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Bob Toledo, Drew Brees

Oct 7, 2010|

Deke and Bobby go QB to QB with Saints QB Drew Brees. Deke also invites Tulane football Coach Bob Toledo into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two of sports talk next sowerby if that would Saints defensive lineman Sedrick Ellis this week's edition. Of the crown -- course like saint play issue out here at hooters on veterans boulevard. In a -- coming up later in this hour to an -- to Bob Toledo -- to the radio the way for itself a 1714. Victory. Over Rutgers on Saturday last week up. In New Jersey in the way come home for homecoming Saturday taking on the on the black knights also. The coming up at the bottom now by Peta goes -- along with the quarterback Drew Brees and 7 o'clock now continue talking about. The Saints next opponent the Arizona Cardinals in. Offensive guard him one of the best in the Vicki Allen D'Amico would Jonas is he's a member of the Cardinals offensive line. Also LSU taking on Florida's Saturday October it was thought at 1 PM will be -- goal for the goal in -- -- at all about B -- myself clip from one until 430. Exit I tended to 66 goal is below -- to come on now see this as of right now LSU Florida Michael -- in the Florida times. -- -- speed right he will be with us and they will visit with senior writer type of late -- Brian as a marketing -- predictions on. The games coming up this week -- Saints a touchdown plus favorite over the Cardinals and the tacos about a seven and put on the go at Florida. Who win those games and alive 504260. Donate seventy. Or toll free 86688. The rates and for the latest day Saints -- coverage blow on the WWL dot com -- communicate McCain. Bad behavior for a few moments and a Bobby look at it Arizona ballclub that is a starting a rookie quarterback it. In the two wins by being outscored their opponents combined 41 to 36 very close wins 1713 over the Rams in programs team. In an unspeakable Bob McNamee and last hour. A you know win over Oakland with Sebastian Janikowski had made up fifty plus -- -- -- but missed a short one. They it's open 24 point three but it it two losses Bobby. 41 points scored by the Falcons 41 points scored by the Chargers outscored 8217. And come back and those two games is that you like to point out third down for their offense. Just a combined four of twenty for those will be key for the Saints kick off the field on third down and it's gonna put some pressure. On a struggling defense that's giving up 82 points and it to at all. Every cheap this thing should be -- to have success against. Struggling Cardinals right now both offensively and defensively if you look. Right now with 31 and and an -- points allow. In college he could see you know what they did against the -- in the short and now they toward giving them 29 point five points a game. -- things lead Anna -- you know basically 32 points a game last year work they're like two touchdown lead and that right now also. What we used to seeing this Saints fan but -- -- I think giving it back to form. Obviously. You have to look at the turnovers and that's what I have to report that I think. You know bill real to multiple ball again this Cardinals team and and -- you know they -- a rookie quarterback max a lot of BYU. Maybe not your normal rookie you know he's 25 years would be so he's not. You know back just French art colleges the you know you're about twenty to 22 years -- -- -- be expected. You know the plate and you look at offensively the Cardinals. They are struggling I mean -- 29 in and it fell. And they had you know be tied for the league lead in thirteen giveaways they keep it should be able and a great journal -- there's exhorting its young quarterback. The state type effect in the league right now given up fifteen sacks sort allow we seem to read Eagles season. You don't have and so we're averaging 1517. Sacks so I mean in the same position themselves in the -- nobody going on the road it is the NFL. But. The Saints to meet should easily you know cover the point spurt when is getting. And it's a squeeze and called the change in Houston on I want James thank you for calling it WW TO. Right in. These. Pay. Taught in yesterday -- -- Palermo thought you guys but I don't need to watch out Russell Shepard played two years of high school on. And that depth we have an art and but. Haven't aren't or does it matter -- -- -- and hide who they get sort of coach from out JaMarcus Russell could throw it ninety art. I'm telling you it's -- were both the poke ball being able to reach deep at night they well. Obviously you'd throw the football human -- but not they can act that we have ability to be -- Where you can understand concepts attack in the deep end. Keep people -- entry with either party past you know that quarterback group. -- knowing -- article would the political ball and then -- actress. She's at -- and at conception and make it so enamored by a guy coming out of hi Lou Beckett so unbelievable. Could mean he can make please what is the Indians actually reading -- deep it is. When he had to this Sony Open pocket Nike to design plays outside the pocket and apple one and into read. But the UK is right on -- -- all the time you have to go out the throat in the pocket and read defense. Well Bobby yeah they had -- yeah. A -- book report just stay on -- in and also at that things camera smart yet. He knows where to go out by now she's not utilized him in the pocket on. Enough I agree with that you know it is being need to you know number team doctors palace professional utilized the -- ticket great athlete like Sheppard and -- now. To me. You know there's no reason why he shouldn't you know -- -- more on the hopeful that it in the wildcat. The running back you look at which part camp I mean it is unbelievable -- you know also. You know in the wide receiving Nolan got like got tickets -- the ball lodges don't know that's purely. You know like I'll leave the quarterbacks -- guys that McCain there -- achieve. But I think he has been developed go to the next level. Need to develop board -- department type player with our Ahmard it would person arc floor. -- body -- out for the email question of the day. -- -- -- Comes from Dunn and damning news is this -- to face -- a rookie quarterbacks in max hall expect to see some things. Of the things the fans like in -- -- -- -- rookies Matt -- and All Saints. Yeah they defeated Spain type of packages and but did you know. Coach what is gonna make it up a lot of times that you can confuse the young quarterback in seeing some of that also against Claussen. We Carolina -- -- -- -- usually a bullet. And and he thinks he has the analysts cited just. And it -- does that put apology dropout and you put guys in -- who may be only you know bring in three I mean this thank you mean this that it is Brett Favre. He always trying to confuse the quarterback whether they think it's a blitz or not are you know you disguising coverages. And then also accused all parts of blindness or at their pretensions who'd actually dominant it was drop that. So little been is going to be basic according its faculty definitely -- try to force him -- mistakes. I would penalties needed them. Aren't cheap out yeah. Talked to throughout -- is the Titans get ready go to bill all right. -- event they got to pick it up next to my ankle to Bob Toledo -- to the radio -- right here on WW. Thanks to playing briefly in the Brady no nothing at this week's game and take on the office black knights of of -- set up the big word. This week kid. Anthony beat seventeen to fourteen road win over rough -- of land sent me to my coach Bob Toledo checks to the radio little coach Leo thank you so much for the time congratulations on it when. Well thanks a commitment beyond. Coach how is how is that played rat backed him now what would you tell the team coach yet to come off the field and locker room. Well personally need a plane to combat that it was apparent at. -- I didn't feel in my he had Romo early -- honorable man you know they've worked hard. And now it you know little into the got to believe -- can -- in the -- expect to win. And then you gotta put things behind him it's like play you know good play tactically you know focused on the next one and put this behind -- to -- -- enjoy the the victory for the weekend. And no Monday practice were talking about arming and about Rutgers. Coach noted you know and talk about that and -- -- back on on that rook who's game the defense they're playing stellar and that one. And then of course you get the big play late tickets seventeen to seven lead what what was the mindset of the ballclub they give -- close on the road before you head leads. And that you have a chance there we've got a good team at home now back to hand over the mindset than it was at that hey guys let's get out and finish this thing. Yeah like it was basically you know and that's we talked about a Friday night we sit you know. We play the entire game about sixty minutes and we gotta finish this game could be. We had a chance a week before against Houston that. Or maybe humans and we didn't finish the game and -- and scored two quick touchdowns Austin made it look worse than it was so our whole thing was we're gonna play sixty minutes -- And finishes thing in you know real credit to our defense -- really great evil one big plays all game. And on the second play of the game and so relevant cave in -- that likely made lord of the cup yours ago we fought back in in in the win that football game. -- Bob Toledo his own space against green wave coming up but this week. As they would take on it. The army black Knight it's homecoming 2002 it to my office seventeen to fourteen victory. This past week over a raucous coach you talk about that the fans and their overall. You talked about that -- into the season how you had to do a better job protecting the football only one game coach look at the numbers. Where you'd beat the tempo about I was Houston it was to get southeast and on a plus VATICAN so mason plus one against ruckus. It over although you look last week just three penalties coach for you -- club. And the defense came with four sacks and no that's gotta be supplement or -- all the time but especially when you're going wrote. You don't wanna help that the other team was -- -- and I noticed that Fabio. Right now -- the thing you're beat before winning game be eager to keep from losing that in the one on the things that we do in this game. That you mentioned yeah -- it repayment nine. We get that one time and set -- times. We have internal weren't intercepted a pass in our kicking game was really good so you know I. I'm very proud of the fact that you know we we today we're gonna go in this -- we play as ours we can't we're not gonna beat ourselves and you -- if you look at our team right now we've got more turnovers more -- more tackles for loss and we can all laugh at these so our defense again is coming up they make life up big plays at the end and then offensively we you know we've got to score more points in Munich thinking you keep from being there. And -- -- you don't look at it -- defense to talk about him a year ago this time of the with the first four games to give a 440 man points in the first forties here 102. Yeah averaging given a 25 point five the issue relates to coach. A 37 points a game that's a difference of eleven point seven points a game you've given up less than that defense has improved a lot over the course of a year. Whether original question I think Steve standard defense coordinator depth and a great job or. Our our players have bought into the program. You know wanted to second year Kristi being the coordinator. And they you know you look at it actually Houston at the past and ran back on them points to so he'd take yet. -- away and you take -- that one long 91 yard run against Rutgers. We're playing really good defense on pleased with though were doing. On that side of the ball we we get a -- of the swagger right now on course we got a big talent analyst with the army's offense this week. Tulane coach Bob Toledo was a special can still leave. -- into the game on Saturday against the army black knights to thirty kickoff in the Louisiana Superdome where -- home cover offence occurs -- out see the way. At pushed open gives the army black knights coach army as a -- that this continues that does what they do best and highest scoring team thirty point six points a game. 32 and they are our ball halted that. Defense coach specialties Palestinians. -- a turnover department through four games -- that's pretty salty that you know that a protected the ball victim of both supports this week. Well you're right be -- and they've been very impressive you know Leah. They have not had an interception all beaten and then they have not turn the ball the last three games and as you mentioned the -- thirty points could actually scored on point -- -- -- point six coral a year. They've really -- offense leader -- run a lot of the which own context but also kind of like the Delaware wing T some distractions. Men. Defense plea there on that they'll legal -- which is something we never see either so no way to get a game plan for that and they're they're pretty salty you know it. They that they make you work for immediate need they keep the ball for 35 minutes in seventy Clinton as opposed to a point five minutes 55 that -- so when you have when you have the -- -- Medicaid so this week in and he sent to gitmo we have makes big plays to get some get them off rhythm. Coach you told the team that they it is celebrate that on arrived home may give back to work the weather being good I'm sure has been a little more bouts of everybody stepped on campus this week. That the focus on -- these weak team like this ballclub is that good practice. And they're -- take on a team and I've been in this situation before come off a big victory you're facing a good Auburn team coach. If it's -- that your your by the team about you say this is 2010 that was a few seasons ago. Absolutely he -- so that we can all relate back to NC remember way you know -- The last few years would be soon soon course come off nice wins not quite as nice as rector -- but. But doing it and go on again as a program experienced that and so. They know from talking about it cities you forget about the last scheme focus on the next one. Could it be keep talking about the last one you won't win the next one and so. Our maturity is really showed during practice we've been great practices. And hopefully you play alone up we went there. Coach Bob Toledo Tulane green wave at home Saturday 1030 kick off. As they take on on the black -- it is homecoming 2010 for the -- coach thank you so what's good luck this week at its own. Actually our right to -- coach Bob you know you know not to homecoming at the -- this week at the -- now collect. And welcome back to -- radio it's time now for the QB to QB I believe it goes one mall with Saints quarterback Drew Brees is brought to buy. The great employees of Crosby tugs in -- NO in French market coffee follow your passion. Drew thank you so much for joining us big victory for the black and gold and drew is us get a chance to talk about -- in Buick in each and every day he says -- and -- A win in the National Football League is much harder than people think and I think that's evident by now in a week full we only have one undefeated team that's Kansas City. -- it's they are there are and ever seen so far more mature. The more that they gave up. So we actually probably can you know although you know we are. Very fired or probably -- the ball pretty. You know it's actually easier to look back after aware. At the film and say hey you know we needed to be collected. Were still able aware that we do enough things right -- -- but. The flu or they'll be at championship level again we -- do -- inspects. Drew look at all -- and he's now an NFL and you know that never can be excused to campus are via -- if you look at how are running backs how we've been decimated and you look at a defense in the secondary. And then but looking at those injuries are where you had held the lies that. It looks like on that long interference penalty when you threw a ball to Meachem that you took a -- shot high and low. But you've got up and I know -- dealing with -- you need to was aching but it weary yet right now going into the Cardinals game in Phoenix. Pretty good I really do. Obviously. A much better this week limited last week after the Atlantic. Which is what Cutler got banged -- but. You know I was a sort of make great progress. I feel really good obviously. You know our team just you know or does it -- -- there you know it is sorted like that would make excuses and in all cases you know that's where I'm young guys really get their opportunities turn to step up and -- playing time. You know give more roll you know -- in the office for the defense and that's what I think you had a lot of dollars and you know we obviously the quarterback position -- that came into. That job that it could -- -- your defense we are two years ago that this week -- you know also. I just. That's been boulevard remote -- that's. Such great teams do. Speaking of Ledell Betts out here you can see this season veteran that he is. He had thirteen carries 47 tough yards and then also in the passing game four receptions 23 yards he had that one. Eight yards where you know he basically ran over you know to the -- has -- same like -- knee injury is -- into way to cuts. He was making that. You know what I look at vets that are trying you know tell fans. And and they have to realize as a quarterback you like guys in there that -- knowing that mentally they know what they doing on top but things. And the perfect example is -- like he was on top but things what is. Pass protection assignments and enable you to have that extra time to get the ball often and not tell people. Now let's when you are running back and they'd come and asked you that that blocked. -- Wendy and expected to pass protect is just important as any offensive lineman or even when the -- in staying in. There's no question there is factor -- -- It's tough. Typically what you did probably not give an -- probably. If you say that you know there's there's a lot of all. You know that position you know because. -- linebacker or at the incident but in this match all of -- sudden. When they're going up against maybe a lot about her I didn't and so to have those guys step that it blocked. You know those type guys in blitz situation since you don't know who to block in the and that block them it is a big deal -- that's what they were built that pleasure are great player could be better order it guys that are -- Though they run the ball you know great physical nature and although and that way birdies or Eagles who brought it to block of you know where -- are she's great stretch in. Although backfield and get positive yards. Andrew I didn't realize this until it actually occurred. You look at a points per quarter. There were able to attain -- first points in the second quarter and a first readings were outscored. A 23 to zero not you know -- fans as ball nearly got the number one scoring offense and a one scoring team. In the NFL 32 point nine points a game. Right now we're right at twenty points is it just in case. And you look at the red zone where will want for five or lashes Selig would have been four for five we've been able to drive the football that is just a matter. I'm not having those turnovers that then all of a sudden you have and 2730 points a game in particular and his game is Selig that's who would've occurred. Yeah no doubt I thought there. This last game against Carolina was thirty point game you know as far as our formal offer where we played well about. Scored thirty -- you know you into bad about when he what you. Look at the total -- you know -- -- double fault but one yard line he'll go it is and so what that first goal the war -- like to -- we would have got that report there. And then. -- -- The net very next driver to drive later be -- ball as we are entering her belt so we're at least -- feel older. Let's start imports and then you know that last drive if there was a step that we had it. Not fight -- made a little bit better Baltimore Colts so you know that's fourteen more port of -- sixteen at thirty points the first points against that defense. Illustrated south but if there ever could be -- and thought we played well he's such an approach. Look at that -- you spread the way out -- different receivers involved. Look at Jeremy Shockey had six receptions 58 yards. I know he had a -- drugs and David Thomas five catches -- mean he's catching the ball extremely well. 42 yards out the fan base that backs me. When is Jimmy Graham gimme more utilized in the passing game. I know that the situation regain -- 31 yet you hand them the ball a reverse he gained three yards. And -- first down. Visiting -- that maybe Jimmy Graham was a little behind considering in training camp and pre season he's doing an injury and that he will. Be caught up to speed of going forward in games to come. I'll bet or yeah yeah he missed about three weeks -- training camp and start just let them back. No neither are out forgot who I feel like you seem to get more walk -- any stage you know with the offensive -- -- -- They'll continue to expand that role so. Yeah definitely see him get opportunities you thought more up the journey is as we look forward. QB QB Bobby Dave van Drew -- going one on one here on century you. Drew is still away from the x.s and o.s and -- you and your family obviously big talks this community in the Brees dream foundation and Bobby and the copilot to stumble look on visa championship medallions -- you guys and with. It's a fluid nearly it would -- the Saints food leak inside of a big for only in -- got. Pieces of the field that you guys were on when you beat the Minnesota Vikings and portions of this go to Brees foundation this is -- this is pretty neat Bob and you know we give a lot of things the way drew well they don't give these -- no match and I'm actually get nowhere again today with the. It's a good look at me obviously everybody in the all of Columbia would be the market -- they took -- to a whole other level. When you talk about basically a piece of the Super Bowl turf. So our Super Bowl season inside of them of in the barriers it all the feet pretty pretty neat about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also another great cause you still -- get those superdome seats and. Yeah definitely true mr. -- are proud you are all autograph five by me. They're just. Olympic yet. The very way to. Repeat history. Forcible street and then also raise money for a ovation. Drew you know when you look across the landscape of sports in any any sporting level it once or some teams deal would increase it to stand -- -- in May be -- detrimental but. This ballclub has dealt with injuries since O six and now their coach Payton on tenure. And it's like okay guys are expected to step up and coming and it can be productive. How how much of that is predicated on drew the mentality and the focus that you guys put in in the pre season in developing guys who may be a part of this team they weren't last year. But they expected to do the same thing regardless of their role he got to step and you gotta make place. Yeah it's. Yeah that's why is that a lot of the system that's a lot of extra. -- -- trust in the system and they trust what they're being coached and yeah -- you're pretty young players that you develop and you know. There's. At this level you know have a -- 53 guys. All that active roster and really going into the game 46 guys stretched out you know they one guy goes or to restrict -- that all of a sudden. You don't expect guys. -- secure playing that otherwise might not happened yet they've got to be mentally ready mentally prepared all. All -- all those things they learn from training camp and throughout the week. You know listening to coaching and everything else because you just mean we all say it all the -- you're you're one snap away you're one step away from. -- -- -- -- -- Small role on the team all of a sudden being a starter and you've got to be reading your expected to step -- be able to do the job. You know that -- starter. I think this that's when you find a lot of these. You know in gyms -- really young guys that just. If you're not quite sure what you have until all of a sudden. They're thrust starting role and then they give you battling now that in themselves starter they are starter and so they -- future got I think we've got a lot of a lot of our starters well our main stage you know our guys that got those opportunities you know in the -- We get those opportunities and and guys step and I'm not a million dollar decided a ball but. A Theriot as you observe in the game and how it's unfolding and you thing god I don't want Casey to average chance -- a game winning K because that guy he doesn't miss. Yet to be proud of of -- some young considering. Where he was on the depth chart -- considering going to this game. And then all of -- and coming up what their big tackle against follow four yard loss wanted to best running backs. In the National Football League yet to be a product of him stepping up and coming up with a big point. Extremely proud of our W. Are open but for the day were seen. Seve -- he can doubt. Period world you know. You're he told guys out there put in the position where maybe they have it. They are so we can that position you know so but but they've got a drawback on the coaching in the instinctive. All credit to make that way all on. Second barrel on the you know really not about field goal range and that allowed the fact that this further first that they'll arrange. It's huge over there -- game changer. You know going forward and and obviously when you look at the numbers include training Coach Williams emphasizes this. That if you're on the plus side now the last two weeks you know remind -- -- as the Falcons minus one against Carolina. That if we are on the plus side and it's like almost she came loose if you have this formula time of possession was almost two to one. Third down efficiency and has given them at the highest level was a defense whatever you -- your opponent 3232%. They were four of twelve. You were few of these service in on third down conversions and that's always get -- done. And then you know just looking at total plays there with a controlled the temple. So if you win those battles I mean and you don't give the game away would turn over his I mean you're almost guaranteed two win in this league. Your you have -- are why we we talked about -- number so much. Just because. If you just look at the percentages you know you could just be more in the turnover ratio. -- -- 70% of its I think everybody likes so because if you win 70% of your games. Then -- the playoffs every year and have a chance in order championships so. That's that's the most important statistic in -- start talking about you know -- situation football expert let's -- efficiency and -- some other things but. You know turnovers is always part of normal. Roy if -- we're now a look at and Arizona Cardinals on defense. Avoids insurers things like now. You know bottom line is they're not all on board is still in -- and and as US obviously. But look at that total defense right now there's 29 at their 38 against the run given up a hundred could be five. Yards per game so what have you seen on film compared to when you've played him a -- called the playoffs last year. And how often does an outstanding against their defense -- the name is Carlos calls then do what you seen on film. As is as far as him being one of the leaders and a defense. And -- why do you think the overall struggling so far. So all the other they lost Karlos Dansby and then Pro Bowl in order. And -- safety position so two good players but. -- just saying when you look at them they're outfit group. I think like Carolina. They've been put some really bad situations so far this season you know there there -- to throw the ball over quite a bit. Right minus six right now on the journal originally -- it. It out on the field a lot and -- -- They played some pretty good offenses do you know that with the Falcons they've played the Chargers. Problems so -- your although they were -- I think I don't read that they like they're that spoke well but but I. They. -- very well. -- That we could that we that's -- welfare because what they have that pretty good they always -- got exposed. -- -- your belt right we -- -- for. At Saints quarterback Drew Brees QB QB Drew Brees and Bobby beyond Saints radio brought to by the great employees of Crosby causing -- and -- And French market coffee follow your passion drew thank you so much good look at you and the black and gold this Sunday at Arizona. Reporter all right Saints quarterback Drew Brees here on century ago.