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Oct 8, 2010|

Hokie Gajan and Kristian Garic take your calls on the Saints and LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Friday evening to you and yours welcome into the fans in the pro right here on Saints radio WW LA MFM and dot com. Along with Saints color analyst -- guys John I'm Christie Garrett the phone lines. As always a wide open at 504. 260187. Year toll free 8668890878. I football fans which game as you more on edge for this weekend. The mad hatter and the LSU Tigers down in the -- Or a banged up Saints team heading out to Arizona to face the Arizona Cardinals also -- A vote in the college football polls and the NFL power rankings where would you put LSU in the New Orleans Saints chime in on that. At 504260. 187 your toll free 866889087. American chip for some news from a Saints camp on the injury report from coach Sean Payton. Upper hamstring was limited he'll be questionable. Pearson -- -- chest was limited he'll be questionable. Will Smith groin was limited. He's questionable. Nineteen guys and all on the injury report for the Saints throughout the week. At 120 which that'll got some work full work in practice. Against some of the -- some of the headliners Will Smith. Was limited today he's -- gonna be a game time decision on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals as well Roman Harper. Running back Pierre Thomas is listed as out for Sunday's action we bring in Saints color analyst -- you guys on and not ahead of the gift from the head of the gas for yep that's right. Well -- he's silencing that wouldn't comment that was pretty good drive there you know -- got -- league is Monty exactly right failure perfect for that job you know I've got a degree in Diego from the -- Go on with the Saints first here nineteen guys Saints -- a little banged up namely in the secondary which are supporter being out. But this that team -- that has managed injuries in the past last season as well out -- forget that. They played a number of games last year without Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter and -- -- -- -- now -- with victories in most of those. It's bad I mean Christian in the last few years to me I think they have done a good job as anybody and -- being able to. -- -- pieces of the -- -- defense -- and make it work and it just. I don't know how many you know you lose in the little something out there but I also think to a certain degree that. That that you may be fans that they pushed the panic button habit too much at -- wheels with Britain was limited in practice today. You know. Look it's a brutal game out there and you need to have time to recover and yes as a coaching staff. As fans as the media we want everybody be updated practice every day but it doesn't happen that way so. To me what's more important right now -- these guys get in the wrist that they need to be ready to play on Sunday. If you like Will Smith is not gonna know what to do when Eagles out there or Roman Harper or Pierre Thomas. I think probably. You know that they did. Offensively you probably lose a little bit more AP don't practice just from the standpoint that I think it's a little bit more timing. That's involved in that with the quarterbacks -- your office to Wyman said not blocked and things like that. Defensively is probably a little bit easier just from the standpoint. I know my gap responsibility and -- got to do. But that's not to say that any of its easy but. I certainly don't push to panic button when they tell me that there's nineteen guys on the injury report because. Everybody's banged up this -- year. And the Saints have -- again on a coach -- -- be on offense or defense if you dressed you're gonna apply and bright for this team and they've done a really good job love. Cross training is they call cross training guys it may be please free safety but. In case last week the Cy Young slides -- replaced all say the it comes up with a huge play on in -- running in to stop De'Angelo Williams there on a plate knocking Carolina pretty much out of field goal range there. Anyway that's when you get the sack the next play -- Malcolm Jenkins I mean you know now -- yet they've got no choice but to go hit and go for. The -- -- Robby what downward down attempt I mean -- you don't even senior kicker out there right in as Sami almost Preston Jackson a strong safety because. Roman Harper was out -- -- really down down this week's greens were down down and that. Sami -- slides over traditionally backs -- Malcolm Jenkins at free safety and was gonna play in that game against Carolina in the nickel. But because of the injuries go to their place pretty doggone well so I think it. You know again if you looking for proof that this team can whether or some of the injuries now there are certain players just like any team. That they can't go without you know we all know we all know what Drew Brees -- the offense and so on so forth but -- that said. They can manage some of these guys being out. I must say he's about the only one. Where they can't. Have a replacement in there I mean you know we've seen what David Thomas is done for this team. We've seen what -- on bush fraud did when he had to command last year for Jammal Brown. We've seen when those people. Marcus Colston has been down. Ledell -- last I -- bets at me always guys say they stepped in and -- they do so often -- a little bit special but. Look let's face it and -- like distinctive. He'll be a world beater in Carolina last week and you're not really facing that this weekend so. If there's a -- right now you have injuries now is not a bad time have them because. You gotta stretch of what you -- pretty weak opponent now. I'm just saying that with all due respect to those close based on. Their record right now they're still professional athletes are still some of the best in moral. So -- you can't take them lightly. But it ain't like your face in the stretch right now of New England into errors in Pittsburgh 123 in a row began Pittsburgh down the road right now. Need just finished at Carolina the Arizona this week in the and you get -- Tampa the next week and he come back home for Cleveland so. You've got a little time to get yourself whale but he's those guys in that sank to pull it and still gonna have to watch him perform. Hokies -- defense -- number 42 will be some of the swagger maybe he I would say so I'll have to say so. I think more so. Maybe not in the big plays in May but in the big plays at the saints' defense has given up in that the Malcolm Jenkins has been guilty of let some people get. I mean -- and he might be he might be trying to get ahead of the curve will be it he admitted as much when Jonathan Stewart cup 55 yard touchdown pass today. He says I've -- atop an -- solid -- across the middle the feel I didn't do that was supposed to do I thought I would jump at in trying to make me play. Well what happened to -- play went behind me failed. But he's owning up to it and instead of making excuses. But a Darren Sharper you give that guy the benefit of the doubt by sand. You've seen something you'd jump but if it happens behind in well you know you've made and you made an NFL career. Out of trusting your instincts. It's Ottawa Malcolm Jenkins earlier this week he said there's just some things that he's gonna have to go through being a young player at especially making that transition it's -- it is going to be somethings that. He's gonna have to see. And unfortunately at times he might get burned by Hampton but he's a smart guy and he prop. Burned by rookie quarterback Jimmy Claussen and he he he thought he was taking advantage of -- probably figured wherever Jimmy Claussen that -- going that -- the ball was Golan and you know I can certainly on the -- -- look. Malcolm Jenkins is not a seasoned veteran either try to for the second year so I mean he's gonna have to learn. Those things about watching it in the and trust what he does to make that place so. Yes I do agree with the fact that this thing to do miss Darren Sharper is there's no doubt about that day and if he will bring back. A little something the and that. It's specially. If it's a situation like it was against Carolina that day when you let somebody get deep and you. Sharper not gonna let it happen as often as Malcolm Jenkins has not to this point. And sharper almost seemingly had that knack for. Almost willing a turn over I need a big players need to turn over here and there there was number 42 last year and a -- he can do that again. This year I'm just say I I just think in a certain degree in that backfield that defensive backfield. They dismiss a little swagger well before -- I have to agree with that in Edmonton you know but -- which you bring when your fourteen year NFL veteran right. Which game has you more on edge for this weekend the mad hatter and the LSU Tigers down in the -- for the banged up Saints. Heading out to Arizona to face the cartilage or asking you Final Four to 60. 187 -- toll free 866889087. This is the fans in the pro on WWL. On the back at a fans in the pro here on WWL along with Saints color analyst of these guys on I'm Christian Garrick. Couple phone lines over for a -- Final Four to 60187. -- toll free 866 -- nine. 087 which came -- more on edge for this weekend the mad hatter and the LSU Tigers down in the swat -- to battle the Florida Gators. While it may -- Saints team headed out to Arizona faced the Cardinals who worked two and two's exit three and one. And if he had a vote. And college football polls and the NFL power rankings. Where would you pushed where would you put LSU in the saints' Final Four to 60. 187 -- toll free 866 in 89087. In hokey. He can't answer that question which one as a more on edge and Phelan or it's Golan this this week in the Tigers and in in the gators on the Saints. Out of their zone only no question issues and implore. You not even funny post we haven't had a chance to talk about. Last weekends last Saturday's game them down man who's with the whole clock in in the thirteen men on the field by Tennessee in. You know I think you know last Friday we talk about booing and the Joe Oliva the athletic director for LSU released a statement encouraging fans not to -- Gosh -- it that's what you gotta go through as an LSU fan every time you play in Death Valley yeah I'm gonna boost this let all right even though -- I said that the you know I'd I'd I don't do it myself but I could certainly see where people would -- if that's -- current crap you've got to face everytime you go out there. Yet point six seconds -- and off the clock thereby LSU Tigers now. Granted they got the win -- that. You know I know some fans might say well crucially when he. -- -- that -- if I don't matter at W yeah but I think what's what's disturbing to me is to know. That that happened last year is illness and -- and they haven't corrected it today. And then on top of that. I think he EE got to be concerned with -- okay is it gonna happen again at a crucial juncture and its not gonna work out for. My -- is yes. That it will then -- it's I don't think it's. I don't know I I -- start and I really lose my Lester for Geary curled a lot when he was coaching. At Louisiana Tech and he's a -- not -- you know lots of mania has got bringing something innovative in here enemy machine stole the ball over the lot and put up a lot of yardage on -- at the scene but that's pretty good stuff -- kind of enjoyed seeing that but didn't. -- you're not playing against Tennessee caliber teams every night we -- And now it's the speed on the other side the ball is as Grady you have only operatives had a ball age is not working out and if such mass confusion -- -- I'll -- receivers on the field. In the marina mall than sitting in a bucket tight ends and a guy who's. They basically an offensive lineman hoosiers third tidy and very much like -- to do with the -- -- three when they go on the Jumbo package militant. And you just get always make him -- -- going on off the field kiss. I think it's a little bit too confusing for college kids. And again at that point gain yet point six seconds you know timeouts and if Tennessee can tell. LSU loses that Clinton in there's no there's no question about it and in he had Jarrett -- the ball game than some part of the confusion was getting Jordan Jefferson back on the field the date that's now. Now you're from the two yard I think air by nose in the stadium that that we've got -- -- Georgia and an eight year run in the foot right so some capacity right -- keep Jarrett -- in there. And it could be a roll out to be will play action pass over the middle insult on in all likelihood you're still gonna try to run the football they're from two yards even you've -- run the ball pretty well nagging at. I don't understand if you -- run the football -- not having Jarrett Lee is certainly more than capable of in a ball off -- right Steven Ridley cite again the confusion -- what led the confusion was getting Jordan Jefferson back on the field. Mean I don't know and that we're not trying to -- him bang on -- -- the bottom and he did they did they did get the win but to me it's. I'm seeing the disturbance -- how they're getting the Nazi in the disturbing trend I've seen this before. You know and but it's it's it's just frustrating to phone lines we go Franken mid city year on WWL that frank. Frankly there. Hello hello hi frank is not there move along Debbie in punter to the Ron -- to -- of that -- Yeah and I. -- -- game because every week. You know particularly close ethnic really really an -- -- -- -- the quarterback. An accurate quarterbacks in August then it's really really bad game. -- you're LSU coach less miles who just starting quarterback be this week he -- Jordan Jefferson you agree with them. Really you know. To me what you need to -- and I have -- anyone in the -- the -- quarterback. Content like an accurate and England -- days yet. You gotta traditionally isn't gonna do against Florida. Well. I'm in the teacher NightCall. I -- -- can lose but Florida. I'm really accurate but I'll -- it even on to worry about the game -- They should've called -- 504260187. -- toll free 866889087. In which came as you more on edge for the weekend. The LSU Tigers down in the swamp battling the Florida Gators Horry banged up Saints team heading out to Arizona to face the Cardinals will take your phone calls. On that as well no he'd just heard a Debbie from Potts to a talk about. She is not. Crazy about the quarterback play that's one of the things that has her concern heading into this game for the Tigers against the gators. Wanted -- she also mentioned something about the coaching staff you know made those are legitimate concerns. About look. Florida after that but taken that they took laughing -- Alabama and -- yet they Indian there was a reason they were ranked member number seven in the country. Going to play Alabama. Last week -- mean very good quality football team. But I. I mean I think -- me personally. LSU defense -- gonna have to keep this close that active force turnovers and everything else if -- they can't do that outlook for this to be about the same kind of score that floor. To witness last weekend when they played Alabama 31 to 7316. Game don't like -- LSU defense is gonna have to come up to it now Florida's quarterbacks only been sacked like four time -- this year so you can sit there and say we gotta get after the quarterback -- with. But they do all that. On the -- stuff and they you know they get a wildcat formation -- mean they just drive you crazy with deeper -- responsibilities. LSU had faced anything like that so far this year. And I'll seal -- offense changing. It it's given what as the my frustration is. They have an SEC championship caliber defense possibly possibly a national championship caliber either they have that kind of be what I mean -- if they had an offense -- better office that the play. I mean. A little bit better they look at the Alabama defense and say that there considerably better than L issues and a -- and I really do well but if they had I think. I think it it to me I looked at I think it Alabama -- it's specially. Last Saturday they played a much more quality opponent and what it was you've played so far this year I mean. North Carolina was depleted with guys it was suspended. You know I don't know West Virginians really all that good of a football team after watching that game. After enemy of Vanderbilt Mississippi State -- you know that there's not a whole lot of luster to those two team right there. A look at what Alabama did against Florida -- like. That's pretty darn good and I think that after that but -- that they took. Up there in Tuscaloosa that Florida's and go back down in this home -- Spanish league instantly shoot man. I think the -- out pretty good I really -- much. I hate to say it unless that defense happens to come up with just a phenomenal day you know. 34 sacks. Force about three turnovers for turn over something like that. But I tell you right now Urban Meyer he of preventive say we stop the number 34. And we really -- man or twelfth though the ball downfield and when they do -- intercept it. He sees color analyst -- guys don't wanna get back to the phone lines here and is second in the meantime wanna go to our. Starting quarterback. WBL's devices gonna Phyllis and on the news headlines legend thank you Christian -- 431 with a -- update on the to grow MF from an outcome. The judge ever seen hundreds of lawsuits arising. All right football fans. Which game has you more on edge for this weekend the mad hatter and the LSU Tigers taking on a Florida Gators. -- a swamp or a banged up Saints team heading out to Arizona in the face the cardinals' Final Four to 60. 1870 -- toll free 866 and 89087. Welcome back to the fans in the pro with Saints color analyst will be guys on on Christian -- and -- -- Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee thirty years in the system and they haven't seen them make the strides that you think. They would I should I hadn't seen them do well. Let me put let me put it this way. I -- Jarrett Lee make some strides in last weekend's game I had -- and that's only because it's really the only extended playing time and he's gotten this season. I'm not sitting here trying to. -- did debate of who list -- should starting out I'm just going -- two -- mean whenever I watch a game. On Saturday but who's performing the best and I am at peace he's committed to play in Georgia and this weekend that -- head coach you can do whatever you want but. I'm just I'm not seen the progression Alan Jordan Jefferson and if any thing he's gone downhill from that first start to the head. He when he had to come into that. The bowl game I played a couple of years ago and I mean you really look like boy I mean. They have got something here beat -- thing he's gone downhill in my opinion. WWL that. -- -- -- -- -- You know yeah. -- didn't. -- beyond. And could make appointment number prediction on fumble and an outward signs that we can't build their own. I'll let out. And then consistently consistent -- is it -- but let. -- many years he's been Ellis not not sure about LSU. My Gator hater or a criminal. -- do not like Cellini is in Florida you've been informed that exactly righty you know and negative. I can understand exactly why there -- a lot of fans that don't wanna go to Gainesville have been there. And it's not likely though. Out but it is stated that the quarterback -- Those guys have also been consistently -- Quite what we need to do this try to try to get somebody talking to play and no caught it. The other eloquent more on radio ten minutes. And it end up eight more. What it was say about coach analogy. About having to play call that much time left. And no follow why he made more than ten minutes and -- Marat who made it -- -- Ellis unit out. Now each. You gotta understand Doug -- was a terrific player real issues and he's also I think that DA -- -- and I know he's an inch and I mean you know that are amazing yeah he he's got a he gets on smarts about Damon and I'd actually Doug Morrow as a friend of mine but yet no I mean -- he's he's on top I think you're right. Yep and I didn't know no it was Saturday -- he need to make that PW tradition. Administrative problem component LSU big time. But I think -- ordered it taken out albeit twenty or. And thirteen. Point or there genome opened a bit rock. That would make -- three in a row for the gators. Actually yep yeah I am like a Celtic beat the other day talking about last year the same point LSU -- rank them ordination -- -- -- them. Florida beat -- in the same thing although I hope become bitter. And upbeat they've got. Right battle 4260187. Year toll free 866 inning nine has there only semi -- -- is gonna go down to the Florida Gators tomorrow do you disagree or agree. Continue with the phone lines here -- matter a year on WWL. John you there. I think Ellis is the balloon and I hope they don't. Like count and skill class comment that the them. I have a granddaughter who's going she's -- you know issue. And -- five pick to represent the SEC. To throw that football for the octopus situation allow Internet wonderful yeah you know little. But not the popular issues that indeed help. Should I -- my BA bad Drew Brees the quarterbacks coach apparently issue. I. You guys that -- -- at -- The first two I think you could go wrong either with the the two. That was perfect Woody's on the line as the -- -- -- -- yeah. I'd just try to let young I'm just so excited about it and good corner the whole SEC schools she's -- five. How many does she have to throw. That it once shot. Know about they've -- on Friday and they hit five balls to -- and is -- body -- and and the two girls that come I think girls father of the Politico she's the girl. Would throw the boat. Go to that day SEC days and at that hey how is it thirty seconds. This intensive game okay. Candles in thirty seconds with two by two hole square -- -- to see but these are the way it. Well -- Jonah and you say you wanna brag that they believe you wanna throw out two granddaughters name out there. I think this Jennifer Armstrong hi Jennifer and I. I -- you know thereabouts garden you know but. Is he gonna need some -- And dawned on me at that god made it is fair to calm maybe could come or she did LSU the quarterback who's sitting out yeah. Now I think Christian right you use your first two options right there were pretty good -- thanks for the call thinks for a in rejected a little humor there -- fair or in grizzly bear ansari Farrell. Sterling held Billy call Corey -- you to a Final Four to 60187 -- toll free. 866889087. This is the fans in the pro on WWL. Which game has more on edge for this weekend the mad hatter in the LSU Tigers taking on the Florida Gators down -- -- -- banged up Saints team. Heading out to Arizona in the face the Arizona Cardinals Final Four to 601870. A toll free 86689. As -- seventy. -- coming prevent. Yeah and to -- -- amounted to bad game I mean I think if you -- loses decidedly. I think it's going to win decide a national committee the game and you know if there's really. I haven't figured out to -- I think get away. Billy -- you're on WW of that. I picked up Scioscia gonna lose. It rains. And -- But in -- and what -- Billy. Pat it that. -- Okay Billy. Palestinians so. Anyway that. -- -- I. Okay. Any else. Okay Billy says and a cream he made it very well donated forty settlement -- -- green -- yeah. I don't know that is going to be quite 47 enough I don't know I don't think immediate -- him at think you know issues defense is still stout enough. Mean to hold them down and a special teams -- yes it's fifteen to plan well in if they don't -- to Patrick Peterson. I mean he might be right about it if you score nothing but I don't think floral school 47. Unless. They start -- The picks. Here in there which field could easily happen. He's on the second half a game the other -- -- -- -- While -- and Hamlet cup paternal and close ball game in Tampa Florida made it journalism in Alabama took advantage of the Patrick Peterson this team the best. Players palatable I heard couple people throw that out -- says that maybe he would be hard to argue against that. I don't know army -- -- -- -- -- I mean look he's got all the skills that you looking for in a cornerback and enemies captain to return skills. So I guess you know EP BP double whammy like that then -- actually say that. Grizzly bear Ferrell patsy sterling -- art call core Europe after the break this is the fans in the pro on WWL with -- color analyst for the guys on on Christian Garrett. -- the back benefits in the pro. With the Saints color analyst of guys John I'm Christian Garrick and hokey. The Cardinals starting rookie undrafted quarterback max hall. Against the Saints of his second consecutive week the saints' defense will go up against -- rookie quarterback. Is there anything to. If anyone was a first round draft pick. The other was undrafted free speech writer I mean. And that bit of a difference there any you know with the Cardinals a two into the they have blown out against Atlanta 417 I got blown out last week against the San Diego Chargers 41 attendant. To say at least. Kurt Warner. Is this an action over there and they certainly would like at number thirteen back well yeah I mean at any time you go through that when we lose all fame. Caliber quarterback unit suffers from. Absolutely you know -- union also think he would to go along with that the use Anquan Boldin meaning guys that believe it is good tandem of receivers his ears. In the NFL with him in -- FitzGerald. They might be without Steve Breaston this week -- he's got banged up. You get Tim Hightower being Wales and accident you mean that's the unfortunate thing about the NFL if you don't have a quarterback. And you don't have some might take the pressure that running game and that's why I look at this whole thing is Meehan it. In and I'm not like -- a lot of the people down here I think that the Saints offense is on track I think they're playing very well. -- -- Police in percentage is way up there yeah there's been some -- there's been some fumbles -- and for the most things there you know there'll correct able. A guy that can't get the ball to a receiver. Or tidy and that's not correct -- -- at least not Indians certainly are bigger problems that had absolutely and so I mean outlook for the Saints go out there there's all night and I mean unless -- -- Completely. Fall apart offensively. I mean outlook for this to be pretty few months and 416417. It's like dad. But I'm looking for that same topic issues to do what they've been doing I mean. Christian the numbers are not that bad. -- is -- there really aren't an army Disneyland I would think his last egg in the number ten offense in the entirely right now. That's you know that's -- and put your nose up at the end and say well off yeah I mean maybe -- baseball in that. In the four years it. Drew Brees and Sean Payton been on this -- that they -- in one -- one in one they eat it as you know the top pop instantly it means. Always inside the top that number team and it's nothing wrong with that. I think the efficiency part of it is there. Put together a good running game last week in B definitely I like to see that though. But I mean I just don't see I mean -- -- -- have calls -- B I mean. They mean they they're they're not the same team inaudible as they they're not the same team that came in the superdome last year it'd be in the playoff mode. With saints' offense there's. Couple dozen teams. They'll probably trade places with that -- that ranking take that tenth ranking all anybody mandatory midpoint eyes. Again this or we're so used to this office. You know rattling off 3035 points haven't. 450. Yards total offense in the sixth best rushing attack last year they're not they're not Russian a ball with the same efficiency. But again they go through the first quarter of their season at three in one you do that. Every quarter of the season and anyway engine of avenue through you know Avian and of having it my way to get a -- -- get a bit of well. NM with a banged up position at running back you know I mean look. On first down I've got no problem when Jeremy Shockey on -- and Brian hook route and you throw it to him for five yards and -- tackle he gained one X two yard line in -- second for. I immediately if you run in the football in that situation you say man I'll take it every day -- week. Anytime you give it to me out -- -- yards on first so that's just. That's kind of what they're doing and I mean it's been said ad nauseam that other defense -- you're taken away the deep ball we've we've we're gonna make everything. Happen in front of us and you know what they've done a good job about it. But I also got a credit might top it by going we're not gonna force the issue but throwing the ball down the field when somebody double. Not paying their head up against the lawless is out there. Quickly before goes -- an -- Chris our Chris ivory. The fumble concerns that something that he is definitely a day he'll be he'll get out of that you get out of that he start and learn right now that you keep football program grizzly bear Ferrell patsy sterling herald art -- -- Corey. And you to a 504260187. -- toll free. 866889087. Which game has you more on edge for this weekend LSU Tigers down in the swamp against four or the banged up Saints. Heading out there zone face the Cardinals all that more as the fans in the pro rolls on right here on WWL.