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Head Coach Sean Payton Post-game Press Conference

Oct 10, 2010|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton holds a press conference following the New Orleans Saints 30-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Obviously it's disappointing loss. Creditors. Long and often. And fought and made some plays down the stretch particularly in the second half -- that it you know ended up being the difference. -- You know things -- just told the team is -- some things that are positive about how we played but there were too many things. Keep us from winning games. We failed again early in the red zone to be as efficient as we'd like turnovers kick coverage units. Even with penalties after this morning. And look it's it's all of us collectively starting me. We've got to. Do better job -- in four to. -- expect different results we're there we're gonna play better obviously we did today and and you'll have a chance to watch this film. Make the corrections but. It was frustrating especially in the second half when we get up to him out them we go another big return. It would just let them hang around long enough him. They made enough plays defensively and offensively and in the kicking game. Any questions of the red zone and twenty yards. Yeah -- listening and that's one of its one part of it you know it's certainly not good enough. You know it's an area that that we have to be better. In. You know it's. That's something -- closely when we did come and let. You -- in the end the results weren't weren't any different today we we end up settling for either field goals -- to -- Simpson. All of a sudden. -- separate where you won't be. That becomes close games. What. What what your. But I mean I think it's understood green. I. Don't know -- I didn't say that. When you get up -- enough then and then you have a chance maybe to extend it and then all of a sudden give up big returns. And you you you just don't play. You know even with a three point lead at halftime to my second half and you know we go three and out. It's trying to get up two scores. That's that's. What we -- weren't able to do was so that game. Defensively we're we're we're getting stops and foursome. Force it upon in the wind up to turn over. Two turnovers for touchdowns in the argument -- millions of good. Frustrate you. I listen we just didn't we weren't consistent enough we had we had them too many penalties -- many penalties. There with six total I think in the game you know the -- one. When the onside kick in the work -- off sides on the play. Just a lot of things that that are real. Good indicators of playing smart football and it starts with -- it's unfair but. It. I don't I don't think so we don't -- they Erica. By any means -- pressing you know I'm certain certain. That there's a frustration that grows without scoring -- point you're looking for but. We'll look we're gonna have to get back to work and work on these things -- and improve these things. You know. You know we. Expect the results be different review for a what. Well any two scores but you gotta look at it this -- my cute you know you really need one due to be in the game you know when you're looking you're down and distance where your games immediately over -- if you go for. And so. For the very reason with the way the game finished. In other words but he beat you. Possibly possibly lesser score earlier this mean you're not gonna go four or five and a half minutes mountain you know you were down. More than that you consider. That was these -- You partner. That wasn't listen that was part of a number of things that's three points. You know obviously. We've got two after five games. It will make these field goals were position -- that's one aspect that this -- different in the red zone no different than turnovers it for those today. So. That's one part of a lot you know and that's all we gotta get approval is well -- You know I thought. I have to look at the film to see consistently. Out of pocket was. There are some hurries and there's times where I thought -- We blocked pretty well but look at tape of a better handle on me -- answer that's on the you know we got a few pressures that players -- wanted to know. Some covers mixed up some -- and I a lot of blitzes well. What anyway game Gonzalez. Cards -- his work here. It out -- those guys are. Well FitzGerald yeah I mean listen. We we did a lot of things to take him out of the game and in yet. You know I think overall defensively I thought we did a good job plan you know -- if he's gonna make some place. In. In that's that's part of it hanging in there and and overall just when you look at the time of possession. A lot of things statistically that -- union that doesn't matter you know I'm -- so. There's enough plays made for them to win -- -- and make plays made by us. -- -- Well I think that's I think that's accurate it's not a crisis right. But but it is chance for us to certainly look at hey -- What we're gonna have to play better we're at a stretch here where. We're have to make these corrections and and -- this wasn't up to at least our standard where we expect playing yet it is what it is we ended up with the law so. You know I told them listen we're gonna. We've faced challenges before him and we're gonna have to handle this -- right way. Mark thanks guys.

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