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The Point After

Oct 3, 2010|

The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert and the Big Chief Deke Bellavia take your calls following the New Orleans Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers: 16-14.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're welcome back there had been -- food in the world famous for its quote all the fun of -- -- Philadelphia gets the point -- here on the Saints radio network saints' sixteen. -- -- fourteen occupies at a rented it -- it is it's a Canadian and they've Budweiser have a great time but choose a designated. About an offensive numbers once again like coach -- -- if fortunate that you win a game where you'll on the opposite side of the turnover battle. Well big guy you'd never win and you lose the 80% of the time -- minded and fortunately. We ended up minus one and a turnover ratio because. If you don't if you don't agree turnovers. And protect the football what you end up by coming out of top. Now are you know let me special teams how fortunate we learned that the bottle top like we did -- that was the crucial point. In the game when you look at how the -- and how Carolina's hanging in there. When not captured Berlin all of that is seven minutes 45 -- -- -- third quarter he fumbled that but. Now I think it was accidental hit by Jason Powell. And he gets he always around the ball coming have a big -- recovery. -- Courtney Roby. But you have to capitalize getting hit that fuel position. And aesthetically and at 32 yard field goal you know we go quietly. Fifteen yards Israel to play tenant in film and actually take control the game. It's gonna happen to settle for a field goal and yeah and Carolina came in here and that he showed here very NFL about how -- you or. You have to win the turnover battle -- let the whole thing in the game. Through the phones we go Glavine and let's go to John exhibit go on -- I want to -- the call to the point out during the saints' radio network. Thank you good afternoon. Bob. Watch you and the rest of the game on -- on the and -- use this week this thing at the -- They should be this and this team and it didn't happen. -- -- yesterday with -- I would view about things they I don't know. We difficulty emotional local teams that bothered him the bottom line is you always. Turn over an old Arnold was. I think -- a little different. The good thing about it you know -- -- on definitely. It looked like him on you to do so much did -- didn't you. I would shoot point a lot of emotion. This team applied a mean Brees looks like he -- one of them. Who motion right now. And I don't know if you don't like viewpoint in dues yet. Well well I mean yeah -- public but he stayed that way when their emotions though they were very -- to prepare for Ellison who's naughty this year. You -- -- get their way -- fourteen on third down did not going to be perfect. I'll tell anytime -- over 50% in their defense as outstanding. On third down and I thought is he going to get Jimmy Claussen. That it at private possession and dominated. Third down efficiency. If you look. Rushing the football school yard. I mean they had been through Obama already he -- hit -- -- right exactly -- what what -- on the -- last year so I mean I think we've Phil's fault. And the bottom line it is hilarious like Carolina within the game is because we got the ball in the red zone you gotta get -- not field goals having lost the turnover battle. So I mean at this stage that. I was never complacent -- You know countries like playing with passion. He -- be that I wasn't it creates. I don't think that was the case. I don't think the team came out flat. And -- this -- -- REM dues is. It looked around the school with a the National Football League giving Cleveland had won a game with eighty feet since then its point three point. San Francisco had won a game and then it's a classic if you go to me. You don't go about records in the in the National Football League because somebody's good coming in they have brought. Maybe at this -- they came out flat. The first time this -- got the ball they drive down the QB. And briefed the Lance Moore plus the levity fumbled on the goal line of party has. Now you might have all battled hard hit that. No they can tell educate fumbled Atlanta three and they dedicate problem that situation. Considering you on the half yard line. You know you may turn over the ball and drive it -- you have a long and -- drive now that he's been at it rent Devils greens can -- hit DeAngelo Williams of fourteen yards. But after that it was basically a three and outs for the save we came off like that's not a few things. Back to the phone to go let's go to. Hurts from Terry town on line through parts thank you for calling W give -- QB Hussein treated him. -- -- the -- but the page was there. Apparently -- no idea partner Robert Byrd -- partners pitiful. -- it would -- that you know. They played America if you -- black but they would be -- day. Abraham everybody that -- record as -- what -- -- porno. You know. I don't. Hurts it hurts to look at me Carolina has had the Saints them and not notes that you years that the Carolina ball. The Panthers -- the youngest team. Right now in the NFL obviously. You know rebuilding stage with daily you know they averaged 25 years to -- the team. But they beat -- eleven of the last fifteen games. But the basic game that's why he dropped a racket and it is if anybody NFC south with -- captivated Falcons. North Carolina is the closest they. -- rivalry. Because you played twice this year you know one another and out you know -- one thing. You you know people might want to be more efficient. I was thirty threw a party -- 275 yards. Board poorly no interceptions. He had a touchdown but that's one area that Carolina was not struggling coming into the game with their secondary. This secondary has played out the if you look at Charles Godfrey. -- sleepy. They had this team leading the NFL in interceptions with three. And that you look at how they've played that big of that last one to seven. Created is that the carpet homered twice and drop four -- Dropped -- -- don't know it's the -- his that it does he say. You know like taken advantage of a Carolina where they're right but this secondary have to play -- I don't see. With three growth I don't know how to review because the ball -- -- because it was great coverage but it -- factors you have to and April's mass. Could be completely. As the KG can -- them Deke Bellavia it's the point out those things defeat there. Rookie that you have been easy through the French Quarter on an All Saints radio network. It's fun to hear on the saints' radio -- words we're IDB's seafood in the water on the corner of out of an adult -- it occupies a rant if you -- -- -- the united vocalize that. Have a great time be responsible accuse me it. Back in the -- goes through. It was black ankle girl long lines I think all of the point now. Hey what's up with by -- Guerrero. MVP got caught up with questions. Would not put our partly blind in his street courses is the department or out result -- -- play. -- like he was an active. You got a 53 man roster and -- what active if you go to Arrigo girl there's that number of players that are on the team. And you see him in street clothes and then they went in not active. And I don't know -- -- trying to send a message but it's all about production. And you know we gave -- an opportunity beating kicker today but I mean I think having given up on Harvick. It's always what every department -- And thought we hit the long field goal then. Corny there's sort steel balls. The over that it that it did not get it activate both kickers. Because be picking up a roster spot and -- those special team you know numbers then there as far as coverage units and -- bars there is gonna kick off. We got that goes down long field goal will probably go forward on fourth down upon. Back over thank you to the lap I hit the Yankees -- any steps into the -- and thank you for coming out. -- -- Look I'm I'm never won a lesson the the front office on this organization -- I've done such a great job obviously. But one move out -- question -- here in the offseason moves might well Mike -- did a great job for a slams here. Right on and it looked like we lost them over for 500000 dollars like you would have straight. You know we offered him a million wanna whatever the Turco made six and now I know we were back on Lionel Hamilton we lost him with -- -- and I would also argue with an injury that caused the Mayo whether manager AJ hill. I know we all like Chris I everybody's got through fumbles and threw -- Bobby do you think maybe we gambled with -- little too far. By not playing in just a little bit more money to keep myself as a running back. Well though because I think Lionel Hamilton. Are PJ hill couldn't take him. You know the place of Mike Bell I mean -- -- -- -- look at it like they'll have that then that that was the you know lie he's been hurt. But I don't just look at the numbers might got him -- anything Eagles or come upon him. And now it is not I don't know you've got to have luck with injuries and it is ironic when you look at the roster -- -- -- backs. That the -- guys one -- roster. I mean it's all new faces. Yeah I'll bet he looked you know his son win. I think you look obviously crystal let me go because told bulletin up all. Chris ivory averaged five point six yards a carry -- you could not fumbled. Well I don't if they the trying to break back dues right now is that. I think -- might be David. On the line right now prepared. Don't play regular that you Biden bush in 270 right now with the back to the phones to go Hendry for -- on -- pretty -- negative -- -- the point after the -- radio. -- can't use and. -- something yeah. I was screaming something yeah yeah let's -- -- you in the red zone I think. Well Bob I could be dictated lot of coverage -- liability at more difficult to open to -- it's gonna be getting him. You know the ball uncles that ended up with. What fourth -- as. 36 yards and if you look across the board -- every thought Devin have one drop of those kind of on his hip. But you gotta make that -- -- that it would like consecutive wanting. That he easily could have picked up when he -- thirty yards we -- him on the run but he had six catches 59 yards. And it Shockey had 658 who shot he had a couple of drops. You know Shockey was outstanding last week even those laws against the Falcons and I cannot one of his better games and he had a -- uniform. We have our government throughout the David Toms does not think he catches the media at five recorded two yards and -- five with 37. Yet that ours don't so you look good spread the wealth yet -- -- was the case for a number of different guys. Involved in the passing game do we ever surprise you see 89. -- different guys hit your fastest today we have one. -- spent eight guys that it never happened receptions -- days so this does is it through final when guys get the jokes. Sophisticated anybody parenting abilities to run on sixteen Carolina full team will continue the fun out there all the New Orleans Saints radio network. All right -- sixteen cannot afford me an email a question about it I had an opportunity here don't think treated him rookie could be another question. Posted 55 championship Julio -- obviously don't have Davidson's. -- had the same people on the offensive line has last year flat all the big guys struggling. Yet dig out of and that's the big question. Sorry haven't both of these events. You know guard if not the best guard and he's paid like in the whole NFL. And not seen him get beat got the Giants that's gone. On a couple of sacks got beat around Dan. Hodges played it it is that you know who's getting hit. Wait too many times. I mean all of the one play on the deep pass interference call. That we got -- we able to sustain that drive. -- -- hitting lamps or it was the thirty goal before you are I would six plays 76 yards. I mean a great move while -- to get into the end zone and on that pass interference call by gamble for them what -- Beecham. I mean he took a couple of hard shots one of those high levels and got up his credit but I don't know at the you know that's nothing I'm sure they -- present behind closed door and -- he's -- Way too many shots but overall. If you look at the running game. What 89 attempts four point two yard average 121 yards it's -- -- core of you get it done in the running game with a little too it hits is that compared to how we're playing more as the unit last year. -- he -- technical quality about him walk strokes and Oklahoma have a base at some point it's not anything anyone in particular that now. Well they gave -- look at it. And it was almost by accident that you think -- occur. Meant we were able to a great debt to our overall only turn over it was like you know seven minutes -- if there's water we -- That. Reverently not a knock on those captain's first name that Jason -- kinda jacked about but I think that by accidentally got blocked it still. And then all of a study returning it thirteen yards looks like you might break it. The -- now. Jack captain on that and caused the fumble recovered by. Courtney -- me in the that was crucial but you got a great great field position right there got to go to put that in. As an opposite -- and has only goal. You know fifty yards after -- journals according to make. At 32 yard field goal and get this thing to within one making -- fourteen. That thirteen at the time. Do think though when he 78668. And he's moving him beat you see them see you all been. Think to -- stories they sixteenth -- with team. Oh whip and era lineup and thank you -- like -- -- access to show you how we aren't even in the secondary at the safety position. We've got to a point where you know to start the game we got Malcolm Jenkins. And there's a great group back there. -- not you think about that now that Mary was kind of a nickel corner. Plates of safety. In the training camp beating cancer in policy be able to safety. Ruled in Marbury is that active he's out with a hamstring week. It appears they bring -- -- got Utley got knocked out I think with a rib injures them that was his chance and he got jacked up and -- we think Chris threes. Does that make -- step up there in the lineup. All of a sudden we goalie Chris reason not to make it a lot like the running back situation compared to what you look. Who's actually playing conceivable that's why you have to have depth and do what they that all of the little disappointed. And had to be miscommunication. We Carolina we're winning seven to zero. And looks like we definitely control of the game either with their turnover you don't -- or -- now half yard line. You look club that hits Jonathan Norris. That 55 yard touchdown. Meaning he was wide open and I could give us the -- -- looks like Jabari Greer. You know the state it is Kuljanin we kind of passive about the ticket. But in Malcolm came -- the fact is speculate that going with defense they're in. And not having to say it over to top that that probably. Probably didn't trust right now through my career over Malcolm Jake Eaton and they can that was probably a bus on top of -- it's part live. Jonathan Stewart was wide open on that you detect them. Dude gave it -- town mindset David thank you called them point after Hussein radio network. We're not publicly come I think without all the more involved in Boston with. -- -- little more trust your read them right. But on the line. You've got laid out runners. Eight in Houston or. Go. -- There again. Michael Michael -- -- would definitely in the end. Though it now neck acting as a reason why job. Many -- but more. About what the money back but. Through well right now that would be open it up and do it right in the I think we're really. Put. Off on hand it back next game. Yeah yeah what do you look at today's gave one against Carolina you look at it tidy position and how efficient. The first three games against the -- yet there was that negotiate goal. -- Barrett wasn't Vernon Davis. And there wasn't obviously it won't get that month but they've got they've -- -- case next week Yankees got faith in top notch running backs like we did. The first four games I mean I think overall except for that what 39 yard touchdown run by D'Angelo Williams. You've got to expect that out of seven play eighty yard drive but dead giveaway if you averaged six point six. Thirteen carries 86 yards which you held -- though record for the next -- the actual way it did Jonathan Stewart. They were the first pair of running back. In NFL history that we'll have a 1100. -- yeah I think that's the case. Where people like it is game you like it if you face of the tied -- two days in previous week's event also going forward next week. You got -- through phases of running -- That we face the people perceive as if anybody can become of me I think sixteen to. Defense this policy. 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What is it was a little. And yeah. And done it doesn't do those hidden. What -- -- MW WL check out of podcasted. The point after with big cheese and a cannon on the door listening to radio network. Get mobile 50 poured 260187. Or 8668890. Late seventy's yeah. Back on that he would eat seafood in the principle I don't opponent -- adult theme is eighth defeat Carolina sixteen -- what team -- -- it. Brought devise a rant that what is it eight in the united otherwise have a great excuse that this. Drew Brees met with the media read this thing because it was sent it over Carolina sixteen to fourteen. We hear from our quarterback now. Things -- we tell ourselves not to do which is. A terrible over. You know -- him and just some. You know execution type things fundamental players so. We're doing us -- corrected. Slowly but surely we're gonna save all of scoring or else. Of the season I guess. Which is it's about either in the fact it. Obviously you look at us you know I can speak for the offense. That. Yeah we haven't we haven't scored like reviews scoring and yet. For three more. Or fruit growers for. So that's good thing we've we've found a way to win in the end. You know -- -- -- do you know every game we've played this year obviously it's it's come down to the fourth quarter. Or overtime and we found a way to win three out of four of those which. We -- games. -- Yeah I -- look at today offense or Brussels today should have a thirty point -- so as you look at it hey we scored sixteen points but. And we had an opportunity square touched on their hand. That make it less interest. And we did so that's one point then we have fumble the one yard line -- two touchdowns twice. We fumble going in to their red zone so and then three points that's -- thirty point days and return sixteen points with. Turnovers and a lack electrocution so. Definitely need to get better and in those years and lose unless. That there. Well yeah it's -- It's frustrating but. I'm happy that we got W. And thank -- there's one thing Justine uses were battle tested and we know. We know how to win games underwent tightenings. Games aground in the fourth quarter. We anticipate those and we were ready for them now we can still improve. In in the fourth quarter. You know our fourth quarter scoring you know defensively there's a lot of things that they wanna get corrected but. You know overall he just over just one chance in the way we do you race. -- like I might I noticed that that there's quite a few guys that do you know just on that play LA. Just because obviously that's vote blankets. That blocks out when you throw it has exposed to you know. The linemen in the -- that kind of thing so it's a thought. It's the thought. Didn't you know why I wore one of my senior high school the entire season. Because I tore my ACL on my engineer and then after that I didn't where I want. And so putting one on albeit a little bit foreign -- -- and while it's like I haven't done that before. You know -- restriction a little bit -- -- -- timing in the forty yard dash but. As far as I have mobility in the pocket which I do with that and you can can make guys miss and get the ball out and step move throws and that kind of thing. You know it doesn't it doesn't matter oval. He's all. Plays here it's like unlike last. Yeah. Playing excellent war movies yet. You're at all that you -- Serve well I mean I think that when they've had to cope with a play that come up with it you're just like offense we've -- on the same way. But you talk about other opposing defenses that killer -- That. They've they've -- place and they need to now. I'm sure they would sit here and you know for example today and they play great with the exception of giving up two big place. You know and and obviously that's something that we preach offensively we wanna make big plays defensively they wanna prevent big plays. You take away. The long touchdown catch in the long touchdown run them. You know. Put extremely solid I think they only gave up 100 something yards of total offense if you take those three things go so. Good day drew no. And he was also. He was also. His MVP office today in my opinion you know I think just. A guy who you know we're here for part of training camp that you know this is. This is a pretty extensive office you know when you talk what we're doing the passing game run game. No huddle and see the formations. You know everything. And for him to going to be here in training camp just for a few weeks and then. You know not on the team until last week. We signed him. And and a commanding and start and and catch pass out of backfield do great job with protection from the ball extremely well it is football player. He's just a football player you know and so I think he's too great locker room guy he's extremely intelligent he's tough smaller -- it was the kind of guys like. -- yeah oh -- -- yeah and he sought early on you know worried they run over guys and keep going you know tip -- sideline just put his head down. Not afraid to get it dirty so. You know he he definitely brings a great presence through. I think you know that position and obviously the situation or -- having not happy here and not an average chief were few few more weeks and in fact -- while Hamilton got hurt and you know pre season. Just we've been you know we've -- two guys that carry them the -- has played running back today. You know we're not even in the top three or four going to -- him this year. You know there weren't -- team you know so I just goes that just goes to show the job they've done as far as picked up the offense and becoming. You know. Having a big role Cruz who use. Yeah yeah I'm 46 years are you that you make a lot of kicks for. When John Carney and John -- is one of the best he's been doing for a long time. He's just a pro you know I mean that's all you can say I've seen endured many many times and it's like it's just ingrained in them. He's one of these very focused very. You know regiment. Guys to. We just watch -- retain just watch him go about it working. When there's no doubt you know he's prepared for the situation told. Yeah well. It's. Hard. -- -- -- I mean we we dialed up quite a few today and they just happen to to defend them pretty well. You know whether we didn't quite get to what we wanted to the coverage here. You know we're anticipating. A pressure look and in Gator however might be. But I felt like first half we did a great job just marching anatomy. We're seven of eight on third down in the first and one we didn't make was. With a minute left in the second quarter -- -- role -- it was just we're shooting ourselves in the foot with the with the penalties and such but. Virtue of the turnovers but we we definitely -- big plays and we've we've liked about it. Make a lot of here. It's my game. Now no I mean that was the big one you know that that tested -- but. They -- that time. -- pretty confident just with. The protection. The guys in front of me you get the ball out knowing where I was going -- record throwaway just. You know being very. Prepared for. For all those scenarios. Yeah yeah yeah. -- Well we you know we have a lot of time obviously and there at one time out -- we're trying to. Saving -- gets some analysts you're done and -- but I mean right in the place a softer just he got a ticket -- completions and just try to get as much yardage as you can. It's going to be close as is but. You know we had -- we had some merit the end just to set a little bit of a protection breakdown. On the sack but otherwise you know I think we. Complete that ball called time mountain and there storage. -- Played last -- all of them. Yeah review book profitable wouldn't my. What. -- -- -- -- -- They are guys if anything you know they come back normal response -- -- come back stronger after some like you know. Never my thinking hey you just drop warranties. Mentally he's gotta be down himself right now -- on initial site. As a quarterback to throw pitch and you know. You just tell yourself and they got lucky which there was is an excellent you know and you come out swinging mean but your mentality and and our guys her. Listen if they drop -- it's an aberration in my mind and they're they're so good it catches security and making plays that turn on the outward when that happens. -- All right and since going thank you dreams about we talk about Stephen -- Obviously there's. It won't freeze before. And that he had some questions doubts about the whole thing in mind that through you know I've got some heat on him. Yet they can't that was surprising considering. You know that's not been our strong point coming into the game we had three sacks. What Carolina only had two sacks. But at daylight you need to get this every game as sakic gave. Sedrick Ellis now has three sacks and board games that you yet doesn't occur. The with the tackle position -- might have been. What a -- -- best games in -- Saints uniform. As he led the team a total tackles five unassisted. And now there was a number I does that necessarily good time a good thing you like your linebackers to be leading tackles. But they are at five -- the -- young Malcolm. Even that act like five tackles with -- dog he had five then assisted tackles. And he also had a sack like sector Dallas along with balcony -- -- Probably thought that Tommy Ellis and don't want. They get out I felt -- -- but I think he made a great. And our -- -- down a great open field tackle. Within a driver on that last drive. And it it was solid he had to a way of I mean I brought down tackles on the young. Great play all of a Dudley your third at twelve did bought them back five out of -- -- that they can afford to fix the so you know we could hardly dominated. We like talking about me what you've played safety according you've been here long enough you've got to step up well -- a young stepped up today to help the team the Carolina Panthers. I it is sad that mistake about it those faces along the Saints radio network live it's -- there's -- in the Big Easy recovered it right back to you final score this afternoon to saint sixteen to. And the Panthers fourteen yards on the same radio network tomorrow night for the coaches show and next Sunday with a -- take on the Arizona Cardinals. Body that they got a -- the point after on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Welcome back to the -- out here on -- radio WW LA MFM -- on the -- via saint sixteen past the sport team great team needs seafood. In the world famous for a total -- one of I've built a golf team and it showed occupies batteries. If you want -- if anything it -- And Budweiser have a great time the teams meet designated. Driver. It got to number one the president for -- Lateral forces 60 wait seventy -- toll -- 888. You are today. Well to get them on my with the -- of the -- coaches -- from 63730. -- reviewed the State's game with the Panthers and point to preview the game against the Cardinals and it's expensive yes this is the coach they have Phoenix. If it's coordinated made Williams no doubt that some big plays there. With the air out of that there's this little worried about with a big victory. And it doesn't Gregg Williams not only is he sold knowledgeable so it detaining. I mean that's what got out a lot to go to dinner we didn't hang out. Because he's gonna have a good time he knows what he's talking about a variety of topics. And you know he's an -- super. But he -- back up Woody thing and that's what I appreciate about Gregg Williams. Is that you gotta walk the talk and he builds he knows the numbers to build the percentages. He's been there done that ability very dictating. That Gregg Williams that he you know what I gotta get fired up again because that they would. I think they'll -- not his fault. With the mood -- nation where you we are. -- covered up the championship right but it's almost like it is not going to be the case that yep that is -- yeah. I -- -- what a crush everybody I want it to be but about 38 party boy to game like we did. Let me eat goes like we did that the Giants likely get -- -- Patriots but that's not reality long term. I'll let you gotta understand it but you win ball wanted. By the UN by thirty they all help this thing right there that they all count the things. You have to realize also like -- said this earlier this show. You gonna get the division opponent. You -- throughout all the racket. And Carolina has had its faith number. Once he -- they have not had success against has -- Carolina. Revolving that the baby is eleven of the last fifteen games about those two games are meaningless. Because you know we're ready head playoff spot reserved last year David old state right but all those -- -- Carolina. -- -- -- world champs. You mitigate -- -- gave the bottom line is. You've got to feel good when you win and evaluate you itself and look at the film. At at the bottom line is start over. The before record -- call them tell you right now. Could not -- -- political ball. And invited him win you've got to feel the plus side and they didn't tell Chris ivory. Here's that great opportunity for abuse for you trouble -- Texas. And you go to watch that they think they'll work out. The bullet that wanted to I called directional schools become like -- went god bless Louisiana -- -- Chris ivory go. Know about Washington State with a bottle of today different than cricket right -- you got to let Stillman method. The NFL about you can. Fumble the football -- Chris ivory I mean I thought it was outstanding when he boldly go to the ball. Well that carries 67 yards five point six you take that any day of the week but I'm located throughout the game seven the seven. Real of their 43 yard line Chris ivory wasn't that they are thirteen yard run. And the ball gets let's not you don't -- that run remind me -- at least learn from this Steven Riddick is North Carolina. About the other Jessica handed they're knocked the ball while it but then like that's not bubble -- Atlanta moral of the half yard line -- -- to all of us like he got jacked up like quack quack I'd like Eddie probably UK -- But I am telling you -- I agree on that play. You can knock off of the Bobby Kennedy getting hit. You've got to try to get extra yards but yet blessed me thirteen yards you've got to hold the ball all about their trust factor -- -- could -- be a big game they get a common. I thought how to get an update on the visiting team they went down they sixteen to fourteen of losing locker room. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you deacon -- well Carolina Panthers coach John Fox is in the last year of his contract and with the NFL's youngest roster but. Still give the Saints four quarters of frustration at times. Fox haven't taken on the normally dangerous saints' offense do was part of this plan to keep Drew Brees thrown in front of home that was. Our desire to mean we know it's we've played them quite a few times. -- -- hear it over the last eight years and you know they're very very talented group -- have been number one offense in the league. I think for the last three seasons anyways you know they're very explosive attack so yes that was that the game. About the Atlanta series of drives that came up to short for the Panthers yeah. I mean I'm -- unfortunately. You know we went backwards and that wasn't by design. And I think when -- was a player trying to make a play in the case was. That pressure Panthers trying to drive down get a game winning field goal just how close was fox trying to get for an attempt at that field goal. Ultimately you know John Casey's. A guy that's been very very dependable over his time and to Bristol 35 him. Does this automatic but. That gives you -- feasible chance -- fifty -- or two ago so where we ended up. -- there were whole Lotta options. On fourth and fourteen. Young quarterback Jimmy Claussen was eleven to 21 passes for a 146 yards -- coach says his rookie will be okay. I think it's a bit. -- player you know he's young he's learning. This isn't. -- ruined admirable place to be. In his second start. But I thought he thought too well those are great play mid. They'll scramble and throw and down their sideline Huntington's chances that didn't -- to. In Panthers to make some key plays on defense when the backs were against the wall that you inherited those given this chance you know three out of these four games and unfortunately. You know that is don't have to reap the benefits of that just like today and there was chemical short but I thought our effort was outstanding and hopefully can blow out forehand -- about that key third down sack near the into the game by Malcolm Jenkins solid a lot of people. We -- do out. Quick enough obviously. That's a powerful. They're great place after the game Claussen recover other cal Carolina rookie quarterback Jimmy Claussen talked about that final drive it came up short for a steam. First thing is no different loud and Aaron. You know we're trying to get the plan as best we could not communicated. He gets a lot of determination you know excuse. -- -- loss on the return down people's lives to score tickets to a to win but. I'm just can't -- The young quarterback did come close to pulling off the game winning drive he converted a fourth and four play on a roll -- past David get us. Along the sidelines at the New Orleans thirty it would just 146 ago. -- -- they can play -- fourth and non. He was fine or some fourth and four. And you know his have to make a play in a situation. And you throw it. Just try to scramble around you know through to -- on the on the sidelines -- great catch to some -- Despite the loss -- said he was pleased with the play -- was offense overall yeah I think I think offensively job you know. Moving the ball up and down field. And I think we are just stopping ourselves a few times in the first half and then in the second half. But I'm not going up against world champs and great defense. And -- just this is hard to not enough attention phenomenon us. On an -- Young quarterback hits some equipment issues with a receiver in -- -- now working at times especially in the first half he says there was complicated by. The sheer volume of the who'd -- nation. Yeah early honor and I'm in trouble with. With on your peace and really wasn't working and you're just trying to you know do signals -- -- hands. You know to get the number and you know -- after a span you know we -- communication early on. And then you know on the last series is history. History allowed. Trying to communicate -- best it's been. In fact Claussen said this is one of the -- places that he's ever played his whole career yeah I think I think so you mr. Penn State and to -- -- a pleasant moments. This realignment of stands where fans are brave -- for the Saints in the end zone and just keeps everything. I'm signing I was pretty the last time. So next week Panthers have their hands -- to back at home in Carolina take on the somewhat surprising. Chicago Bears to deacon Bobby probably what's come away from that so from both the quarterback in the coach both of them served. The Who dat nation in their volume we're definitely a factor in this game the win for the New Orleans Saints at all. All right -- great work as always these guys pulled. Covering the panthers' locker room it's upon yeah I think that you have a collective break soaking wet I'll tell you what the clothe him. It was so -- way I think he kind of maybe you know what did that visit the himself with the crowd. Though the residing in that way -- -- got. President being Jose lemon over -- -- Defense and get into the game at 1614 win over him I will continue the point that don't think radio WW.

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