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Bobby Hebert, Post-Game Commentary

Oct 3, 2010|

Bobby Hebert offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers: 16-14.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When you look at the bottom line is obviously you wanna win. Now if you look at the turn over the that was the difference -- the game with the vehicles though we ended up. You know minus one and a turnover ratio. Now the little does Harding I thought our defense that really be able to -- Humorous turn over you know commit that it gave Carolina had the most turnovers. It is early part of this season -- well. And out that wasn't the case and that getting it sort of what's special teams and instead of being invited to go minus one in NFL invited to meet you lose 80% of the time that's -- you know kept Carolina in the game that. How ironic it is. When you look at games that they'll we've hit hit it to LSU and Tennessee was sixteen to fourteen. The State's Carolina 64 teams had been the the Falcons came on top of the 49ers. Sixteen to fourteen so it is that -- usual how things -- about when all's said and. Dunn I would have thought yeah a great opportunity to think what had offered to what he's up -- thirty but like he was you look at red Tony efficiency. Can think only one of five and 40%. And -- we -- look at the numbers kind of position at the ball thirty minute when he two seconds. The Carolina 2138. Now this is what you need to do week in and week out of 43 down I think the all the wouldn't be around. If -- -- that we were eight of fourteen. So that's getting -- -- at a high level and that the Falcons patrolled the temple converting on third down they stepped up big today. Against Carolina. That's the -- wanna hit it only 33%. In -- out for a well. And I if you look at total plays. We have 79 they had 47. I think I was -- considering that all the running backs and -- team practice today wasn't even on the global roster last year. Read a market when he won. That one to 21 total yards rushing -- you think four point oh yard average 29 attempts. Drew Brees threw the ball 48 times now. You would've thought that maybe. What you want less. Passing attempts to more rushing but at least we did have those 21 united Houston. 200. And 62 yards to end up being 33 of 48275. Which -- it -- -- look at their passing 62. Because of the fact Chris ivory. Get it done at a high level. He had never happened only twelve carries it would spread the wealth and but they'll -- at thirteen carries but Chris ivory. Averaged five point six yards an attempt what you got to protect the football. You could not normal about this that surprised me D'Angelo Williams we held them to 86 yards on -- thirteen tenth. Six point six average yet DeAngelo Williams is that good -- -- you almost have to throughout the record which Carolina does they took me it's -- division opponent. And if you look. The Carolina Panthers have had our number as of late -- -- -- -- under coach Payton as coming into his game they had won eleven. The last fifteen meetings between the teams. But that was not surprising that. A little disappointing like I said that weren't able to record Arnold was it beyond that was cited a turnover ratio it. Really what you look at the score at halftime -- dominating the game in their first half. It. That should have been out 77. What it -- seven in which they had four birds down. We have seventy he had only converted one of five for the third out what it was that -- -- 683%. No it was the one in yardage -- -- to 35 total net yards. He had -- great but it was the turnovers that really you know instead of back now one could think. That he could finally do in the second quarter in his team would finally scored. We were able to get ten points and Dallas all first points in the second quarter -- only think. Considering the first gave the first three games that's it they were outscored. 18320. That we did I change that trend. And you look at the fourth quarter we were dominant last year it was still pressing -- now we're able to get that you go when you have. Those long drives you have to come away from touchdown that was -- because. Thank you like Casey. You wanna give them an opportunity to kick the ball with deeply convinced. You have to win that game that the defense came up big as they were able to keep. Carolina -- even attempted if you go -- you know they got down. Now 36 yard line. And I tell you -- great tackle. -- on the young you know put that loss in that you got 3012 cloth that goes up would who got sacked by Malcolm ticket. It -- on the fourth at sixteen. Cloth and incomplete broken up by Jabari Greer and that is so young rookie trying to get it done. I think NFL level you can look they would completed their capacity and he went -- had a chance to attempt a field goal. That's even a card involvement only three seconds left. And the clock runs out. Bottom line at the saint. Are now ought to read one and that's what you wanna be and I think they have to get off to a great start. And you know his got to go forward and I'm telling people it was delighted game with the -- Because -- -- turnovers. That we had an awful lot of red -- maybe it's the night deal to get checked out we got down there.

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