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Hokie Gajan Post-Game Commentary

Oct 10, 2010|

Hokie Gajan offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints 30-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay everybody's kind of get away with the Saints all things the breakout keeping getting a bird's eye view. Would you see is some of the problems why they would they got really thought that today would be. The day that that would happen in the eighties get out -- click. I obviously right now that. Number one I don't -- -- -- -- line is really doing that great job of pass protected for Drew Brees he seems. At least here for the last couple weeks is a little bit -- respect in the pocket he hit a lot of short routes and the heard all the different things you know well. Team troopers made you know it would simply everything up in front of us and we would not you know -- to get to the ball but. A couple of times that -- the guilty today that one today -- in in the 12 Robert Meachem. You know. One could have been a touchdown at every kid visits to -- bobbled it although he he did make it for third nine yard. And then the ball in the end zone for army and so maybe it's a little something or maybe they gotta start forcing the issue a little bit now to soften up some of the of the pitches that. A day one the Cardinals did a pretty good job clamping down -- receivers they'd -- in state. Let them have everything underneath and it just collapsed on and made the tackle right there for those four or five your game. Poking you know and him I think in the city advancing a lot of people look at this and they will be shocked but they. Listen you guys are watching it at the same time though the Cardinals a outplayed the Saints that they. Oh there's no doubt about that that is every facet of the game you look at the -- special teams have been doing so well. Covering kick off covered punts and me right there to start the game first up put down to the saint kickoff to the Cardinals and bring the ball back to midfield. You don't really MEI I think you gotta give max hall a lot of -- in his game he throws an interception early Jabari Greer -- first possession at the Cardinals had. And after the good kickoff return and he does Jacob had that he comes back in place. Pretty well flawless football it just doesn't force the issue. Got the ball -- -- -- engines running backs and in. Of course when you got Larry FitzGerald out there the only good cover corner if you Barger areas. There's a lot of different things that I think to Saints at the step back to take a long look at that this is not. What we did last year it just seems like we're doing it if different this year and we're not doing it nearly as well. And hope you one thing is -- no time both kind of it to down to open the National Football League got ahead it short memory because of next week. You step back in the division Blake gets that perhaps the biggest surprise of the National Football League. In the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a last second field goal would be in a big victory over the Cincinnati bingo you that you're that you're. -- you right -- I think what Robert told that there that field goal came with four seconds remaining on the clock in. Feel right now you sit there looking and you get here. Atlanta number one yet -- abate member -- say to right there at number three at Carolina's -- -- a career in an old -- so. I mean they're the ones -- do. You can only say that pretty well out of this whole thing so there's a lot of time for the Saints to make some improvement -- get a job but. -- as Jim mentioned with a you know your pass scoring totals. Through five ballgame this year is 25 points against the 49ers out there on a Monday night game. That ain't what we're accustomed to seeing from this half -- Saints offense. And to be part now we dig through through five ball -- I'll go with a change gonna come from. In defense just keep doing what they're doing and play you know where is it to come from other that you gotta start forcing -- issue a little bit had to sit early in. Just make some of those desperation throws downfield and see if you can't get something big to happen. And I hope he. Drawback to this one you know coach Payton. Comes on just a few moments one of the things out as -- talk about is the turnovers and you know last week the Saints a fortunate minus -- got the victory but today just fought tomato turnovers over Cong. -- -- until the deacons mean they have their covenant it's from the worst I have said but you could possibly have the end I think it's an issue. He'll lose that that that Sean Payton is gonna have to look at -- -- will -- running backs you know and I know that the heat and appear Thomas and Reggie Bush was. Inning like those guys river prone from from where neither -- field Ledell Betts put it on the ground they scooping up they take it in for a touchdown -- socialist like the Saints. Would do last year. -- Chris ivory didn't have a fumble they but he had a couple of crucial fumble fumbles in his first couple games this. But he's gonna have to address that with the running backs are big guys we can't afford to do this week he had put the ball on the ground. You look at the only you can really almost. I hate to use the word blame but. You can kind of put -- turnovers on the shoulders of Ledell -- when he runs a little check down route right did just hooked up over the middle when the Saints were backed up so deep. Drew throws the ball yet stop right between the four to six but coming always got to do is move his hands of the rightness -- his his hands up try to prepare. And the Cardinals intercept the ball couple points lived there Indians also it's. You know it did this did that turn -- to good Acadia but when you have a deep down in your your territory like get that that can lead to nothing but disaster. And Saints do follow -- day by a score of 30 the morning and let's go down the Coachella. -- mean I think what it all boils down to Vietnam all -- don't say anything here that. Coach -- and -- team than anybody American new -- don't know I mean you've got to start getting better inside the red zone. There's something about that 49 yard line that just -- in the saint kickers but. You should be put in that situation so me time to wear a guy's going out there it hadn't kicked field goals I mean. Albeit a chip shot I understand that but. These are times that. The Saints need to go for the dagger right here in boom in at least the coach Payton after the ball game you we said we let them hang around. And the question this did you lift that evening or at least it I didn't say that. We just let them hang around you give him enough that you get yourself in position you gotta put that ball in the end zone you don't settle for field goals. Unless you get to. You know a holding penalty. The easiest -- just don't work out but this site does not get it done done a result. Until they start doing that that you go to see these close ball game like this week in week out.

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