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Saints and LSU Football

Oct 4, 2010|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take your calls on Saints and LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh versus the bathroom kitty is 5 o'clock country advice on your official weather station W well AMF women dot com. LSU head football coach -- -- says he told a story today that they must be ripe ready to spike the ball to stop the clock in the future when time is running out in the game was on the line. Reality of it is this clock pitch it certainly have been called we understand that. That's been. Look at and address very firmly. Hands in we will do that better the coach's comments come today after the Tigers barely beat Tennessee after running at a time at the end of Saturday's game but. Getting a final on time down after the defense had too many players on the field. -- police the FBI and the saint -- sheriff's office conducted a joint weekend prostitution sting to the -- hotel. As double have you All-Star names reports the operation was intended to target under -- prostitution and their pimps. Best gators located the prostitutes on various Internet sites they requested five different prostitutes to come to the hotel at different times to female prostitutes were issued summons and a third was arrested since she was not able to produce identification as to who more how old she was two males were arrested for narcotics possession. It's believed they were associated with. Prior to view the administrator of the fund dispensing claims money to the gulf oil disaster victim says. Geographic proximity to the spilled no longer play a role in whether people and businesses are compensated. Can -- -- says that changed trains comes after an outcry by those furthest from the site who filed claims. The Justice Department today announced indictments against four Alabama State senators the owner of the State's largest casino. Along with several lobbyist in connection with a scheme to buy and sell votes in the state legislature that's announcement. Alabama governor Bob Riley the potential. -- corruption. Is just and hands and is enhanced by just the sheer amount of money. That was being. He is all over the study master card entries have struck deals with the Justice Department after being sued by the government. For alleged anticompetitive. Practices to to credit card Giants have agreed among other things not to prohibit merchants. From offering customers discounts rebates for using a particular kind of card. However American Express declined to reach -- deal of government and says it will fight the charges. And Ohio -- shipbuilding company says it has made an offer to buy Northrop Grumman shipbuilding unit. Cleveland ship LLC says that submitted a bid in late September 4 -- Northrop Grumman shipbuilding operations including those that happened dale. It is not disclosing the access to offer the size the offer that -- comes as the first couple hundred layoffs are announced today and -- they'll ship yards. Following Romans decision to close up shop there. The federal agency that oversees nuclear power plants admits that security at those plans has been a problem details from CBS news correspondent Dan reprieve the potential. For corruption. Is just and hand. And internal audit by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommends that potential employees be -- a lot more carefully. Ask about their trips to foreign countries watch for suspicious behavior check frequently to see of employees are named in a terrorist watch list the federal government has compiled the NRC says it's done some tightening up -- more to come. At least one man considered a terrorist suspect in Yemen used to work at a nuclear plant in New Jersey. Dan relieved CBS news Washington got. Bobby general inspected GOP senate candidate candidate in Kansas but so far has refused to make endorsements in federal races in Louisiana. Agenda -- has ignored repeated questions from the Associated Press as to why he's making recommendations in another state but none at home. Louisiana is through the final turn of the election season to reveals Chris Miller reports candidates are now focusing on the race to the finish line November the second. In the senate race LSU political science professor Wayne Parent says we're going to see some hard hitting ads from David veteran Charlie and the loss song. Actually we started seeing them last week did they ever. Colossal. Money -- Bailouts for Wall Street millionaires even better from women he's serious and it isn't even his worst. Parents as -- -- past indiscretions are keeping the Democrats in this race testimony began today in Washington State on the first day of the trial. In the case of 25 year old Washington State woman accused of aggravated murder for cutting another woman's child from her womb. The baby survived but the mother died police officer Trevor Davis was the first police officer on the scene of the crime. Notice that there's an -- intended to -- the paramedics -- I went over and -- there's a female and the vaccine is vehicle. Next year the of course covered in blood inside was covered in blood. The German Foreign Ministry says it's looking into reports that a US missile has killed five German citizen straining his militants in Pakistan. Intelligence officials say today's strike targeted to reach him were dozens of Germans are believed to be training -- terrorist. Some of them have been linked to an alleged plot to attack cities across Europe. As stocks closed lower on Wall Street today as investors took a pause from historic rally in September of the Dow ended the day down 78 points the NASDAQ off 26 in the S&P 500 down nine oil still trading above 81 dollars a barrel on the day. Weather and traffic coming up next devoted to your news time is 20 far -- it's 505. 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Well fortunate and nice breezy evening going on that I temperatures will be mostly in the sixties overnight tonight. Chilly temperatures north to lake in the low to mid -- school -- capital late in the mid fifties under clear skies. More sunshine for Tuesday mild low humidity mid seventies for your highs. Wednesday same story forties north if the south. Highs in the upper seventies from the channel or what the senator -- chief meteorologist called over dawned on both sides Blake sunny with a beautiful 73 degrees. I'm shave -- for WL first news what's gonna check on coveted Welch. Perfect. And articulate the ninety and that movie after -- generally slow from the parents lineup had a clear -- exit but looking -- -- after all the way across -- carries -- -- to the North -- -- at the twins fans still within a reported problems crossing the like this afternoon -- your high -- delays for rain heavy from before the high 610 -- to the West Bank Crescent -- connections -- from clay Ford remain stand -- the long bridges still -- like punching through -- corporate. This is good -- entomologist with current X the technology is here we're talking about semiannual pest control that's correct just twice a year in your home less hassle and more convenient. Give us a call nor show a solid show our reliance. That's traffic I -- Robinson and have a traffic typical 260 info. WWL sports flash. It hasn't been pretty for the Saints getting off to a 31 start coach Sean Payton says the good news is -- worth. Three and one and we feel like we really haven't played our best football yet and then that would be offensively and defensively we've done some good things in him. And yet there's some things that we think we're capable of doing better in the kicking game as well on the injury front safety fears of -- Alou was hospitalized overnight -- what Payton called a long Bruce. They -- was released earlier this morning. Safety Chris -- suffered a shoulder injury in the win over Carolina as well prompting the team to bring in. A couple of guys are worked out you know they're gonna have to -- guys -- play in the kicking game I think there's an attrition your special teams when when you lose some of these different players that we're talking about. The Saints take on Arizona up on the road this Sunday LSU head football coach -- smiles as he told his team today they must be ready despite the ball to stop the clock in the future. When time is running out and the game is on the line. The reality of it is just -- did she -- we've been called we understand that. That's been look at and address very firmly. And then we will do that better. The comets come after the Tigers barely beat Tennessee after running out of time at in the Saturday's game. But getting a final on time down after the defense had to -- players on the field the undefeated Tigers travel to Florida Saturday for a 630 kick off. Monday Night Football follows the Saints coaches show here on WWL. The Miami Dolphins -- doing -- Patriots. Miami coach Tony Sparano and -- Jackson -- or two playoff games last year so we'll lose interpretation. And until we beat Marshall Jason so to me they still have that. Teed off tonight is set for 730 this WWL sports -- is brought to you by Bud Light. The official beer of the New Orleans Saints check out our latest videos at WBL dot com -- coach Sean Payton breaking down the win over Carolina. Up next it's a second guess show live from the -- slipper casino in Bay Saint Louis. But the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and NFL analyst might retaliate on Christian Garrett. WWL Canadian Bethlehem and got down the news talk and sports leader. Time does second guess his agent NFL with a cajun cannon Bobby there. And NFL analyst Mike -- Julia called viva sports 26018748668890. -- seventy. Now lives of those silver slippers on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi clears. WWL's. -- a bear fan might d'Italia. Welcome back to us I think guys don't like it to them with the case again obvious there live at -- -- -- -- -- and a beside it Hancock county Mississippi stop a bond business to get -- fixed up. But the Monday night contest between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. I don't he has put game already the rules the art technology up real strong here. If you can't hate it out in here negates that -- -- you know 8:7 AM implement dot com also won five point three FM. Just developed body at 630 Saints coaches -- coach on day and it is guest tonight. The offensive coordinator Gregg Williams oh ought to be interesting night sports talk at 630 with the Saints go to jail. We're Rick Williams bout we gotta look calls this thing and -- let's get it you know my game before it. Called of the top we have to break the news and other example wanna give you look at and successful. You know it was that success of the quarterback position. A look at Matt Flynn. Okay Matt Flynn you gonna talk about you've waited this way it is time did play fifteen years he was ready to play. We all know what occurred and national championship. And you look where he's at right now he's back here now he's backing up Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers jamarcus is unemployed yes. I'm rich but he -- blown it yet but at the bottom line is that it's all about production now care unit. When one guy to guide he's got to get the production of that position. And how coach miles here in. You know now he's commented that in the press conference that I'll I'll -- coach the team. That you know coach them up so to speak in the future that we gonna you know that the people we got to be prepared to clock hit. When -- that the team if they're caught on the back they'll communicate that with the quarterback to take over whatever scenario. The -- the ball went and at that occasion our situation comes up yet that that ability. Do it. All right -- -- to a billion -- billion no huddle with Bob and Mike. You know. -- what you got. LA and they want it. Out went bill. Don't do -- due to. Quipped yeah because the engine and that was a good series. -- -- I and wouldn't you know I'm glad that but -- -- and one question. Is can adequately in. And I was good influence to get him -- with the increase in the league in defense in the confidence. But it. It wouldn't gotten this -- again. I'm. Unemployed and consent of the passing through the pats lose interest was him and -- And and unlike the -- is asking them who -- answered -- I think. Well pocket tell you exactly why a number of teams attempt to run it you always trying to get the advantage in the use cal and you look at certain scenarios where the excitement that you O line personnel -- the it's yes and yet -- look at it I'm telling you when you get. In the ten yard line on in and trying to pass the football you're really going to can't. Not they'll at the NFL level as the case and that should -- been there. Because the that the backs the -- because there's no field. He would -- about that that that's been that this bond. And amazement. Yet I like that that window of opportunity. Tonight that's why. If you eat get to the point in all NFL -- wanted to -- I don't care you know we run we feel -- in there. You don't know right now. Not you look at the one on one matchup but when you look at. When it rocketing. You know inside and out receivers. Are a lot about why -- why would -- make you break on the ball Billy because they got that back in it and they'll they'll. There. Side and successes at the moment it is. Not the only thing with that is we you -- Not a scout out only you're looking for weak spot and -- -- in personnel groups just think about Carolina. Yesterday -- you solve -- young not made that play. They weren't -- -- they would have taken the exact scenario outlook Falcons needed to in that game last week run the football -- David. Wanna throw it didn't want to become lost enough they can't. Football and other than a turnaround and handled it so it make they thought about the Saints in a position but he hit it like in big hit. You got to have young a lot of credit he made it I opened my yard. I don't remember that. It Billy -- you think about this evening clock management you look at often all of Kuwata. Look at that one another -- watch -- all even if David -- that pass like in Jabari rare. It was exactly -- the -- defeated the -- you know I mean have a chance to -- a few tackles. -- you have a young quarterback. And you know a lot of things are rolling through his head at that point. That he did you. Took a lot of time at the line of scrimmage to get that play called off. And I told Bobby he's never gonna get it up the playoff to see that. The clock has -- the second -- even if you completed. And I thought. And Belichick -- and that wasn't as its numbers the I know it was like one that twelve to 142. We don't know chronicle today that didn't heatley and who didn't understand as an honest. And it -- -- you -- right. Because he's -- about the I -- the crowd was -- them enough -- that you. That that think there was tightening up and you can't. That's why I appreciate. Brees Tom Brady -- Peyton Manning in the world because I'm tonight is a lot of quarterbacks that would do the thinking is cloth and I know. I don't want you know going to get the Cardinals we've got -- Michael we talked about this you have to look at also the quarterback you've faced in there's no way that the pot. The situation. That right now the Cardinals at coach Weis and I don't even know what quarterback -- Our backs immediately go with Derek Anderson back yet. I mean it's obvious that -- and point -- -- -- I don't. I'm probably about actually don't just sit on -- -- And do you wouldn't want him completely and -- -- -- -- -- -- the government buildings had. The other guy and we'll get him as a -- goes against us. You know it goes to show you -- you make mistake on draft day and they did with Matt liner hit it with -- best they wanna push to football now feel. Matt was that you can -- type guy you have seen you really wasn't got a really elected checked out a lot of short liberals were excellent. You can't because they wanna push the football Larry FitzGerald at and that's not what they -- It in Athens in Arizona so in efforts you made a mistake but -- -- obviously -- that you take over a decade its been -- consistent in his entire career. Back colleagues of rookie we'll see what happen. And you know like -- if you look at the Cardinals and the guts bank the charges and you -- you heavily team -- injury and I don't know what's gonna be their status. Going through this Sunday but -- Carly Marvin out yes Stephen Breaston and early present. Early early groin surgery Breaston. Our meniscus. Nights like these people on picnics and quite well we appreciated if you look at the Cardinals might get a 124 yards -- -- -- like it or not I don't think you got up and yeah yeah acknowledged I -- on bullet portly humor pretty email. Question being. And questions from Larry from a prop them applause Bobby how much is that they often. Visiting the president -- Reggie Bush now if you look at it twelve games before this season in the last two games Reggie not being in the mix. The Saints have actually averaged more points per game and total yardage but I outrage. But I think in the long term they'll read you got to make it -- it doesn't make it different. Howell. You know the that the -- you're -- dictate what they're doing is not yet so I think it definitely -- were in this Reggie. But as far as production if they don't turn over the ball I think it did enough if you look at third down efficiency. We had a 121 yards Russian. We had 275 yards path that we averaged four point two yards an attempt. If we don't turn over -- ball and it's forest point production we can have 2730. Points and even those twelve games previously that -- has been. We've averaged 33 points that game. We're not Reggie. It's what 56 points with them and we had like four record policy fifteen yards or locked in and out Reggie. Versus 370 but in the long term though Reggie is a big part of what we do offensively. And now and I think he's gonna come back sooner than later. If not the Cleveland Browns game which or Halloween night he will be available in the field. Where you really miss him miss in the passing game his presence out. Because you -- the governor -- overlooked element when he was at USC -- essence they blank him out east of what you saw all the coaches. On a wooden nickel and dime coverages immediately taken out of different people and he hit his stuff back on it. It's so much in the passing game because you want to out of label chess game with him and in the quarterback doing so than. That you out of alignment and. Well all my friends that's about -- at the Lance -- -- huge Tracy Porter at the par returner. Now lance or you know we all the talk about Reggie how productive he was an all purpose are against the Cardinals -- -- seventeen. Lance Moore had it was to a one team is that about this game. But I know what you put plans for the think you have in the back to putting him in motion and not let it dictate -- -- boxes Reggie. -- the perfect example the first touchdown. At Pierre Thomas never scored the Saints uniform. Was that gave the foul that hit the 25 yard draw and they had regular effectively put -- in motion. I don't know they put emotional shifted a -- -- backfield did not hold up that he hit it Pierre popped after all but 25 yard. We have Reggie does that -- the defense is doing all. More here on this I guess you ride out that is not out of a big 870 Davida BLE 7 AMF I haven't -- now home of the defending world champions. You all sites. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is better dealing with the remote out of state -- talking to a message taker for dealing with a high level decision maker at a local bank. -- investors for example is a solid full service local banks since 1894. Equal housing ladder match traffic on it Robinson and have a traffic to call 260 info. I'm Garland Robinette and every day on double W radio we talk about what we care about but he lately there's been a world champion -- -- say. Wonder if we can expect the same kind of leadership from the people who real black and let's Hornets the -- in the element of that nature. 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Surprises not transferable WW a decision -- final may substitute prize stop or changing contest at any time I'm responsible for delivery failures or -- Hendry is consent to use of name voice -- and like this for any purpose. -- back and let me get killed -- deal with -- -- again. -- he decided not counting Mississippi programming notes that there tonight Saints coaches -- with the coach on me and his guest tonight. The offensive coordinator Gregg Williams at 730 right here -- -- negates that they'd also want my point Vietnam. Showdown between New England Patriots and them Miami Dolphins -- go back and you know -- report. Go back it felt like to show you -- I'll kind of -- and we we expected Saints -- -- it's always been clicked in. And obviously. You can't have any errors whether -- dropped passes. You get a -- holding penalty. And I mean you turn over whether it's a fumble. You know drew had his innocence and against the Falcons which if you look at as far as with the ball the -- the in the first half against Carolina. Yet managed to score just one touchdown because of a pair of fumbles. Lance Moore right there and a half yard line and that you look at Chris ivory -- have been on Carolina's labeling our line. That's when you could see that the different. Away that you Carolina's in the game that you any 1614. Versus the team's 27 of fourteen and thirty deport the. Yeah absolutely. Jacket -- past -- in. Jackie in the huddle with Bobby and might. Hey guys. I can't do can an -- -- 21. Union. In order. Tendency accessible. Its third round selection on about 28 dog. Since 47 seconds left. In Tennessee is obviously on the line and all the while. LSU has two timeouts left. That's miles does not call what amount -- force them to punt the ball to the balance kick returner in the country that have been. Instead they go into that what -- you run out the clock with two timeouts in the pocket. Doug if you look at that I mean that's ridiculous because like -- that you got the best returner. In college football you could say you don't have confidence. In your offense that you might make a mistake. But I mean if you got a top returner. Yeah. Why keep bills -- time -- that you pocket. At the units in that situation thinking you can -- money out wouldn't allow you to block the because you know they think that you gonna try to set up the return we'll probably the other part but I put everything out the bottom. -- -- -- you know that that's a good point those that Jack Jack Jack Jack that's a good point. Because it's all about why the -- clock management whether it -- And about half are at the end of the game. No you have to give yourself a chance and opportunity can't is be complacent. Well you know what we gonna stop them. We who's gonna live to play -- they know the epic game breaker like if Peterson. It the more opportunity you have the more good things that can happen. Absolutely anything note that the kids in the event when an opposing coaches trying to look out the -- you look -- yourself you don't want -- -- Maybe I should stop him from let me run out the clock. What guarantee your coach made an insane double. I'll go to say that fuels that those late game because while coach he once that shot this team. Last year really was good with and a final two minutes of late. In the first half of game putting points up on -- -- Jack thanks so much but a -- very very good at all. Moral witness I guess you'll write up this news. Break whip Jim Rice welcome back -- thinking casual collected the along with the teaching them Bobby there here at. So we'll see them beat side and cut on missed a few things happened today. The Packers get to tomato Lawson would be it's not the football starting strong safety Morgan Burnett point -- -- this season. Couple that up with the loss of Ryan Grant who speaks shots that the Packers also adding that nickel linebacker Brandon Spiller would been allotted a pass. Passing situations and nickel cover guys -- shoulder injury questionable -- we have return. Saints they basically standing at variance of safeties or work out wondered if you wall one of -- of the back tees. You know he's had two years in consistently hailed as though the system also the special teams guy that's something that's being brought up that. Got to -- special teams also. The four game suspensions -- so Ben Roethlisberger. Santonio Holmes back in the National Football League. Steelers went reunion one without big men in the lineup in there would have -- but they put in with no witnesses mentioned came down so. Roethlisberger back and a lot of that you have an open date Santonio Holmes another got accident yet. Hi outward all of this really really been playing well one. Unbeaten pain in the NFL today is that she's there if you -- not now. Yes you know might you look at the success of the Pittsburgh Steelers now. I thought this would've occurred before. But Pitt Pittsburgh with who was blessed with ten seconds of being -- for the first time since 1979. That you wouldn't think those that you would have thought I should say. That the Pittsburgh Steelers and all the great teams that they would have had -- been floored no more times that they -- actually occurred. And that that wasn't the case because you know been a move it to the Ravens. But you know you look at it you look at our matchup with the Falcons. And why the team is so important that you division. Right now they cut you like the Falcons. In the Saints and Packers data but the NFC I don't care what anybody else I don't think yes. You better teams in the NFC right now that knows -- the Packers would get nicked up pretty good -- You know -- that you look instead of being two games down in the AFC north to Pittsburgh that beat the Baltimore Ravens. They're now tied after winning in Heinz Field for only the second time. In eleven games. You know it it that's what his garden giving Michael a lot of credit -- -- up yes Joe Gallardo -- TJ Houshmandzadeh with 32 seconds ticket they won the game. I don't know if you with the all that's boring when it's the -- scored it was a slugfest Pittsburgh -- night game seventeen to fourteen. The Derrius well young kids from the schools they've really played well that game he's coming off a major in the interim -- Six weeks every comes off the PUP this just like Darren Sharper. But you know might -- -- -- -- -- it perfect it was about the game -- how Carolina has had -- face number. You know if you look before yesterday's game they've won eleven. Fifteen times against the saint. Now obviously two of those being a human moments ago Jane yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly and you look at the game that didn't matter because the playoff seeding. You know when the team wasn't meaningful. But that was the case also if you look at it between the Ravens in the Steelers. Is that they are dressed like instead all the winning this thing is dominantly gains. Outlook with Sean Payton in the states and Drew Brees having the falcons' number we with seven and one. On it in a team in the superdome in them on the short in his day. But I'm I'm telling you it's that cut down action have -- now it is but it will. You know never found any evidence when he's in the cardinal. I think going in if he's now. On the batteries on you know I would not mind. By Bob and my answer Bobby quit. -- and I made comment but that was the worst Tennessee teen age forty years I mean LA. You believe it. I'll believe it. In this is Mike -- unit is the worst one Nazis and when he used well it just operate like numerous articles in Newhan reached there it was because the limit its Collison and they go and pull more yeah really didn't. Recruit well his last couple years. Obviously it. Indians got in my battle zone and aren't. Tennis he has had the upper Echelon teams at Tiger Stadium -- went up against this is the -- -- -- the on the field one years if you consider it's now Morey yeah I I agree Bobble that. -- -- -- I don't understand how a team -- so my animals wouldn't coming right that's right. Well out any -- about this at LSU now it changed. You were two touchdown favorite anywhere that even fixing the points. I mean come on major college football and that you look at the NFL any time it's double digit know Lamar might that that the eight total. And and so I meet their basic common no. I mean you wanna win -- game obviously didn't matter who them all one. -- don't know ten years ago football players into well in the SEC news. I mean it will basically back to -- rule them out. You read your route 8910. -- 679. Guys every year don't mean don't not this year maybe two. Maybe. That's. It showed you say what's that Saban and they took apart that you're right on your outs right. There. So let's hope we appreciate the call -- back or would like additional right at this time not the only negates that but he evidently LT 7 AM net them. And god. Back to this wedding guests feel like details that made it clear that Bobby farewell alive it is ovals with the casino beats knotted things -- Mississippi. Tonight and over the next few weeks that still -- the -- will be given away the first ever. NFL licensed collectible games you slice -- this is what they'll serve from last year's championship season. You can purchase a piece of history by going to that there were champions dot com or where he's got now. Proceeds from ever -- it three Brees dream foundation for projects. Right here long ago locals official game news -- from the superdome -- beautifully rain that available in sizes. Are you get an inept were the -- hit it medallion. Take a look at it -- on her for champions dot com or -- dot com. It's a great way to contribute to the breeze green foundation against -- -- -- it out tonight and but it next few weeks here right here -- the -- slip up. And you know Mike -- so you're -- I agree totally with this he's like Jeff Duncan and at times make you. And think about this if you have fans like Bulls the bizarre in Louisiana. LSU football -- the thing. In the days when you have success record you create a monster in this is a true. And he writes that the testament to the quality of football that fans that come to expect. Around here lately. The local pro team with green won. The State's flagship universities five you know. Yet no one appears happy. Or satisfied. That's what happens. Does -- look over the past decade when you win two national titles. Aniston will bull in eight years. You expect greatness. And I'll tell you at that but it does happen and you get of those ball in an outlook right now. Now look at this place -- right in their 44 year history. Only three Saints team an obvious part of them those teams that have started better after -- -- games. And you look yesterday you know Drew Brees talked about this. It was that dominant performance. I'm not saying LS -- with a dominant performance but look at it this thing. They -- Sammy Knight believes that a practice 47 -- when he -- first downs. To Carolina's Dan. And on the commanding 38 would -- second to 2132. Advantage in time of possession. And up to a -- difference. Where you can be not on the edge do you see it -- as we don't have those turnovers. And we not turning over the ball the half yard line are erratic at 2223. Yard line. Instead it when he 6014 -- 27 or you know third at fourteen. The bottom line -- like drew said. Is it you have to win you gotta find a way to win and you know and it's not the case. But you look at his faith to -- you are even though the Falcons. -- I had these figures against the Saints. We could have been a situation important though if -- makes it chip shot field goal. But I think -- the expectations. Now. Wherever right. Will the committee people you know we've seen a few of America repeated some reason the latest in the Atlantic yes -- you -- -- thinking about -- you know you take all the thirteen drops that this behemoth that he's playing better this year I might put me out -- Leslie Peyton Manning. People that don't appreciate it -- pick a good look because you never let out anybody like that it -- lifetime. Those that stayed in the same thing with Tom Brady New England. Well look at that will let you get once every 21 o'clock -- the organization. Sometimes you know appreciated when did today yet no you. Don't like in an asset he has been in the pre game yesterday and -- -- -- Why is Drew Brees -- guys like he's well imitate him. See you gotta know the details. Greens. At an NFL record last year going over 70% completion rate you broke him and it is more. That -- that keeping this going back thirty years. Okay in this these seven people and might make 73 point eight report his game it was 76%. -- that scene. Initial drops. And no it insight into his old job value. Hot ball and Nomar and did not look at that every snap or every game what's actually acquiring. It because -- does look at games what happened weekly Philadelphia. When we played the Giants who we scored 48 point eight -- Aaron Brown -- the Patriots game. Everything about this he actually had that not even human just like a robot he had a -- quarter at the rate. At gobble at that. When I didn't look at every movie he's being modest because I had won one almost -- Just what the only quarterback in NFL history you are okay had a good look at Maroney don't. -- -- Actually had a perfect quarterback rating. Like give the states that the problems in the cardinal we still -- how crazy is that. With this let me guess you're right up that is -- -- of the big 877 of -- -- -- -- area and that now. In the closing moments in Hollywood studios like you -- show my duty along with -- meeting him and Bobby -- this if we can squeeze a couple calls in depth of that bruised. Jeff you know how to what Bob and Mike. My bill. I'll -- -- look a couple of points don't want to have another you know that without -- first point. We couldn't walk without both quarterbacks how to my -- you could what a couple quarterbacks is making it our -- with the -- the O line Choi and and it you know the needed that also would do and what not equitable to promote the game. You know -- little -- ball way out even be here be at Nokia its original -- thumping -- they will see more black homestead in. Beckett about this that'll bring -- both quarterbacks. Yeah we have Ethiopian but the running game and -- -- and our political people are kind of similar note that I think the coaches. Not using them correctly which you -- it would I think. Yep I agree that the cutesy. Both of them being used and I think certainly Jordan's stress. More as a run residency Jarrett Lee but Jack you know beyond its only football pretty well well Davis lost the -- -- -- we can't have those that -- in the red zone on back in a run Galileo you have to sort -- odds on the show you don't it would it is that we can't -- our money definitely yet exactly but up but I think you're right -- -- -- -- Lot of what you just talked about -- club will be in the game. -- -- Okay burden of what is the -- then let. He beat his successes would contingent upon the successive victory. Because. It will be one from the mountain not operated and the new PO it. And Nick Saban owe it to print we really liked let them. And people that would be the way we. Like on what Midland that we could be the -- and on and. Yet not -- I think you know I think whoever it be to head coach -- well. They didn't give -- -- -- metrics that from what I got but -- -- in a affidavit it stated about nodded in Alabama though I think they would had you because you've won two national championships but the expectation levels higher. Note this elegy position -- that goes with the territory. And even with the Saints. Because you want reasonable expectation level is higher and they expect great. Right -- -- winning -- that objective that it would. Yeah that Alabama won last year as well yeah I think this it's it's a partial benefit -- -- oh sorry for any coach is there any game you know we can't they be got to get out -- -- he'll flop with a family because they're the ones that. That cost them the -- and everything as their route. Yeah I don't know I don't know who are because that we may old school gravel grapple on all that. That basically you've got. Mood as you know are starving you guys shelter. -- had expected to basics that thought you gotta worry about guys they go to the dollar that goes that there. A lot of accidents like again jokes like just. Little things need to camp obviate there were a lot of this that was Lucas need to be outside and Hancock county Mississippi pummeled by business at the big board up. But the Monday night not -- between the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots if you can't he keep it now. And that negates that and also on 105 point three FM. It's six they're United States coach Shula -- -- on pay. Is guest tonight the -- -- coordinator of the New Orleans Saints Gregg Williams. And ever the 6 o'clock hour on Monday nights which joined by the man himself they've built it from the so -- -- but hey thanks so much written on an. Okay great great to be here now they would have a nervous wreck after those games we could not imagine routes that you were well as the get the mood here especially Saturday. I think the general consensus was with few seconds left they were wait and see if well let's miles and it was it's -- gear or get. A I don't know who it was just it was deja blue all over but you know the Penguins win -- know that the five of those so proud of the tires. Five of them -- -- to say that's. Bottom line but boy high. They get -- stick getting it the media their schedule now sort of speaking and I think that's communicate with the Saints. Went hearing on the road as saying Thanksgiving. You know when they played a Cowboys on the road and then you played a -- December 27 a couple of days. After Christmas and only have one home game. But you know but -- all games count. They get to this point now -- you think -- take care of business Arizona's struggling right now with people on the road is NFL. But you know teams are looking forward to mean the -- -- the good -- to Halloween night the Steelers on the now. Now look at -- in Arizona does noble Kurt Warner you know that you know records happily retired and you get to see -- -- and -- and again and pretty good that's above average drop off yet illegal drug alcohol and max hall of Famer at the Maxwell. He's a lot of it was quite a football latest on tape knows what's going on here at the -- Well this is the big cruises the cruising the coast -- again obvious Gulf Coast of old -- classic course culminated with the weather like it is their home they'll be LB. You -- -- thousand -- committed accords were involved with -- -- We have -- extra entertainment this Thursday is our level all the goal classical or it by now we've been doing all year long and now we have not my job. They're going to be here this Thursday at 7 o'clock. On on Friday. October 8 we have dual zone Vince Vance in the valleys. -- -- -- it he's got a great song I do you all played -- a lot during the -- five year. Anniversary his that's all night and you'll get it right -- he'll receive that -- on. Saturday night we have that all rural country band from natural mustang Sally that's always been a big unit groups echoes of to be a lot of fun out here puzzled look for. And of course we have the when that promotion belittle him. All October this weekend we gave away. Little bit over thirty black and gold world champs jackets will be given -- -- point for each night each Friday and Saturday he walked over the course that beautiful. Black and gold mustang. Sort of park cattle -- that'll be on October the third. So what going on -- course the borders that the motorcycle and ought to over the 48 the last rubble the -- up with a season we have that. Beautiful black eagle Harley-Davidson was only a 33 miles on it all which came from the the field and awards don't mind you -- that's it and let you get you -- -- -- -- -- every Thursday night so make sure you hear this Thursday for not outside perjury treason will keep you wanna know. Are we in this league the motorcycle. Writes the last October in last there in October October 20 not a lot yeah. And also made it the best who -- That's a locals. Catch it and we we think partly take great pride yeah. Yeah I don't think. It every week that voted noble all the codes and it's hot ready to go to Richard about it gave thanks so much for Jonas we appreciated. Thank you are right -- over promise hopeless look but. And if you haven't tried did that made. Game it's great here but man definitely is some -- This go back that's helpful Bobbitt. Julian. Julian I would not in my. Bomb might. As well he think about this victory all. Let them sort. You don't let me every day. And throw it in the day. That thing the -- -- -- that you need to come to that point I don't know -- it -- -- -- quarterback. But what you do and offensively. That you need to be. And me you shall use team management. I mean where -- at any team to potentially win. That I mean with this -- ever earn a commerce these are you kidding me and that's. That ain't it. Yeah I think it is that the you know balls -- starter or something -- the ball and -- duties will. It is -- mega you know about credit he -- from Clark this and not yet in Atlanta tried that last drive and -- -- that that's not you laid up allotment. You look at it was playing guard DJ got hurt -- yet to commit at this at a position and that's a big adjustment we use. Goal brought that -- that is but give him a lot of credit -- that of those slightly edited yet but swing -- -- what Michael's shoes versus. You know way it has to be his name -- Jimmy tell you I don't -- that the college or NFL level got to do with my game yet double. Yeah -- yeah it. You know yeah I was Guzman has correctly it literally -- it would not come back into -- Who was supposed to be a cocky independent that was the end of the next car in quarterback. Good dog -- now it -- opposed to being the future they can -- In the future. I'm in heaven you know that chance UN high school at least believe you know that well. Yet the other -- you know that's what I'm saying they meet today. -- quotes about about what he would need to navy had at the position. Is that Drew Brees Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. I'm not saying at that level. But iconic quarterback to have that confidence that president you don't like and it the coach don't know what to do and I'll take it over. And you don't like it might he might. You know chew me out in meetings and all that you know at that -- when another roster that's the problem but I'll take it over the game. Because we gotta do -- often. Right -- So but yeah and local democracy truthfully I'm. So just due to deficits wouldn't. -- -- -- not done -- to our yard. It is you know -- really. I was a big presence between attack you know what I thought I -- -- -- and never -- Drew Brees. In on them but you know pretty well. Above all brick hockey play when you'll play in the left immediately glass is like drop and -- -- you jump on teams early you had a big lead. That you felt that it out of in the third and a lot of did not play in the left hand lane this year they've run I don't know play. And that's the difference. -- if you look at it probably won't. Do -- -- -- but if you look at it no you always want to reach the Obama thirty or thirty by NASA is bad yet yet Lernout greatest is that solves. -- that that is is that a but I think last his ability that jump on a team early put points up and you played in the left hand lane and you closed it out. With that have a running game which they had with Pierre and Mike Bell. That's the big difference this year they've not scored those points in the second quarter of games to pull away that you have that ability to run it. But there probably I'll look at it might -- LT at least to go to Eagles. Won them -- yeah editor and no he's not bother you haven't heard yet that really contributed. But. I don't know because the Falcons gonna be on the line at times Giants it's gone he gives up a couple of sacks. -- McCain have that Jahri Evans against holding penalty you know we shot ourselves in the foot. Could accommodate you know drop passes. The penalties that AA not and it efficient in the red so yes -- opera at the time we -- a penalty. Drove it dropped passes -- turn over. And the you know not over -- The first week you know policy on his saying that it seemed -- -- Q what not Puerto. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or on an analogy mission and the brightest and a few words. A year ago when you -- putting -- up that threes and now telling you you'll racing left hand lane and a third or water. It seems worn out and it would run the football on how that out of and that's it and get me. Yet the only thing -- -- Canadians. But it's not a thing to Auburn has long reason quarterback system or Ellen Illinois a couple of that that never going to be in his. Yeah had a healthy Robert Meachem bill and it -- deal you know. Up until we will quickly get right at this time out here that negates that any evidence the only seven -- -- at dot com home. Of the defending world there. Did you solid science. Back -- the second guess I don't like to deal with anything can and and so the bombing all the obviate. Via. -- of them seem to be excited and got on in Mississippi at the big board up for the Monday night contest beyond the gates that united 730. -- Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots that it is different lot of -- you know that was about it might. Forget about it fight done -- you they'll. Be. The Lipton and -- -- -- pop -- football and an expert on coaching now you know and I'm. Not. To wonder now what for an 81. Well not an expert on -- In all -- chemical -- and let that one -- -- -- -- -- Michigan duties he was a great coach. Outlook. Yeah because there's always about what you feel part Isiah Thomas and -- don't now what we've done lately coming off a championship and -- you know in that situation. So. But that -- of frustration is from Ellis and seen almost like watched you run. Its main thing happen roll it over and over again and got that seems to. Nobody's seen. -- can hole up on it makes the problem. It would out offensively. And plot and it which you go back -- -- championship against Auburn. That Demetrius Byrd Neil -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would agree with him. But what we say we love them and Utley that only that they'll look at what we saw in about. What you can't forget about it because you can't be in that situation you gotta play the percentages. To do the right thing to have a chance. And it you know you can they'd be lucky ever acknowledge it but it's gonna run out on Soledad as they can't be -- -- -- -- Well -- the media you know they gotta get production out every one quarterback you two quarterbacks. -- they get the production and -- Can't blame Bryant apparently anymore it is been a couple years lines that. That a couple of years to develop quarterback situation recruit different people. Not happened developed lot of bats so now if you Alabama quarterback -- an above average what do back. College football wise again. Championship. I -- grits is so good. It is so good but right now it's bought this team out the last two years than not. -- -- an upgrade that position well stamp like yet. Bring in exactly like that -- news -- may be a Major League Baseball. Well. I get yeah adult thing as it goes back to. Like at any games that are crucial time and I'll look at an -- -- what's -- the route a number of games. But what happens. When you look gold is game. The bowl game against Penn State and it would happen against Tennessee and -- -- -- about it with an eight games late night games in that range. No you have to look at hi you manage the game at being at the QB team a chance to win I think that's -- fans apart I think. The irony. Possible that he likable. -- the -- that. -- Barbara Anthony the excellent coach they'll -- Jack in the huddle with Bob and Mike. -- At once now would you got. -- go to ms. Carolyn -- in this Carroll in Ottawa Bobby in my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. Of -- -- I'll limit it up. I'm kind of that was at the knowledge but those who adds. That's -- You -- Him. All right yet yeah the UN ball on the in my case now point yet. -- -- -- Matt. -- -- -- What a lot of probable. -- -- but couldn't have been OK. -- -- Okay. -- mean that we play. Yes. And being -- Well against the Cardinals. You it out -- this gal is now we gotta focus Cote page is great but thanks so much but -- -- a doubt you pay 870 because. That's thanks go to show would echoed sharp break and Rick Williams back and they'll love -- -- can't fumble.