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Oct 3, 2010|

Deke and Bobby talk about the Saints' game against Carolina.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the one out here on Saints radio WW LA MFM and that I'm looking at him Bobby email -- WEP seafood. In the world famous -- -- on -- on a -- and golf scene thoughts about spies ran it won't it 89. And Budweiser wants to have a great -- accuse me designated. New Orleans to win this afternoon. By -- school of sixteen to fourteen be -- noticed this Thursday night for the -- -- lights went through. In -- -- -- pitch against I think. On the nanny said six yeah -- time we got his. He's -- -- for us that we had said that since he's been Klecko on the -- the visiting with him Thursday night. Out who's come out on the same -- -- -- Ellis was that the that the -- you know he -- look at it that area which I thought we thought I guess that's it they would what was gonna be the team's Achilles -- You're figuring out what it did last year in pre season without coverage you. Kick off and out but coverage units. Well they thought kickoff coverage -- kind of -- stepped back. Yes you know what you look at it because the you -- not so much notes smart about their food with it and you know they'll but everything they had. -- Five returned a 142 yards 28 and a half yard average is flawless this 460. -- we -- -- bill Snyder returns. You know going into week four in the first three games so a lot that's nothing that you gotta be consistent. And out now a little disappointing when you live with few position. Is no -- everywhere as far as the optical coverage units and Robert turned you know. Double and I'll I'll double digits while our captain -- the captain. With that nine point five he had a couple of returns but Vrabel to cause him to fumble the football. Those all the bottom line is we gotta keep that you to get better at those areas. Now -- Lance Moore obviously even Tracy Bordick got an opportunity. To be a punt returner we still got. -- to be as our -- -- or I don't believe return against the Falcons. But overall I think it's a work in progress and coach made it to the gut feeling when he plants or -- Tracy -- can take advantage opportunity but. As a punt return unit only averaged four yards a punt captain -- I'm telling you hit that double -- that you get it done it before returning games. I viva Louisiana that was and is donating to -- -- the dollars. Studio they choose to -- in -- for the turnover that -- the -- could be made that one turnover 200 dollars go to the nominations who. -- -- 35042601870. Emailing me at five this comes from Liz says. Bobby concedes it I don't offensive line but even drew is off at times it's if you think it's because he's under more pressure. And maybe not as confident in his protection. Does seem like a last year I think we'll more smoothly at this time. Yeah your perception might same that they are going more smoothly -- It if you look at it and it shows you how much we demand. You -- through Reed that picked -- but this. Make no reason Donald are now last week he was thirtieth 38. -- if you look at it they end up being. 33 of forty. Bottom line -- you don't have to throw the ball forty times the game you don't want to be north Florida times he'd be played catch up. But the waiting game hasn't pulled it in a coach they'd obviously thought. Could exploit that he did not have a problem that we had. So many -- Because if you look at it this setting nights -- that are part of -- yes. So we were able to throw the ball 440 times but you look at like rushing attempts. What 89 they'll that the magic number 27 when he when he died. -- to show you. Three federal bracket. Last year. 716. Birthday at the completion rate flat broke -- at the racquet. A fitness fanatic they would never did that it was the departed neither guy in the early eighties flew through -- broke -- -- You don't want to read -- receivers David was. I'm loving it it is game. Look at all the NFL quarterback is not even close. 75 point nine except they think was did he actually more accurate right now -- was all of last year. It's going to drop. Well Jeremy Shockey to -- -- ever again. The first name billboard drive though. -- you gotta help -- but he's completing seventy would -- that's ridiculous. Have -- mentality to always falls wow all you call disappointed after New Orleans sixteen. A care about a foot -- to listen to at All Saints radio government did you have. Welcome back to -- -- -- on -- radio that you did you have any event an exact time Britney needs seafood in the prince quote on the gonna vibe that in golf being come on out it's delicious seafood we have all of its games. For the point Africa occupies -- a -- -- wanted to visit a Canadian. And -- have a great time but these -- excuse me designated driver. Abuser John Mike ETA advocates can't about the data on these second yes. From the service equipment and pack can't beat side from four to 6:30 tomorrow evening -- and we'll have the saints' coach he's sort of on nine yarder -- 63730. Without the coach Sean Peyton especially -- assistant coach is the that the coordinator. Agree that -- saint waited a sixteen to fourteen. Over the Carolina Panthers. Back through the phone we go hand let's -- to the even apply on line to date thank you called -- a point after it on WW yeah. They'd be right about -- we find them and and -- Every week is you know you can look around the league is going to be. Talking possesses the -- But what we have this the theme song and we could be proud of the chemistry is Aaron flipped out to play -- wish more plays and getting a bit more pressure. Through an offensive line I think it is doing fine. It's just you know what they don't get pressure on through these he's smart enough and accurate enough to pick from -- brought the -- crazy enough. You know why don't you play right now let me tell you Ozzie roommate for a short via -- towards growth and he has the -- right now I mean. You wanna talk about the hit the Bulls arrived -- target. -- beat Carolina had outstanding coverage and I think Holland now peavy yet have fallen there. And little their lives above me trying to make it very -- instead yeah. I still feel of global of the pocket and attractive -- a forty yard -- to actually run. No I have a hard time to do that that it showed -- moxie and the cars of through. To hang in there and not you don't look at the point -- with the Giants picked off. Considered that guy you know others snowball effect whatever you have success the number of guys sort of global. Never of the public lives let's hit the home struggled. Given -- sacks and it Jahri Evans got a call -- we do think seeing this thing like we've seen those -- -- plays. Last year but all -- the line that we were a little more consistent. They have been that was gonna -- that the long season and not yeah we had good players if it's gonna come back even on defense which often knowledge. Ultimately it's about what he's been reason. Yeah. Right dominant Bears was amazing today -- incredible. So we've got that. We got three if not you know the -- -- best engine and it you know. Well they'll they'll bottom line is that played that matter really rightly ranked U wanna be ranked. If you don't situation it is comic fit wherever you wanna go play in the superdome. Army just look at early there are hit Chicago already Green Bay know. You -- bell who played home. But the goal is always to get to the playoffs. And that's the second season anything can happen. You wanna be he can if he's never you know and hopefully we'll have Derrick are but the back in eighty Yankee tribute. But hi can handle adversity. Injuries is one of those things that's it fitted adversity. You have to have depth and now he can't feel stopping itself. You know I just look at it an opportunity another player. Oh we'll look at that dealt bet. Let me step it up I mean -- those coming off in the third period but I see them make a couple of cuts in this -- like -- the was spotted them to meet. He only a minute you know over the concern going to the week you because. He may have to activate win Chris average was really not expect to play it took his game this week -- -- and they brought him on last week in the Pierre. With a game time decision which was an active today so that you know bits and authorities that the Big Ten days after the. Ron speak the film will go -- -- yet yep almost four yards a carry thirteen that they have actually had more attempts. Did ivory the one thing that all of depressed which will tell Brett and I'm telling you it didn't matter high you can run the football you gotta know what the hell you doing. Carolina thought they'd doubt that the right -- and they thought they had the guy comment Scot free and righted in the helmet sitting in there he came off. And employees back big guy right amount to keep them offered through. But they thought you know this is the blitz according to the state protection that we get it -- a lot. And you -- know what the hell you doing the dealt bad step but it there and you got the fans if you don't really watch that did you watch the ball. But that's it is important knowing what to do that pass protection as maybe I'll creativity. On a 67 yard run and I'd go through seeing that kind of stuff. All of us like the third now we don't have Reggie available. Gerut not avail with that -- I can live witness -- bet he's he knows what the hell he's doing. It's not -- by going out in the -- it because his protection and being looked up -- big men and. The phone ago Bobby -- with the media on 96 media thank him on the phone on WW. But -- friends who has been -- and at this time a man and are out of the about it. That it meant to protect the group about the problem. You can dammit and I -- I'm human and that big a question about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Guzman in the mountain. You know it's on them -- I'm disappointed potent -- but -- -- -- And you know what Lydia -- on that play against -- but that touchdown pass Devery Henderson. When they were premature celebration. Acknowledge that Gatorade on him right now as not over till it's over. But -- you made a great point last night. When you gotta be. A -- sport you know good sportsmanship -- -- -- I was Timbaland you know you can't go. You know like all of a -- how hard fought game you know -- -- He just is busy with with like a player's. -- at a glance back because their duty showed you how he responded when you don't you want -- and he showed you he was you looted gone I was going on and he showed you how he -- When he blew it here nobody to blame but himself whose -- miles couldn't blame -- because they couldn't run the clock. A figure out what you know going around the clock in Derek -- could blame -- -- -- miles thought he don't know how to count. Right right -- -- I think it is Nancy this'll -- fulfilling everything I think you'd expect -- often somebody's daddy who was a big time name in the SEC he grew up in his conference. To support his political with a clear that you know. It was so weird because you don't but the bottom line it you don't -- -- in you don't -- It's too many things that you go wrong -- ironically that worked at Ellison's favorite. Because then if he was freaked out -- at this altitude -- because you know what does that. So I think he could hindsight. That's because of that thirteen been on the field. Cut that out crazy and I felt that in Dallas was doing and I just felt better at that time. Because my theory and I think -- now we got to break it down. Because I think a part of that group coach Dooley had a point you gotta get 55 and I just went all that stuff never been through this ball and -- -- -- had a chance he snapped it. Right but here's the thing you know that was due to advance but you go back that you look at -- he's -- and had a -- time. And look at anything you think he's he is an alcoholic and let him. T going you don't go to -- -- -- -- you know ultimately would do and you don't know he does that just sit there yeah -- shut up and Israel issue melt down and don't move anybody could the clock has -- that -- in -- playoff. And in the if you stat about what happens that you don't have an eleventh we've -- -- can't have seven that they have ever did you look -- -- gonna play out they didn't have a play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But Jarrett Lee and did not organized. Enough at the Kennedy gave to have to a place called. You gotta take -- deployed itself -- mom get over. This is what I'll do it and use common fifth. I -- he vowed to veto one noticed that the ball to our deficit glove -- and take control. -- at quarterback. Does not yeah you know your first rodeo. Did their part of the crowd got to know what it's all about but they did did you did the -- And -- touted as a junior quarterback in you know to go up in spite of football and -- -- -- there -- -- to have excellently and it that you can't worry about being put -- vote on our movies do you like getting going to behind. After built to go to a man to man it's -- -- listen. I gotta take your troll because we gotta be you know you gotta be consistent. -- get things done and not run around like an -- heads cut off like a much to kick it. Coming back to get calls disappointing afternoon all in sixteen at Carolina fourteen on Saints radio WW. And welcome back to the point -- here on Saints radio -- -- did you have any event in the background is the Saints. Defeating Carolina sixteen to fourteen to put -- the masters 6 PM this evening but from six to seven and I we will revisit. LSU and Tennessee from last night -- back in -- the final few moments of their game coach that's houses. Comments this -- -- -- -- -- -- Murton take your phone calls from six to seven before we headed off to Sunday Night Football. Between the fans and the Giants six to seven night we would talk LA issue here of course mix in -- -- its -- back to the -- We go and let's go to Berwick for mark on line one -- that people call -- -- point after on WWL. Figure I don't know -- okay. You know. I don't lose your job -- -- problems the moment on things sort that close win and so forth. With a well not a job and I get paid a lot of things -- what I don't know adopted value like it is though I'll tell it's hard to win. Week in and week out now. Come on enough that it before and Utley planned berg is a pretty laws. You don't you don't you want big glory that -- -- ball we scored 3530 points to gain. But it felt like different. You know what you look at it -- -- -- a college football birds NFL level. And you look at that is it's okay -- not a very good team. But he's still an SEC neighbor -- analogy now we both thought the go to that game -- -- now favorite. Think that there's not favorite but that what -- dedicate all -- all -- the lineup today NFL level I don't care but the alliance. Are the weakness that the team. He hinted that team which you over the football. Until I realized -- we -- on that drive. The game -- I'm -- guy who fed up what what what will witness that was it -- it would have been updated seventeenth seven. Or maybe October -- seven and that he could flirt conservative. But and I'm not actually a coat anything. It is hard to win. The bottom line it is to keep winning and you have to address. And that's players that go to what that they put bait them a good job you gotta be critically yourself and backstroke heats up with the fact. You get those seen of them melodies. They've been part of those guys behind closed doors. And don't be groomed to be very demanding. Like Chris -- Great opportunity for you but they telling him listen. Gateway. We can't trust you if you fumble the ball bottom line I don't care how strong you are I'll argue running. Did not fumble. It into the story. So. You know not put -- happy with the win. But he gets divided divide. We used to -- over a football what you reminded him now we're fortunate to get that want to go back to make your mind it's one. And that benefitted us and we still did got a few audit that. What's that if they take it right now. If you look at red zone offense and read it they'll be picked the pocket recall it opens or we had a -- to read -- -- -- in the NFL last year. Did that don't break what you creating turnovers -- worth it bugle. I think last year we would noble or. Red -- operatives or if there's now presented idol right now that's not dictate. It -- probably on the court they need to Brees probably the most pitiful. Performance we've been in the red zone we Kamal we only one of five. Red zone efficiency. Now when you get down there you gotta get. Touchdowns but you gotta give Carolina credit you know it worth the -- with the lance or. But I know that's one very widely it was so close because we were inefficient. In the read -- only be one of five. All right let's go to the last micro Mike museum Mike you guys doing all right -- -- Couple things that I wasn't able to watch the game today so I was listening to rate level like with the white Mikey should die or why you could watch the game what what were you doing well. And and I'm reservists on that through this weekend they've given up by huge -- yeah I ask. But you don't like oh what a job though when you hit still -- go right. You'll get a visual -- got -- I didn't get you need to do you gotta get creatively yeah. You know. -- couple things couple things one is a case you know we we all haven't gotten the memo to 2009 season is over. So this is the new year yeah it's a new team I you know I -- around New Orleans to win ball games and hope -- -- right there and not think about this. And coach they did show he's -- better -- the -- and his team take it the right approach. You never -- that we on top of the -- they got to knock us off. Though like you stated that you season though we're back down in the valley article I am up the mountain they get to that point. And is safe are great whenever you win a championship I don't care who Steelers. Whoever whoever it is you can look at a team of that success but -- number of years the Patriots. Teams look at you as a measuring stick with it yet not you look at the Falcons they try to get what you think -- Bob beating as safe as we you don't like that helps their confidence all of a third base and adversity. The party united are kicking their -- in their backyard. But you know what. It hung in there at the team and they've found a way to win. You want sixteen to fourteen the exact shape score tonight so I'll tell you that's why this makes me realize -- that every game. You gotta get there making it harder to I think the Cardinals look down. Which he's still gonna get their best come next week. Well a big plus I know we talked turnovers and only talk red zone efficiency. But you know the games -- won on the line offensive line of defense of line I think. That in this game in particular and especially Carolina's history of the unit. Particularly physical team -- Obama at the line of scrimmage I think today was really the first game at the Saints have played this year Whitney really dictated. The line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball today they don't really get a good job you know. We think that we expect perfection like out of Drew Brees at all but the line that theory that Drew -- very seldom gets sacked. I had a lot of precious but the bottom line -- you look at production. Now you look we had a 121 yards Russian. But we gained four point eight yards an attempt. Anytime -- over four yards. You getting it done -- you're getting it done and that was the case necessarily get the 49ers and the Falcons so you don't like. You've got to address the areas that did it and correct it and go forward and you wanna build -- -- -- performance going to the Cardinals game. Mikey thank you so much for coming out we appreciated. Back to the potent goal. And now let's go to Jeff in Baton Rouge on line forward Jeff thank you to come on the point after -- going to be good you're. Setting up -- gotten it right. I doubt that the sport sparked the ball on the team Bob football -- well -- not bad. But what that it was. You know why they gave the all about it you give it back and enjoy the football game because got all the and I. Yeah they cooperate and make the changes that make your copy and for all -- -- to make changes. And get the players have injury and it. On the block the plate now. Complete opposite of what formal -- about it now not. But what Jeff right now lightning and they are confident in knocked it to beaver because not to -- -- it. But the percentage is not an -- of favorite that we -- economical. -- there -- -- I think that overall the trust factor. And I stayed in office vote. You always political idea top five offense or keep it but that it happened by accident Rihanna Warriors had -- no one all its not -- that just that. We just gotta make -- that you make adjustments with our operatives or at the right. Would you look at total yards and debate -- it dropped math. Don't drop those passes all of us that we haven't that you aren't. If you've seen in previous years. All of that you don't have the -- will be able to sustain drives and get it and don't sports I doubt they'll immediate Oakland's Jay. But -- tell you apply it in line would be great party does -- theater good. -- thank you so much -- -- call. Back to the phone we go let's go to the golden boy on line five golden boy thank you for college -- WL. I don't want you know supporters say that I I'd just moved in from jurors -- diplomacy that the thing. This thing before that he has outrageous. Yeah I know all that bad for bringing the fans are allowed they would disruptive. They definitely. Disrupted outsmart the communication with Jimmy Clark had been a rookie quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- really -- -- disruptive. He didn't leave the game early the game was still. You -- up for grabs. They think about this. Jimmy Clark that Vinny didn't realize you can't beat completes a pass at the end. If that's what they've evolved -- three seconds left. And please see who's gonna make their pick up then back -- him -- that. They would even had time to try at Q school to win that game because not being dictated to detail as far as comedy seconds left. Goteborg thank you so much a phone call 50426018. Of the toll free 8668890. Grates at me. On NAFTA through 6 -- -- -- the seventh rookie to sink to the mix of five now okay middle LA -- well it looks back as the Tigers defeated. Didn't see if they've by the same score. Sixteen to fourteen from Florida Eckstein hit well it was often thought -- things. To a competitive games as -- vet who's. New Orleans sixteen Carolina fourteen to black -- Korean golf swing at Arizona next Sunday evening right here on Saints radio WWI. Welcome back to them unhappy here on Saints radio WWL AM FM in downtown New Orleans sixteen to fourteen over Carolina black go to three and one will play at Arizona. Next Sunday evening. Back to the to the phone that we go Bobby -- -- school two. Money on line three -- thank you calling. The point now. Regular. That quick couple quick comments on. That. Don't think number for anybody what was wonderful the ball away here they were very ago dead on the whole -- Just don't want against right handers just North -- the ball back to. Right now. It's just. You gotta have made the NFL but nobody remembers -- close game when you went to pick one so. It yet. Yeah you know I you don't like that that's a great point because. -- is hard to win week in and week out. I mean I don't know how the teams that finished just look right now. We'll salute that I believe to the Jacksonville Jaguars 2114. Who would have thought that. I'm telling -- parity NFL. Yeah to bring it every week and has got to be happy with the way they've yet to address the problems. In those being groomed behind closed doors but. You know I just think we goggles while last year considering we had those big games in his fourth a lot of points against the Giants Eagles and the Patriots. Everybody wants to make scores -- I want them well while everything can that be great if their game like that but. We can't hit that was every game and there's nothing mattered who the good -- and scored -- whitlock column at the end of the went in the -- -- right great place. My thank you so much for the we appreciate it. Back through the phone we go and Gary illnesses don't notice on you know -- -- -- he's scary thank you for calling that the equipment. I think about it on Andy Dillon and they all right Gary good good preventive and nausea you know. I'm not. One thing about. Are not doing that it went on a lot of people and noted that made that -- even get out of this today. Well he said he addressed that in a post game press conference it didn't hit their his mobility in the pocket. Now it was gonna take off and run yes he said -- -- -- asked the run a forty yard dash. Right now but he said it didn't affect him as far as his mobility in the pocket. And you know the bottom line is an NFL. He's not always going to be healthy. You have to play -- As the favorite to keep being hurt yeah. It injured. Now you know is is these bothered -- the ligaments whatever stretch. Strained. A vote but he's still able to play took every snap in practice. And not just on the gap that you -- go forward. But I'll overall. I thought drew looked like his 75 yards -- touchdowns. No interceptions. And he made. If you throw that he got in there until we shortened if not full or. That you couldn't have been more -- the have been the Braves are not it was a night -- no. And was able to get in their Arsenal. Really don't think that the affected about that much you know as far as him throwing the ball not being accurate. Expected to -- to go by the two Wayne and -- on line six -- thank you for calling WW real. I'll go. Outside and play on third artistry of forty -- -- -- But. You know. Statement produce offensively right now. It's -- them you know go my percentage. And my question is -- -- -- job. Until -- -- and activate Utley and Ortiz Mike -- you. That will practice from the -- that aspect one that we. Yeah I think they -- -- about what they do in practice. Now it's always whatever it apartment lately not Nolan that long field goal. But they're truss fact according Phil was three for three. So -- you have to go based on performance. And now I know hardly be -- of seven. Now -- three seasons he's been 86% -- we don't know what he did. Now the Saints get the ovals it will -- -- -- noble forty yards but what else that it does -- if if he's never missed it. You go pick as far as accuracy. -- -- if that continues process that you look at last year Corning. Was to have serviceable job. But going down the stretch they went back when Hartley. And now the only thing investors not. As far as strategy. Has just done that additional roster spot where he might have somebody that would -- tribute. What you coverage units but this kicked off a play covered. What you have to ways that roster spot. I have an extra kicker cannot -- the one whether it be Corning are Hartley and I kick and all wars that the boards they're doing a nice job. Kick it off and you know that that's the case yeah obviously -- a kicker. Becky kick goal and field goals but. The way it is vacated the details as -- -- is that you -- a number of if you look at the Falcons. The that they have their punter kicks off. And they have a different field goal kicker right it is just a matter of getting the highest production and on average that -- in and you can get the job done what is kicking off our kicking field goals. -- in Pensacola to know the song I want Brandt thank you have fallen to point out there on WW. Right which. Not that way about the offensive production or hear about him that point there's ways there -- And it. One currently about how to -- against other team when you're you're like eight -- day record of -- -- Pittsburgh won't let them up and. Well the tiger to right now we feel like we've played today playing the Steelers not gonna win. Nobody in the -- playing in -- and that thing goes over the turnovers UKB and a minus category when you're playing a team like the Steelers. I think even degree be Packers. You know Green Bay with an amazing lives here. And you look at their deep in the -- level one of the preakness might have there was -- that you don't yet. But there were a plus forty pool or an actor overreaching. I don't think. -- try to get the Bears credit. But I still think you look -- the Bears beat the Packers right he's the hottest that happened but the Packers had nineteen penalties. You can't win. You don't agree you look at face value if you action itself in the foot with penalties no validity lose the turnover battle. I think the Packers a better than there. But they would you played it seemed like the Steelers like I think we better then. Arizona -- You look at -- are rewarded him or not know we going on the road. But you know what Arizona they're being in the game if we lose the turnover battle and have a chance to win. -- -- realistically. I think glad to have all eighteen. All -- obviously it is that it keeps you playing a team like the Steelers. All right it's it's called upon all of today's action earlier finals and games in progress now with a before I was old boys in Steve Ellis these. The NFL scoreboard. On your eyebrows since mark. Thanks guys the Saints are now three and one of the year after beating the Panthers today sixteen to fourteen Carolina had a chance at the end of the game to set themselves up for a game winning field goal. But the Saints defense pushed them back into a fourth and long and the Panthers were forced to go force. Quarterback Drew Brees had 275. Yards passing and a touchdown to Lance Moore. But after the game he wasn't happy about how many points they left off. The scoreboard as you look at it -- we scored sixteen points but we had opportunities were touched on their the end -- make -- less interest and we did so. We have fumbled one yard line that's for -- those points. We -- going into their red zone at minimum three point -- -- thirty point Davis returned sixteen points with turnovers and -- -- You're from. New Orleans now get ready for a trip out to the desert of Arizona -- take on the Cardinals. Other finals from today Denver beats Tennessee 26 to 28 Green Bay over Detroit 28 to 26. The Jets took care of Buffalo's 38 to fourteen. Atlanta beat San Francisco sixteen to fourteen after kicker Matt Bryant hit his 42 yard field goal with just seconds left. There. Saint Louis beat Seattle twenty to three -- the Baltimore over Pittsburgh's seventeen to fourteen. Cleveland -- Cincinnati 23 to twenty. All the rest of these scores are in the fourth quarter at San Diego over Arizona easily forty points -- savage. Washington leads Philadelphia seventeen to six Michael -- of the Eagles left the game early with a rib injury Kevin -- been backe at quarterback. Indianapolis trailed Jacksonville 24821. With just 59 seconds left. And it's Houston Texans over Oakland 3124. I'm Steve together with you look at WW a scoreboard now back again the guys that TDs for the. When -- Price he's great work out ways are right let's go back to them Mike -- -- Penalty area being here. -- Actually the president is god in your mother Rita. He's married him in the beds and I love you about a month. Oh yeah that that that's probably need Eric could be targeted Saints right and am wrong that god go on the I'll hit it good. That it. The neatest thing a little bit. Below that all through and Obama's a and. And the Muslims and I think he'd be can't thank for keeping it safe if -- Hey you don't think overall. Clarkson I think he made a big time throw at the end of the game. Which job I mean you know that that's a lot of pressure when he threw it to get -- plus eighteen yards you know and yet as did. You know tapped his feet dragged his so you could tell that that was the good completion great throw and catch but -- you got to give credit it'd be best overall. I mean he was barely you know 50% eleven of winning 146. Yards one touchdown. But to his credit virulent -- that I thought. Tracy Porter had a chance he broke it around when I had a tough interceptions. And a lot of times ratio will make that play we think about when it -- Really -- -- over the ball like he did him and -- or in previous weeks where you know Carolina led the NFL -- you know twelve turnovers. But -- get a good jobs -- protected the football world. I expected a code to go Bobby too bad streak we chose the phone -- says seven Joe the thank you for -- WWL. Yeah. Gone through -- okay so you. Listen let me let let that much but aren't you hit my ticket could -- right now. It's not the -- with -- -- and pick him -- that -- made it you look at like your mom was brought in late. It written right a lot of things that would that mean -- -- -- about our you -- this. Well -- play a whole -- don't look back today I thought Jon Stinchcomb struggled Morton was rod. Ultimately. Though what was well below that fit well well he's going to get the bad pass -- heatley and NFL. I mean you -- Jared Allen that's with the Vikings. Get well game the first game out of markets where with is that them who have. But inevitable market square with a lot of people of that. You know -- -- you know that that's the only thing I -- that you you look at that Bears game. The bargains where our efforts water he was all over the you have a depression. Not now you got to give credit -- I think that LaMont Vanderbilt. But Jay Cutler right I gotta give Colin that he was get that dude you know win there but -- that's a hard position. And coach Payton knows this. That you have to use the imagination they keep it is all balanced in every now a big chip them. With the running back you have that night and help them you know do it every play and I think we Busch -- to be used that strategy that he'll be all right. Okay it's in your opinion without it looked like like we could get them. He looked pumped up and well in the pocket -- amount -- -- that technical than what we have been adequate medical and and and the back in the ointment might. He doesn't look like he -- let -- look at. You know have an NFL pass rush and I've been there is that time is hard to look comfortable uses trying to survive. And make plays. You know but you know overall they gonna tell you. You know they got to do a better job all of those kids who really coached they've been here and it's a lot to -- withdrew. That besides Peyton Manning the Phillies sacked quarterback. So I mean the common agent receivers get open quicker the running back Dillon their protections. And work it together as one unit. But I'm not worried yet. As far as they have overall protecting drew but we could be an area of concern. Is -- to consistently be able to run the football. And we did that today. And outlets indicated going to get to the team. Well you look like you read the sixth best rushing attack. But you look we were dead last coming into the game -- of football who won before last that at some point six yards and -- tenth. Then you also have to look at the competition. Now have to give it to I was a little surprised. That Carolina was able to get to like it did -- coming into the game. Yeah they only had teams that now we had three in the end of sacking drew some times where they only had. Exactly in the first. Previous games coming back we've gone now to 7 PM this evening gets the point after it -- seafood in the French Quarter modified. -- rants and politicians aided in and and Budweiser have a great attitude that -- Travis. The -- sixteen. The Panthers fourteen. Do you have a thought and the law is -- Stanley voter rolls bonus all of our sponsoring him on his education his his physical. Local schools as we did patience being made to put them an elementary school. To promote excellence in local education that Stanley -- -- bought and Albert. This is litigated whether wallets and go south it's a one out -- right here on Saints radio WW.

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