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Oct 8, 2010|

Kristian and Hokie take your calls on Saints and LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome into our number two of the fans in the pro right here on Saints radio WW LA MFN and that. Dot com along with Saints color analyst and head of the gas produced hokey guy John. I am Christian -- as a this whole thing that's right the Gasper news you know it's. Confidence I think but leave it that. Final Four to 60187 -- toll free 866 and 89. 087 is -- nobody involved would talk and LSU football and Saints football of course. The Cardinals beat the Saints a trial to Arizona to face the Cardinals and the Tigers are down in the swamp the battle Florida Gators. Which gave -- more on edge for the weekend that game against -- the gators for the Tigers or the Saints headed out. West face the Arizona Cardinals albeit banged up team 504260187. -- toll free 866. 89087. In -- -- for with the top of the hour here. Actually go to Chris ivory have you been -- what when he's you know. Oh yeah I -- that guy that runs at me he just got to learn that he would it just took the ball and people who are constantly be stripping -- to. He went through that. In training camp with the Saints defense which is sucked Annette. As a young running back I mean I can remember. George Rogers became his league the same year that I did 1981 George had a little bit of the bombing problem and it was. Easy enough to run over guys in college their -- when George corrected that problem. Ricky Williams is a guy that's had a significant problem through the years of being able Holman of the football. A lot of people you know when he was economic notably that small hands and he can't hold on the football. Well -- mean your memory -- he with a short stocky guy this thing was he couldn't really hold the football from the tip of his fingers into the crook of his arm right there. Because it's forum was so short to the ball it was always to air between. His forearm and the football. And when you got that the bottom. I don't see that Chris ivory I see you guys got big hands. Long arms he can wrap the ball up he just got to learn took it into his body and new -- always have to trying to get that one extra yard. You do when it's fourth and one. And it's a crucial situation but as indicates when he fumbled ball the other day -- -- got downfield he made the first down the front and he tries to get a little -- the nature of ball pops outside. I don't see it being a problem with him I think -- kids get too much talent I'm really impressed with him the way that he runs of football and. One of things I noticed down there fuel side as. He's got another gear when he gets when he hits the hole. He kind he's kind of stepped on the throttle little bit and ink gets to a pretty quickly can you can see where. He's I don't know that there's a lot of things about him I mean he's he's a violent runner -- immediately he likes to take it that people I mean he's. He's got enough speed out run some defenders. There's a lot that he can't but. I mean it out like everything about the -- I really do I think he's. You know the fumble problem is open it. That is something that you can control Tiki Barber had a problem with that. Early in his career. And they started just training everyday you gotta keep the ball high and tight payments that's what they mean you're putting appeared -- like Ukraine and maybe. Up there you holding hands and you don't worry about. Oh get the ball away from your body to lenient out things like that so. -- that. That is the least mild worry right now if he could -- run people boundary in he couldn't you know run over people like a -- believed he -- you know it might be a problem now but. I don't see this has been an issue for to -- on nineteen carries on the season for Chris ivory four point two yard. Per carry average but I am not that it's smart not. Did nothing in the world wrong with that Indian Ocean on they make that quote earlier this week the first time -- overrated. But it -- that he Sydney you know. If the other running back that fumbles -- somebody else is running back yet it is if you keep fumbling here eventually going to be someone -- -- -- -- zone right now as a the great quote and I think that's something that will be corrected and and out from a few in. All the swat and in swing in and punch in everything else that we see during training camp going after the ball. Sean Payton told the -- even though now things -- mellow out -- practice he has not contact yet. But I got in the don't know you keep punching at it make shoes that he keeps -- security. Chris -- and again you know if you just look at EU move those fumbles and one of last week was it during a play that. It is the Carolina defender I can remember his name and who wasn't -- tackle caused a fumble. Was is and it's it's where Chris Simon was trying to make a move and a good and the guy just put his helmet right on the football fanatic came so it wasn't so much of -- -- was careless about what careless with the ball yet so. I mean yes I'm with you I think -- the guy's got some serious potential as serious ability you know -- -- is that -- -- he's gonna. He's gonna raise some eyebrows. Well he RD has yet if you ask me I mean just. In both good and bad that -- Tommy no you can't go through every game and have one fumble that's that's not the point I'm making but. I think at bats that's one of the more correct a -- things provide you got the body -- do it as I mentioned. Ricky Williams with those big biceps and everything else the end they would always space between the football news for armed. I don't see that -- after. Here's the we're talking about we want to sound off on this which game has you more on edge for this weekend the mad hatter and the LSU Tigers down a swamp or a banged up Saints team. Heading into Arizona faced the Cardinals Final Four to 60. 187 year toll free 86689087. Grizzly bear in New Orleans you're on WWL that grizzly bear. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seventeen Arizona all that into forty non Olympic Games as sixty let. -- -- -- Defensively. Given up an 88 propaganda fifty. Now -- got a problem oh shoot I'm an -- shoes and think less models. Also walked and -- Statement. Buyer. And Alabama out executed. -- It was sort of once. About 41 turnover should. Hopefully -- the and channel Brantley is banked a bit but was. What is it -- YE -- -- down on the Tigers. All the dollars but. Scene at the wrong time to make the wrong way. And it seemed like they're very consume. It not on the same page. I'll think I'll help out. When it comes to. In the confusion or the ineptitude -- potential field but Corey play. Indians they're not. Potentially -- go to cast his -- lot. Live up to vote for. All of elegy. I -- holes this way. Will greatly Merrill who still lives and then not only -- not on the same page sometime and I mean the same library it's. That bad. When are they on the same campus. Yeah out given the same campus Clinton on in the same library and yes I mean it's your city look at noticed Camby had and I mean. Division one school I mean classical teams kids in some nets them. Anyway. He's saint he saved color analyst looking guys on I'm Christie Garrett we on the same page here on the fans and approach this WWL. Yeah. -- he's brain -- drive bringing sexy back. I don't know -- with. Yes he got to cost a lot following. Pretty much yeah outward every day that he a Republican -- it was a let's show we don't they dad NATO right you know we're so used to. Pitiful lives ago Delco -- you're on WWL that Delco. Clinton -- -- the only. I don't go. About what you do your due. To -- just. Go down. In -- country and -- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Question in the in world. History minor trouble. Yeah. The again call will beat. You in all that would do. The you out. And try. And do. What -- What treatment. With. A good but it can be. You'd do we we. Now when it. It's going to Duke and like the beach. -- I think it's. Should do. It. Alcohol on the double I was I promise that Florida Florida can get the -- on as well -- they force some turnovers. In their own right so that and that's that's a feature at mile. And when they put eight man people in the box to stop the run that you get do you really think. That Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee can be chew on the outside thrown the football. -- -- -- -- Got to do. Not they but they. Exhibit a problem bill -- they can't. You know. Yeah. I mean -- well. Well I am. Certain that I'm on again in England football injury. He had been stopped -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're dead -- Bilko. About it BP. If there's guys -- know some bad quarterback play. It's -- mine and he's gonna limit those -- got the he probably spent more time. In defense of meeting rooms this week in. Because he's watched and -- -- obvious it's it. This is -- is now. I will say this year Utley made some clutch throws in that drive to move bill issued on the field the other day immediate and third long. Fourth and long situations where he delivered ball and it. But can he do that all game long. Urban Meyer and find out. I know Florida uses the two quarterback system as well. And -- she does when Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee. Put hoagie I think -- which he said it best when you have to yet none yet none -- I think that's more applicable. In this the tiger's case than it has after their system that Florida runs right out of all this and that. I hop because be even even with -- -- starting quarterback they ask him to do some of those things he's lined up in the shotgun I mean he's gonna. You do the inside handoff they reverses its gonna be rolling pockets everything. Going to be move and he's gonna have a quarterback can do that. But it LSU's case a two quarterback system -- -- mobile. The other when looks like he's -- plow you don't just drop back and sinner so. It is you know if it's pretty obvious that when you throw one of the other out there what's coming at you. Which gave had he more on edge for this weekend the mad hatter and the LSU Tigers down in the swamp against Florida Gators Horry banged up Saints team. Heading to Arizona to face the cardinals' Final Four to 60187. -- toll free 866889087. In who dat nation. We wanna see your -- pictures go to WWL dot com in the middle of the home -- under -- picks in upload your photos today. Share your black and gold spirit with the rest of The Who dat nation at WWL. Dot com Ferrell in mobile you're on WW outlet Ferrell. Hey you -- yeah. I -- -- let you know that they. -- you got me more on aids. And that speak. What you college football you know we have or who do what you can't afford to lose. Any game at all so manipulated it and -- mortgage. But I think that you have the great change but wait in the game better effect I think they will win the game. And the reason why I think they'd be. Both being the kind of struggle offensively last week you know voted off -- bartered. And they they struck out the gate at the beginning of the year I think what people would really be concerned about the bag Tennessee -- -- -- war in. And an eight footer and almost beat LU I think baker called on concerned people. But I. And it is gonna reform bill being paid an argument it got -- -- -- topic you know so the other that -- would it be West Virginia. At this same deep seeded you. That go -- there and visit same sorted out what live week by Alabama this same Florida. That struggle out of the gate with with you know. Lesser ranked opponent. Larkin can be beat heatley and had been Rubin and I think Jarrett Lee. Provide a spark. And the offense last week. I would but hold only apparent that now yeah Florida has been beaten easily. Twice by -- Alabama guys both time bright declare -- class of the SEC yeah -- -- our. Saying is that Florida is it is. Also. What that they had to I don't understand the thing I don't understand you figure more edgy about the LSU Florida game which you pick and -- win right he. He's he's gone all of the talent now he he said they're saying that they got a money but he's laid out all the reasons he was very optimistic about. The LSU Tigers chances any in front of a point of -- yeah Florida's struggling on offense as well. OK so -- become public did lose your first year without Tim Tebow that guy that has -- -- -- on the topic is to perfection. For the years that he's been there. And yet I mean he went up against upper class last year and AF CC championship game against Alabama. And Alabama. Promptly trounced their -- And they did he indicated that mean next what Nick Saban brings to this whole thing. He's bring him back defense of football to college football with a both of those offenses struggled to find whose office do you trust more. -- like Florida's office a little bit better than because they don't. Have the uncertainty. With -- I mean they know what they're gonna go out there and run every week. I don't think -- if you know what they're gonna go at him on every week I think they they go update always meant you know Stephen Republican pretty good let's hand in about twelve that. Whereas if you look at that good how about let's hand too important for 1045. That but do we start put knowledge of people in the box and you take him out of the equation. Do you think either one of those guys can be able to beat you downfield inning I happen. Debated BL the news time is 530 all of -- hand the ball off to a one of our running backs Jay Wright who -- of -- Hopeful this influences if that was back we intro I'm I'm gonna quarterback and went back -- -- I'll stick with sooner about the today's big 878 ready jaguar opinion poll Ellis units of the swamp. The battle Florida Gators if you were a betting person would you -- orange or purple cast your vote at WWL dot com and remember. At the cast your vote blog about it. Just click on the sound off button and tell us what you think right now it's about 5050. Orange and purple or as my three year old son would say on each. On cheaper to know me and goes on those and that's -- that is his favorite color will try to get him into the purple. As it well. Tommy I am here to say are actors they say turn it. The marriage itself definitely got the when you are betting man if you're a bad man hokey Miami is in no doubt in my mind them one on today say it and and one collars that. Called in the first hour of the city's Gator hater he's more a Seminoles fan working out ideas I'd. I don't see an Urban Meyer team haven't two week -- like like what they had last week it's Alabama. I personally think in Alabama use their Alabama in the and is everybody else in the top 25. Final Four to 60187. -- toll free 866 -- 90878. If you had to vote in college football. Polls and the NFL power rankings -- to put the LSU Tigers in the New Orleans Saints. You know some power rankings of the Saints anywhere from three -- -- -- -- in his room times on the map so them haven't seven I'd have Amendola did. Gave me the Saints thought all the same time start on the power rankings to announce our the they fell off obviously -- think Jimenez issues I mean it's been pounded in my brain all week. On nine guys yap at the sites out there yeah and they -- their there's certainly a top in you know if you do. Conference by conference I think in the NFC it's wide open is no dominant team right now in the NFC. And AFC you know who'd a thought they -- -- -- would be the only. He's on the record of the dumbest thing I've I don't look it. And really this year in the NFL I don't look at any anybody's been dollar I I look at everybody who won. You know parity has played itself out this year. -- -- I mean if you are told me. Back in August while we sit not to sweat Meyer. Cologne was often. At Saints camp that. Kansas City as the only undefeated team in the league is that correct in. If you tell -- Harrison. How much can you afford to lose -- that I am not efficient -- boat everything else put it on the table right now. At -- weeks of the season but I don't see a dominate team out there. I saw Green Bay played the first couple weeks man it is -- pretty special song played the other day. Many look as ordinary as anybody Dallas one of the big teams that you know all Manning -- communion they're gonna make up pollution it. You know boy you talk about -- in they're going to be playing on Thanksgiving Day that going to be -- NFC championship game in the -- plane in the championship game itself. Now he look at them they're very ordinary Minnesota -- are -- start to feel his age. You know I'll see Indianapolis being world being is that really an act in at least to me I think maybe the most impressive team that I've seen so far is New England. But that's just what. -- get deceit and they've now got a little big time playmaker and Randy Moss enemy and you know you'd as fans that they got to understand it you and and Jim Henderson Robert Carroll we don't get to see that many games on Sunday because of what we do for eleventh. You'd just it's the worst command and you watch ESPN. In night when you get the hotel room when you get back home stuff like that. But I don't see right now and I will say this I have not seen Kansas City place singled down this year. But I can't say that they're the class of the NFL. So -- -- -- highlights is certainly impressive rightfully so three you know but again I think it's one of those cases where. You say let's see how they handle a 56 games seven game stretch but see how they handle that that. Pretty well the way it goes with the anybody but I mean if at -- fascinating thing wrong there that you disagree with feel free to do it man I mean I'd I'd just do not see. The dominant team in the league this year like we've seen the last appeared in the early part -- bring archer red -- for me Saints quarterback Drew Brees sent early exports -- just said earlier in the week that. The Saints have kind of played BB minus football in the first quarter of the season yet they're three and one. Where if you put a letter grade on it where would you agree is that is that about right I'd give it I'd I'd actually given the city. Based on what I've seen him do in the past. But there again. A lot of it has to do with. Increased number one I think first and foremost. -- which yet that the Saints have not been completely healthy except for probably week one. And I mean in lookers we talk and a lot of key positions and you go beyond that just a way that other team can play in the saint right now. They not given up those deep passes. You talked about Darren Sharper in the first hour that you know he bring to targeted defense that mean he was a -- made a lot of plays for the Saints defense last year. It put to saint -- in short field positions and also scored points things like that. I am not pushing the panic button on what I see what the site right now I think you're playing good football is that costly mistake here -- there. And you have her coaches and players say this through the years. All the years that Cuban government -- it all comes down to one or two plays to -- entire course of the ball game as to who wins or loses. Last year the Saints made a couple place. This year they're not make him -- -- the team is making them the Atlanta Falcons. They are so far and -- CB minus whatever. The three and one. And and I enjoy as a when they get today a game if they get today game what does that lead this football team what grade would you give the black and gold for the first four games of the season 504260187. Their toll free 866 -- nine. Zero weights every Harold and -- Europe after the break this is the thing is in the pro on WWL. I welcome back to the fans in the pro along with six color analyst looking guys I'm Christian Derek gonna keep the rock and roll in here to the phone lines we go are in Gulfport your own WWL that are. Yeah. In regard to there. The question. Not speculation game in Akron so there are things (%expletive) about European. It's better in the -- that game happened to urge you can be -- -- care. Ship during their game and it and it kept our manager through. Debate coach. And they did you ever meet in the shooting practice conditions. Changed your picture there. Triple commissioner invitation game that gave them batters and they give bird cage you know. A privilege -- in jail and then apply talent is is the it is. They particularly topic of players -- confused. -- like cal that now but hopefully get them. In a good job of injured but -- -- delay of game changed you know sale to scale. So that that to the lady so yeah. But finishing up against special to me against the Patriot in taking -- -- and a I would bet they do. There's but it they played for the count change. This and that should he elect him but they would. They replace the coach at the plate calendar in it -- junction. Rather than other quarterback option. As -- public English. Wow I out of its worth the TV to -- -- but nonetheless are good call he feels like the tires can win -- he talked about. The penalties in in maybe the offense especially now being focused because of sometimes you know you and I were talking about this during the break at the wheel to the -- too much. Confusion out there on the field get those kids and one column plate and you know give the quarterback one option check out with a B -- to run checked to a pass whatever the case may be. But don't get up there anybody go to the line of scrimmage is the quarterback start barking out signals and everybody just stopped. Stand up turn and look to the sidelines and say well what's coming in now and you know -- for obvious reasons you gotta have -- coaches lab one coach to through it would take all the dummy coach. Not to degrading images that. You know one guys on the political it's yeah -- -- edited because that's probably a better word. You know but. When you get out there and heat of the game I -- crowds go another attorney entered people or and opportunity up. Sometimes you forget who you're looking at who who's the guy that we are supposed to be taking our signal from right here so I just think it's. I think it's way too much but thought process for those kids to have to go out there and do that. Whole different ball game when you get to the NFL you work on it every day. It's just as a whole different thing but I just -- accuracy. And it's it's not just -- issue -- see it within a few other teams but. Looks like maybe other teams have mastered -- a little bit more with -- with L if you would just seemed like is dude it's always some kind of turmoil going on that. I don't know where exactly sure what we're seeing right here what were read. You know either pick up the phone to join the show here you can also send us an email like Christian at WWL dot com that's KR IS TEI a in -- WWL. And dot com and also today's the -- have -- ready jaguar people LSU. Heads to the -- to battle Florida Gators if you were a betting person who would you bet orange or purple right now about 5050. 51% in favor of the orange over purple if they -- Friday in Vegas that's an unscientific poll but in cash your go to WWL dot com. After you cast your vote you can -- about it just click on the sound off button and tell us what you think or you cast your vote right here 504260. 187 year toll free 866889087. It was the first quarter grade. For the Saints quarterback Drew Brees says they're playing about B minus football what grade would you give them 504260. 1870 -- toll free 8668890870. To have -- best bank and Harold you're on WW outlet -- Yeah and I expect you to take DiMarco the previous could have helped me sit me out here. -- tell you my opinion of the LSU football team you know like to tell you my opinion about that LSU Florida game. A lot of that's probably what she is coaching. In the -- you could probably if you could do what you can't do it. You can take -- LSU team and put them in the -- of excitement it is totally different team. But it can't be okay and after the game -- I guess that none of that what's gonna happen in the game until it actually is actually played I guess my opinion is that the Hokies anybody else that policy. But I don't think out of Florida's like that the team because Alabama could that would be 31 to. Okay you -- that Alabama yep that's in Alabama team but it -- and went down a conservative but first you have to what did happen. Okay. Olivo but Arkansas I -- that this is not. The -- -- got that Arkansas program goalless as Lou Ryan now -- quarterback -- go to Arkansas I had an opportunity to to put Alabama a lot of. I -- back to that point yet neither black quarterback Falcons when the threw two interceptions in the second half. Alabama and beat them Falcons beat them because we -- step inspections you become the team's quarterback. So that's my opinion you know -- -- -- yet none of it was going after the games played with that I get my opinion -- -- -- -- you know. Well great -- they would -- got me when it would hit five wood a five play devil's advocate right here in say Alabama force those turnovers because they had Ryan mallet. Scared back in the pocket. Well. I I realize it is that they do with the idea. How well then that gates you know I mean -- probably could sit around here we could talk about all the ifs and buts we want. The bottom line is you know do what he did it it's. Yeah Alabama is number one team in the country -- -- you're gonna make you're gonna yet. Did different people's best game by today and you're gonna play close ball games but I don't this the last two times that Alabama played Florida they trounced them. Pretty thoroughly. Yet one of -- SEC title game they actually. -- -- -- Tebow yet with him he -- listen Florida is you know going through over the transition without Tebow like quarterback. But again like we -- -- Florida's offense is better than LG's office that tiger defense. Q and that certain people they're good. It's really hold their own but eventually the LSU Tigers offense is gonna have to go win a game obviously a lot of -- I -- sociology -- it's been on the field entirely too long. Toby Corey in it Michael Al mark Joey and you to a Final Four to 60187 year toll free. 866 and 89087. This is the fans in the pro on WWL am FMA dot com. Back to the fans in the pro right here on WW well. Tiger fans tomorrow it's LSU. At Florida in the swamp -- -- -- tailgate Saturday with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia at 1 PM live from -- go for the gold in Slidell. Pregame with Jim Hawthorne -- fourth thirty kick off at 630 in the -- political point after. With the BT Deke Bellavia till 2 AM on tiger radio the B 870 and a 105. Three WWL FM. Phone lines agenda here wouldn't continue with those phone calls to. A selfless in it on line 3M M on -- sell you on WWL. Guys okay and Christian. They'll -- Simply yup yup played -- -- -- an area call back a little bit. Much family and everything I'm an -- -- my undergrad but -- a lot of -- it. -- -- -- graduate school and everything there you know which you know about -- some Berkeley -- -- -- you know we clock problem. That's been miles -- and it's okay -- we talk clock problems back in the sixties and seven. Of the coaches have problems with that and a couple of games but. You know -- -- -- -- look what and -- we panel. That you know that we won in the last minute or Atlanta seconds of being put Davis. And wrap it up quick in and -- -- wrapping up quick. Okay I always say show cause why. I don't see why -- can't before. If people call him. About the score but yet -- what -- -- all -- ability and our defense to do that. I -- -- he's not so sure that floor golden rule over the Tigers look to you talk about this and more also next hour gonna play. Fill in the blank will explain more about that this is the fans in the pro right here on WWL AM FM and dot com.