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Oct 6, 2010|

Deke and Bobby take your calls on Saints and LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good evening and welcome the sports are here are the hump day edition Wednesday October. These six allowed to Kasey Kahne and Bobby a fair I'm Deke Bellavia on WWR radio late 70 AM FM at 1053. And on an added WWL. Dot com coming up on today's program Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic will be with -- in the 5 o'clock now we star break -- down the Saints this opponent a week. This week's opponent that is in the Arizona Cardinals will also speak with NFL -- Steve why should be with us it's 62635. He's Jeff Alam -- columnist at sports director Louisiana -- to -- -- -- dot -- comes to talk about -- -- and Florida. As always numbers to get involved in the Final Four to 6:0 morning seventy toll free 866. 889087. About a get folks called upon on the injury reports of from the first practice -- both the Saints and the Cardinals everyone was full today with the exception Roman Harper for the Saints in the limited. (%expletive) him -- -- was limited and Jeremy Shockey was limited basis in practice. As it did not participate for the Saints including Reggie Bush Tracy Porter Will Smith listed as having a growing. By injury and Pierre Thomas of course -- with his ankle on the Arizona Cardinals side of things. One player with limited at linebacker Paris -- And the other players that did not participate wide receivers Steve Breaston in the entry early Doucet in the wide receiver with the grown entry. And Kenny in the when he beat he is a defense that Ian did and participate and safety Matt wade and also Bob in it to be known. That the Cardinals have announced the rookie from BYU max hall. Will get the stalked. This week in last week versus San Diego to cost us a hard 24 total yards of offense minus twelve -- -- -- in the third quarter in 230 its -- In the second half a struggling offense and I found interesting quote -- in the notes around the league to -- from coach Ken Whisenhunt -- is if you guys can convince curt. -- disparate as he wanted to come back. Would you consider they only struggling teammate quarterback -- yeah. Almost -- the Vikings would do whatever it takes again maybe to get Brett Favre back I think -- the situation right now. With the Cardinals in the when you think about it they've gone from Kurt Warner. To -- liner that and Derek Anderson. And now max hall I mean that was and that Longo anything when the Saints beat him in the playoffs. And how they've had instability now we're Kurt Warner retire and a quarterback in that you look at decay and max hall. You might say whoa whoa -- what is the background -- guys that he plated BYU transferred from Arizona State. So really get in the play professionally with the -- those kind of like going back home where he started. You know his -- college ball but at BYU -- school record for the most wins. By a starting quarterback with 32 and that's you know you look at Jim McMahon. Ty Detmer a number of guys we have 32 -- November 29. He's totaled 111265. Passing yards 83 downs. Completion percentage just 65 point three -- at that accurate you know quarterback that this is the NFL like you said. I mean haven't what -- 124 total yards the last thing is the charges they got embarrassed. And and I'm -- give a situation now the even though we dealing with the injuries. Now you look in the secondary. Tracy Porter being out -- -- when you wanna get after young quarterback. He would've put those corners on an island. And in you know we know when Jabari -- -- report -- they're Gregg Williams content. To be more aggressive and hopefully I used to have the common it's whoever's in there whether as a Patrick Robinson -- you know lead Torrance. You know that they're able to hold their in at a bargain hold of their in at a bargain to get things done the one encouraging thing -- the if you look at Tracy Porter now allow. It looks like three to 40 weeks. And three to four games -- every wanna put it he missed four games last November and December. But I he clearly you know bounce back from their entry. Returning to the lineup in week fifteen and obviously emerging in the playoffs as a hero. So I think I think more long term got to weather the storm and you're dealing -- -- But I kind of like our chances vile lie considering you're going against. An undrafted rookie quarterback it was of the success in this that we had. You know we played the Detroit lines in and Matthew Stafford. And then when you win against Sanchez with the Jets. You know how on defense made a difference in those wins you know I'm going to get too young quarterback. You know -- gone back and we talked about you know -- been talked about -- win as a win but some people look at different colleges and -- -- -- interesting piece in The Wall Street -- yesterday. About how difficult it is and the rarity the rarity in this early. To have only one team that is without a blemish that the Kansas City chief it is the first time in nine years that. The number of undefeated teams have been -- 21 this early in the season. And in the history it takes an average of six point three weeks in the season that'd be only one undefeated team. Last week of course the Colts went through fifteen week to think through week fourteen of course 313 known coach got to that point. And it is it through week fifteen last week Bobby to reach the point and since 1970 merger. They have only been six other times where there was only one undefeated team. This early in the season that goes show you talk about some big dogs out the American championship teams. The Jets -- -- in about one in week one at a coats had two losses the Saints have a -- and the Vikings have two losses and play at the Jets. On Monday night to those -- Final Four team that in the in the contending teams. But it it contending teams. The Minnesota Vikings -- well on 500 the Cardinals in the Cardinals a ballclub went just who vote two years ago that to a two but San Cisco is -- four. And there was pick pick to win in Iraq US colleges shows you mean the parity in the league and and that yet to bring. You know -- a game each week even if you not the world champs and it is hard to win -- NFL. And -- just look how well now look at the lines you can look at their -- how well they're playing in in every game. You know who would have thought Jacksonville would would've said Indianapolis Colts. We -- across the board to Cleveland Browns. You know you know how their play in the Raiders. I mean there's really no off weeks the only team I guess there's been inconsistent. Then those stability quarterback has been the Buffalo Bills. When you look at where they're at right now but other than that. You know the ramps -- I looked at this scenario when we gonna get in the media schedule with the Saints come you know between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We only have one home game -- -- to go by Dallas at Cincinnati at Baltimore and Atlanta. When the lone home game is is the Cardinals I mean Rams St. Louis Rams and look how well the Rams a -- right now I mean. -- dig decries the Redskins. You know and -- Daniel and the Redskins on the Michael Vick went down in the beaten the Eagles though. It's a situation I'm telling -- that's why. You wanna get to double digit wins because not much difference I'm telling you. If if you can and six. You know 97 is not much difference in and you look at the two wins the Falcons have now. You know they were dominating the game we had a chance to steal one -- stolen away from the 49ers. You commented two losses activated different all of a sudden. You're eleven to five in the season and you don't win those games in United's seventh. That's why every week is so important just that we would a win because how competitive competitive right now the NFL. He's Battier bending -- via its sports -- you're listening to WW. I think if you probably -- around the league who would beat -- support everyone else would be a couple key spots you know we're looking at the guys that didn't practice couple running backs you know corner and an end I think it's pretty typical. The other teams. And welcome back to Saints coach Dante known Ayers how he's dealing with these -- injuries going into. This Sunday's game at Arizona 305. Right here on WW -- when it's backed harvest the music presented by Hancock bank it's a free counted today. At 5 o'clock in Lafayette square by Dr. John and the lower. -- Luster from may bass brass band will be there about a delicious food from New Orleans Benson and the always popular artists visits. It all the details of the on upcoming concerts at the harvest of music. At harvest the music that are in the Bears. Owned spoke McConnell will be in the second and put and a would do well dig in he could have better web Altman is is what do you wanna be an -- -- concert and make no feel good. And whoever you know planned this and obviously it is timing I mean you couldn't ask for better wet weather and religious enjoy. -- with the entertainment. The weather you just wanna be outside and -- -- might ethical slip by there via -- had to do about it -- be nice when you have that we we talked Drew -- tonight apparently opened up the the window in the Austin. Smith and cooler -- country -- appropriate there. Back to the -- ago Houston for easy easy thank you for calling WW yeah. I don't know -- he said. Of course -- about John Clayton. -- hit it in the outlawed. Apparently goes. Philippine appeared. And we support that one. Then he would go for -- not my question is -- you get you know you'd think. It well. Is that. Correct yeah it is because the trio gave all the because. Could -- account for me it is -- them make the one you know. No I think it's more the feel of the game if you look at considerable. The number of drives and long drives. That I think. You know that you might be in position yet the -- if you go to win the game. And and you look at the strategy. That -- that's what it took I mean what if you don't make it is still down where he got to get in the end zone. -- if you cut the lead. Where field broken when it. Because the Saints didn't move the ball and on the field I mean when you when you think about it. That that that was not an issue you look how they were consistently converting on third down time possession total yards. You know -- you -- mean realists like drew said. You know you don't turn over the football you 2730 points in lance fumbles on the half yard line. -- Chris ivory fumbles -- on the Carolina 23 yard line if -- taken points on the boards I think it was a situation the flow of the game. Howell. You know to cut it with -- if you ruled that. Could win it and plus caused pain you feel like -- is going to be an issue about with the Panthers and their offense. You know that -- -- get in the red zone. Their touchdowns you know and you know that that'll take Greg Williams -- you know as far as given of the big plays. You know and Claussen got out the pocket. And then Malkin edging it -- his strategy is -- at a time when they had Jonathan -- -- -- 55 yard touchdown. And then maybe you know great running back again Angelo always be discipline India in the cutback lanes. And then Jacobs to condemn the bad angle we gave of that 39 yards outside thing that he just thought. That delay of the blitzes -- it wasn't a shoot out type game where we had to have a touchdown because you know could Carolina's gonna go right doesn't get a touchdown. It was more of get within a field goal range to win the game now yeah obviously you when that cushion. And the fans wanna be eighties you know to have a big lead when Unita and Reggie is seated and I think it was just the flow of the game at that time. You know take in the points and knowing that we've been able to move the football again. And and have an opportunity to take -- would have field goal. The degree that it seemed like. It seemed like -- -- out of character though you know. Yet no no no because we've -- but it -- easy in the past -- UK UK Q accused coach pay to play conservative but I think the circumstance. And and that flow of the game and now point two valuable and that you weren't gonna get an issue about tight game we Carolina. In the bottom line manages to get a win. Dan I think that was -- as approaches the game went on. And it's OK okay by the. All right he's all right he's thank you very much a -- do you agree with that and in this area. I mean look at the flow of the game wasn't like we score you school you know. Like -- -- wars with the Falcons if you play in Atlanta. And the flow of the game them idea scenario and you got its elements on the we gotta go for a while we need a touchdown right. You know we got a little bit at that stage yet in about. Cause. Carolina's hung around for awhile I was like is coming down the wire close. Then you come back you say all right well coney drain so basically getting it about a thirty he would merely success. Yeah. I would say okay if you figure if we on the yeah it is autism you know yet that. Though apartment 25 yet they need to be guerrillas that you be down fourteen to thirteen like they were. These are on one -- that point. Possibly thirty. Well well now where -- -- needed to and we yeah -- seventy got -- ghetto in the hands of Bryant and you know just playing the percentages is is the bottom line. They all count the same we -- it is over and it has to win the game. As the goal to 60 a 7866889087. He's Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia. Can't see it in Nancy who the top three teams in the conference that the think the Saints are in that number and Randy Moss now a member of the Vikings game in the Nancy. What do you think about most is moves that put Minnesota back on the radar. They already had two losses and face a monster game Monday night and -- -- yet it. They achieve it looks like a Brett Favre finally got his ways he's -- it won't mean he has his back when he was Green Bay right and and when initially when Randy Moss led the Vikings and we know he's been trying to get randomized unrated the -- yeah. I think keys. You know get a lot of productivity. Both in the run in the passing game. And you know certainly we saw again this past weekend and that's encouraging. Then there's been able to stay healthy in. You know he's hit his -- right where we want it please have a good season so far minutes early but he he's doing well. Coach John trade talk about big man eight Sedrick Ellis. For the black and go defense things taken on the Cardinals Sunday. Right here on WWL an MRI if the crown -- of course like Saints players show it hooters on veterans boulevard sports talk for eight. But from six to seven tomorrow night we will get up close and personal and visit the very individual coach -- begin. Sedrick Ellis kimono and -- tomorrow from four. And 2:8 PM to 60187866889. 08 semi banked in a -- ago about maybe go to a Morris here in new -- Morris thank you for -- There's going to be. A body. Of work. But they -- like yeah I'm -- or born in the was moved out to the consulate wondered. Cynical outlook and a -- found that they exhilarated so I'm in the be. There are actually capable couldn't though. You mean actually will we end and -- red zone has been expanded traditionally you know as Tony on and now of the even stretch it to the 25 on and no I don't have that exact now are that -- something interesting to see. How much as far as present issue not yards after the catch and actually attempting. To throw the ball in the end zone you know more CB compared to last year. Really you know and and see if we have we not as aggressive may be as we -- I know one thing and Drew Brees and -- -- commented on this -- that this is pitiful and the reason why the game was so close also against Carolina and now you look at the turnovers. But we're only one of five in the red zone where lack shared that same scenario when we were Rolen would have been like four of five in the red zone. I don't think -- And that is because all of them have booked full day in. We don't suitable all of their involvement month but that might be wrong or those who don't actually -- threw the -- and in the they end up. -- don't put ourselves. Has a couple of drops in those who look like I'm glad you -- -- -- movement to it and the young women and. Yet but the one thing is as far as decision making in the trust factor. And you know the -- you get and -- -- -- -- on in the red zone at the harder it is because it's like starting its -- defendant has vehemence of bags squad that it's all about. You know angles the landing Mars I could say. That. If the receivers are open. And I'm not saying he's perfect but Drew Brees like -- Tom Brady Peyton Manning they know what they're doing I mean it and they gonna take those shots. So it could be something. That the defense is forcing you to throw underneath I know overall throughout when he's trying to sustain drives. And no that's been their strategy. You know make in this Saints almost earned their points and have sustained drives of the more -- you have the more likely you to make a mistake now we're used to last year. But who we see -- three of four plays and all of a sudden. They go eighty yards -- of one minute 56 seconds you know some ridiculous. Were now the kind of a book on the Saints is. Do not give up big plays detail on the safeties don't let. You know you know receivers get behind you. You look at I think we got two receivers that can stretch the defense and Robert Meachem and Devery Henderson. Look at the big -- as the Falcons. Drew put it right there did -- every drop to sixty yard pass. Oh yeah and yeah is got to make those plays in the one dime Morris against Carolina what we pushed it down the field. Big we got in affairs calls about a 46 jardin affairs penalty. Again it's Meachem and and I know I'm and I drew that when I talk to him tonight as he got a high load he got tattooed on that play. And and you know I don't think is filling -- -- when you are dealing with injury even those that series as -- to -- got a game. Yeah that those kind of hits and a but I'm -- is not that they don't wanna throw the ball down the field I think a lot of times. -- you could say want you to know more often you got to dictate did a deep -- know it comes to appointed to defense is disciplined enough. They can dictate back to you and old saying you know take with the demons gives you -- -- if you doing that. You can move the football -- -- you can't have mistakes. So seed as -- -- the -- to involvement in defense. And you know hey look we had a number one scoring offense. I think -- the last three years last year average in 32 point nine points a game. That's not always reality I mean he's shooting for that. The teams are gonna make adjust as the bottom line is in the game's on the line what are you doing offensively and these deep instantly. That's what I've been impressed with the world champs but when when the Kravitz defending. You know when you -- drive you you know what the -- lobbed it to defense has been able to come up with plays in and doing it takes even they'll look at the loss to the Falcons. That you look at the defense Alex Brown bats down the fort down pass off his drives down the field we force overtime. -- over time will Smith's sacks on Matt Ryan. Office drives their put in a position to win though and all the games have been impressed at how we've closed a games. And show why we're champions now we just one more consistent before we get to that point. It's a lot easier said than done. Coming back to Adam and Joe and Richard Carlin he's Bobby rebounding ability at this is sports talk on WW -- And welcome mat he is the case he can't name Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia it's -- harvest the music present in Bangkok bank of the free concert. At five today just across the league in Lafayette square and got the job and the little 9/11. Plus the two may brand's main will be performing to be delicious food new orleans' best places. And always popular artists village. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of -- the music concerts at harvest the music -- -- Back to the -- ago Bobby Randy Moss in Minnesota again and top three teams in the NFC and AFC. Who are they to you in all the Saints in your NFC's number. To the -- ago a -- Allen Allen thank you for calling. And I. It comment on questions and a part of it is that Bobby and lit them up out. The -- care your opinion have -- the other thing. They'll pay lead took somebody's garage that they shouldn't be there thank everybody. You know not -- Maybe -- -- movement Randy mop I think they'll be doing okay wore long Green Day may be Atlanta and in the New England gonna do well this year. Well it's anyway so you get any kind of production like it did there's special teams. He never knows if the threes -- the easier than nine yeah yeah I mean -- -- On a blocked a field and show you what department lately point. Moments after. That team coordinated them by Domingo got fired with Arafat on the plane -- -- -- in Miami so it was five and a late then -- immortal right right -- -- shows you from one game is that -- is no patient. I mean you cannot afford to give that up but you know and -- you look at right now Falcons and Allen. You look at the Saints. And the Packers obviously it. You know -- Jimmy's still amazing in the -- -- -- two with their talent the -- in the Cowboys -- still be right I mean look at the NFC's. Well right now -- the man's game if -- east is saying that you know Tim and -- when -- division right right yes because who's gonna come on you know now the Eagles and injured Michael Bay. Which Redskins team initial log in the giants' horrible and and in the Indy we -- that Bears yeah lacks -- means when they had -- -- Manhattan so I mean it as it -- shows you. The unpredictability. NFL week in week ago. And he has a little. To the phones ago and its code to. Of town for Joe Joe thank you for calling WW yeah. You'll put sequels are Jill. -- in between would be actors are good -- -- may have the new England. And probably -- on -- people who -- even. If -- -- -- but the thing. Yeah I know I that that's impressive let's do it we were saying that the Steelers they were hoping to come out there are two and two in the between one had an opportunity to -- For Noah Flacco come up big in the end so he had that the Steelers to me that's. Going to be definitely whether the Saints were defending world champs are not playing a team like the Steelers. That's you gotta be -- plus side net turnover ratio and and bring a game. Rica because the Steelers the Steelers is that mentality -- like the Ravens they'll they'll smack you right now my ultimate. You know we've got to win these games limited the Cardinals -- start undrafted rookie quarterback. That -- and is no reason we Carolina mean with the Cardinals that you shouldn't win this game. You -- right -- Carolina again. You got Tampa Bay got the Browns. Know I'm telling you -- there's no reason I think. That going to the Dallas game and -- ten games into the season. You -- the Seahawks reported Cowboys. That we should be at -- -- to a 991. Rex Ryan about being in the at least pivotal to that point look that equipment for the government is there any underlying reason why we are not used in June and commit. And also. When we're down like in the red zone like at least. And these public from the spot in the -- north lot. Why -- we not taken advantage of Jimmy Graham kite -- got probably like eight feet tall making a job. You know probably not potato quarterbacks in the league and we've -- we would not -- using these guys random you know -- as wanted to opinion on until the. Alabama and I could -- -- you know I don't I don't think that you know you look through four games you say well why would -- use them. Is this planes and the other night about do we everything much to Jeff Charleston and Coach Williams point out is that. You can expect Tennessee elements allow more Jeff Charleston so I don't know Bobby -- with his scheme and -- match -- or. Decide arrogant guys anyway and you know you go back to -- issue when Malcolm starting gate in the more involved in the defense it was. Coach Williams to talk about he's earned the trust of his teammates and he's gonna continue to play more as long as we had that trust and I'm just bone on examines what they say in the past and I'm sure junior delay we'll see some action I don't know win but it's going to be a matter when Gregg Williams thinks that he's ready to put him in many years in the -- sat. Yet -- shut -- you know 01 encouraging thing you going against Claussen a rookie quarterback but it. You know you know going that -- Carolina game we only had three sacks. Well at least you know able to get three sacks -- -- you know Sedrick Ellis now three for the season as some young had a sack. Malcolm Jing tennis sacks and has -- been blitz packages trying to confuse the quarterback so I'd almost be shot this week the considering who you face and a quarterback with the Cardinals and I Kurt Warner. That we don't have at least three sacks and now more 345. We wish we should go to -- and considering. The opponent and who we going to do it right you know max hall means no Kamal we -- -- -- on mass and max almost far Jimmy Graham because we go to break I think would said that Jimmy Graham. Is that injury memory is on a roll. And he what was that a high ankle sprain there right in the pre season yet and then all of a sudden the whole progression to get where. You can play on that level in the contribute an actual game but yet he's been activated now he's getting easily be put a -- into the mix. But right now I mean the way Jeremy Shockey has played. -- -- -- shock he's been as games was against the Falcons and the Saints uniform now he had those two drops but the guy does not drop when the ball is David Thomas. And that's clutch and so Jimmy Graham is gonna get opportunities but he's not a dilemma right now we Shockey are David Thomas. -- and that is Bobby bending ability at this is sports talk you're listening to WW. Alright by me bad Deke Bellavia through 601878. Nathan into all of these Nate thank you for calling. Here you got they. Right Nathan. I think. The but it's considered. He moved over them because -- while without -- work number one in an NC number two overall. You know whether -- go either way we do win and what they're so we have waited as a blow up to -- are accountable -- a lot of the other as to Buffy you know. No they do what's impressive about the Steelers and not too many teams can do this not only. The united utilizing their sagging car -- -- -- down there at third and fourth string quarterback and still winning I don't think too many teams can do that. That shows you how well balanced they are as a team. They work it was stated that aluminum. In group about -- -- sources say they have. Sloppy numbers because you do toward that day and -- -- legacy that is you know there goes like running back now. He's swap some of the -- -- qualified. Let people -- of the oval or. Yeah native but you know famous -- nine is moving chief. Parents are very areas it -- in this -- any -- -- ran the ball a bright you know his body this bottom line is you can't fumble. -- that Jim what made our way and ban all -- is fourth start you're listening to WW.