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WWL>Topics>>Lance Moore Post-game Interview

Lance Moore Post-game Interview

Oct 10, 2010|

Saints Wide Receiver Lance Moore addresses the media following the New Orleans Saints 30-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let you guys have you know and I had a big plays -- much in last year's open offers his tour or something that opposing defense or do you guys take that away. Think when you have some success like we did last year and he plays defense or perhaps -- -- -- and they try to do they can to prevent those plays. Teams have been doing a pretty good job of that here leave it. It'll come you know we have to keep working and and correct the mistakes we made today. On the eventually -- investments in the red zone is that are you guys don't put a lot of emphasis on coming up this week he doesn't struggle their lately in Moscow games while I think -- after. You know is definitely something that. Were better than we've show. Process that has a spot on the field we've got to capitalize we've got to get some points is that a few local attempts. You know got to do we can make sure that we we we did that right. Just lost a little more frustrating admitted the Atlanta lost. The book -- you know it's hard to say one is more frustrating than the other but you know we've got to do we chances to bounce back and work hard this week -- practice and -- ago. Let's thanks -- -- a -- then promptly.

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