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Oct 6, 2010|

Bobby and Deke take your calls on Saints and LSU football

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome back to the final out of sports -- well Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia. 7 o'clock tonight this week's edition of the -- my house show atomic took will be with you are on the night she. Coming up this hours the -- of FL network will be with a Jeff Lambeau the BWO dot com columnists and sports director -- and network. And Saints defensive back is some like young. As in a week five of the regular season and National Football League NFC and AFC we -- preteens in on the Saints in a -- and then number in the NFC. And her Randy Moss how to -- elevate the Vikings offense now to 601870. 86688908. Sent it to the -- ago Bobby to a Mickey in metric may make it thank you for calling WW. I don't think -- you know Bobby I'm. What do think in his let smile got so much talent or offense and try to use you're trying to get. The ball to everybody. Is that abuse and you know just a -- You know. Like whoever got the hot hand right -- don't know like. Over Orlando he got he's got how horribly he got -- greatly. And he's strong and he is saying to me like he's -- you know these guys are pro you know Japanese in the next. You know -- you know he's we don't have a Drew Brees. Spread the ball around everybody. You know it he's got the start using. The hot receivers Bobby right. While not only the hot receivers I think one thing they got going forum. As far as on offense in the way he runs the football was -- Steven Ridley who made in the SEC. Almost a 112 yards a game. You know you could you could all play out brilliantly I don't know you can argue making that okay you'd like this he shepherded the ball -- but. As far as hot receiver I don't know if -- -- point 21 mean -- ran attempted but. Test all of has been nothing but inconsistent policies all he has to treat drops every game. I mean is that was not long guided -- can -- a lot -- Go to -- V you know market wants the ball America you want to you're right that doesn't mean -- -- -- got so much talent and the eight you know. This season you don't get a lot. United tried. Spread the ball around again you know to make everybody happy. You know. Well. Bigger tries to spread the ball around in -- you know make everyone happy. You better have a quarterback has those capabilities. About the -- everyone involved would still be productive. Where'd -- -- doing them to be doing it -- I don't know are spread the ball around on offense somehow some notes and around last week the graduate but has the ball at a better rate but. And those first four games on the Duke with a spray in the ball. And that indeed I needed Baylor Q was when it -- -- -- and BO work on a team of try to run the football and they be in basically. Really really really. Yeah and and he unite NC at times this should be more accurately. Had 22 carries against Tennessee averaged five point six yards. I carry so you know I'm dissing you can't just say okay we gonna run the ball no matter what no. But when all's said and done I think he should have 25 to thirty carries. Because the you know he looks as the North Carolina game truss fact -- not lane and on the turf and you running hard. And so given more opportunities in obvious he's tough to build the pass the ball you know and he had eight or nine in a box. Trying to stop the run that. We'll see what they'd do against Florida but they have to deal to -- and have success the world NFL network. Steve -- who joins us now Steve thank you so much for the time we -- appreciated. What's going on. It. Doing good Steve and Steve Babineaux let off talk about the the first time -- -- nine years that the here. Number of them undefeated team which is one as a pared down this quickly. Going into week five in low behold it's the unsuspecting Kansas City Chiefs with so. He can't -- we are gonna debate on Wednesday at. But I guess the -- it it takes even more you know credence to the statement that it is very difficult to win each week in the national football. Absolutely. That's about it this year. One -- One you like the Packers in the Saints. That we're that we expect -- they're just. -- you really don't walk away at it is so maybe the Ravens and Jets rank category but. You know hearing you right yet and I don't know. Why. Why but it you know it's widespread -- -- Georgia teams. At -- -- yet. Yeah and -- Steve look at the Falcons next opponent the Cleveland Browns look look how well that they've played I mean I'm not saying that I'll mention take care of business but. -- things like that have -- there's less have Nazi look up pitiful. The bills have been the look how well even -- defeat daring games did Detroit lines. You look at the Cleveland Browns -- you looking where the Rams are right now. It just say I -- my. I don't disagree I don't agree on eighteen play well I think we got it -- you know after the game. You saw Carolina a great week for week five in the desperate team. Plate that's even like -- just -- so he might opt out the wayside but it's yes. You know you're just don't know the quarterback change -- outrage over -- school Arizona. It's so weird weird. Seen sort of what it -- it because he some of the great players playing at the -- replay itself. It's it's good job I think what next -- what we support. For the team really starts. It hey we're the team -- And Steve Logan international scale now obviously -- -- Randy Moss. All of a sudden you know -- thought maybe you played out this season and he no longer be in a Patriots uniform. Any history that -- Vikings I mean I know Brett favre's been on that bandwagon. To play when Randy Moss ever says he's been. -- -- when you look when you look back when when par was with the Packers in -- -- the Vikings. So he finally got his wish you think something positive -- come out of that. And because you're -- and -- it's in the right -- than you think Randy Moss can make a difference and help the passing attack would par. Immediately popular in exchange on Monday -- -- jet. It is not injured feeling that -- -- -- else -- -- 89 people in the box Scott Peterson. In -- -- our guys presidential it is receiver receiver. Should it go. So apparently it out you that that stretch the field a couple sit back and all that being in the hash marks. It will open up the game just present -- world. It changed things. So actually his absence. We're -- with -- I don't like the basic offense and buying just without them I'm not social. Well there that was -- They're eating -- ought to play because they'll let you know -- stop the big play from -- that would not help but not at about -- to the ball. A couple of guys a lot opposition in doing literature into. Steve found his Gurode break a Saints and Cardinals are you liked the black and go and the Cardinals match -- and. I think new orleans' Sugar Bowl I think -- -- -- he's either office. You got them back. And really start to click you know they've got the injury. And defensively. Station -- other nick picked -- I think there's a couple big complaint against a rookie -- let's not trying to run the ball Arizona's got issues. This is the week for toilet so really puts things together feel much better about itself. -- wise of FL network and take out his great working nfl.com. Steve always a pleasure thank you for having us out. All right coming back he's Bobby band Deke Bellavia this is sports talk you're listening to WW. And welcome back -- indicate he came -- the bad guy and he ability back to the phones. We go game and let's go to Gonzales. For Kevin Kevin thank you for calling. And he can buy it on the season. I am awfully good job ma the big deal and japs and huge about not blame them anymore I mean that I. It's -- looking forward to it now. Pain he was so confused at the end of the game. It is beyond unbelievable. Confuse. It and it would seem like it -- Iraq it was -- -- apply. In the right Ridley had a apple commercial and let's go into it to jail and I mean he shouldn't hold the placed a rod wasn't and the the game -- Well Kevin you know what I upon ironic -- and I saw this snaps. He actually lined up behind the garden. -- US city behind this and but that Kevin but that being said -- still -- -- aren't as he brings something that it table as far as and you -- switch you know I'm I'm about a series it too because I think. You have to give you know Jerry -- opportunity right now. You know consider trying to pass the football and how well we brought it with Steven Ridley you know throughout the season as the that he can utilize him it's sometime in the gain. To keep his interest in got -- and maybe gimmick Buick replace and look at that. 83 yard touchdown run I mean that that was pretty impressive I mean. Yeah -- exactly a change of pace wasn't that the longest touchdown run in -- is -- quarterback. 830 yeah. For some reason you know I don't know where -- read that -- why am I think in that. But I think in my head into the -- it some saying yeah I think it was along with LSU history side big change of pace. That definitely going -- -- as quarterback at the go to it would have been a runner followed her top. Right in recent years so mean. And get zone. Groove policy option -- so much. On that record. It's the do you have an opinion on that that that I would say probably coach -- -- but don't want to know I think that I don't like about that play -- and I'm old school option guy going back to severe and -- on days. I know and I ran the option and come on I can run nowhere near. Georgia Iverson on though was one Dublin football but I actually had three games are Rand Paul 100 yards. Now what help I had Joe Delaney at tailback in this had benefit Hebert and their run and Delaney he was a rookie the year with the Kansas City Chiefs. But you gotta go downhill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where's Tammy Jarvis is like trying to avoid contact string in and out and awaited the event is and how fast the almost from the get go the I don't know you did you for me and -- -- supposed to run option. And it I mean there aren't any clubs -- -- -- you and I will come of the option was okay you'd got the fullback. When that didn't always going to get there is no -- blah blah. -- you can rabid bat but to me and I've tonight he stated on the sent you straight down the line down and not unite your finger straight land and cynical group on what did they would have the defense and that's that's an option yes he comes to you pitching EE -- -- instead of the Dakota. Right right you make him commit crimes in the pants -- -- to pay it. You don't let it be fair it's allowed to slow play it -- -- -- string it out and and you get negative yardage ours. A very good play. And an -- even dispute I'm swinging -- they -- -- anything in trying to get outside. But he's still going down it was a quarterback to make the has committed. Back to have found ago Bobby and I let's go to who's -- Can on the West Bank can't thank you for Colin WW yeah. I I'd be by. Quite well. With and it's been benched. Bob did you think that. Minors is over in. Tickets can. He he'd. Think that he's -- I think has kind of and up his professional about it job I think it's water under the bridge he's trying to make the most of his next opportunity. Now the he's -- -- Texans. I don't know to have an album ballclub and out of -- and you have that opportunity with match out you know considering -- great magic shop is goes to be on the quarterback mind -- -- Right right and I'm more patient -- have more patience when urban but I mean I realistically think he's. He's not an amateur then he's -- behind the scenes and you know yeah I just shows right now how value of Kurt Warner. You know was that it offers now they dealing with injuries at the -- receive -- that Anquan bowling order Ravens because I said this last year. If you look now a top to bottom how the Saints receivers contribute if you look at the top to bottom the cardinals' depth with the and a one time. Larry FitzGerald not the best receiver in the league is right behind Andre Johnson and some consider him the best. The and you had and you had Anquan Boldin Steve Breaston those three were probably. The best three in the NFL. In -- and you bring in and out early Doucet. And now you know -- -- -- -- Ravens Breaston and early Doucet is -- injuries. Know that that can hamper our quarterback's success all to a as far as the weapons 'cause. They do not have a tied in. Acted burn the Saints. Very similar to Carolina. Like you've seen in the first three weeks when they're winning is the blanket in Shiancoe. And and you have -- and he was the 49ers and it -- and thousands and thousands no that won't be the case even though -- hurting in the secondary. It and I think they can exploit -- in the passing game considering you're going with an undrafted rookie quarterback and also now. -- the the Cardinals stack up as far as dealing and Indies in the receiving corps -- I think we should Ingrid Williams noses built the Dallas and beat dances. That we should built stuff the Cardinals because as of right now big at their struggling struggling their 31. Right now total offense eighteen running the ball ball on thirtieth passing. So mean you don't buy you gonna get an offense and the bottom release and you'd think he should be alta -- turnovers and you know one point grow plus five. And that turnover ratio we lost the turnover battle last two weeks you know minus two is that now as minus one. You know against you know Carolina but now -- applause too well the corner right now or minus six. And that turnover ratio in you know going to the Carolina game weren't able to create eternal lot of -- is considering Carolina. And given of the fall ball morning is an NFL team with twelve turnovers. Another great opportunity. For the defense two great turnovers this this weekend considering your opponent. 2601 a 78668890. Rates in the coming back to all your calls plus Jeff alama economist at WWL dot com Louise and that we're sports -- it will be with -- -- -- The LSU and Saints towels and welcome back all the KC can -- -- bear I'm Deke Bellavia now we are already two week six of the prep football season this Friday night. It is a monster game I'm -- a monster game -- -- stadium on the best bank where I will be at the old Perry walker charges. And in the car -- each team would just one loss. Have played some of the toughest schedules in the state both hail from the district and both hail from clients for each should be a great would. Welcome all the games -- yet it has sat out reports I'll be at the call opener walker charging game Friday night from seven to 1030. With the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup man I cannot wait to this from the band will be playing in the fans will be into it. It should be a great game between the Cougars. And the talent aspect to the phones. We go dean let's go to food we have a Tom in make -- Tom thank you for calling to BW -- yeah. Thanks to a just wanted to get back -- -- -- parents and make a couple quick comments in your car and Bobby comments back. We generally have sixty plays a game on opens. They need to hit the ball out play makers items. And of Jordan -- change of pace of what he's gonna bring to a -- and football. Why don't we running option with -- a problem on impacts or people can play that position like Paul Shepherd and I'll hang up it was a little comments. All right Tom Tom is a -- -- have Bobby move bring -- -- memo to the conversation. What many people are saying GF. Russell Shepard how come I he has -- had any looks at the quarterback position. The call right now in the middle that he's in the go ahead and now. Stop the progression at wide receiver and rolled back in and at the quarterback position I think it. If you want to reexamine that situation again. Next year then you'd start and -- spring practice but the -- exactly that that big contract with the -- -- bullet Dodgers. Let miles was that at that time about move that Russell Sheppard back. The quarterback and he said that he he came out straight. Straightforward answer from what my -- that that back gonna happen Russell Shepard more comfortable at wide receiver and that's where he'll leave though. You know from the little we solved it of Russell -- just throwing the football around last year when he up first arrived on campus. I don't know if I have -- series questions as far as his arm strength. There's there's no doubt is that dynamic. Player when he got the football and -- and but I think he's best suited at wide receiver worries that right now what would get a few more -- I think he if you would that make -- the -- at wide receiver I don't think people would be saying well. Put Russell Sheppard back there but last couple of games we haven't seen much of Russell. And in Najaf looking at the situation now it's always what every department lately and they going into the Florida game. Would you start generally a quarterback and maybe bring in Jordan Jefferson. Because he can make plays -- his feet at times we've seen that maybe a change of pace in England that direction. That's how I would do it but I would definitely guard apparently. He just don't know what this in the had a blast -- he may want to. Continue it Jordan Jefferson. And alternating series which they did last week. In the game against a Tennessee. Or he may. Decide to go I think inherently more snaps but if I would that coach I think I'd definitely had good terribly out there. Let's be honest with yeah I wouldn't mind. I think in Jarrett -- did you know 95%. Of the snaps and I think the offense functions a little bit better. But then again the way this playbook kids -- development has died a big part of it is the quarterback running the football we know that. Jordan Jefferson much better at that accurately. And in a -- obviously would Jarrett -- it's all about eliminating -- especially going on the road at the swamp. I mean I've only giving as can be crucial that LSU asked to be even if not plus one plus two and a turnover ratio. And then also okay shoot themselves in the foot as far as silly penalties like they did against was Virginia and Tennessee. Let that thing at Florida's going to be trying to. You know win as well that that turnover battle they were negative for that game against Alabama. And Ellis is modest organs Tennessee. Perfect but unfortunately. For Florida today they got beat by -- point five points if you look at the statistics and at Florida Alabama game the gators. Had more total yards. They didn't run the ball more than what Alabama did the pitcher threw it more than now. But the turnovers as what really killed -- minute 41 point second quarter that Alabama and it though. Yeah definitely if -- if -- you can cut down on the turnovers and that. That really was you know what went to get past all the other things that occurred and -- Monday weekly press conference that. The one point that what I'll try to keep coming back to it. Mix in the mistakes that they keep making them put them in positions like they were at the end of the game. Saturday against Tennessee. Here's they would -- -- always -- easy rankings on line WWR dot com and the weakened you have the five things to look forward LSU versus Florida. -- on WW -- Jeff. You know being at the media conference on Monday and and drag him back in the in their kind of peak and and man it's as it cooled off any in the capital city it 'cause that they would it was a you know I think some people private look at it is a syndicate their feelings hurt because that the team they love their program is getting raked over. But man this is our dream to have -- -- yesterday -- -- quote from from the loss and this time all the way to the East Coast to the Atlanta journal constitution that the whole country has been sound off on this how what's the vibe and bad route now that we about a few days out from the game. It -- start to cool off the world big fans and start. You know focus in on the game Saturday against Florida and -- in. What what the next chapter that can be written on this season and has been really unpredictable and whenever you -- that -- he was on its way this you know comfortable victories whether it be. North Carolina even West Virginia. And of course against Tennessee. The game earned. It in the wrong direction -- -- -- but like I think it's called Donald. The you know I don't know what happened ever. Seen or heard about Brett fan base -- more more frustrated. Then the facility fan base was you know the day after game two days after today. I think there's still a lot of questions. A lot of concerns right now with the direction of the program I don't I don't think LSU -- well. Louisiana has lasted so many things and in media at a college football team here -- years ago that. Won a national championship its second in four years together an NFL team that won a Super Bowl. It really seemed to me that. You know Louisiana residents Louisiana citizens they they really wanna be pride for about their football team but that. Hard to do when you have every talking head in every college football called -- in the country. Make it part of what smiled and in what happened in the final seconds and that's not a good it was Burke anybody that's associated with the program from those that. Followed for those that are inside the program for those that covered in the media like. Like me and you get. And end up in a -- going forward you know and I even talked to Tebow above this and about as players and I told him ya gotta get together. You can't warm body any outside influences and and you know you gotta forget about the past -- do good or bad you gotta go far and -- the situation -- 55 and oh. You've gone to Florida and as the approach where you -- so to speak circled the wagons. And I told team opposite if you one of those guys. Our whoever it is Kelvin Sheppard. The leaders on that team you gotta get the players together and and say hey -- week he can still control our destiny. And on me that we can make a differences will be doing the actual football field and that's getting things done know when we go to Gainesville. Well there there's been reports of there was a players only meeting shortly after what happened. At the end of that game against Tennessee and I really think. That the best thing for LSU is to be on the road this Saturday they've spent now the last three weeks in Tiger Stadium. Where they've heard they've heard -- papers. You know and the fans expressing their dissatisfaction with the program I think the best thing for this thing to do was go into. I ballot -- are another stadium like the flop a place that many LSU team they've gone there and come back with defeat to go in there and have that. Attitude of it's us against the world and maybe maybe that will work for the team and I -- interest of the the Collins fired the scene plays. In the first you know really the first corner in the first few series you know where where that intensity level of this team has because. You know the media inactive players about what they think of what miles in the -- that they've been very supportive of what is. You know there have been supportive of their head coach says they should be. But you know -- with the you know how. How they had been awhile when they get on the field and really a lot of people are looking at this is that that is where this seeding goes one way or the other they went against Florida. And you're you're likely headed to. Seven and no when he go to Auburn and a couple of weeks of the -- the Florida that you know maybe we'll start all of the that. Off that steam and then that did this season really goes down into it downhill -- -- -- ammo columnist at WW dot com and the reason that world sports rated yet thank you so much we will talk to you on senator AJ -- you gotta go feed the dogs. And -- If thank you so much. I'm coming back this is sports talking you're listening to WWL AM FM and a -- And welcome back back to the phones we go Bobby gain and it's those two. -- -- -- The egg bowl it Ronald little big -- You do on big blow Iran. I don't -- it's. Gonna come out of contention just. Be that. A trip to we just not sure it's a winnable tournament. And how did it longer and so we. While though in the big picture it is OBO won a lost the game. But you know so -- gonna catch what you if if you not doing things the right way and and you know what I think the effort if if you have a gallant effort on the field as far as you know you players playing hard. You still to have a chance because at a top teams in college football and even in the NFL. To have a chance you gotta be on top -- things mentally. And and to get it done it if you wanna have you know a Manny really winning seasons to come. Object that understand or the public -- it we don't is that -- litigated in the Atlanta game they -- to win. No matter what you get there and you get there. But you know big boy around on this what happens though fans are looking they don't wanna be in a scenario here we go again. Last year they start out five and oh and in we know what happened and he kind of don't want it to be deja Vu and you know that's why their comments is a little shaken. Considering what occurred in the Tennessee game that they said well we've seen that and home his game now we getting into the meat of the schedule -- -- the RAI teams any. No deaths and have an opportunity to do something about it. Decided against Florida. What that that it that it. There isn't an issue Rogge compared to get the sad -- -- debate but I'm they would. And it -- I'd I'd be. No Big Brother big by Ronald ain't no we got fans calling in went on -- -- always on the -- but no. They not pleased has been I've blown -- people write humorous in his neck of the Minnesota game Europe all the things would allow it all up. -- now I know but we will not -- value your answers about the fan base it would companions comes with expectations of because things to come up its image of that three and one it would only for the time they've had as good as publicly below frustrated because -- going fortify their points a game that they wind. Yep big boy around in the day the -- complain about Drew Brees why jewelry season comfortable. He's not on the ball as well as he did last year he's actually completion percentage is better. I mean here he set an NFL record last year over 70%. And then of going to -- his game he was 76 points on the I don't know the exact number now he's over 73% but the perception is. That -- to reason playing as well with the number one scoring offense last year average in 32 point nine points a game. And right now the rot around 218. And not yet and I dig approach it's tough to win an NFL if if you win that's all that counts. But yeah you get -- -- and that you tending to wanna blow a lot of people. But a lot of times I just not the reality of things. 2601878866889. Series and come back to all your calls this is sports talk on WW. The phones we -- Bobby let's go to who do we have. Q any analogies Kenny thank you for calling WW ago. And big -- it's Kelly Kelly I'm sorry Kelly Kelly thank you to the -- I -- yeah -- can make -- make the point that. Other in the past we have had good recruiting classes and you know early in the top of the ranking -- -- agreeing. At some point. That is going to change because. When you have. Yeah great athletes you're ready to make it to -- and actually going you Alabama. -- Kelly Kelly hope all you point they can't change. Today expectation level on the mono money involved is that hey this -- -- -- -- -- going changed because of with colon all that rank him. You need a to point out or you haven't liked what Alex you've been great program but making it very. And they're -- they're gonna have to say well Atlanta. I can -- LSU. And maybe not be shook me quite as well because catching it not is basically in at this time lacking -- -- -- should be checking really well great taking and a great program. That that's that's a great -- lot of people feel you do Kelly and people have that fear and you know Kelly that's a great point but they got it -- is look at Tebow situation. It didn't matter who is coaching and they'll issue. DT Bob was an eagle there. No chance in -- There hasn't online there's no question -- -- -- -- it every every place I think in the end yards tight end you know but when you're talking about like you know when you when you ban and down the Latin Jazz seemed to fight and every year. For a certain player and you might enjoy and you might have I agree player. Come out Louisiana don't have those family ties -- association -- LSU. Had no name and then Andy be recruited by everybody around the country know. That that makes a difference the perception. About and all these kids went in ours could be doing a play the next level that they they give them an education. But he thing and also they have an opportunity to play in the NFL right and they want the best opportunity how though -- coached up by dictators when they coach always draw. Always did when he was at ole miss Tennessee in UNC. A number of guys that that he's recruited the then their mind they wanna be in a situation the best opportunity. To -- coach of the play the next level in the NFL. Well Bobby is -- come down to the -- -- thank Tim Thomas Mike salmon problem about out of time -- -- to the less amount shoot tomorrow night come on out and Jonas sports talk. From four to 8 PM hospice against the crown overall. Of course I think players showed defensive lineman Sedrick Ellis also Bobby goes one on while it is. Saying -- -- quarterback Drew Brees to mining at 530 we'll visit with Tulane coach Bob Toledo with a green wave had a huge victory. And celebrate homecoming this week against army and have a chance to get over five wanna beat the three into. And continually trade toward a bowl be the first on the coach about the lead to a nexus of less mouse so thanks so much time a black. When they cut him PA if you'd. Snead in the wrong time a -- 98 it's. The ninth simply tummy tuck I'm Deke Bellavia he's the KG canyon Bobby eBay. One really lays on -- -- people.