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10-10 7pm Saints Point After

Oct 10, 2010|

Deke and Bobby take listener calls following the New Orleans Saints 30-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think we're on the same -- and were -- eating seafood of difference for her autobiography reverend golf scene also prodded by San ran into all the tradition. It's ATV and Budweiser want to wanna have a great time but he's bought into a designated driver Katie can't. Perhaps of been awhile since the black and gold and red nation has suffered a disappointing -- like this one on the road today Arizona thirty. 220. Over -- all insane. Well big -- disappointing to say abilities. They've definitely you could say didn't like the world champs are defending trying to defend their championship. It just shows you that's why they play the game. Pulls all the speculation Thursday or Friday look at it this weekend LSU in the states. It just shows you just win the game I mean a lot if you wouldn't give and relishing the chance. To beat Florida I had Florida in a close win I thought LSU recovered. At LSU mean Florida about four point obvious that was wrong and I'm glad I was wrong and taken that. I thought today just a waiting game was matched up anywhere they were at this point in the season. I thought the -- to win like thirty to thirteen. Obviously that was not the case. Hey -- any additional issue that -- that nothing's guaranteed. You gotta go out there and make things happen enough I could point out. I could mean -- thing you this because he's gotta be honest. If you move the football you gotta go to score touchdowns especially in the rental prince's the last two weeks the red zone efficiency. They're two of nine. Last year the wave off which is -- haven't been someone offense. We would have been that word six the nine. Well the past two games like us that we're only 29. You look at the turnover ratio in the game were minus three. I'm telling you mind is too if you go throughout NFL history. If you're minus two in the NFL you loses some like 84% of the time. I mean it's good that it doesn't happen that you can't -- you might be in that 1560%. Talbot normally. You lose when that occurs right now for the season. We're minus one a considering. That's always you know you're -- this all the time. When heavy Delcarmen lately where women -- Falcons game plus five and they give -- take we ratio that was crucial. Last year plus winning the championship when they can -- that was all said and done. We were plus eleven. In the play or else we were -- plus eight. We were plus eleven which is third best in the NFL were going to hit his game big. We kind of sprawled around here. The last four years having been number one offense while coming into the game. We had the tenth. Best offense in the NFL. And end. If you look at it -- -- -- number one scoring offense last year at 32 point nine point -- gave. Well we will fourteenth. We were basically average and two touchdowns last going to took a Cardinals game I don't know. We average right about where we -- with a twenty points that's what we've been averages so far. We had needless to say how we're not clicking on all cylinders but you know what ticks me off. And and I tell you what and now and Gregg Williams. I think he's doing an outstanding job with the defense the defense played well enough to win. The defense to me when you look at these numbers they played well enough to -- considering -- have turn over -- trying to stop your opponent with a short field. And make all of that was ridiculous. If you look at the interception recruit through we try to build a Philip L best. He hits is handy. Deflate you deflect the ball look when he got the ball really help the -- the end zone when knocked the crap out of max hall. And then the luck of the bounce basketballs and that we're going -- -- all of a suddenly behave round picks it up. And they get a touchdown. You go -- by being snake bit well. But the gods are the stars weren't aligned putting New Orleans Saints -- -- -- out of the Phoenix and Glendale Arizona. Today but you know sooner or later it catches that would give it to go immaculate defense what I was impressed with. If you didn't help the Cardinals that can first downs. The -- only three of fifteen on third down 20%. I'm telling you playing as good as it gets an NFL you're around 3232%. Well the -- to only 20%. They held a -- 194. Net yards. This is the NFL would they want to often -- succeed considering how the rules are structured. They held to 41 yards rushing. One point seven yards per carry I'm telling the difference is you cannot turn over a -- ball and expect to win. Now I said this in the pregame. And I say it would you have to realize. When he got playmakers out there at the NFL and every team has them. You gotta make opponent earned their points when the sustain drives. Not turn overs are in and special teams. You know Dallas -- Achilles heel last year kick off coverage. Punt coverage we will like at an all categories go long before last are dead last. We had the worst coverage units and NFL punt coverage and kickoff coverage and that wasn't the case. You know this year we kind of slack off. Against the -- -- came back to bite us. I tell you what against the Cardinals. I think this guy so -- got three names who arrived Stephens howling dogs body University of Pittsburgh. If you look at him get to a returned. The 54 yard average you're talking about field position no that's an acceptable but he wasn't lucky he's good -- before a week three and NFL we had argued two yard. Kick off return. -- the second longest touchdown return this season the old -- -- 98 yard return. Against the Falcons for a touchdown that was called back we've seen the field position that he did and then another guy. But then that is definitely got a free agency up from the Jets how we got Darren Sharper a playmaker. Look at Kerry wrote -- year old picks up -- 27 yard fumble return for a touchdown. What he's done that before this year in the week one get a 65 yard interception return against the Rams. That was not the lowest interception returns so far in the NFC. In the 2010 season then also. Like he did today against the charges even though they got smoked he kept playing hard. You picked up a fumble and returned it 42 yards for a touchdown toss -- -- and a pregame that's on you to -- could see in his game you lose the turnover ratio. And obviously not producing in the reds' home. And given up big plays. What does that big defensive touchdowns. Are in the return game. You cannot do net and -- know if this this -- humbled right now. Because I tell you that -- critical Arnold this about the Cardinals. Of January that we played in a twelve they have eleven. New starters. At different positions is that even the same team but all -- know is as much and I love Jabari Greer he can't he can't current cover Larry FitzGerald. I see what time he was above and -- got smoked. On a fade -- he was like three yards of him so it was a humbling experience but overall the defense did their job. And on all the games -- senior Drew Brees now we haven't seen this is up late and late. Drew Brees looked very humid today. Very human I mean sometimes he's looking -- back there I mean god. If you look at it -- and we don't expect his because it is Drew Brees. Then he was -- at 439 almost 300 yards three touchdowns and three interceptions before used to Drew Brees haven't. There was three -- -- Zero interceptions no one at worst no bottom line united beat anybody would you -- -- green turnover ratio and might as well for the season and eighth. Got a workout I'll probably got to go to Tampa Bay. Looks like Tampa Bay is right now we thought they were rebuilding from we have third place right now in the NFC south. I'm telling he had his good news media without -- -- -- -- we don't have ballad we -- trying to get back of the mound just because they're -- finances the way it is. That's the case can't find Nieve hit the point -- Arizona thirty the Saints -- one game you're listening to the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to the point out there on the saints' radio network real avid beanie seafood in the -- called on the corner of Ireland golf being constructed by is that -- didn't want to Pistons 88 united Budweiser. Have a great time accuse -- designated driver. Saints poll 3220. This afternoon -- -- if you take down the stretch if you look at this tomorrow. A basketball game he -- -- when Tony was thirty and can't morons we have for the way after the Saints jumped out to a ten to zero lead. And you don't think that that's a bit frustrating because we never had like you know the the Dolphins were ahead of us -- we had to come back. Maybe that's that you want you playing on the road to get the crowd out of it you gonna -- the rookie quarterback. We're winning ten to zero. -- -- -- -- -- some reason I don't know we getting the lead and we not putting the hammer down a coach -- address this could you look that I was impressive drive. We went eleven play 76 yards in a five minute 22 seconds and we're winning ten to zero -- while we do on the kick off. Who arrived Stephens howling -- 48 yard return. And all of a sudden they're back in the game they got a little momentum. Now but you look at it they go ten plays only have to go 31 yards -- Jay Feely kicked a 37 yard field goal so now it's ten. The three no I'm telling you I'll. Kickoff coverage units. Were horrendous. Today. And and and you know whether I know they gonna talk about it in trying to address that. But. You know what that that's kind of momentum swings. The -- at their 48 yard return I mean right after we were winning 100 mean he averaged 54 yards on two returns and he just came. You know have that because of fuel position him when you're playing on the road and out that's it was discouraging to me but who arrived. -- Stephens howling. The 30 man his three -- I mean you know he's is that when you have that meant he's done it before and like I said. You know he could had two touchdowns coming into the game in a 102 yard and had money yarder. Called back against the Falcons still yeah that was a little disheartening. Were thought losing the turnover battle and not being efficient in the red zone and obviously. I'll coverage units though wouldn't they -- where they -- we kicked off the season. And we thought it could potentially could be an Achilles heel and Carolina. Had one good return and out the Cardinals that they've definitely helped their few position by having those good kick returns. The phones we go Glavine and let's go to move Ricky Adam -- on line -- three thinking Rickie thank you for calling upon happen. I was Rickie thank you for calling upon after the saints' radio network. We've got really game Harvick he's not there let's try to Mike in New Orleans on outlines five might could even thank you for calling. Okay -- Bobby and become. Couple -- -- this on the property -- they brought banter -- is the best quarterback in NFL with big chemical anybody. Foot you have an off here. His interception broke open and you put the ball that ripped through much she threw a pitch terrific form of -- -- all. Two it is the last -- -- kind of fits your. Yeah yeah because it desperation and our I don't know any Congo last employee is trying to. You don't just make a play exactly yeah. Right -- and then I don't know. Atlanta game at Carolina game you need -- underhand throw to interpret all of imitation interception right that there would be the the it can ever dealt with the off whether it was a communication between miscommunication between him and every. Yeah that's who ran delight of the Cleveland could. Right -- I don't you keep coming here but if he's the best quarterback that we think that that we could ever ask. You with a book and the definitive -- right guard. Quick he is having a phone call -- a home you keep happening year then moved on normal quarterback would have -- you -- right now I'm just. We have yet -- -- -- and you make a great point no we were comparing them. You know game inning game I'll and I still think he's in that number went all going to be said and done with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. You know when they put a number of skins on the wall you -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- last four years we had the number one offense in the NFL. They Drew Brees is a big part of it. But now -- that being said you know what's frustrating it is frustrating drew. Is that. Gordon it's it is game now that was in the case he wasn't at that level where you look at him he was 4439. But he was almost 74%. Completion rate so that's agreement that's as accurate as it gets NFL record last year broken in isn't. Was seventy point six. But I'm Kelly did difference is now. Obviously. Even to think in the approach of bend but don't break make an immediate underneath throws we have to sustain drives there when you. Haven't to have those long drives you can make mistakes have turnovers and they know what they're doing in the -- all. And I said this last year. Friends it's over two weeks. Right now they're two of nine as far as getting touchdowns in the red zone the last two games last year. They would have been six or seven of nine as far as getting touchdowns. And that's it's frustrating in the -- you don't -- present the quarterback and try and outfitted in there because they can have been. And now hopefully you know as a quarterback in drew Tate is that and you go back to the basics and you mature. And don't press and don't force the issue because you could be easily become guilty of doing that as a quarterback. Could you wanna play so well. And he you know I trust that you -- things but no. -- if Drew Brees plays like he played today. As as good as we are defending world champs and tell you what we just an average team. You know it is not much difference but I'm telling you between seven and nine and ten and six. And the way we play today you know we played like likely be a 500 team and hopefully we can turn around on next week at Tampa -- Because that's it to pull on you playing within his division. And hopefully I'll look only would a win. Because I'm I'm telling you the bottom line -- you wanna get to a twelve to way to province of playing right now. Know who will be gonna have to win I truly think eleven or twelve games to win the NFC south. And now and better turn things around right quick next week at Tampa. That's the case he can't about being bad Deke Bellavia the finals go this evening and Arizona -- the Saints thirtieth Tony we'll continue to point out there on the New Orleans Saints radio. And welcome back to the point after receiving seafood. In the first corner of the world famous for its quota here on the -- -- Louisville and golf scene at that point out there's also brought to buy Saturn -- New Orleans visits a Canadian and Budweiser. I have a great time but Tuesday designated driver this evening the Saints called out in Arizona 3220. And that -- why -- am also at this Harden and fans you can call open and let's say if you felt the same way this is the first game our our kind of say and I think they're playing hard I know they played hard and going about their business. In a professional sense and you don't understand the responsibility. The -- NN are truly believe it -- look out overlook Arizona. Because they don't have playmaker is -- mean Darnell Dockett. He's the top of leading sacker. You know if you look at -- -- and tackle since the last three years I -- in the forcing a calmly handled bats that really when -- hit that you should fumbled the football. But it just same like Tim knee. That her. They were kind of lethargic out there it when that sense of urgency. Now -- his -- exaggerating but it is same like that to meet at home. Now I thought in the achievement not the case at times this kind of a late laid back California type crowd. When you play out and Arizona and needed a passionate fans like in the -- these breathing in the superdome above but I thought they're paying -- that a game. And we definitely disruptive now. The reason why I thought we gonna beat them handily. Is that if you look at the Cardinals. And the reason why -- is could we consider ourselves. If not the best amongst the best of the best on noah's value was in Atlanta and in San Diego the Falcons Spain. The Cardinals 41 hits in the charges scrape the Cardinals 41 to ten I don't know look at the NFL. The Raiders beat the charges today I mean it looked last week the Jaguars beat the Colts. I mean that you just never know what's gonna come on NFL but the reason why I was optimistic -- look at the Cardinals team and I say this in the pregame. Then experienced the holes that changes on both sides of the ball they're 22 starters. In 010 this year. Not how -- that long when I was nine months ago 1111. Different changes either where you can eighteen. First your starters are starting -- new position. The Cardinals had six new starters on offense and five new starters on defense. In a playoff team that we played in January says that even the same team. But I don't know -- give up I thought their quarterback we knocked your crap on him a couple of times and he kept fighting until we knock him -- the game. But to his credit I he came back and fought. Like you need to you gonna play a long time if in professional football. But. -- anyway the bottom line is you guys being nobody. When you minus three when the games also haven't done. The -- we go Bobby and let's go to -- -- in his New Orleans and on line six Darnell thank you for calling the point after. Hello Darnell thank you for calling. Belichick got a right of I don't know let's go to Bubba in the entry on line seven Bubba thank you for calling upon after the saints' radio network. And made it big -- Bill. -- yeah bellowed hey man I don't know. We don't notice an eight point found that Afflalo got sick of both. It won't hit golf this under the music group Greenpeace has don't think not that -- hey you know fix all we have redstone. They used to -- we gotta go with the we -- three point. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- moved to really interact totally blanked on. And maybe thirteen we got three points we have a sort of fate of markets go between has decided that you hadn't -- didn't. They don't put upon me -- lucky -- that I even if he probably. You get healthy that guys at. Right index yet -- above you know what I've seen it in practice on talk about that fade route and also a bit at the cornerback is so conscious of the -- afraid opener top that -- -- the -- Drew Brees. On purpose is thrown behind them. Ankles at the last minute or turn around it's like a back shoulder throw a -- completed one goes deep I gotta look at my notes that at somewhere. That is an open field. Where it was at 47 yard back shoulder throw look at at this. When we were on all 49 yard line it was like Brees to Colston back shoulder plus 27. And that's what that was -- touchdown drive and when on thirty go Brees had Shockey but it does on yes so I you know like Bubba I'm actually. You know was done that they haven't utilize that -- to take advantage of Colston tight because I'm no big prize and and I'm seeing him executed. And oh yeah no that's an acceptable when -- nine in the red zone. You can't come -- field goals. You gotta come away with touchdowns and and how crazy are ironic was this. Was thank Corey misses that -- nine yard field goal that would give and is still leading now I'm not saying that deflated us. Because when you look at alcove with a lot more points -- score. Without the same exact distance. 29 yards that we miss against the Falcons so my coach may not know somebody puts -- -- -- owners -- some voodoo do whatever. But that 29 yard field goal we either try a 28 yarder. Or like a thirty yarder and don't get Scotland 49. And that's unbelievable in the NFL you played. -- so far early in the season what -- five games and we get to play nine yard field goals though that that's totally unacceptable. Back to -- we go 58260187866889. Zero -- sent me to warrant in a Metairie on line full want to thank you called on the point after. On the -- radio. There are you guys they learned. A friend just I wanna let you guys don't care man appeared to be rookie quarterback. I am scared of these teams named after birds probably book Bertha got food Pollard. We don't get any Eagles -- a bird got the black BM Ravens pull it over the Ravens movement now need to burn bit the Ravens looked up on paper. Brett. It was then down. Beyond Falcons and Ravens right here -- they're trying everything -- yeah yeah we -- this yelled at home I'd feel more worried -- I don't know -- -- if you tell the Seahawks. That definitely is a long trip going our way in the northwest Sinatra's Jones does seem like through history they tend to play better at home we got them right before. -- things giving a big game against the Cowboys. And speaking of the Cowboys look to go by held the skills I don't know. Cowboys lost again their loss to the Titans. I mean if it is crazy I don't know -- you might have a formula but it may depend on the NFL. Now. I mean to me it's unbelievable. When you look at all of sets and to predict it will the outcome. You the way the way a lot of people located bodies like emaciated Saints. If you -- a lot of victories came in covering. Right and hopeless because they were so high scoring ways this year it's a pretty big game -- -- completely ruled out. And won the Super Bowl alliance this year already played him more with the Saints being a pick a favorite. So the flip side of it is Saints. The a lot of people of -- -- against them now because don't think the Saints to win they think it's that Bears cognitive training children team coming off the Super Bowl quick victory. The oddsmakers are gonna put him as a big a favorite and homered on the road and everything sink -- fountains -- you. Think I learned them every day. -- that he's out like buddy. You -- a lot of people that they can care less who wins or loses know that there today is what I know they they want I don't they would always play in. Popular right -- discouraged disheartened. Like we have a hard fought game and we lost in a forty -- idea pumping gas at the station. And they -- -- two Emanuel a great game and I'm saying what it -- Think any say well he knows that now we shoulda won that made you made me money that's all -- until word about. And did have been another situation where we won the game critical would have been you know that he could -- covers so I think so though it's it's amazing. How people at that point spread and now you -- in the fantasy football. Who pitched here in far it's much more quality. Now meaning his gets ridiculous and just -- the home team you actually. Cheer for players -- offensive football and then a look at a goal betting spectrum. And then because that's always some that I'm not familiar because I'm just talking about getting it done on the field right and I and I could see. Why -- expectation that confidence you win a world championship. Three of the last four years. You know you have to know more offense not every team deals Canadian utility wood injuries we've done that and a pass and -- he's been all. We still been able to once the score a lot of points. Have a lot have a lot of yardage at this point. Think about this to show you how tough the NFL is that's why used you -- appreciate. Any time you win because after the games go by they all look at. -- -- the room whether you won or lost we we're averaging. 36 points a game at this point last year. Right now where we're like nineteen point eight. Boy what a lot of big difference. I don't know just short shots up the NFL is. And also talk about it through -- is well you know if you took away eat the oddsmakers and the lines and in fantasy football. It would be a lot less people paying attention and -- I -- -- -- -- -- but -- thirty million people Bryant and the highest percentage of women have a playing fantasy football you have only we can flat -- -- -- phone but they play because their teams -- -- approved by the FAA individual interest -- yeah and a lot of people don't they'll have a Jersey I don't have a favorite team like this is only care about is whether they win or lose. And I think the players thinking about what you lose big if they -- money these guys where Luke and if they make funny things that. A couple of people give them come Buccaneers bikinis. They'll miss golf because big guy Marcus Colston on their fantasy team. Mark this post that score the touchdown and the award but with a one allows individuals to me somebody that scored no points farm in the frenzy career. I'm like yeah. -- -- -- They're presented. It's a big deal coming back here. Final score this evening the Saints on Arizona thirty victorious the corner out there on the New Orleans Saints radio network and welcome back in the physical and how crazy -- seafood the world famous for -- fought -- because -- -- adult theme that. We're here to all 1615 is coming out it's delicious seafood -- Kasey -- about defense and enjoy the point after. Also brought devise at a rented a wanted to visited -- -- -- -- -- have a great time to feast on. Excuse eight designated driver back through the -- that we go out and it's gonna Kevin in the Big Easy on line one Kevin thank you proponent of point out. I have to think what kind of build a -- of aren't when I don't like him don't do I don't know is hitting. Don't want any overtly terrorism those words were don't know what the offensive line and -- and -- Guy you know that I wish I you know I could tell you truly to be honest. And that's always be in the meeting rooms and then -- knows truly what I'm talking about otherwise I'm just speculating. You know teams that they make adjustments and Andy and obviously they've had years of film. And and I think the Saints still can be efficient in the red zone I mean you would be the number one dolphins' three out of four years I mean that there is -- -- rank him there. And now they can and I do think what's Curtis at times. When you look for just glance Lorie carries the ball really cut the crap knocked out of you can't -- on the -- yard line. Chris ivory against Carolina almost 123 yard line -- the 2730 point. Tight games so I think all taken third turns making mistakes that wasn't -- case last year I know of seem more drops. You know this year as a whole group. Like a look -- calls from the Florida game knuckles and had a pretty good game when you look at these right -- with FitzGerald he had seven catches 97 yards. Fourteen yard average. FitzGerald had seven catches 93 yards thirteen to have -- so they were very similar. But it just looks like FitzGerald was more open Nicole's been. And I know the begin making though he had a couple of drops I mean they've all taken turns where you know a couple of seasons go we might have expected Devery Henderson. To do a little look at every night memory that long -- that he caught. He'll almost dropped that and I think he'd -- -- is that in stride. That and then he he's good as gore. You know at -- it it it just seems like. Then at times there's always three or four occasions that we shooting ourselves in the foot. Where who -- last year that wasn't a case and look at Drew Brees when I used to this a look at interception he had to Shockey. He ended through all through Shockey just a bad throw it -- intercepted that end. You realize that interception by Drew Brees. That was his first interception in the fourth quarter in 26 -- Not think about that that's board -- season. I don't know I don't think he's sort of on his wife avenue -- -- -- I don't think there's -- -- -- but. I think I think you get -- a (%expletive) you get the fun of sometimes he's got to snap out of it. But you don't think about this we we expect perfection out of drew and you know that's occasional look at that is it will. That's the first interception thrown under a fourth quarter in 26 game. Anything else. Did. I don't think these things point nine yard punt on and and we wish they deflated them. -- he. -- -- -- you know they might say it didn't of this anytime you can take the lead yeah that that hasn't deflate you. I mean considering when you working hard and you driving. Pay any trying to get down there. I mean you bottom line is you can't miss that. Because you know why. That all of us so we go thirteen plays 61 yards we'd have seven minutes 37 seconds and -- -- -- -- them. And we don't know I mean he's human nature that the that was -- anyone. If in that situation value now you can save my theory you know I don't let that happen. But yeah. Bottom line between nine yard -- you can't miss I don't care if it's corny Harley Qichen. You cannot miss that but. I wrote down that that that that's -- that's ridiculous this terrible because now you you controlling the tempo of the game. -- even though you don't get a -- I think we need to get more touchdowns obviously out said that but -- go thirteen plays and you go 61 yards. You know of almost eight minutes on the clock and you get you don't get any thing no flashier we will score and that's a different this year we're not. 2601878668890817. To -- even -- class on line to date thank you for -- the point after. Hey -- My take on the game is look at it is maybe we got I think you like the flu right now you know we Alou. Under whoever we gonna get it -- now we know will we camp we noticed potential we hadn't -- as we haven't character. Right not my question no. It's bad management clock management is -- -- fourth quarter we burned two timeouts because whatever personnel fans. No way it you know let you know what I was gonna bring that up and that's a good point. And I think a lot of it now everything dealing with injury and Ledell -- He's been on the team load up and I think he's been an outstanding job trying to pick up this complicated offense and he's he does a great job on those -- trust him as far as protections. On third down you know like you like you trust Pierre Thomas. But there was a couple of times I think goes a little confusion -- felt -- that I know that kicked -- Drew Brees. And that you know first of all let me tell you when you get close in the red zone it's like going -- excellent defender. Because there is quieting the defense and you better lineup where you need to be -- you practice it hardly any views -- just looking. You know I look at George devastating yesterday. I don't know what happened I'm not in the meeting rooms when I don't know if you if you turned the wrong way on the handoff. And Florida maybe thought it was a bootleg any good companies Gordon right -- -- -- that slug it but no -- that -- that I have is. Nine out of ten times you get stuck in the backfield with. You know the match. Had his luck in an end -- that bottom line is wins. Yeah and score is going to have the opportunity but I think about ways in those timeouts. -- that that was crucial. And I'll tell you that's gonna get to drew -- -- Indian goes a meeting rooms that they gonna demand we cannot do that so every player. You -- know what the hell you doing are are you can't play here. We -- different direction. Duke Nolan in New Iberia on line three note to thank you because the point after Hussein's. You -- me. How -- -- -- all. The guys that I had to comment before. It is an open win came -- to those kind. Is doing okay. -- -- -- -- And my second comment is not being as mad as close as -- -- Well them anchors come on -- -- -- not in week twelve or thirteen how how can you say that no we still got a ways to go. And out and and and you know we gotta wait and see. He was gonna have a -- I mean I don't believe in that drew coming into the game. Was leading the NFL completion percentage. I'll -- -- 60% of the highest level. In the NFL or mid sixties he is there's 73% but I don't believe in that my prayers but I think yeah. Note this game hurts more. Courtesy NFC opponent did if you lose -- Browns and the Steelers right I think right now. You'd much rather beat Arizona and he beat this team was -- you look at the tradition and all that but I'm telling you look at like head to head. And that manages the -- you -- in the NFC if you are playoff team though. This game was very important but even more important. In the cardinals' game was moved -- a Falcons. That's why -- tell you what you will be behind the eight ball. There's no way in hell. We better lose to Tampa Bay next week in Tampa. Because his two -- line. NFC south -- you are talking about trying to play catch up they did you almost have to be lucky to get into the playoffs right good good good -- Tampa -- and right now. Knowing all the AFC team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- without Garnett thirteen an overall that's unrealistic. -- we live that dream the stars well line. The bottom line is you wanna get their playoff. They're -- but if you are to lose. Any level and accept the loss big part of the United Nations could we all hours while now and we expect greatness. But I'm telling you don't lose -- NFC teams if you are gonna lose that'd be ANC because I'm telling you. Beckett make a difference in the tiebreaker is. Down the road who you lost -- NFC AFC whether -- Get it to the playoffs coming back disappoint fans there really CDC -- -- French Quarter the Saints. Think one could talk today's phone Arizona thirty -- -- we will continue with the corner outfield of all things on radio network. And welcome back to the fun out there on his Saints radio network and his evening. If things go to Arizona by -- school -- 32 point -- eating seafood and for its quota -- -- don't -- the and upon anthology occupies center rant that you wanted to -- eight the united Budweiser wants you to have a great time -- -- eight designated driver Bobby. Dunn talk about these guys Jack self destructive by Tim Clark construction you're on the Oklahoma and finally got tagged for it was. Max hall with a guy Jones who didn't exactly I -- Think Dallas the comedies impression and -- 03 times this -- -- and he is basically knocked out there gain and it hit it deep to his credit. I tell you what that's a big component to come back in nineteen Michael pinball you can you can have it bounce it off them. Videotape to a big -- no way in hell he was going -- could have all but I'll tell you all of us and it bounces up and Levi Brown scores and easy -- shared. We were getting the ball back. Frank opened the Vikings fumbled right -- and the reds on their Peterson Favre the handoff did you do you know we get the ball but I don't know just one of those games. The ball was definitely not. Golf that are only not a real live at the Navajo Indians of the Pueblo and Arizona. It did put the reverse curse on us. In their reliable and all the whole thing but no they had the most join -- today was demoted Joe wasn't on the saints' side there was definitely on the Cardinals sides. Back 2000 go by the AA tournament through to lose your. He can't can't go online to. -- Bradley has -- He would you gotta keep. Now I'm Kelly good Italian gonna -- Palin I think like glance he would he would get a lot of interceptions. If they were really doing a great you know. -- know scoring few -- that does not who we it was scored fifteen minutes of touchdowns. That they scored. Good thing about his Darren Sharper. I mean I'll look at the beginning of the season when we beat the Jets. How often scored ten points against an outstanding jets' defense a defense scored two touchdowns to a torn reported ten. -- not necessarily. Of CNN. I think Malcolm Jenkins is doing a good enough job. But I mean great job of all he's -- a Hall of -- with -- -- the hall of famers so maybe Derek startled when he comes back and he said he's ready to play. You know I've seen him last week. That you know he might give offense park built to make plays on the back in. And make a difference. You know look at the Dolphins game a number of teams that you go on and only parents Barbara made -- different does seem like we get those extra. Defensive plays to put us over the top now with that being said. This defense to me is playing good enough right now where we should be undefeated now the Falcons gave -- the Falcons game. The beavers got their ass kicked. The -- a couple of you miss a 29 yard field goal but the defense and other other games out of four games played well enough. Where we could be undefeated but it would it could have shouted at -- much of crap. No it is what it is we're not undefeated new the we have we have two losses but I I am pleased. When Gregg Williams and a defense overall when you -- opponent 294. Total yards three of fifteen on third down. You getting it done now the different last year -- was a big part of that we're able to create more turnovers. And we high risk high reward. Type offense. And now right now -- minus three united beat anybody now we minus one for the season. And out -- thank that you gotta be on the plus side. I'm looking at the -- two hitters -- number twelve point back but you know. People -- not doing. As well as they were a year prior you go back you -- think what we -- it may this year I think from a fan perspective they were not been able to. This year and looking through the first time -- I was -- the Saints are free -- PCU five and over a year ago. Now let's look at the distribution. Of balance that we all talked about him right balance on offense. Now. Every game but the Saints played lazier. Russell old book 120. Yards one right before was the smallest amount it -- to thank you don't need good going forward. Nothing about this how we were consistent. When you know being the sixth. Best rushing team. In the NFL right before you buy anyway despite couldn't it be okay that was in the people aren't. Now that was the lowest amount we have gone over 100 yards rushing in just one game -- This season by the end Dallas lastly I was last week against Carolina and that was a 121 yards now we talk about distribution over. We talked about having that balance. A year ago the Saints. Had a 173 carries for 789. Yards rushing for four point six yards per carry. Through five games right now the Saints have a 116. Carries. 378. Yards rushing for 3.3 yards for -- in 2000 CNN. And you look at the balance lazy about it through five games I think we -- either one more runs can handle we did we didn't go after the tag team who talk a bit moot point now lots of winter bring it up again they might have been even at this epic games we still had more rushing -- through five games this season the Saints have as a hundred in China -- for 1371. Yards. A 116 rushing attempts for 300 simply don't hit -- sent them you say a hundred but. Card game the -- to pass the ball right now 39 point eight passing. A team that game. And -- authority. And rushing the ball X 43 point oh to -- hobby this writing seventeenth differential well yeah well involves seventeen more attack the Saints have had an off balance those. -- I think you look at five less passes. Five to six last 1005 and six more runs right as the difference last year. Compete this year team right now -- -- -- if you look at it Kamal we had 22 rushing attempts she really wanna have 28 to 29 and right now have 85 rushing yards a game. You -- 41 rushing yards. What 24 tenths so they -- I'll look at like we had 85 rushing yards and coming into the game. We will thirtieth in the league right righted the bottom well we can -- the bottom. Cannot be near rumor last year having the six events are rushing attack in the NFL and Bobby you know last week with the heavily with the first time this season that the other Saints had they -- You know a pretty good first hand from rushing the football. Probably had a big second hand -- Lockett anyway yeah you -- Braves aren't going into -- I'm okay with -- I we've been up to 85 yards rushing -- 33. In the first -- yeah I can tell you exactly what happened we were able to jump up on teams. I can't believe and then all of a sudden in the fourth quarter. We were patrolling. The temple. As far as almost till we get that balance and he runs the ball -- then we can milk the clock was obviously that hasn't been the case. This year and out and speak you know coming into his game. An M a look at these final numbers. Is that we all wanna see in the fourth quarter. Scored fifteen points right I've got this and our opponents have scored fifteen points in the fourth quarter. He'll have a today that's even worse you don't finish strongly than they T shirt. Finished so well today the Cardinals scored seventeen points. We scored seven. Moving in the fourth quarter and last year we were helping people look forward water and ever finishing games but our guys at different. That was a good -- all those bases along the same Radiohead were. Am for the countdown of the Saints take on the Tampa Bay hit a fifty years. Now his visit to all the stick around hopeful of the point after.

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