. Matt Cassel and the guy in in Josh Freeman. It's shown a lot of progression from the in -- starting in the second -- but -- -- Saints and the eighteenth they come from behind victory. And in the first two games this year I think we can point to quarterback play like these teams who know regardless away they go from here a surprising thoughts 03 of the globe. Yeah and you know Brennan didn't some help but the rookie receiver out of Syracuse who had some off the field issues that. Welcome to drop below but in the draft that Mike Williams has done an outstanding job with. Become a bill to tax form and with winds blow it yet. A couple of weapons hearing you right I think peace is play. But when he brought him back in week one when many were ready to lose to Cleveland -- and -- -- -- a good job and it -- job last week in. -- -- Kansas City is a little different Matt's playing well but. I like the Rondell they've got some weapons on offense and they're getting better on defense Glenn Dorsey Tyson Jackson cup Belichick guys are playing well. Their job too -- well climb back that are that are Warner. You know Dexter McCluster and Jamaal Charles along with Thomas don't they've got some weapons in the running game and I think that theory their little -- the Bears that the team that. No one double four I mean there with Matt Forte and with Jay Cutler playing the way he is. Getting Greg Olsen more involved in the passing -- something that's not been a trade of Mike Martz. They're pretty good team and then there's no doubt that. Right now only generally what they in -- the Packers will pretty good in that think that money -- can be real exciting. I expect the Bears to kind of hang in there I expect that on Miami. Who's looked good in and both teams I think that there to stay. Kansas City improving -- improving. But I think it is -- they've improved their juveniles are probably as much to do with who they played but you know that again you know you'd say that. What's been the -- it -- the -- and then you don't want things up ominously it is. Two guys sometimes they don't think -- can get over the often -- you know all of a sudden. They start at Tampa they're they're hosting Pittsburgh. -- think in all -- and they're they're coming out we expect the beat Pittsburgh and you know it's that they pick on a different dynamic is -- decades -- Pittsburgh to balance by the I mean -- -- -- going to be -- so you're right I think getting confidence is important wishing that a couple of these things. They found Chris Saints and home opener of NFC south division play against so the team we felt we challenged him. Atlanta how you -- there's been shaken up. Well you know like most teams have been wanted it to Atlanta wants to run the football right it one thing have to I think he slows down the right pressure. It's set up the play action passing game. I think the -- -- a lot of different blitz looks and you know I think it's been really important for Matt Ryan -- -- job with pre snap recognition the Saints. Need to force it Lennon running back the war a lot of bullets picked up I think that. That really kind of wears them accountable and takes them out of the passing game in this state he released now. I think with outrage people -- You're gonna feel a lot more you know even more pre snap will -- motions. The rarely get an opportunity for breached again it's just an extra chance that it will it would he'd been doing pre snap. I think he -- Pierre Thomas is. If the ball war from the back feel I think the second third receiving options you're gonna have a tougher time. Escaping coverage that you're not leave the ball was on the right people it. In his absence but I think people need them for a lot of run blitzes a lot of runs it's to try to. Did -- land in the third and long situations they it's been well on early downs against Atlanta. There -- in the game and I expect them to win but -- that think they can spread -- -- some early points. And forced Atlanta play from behind. That scouting consultant and fox sports editor and his Chris native Chris we will talk Friday. I see -- Saturday in the 5 o'clock now about an issue West Virginia you bet they expect to find that there. -- ride coming back will wrap it up and it -- and what's coming up tonight. This is sports talk on location at Hutus by the Saints were -- the night with with Courtney -- it right here on Saints radio WW. Tonight I'll be back with the tomorrow night from. From 1730. For the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep book around we -- an -- halfway point. But the prep football season how the land of the world of on life is ranked team class five Patriot knows think Paul with the arrival of and the -- -- Big bat and -- except 58. And it was great reports. Of all over the state as the all night thanks so much of one sided with his kids beat date I think it was studio head coach -- I'm beat Olivier -- of the sports off on W if you.