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Saints Players Show with Saints Defensive Tackle Sedrick Ellis

Oct 7, 2010|

The Big Chief Deke Bellavia takes you inside the radio huddle for another installment of the Saints Players Show with Saints Defensive Tackle Sedrick Ellis.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to another issue head -- of course tonight our All Saints players surely don't think radio that you -- UAL. AM at Sam and dot com are. Special guest this week say if it's an elaborate Sedrick Ellis given -- round of applause possession but I don't -- thank you for coming out. All right let's keep this could sit through the taking care right here again it is Mike on the real -- -- instead they're gonna. Would only is that. Ago it's typically -- -- -- just the moment it's sitting out there go to -- accidentally Evans who is set it first of all congratulations on three wants stuff this year. Thank you meant -- February because listen good football also. That -- good income. Said Vick dog Coach Williams was on were -- -- talk about your performance in the getting a game ball what was it like getting out there with the team -- on a Wednesday. You get the -- that's of the guys -- I could call the thought of the next week if they kind of about the game balls. Right at. Would typically is in the media after the game that we on Mondays and give give out the game bosses players and you know. Did exceptionally well at any given game so allows horse enough to -- has some good players. Post articles. If you have a question specific about the defense so the upcoming opponent to Arizona Cardinals viable for. 2601870. Or toll free 866889. He writes having all the numbers game on your tickets go on. Was Saints defensive linemen so ridiculous you think radio if you give yeah. Didn't look at the first three games this season close contest the black goal -- three it wanted to. Eighty feel the difference because of -- -- this point to have -- those -- been made about well you know we've got used to blow people -- -- -- these -- -- this -- what -- it does feel like when you look at it as they would if the wind the win. Well that's the bottom line right you know. A win is a win dome. Things about what happened exactly same as they happen less you know the brand New Year's you know about you've got moved around about these different. Very New Year's can expect for the same as the comb the same way they came -- as long to get the wins you know. -- that the. But we didn't we have rain it's here last week and I think some more people -- thought and it's just quote bait was necessary and here. I was made about well the Saints won't be the talk it's on them back in bicycle become -- -- chance. He's at the way it is every week in advance of football league of erased trying to beat down and revive that event that you guys with the bull creek it's because you come off a championship but. It's to me like keep you gotta play all out every week the bonus because I saw at the top of the plate or when the game. What I think I think you're right. When you when it's happy it's about I think there after even more because everybody in the league wants to be weren't you weren't in the last season so. They can knock you -- -- you know that kind of gives them the idea that that you know they can win a championship also so. You know. It technical. It said it would you when you look at the thought the season with defense certainly how much more comfortable on the gas and there because we have but going that you're too. With his scheme and and no more by the nuances of what he wants you guys to do it vice Versa compared to maybe eight years. -- -- -- -- You know you must of -- as an example I'm I'm a lot more comfortable this year you know. I know I'll look small things that he wants to do the defense both -- where you might have Nomo Borowski. But you know just it's his in this game you know it is a big deal so every -- that you -- helps. Let's go to the phones he had request specific 5042601878668890. -- -- The parts to with a great great thank you for calling you always Sedrick Ellis on that -- do -- -- I don't separate them. Look crap like congratulate job on winning the game volunteer efforts and a game against the Panthers. Com. You obviously years here and have a lot going. However it it appears that the team has lost to -- arc and it may not be across the board. But it it is this something you all the cut. And -- it is where you'll going to rectified and I understand that this is that the years the different teams different had built. And it's it is the new year but but it's just that look like this saying continuity is there. And passed -- and have them. I think. Well. I think that the spark is still there what that would look good and myself and my teammates know it looks like we're having a lot of fun out there. Plant people's office to ask -- teams know we had a huge game. Hospitals team's offices that you when they need to click and our defense is playing well. Obama I don't believe there's anything like a prior anything. That that's wrong you know we just had a few close attention -- -- lot of season left. So you don't know how those games are gonna go and though my -- before or you know -- does that B 31 that's that's a great record that. -- degree you know we different levels high school college and pro -- well see yeah. Defense off it's out -- but you know in the pro level from when you played has who commented that now. What goes on articles -- he hasn't how look. Don't all of a sudden they in the National Football League compared to -- to the college program will would actually have -- new. Arm is not a grant -- -- kind of like punches them I'd rather than a loose ball with the -- of them but like on the on the policy they give us and they attack on 23 offensively I don't topic with. He's like okay maybe you know was -- some rough going on on the day and I. I think at this it's both because -- -- -- give up on it actually didn't W plant. It's it's pretty funny because when you can salute -- the NFL you play against. Other players that you may have played with in college you know and so you know you kind of it's funny play right familiar with the senators were for Carolina and I played with him for years at USC running we were we're teammates. At Basel in between plays and in the at the bottom of problems that we're kind of talking about. Oh times a college you know stuff he's doing massive so. -- apparently you planned. Are probably if I don't know the other original plot you must do. Right right against out there as it is going back -- that inning against you you he had no plans with the some good battles colleagues. The way you about the quickest guys in the pros and maybe don't battles and come up. Lingered opened the professional enough. Carried over yet. Something like that goons. I don't have a -- -- Like that -- I have a had a a battle that it started. You know since I've been in the in the league and that's what that Joseph from from Tampa Bay you know thousand -- that kind of you know went to be out. There's a double team you don't -- many workable -- -- -- you they just you know double -- me the whole game Bryant has that -- that they do with you that know now. But oh over you know over a couple of years in the league meet him got to go at every time puzzle that we played Tampa and act and have adjusted to them. So at after the Arizona game repeat you people who have grown -- guys go to Tampa. Oh yeah home while most definitely have a conference game -- -- -- that we. We're visiting with -- Sedrick Ellis it's because Mike -- are All Saints players throughout your food to got a question specific you don't mind -- viable way to -- -- wanna accept the toll free 8668890. Into February Tampa look back towards African -- round two. The University of Southern California being attractive about the Saints. The top part of the 2008 draft and also looking at this Sunday's opponent the Arizona Cardinals. You don't allow access to its Final Four to 60 when he. The Who have right now I don't think players right here -- just this. Play action. -- And welcome -- Crown Royal coach by saying -- so that. Payroll we have this night great crowd out here at home losing to him there tonight the Sixers have a -- up close and personal with the Saints play this week. The first time in operational we have Sedrick Ellis thirteen tackles on the season and that with -- -- three Zach. Duke campaign. Pacific if you got a question for Cedric could be better equipped to compete he picked up and give you a -- com. All you can call with the Final Four to 60. When he sympathy toll free 86680. -- he rates in the consider this is a question you come from -- in home when you consider it. What are you -- you seen -- differently against offenses that is allowed -- to have three sacks already in these you know these. But I just think you so you know you get this game. A sort of you know people say that this slows down where you -- I think that's kind of what's up -- for myself on a desire to see these -- they're out there on the field. It's kind of getting back the hell was there -- college where you know you -- There everything's moving slower you kind of settlement is also. I just think that's what it is you know get -- older in the league and though. But to slow down -- to make a -- divorces that. -- -- guys out is a call and listen places Saints is scout for me as an organization he sees you know. Good defense that tackles you're on -- look at the numbers could you can have a great defensive tackle and he -- in tackles -- game four seconds is all about his production. Freed up those lap back as you know put present with a precedent -- you know I haven't sanctity of pressure -- quarterback is that. -- kind of mentality yet they could have -- -- because they were you look at the big numbers offensive. Offensive lavandera -- credit almost seems like it's your defense to -- the same way. Well it's like that a lot of ways some games -- don't have one or two tackles but I have to take abilities and linebackers that they can flow freely ball game in and do what they need to do. Also is if it goes both ways sometimes I have have big games where I'd make a lot of you know a lot of production which you can see. Some games after that as you can see a moment as far as -- -- -- quarterbacks become just that you get over quarterback at any kind of way down here -- do you don't project well. You know that's that's good for your defense. Zednik covered what was it was -- -- befits -- Blaylock -- defensive line doesn't you can analyze these I think he's he's -- about one of my favorites guys that you kind of I don't know -- -- -- -- -- but maybe postpone the -- look at -- -- six. Maybe had his Jersey -- -- Well. There were actually two players. I loved the way that -- -- -- -- Williams and the mind you know he was a total -- the with the way he uses blow by people. Well but I looked more steps attitude the way that the way they entered himself on the soon please let that. I'll just look will be so if apply at Xavier combination of those two players the -- that -- Now you around coach those are on here it is -- -- you can see he's around -- course of running my program for many years. If you haven't picked his brain about war maybe work into the when he -- physical. That was it I hate seeing him we have Miami. -- defense that Russell man Jerome brown who wants it because had a wrong of solid if you defensive line. On that. That they I think I get the most is is nobody has -- -- -- warn that things the best he's at the tackle. The yardage go to -- minor those things that to tackle and he plays like he. Home and I took that some of that in apply it to my game also alone and peca Cotto -- Those. I think you had a big influence on on that because. Just way that he coaches as players you know the guy is always yell and scream and run and around. So even if you don't like him as a close to our RF as a person he constantly keeps the motor going and it's so in the way that those players went. 504 to six so whopping seventy or toll free 8668890. Minutes it usually. We Saints offensive line itself together as -- -- -- and I answered the questions feel free. Who's who -- that -- If you look at it this ballclub since the coach -- came in here and -- sixth and all you spoke on luck there obviously but could do -- the success you've had him winning the a look at the offensive line and a defense I've been thinking about it the other. How much as the team. Success of geriatrics out think who would you call it -- you. Face -- those guys on a daily basis is based in training camp or so wouldn't you know -- crime and so -- Knee you'd better and hit by persons -- debate debate about it and they Theo received. A home. First vote sold -- -- it will individually. You know are read you know he's he's a great guard and I wrote great equipment and oh my gosh another huge guy but they're good on their feet you know at least enhancement will. And so it makes it difficult because you have one of the other you have a light guy. Who you know it it's. -- little walruses that the are you have a big guy who could be with. But we have a rare companies in both. With our two guards and that I doubt they go back to bring to the penalty you know he. Is that where they need to go it. And I I think he has been told him -- Nichols on all of them off of the muscle with mostly got together and there are doing. It's now offensive mind -- hit against you it's gone on I think the guys that. In I think at practice you know you talk about it was it's with -- credit but especially since Coach Williams. You could do CBP it needs it and believe it needs to -- him you picked up all about taste all the way down the field much -- those. -- risk if you guys have because I've also -- training camp. With we'll leave -- and we that he believes that he hears this stuff and I mean we just sat there watching it. It's -- he suffered an NFC the repetition -- got a piece of the if you got Alfonseca what you on the field. Well he is as much as I think it's much players hate to -- -- we are creatures of you know and with somebody -- themselves up over and over and over and over and over again you gotta have those two guys but the visibly. You know six of the your brain so. It. He knows that you know. I don't think -- you must visit because you'll you know god of the team wanted to win at that we have good quality you know character guys that I think when he was it is. You know us -- -- and defense because Rick Williams. I think golf audience -- out of that there was the question is the first was so. My I think they've hit him close Payton and beat -- That was a great job is with the team. -- banquet -- -- -- into if you think it's it extra special hot down you know always hot hot. Like what you would you would you would -- it's the outfit do you have Paul can't get ready for the regular season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dogs -- there. -- I hear it I have seen it all that is my times rather hear that it is the California -- like it it is not a California. The humidity easier mixes you know kind of like they have -- -- wet towel over your over your face right -- -- you know played football also. That that definitely take some getting used to. But after -- -- you know this but there you kind of used to it kind of -- -- so it doesn't bother me anymore but whoever's got your California. It's an adjustment -- different approach him. -- Visiting with -- defensive elaborate Sedrick Ellis Final Four to 60 what a seventy toll free 86688. -- -- entity. Coming back to all your calls and always Sedrick Ellis -- Deke Bellavia second. When receivers for. -- in short center. The big city. -- sixth. And gets to stay -- back we have the same defense. Pick out those rules I crown promising players throughout the recruit -- there there tonight from six to seven. Have a question specific -- on -- at 504260. Wait seventy. Toll free 86689. To move him. City beat Spain in the last week for the defense that you've got a veteran if you will pick it ran -- -- gently -- -- Already it rains it boy huge tackle -- by Osama you know you know one -- one situations. With great tackles and of course is that it puts those guys back. Beat beat Spain who will have a confidence that you that the incident you know I don't like that going to practice and it right terrorism. Yes that's -- Season there was allows basal though the though the great tackle by by some of these advocates. But -- that. I asked the whole game right there so on who was without that have little doubt that that you know we had to it was a bad few yards. That they can make that Google and I think of the resembles. Let's take a look back go back felicity can quickly focused on -- C on Pacific go. Common enough went to Q we beat you he would need to football and an early early age it was it knows who would consider it was -- have a chance for. Well actually out to be applicable for all American -- -- pop Warner's you know they have wins in those things I've never played football until. My club we have -- flex -- so. -- so used to -- -- -- into the Orioles go Yahoo! lawsuit rank. Out of motivated and wanted to yet. I'm confident you look at -- all the plays on -- -- -- it's -- that. Added added that got to -- it and go -- what you think about all the difference politically related to you -- -- plays football it's it's crazy but you know a lot of times. Parents don't want to plan with with their kids with that -- -- updates though -- sense that it. I guess the derby let. Actually had never played football really so you know at least equal or whatever but I have an -- -- -- maybe. Myself I think my efforts here. Did you play other sports it. If you like you took -- a little while I I. I've wrestled for a little bit undoubtedly -- to my so went those those two months -- to Muslims. I'm used -- -- -- -- now we I don't want to executive and president get up the other veteran wrestler but the book that would be in great conditions. I gave up on -- wrestling. Football football after my first year I'd love to do a column to -- quick and it was great so. Half I don't know where it's been good. Business was -- Gammons is he's thinking on Arizona Sunday at 305. Outings and ended October thoughts and having -- -- first take. Cabinets since the court here a century you -- -- -- to let's fast forward. Too high school Pacific hated oh your defense to tackle and outside the zone read somewhere where you it was shown yardage situations you play fullback that correct. High school yeah that's that's actually what -- and in college at the number according. And revised but I had a bad that -- my whole playing career Bryant slide it wide wanted to -- the reason why has that number with the accurately fullback on goal line situations Stanton into a positive for him and they -- -- of Ireland. I had a forty out of 49 I got ideas there you go and -- -- -- -- does that tell us. They've given how they were going to be -- that's we defense is not somebody they put your. It's fullback you're you're driving up game was lucky to carry the ball in. Well it'll it was cool because. I have the mentality of these that the players -- Before they would come at him I would go hit him you know that the coast of the next start as a joke and and I guess you know -- -- -- We can really stressed that right and that's glad I did it and has whatever got us who have come into the -- and -- it was someone that. SA could get no you have. Good passion for working now and lifting weights and I know we'll continue to stores that you received the how does how does that had to Iraq about I was reading -- believe it was on line. Where they sit it that your father -- equated the blue while for you started working out if you really want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. I get out of Moses I don't know how true it is but you know there's. They they say if you live -- -- in the Specter growth yanks though by my -- emblem in the with them you know yelled at. What way to fourteen with a sports you know opening. And so you know I'd go to my whole life I'm always goes you know -- -- work out right my father you know. So he. You know I guess that's sports -- I complimented exit with them Ortiz though Ortiz though that you think they need to -- let's go. But he took me to the -- my first time working out and after I could've been my arms race. For at least there's four days after working out this guy you know work I -- purpose he -- me so hard that could you know full story -- it you know of -- -- And you know he was that had me every. And ever since then out with that to myself that would be dumb stuff -- -- you know the same treatment. So I'm still working on that last argument. It was a threat that's been let them they -- give that. Hey exit ticket and you get -- records at at Southern California to coach -- -- -- that -- program. And now we've -- -- you know what's overlooked though it. A curious he had to go back so big I don't -- for you because what you Haiti kind of hit over a course that you kind of massive dose of the blue but as soon. Well at the we have that Chris Carlisle I think Nicholas Carlisle what with our of obstacles there has to go to you know yet assists in the name date. And you know these guys you know not to be you know and get you pumped up votes and so. You know guys -- kind of turned back at him it'd kind of be like the -- you know motivational unite the but then so one day you know that's what -- took him back before you today. You know he says -- While to go over there and pick of the when they and the way he's reassess that went over it and did it. So our civil you know the guys he's bigger -- Bill Self. Yeah him being funny Eagles orders the bigger dump bill right you know then. That's the and I came there there was like Hughes -- but I killed those two so you really get along opponent. Throughout ethnicity heavy -- and specific. With some you go back keep in touch with the keep you close to the program I think you see. How much those -- -- use of -- electricity down that -- of what it takes a full. Plus applicable. Actually go pick them up to take him as -- lance implausible billionaires don't I don't as duplicitous -- blacks as a go as they -- for -- right right that's of particular. How much is that if it's the in the weight room and explosion. According to make it to what what you guys -- out of a field through a -- go through a rift in the weight room powerfully you know whatever you're -- -- -- -- He UK fan who transferred to -- all right US bonus that lob the ball the ball snapped if that explosive he talked about that's why. There's a lot of bullet hits the now wait used to beat him like he thought invited radio -- it will quiet the fans -- -- now. Media people screaming you face like you do what you want a football through traffic -- that it hits in the parade. Wool I think the biggest thing is is doing things that that transferred to the football so you know. Anybody can you know not a lot of ways to a to a lot of different things but. Doing exercise that some sort of football food is it is what is important and when you have guys on the face yelling that is. Your your minors and the constant chaos though. When you get up there on the field and everybody's overstatement is. That's how like you know you can't count it out because you're so used to write here people who. -- you know that's the reason why Gregg Williams -- go out there on the you know right behind you it in. Yeah -- constantly because he just wants you to get used to be -- a you know you don't social situations though. It's all part of grooming your mind accurately this game you know -- -- this is easy. You know blessing you know getting calls them to adopt the doubles three yards and back at me and I can't hear you know the calls though. Have to get the call from him and it broke my plate directly at the guy for an answer out of make the tackle so. I think every team that team does in this they have bases grooming their players that the right field do. -- on awaits them both young people out there what we have a highly touted if it's of -- here Louisiana's number one rated I would. It in the country and it Johnson you know kids in this that the program what what is who want a consensus that he did you think if they just want you say it. Directly as the ones who say this the when I do what I do that the fifth attack would have to be the best in the weight room -- football. I'll I think I think they have booked a mystery -- -- familiar with the seed but they have a machine -- this caught a hammer machine. And what it is is news events we have some of the things that come down which which have done. But it allows it to extend your hips all the way in -- and slanted most of just like you were coming off the football in a football game. Slot I'd I'd like to use that that that receive a lot because it simulates sanity is getting off the ball. You know so you can use you know separate to fielder -- like you're coming out of the stands and it's almost exactly the other one had a lot of distress because you always have. What have upper body should. To control off of the linemen you know because. You more told him where he says -- blocks and either make tackles and stuff that was so if I had two major went if I had to choose to do public. Busy with things that fits elaborate Sedrick Ellis here who was my crown -- Saints players that could sit there and coming back. What -- the I would because it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Arizona bought Sedrick Ellis and thus pitch against right neo in the crowd role with might -- is true. On Saints radio WA. And well. Right now it's safe because I'm Sedrick Ellis here on the ground -- -- Players coaches -- Saints and Arizona Sunday at the real five you -- that you do you I'd -- Duca away from football when. Is that nice you -- against -- -- read everything Collison the race. Between that come back to working just down what does it it was he he wouldn't that work out specific illnesses that work that I think Woodson didn't like it. On the you know when it went out. During the season don't work and I really don't you know get out much right got tired isn't so did not practice. Alcohol but yesterday as the home of -- I don't know within a total Discovery Channel or something. You know won't watch some Animal Planet you like movies that you have a guy like I don't like the books and the -- like yeah he's at home you know -- QB aggravate it. If you go to the movies that people understand. Phones. You know again if you think Anthony fifteen minutes they did you vote off the quiet moment that. Washington home -- you what would you sit together since you have a favorite. I. Was Donald double double comedy you -- -- -- -- -- -- bowl title might might be one of the funniest movies cause I don't you Lara. All I you that's one of his. But though when that wind when if not he's not all the -- Chicago's you know they it is not be you know late at night and I would open -- -- -- and lots on the and Florida. You know I've got to get around all season my body's not so tire -- -- -- them comfortable -- that. -- But the I took a couple different cars. A -- like -- and my. Bobbled passes those cities election. And I Camaro and -- all of August of I got a few older cars and welcome you know ladies room could be you know that -- six some. -- -- -- divers -- double to build them. They had -- isn't this the week we talk about that you people with those those that their personal. Stance that instant though he is being. Only being nice they were Pacific it was crap now at practice this would you where you went and -- listening that we have here yeah you know the pretty. Well you know. A political got border -- -- action so late given time you can get in my car lose my iPod is probably going to be. Sweet dog doors to -- negotiate it's WA got. He got it when you go out obelisk of god 100 go to Valderrama antagonistic to those. But it sounds you're coming back were ramped -- -- -- thoughts on the Arizona Cardinals team that the Saints based on Sunday if they try to improve to four Antowain. With visiting with Saints defensive -- Pacific ten yards and three there's a -- little. Now how special this -- -- and I. I think this particular Saints taking on the Arizona Sunday at the real -- vote you to the ultimate call those beckons you use the -- -- both -- so why is it that who could be read it. With the fifth. I'm actually. My rookie year here it was it was actually a bit men who fills you with a bit gone bad. Fred -- you know that you'll you won't do. That you your identity gives the last active at that the team Herman. But then after that everybody -- actually need to do it again you know also I somehow has become. My second I guess you know they by default vote by the fall but you know people like it is fun I like to have fun. So yes it is very wrong with some of may have been playing like -- and has three sacks this phone this season for the Blanco was Cedric. Arizona football club looking to close games admitted to -- -- they weren't so close but. Last week if not so well but they have what's close ball games to one run the football high talent -- -- in -- look at it to sample. -- of talent is his weekly defensive front has its Arizona. Blow like he says they they got they got -- good good backs and that the playing again quarterback so we know they'll. We'll probably negative good those -- -- two backs close we've definitely got what I talked this to play the run. I don't know that they got a bit better and oh mine Faneca is probably from like twelve years and -- -- because his six or seven years something supplement that they too. So we have depth gummery played -- just being there again political view will be just bonds. Cano Cedric would you look at those that basement -- -- option to keep the full of quality time for his thoughts off. Any differences in the mindset that I just it's obvious -- -- about. Playing at home versus going on the road against in his home on a couple weeks that you won't -- for two. Right I mean -- that there are there are big difference in the game but. If you're playing well it out that you kind of makes a difference because -- playing well because you know there there there crowding him make the most north of the with the office. Is a make you know plays so I think we get up to the start of defense -- you know it kind of take their crowd of this legalize it. Obviously people we've ruled out here what's with this boom you -- -- like down you you'll. I gotta stay away from BA's. Knew him if -- has passed passed out at all about yeah I gotta live in the BA's. Obviously there was -- that we certainly appreciative of the fans appreciate the play on the field what you've done in New Orleans. Think about it I could look you with the Saints this week addresses and appreciate you guys think I'd assume. Set it I think it put Mike Brown are All Saints players still here on that you just you --