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Oct 8, 2010|

Hokie and Kristian take your calls on the Saints and LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcoming to our number three the fans in the -- Good Friday evening to you and yours right here on Saints radio WW LA MFM and a dot com along with Saints color analyst hope you guys on. I am Christie Garrett phone numbers. Our Final Four to 60187. -- toll free 866890. Weights and the wide open for him which gave -- more on edge for this weekend the mad hatter and the LSU Tigers. Head down to the want to tangle with the Florida Gators. Or is it banged up Saints team heading out to Arizona to face the Cardinals time and on that 504260187. -- toll free. 86689. 087 you know you're gonna go and play fill in the blank here united foods. You are a real so LSU wins if you have to meet the LSU wins if what they have to do here our report. I LSU loses because. You're currently go to place the Saints win it because. Man just because ratio. Is is it is -- -- game for them yet he has all right and under what scenario with the Saints who lose. If -- Brees goes into premature labor in gruden make the game. Enough. To the phone lines ago that says yeah out of that enemy what do you -- -- so no way LSU wins is if Florida forfeits. That's just my take on yeah. Act you're not in in down on Ellis you now. Nazi not affect. Down on Christian I mean I guess I. I've seen the it's time and time and time again and I don't see any. He any improvement being made. So I mean. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that all of a sudden. They're gonna go into the small -- You know you view wanna talk about the loud atmosphere in rocket but Japan's in the electric stuff I mean -- -- -- yeah I mean very much like Tiger Stadium. So don't tell me they'll if you don't go and and all of a sudden just miraculously quick. Cure all their ills. Just because of one game and we worked on at this week. By god we we both paid some attention to what we're doing wrong Iranians and expect that dude gets. All the sudden just read on -- If you look at the tigers' schedule down the stretch five conference games in a couple of of non conference games and their but he still have obviously Florida the Mariana Alabama used he's the M Auburn -- ole miss yet Arkansas. -- those five games is it inconceivable to think that. They drop five. Now. I mean it'd make it did but it just as easily. Loose via I'm and -- there's no way in the world I'd step on a limb and say they win all. I mean -- I don't wear those type of purple and gold glasses. That that she's not gonna happen. But it's I mean it's. It's more likely that they'll go oh and five then they will say three in two and. Accurate we're also opinions were also asking you to grade the saints' Drew Brees says it and played B minus football for the first quarter of the season what grade would you give -- probably four to 60. 187 -- toll free 866 and 890 -- having Michael my answers -- -- not a lot but I love -- a blank I thought there -- I -- -- -- I thought they are great I I just wanna laugh too much because I don't think you're really laughing all ideas I mean I I think -- each win handily I think Florida went out and gently -- and I think it's it's pretty cut and clear cut and -- on how you feel about this weekend's electricity. Mean I'm not I'm not donated humanity of the game what about army -- Now that that's a little bit to a different story right there. -- tell you what I am I am really. Pulling for two lane in this situation because they they got us they got an update you some special and you know bear they're the only game in town this week -- -- play in in the swamp. The Saints -- playing in the desert you right here in a dome you should have the attention of all the fans. Down here in the New Orleans area watching what you're doing and you got opting negate itself above 500 and I mean look alike Bob Toledo. I don't pull against two line except when they play issue but. You know you've got tape you've got to show me something. This weekend against army. And I heard somebody saying it early in the week that for whatever reason the last few years it is army game his -- in the sort of the those -- and stone. For for two line they lose this game makes and they seem to go downhill if they win it. Tennessee to be it would be the springboard so and this is homecoming weekend I mean an arm is coming here in the past. For homecoming at L got -- exactly so. That's. I'm I'm gonna take two lane in what I think is the upset in this game I think I think to blame wins and I have not. Seem to line play but I average about her yet. Sounds like their defense is playing pretty good and against. I guess in army's field to on the option and all. Yeah got back of the net that got back to that injury. All I kind of -- field just. Man just if I can give those guys any you know information on you got to play your responsibilities player gaps in don't get suckered into doing top and where gives him a big play. Readily when when army is one -- that wishbone offense they come out. They're up there and it tops in the nation at rushing the football and and that's kind of been there -- army teams don't typically have a lot of talent. There there there filled with. Now obviously -- these guys that are there are military guys -- -- guy's going to West Point to serve the United States from American they're not going there to get it's got to get. Drafted in the in the -- you can count on as you think it's smart disciplined and play cost. Kids yes -- I mean tough as nails to the phone lines ago Michael on a cell yard WWO that Michael. -- -- Actually Hokies got it pretty must go at all or did I usually fill in the blank -- -- definitely I want picnic table all and it looked at. I -- ago I even -- your bullets whistle please fill in the blank you erratic. I the LSU Tigers win if. If Florida skirt up applies to butler. Yet which could mean it would forfeit if I -- in -- as -- LSU wins. Because. -- -- -- -- -- in the Saints win because. Europe hurt me in the in the Saints lose if are all right but this isn't that bad a deal like dogs. Really -- hello. Much -- a couple of quick fix. All. -- cart approached all of -- ball oh or so ago. You know by a player in the back those days ago a formal ball you'd coaches gave all occurred on campus. Blow it up for a weaker more of wondering yeah they'll shoot coach figured -- -- walk. Yeah yeah. -- Apply here don't be up and talk about his throat brilliant on the annual. -- -- Well but the whole thing is Michael on that is that. They haven't made that decision yet whether he's gonna be down there and not. Why understand they have they they're gonna move down they're gonna move down to the and I know they Aaron heard that they said they were discussing it. There -- nothing had been. Nothing is etched in stone right now and that I will have to admit this. And us. But even with the job that I do. -- -- talked about you know us blue and way up in the superdome and into the new press box Narnia. I see them feel better from up there then being you do down on the sidelines. So in a way -- where there's very much an advantage of having -- coordinator up there. I ever if there's communication. You know any time it's electronics involved in it there's always a possibility something could go blank and now you can't communicate we quarterback -- players whatever the case may be. So I see merit in both sides of it but. From my understanding it was at LSU had not made the decision yet but it was something that they were considering. In contrast Sean Payton calls please for the Saints on the sideline perhaps to get a better feel better feel for the game but as the head coach but then again he's he's also got the benefit. He's got everybody standing back away from him he's right there in as soon as his quarterback comes off the field. They arrived here rat back discussing and I think there's some of -- -- and we're -- -- and we -- talking about Drew Brees and Sean Payton and not. Georgia afternoon you're -- I also think disability said 24 in the -- -- Having the feel of the game down there silent and it's an absolutely is I mean you know what you see it you feel semi talented Bob Mitchell actually last year. Christian what's it like to be down on the field. The fact that -- Kim Corey Shawn hunter out Jeff Joey knew to a 504260. 187 here toll free 866 inning 9087. -- this is WWL. I welcome back to the fans are pro player in fill in the blank here so we go to you ask you. Question do you fill in the blank. Our Korean -- you're on WW value on them and make your point first. My point is that Atlanta and I hate to disagree you -- train ride -- America quote you guys -- -- questions you weren't. And New York wind because I mean -- on the that they have problems with coaching. The quarterback to -- academic game. For them and their quarterback didn't know. Can stop the clock by. On the bright we had a quarterback that. Completed clutch. 415. -- that if senator enough awareness to snap the ball before the clock ran out with thirteen -- real. In and we had a lot of guys who -- it wouldn't be -- throwing touchdown. I mean. How he would get character. What -- acting coach in Jamaica -- -- character and I have seen him before the game this year in the -- don't have. Me greatly. -- from a a non BCS school and -- -- -- for. -- -- -- evidently down last week Alabama. And I think when it comes down to a our kids are gonna win the game because it and the day but less smog is not the way Urban Meyer on the yeah. But he's coaching against them but he's coached and yes but I. And if you look and if you ask me are Myers about a coach Celeste miles period. I Corey meters Ari look I appreciate the little accolades -- -- -- actor but. The quarterback that threw the clutch fourth down pass is not you're starting quarterback. Corey still there -- -- the quarterback that threw. He -- they bear. Didn't snap the ball because he knew that was thirteen people on the field he just knew that the clock was running down and he said. We gotta stop the clock or do we gotta do something to put the ball in motion right here. Now it turned out be in a brilliant play on his part. But who's to say that though she was going to be in that situation again I'm not taking anything away from those two plays right there in the third -- talking about. Steven Ridley Steven really gotten it right there in a hole. And I didn't look I gimmickry give all the credit in the world I mean he lowered his children and he plowed into the end zone. But had that been a fourth and two situation. Hell he should -- make it so I mean you've got a pretty good arguments but the quarterback get through the grass is not the starting quarterback. -- Bob -- snap to Bob because clock was running now who knows that though she's going to be -- situation again. And Steven Ridley. Look he is Ellis whose only offensive weapon and that's by far is gonna come up there and go we're gonna stop him and -- -- -- of these two guys a quarterback. Can throw the ball downfield in beat -- and I don't believe they can. And Corey said that the gators laid down against Alabama I don't know that be so quick city league down as much as it was. Alabama an old dog and a good football tight as they were Alabama overpowered him yet. I took warrior Julio Lugo play fill in the blank erratic shooter. They had a very important that they -- when people would do meter I just don't feel that's our game pregame and. -- of course are not the same football team. Then of course and I the year you lose. Who at that time was you know one of the better college are you wanna Batman tropea he was one of the better college ball players in the country of course you not the same football team. Just like I mean listen. The as the new on Saints wouldn't be the same football team without Drew Brees. There's a number of college teams. Year -- year out they go through that transition when they lose their stud Ohio State won't be the same football team without Terrell Pryor when he -- I mean listen to -- goes on and on let's let's play fill in the blank spicier confident. The LSU Tigers. Are gonna win high. What you have confidence and LSU's. In coach less miles why Phil and -- -- in ways they can. I recently. Had. Amazing game. Out there and turn the ball over and beat Croatia that. Part of. Good enough. He's tournament three big -- there yet. You know listen. I want LSU went and -- -- you won Ellis should win I'm Pamela takes them. Florida is gonna come up there in the gonna contain -- really in the fourth -- to throw. So therefore there's going to be turnovers is Jordan Jefferson orderly good enough to beat him no. Fair enough there's another fill in the blank for about it. So on on a cell you're on WW Ellis is going into the equation and now that fill in the blanks it's a questionnaire had to give you multiple choice -- going to to I think I'm pretty well -- you via a one word answer one way the government. Navy which artistry to think -- -- too far now. Shaun -- though you're on WW of that. Well you. It just made up boy and I mean are committed Brett is about and -- razor back fans. And -- man -- or ability to beat Florida that they've got to win the turnover game. They gotta be on the ball and they got -- deepest sticky. Whatever or. Albeit they can assemble all the field and that -- -- as -- Am I dominant in any session one quick question how does LSU run the ball knowing that you're going to be putt -- you will be playing against -- man people. What they called safeties down. The -- how you do that. -- are we -- I think he. Decided not to answer that question are we I don't know I'd I mean nonetheless but it. I mean I keep -- same thing I know -- Steven -- That I mean at that kid is a terrific back. Barring any injury he can be planning NFL Monday but we put tech beat you just -- block that mean people offensively. Dare I say the Tigers are little easy to defend it as far as command of the game plan was -- -- no doubt about it. Definitely Al's time is 630 with a handed off to the G -- is gonna fill in the blank on the did you when he Tim Tebow -- gone -- Welcome into the fans and approach here on WWL am FM. And it dot com that a phone lines we go let's go to. Al in Slidell on line the five year on W have you I'll -- out. Doubt flawed great -- legacy. And all but they didn't give back when things went through resent that they've. -- Did you -- you know. You own your own good yet. You think that's no way on his mind now. Yes that's. At its in its own problems network they were in it. It's something that you can't get out you know that would -- you know an apt and able and its -- it. Actually but it. -- -- -- Yeah value when he really get on your mind when he start to remain teenagers with the naturally -- gonna get on -- and what other Tigers out. I don't. I think bingo bingo or -- beat Romo. There is so the coach and -- the time and bit of everything just like last year with the I don't really watch college that much but it is. They got a big coaches really have to practice more players -- thing. Good enough I now think -- a phone call. 504260187. Year toll free 866 inning 9087 which game as you more on edge for this weekend. The mad hatter and the LSU Tigers down a swamp against the Florida Gators or the banged up Saints. Headed out to Arizona in the face the Cardinals and into that Final Four to 60187 -- toll free. 866889087. Today's big 878 ready jaguar being able. LSU -- the -- about the Florida Gators if you were a betting person would you bet orange or -- purple. Cast your vote at WWL dot com and remember half the cast your -- blog -- blog about it. It just click off on the click on the sound off button and tell us what you think. -- orange purple were both say in Orange if we were bad persons. Excuse me yeah I agree orange. And right now it's about 5050 you know 51% saying they would. Bet on the gators witches orange -- No this traveling squad had net of Gainesville. And -- from the fan base is way down from the it's been in years past and I think that might be a little bit of an indication that there now now they could blame the fans only want her to it but you've done it all these years while while the sudden is this year. The that Florida fans so intimidating meg going into the swamp is Matthau plays that we wanted to be I'd be you've been doing it for years -- Collison this year. That -- issued travel base is going. Well I -- think we've we're gonna do it this year. Economics -- kind of stuff. No -- -- goes up -- on every year. People go up there by the busload so. And tells me that it might be -- -- have him you know might have to do a little bit with. The gators fans but I think it also has to do with the fact that that taste in the LSU fans mouth right now is just not come -- -- -- -- football. Yet I I can't say resembling him and I mean you know the longer that is going on yet look don't call me and say hey at least they're five and -- But this is not this is not a convincing five and no I mean. I think Alabama put their stamp on being undefeated last week in against -- and they've done it a couple of times this year ocean as yet to do that. Tokyo last week we. Heading into the Atlantic game. He didn't he broke his routine -- Dave is off Alabama and had a common. Yeah he had him that we scratch them up pretty good and he got back in the routine and lo and behold the Saints got a W. And Bob Mitchell stepping into the radio level now and and Bob. Have you recovered from last week's tongue -- and in and the value back in the routine now. Bobby there to me about. But a lot of time on this week in the club so I'm on line -- -- -- -- that statement to retain I don't wanna begin this week watching and I absolutely. The Cardinals -- did have one injury what what ball straight in college but. They -- like. That out the second half so little short and the second out. Much like things did much like the -- like. And you know my big question last night ones are what are you more concerned about. The Saints with a bunch of players come up beat up play in the Cardinals or the Tigers with a bunch of coaches beat up because it would not -- guys. We hear the controversy about miles and quote nobody area so maybe what they need to do is stick there but I stopped for about five. -- -- And I didn't -- it recovered -- call right. Bob fill in the blank guy LSU wins if. You. Get good. LSU loses because. We. The Saints win the because. Trooper. The Saints lose if. The resemblance is much like -- -- -- you you got it figured out. Did you had to think long and hard about those questions. -- Tokyo wanted to say that Bob was right on time with his I hate the Panthers call. -- about 45 minutes prior to kick off the on Sunday he chimed in a course that didn't get that the week. That they were playing the Falcons and as we all know that the reason why they lost so it is Bob Mitchell's. Fault if the Saints go on exited to run the table and go fifteen and one that one blemish. On -- record. Is on the real Robert Mitchell just want to feel that pressure. And these big guys. So I didn't go from -- routinely played the Falcons. I didn't I didn't have to wash my Jersey because I didn't wear that Jersey last week which means that not a loss and not tersely. So I'm bill on might win role or -- understand outside. I think we gotcha I so quickly Bob summing up further LSU Tigers in the gators tomorrow night. I'm I'm I'm so concerned about the gators took that were really truly think that we cultures. You know idol -- -- Give the ball sometimes. You know all of the politics. But actually the Tigers losing by well. 31 before K are actually the sites like Nomar in winning by. About thirty -- I -- -- that didn't Obama just gonna ask you one more question I'm sure you understand he said you cultured -- -- -- you don't in the eyes. Dog in the bully anymore on that note you can't play three dogs want -- only -- -- -- can -- the -- situation. I was changing collars that put one in a little running play accidentally struck. The ball. And it's I -- swelled up and it couldn't but it can. Okay so does this mean that his dog is on IR for the -- it's always this week. Me is that Doug is adopt on our Oregon on the pup. But he. A lot. Like drops this week and all three dog will be a percent. -- get enough Bob Mitchell thanks for the time I ran how it has got to. Okay I got an email just got an email aliases LSU wins if less miles. Brings. Wave off wave. -- -- -- -- -- You know flavor of play flavor of the way he. No. I know it is nonetheless -- from -- you founded. Humorous counted if it is maybe it's those meets my note he's he's ever played a -- -- -- rapper that you know he was in the -- victories and I don't know a -- so he would wear clock around is open and around his neck like a medallion in the big O clock so. He was always aware of what time it was. Oh again as there's the joke there's the punch line played a flame always -- the time. OK and so -- LSU wins if less miles brings in flavorful the boy that threes -- Anyway Q word the I would go ahead step away here to get back at a phone lines cam Antowain. John Hunter big G Joey Chris and you to a 504260. 187 your toll free 866 inning 908 -- which game -- you more on edge for this weekend. The LSU Tigers down a swap against the Florida Gators -- banged up Saints team heading into Arizona in the face the Cardinals. This is WWL the fans in the pro. Video game prayers flavor of -- we're right there in 11 email says it all until way to LSU Tigers a win is if coach less miles brings in flavor of slave to manage the clock. A lot like the company listen I mean it's well it's all. Fun you know yes it's not it's already knew exactly its quality is this is this -- sports it's not. Solving the world's energy crisis or anything like that on the economy. Although we could. You could record should look good. Somehow put flavorful if house there to name would you fill me in on that down I've got more knowledge now than I had before. We came back but I'm not here. If it's knowledge they'll ever use again -- it's at least something they are gradually learn something about you. Nike I'm glad I'm glad I was I'm glad you feel -- that I big G in Slidell. On line five you're on the BW of that BG. Hey there -- -- I was cold because I appeared a lot of people's pain. It true resolve jewelry -- I agree. Drew Brees is currently he would one day game against. Atlanta. Got with Robin. Say that they can normally candidates. I mean. -- see -- probably got at least maybe seventeen or eighteen brothels. And a portable war. Let most if you if you guys -- if you let anybody. That I'm more. How they would -- we bought it and next championship. And let's made his speed like you can have basically please take it took -- so. Yeah I was like I mean we need to get somebody else in that I'll never impressed -- -- -- -- everybody else's. Accumulating. Who. Have been saying this long term and predicted that you locally. The talent at LSU just will keep less miles. Had these let's just say we had to. -- With all the cuts and everything you don't really get rid of coach. That we jetted to England in May be winnable games all -- the competitive in the bowl game but. A couple of years would have. Pete Carroll could be an effort of which you elect spit him we need a big big big approach out here that the -- Tiger nation. And I think that definitely. Going to be an -- Yeah. -- lot earlier blog at you on there. First off Tigers tendency -- No. -- I don't think not not with its five game stretch yeah. One of the losses. You know tomorrow you effective in Iowa Italian -- on Americans in Alabama's automatic. -- stand in the way that Houston nut has handled this so if you team with a he's been an Arkansas ole miss I mean does that bode well for the him. I think. The Arkansas game now Mets -- that -- little bit different. Right now as I mean I think the thing it -- -- -- is is Ryan mallet and -- particular issues -- enough. The effectively to slow him down. But that's. Please -- I've seen of Arkansas I mean that's really battling god is actions say that it sounds like they've got a horrible team. Ryan -- is that he is a talented quarterback. But I think he'll shoot it deep it's it's after him better than they will against Alabama against Florida. Against ole miss and go back illness. Jeremiah muscle it and he just got there what August told my dad yet it so. And it and they. They didn't start out season to but again. Houston rookie coach to have them ready for for the -- guy he's it's it's one of those crazy things that he's got it was huge number. Be aware that he was in Arkansas with a communal me as he's been able to handle it was you pretty well this is the friends and the pro right here on WWL be right back. I last segment here on W. WL the fans in the pro industries in the telephone calls hunter in -- has question about Chris ivory for hokey. Go -- hunter. Pokey I'd just wanna say for our past questions. I remember you would plated Millar -- remember use an -- USC. I give the best -- we've ever that's certainly the best power runner up they're pursuing and -- deadlock due to wait you'll with the Saints and -- and that's first and. Well I appreciate dead today you were thinking and memory is a little bit more but I'll. As he was good and the second thing is you were talking about restoring ability. During the game -- listening UNG gem and watched the TV. Why do you hiking and what you see in this field. The reason liking me because he runs the way that you have -- in the unit -- I mean you've got to be downhill runner. I mean -- if you watch Reggie Bush played only game the bills electrifying plays of these guys. Army yet that's a thing of beauty. But what do you win with the in the NFL by and large. Yeah good quarterback play you've got to have again it takes the ball down he'll. You look at all the in the running back there if they'll all find those guys were. Power. Take it now on the field type -- you know here or him nobody of mayor gave him credit for this but it. Trust me he was a tough guy to tackle. 101. -- Walter Payton Jim Brown. Ariza -- mean Holly's yet. You've got to have that running game and that's what I see anchors Harry now I'm not anointing him to be -- all -- -- -- in at. Odyssey and aggression with his cat running the football that to me. I think -- what you gotta hand because when you get to me he's got to try and dance around -- that is really the only that I ever seen that can do it. On a consistent basis and you. Get the yards he got Emmett Smith a small back but a power runner himself so that's what -- liking Chris ivory. Again I'm not anoint him to the Hall of Fame to Sanath Yankees that it. He's what the Saints need right now in their profits impact is somebody that can take the ball downhill and they were expected lineup -- to -- that. That's exactly what. Mike -- Mike bill has done formats. Appear thomas' Dunn formed. And I Pierre Thomas is not a big back at one of the reasons he's kind of banged up all the time. But when they gag gift to football in his hands he doesn't shy away from anybody and that's the way I think you have to approach it. In the NFL right now as a running backs of that while I can so much. -- the Tigers are in the swamp battle Florida Gators tomorrow. Tell us what -- you know be like in and gives score well I like election right but I think Florida gonna win I mean that's my pick in. I just think it's too much to me in coming off that bad loss urban -- too good of a coach who led his team have that. Let down two weekends in a row. And and -- -- -- out we I'd just don't think that -- those shoes -- it can matchup with Florida's defense it because I'd. But again -- -- this is about is. -- is brain free if you possibly have to be as an opposing coach. He stopped Steven Ridley and you force either Jefferson. Or Lee either one of whichever one you won't throw out there. Both of those guys can make mistakes and you capitalize off those mistakes and I think they win handily and is much as I hate to say that that is actually SE. The three and wants Saints are in Arizona a battle to into Cardinals place is -- -- I'll -- the Saints are little banged up. The Saints are little banged up but did it and -- I kind of still think it's the same thing in meets on max hall out there. I I got a phone call this morning from the people over and Mobile, Alabama. Bleak rainy and -- Katzenbach talked to several times. During the course a year -- and they say what do you know about -- tall but nothing. Absolutely nothing other needs an undrafted free agent quarterback going to be up the BYU that's the only thing I know about it and you're not gonna. You're not gonna beat a team as good as the Saints with a quarterback like that with a depleted receiving corps. And the same community same feigning an update now they know they don't get a belly full of Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells but. So what's a big deal with that. We've had to face a bunch of good running back so far this year. Probably none better than what they had faced last weekend so. I -- to Saints offense going after getting things on track eliminate those mistakes outlook for this to be handy thing to win. About to throw mine and there I like the gators point for ten over LSU in the -- -- went pretty decisively thirty to fourteen over the years and the same page Helio on Preston teacher -- yours ago Adrian so what does the word joint. Yeah somebody's gonna do it. I hope you've been fun when it's easier on radio that's right they think Tyler black and peers for any phone calls -- always pleasure -- when you. And though were off to Arizona. Simplify.