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Oct 5, 2010|

Garland discusses with callers the media party divide and whether or not that is good for America. Filmmaker Harry Shearer of the Documentary "The Big Uneasy" discusses the root of the partisan media and its implications.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna the -- Journalism reporters in the room. Or moral. I see it virtually everywhere when a new model researcher at night and live in the morning. -- and -- we told -- news or we're told news stories here. I can barely eat. Give you -- footnote because. I can often I mean I -- took a 100% -- would usually. Try to give you put -- would you be good example. I was talking to a Cuban expert yesterday. On an issue about Cuba and getting ready to drill multiple worlds next year. By a company out of spring and you know 5600. Feet of water that's deeper. Into deep water rise imported five miles off the -- 400 new units are given it will happen the leases have been let. And the contracts have been -- -- also seven other countries including China. -- wanna do the same thing often gruesome Cuba and I was talking to the expert. About kind of a different subject if this was a chance. To resume. Business with Cuba. And his response was. Only. If -- -- people of Cuba benefited from that and of course fifteen plus years of history says that's not gonna happen it'll go to in the military it'll go into the Politburo whatever -- called the Cuban form a government. But in the miss evidence it'll come -- -- -- article from New York Times and I didn't. Get New York Times out of my mouth for -- to collapse of problem Garland. No words -- that liberal newspaper there's your problem. And I wasn't asking him anything about conservative -- -- I was simply asking him. Is disenchanted if not block. Totally different subject but he had to be brought back -- As the -- -- so birthday party. No number of months ago in this lady came up in just a -- didn't mean. For saying that in your price includes a liberal. And I guarantee you -- what conservatives. That fox is Republican. Bill bill bill bill gold palatial and you'd tell somebody the -- MSNBC. Their liberal. Veiled take exception to blocked. If you read you do these stories over and over 100%. But in the vast majority of times. That's wondered is I give your -- Some examples here's articles that I've pulled up this and says every major content. Put -- 2012 Republican presidential nominee. Who isn't currently holding office and isn't -- Mitt Romney who has his own money is now a paid contributor to Fox News. Now media moguls. Have often promoted -- careers in campaigns of politicians. They believe will serve their interest but. Directly cutting checks. For political favorites. Takes it to a whole new level of blatant latency. And media partisanship. In this supported skidding and pursued in pursuing a medium partnership. When it comes of the corporation's. Keith Olbermann. Wisconsin only -- verbal split boldly bill -- Keep the liberal Bill O'Reilly the conservative. Well MSNBC. -- Keith Olbermann is an -- will soon have a new parent company Comcast. And Comcast. As the indie distributor cable programming. Comcast is in business with the fox. And its parent company the News Corp. and so. Which what are they gonna -- Olbermann. Oral right. Here's a guy with the Columbia Journalism Review. He looked at one of the York court cases a lawsuit. -- -- a Comcast employee. Who protests that mr. Riley getting an award away from the TV station. Not through any of these the company's equipment. Just protests and in the personal email Carlson -- 200000 dollar a year job. -- excuse exclusive review that case by the Columbia Journalism Review. They asserted. The corrosive influence of -- concentrated. Corporate power. And the media by us. You look at MSNBC. They now have eight advertising campaign. Bragging about their progressive didn't. Bragging about it. They're there saying that hey we're liberals coming loosen up. Now in this one and see more and more but I pulled this article a -- could pretty much defines. What I'm hearing on a regular basis would Michael Barone. Senior writer -- was -- more report coauthor of the almanac of American politics. We do a couple of -- He should pure objected subjectivity. In media is impossible. Well I take exception of that let me tell you -- For forty years -- suits and TV news. Maybe. This becomes impossible. In the higher food chain of New York can only in Chicago media. But in local media you come with three to four to five stories a day. And such in June fund report this is you know from a Google you can liberals -- would -- -- conservatives. Led to total. And then. What is part of media kind of the safety. Issues that. Obama administration putting -- if you brewing -- with the safety. Regulations. In media are called managers'. Or gold producers. -- go -- rule lasers with your script. In there there to make sure. Gonna get sued the company then get sued. To make sure it's not any personal vendetta you're wrong or personal violence. Total -- do pure objected to questions and pure anything I think. It's impossible. But. Objectivity. It's the end it -- subliminally unconsciously. The very possible the structure. Is dared to provide them. Because -- save the truth there's been an -- world quote the meter world factory infinitely many. And that no reporter can collect the mall and no newspaper can print the ball and nobody could read them all. Well that's what -- think tank -- -- As for reporter the editor since you're out -- Simon editor of the producer Ben Nelson yelled with gall to. And get the leaders are sure and one point three billion dollars in infrastructure problem your lips get -- you hold story. Give all of you go get what you can't and that in your present it and you'd think about it. But today he's the -- seems to be not locally thank goodness at least I don't see that so far. But on the Internet what we're getting most of our information. It's just chock full. Don't go and get all the information Gordon get. Where our newspaper -- Go get where our website so what it's -- get where I'll were parties slips. I think it's a gigantic mistake I think it's all leading to this. Club joining. Dogma. -- -- only able to see what we want to see you believe what we want to believe. And I think the media is responsible for a World -- and again not locally but certainly. Only and then in the national media what do you think to -- zebra. One needs somebody threw three anywhere in the country 866 it and I NG rule except. Oh another traffic update on the breed age seventy WWL. And WWL an epidemic 10534. Had a problem on the 855 southbound is going to be between now imagine Shaq and ruled out. And acts of multi vehicle accident that -- has all lanes blocked. They're letting some of the traffic travel fares through that's what's moving along right now but down Lester put troops faced a completely closed off. If you're planning on heading towards the I ten. 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Oh yeah Steve Garvey senator offers you -- wholesale pricing on all morning ten model -- RV trailers and fifth wheels go to Steve's RV center now for the lowest prices of the season on quality and quality -- -- Steve Garvey senator in the world war on the web -- these -- dot com ticker change. All you can eat pancakes and starting next morning -- I. Garland Robinette fun WWL PM as -- dot com these new. Use talking sports leader. 504260187. -- 46688947. These. Ten yard completion of a partisan. -- -- Number one does that present -- you've been a concern to you it is to me. I tell you. I can do more homework did not do in mourning the whole blood pressure applied didn't have to footnote as much as I -- -- to say to you now. Keep in mind. Nortel and liberal keep in mind Wall Street Journal conservative keep in mind Drudge Report conservative keep in mind. Huffington Post liberal. And it's even getting to be that -- in some of the polls now. So little polling companies. Or thought of as well you know and goers who polls backing of Republicans. If if if we lose the ability. Chose to hear information. That were supposed to think about it. In that corner at -- -- -- strange new world short week. Heading for of the the -- the Big Brother. Of we'd just believe what were thin did. We want to believe something on the liberal or conservative so we know where to go home. -- -- reassure the -- right. Bitter truth -- tank which. I can't and I know this very naive and I know it's not a 100% right but during -- sixties and seventies and eighties and Arnold event. Is pretty much you know do the two parties or do that. They got vicious with the each other and I think that all goes all the way back to the Whig Party but they got something done. Because eventually because they talked to reach -- Because we at least listen to what the government had to say. They often had to give up chunks of their dogma. In order for this country just removal -- let me continue reading cue -- mum. This human Michael Barone who who I think reflects a lot of the media today. A lot of the academia and warmth of the journal public. Nothing partisan media is okay. He says important media incident. We have to select some tax rather than others. In doing that we're not only using religion using -- selected judgment on what his interest in an important or both. What that goes back to what mr. before we have to select some effects other than -- other do better redeem the thing tech. Buddhist delivered as information. -- what I think and and I gotta tell you arguably a prime example -- -- have Kerry say pay an arm. The 1235. Program director Barry -- terrible national estuary program I have set up -- -- last year in said do you and I think. That if Marshall have seen a Bob Marshall with the times Picayune were right. Three years ago when they said. There's only ten more years of life and wetlands. Because that a football field every forty minutes. We're gonna lose everything. By you subtracted that sort of cable got seven read your left. Well yesterday. And you're reaching -- you know we're talking off the record about him coming on the show because she's meeting -- least project in the EPA. Lead of PPI. She's pleading with him and a number of others right before he comes on there would begin to come on and talk about the environment inside a -- Terry and end. Terrible day. And then the conversation. I happen to save him you know well Lisa Jackson's can be talking about the 1520. Billion dollars. Expect to get on BP and fines. And hopefully a large part of that comes in Louisiana and I said. But my question is is that litigation get tied -- in ten years fifteen years twenty years and if so will we have seven years left and wetlands and he said. The economy and way in fact even. Tried to be very very nice about a possible gore only. Get more than not seven nearly -- won't wait a minute -- -- ten years and he said because as we lose the wetlands. The the part of it that's more difficult to lose up on the ridges. Slows them. So it doesn't continue with the same -- what that contradicts everything I've been telling. That makes me look like an idiot. If -- the bias in the media if it's okay to be biased media. When this -- Damian and journalist writes. We have to select some facts rather than others. Well I can do -- won't say -- especially on important. That's gonna make me look bad I'm gonna bring him born. In have been show that I've made a mistake. That's what it's supposed to be. You're supposed to just put out the information you gather. Not the information you would tend to -- get -- and put it out pork consumption. In have to become to debate you don't want -- then you go out in you get another story on the debate. But that's not the way it works and he goes on to say. -- ranger vision there's a limit to do you mean in the media. By bureaucratic. Definitions -- beats by -- the perceptions of what is news and -- in green values and biases. -- shaped the way we see the world. I grew up as a Hasidic catalytic. Behind the solomons. In the -- all -- by union as a cajun. -- democratic Catholic parents. I couldn't be further away from the -- I grow up. I listened to what other people -- and although worship my mother and father best parents in the his through the world. My father of his blood due to present you beat me to death for not being a Democrat. I've I've learned that I disagree. But I didn't disagree. On the basis of by became a public can't. And adopted that by us but that's what the media want to do that's part. Of the problem we just talked about. With a professor of politics. Political science from Alicia and doctor Robert Hogan when he cigar room. Nice try -- but third party is virtually impossible. -- true the parties have restricted ballot accepts campaign money -- single member districts. Might end up with a coalition government itself -- Well if I hadn't going to get him. Then let's say it was a team party here. I could believe to my own. Propaganda. But -- one for information that challenged. What I won't do I want to go to a third party and sick. Of the two -- -- clubs. Somebody hit me in for nation. That I gathered. That convinces me I'm wrong but when you say it in front two million people. There's a good chance -- view wrong you're gonna be proven them wrong again. But that's -- what the media deaths. In again I'm not saying local. And streamed in the middle. Part of the food chain of the media and the upper levels in a particular -- the Internet. It will all go to our separate corners put on blinders and say don't believe what I believe and what I -- -- Mauricio -- wanna see where we edit. Coming right back -- Well first news it's 1129 I'm -- -- on your official weather station WWL AM upcoming dot com a New Orleans woman is in jail left her shooting her teenage daughter's boyfriend even though the teenager boy it was a moment invited the world's police say shooting him wasn't warranted. The US commerce secretary will tour federal lab in Mississippi where seafood caught in the gulf is being tested for oil contamination. A little more than 26000 square miles of federal waters remain closed to fishing. Pakistan he -- tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square is headed to prison for life. -- -- are told good judge in New York she felt no remorse about his made bombing attempt. On Wall Street the Dow up a 164 point before the half hour NASDAQ up 47 oil the dollar Ford 8551 of their. -- played quarterback has been an issue this season for LSU the running back position as a bright spot. And red leaf coastal lesson miles happy to announce he received conference honors for -- Tennessee volunteer. -- released from the SEC player. Can we Karl offense and which could finish now only good cuts and -- deceptive runner for very powerful one earned and running with -- security. Tigers are getting ready for another SEC opponent this week when they travel to the swamps take all. -- sports talk to Bobby Jaber Deke Bellavia left smiles as poppy seed is sizzling after Saturday's near meltdown Baton Rouge. Due to fighting tigers get a chance when they go to the swamp this weekend take off Florida we'll talk -- Color analyst Doug -- problems -- for sports talk weekdays at 4 o'clock. Are forecast sunny highs in the seventies today tomorrow host tonight the forties and fifties. Hello ladies Thursday sunny skies -- 68 degrees south. Unfortunately no change for the I 55 southbound is traveling from the man shack carried to be. Interstate BI ten native multi vehicle I typically man Jack abroad has all lanes blocked. He's still got a stack up at the approached they're trying to they're trying to get traffic off the roadway. I surely I twelve planetary BI 55 into boards Metairie -- Don't do that good and then head out to the calls we take the causeway in ordinary save yourself some time. Press city connection doing well both banks you have worked West Bank found of the Huey Long bridge today we're playing well until free this afternoon. And help me we go the extra mile with free delivery anywhere in the metro area in the middle of a job in short on great call us and we'll come -- you short on time calling your order in picking up the -- do -- our air -- boulevard location. Help me Benjamin Moore let us hear you know. Right direction on drums and a traffic ecology 60. -- if you're only about the Madonna. News breaks down we break here Tuesday night we didn't we. Taught in sports leader. The big 871053. WWL -- OMI and WWL dot com. We're -- -- we've been debating the just a third party viable do you wanna steal third party mom refers opener double rubio -- opinion poll. 91%. Of -- 13 party it's now down to 79%. Certainly call. Tell -- what you think about that I do to secure 170. -- toll free. 2038668. -- you ruin itself. Bottom line is we're also talking about. -- partisanship in the media in you don't seem to have much interest in this -- we're not getting many calls on it and I submit to you there should be of utmost importance to. And let me tell you what I think you're not give me Colin 260 win to secure wanted to public. It's comparable. Morning tour religion. It makes you feel sleep he gives you hope. It's comfortable becoming or stating they're Republican or Democrat. So partisan media. Just make you feel better. If you're Republican you read the Drudge Report every day you feeling good you can combine. If you're liberal new breeding Huffington Post every day you're feeling good you're Qichen but it. But I submit. It's it's taking way he. And in a strange kind of way it's taken weighed the arguments. We're just kind of muttered to yourselves and don't communicate with the other side at all. As Republicans and -- a -- don't sitting at this at face and please tell me a regular basis Willis a lot of suits them. There when we talked about we don't talk. And I think this -- the -- -- with the general public may have been reading excerpts. From the strike group brighter Michael Barone Busan journalists themselves. And these read the book we almanac of American politics. Illegal -- that. The partisanship is is good. And further into this very long article he says what should be done about the heavy imbalance within the media. One answer is to accept partisanship. And expand the view ports to more accurately report the nation as a whole. And then sit back and enjoy. Why. Expanding the viewpoints. In two more accurately reflect the nation. So. Your you do a poll in. If the republic can't happen to be empower you make it more slanted to conserve I think that the whole thing didn't -- consensual and let me explain to what I think. Do the think tank here. Deal of the day the republic Kansas came out with their new plan whatever was an amid a lot of fun because read -- -- on -- and I have been reported cool bumper on a couple of days before Steve seems a good guy still one of the few. The -- comes on the show but I couldn't get him to say. Want to republic -- toward the Tea Party would do about the three big problems we've got to plates Medicare Medicaid you can throw. -- security unit and even the Defense Department in in in the cents. Then and I had 500 billion dollars in cuts. But I had -- And he and Republicans and everything near like that in the mostly would say is well you know somewhere in the future we may talk about privatizing Social Security. Well if if I wanted to stay sounding like I was anti Republican hat I would never do this. Because you read this article David Broder the Washington Post wrote about. House Minority Leader John -- Boehner. No I -- John Boehner to make fun of him. But after I read -- some equipment component because to me. Businesses want the Republican and should've been publicized. What he's got -- compression tool reform them before he ever -- guided out of -- -- Nancy Pelosi. Now I'm not. Liberal not conservative elected -- can use my brave man to blow secure month blasted him before he ever even talked about that. That's part of the for the course with these two clubs in it represents that reflex partisanship. But I think. Most of us well the seven and I'm percent to one of third party. When we're -- -- -- now that's what. -- wants he acknowledges he admits the reputation that this congress is so bad there's crying out for report. Vendors analysis of the dynamic that is made can -- congress a dysfunctional legislative body. And capitol hill hospital workplace he admits. He says one of the reasons why we do not have a -- functioning civil society. In my house he admits that there's not be functioning process. In the -- in our congress. You go to and say is that our efforts or geared towards catering to the individual member. It's sort of focusing on our collective. Responsibility. Of the government. They argued that -- house side. Ruled were often too manipulated. To shut down debate and protect individual members from tossed. Votes in this amount words can you say Medicare can your Social Security. Can you say medicate can you see the Defense Department. And others even admit the senator divorce. No bitter cold for quote. Called a cycle gridlock. Reflects the puts both sides of the capital and has been enabled by both parties depending on who has the majority. As he was -- enough to admit the abuses did not start with closely. Both sides have been guilty of -- in the -- Take -- upon the challenge that the Israelis as to what David Broder is sending not don't try to demeanor and pick them up on the challenge. He said for example would rather than stifling debate. Through the manipulation -- rules we should open things up -- at the battle of ideas so break down the scored to issue between the two parties. Let's let legislators legislate again. There's no excuse for house bill and pass a budget resolution. As happened for the first -- this year as Boehner says it boggled the mind. That's spending bills from major government departments are lumped together in one in the adjustable maps. -- large majority of -- in the nation's voters boards disdain and distrust for congress that is supposed to represent them in writing the laws. It's not just a problem for one party the other its threat to our system of government. And I'm may become a camp came bleed. I'm John Boehner. Now let me. I I am Nostradamus. -- take a break your room and come back -- Nostradamus. There's going to be a large majority of musical and say well and don't -- committed to -- the -- you gradually. Well the men's and blows a -- -- rule that we will find a way. Mostly in this thread suitable boy and oh boy and make it to Republicans wary. Brenda van. How well we start arguing how well we start debating let's talk and that's communication that's a thing tech. And how about what liberal we come up -- we present both sides. But both sides including the Tea Party or refusing to tell us the truth there's going to be sacrificed. There's going to be a little hard -- and our medium and hard down to a lot of hard done. Under Underwood showed moral or not ultra rich all of the world body tons of gold what do you think that is. International Monetary Fund say it grew up she looked like movie heading for a double dip. Meaning it isn't it time to put a witty. There -- the petty partisan politics and more importantly. For the media. To find -- way to deliver information to you to make up your own monitoring rather than partisan. Media. And relevant. -- in the think tank -- Garland Robinette on WWL ATM FM dot com. V news talking sports -- 504260187. The or 866889. Always seventies. I would talk about. Media bios we're talking about the potential third boarding party candidate. In 2012 we got Merrill we -- that are pretty -- -- opinion poll do you believe America needs a third party 79%. Say yes. Go to Harry Harry what do you make of all. Straight Garland good morning how are you -- a couple things on the third party. But it it's amazing to me that we seem -- forgotten our recent history we have one. Not even two decades ago it was called the reform party it was started by Ross Perot put it out -- him. And it dissolved almost instantly want Ross Perot without the picture it -- squabbling little. Little groups that basically destroy the party from within. Once Ross Perot and his huge bank account. Which enabled him to get on ballots in two successive elections we've gone the party. Couldn't get on any -- So we look we have some recent -- we don't have to go to theory we've had some recent experience with that. George Wallace stood. George Wallace didn't really have a try to build a party he was a third party candidate but Ross Perot self consciously tried to build a party he called the reform party they had conventions. You may remember his vice presidential nominee who memorably said why am I here. -- that that sort of with the epitaph of the reform party. But then on to your your your topic about bias in the media. Two point one. You know. The media have gotten more political because. Pay it back in the day when CNN was the only game in town. They looked at the ratings that they got in the gulf war in the early nineties and they saw this huge spike and when the war kind of tapered off the ratings went down. And people came in you know from a company that -- them and says hey you remember that that -- -- thing you have when the war with Iran. Why can't we do that all the time and overtime they discovered that. Yeah you know sending reporters out and covering news. Didn't get ratings nearly as much as having people from the left and right sitting in -- studio and yelling at each other and even better it's cheaper. When you're right you know and in fact let me correct one moment if you Google and CNN Berlin -- thing was third -- -- came out admitted that they have tried to walk the middle of the road to move on to the left and right. And they're ready shootings or so and so minor. That they're gonna have to two run sort changing that so there some of their news shows are changing to quote. News entertainment so we're out there going through it again the F. Add and edit edit that's for the fact that this trend has on as citizens. I'll just tell you about my recent experience with. The documentary that you've penalized I made. And the difficulty is examine New Orleans media that you especially. Paid. An incredible. And thoughtful and very content into it. It had a great deal of difficulty getting that kind of attention in in the New York based media don't call it. Even though those were media that have been you know spent five years making money on saying it was a -- Katrina hurricane -- Orleans. Com and and one of -- and -- including in the New York. -- -- -- -- the New York Washington based media media that are supposedly as. At least ostentatiously. Nonpartisan although some people think they're liberal -- people think the other what at NPR which totally ignored the story. Com and hmm. My theory about that is I remember back with the savings and loan crisis in the end of that eighty. And how big of you know pop up until then that was the biggest financial crisis we've had -- for depression. And how it didn't really make them much news because neither party. Could point to the other and say it's their fault because they both have or from the water -- yeah they prefer to just pay off. The company's sweep that under the rug and move on. And it's the same thing with what happened to New Orleans. With the corps of engineer that was over -- -- -- decades under that the administrations of both parties so neither party get any political mileage out I think it's their fault. And that's why doesn't make big news. Really good point don't look you've given the way this is Harry Shearer. I thought you were trying to the big remain anonymous -- would that abortion -- No big to big goalies -- where is it whom can we still see. It'll be at the new won't feel comfortable on the 21 of the month I've selected -- property and it does not Carmel California this weekend if anybody's in that neck of the woods. And it's playing at the Washington DC whistle blower comfortable on the nineteenth of this. Aren't women come back home a come up on the show let's talk about this again could. I submit to and then there's nothing new -- what I think we have is called to ensure has nothing do with that I think. Do the big -- easy what you mean uncovered which I've spent five years after talking about in did know half. What was in there and has created just an explosion that conversation in this metro area. Is on the same forum on. Anderson Cooper in Brian Williams what they've done for the -- so. When you come back let's publicize that some moral a lot of people wanna see okay I -- pretty typical. And -- Look and break and come back to squeeze another caller -- with a seven idea. John spud McConnell will be on that one Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Right now you're in the think tanks with Garland Robinette and on WWL AM FM and dot com. The news talk and sports sleeker. Do we lose. Really student squeeze another call here another little little let's go to -- insuring your own government. I -- -- outlook that you know much com. I want the play I don't think there should be a third party I think we should eliminate the party system altogether I think it's that right good. And counterproductive. And it is that the mechanism are good candidate to be overlooked and to wait for bad candidates to hide it. And her baked apple has its. Not just sit down. It seems that if -- we're not affiliate with a party you would have been able to do like he did opening up get a lot of committee Cokie -- that's important constituency. But it yet to vote against that because he hasn't been good Republican team player. And that probably wouldn't patent elected. Already lawyers -- I wanna scare you probably will but I totally agree with -- in particular. You know that two spirited. Gal I I think generally is the epitome of what we should have been there you crosses the line. We're between the two clubs. He takes the heat from both clubs. Arena was in the seminary is a moral man and he tries to do the right thing if you look at his -- she's obviously not make a lot of money to get good will get rid of him because he's he's he's just not. The bright. A club to go in there now I agree -- you -- approval it will be always say I cannot imagine why we need clubs. To decide how vote blunt. After talking to the political scientist -- you. In the technical account or probably one of the problems -- that is you have so many fractured the -- actually get in there. It's can be like Britain you're gonna have. A shared coalition government of with -- all the problems that involved. But I'd sure like to give a political science so Monday and pursue what you in my -- they concede if that's not. Some sort of --