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Ladell Betts Post-game Interview

Oct 3, 2010|

Saints Running Back Ladell Betts addresses the media following the New Orleans Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers: 16-14.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll tell you first action and you know real game action since -- December for somebody feel physically come off I feel like he did. Feel pretty good you know get a chance watched tape -- and -- do better as far as my body my body you know them well -- -- -- -- a tired. The role you played today he last OT early that we you were quite sure what the rules of the but you know he played well today it showed of physical side -- -- they mention his press conference. That somebody blitzes offenses physical on stopped I hope so I think that's pretty much in you know anybody see me run from marker estimate -- Romo careers song. He's not a -- guess and I used to him but that's pretty much what I do so just try to get him up has gone downhill run through tackles feel like you've proved yourself today and -- that you know -- Pierre Thomas is out again next week and Reggie Bush continues to. To heal up that you can be a -- that they Carlisle. I -- so much so -- -- you know I'm still earned trust with the guys in the locker room and coaches. A different to step in the right direction. Without -- -- thinks thank you.

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