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Head Coach Sean Payton Post-game Press Conference

Oct 3, 2010|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton holds a press conference following the New Orleans Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers: 16-14.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just he's obviously a hard fought win. You know first given credit to Carolina you know certainly. And I said this to John afterwards those guys played hard and you know these games with them. Have always been tough and gone down -- fourth quarter. You know we've we've made just enough plays to to get the win and that and that's what's most important you know stop there in the and about a some must play on them. On the wrong place for minus yardage was significant in kind of back him out of field goal range. To drive their -- -- offensively coming off a five yard line was significant. And although wasn't. Always perfect it was. As good went so that this how many questions. Doubt we're not you know we're just we're just trying to win each week you know when. If you go back really look closely last season you do you see a lot of hard fought games -- so. Certainly well I think the first thing would be. You're a couple turnovers. In the game when you have those. You know you're probably not gonna have your best scoring output you know one of the turnovers came with a one yard line the other one came in the fringe you know as we're getting in the -- is so. Those are from those are things that that can prohibit you from. From score a lot more points and we didn't. And fortunately you know it was first on wallet you know we lost the turnover battle we -- on the game. Jay Carney today they call. Yeah and I think. More than anything else had been practicing well he kicked -- on -- work out and felt comfortable with with the week he had so those those mean things. -- No we we knew that you know there are few things in them they do -- good job defensively of playing defense out of 77 -- man from and so we felt like we needed to. Be able to establish a running game and you know. House please we've that we were able to do that it was -- or. -- put more consistent -- things that way in the thought that was important. A daughter helped us as -- or third down conversions again because you know there's a few third and -- -- the -- -- You know they played our. And you know both are relatively new to our program and and they're big part of the one. They're just. Trying to really closely look at every aspect of the process and you know I think more than anything else we have enough time to. Two to get three good days and chase been someone that's been doing it and it was just a matter saying hey let's. Free up. Thomas a little bit here and in. But that but it shouldn't be looked at as an indictment on what thomas' story told for good it just I just wanted to shake it up ruling changes. It. It. Well they're forced us first with Roman been out. Our plan was there when the play. If firm out of -- -- Lou. Be flexible enough to have -- -- readiness how many young ready and initially it was going to be -- -- and then there's some little bit in the nickel and and pierce who got injured and Chris shortly there after got injured. You know. It became really. The some us role then exclusively so. You know it's always challenging when when you have some injuries like that and it wants and while they come up one position you know all of a sudden here. Your possible play away from you know put another player back their position -- normally play in the and that's part of the challenge with just 46 active on game. -- -- I think more than anything else you do that you're gonna have some drops I think more importantly the turnovers of the things that we keep -- but. But again -- you know I'd like I told them this is as big one is it's a division game at home and and I was pleased with whether fought back and hung in there. Where my. -- Well it to me there there are good runners you know and they and they. They're guys that attack with the they do your job with if you pursue the wrong just exactly right they can sense that but the foot in the ground and they cutback and -- plays that may look like. Just simple power play turned into -- -- play you know -- -- world. And they're very good at that and it's more of their strong suits both Plummer and extremely. Difficult as far as their balance and vision. And not vote for the most part our guys did a good job attack on him and you know there's there's going to be a few big plays like that in in. But we hung in there. -- I probably wouldn't of gone to Thomas we just. You know I think your home here we're just get a mark on the field where we're feel comfortable with them you know we go with the and so you know or we got that marker inside of it. Will potentially kick a field goal for a outside of that we're probably you know trying to get inside the mark but. But he had a good week of practice and you know a's he's someone as a team guy. And build a great job just as he did a year ago. In not only help employers around them long snapper the holder. Here. He's he's very unselfish in -- one of the things that attracted us to sign him again. I felt. You know we didn't stay away from anything you know removed well with ornate it's. We moved the pocket. Stride and everything looked good and we focus so. You know we we have the one big big play we ended up getting interference call that led to a score. -- brought it brought down with a warm. But I thought I threw pretty well. You know I don't know what I'd certainly there's things you don't do but. We've we've. Played without him before it seems to be that there's more -- this time around them. Then prior when he was injured I think maybe that's because. This is a set for a six week injury where. Before it was he was inactive he's heard -- didn't play that game so. You know it's like anything else you make your adjustments and in. It's hard to say who's getting those specific -- is whether their -- Shockey did Thomas or another running back or receiver but. You know we've had to operate before without him so it's it's not. It's not anything -- -- and certainly wanna be healthy but that's part of this part of again. Yeah you know I'm hopeful I was hopeful this week. You know as a running back so obviously. You have to plan and move on him. You know I made good progress but we're both in -- were healthy enough to go girls would play. Well he's a versatile player and he's smart players so that and and his. Consistency year ago but you know he knows assignment he knows pick ups. He can cash bought thought he played fiscal today there's a few plays you guys on our sideline where. Yeah not for a player who's coming off injury that's very encouraging that's kind of get back on the horse if you will. And this was really his first game back in. When he really go back through him. In the regular season in and a guy like that coming off an injury but I thought it. He really brought some toughness and I thought it was contagious to our sideline tour office. I thank you.

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