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Oct 7, 2010|

Deke invites Bob McManaman, Cardinals beat writer for the Arizona Republic, into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to another big -- of sports top featuring the crown hopefuls light Saints play issue coming up. At 6 PM this evening we'll visit with Sedrick Ellis -- that we had it again in a couple of token in -- He was awarded defensive game ball this past weekend's performance in the saints' 1614. Victory. Over the Carolina Panthers -- will be with us out here at hooters on veterans boulevard in Metairie. From six to sit and the year as always -- numbers to get involved the Final Four -- 601870. Our toll free 866889087. At 535. By the Bears his weekly conversation that we think quarterback Drew Brees QB QB. We'll have that for you all instinct radio WWL. Chris again equal finesse and all what took place today and the Saints. Practice at a deficit you know and I drive -- -- birth -- we will be. -- with Christian in the full report on today's practice also continuing looking at today's. Opponent this week's opponent for the Saints. And we'll visit with -- offensive goal of one of the best the game at -- LSU tiger Alan Faneca with the Steelers in in spending some time the Jets now. A member there hasn't caught as he will be with us. At 705. Also filed a Mac -- of the Arizona Republic -- beat writer will be well that's it well. And they will visit with Tulane coach Bob Toledo fresh off acute 1714. Victory. Over Rocco is on the road last week it is called at night the -- or at home this Saturday afternoon in the dome as they take on. The army black knights and the green wave of good to improve their record an enhanced their bowl status without the complete -- coming up at five points. And it will break down LHU and Florida -- in a 7 o'clock now of the Florida times gators beat writer Michael -- will be with having seen you write a pack of eight. Brian -- -- will be with us before we check out. Well this week and two big road game Saints and Arizona about a touchdown favorite. And the Tigers on the road at Florida about a touchdown and and it that's seven and at that is on ago. To the gates eventual thoughts on the game the keys to the game. And the prediction Final Four to 60187. Or toll free 866. 8890. -- in the music satirist and want to. If you have been a father in the sports world of primeau spurt alone time -- broadcast the CBS of course ABC ESPN now. Was speaking at the University of Montana in -- The other day to some journalism classes in order of things that have been most purposes. He said that he thinks professional athletes under a doctor's supervision. Could use steroids to improve. -- Now this is. What he's city is also quoted as saying that though I think under the proper prayer at a doctor's advice they could be used at the professional level. He denied interest there to the college game -- I agree with you think high school level in any when -- was quoted as saying. Here's the truth about steroids they were. So. Throw that out before you votes on Britain must produce a comment today in the imminently America thinks he's -- under. Supervision. Under doctor's supervision. And at the pro level. -- -- -- It could be a positive however a physician who they going to be a quote from here in the article. Gary while -- says that that he was kind of surprised that has the most prevalent make those statements saying that he can quote me wrong -- and they insist there or have a legitimate role in Madison that there -- -- but if abused. He can't have serious consequences yes I think that -- little green of that but that's the most of it -- -- about abuse he sit under a doubt the super it's. So come back would take because Christie Garrett will be with with a full practice report you hear from coach pitch on pay you to vote on the Saints today. -- to report -- -- for you just a few moments looking at the Cardinals entries guys you know participate in practice state those who limited. And same likewise on the saints' Final Four to 601870. Toll free 866. 8890870. Its crown roll call was like Saints players show also brought it back patio jerks and -- -- it's definitely. At 6 PM this evening it will be it. But closer personally visit. With Saints defensive lineman Sedrick Ellis right here on Saints radio this is that you get you -- Fast I don't know 67 we will visit with Saints offensive last. 98 Sedrick Ellis on the ground rove was like -- issue out here -- hooters on out and Jonas. They have -- -- Cedric elements while the black and gold continuing work in preparation for Sunday's 305 kickoff. And that is against the Arizona Cardinals to into ballclub but to gain they were pretty much -- in two games in which they won close victories over the Rams. And oh with the Raiders well command now Saints an opponent here Christie Garrett with today's practice report Christian ID the black. Goal over here in nineteen players at all on the injury report twelve which participated in a full capacity at practice today. -- coach Sean Payton with the injury report from today's practice very similar to yesterday -- -- was full ankle Brees need full. Colston -- was full Randall Gay foot was full. Graham ankle was full. Ivory knee was full -- -- him with his shoulder was fold Zach Strief meaningful. -- toe was full waters hamstring fold Jimmy Wilkerson meaningful. Some -- young squad full and then Roman Harper hamstring was limited -- -- chest limited Shockey knee limited. And here's the players that did not practice at all today on Thursday Reggie Bush regular did not practice Tracy Porter knee. Did not practice Will Smith throwing did not practice appear Thomas. Ankle did not practice. -- -- -- -- But coach Peyton feels pretty good about the possibility of having -- anyone on the field this Sunday in Arizona. He was out there walk through them in I think you know what we have a chance with him. That we didn't win in practice some. Earlier in the week cornerback Tracy Porter. Went down had a knee scope on his lateral meniscus and who could be the possible replacement for number 22 this week won't keep that. Kind of under wraps him in certainly what were were prepared to play all those guys that are up you know women with Tracy being down so. You know you're looking Randall you're looking at Patrick in in Leigh Torrence. Those guys. The -- you mentioned the Cardinals let to a two getting thumped into their losses and winning two. Nail biter -- coach Sean Payton on the -- So when you watch their games you know last week -- wasn't a great example but you know they've they've done a good job of of hanging in there you know I'm in right now. You know when you look at their record. This is a team that this played very well following a loss I don't think at home they've lost a game following a loss that probably they're nine and no. As for the second consecutive week the saint will be facing a rookie signal caller. In the Cardinals quarterback max hall good leader we won a lot of games in college he's very accurate. I think he's very comfortable. -- in the pocket you know there's some similarities. I don't wanna say he went under the radar you know you're each team I'm sure had a number of reports written on him. Coach -- more on max hall listen when you're an undrafted free agent at that position and you make a roster spot there there's. A lot of things that you've done well -- that's been the case for him so you know you see those intangibles. He's a little older than your normal rookie. And that Patrick Robinson with the injuries. In the secondary rookie Patrick Robinson should get more snaps this week coach Payton says he's made some some strides as of late. -- you graded out pretty good you know so he's making improvement you know and and just keeps getting the reps and you know he's he's he's improve not only defensively but in the kicking game is walk. Of course the Saints beat the Cardinals in the divisional round of the playoffs back in January 4514. Coach -- cautioning that these are two entirely different teams they're they're different teams I think that's a little bit of the nature of our league you know the fluid. The transition of of rosters as quickly as it can happen and then you know when you when you have a quarterback like Kurt Warner. You know you don't just. -- that's a guy that's going to be in the Hall of Fame you know so that that isn't this is significant loss. It because so much has been made out of Baton Rouge death from the tiger fans about the Tennessee you know. With the clock gave them their batters on Saturday I have a chance to talk to want former tiger is now with the Saints Randall Gay the quarterback for the Saints and former OC tiger. I had this to say. Actually the first one to say I was frustrated as did so misery now was his game to. But it in a day you know me being in his being in this for live I know sometimes you just things happen they don't go to way you plan to happen. But you gotta work on -- -- better so after I calmed down really thought about it you know house Friday and they we want to games with the undefeated. And gay also says that he bleeds purple eagle threw -- through it can rally a team and it -- parity seems so I really think fancy just you know. Calm down -- this season is still going on and we still have a chance to do -- festive so why. You know yell fire coach right now we still have that until we -- at the same opportunities in about just one and has an attempt to. Why does turn on you team right now so weren't just gone dollar enough to put the team to put the players get out their fight every day and just go away. For complete recap of today's practicing and log onto WWL dot com. The back deal Christian look at -- that now working -- the -- talked to some offensive linemen that we did as well again it's. -- -- If you know excited about moving forward from the best Russian performance but they obviously want to. Build it up even more now and you know look at it what the defense is they've been going to be trying to take some things the way and really a force them even more so trying to pound it football. And -- Johnston can be says that's going to be key to -- -- step in the right direction last week they wanna keep it going this week. That is I mean the other right now there -- averages right around 7273 yards per game in the coming off a team. Then average having that ran the ball -- I was sixth in the league last year in the NFL in rushing yards. That's an area that they want to improve on and they have what's considered to be one of the best if not the best offense line. In the entire league so that's an area that they. Feel like they've gained traction on last week -- -- rushing performance in in -- will get better it's certainly you know Chris ivory and he's a guy that. Looking at too far he has two fumbles but he's also averaging four point two yards a carry handled dealt that provided a little spark for them. Last week that they get it to get healthy and wander back again with Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush I think eventually gonna start to see that Saints offense. Crank out the running game and I think you know one of the better they get in the running game will provide for more explosive plays down the field that were -- so accustomed to seeing out of this office. -- -- coach's show Monday night Chris that we had a chance to spew coached great Williamson Sedrick Ellis who was our guests on the players show success haven't got to the offensive game ball it. Coach Williams on the things -- -- if if the young man stays healthy there's no limit to what he can do. And I think that their coach Peyton was asked about that a couple of -- this week as well Cedric really started to come into his own. He is -- he saw with he had a sack and he's got three on the year is Sacco last week pretty critical juncture of the game he's. Playing the run really well as he does wade is about me he looks really good. As far as you know he's an extra mean looks fast and of course last year he was battled some knee injuries in -- in his rookie year. He had a little bit of a knee injury so I think if you see so ridiculous take everybody in any -- continues to remain healthy I think you'll see a big big year out of. And nutritionist at the can back in the defense -- secondary it's been hit hard over the course them a few weeks. Randall Gay -- coach was asked about that he's gonna start today at the coach Peyton was kind of keep that under wraps but. Are your thoughts on his sick and -- it -- have been beaten up vote -- like the offensive backfield the defense that bag through going through some struggles right now Andrew -- It certainly is the yeah. You know last year though -- upcoming games stay where they without Tracy Porter Jabari Greer they were without for a good sixty -- -- was last year. So it's certainly not anything new and and you know give the Saints credit they been able to manage injuries in the past there one of the one of the better teams in the league of not allowing. To become a factor or an excuse and they get that next man up on -- -- delegates that today that. That -- they're professionals they're in the NFL you never know when you're number's because you have to be ready you get paid to play this game so there's no excuses for -- and I think he'll be able to manage a pretty well. -- that he he got Jabari we're still there Roman Harper. Is coming off that hamstring injury that he missed. They didn't sign safety this week so that kind of tells me that. You know Roman Harper is more than likely go play against the Cardinals and then of course yet Torre supporter but you know -- get a step in there also. Patrick Robinson played 56 snaps against Atlanta and they've played pretty well so I think they're going to be all right. And it Christian to one thing because they've brought up post talked about Theo. Toughness and gains in the National Football League thinking in the route to substitute they've been that it's needy. Close games early on decided it's a small number of points -- -- the points they have been quite a long time and you look at Arizona's team who want to very close games. And it of course they went to their warm clothes just last week alone around here three became our Baltimore eighth at Pittsburgh of course us. And the Falcons both went sixteen to fourteen so if the NFL designed his -- he wants it more closely beginning a lot of close games here the first few weeks of the season. Yes they have and I mean you know it's it's so actually when you go on -- locker yes well the Cardinals are coming off too easily lost 4110. Leads her to buy from coach on Peyton after a loss at home they're nine and oh so it just goes Sharia you know the parity in this league and how -- I think there's. There's more games that have been decided by seven points a lesson in the league so far through the first four weeks and has at any time in the NFL so that just to show you how. How close it out even the playing field is. In the league. All right -- Saints and a reporter Christian Jerry Jones Christian mono with -- -- -- guys for the fans and the pro from Puerto seventy Christian thank you so much -- -- time. -- -- -- Aren't coming up just a moment we'll look at those Arizona Cardinals as last week 41 and losers and San Diego the charges of the top offense. In the National Football League currently the top defense. As well will break him down and later was speak to one of the best in the game offensive linemen at the garden for the Arizona Cardinals Alan Faneca what's known -- give his take on his new team its first Hewitt Arizona. And the challenges they face Sunday as they host to the New Orleans Saints at 67 at night if the crown -- course might -- -- show we will visit. With Sedrick Ellis right here at hooters on veterans boulevard in -- W video news time it is 430. It is time for first news which anybody. Thank you -- for -- with a headline fatal blow. Checked every authorities say the body found in the back of a burned out hard this week found on the lake front is that of renewed -- this. A 52 year old resident of Slidell. Investigators are still trying to figure out what's at the car on fire sheriff's officials say. They are treating the woman -- as a homicide until we get evidence to the contrary. A day before it issues its September jobs report the Labor Department has issued two other reports the show companies. Are laid off fewer workers in advertising more job openings but economists say the numbers also show employers are not ramped up -- fast enough. To reduce the unemployment rate which right now stands at nine point 6%. A government investigator says 250 dollar stimulus payments lots of them intended for Social Security recipients of federal retirees were instead sent to thousands of people who. Didn't qualify and it would be thousands of people who were either dead or in prison. What are traffic -- and after the latest from Wall Street. This is The Wall Street Journal report on Bruce -- stocks closed mostly lower today on nervousness over tomorrow's jobs report from the Labor Department the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nineteen points closing at 10100948. The NASDAQ Composite gained three points the S&P 500 fell nearly two. Well sparkle advisers market strategist Scott mark Cooley -- says traders want to know what reaction the Fed will take to tomorrow's employment report. Either tomorrow as a bad enough number that it gives the green light of the bad or if they QB -- substantially better number than expected then kind of puts the bat and a quandary. Volume is light again today with just three point eight billion shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange shares of American Airlines parent company AMR Rose seven cents to 628 today American receive regulatory approval to fly between Los Angeles and Shanghai China beginning in April. This is The Wall Street Journal report. Dusty have you always -- 432 in the forecast. Bit warmer today he's probably knows still chilly tonight forties on the nor short fifties south -- late. Mid eighties through the weekend we'll have a slight warming trend and a little bit more -- a little bit more muggy but. It's going to be sunny through Sunday with no chance of rain. I'm about right now 83 degrees sunny at the international airport and here it's 85 in Slidell. -- Yeah get a -- transit. And definitely I tip your maturity that are -- reports of -- slowdowns as you make your way through the Titanic -- split area coming off the east -- -- connection beyond that we are looking at your -- away from the parish one after the -- you exit to the West -- connection solid -- -- from -- remains -- -- -- you won't reach the danced before -- corporate unselfish player you high -- the -- stretching back to the sixty -- -- -- span of the causeway continue to move well for the link to the North Shore. This weekend starts at New Orleans originally got great stuff and and -- That's traffic I -- Robinson and have a traffic typical -- six -- info. It's WWL sports talk featuring the Crown -- and course like players show live from hooters on veterans in Metairie. Brought Dubai Crown Royal and Coors -- also by patio drugs on veterans in Metairie. And -- Jewelers in Vanderbilt. Let's hear it who dat nation Bible -- 2601870. Or 8668890. Late seventy. And welcome back. We're at hooters to crown royal -- like Saints players show from 6 to 7 this evening will be -- with Sedrick Ellis the Saints who hit the road Sunday. To take on the Arizona Cardinals who ought to into office that a welcome him Bob -- the man of the Arizona Republic is -- beat writer. Bob thank you so much for -- we appreciate the time. -- Bob two close wins the boat club at Saint Louis who is so I think a much better than people keeping credit for at this point in time seventeen to thirteen. And in the second win was a 2423. Victory. Overlook the Oakland Raiders but in between those two -- too lopsided losses to Atlanta in San Diego. In Iran a reason I -- we look on the outside say about that those scenic road Atlanta on or go to clubs in Oakland and Saint Louis. I think it should take don't know why that is fair game between two close wins into losses that we're. Pretty much out of reach. Now all the not a good team right now that's that's putting it mildly but they can easily be known for Tuesday they had to stop Samper to. Strong upper hand that the Rams again and and had a huge defensive game. Down the stretch to keep that from happening in the genachowski mr. gimme field goal as the clock ran out that should've you know from the way it so. You know two and two looks pretty good. When you think about it that they should -- -- going -- and are we gonna lose this week to essentially no question about. Bob what you look at this ballclub obviously the quarterback situation now comes out there and this and go back to -- land a year ago. A future Hall of -- Kurt Warner and leaving it. And now max hall at great career at BYU. Thus he thought the young man with a pedigree but I. EV EED your thoughts on why coach Whisenhunt has gone with different quarterbacks so quickly and maybe those guys. About time format doing what he wants him to do. Always a situation where max hall gives him the best chance to win wise he. Haven't is so quick -- there was a 34 quarterbacks in less than a year. Well dirt there's just to get the job done. Now they've tried different things they've change some of the game plan in the scheme that try to get him to a comfort level level he's still couldn't do about looked -- Not forget they're they're missing that are second and third received. Hospital having awful well but you Britons were. The reduce that's for. The gallery -- FitzGerald to double -- up -- pretty much take the passing game awaits this thing. You have picked up off within my power from the -- well she doesn't get a lot of catches on his absence on his way it's just. They need to be changed and it and the question was. Now why. -- why not mean a couple of more computer connection and a you know. Maybe -- -- his -- spark maybe. It is weak division. That the Cardinals play and it went to. I think we could say you would you would think the service she there battered Seattle and that Lieberman ran it right -- right -- -- better but they with -- -- a you know or maybe you could. Pressure law school that also change here. Arms I would like to departure of veteran quarterback via trade. That at any cost right now pedestal -- you -- -- -- undrafted rookie five games and the that we don't want to -- Cardinals beat writer of the Arizona Republic Bob Mack the Kansas Michigan Saints at Arizona Sunday at 305 kickoff coverage south of the Mediterranean Sunday here. All the Saints radio W Tokyo Bob my expectations are higher than normal in Arizona because with the team has done the last couple years when -- division. In making this who vote for years ago and in the division around it through all of its may issue but what the losses of the gavlak occurred long and Anquan Boldin. Karlos Dansby is among other players. Did -- expect that to -- expect him to continue to to have their playoff. How Ron like they have what they figured maybe those -- some heat he figures that -- -- -- take time to replace those guys. Bombing lose war you just don't replace apparently the music they try to do with a good. They thought victor Anderson would would provide some competition to wire. Mullah. Cook flatly no human after action shot or not it was a I'm still not sure if that was more -- accomplish. They don't want anything but perhaps the biggest law so I think defensively they were able to replace love as the and FitzGerald -- -- does that mean. Open -- that apple is can't afford to -- two receivers that much money it's basically you know we like percent payroll. Well but I don't report that brought it Kerry Rhodes I think it upgraded victory over -- -- The -- -- of those of rookie linebacker. Look there there's no doubt that this guy's spot. I -- I thought the defense would be. Much -- -- it has been a horrible I thought the quarterback situation. Or more running game. What about -- we'll keep this team beat me about it seven maybe even -- six -- schedule effectiveness but it's not happening right now. And bako will be speaking native now -- -- what a great twelve office and line Alan Faneca how has his transition be in his Beantown with the Steelers Jets and now in Arizona. Tony wise back has been a disappointment and it's -- path blocked -- that which are you getting beat. -- this team is is just telling itself because to throw the ball poorly worded it and he -- and the differences that they've made changes along the line was pretty solid. On it and some guys on the blog for anecdote about would be huge improvement that you will be from the chemistry standpoint now on the road but right now it it mentioned. He has not with the that if you do that was the society can you could play a lot better. The Jets what this guy ago let's not forget I mean they. Obviously saw drop off production. I want I think he can pull out of that -- pretty good but replace a quarterback. Or consistent game plan. To work with what works I think it's going to be different problem. Bob back in vanity Arizona Republic called the red are about who's getting more -- and Arizona Republic right now the Cardinals or Arizona university wildcats ultimately though. -- sun -- training camp pretty oh it's not designed to get all he got it when it's -- right now. Bob Arizona is at home where they've had a -- -- at home game for them. They are seven and a half point underdogs what does Arizona have to do in order to have a chance to hang around -- you win this game -- you'll. Now looking -- who got to step up and I hope that he can expect the world a lot of -- college first and a false start. -- I don't think the coach I think he just wants to manage the soft parents. Beanie wells' complaining about is double B -- when he wants the ball a lot more than what -- these questions in the calling. That could be it is also beefed -- that the motivate that team and and I'll -- look and see him do it. -- more touches a lot earlier in the game. WNS you know the applause a lot of you know power works and I want us to max -- could do for the defense is going to be the story they can stop that -- -- Bob McNamee ankle with the Cardinals a fully Arizona Republic Bob thank you so much but don't as we appreciate enjoy the game on Sunday. Aren't thank you very much all right Saints and Cardinals Sunday coverage was thought and 11 AM first take. With former saint offensive lineman Steve court. In every area with the common essence that if the countdown to kickoff with the -- if anybody -- followed by game day crew -- at -- -- five Christian here hope you guys on. And the voice in the sink him anticipated the Saints. At the Cardinals Sunday turned down a sound exit sort of Saints radio WW. And welcome back. We'll get Drew Brees and Bobby -- -- the conversation QB QB takes place at 5:35. PM. It is evening six to seven out here -- hooters on veterans boulevard in Metairie. Our special -- Saints player is Saints defensive lineman. Sedrick Ellis Saints a seven point plus favorite on the road at Arizona on Sunday the Tigers a seven and a half point underdogs at Florida. He was your predictions are keys to the game the Tigers at Florida. And the the Saints at the cardinals' Final Four to 601870. Or toll free. 8668890870. And in -- Major League Baseball right now it looks like that the Texas Rangers or on their way to 820. Lead over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays is right now it is sixth is zero in favor of the Texas Rangers and then school is in the bottom of the ninth inning right there of course last night history being made -- and therefore Rolen have a day. Coming going to be throwing a no hitter there last night in the victory over the Cincinnati Reds. And just the second one in post season history of us but now lost the -- the perfect game. In -- 56 World Series and the Phillies of one to zero over the -- it later -- the Yankees look forward to zero lead over. The Minnesota Twins to six to four victory last night by the Bronx bombers and maybe it's Minnesota. And tonight the other. In LPS series gets under way as the San Francisco Giants taking on. Bobby Cox -- Atlanta Braves in his final season. He's trying to do expect that to the World Series event with a place that I instantly out on the left coast as the ace for the Giants Edmonds can go to the -- For do you -- -- San Francisco Giants this Final Four to 60 wait 7866. 8890870. And tomorrow night it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football -- Friday night -- Saturday's college of -- of course is the black and gold we have a clue for you. A battle of two point one team that district battle could be deciding the district chance to tomorrow night experiment stadium as the in the -- Cougars once beaten by the fifth ranked team game plans -- -- the Saint Paul -- Taking on don't want the whole pair Walcott Chargers who have -- on the bit long loss was to the eighth ranked team at 58 the -- -- tiger so we will have all that action for you all reports across the state. And it's a very good games went west yet and he -- we have. Look to inhibit Cox and many other ones we'll have all the scheduled tomorrow night it's the -- typical prep football round -- Right here on W you know county down coming up at 6 o'clock tonight will be busy with Sedrick Ellis right here or Saints radio -- to who -- Angelos and the ability. All of a homer to New Orleans Saints in the LSU by tiger enjoy listening to WWL. You know clearly that these are two different teams and you know it seems like almost three years ago we played him in the playoffs it's it's been. For awhile then. If there's there's a transition whenever you change out -- quarterback position and there's a number of different players on their roster much like there is with ours right now so. You know when when they haven't turned the ball over they played well in the wins and when they turn the ball over. And no different than us you know it's you know kept them from having the success they want so. There's you know a lot of veteran players on that team that won a lot of games you know when you look at coach Whisenhunt it's you know his track record what they've done -- team that's won that division. And been at the top of that division now on the last few years so. But certainly there's there are new players then. Then in the playoff game in and that's something that you pay attention to him -- you try to look at the things that you think you get against. Your own team you know what will they try to do. If they start young quarterback or they're playing Derek Anderson you know all those all those things will come and play. And it's Saints coach Sean Payton they're breaking down community outlook on the next opponent the Arizona Cardinals and max hall will be -- -- quarterback undrafted rookie. Out of BYU in today's Arizona injury report the defensive linemen Alan Branch. Wasn't limited today at practice he is nursing a shoulder injury a defensive being Katie in the -- Is the limits of the day of practice he has a knee injury Paris Lenon the linebacker. So three defenders right there. That we're only a limited basis safety Matt -- had an ankle injury he could not participate in practice today. And wide receiver is open -- -- participate if you heard earlier we spoke with. Bob -- the man they're hurting at receiver Steve Breaston. And early Doucet wolf receivers nursing -- in the entry instead -- -- you -- participate in today's practice. What's in recapping the Saints in Korea practice front as far as the all players though who will fool today with the exception of safety. Roman Harper. Who was that a limited basis safety Pierson Prioleau who is nursing a -- injury was on a limited basis. Exciting Jeremy Shockey -- -- -- in the entry was also on the with the bases the following players. Did not participate in practice they of course Reggie Bush cornerback Tracy Porter. Defensive end will Smith and running back Pierre Thomas Final Four to six so. 1870 toll free 8668890. Rate simply is on the but it you know while we visit with Saints defensive lineman Sedrick Ellis in the sixth to -- And o'clock hours at 530. At 530 for the next hour it's QB QB -- -- it was one along with Saints quarterback. Drew Brees and their two losses Arizona on third down conversion here by the talk about this the coaches how it's important for their offense is off to keep things going. And a defense to get off the field. Against Atlanta they were all for eight on third down -- -- -- San Diego for a -- so we've just two losses to Arizona for a twenty. On third down conversion that would certainly be key. In the game on Sunday in the Saints didn't get off the field to put more pressure all the caught a defense that is struggling. Coming off given up 41 points it was against the Falcons and also affordable points. It was last week against the San Diego Chargers sort of two losses they've given up 82. And just scored -- seventeenth -- also about it is tedious and difficult for want a seven of them last week to San Diego 41 the team. Coming back. Bobby Witt will be was who have -- -- no question of the day to thank coach Bob Toledo. And the green waver -- taking on army this week in itself on the team comes in one of the top teams in the nation in scoring and rushing the football political field by his big victory. Over roughness and keep going toward the Saints and the call fight here on Saints radio you're listening to -- you if you.