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Hokie Gajan Post-Game Commentary

Oct 3, 2010|

Hokie Gajan offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers: 16-14.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Because of the way that tidbit Carolina fluent you -- -- make -- other -- you you're on the football you do some play action stuff they did the same thing back when. When Jake DeLong was there that's that's just their. In a mole on offense they try and play strong defense they did that I don't think that the Saints. You got himself caught in which he'd say trap game or anything like that they probably knew exactly what kind of battle they were gonna face it. Yeah it just it played out like a Saints Carolina game. Typically does and that you've you've just punch one another in the gut every play end. Feel last man standing is one that wins a game and that's why there are always close games in. There's almost no different nail biter all the way to the end. Talking to you look at what I heard you they -- at the end of the broadcast. Minnesota UC. Tulane -- -- the Saints went in the same week -- just a point away from all being sixteen to fourteen victory to -- L issued a saint to sixteenth fourteen victories into anywhere at seventeen to fourteen overwrought cause. I I know Dave became a very at a course I didn't see the two -- game yesterday but understand they had to have an interception right to end the ballgame to. Secure there win. You know -- decisive say they they did what they need to do my final draft this. Move the ball down the field and it finally you'll take the lead this game late -- of course the bizarre ending to. Taylor -- last night that probably takes the cake of all the games he might see this season but. But nonetheless look you come out of here with a 31 record. In the you look at what Atlanta did right there to the 49ers -- At the end of the ballgame they had a chance to move the 49ers have a chance to give us some help. -- knock -- off for Atlanta a little bit but. It's you know what. It is normal one Saints have to worry about what how they're playing what the score is of their game as opposed to worry about what other teams are doing right now -- -- stage of the season. -- be difficult to Saints. Why they're getting it done in the right dead in the defense comes out being given not only stopping Carolina hope you don't want a better feel though because in the history became pushed him way out of his range. And not even given him an attempt at a long range -- Ball I have Terry DK and coach Brey mentioned it right Jeremy being young that was. Mean that was a great tackle in summer young made -- against back to equality of DeAngelo Williams. Open field tackle and you know I don't know whether you're watching on TV you're not but any he had some running room out there if it's not for a -- -- and -- young. Make that stop right here. DeAngelo Williams is gonna pick up some yardage and then of course you get the sack on the next play those two plays combined. I think they both were for four yard losses and just that eight yards right there was enough he'll make it a no brainer for John Fox of that. You know I know got a great kicker and he's got a good leg but this is just too far got to go for a fourth down. Hokies now the Saints and move on -- couple of a road games but still want against an Arizona bulk -- -- handsome -- had not been playing well but an opportunity. Think of some good road victories before they come back home to toughen against the Steelers who lost their first game today. Yeah and I tell you what because you know a lot of people after last week's game gets Atlanta -- okay you hit the stretch right here in the season. You were you playing some teams are not so good deal that'll do that on paper but. I don't know if I wanna go through these next. Three of working decent with that yielded the type of game that you had a day where. Just comes right down to why you know all over going to be tough but. Going on the road -- And make that trip out there the long flight one thing another busy you could be looking another situation just like San Francisco couple weeks ago and that. You hit the road like that you filled bit road weary and you gonna get -- team's best effort. Oki threw for a game to let go or three and one of couple road trips and come home for two big went against Cleveland and Pittsburgh but through four games so. Coach Bates is that is they have some things to clean up ball but pokey three and one is pretty good start -- the seats. Yes indeed -- You we we talked about that throughout the entire pre season training camp or thing else that you'll want to start to count truly all you've got to worry about. A little bit. -- concerned is not really the word but the the turnover right now are common at the worst possible time when you get yourself down in the red zone when you you made a long time consuming drive but you get down there in. Is means. How do you fault in these offensive players from making the extra effort trying to stretch the ball across the goal -- -- like that the ball gets knocked that he hands like what happened the Lance Moore. Yeah I'm guess I'm waiting for that the that offence to explode. One day. Everything is fair efficient right now is the guys are moving the changing doing what they have to do in in. Late game situations and the crucial downs that they've got to keep moving the football but you know. I want want him gays were sitting back in the fourth quarter and you just good to prop beefy up and say okay is -- just a matter of enlisted the ball game over but. There's certainly not down to push the panic button if you -- we -- three and one you still atop the division lead right there so just he another thing it's a little bit of concern you look at the injuries at a power enough but. However just like to -- today in the past guys that have stepped up without Pierre Thomas without Reggie Bush. All that Ledell -- in Chris average step up today. In the absence of Reggie Bush in the return game Lance Moore is doing a fine job so. All these gases they know what it takes they're professionals they they rise to occasion when now when they have to put. And shoot some point and the injuries in the turnovers. Hit have got to stop hopefully.

Do you think the Saints played poorly, or is a 27-14 loss what you expect when the Black & Gold play a Super Bowl contender?
  I'm not down on the Saints, the Steelers are just that good.
  Let's face it, the Saints are not that good.
  Man, after 3 games I don't know if the Saints are better, worse or flat out rebu
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