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Drew Brees Post-Game Press Conference

Oct 3, 2010|

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees offers his post-game comments following the New Orleans Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers: 16-14.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Both things are we tell ourselves not to do which is. -- terrible over. You know -- him and just some. You know execution type things fundamental players so. We're yes -- correct it. So temperature we're gonna save all of scoring or else. This season I guess. Which is it's about. You know fact it. Obviously you look at us you know I can speak for the offense. That. Yeah we haven't we haven't scored like reviews scoring and yet. For three more. Or fruit growers for. So that's good thing we've we found a way to win in the end. -- -- what do you know every game we've played this year races it's come down to fourth quarter. Or overtime. We found a way -- three out of four votes which. When you use. It. Look at today offense for us today. We scored sixteen points. -- -- -- We fumble. And -- -- Reports. Returns sixteen points with. -- -- -- -- Well yeah it's frustrating it's frustrating but. I'm happy that we got W and thank you there's one thing this team is -- were battle tested and we know. We know how to win games -- how to win tight games games ago and I'm in the fourth quarter. We anticipate those and we were ready for them now we can still improve. In in the fourth quarter. You know our fourth quarter scoring and I know defensively there's a lot of things that they want to get corrected but. You know overall you just don't -- just -- chance and find a way and -- that would do. Like I might I noticed that that there's quite a few guys that do you know just on that play LA. I just because obviously that's vote bootleg it's the locks out when you throw it is exposed to you know the linemen in the -- that kind of things so. It's a thought that's thought. And you know why I wore one of my senior high school the entire season. Because I tore my ACL on my engineer and then after that I -- -- want. And so putting one on albeit a little bit Foreign Ministry has been a while it's like I haven't done that before. You know it restriction a little bit of marijuana. Don't timing in the forty yard dash but. As far as I have mobility in the pocket which I do with that and you can can make guys miss and get the ball out and step move throws and that kind of thing and you know it doesn't it doesn't matter a lot. He's all. Like I class. Playing excellent war movies yet. You're all -- that you. Serve well I mean I think it when they've had to cope with a play that come up with it you know just like offense -- read -- the same way. But you talk about other opposing defenses that killer -- That. They've they've -- place and we need to now. I'm sure they would sit here and -- You know for example today and they play great with the exception of giving up two big place. You know and and obviously that's something that we preach offensively we wanna make big plays defensively they wanna prevent big plays. You take away. The long touchdown catch in the long touchdown run then. You know. Put extremely solid I think they only gave up 100 something yards of total offense if you take those three things out so. Good day. Yet. There he was also. Here is also. His MVP office today in my opinion you know I think just. A guy who you know we're here for part of training camp that you know this is. This is a pretty extensive office you know when you talk what we're doing the passing game run game. No huddle and see the formations. You know everything. And for him to -- be your training camp just for a few weeks and then. You know not on the team until last week. We signed him. And and a commanding and start and and catch pass out of backfield -- great job with protection from the ball extremely well it is football player. He's just a football player you know and so I think he's -- -- great locker room guy he's extremely intelligent he's tough smaller -- it was the kind of guys we like. It. Yeah oh awesome yeah yeah -- -- he sought early on you know worried they run over guys and keep going you know -- sideline just put his head down. Not afraid to get it dirty so. You know he he definitely brings a great presence through. I think you know that position and obviously the situation or -- having not happy here and not an average chief were few few more weeks and in fact two while Hamilton got hurt. Him pre season. Just we've been you know -- -- two guys to carry them the truth has played running back today. You know we're not even in the top three or four going to -- him this year. You know there weren't -- team you know so I just goes that just goes to show the job they've done as far as picked up the offense and becoming. You know. Having a big role. In 46 years are you that you make a lot of kicks for. When John Carney and John -- is one of the best he's been doing for a long time. He's just a pro you know I mean that's all you can say I've seen endured many many times and it's like it's just ingrained in them. He's one of these very focused very. Your regiment. Guys to. We just watch it retained you just watch him go about it working. When there's no doubt you know he's prepared for the situations all the time. Yet that. -- -- I mean we we dialed up quite a few today and they just happen to to defend it pretty well. You know whether we didn't quite get to look we wanted to cover future. You know we're anticipating. A pressure look and in Gator however might be. But I felt like first half we did a great job of just marching anatomy. We're seven of eight on third down in the first -- one we didn't make was. With a minute left in the second quarter so your role in the wishes for shoot yourself in the foot with the with the penalties and such but virtue of the turnovers. But we we definitely -- big plays and we've we've liked about it. Make a lot of here. Yet. -- no I mean that was the big one you know that that that -- -- -- but. They arrest this time. Let's pretty confident just with. The protection. The guys in front of me you get the ball out knowing where I was going nor control away just. You know being very. Prepared for for all those scenarios. It. Yeah well we you know we did have a lot of time obviously and every one timeout that we -- trying to. Saving Diaw gets some analysts you're done and they're -- and they wrote me. The place a softer just he got a ticket -- completions and just try to get as much yardage as you can and it's going to be close as is but. You know we had -- we had some -- -- just to set a little bit of a protection breakdown. On the sack but otherwise you know I think we. Complete that ball called time mountain -- their stories. There. Last drop all of them. Well for a fool would. What. These. -- -- They are guys if anything you know they come back normal responsive to come back stronger after some like you know. Never my thinking hey just drop warranties. Mentally he's gotta be down himself right now -- on an -- -- like. As a quarterback to throw pitch and you know. You just tell yourself and got lucky which -- is in his next -- you know and you come out swinging mean but your mentality and and our guys her. Listen if they drop Hornets an aberration in my mind and they're they're so good it catches security and making plays that turn on the outward when that happens. Expressed.

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