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Oct 10, 2010|

Deke and Bobby take listener calls following the New Orleans Saints 30-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the point out there on Saints radio WWL 8:17 AM FM -- 1053. And all the world wide web at WWL Zach hobby is the point out don't think radio. Oh the founding father of the rich days of Bobby -- -- Deke Bellavia real for the world famous for its quota -- these seafood. On the -- probability adult theme we -- thought all want answers at All Saints games. It's also brought Dubai is that Iran they -- wanted to visit to eighteen -- and kind of and Budweiser have a great time but choose eight designated driver final scores this afternoon at. Arizona. Thirty and you won't joining the Saints phone for three and two they won't play at Tampa Bay next week. At Raymond James Stadium and who would join you at 8 PM with the first take -- -- advances into the court the countdown to kickoff at 10 o'clock or noon kickoff they would be surprising Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As we we shouldn't be surprised though and -- in the NFC south we should never be surprised. I don't care what you have coming back beautiful nobody should ever be. The crowd was -- four years straight yet you have the worst occurs. Isn't that the progress into upon that. Tampa Atlanta Carolina. By every team is being -- Super Bowl the Saints announce that folks -- to win it but I don't think anybody should be surprised to become what the parity of the National Football League. And what is taking place NFC south and the folks give him most impressive win of the season. How late field goal they beat Cincinnati and Cincinnati. 24 to 21 now they are three in -- overall. All about it and they don't love this season it was for the Pittsburgh seemed to be donut on them. There with the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh still doesn't know those seems only undefeated -- via conference coming we're coming -- -- physically but they have. Most of conference games well the other ages shows no I gotta finish the game they play four quarters and mean who would've thought last year in this film. We beating Tennessee 170. And I tell you that that -- the most disappointing loss of the Al championship season last year when he got there. Hollywood loses game. The you know you gotta be kidding me sold out Tampa -- in a rebuilding stage even that I played like Peter rebuilding stage. And I can -- the Carolina Panthers are financed by the case I mean they'll win -- dog fight. He gets hit of wells right now look at the competition FC south. We haven't read all the Falcons don't surprise me. Crying because I think that they were. On the Cubs to have becoming specialized share what you heard on the right right. The Baghdad damp night about winning here -- is 23 games he would have had Bryant yeah yeah and -- you know is that much different. We knew it 97 -- battalion 1111 and five and oh yeah you also look better surprised by the college but I am surprised. Thank Tampa Bay where there right so no we live in front dog fight have to go to win on the road at seven the next week. Don't get the job Bobby and might see them on their second guess these Saints and most of the Cardinals fifteen to -- was let go ahead touchdown a -- side. They've Mississippi. From four to 630 did tomorrow night to -- follow the Saints coaches show. We'll resume coach Sean Payton recap Chicago game a point toward the Buccaneers and ostensibly as assistant coach tomorrow night. He's offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael -- your thoughts on the saint of -- this evening to. The Arizona Cardinals a viable fourth to sixth so when he seventy caught toll free 86688908. Zip it back. And you don't -- up some -- scores big this. In 01 thing is -- you always making changes it's all about I have an opportunity. You know Coach Williams says even though Will Smith who's out Jeff Charleston would have an opportunity to the play I have more sense. He has been out with four tackles no one here one minus 20 they try to go right at him. But even though there in the shotgun to try to -- them and and he held big Beanie Wells so mine is two yard gain right in early in the game -- another guy he. Now they'll be hidden because he's starter number of games in the NFL. He started for the Raiders. The Texans and the Giants Danny Clark and Danny Clark was in big games and I don't think toll on her car was injured I think it's all about production an opportunity. What Danny Clark in them having six tackles he also love had a forced fumble he openly gay if you look at. I thought having Roman Harper back was the difference maker he led the team with eight total tackles 88 unassisted. And gone back his visit to -- coaches say it and you know brought Beckett to see what they say if he comes to -- but. We talked a great we have quite nicely -- preconceived -- tips also use some more of the -- out before tackles two solos you have and you know pretty good performance by Johnson and he's. I guess and -- promoters standpoint. His biggest role in one's thirteen for the first time of the season to date it's -- the most minutes he had against an opponent and he took it to heart and. How they got the long guys then has stepped up so far this season. And I'm not saying it was a non fact you're put on not having good numbers that he hit it had in previous games. Was Sedrick Ellis go to -- Els came into the game had three sacks. Now we only had one tackle. For the entire game now you will win them haven't three sacks they had one. You know that was like a caused fumble next pitch -- got beat and I thought the protection of was long enough through September in the pocket and usually gets rid of the ball on -- over the Cardinals coverage. Krstic Coleman have eventually get beat that he did land on the fumble. Look at and Powell of production as far as sacks Jonathan Vilma had one problem. You know we look at him looking over in the very deep -- got -- thank -- -- -- approach. Tell you should have a site and nobody -- Jews are you gonna get a rookie quarterback but he took advantage and opportunity. -- Hargrove Gladys Knight but. Sedrick Ellis didn't play at the level he's played in the previous game as far as -- production but but I still don't blame the defense because overall. They gotta know when you consider that the Cardinals only had 194. Total yards they were three of fifteen. I'm 22 for 20%. And I just think dead a short field and also log on defense for touchdowns that we had in the past that we haven't seen that so for the shares of. Bobby had new polls out the Associated Press that top 45 update folks Alabama the Ohio State Buckeyes -- -- -- in both polls this week -- good -- number two local post. Boise State is at number three differences in the fourth ranked team TCU is his fourth in the AP would have breasted sport in the US and their coaches -- TCU was time and out the clock there Oklahoma's six of both polls. The Tigers of LSU and ninth in both -- puts -- -- out of moves up nine places in the AP. Top 25 they moved from nineteen content and you tell -- it's it's great -- well. Well in the human being yet and you look at that how Ellis who obviously. Still a lot to play for I mean as far as control their destiny when you look at where Auburn Alabama is ranked but. The game you know it's frustrating I think you need a twelve you look at -- -- The Oregon Ducks. And Ohio State could go undefeated right now would you be frustrated. Almighty put the cart before the hardwood -- Belichick was undefeated -- at Auburn. Yes that is. They not gonna surpass. Oregon Ohio State. It's fitting way to ring now lie you look at strength of schedule Friday when you look at the -- is there in that I just don't think -- -- We have a chance and that's why you almost hope for the kind of buzz up the -- -- Is that you have three high profile like universities. That are undefeated where you have to address the issue. And not have one undefeated team out from a major conference mean I've been out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you can thank me Keyaron. I'm I've learned that we have -- -- winner really can't give up on you guys. It was OK -- that the fans Bay's I mean come on then I hate on the Saints this Phil loved the Saints as. You know everyone believes black key goal but it just frustrating because. I expectation. Level is so high. And that comes to winning championships and has said -- before. Saving at LSU you look at the eight year period you look of how we love football down here any year period LSU's won two national championships. We did an NFC championship game of one of Super Bowl so you expect greatness so that is frustrating. When maybe the team in the perform. To your expectations. -- like you being on the Saints. I expect more considering. The opportunity it would it takes if you can be in the hunt -- your all that's why our respect. Teams like the Patriots. In the cold. Have success and you look at his team was their tradition to have success over a decade. And be in the hunt you're -- -- out though that's hard to do we look at the cold. Only 112 -- -- seven straight years they've won twelve home games or more you know hard that is to do. And in only have ones who hold the show Corbett even have a chance know you gotta have their consistency. And now today. We were not -- since the ball club we looked very average. We looked like the 500 team that we've seen maybe in 08. Instead of what we've seen last year and all night. But that -- Fresno the other thing I would say is that I'm now -- the airport and there's only. Hi I'm here for this world changing things. I know into the new season and all but whereas in that you're here. And I didn't challenge. The mood at age you can't baseball rotten guard -- then meet the team when they come back it's all that you at a different level. Did any other fan base and if the city right now it is the perfect team widow will lose some good for the local -- camera goes and who goes Bob what is satellite remote realistic about everything else yacht. I'm doing it. Have you Vanilla go all that that still -- those -- because the team disappoint you are you on the bandwagon. Or are we. Argue against. So I can -- a little cameras like okay. I don't quite -- With everything thank god -- I drive around the French Quarter every Sunday on game days. Look for don't can't without anything definite on it Honolulu making pitting him and you look at the world we looks like can't pin. Be safe out there and didn't think we'd have to find out the only go to break estimated time of arrival night -- -- -- -- -- -- shows -- and still support. You wanna get the point where you think the players feel so guilty give a good bit of a good start to the work -- -- visit you gotta you make your players feel so guilty that they can leave their guts out there on the field. I did not want to disappoint the fans I'm not display for myself. Enough rambling but I don't think for a whole community right about going out there supporting them tell you psychologically. That's cabinda player's -- if you got their support about this disappointing loss. You know coming back from Phoenix. Took out their welcome the team I'll tell you tackles. A long way don't we all swelled like there -- other cities. When you expect great is that doesn't occur so that you with the team. Whether win or lose and then you can be pissed off and they know that they won't let that which showed that you know I just on the bandwagon. When things are going good that you truly. Well the Saints. And lose. Whether Louisiana that was and is donating to her fifteen -- Steelers Q -- affinity -- every -- over the Saints defense -- probably -- think -- -- an -- They created a turnover in. And then -- 200 dollars goes to the LSU's school of -- He's Bobby gave and I Deke Bellavia to the point out the final hole it's music so when he seventy toll free 8668890. Grates at me. Saints thought there. Hey thirty it's wanna we wanna hear from you regain his seafood at the French Quarter on Saints radio Doug you have you have. And welcome back -- the point and a good create easy three different sort of on the phone Obama really don't feed him about -- and this -- C -- got votes in the house tonight. Sounding offensive frustration disappointed but certainly not -- as president Kennedy but don't give up as the Saints -- Arizona. 32. Wanting this afternoon I think it's important. His feet. Opponent has also brought you guys that are granted you'll today's -- -- and -- -- I have a great time he's brought into the designated driver. Bring -- first and beat the lawyers can't stand being brutal roles on that offer. Are sponsoring their -- as far as education initiative to support local Ku. This week I don't base we've made to the world has -- assigned to advance to promote excellence in local education. That Stanley rooted roles called -- -- that this has been McCain is. For the Marlins and the -- Sox through six opening 7866. 88 20 creativity. To the phones we go to -- in victory on line Pete Carroll could even thank you for calling Saints radio that he could do it. You're outdoor paint down. All right and you just can't who heads. Okay let me. Income for a long long that you could. Shall I explain and and I go back to where are -- a you don't hot month the -- and the Broncos. That -- to play up and a -- funny -- -- Saint Martin Baghdad. End up something about up a look at eat he can and cannot that it got. A foot and with yet bottom of the eighth and everything else. But it could go to Duke is right now you know meeting you know doing a lot of food bowl. You know get back they came back repeatedly put that -- to panic repeatedly blew people out. Go to go to you spoke out thank you know and I want me particularly everybody -- to -- -- But it -- the court -- I want to let you put in this. Well we got the red zone. The camera so -- thought of them I don't know that stuck in everybody else. Why wasn't distorted and yummy in my political pain through. We've really willing you say it is starters and an era what do you will while classifying and yeah. Yeah aren't done. We've gotten -- don't. Get -- -- yeah. That was hockey on the front line. -- probably containing. In the third call up. Com you know it could beat him up. Number one bullpen and the hot Howell and right we know. We had a bowl I don't know but a minute you know get old I'll pack but you know. That would catapult back at the incredible value bank and would not one we would bet you -- we want to the coach -- -- Well I think is the eighth mile we will win a championship we still somewhat off in three out of four years yeah seven -- an equal that's unacceptable. That. You only have in the last few weeks two touchdowns on a night troops in the red zone. Where Lions share of Buddha had at least six that if -- seven. Right OK okay but pop off I'll make -- -- you feel good now. So we've put in a couple games but full exciting and I'm pretty -- but they have been proving. Me you know -- opened. At the that it every had been. Calm. They had they had been hit and he also had. Come. But I'd probably an end okay and I'm reading it and saw the first half of the game. The running game was sparked a few feet between the veteran running game but we come up the second came up. In the became a public come up with -- can have the -- game thought it gave became apparent. You know focused. Left the equipment I want no. We literally waving to waive him now what what -- you tell -- the Rudy -- -- next and I come out Bert hey. I'll -- deep into Kansas and 33 Owens. I'll -- -- equipment put up the first half but that -- put Obama. Right before I thought we had a good running game. Good running game. Plays -- Glenn Ellen that. -- felt -- speak of average per carry one Portland grab you the one drive -- drive but I don't openly talk about the entire hand TK for 330 it is. It's phenomenal moment but the drive that would keep talking about the hill vets that's the ball six times in four runs 46 yards. It's two receptions for seventy you know. Okay and painful when it was not a deliberate but I'll keep a development eat out the older women look. But if we have a pulled out -- Maybe he meant to find it and that's will wanna come encountered him if we don't need to Flacco -- look now but no fun. Well this thing is I don't think we -- government down we you've got to execute. You know of and I think a lot of times you might say whoa. Guys seemed like we -- serve in the red zone when he's able Wylie got Drew Brees when I'm throwing it and I think a lot of times. The plays that coach Payton and drew might decisive goal which might be dictated as far as on the defensive front. Where is the by theory into it he should be -- he should enable you to built to run the football does not always the case. Consider me -- number of guys they haven't coverage. Because not I'm Noah a number of times that you mileage we had like a one or two yard gain. In the red zone like why -- -- not thrown it and he could be. Maybe he's also doing a film it is an opportunity they'll run gonna run the pole -- who got his front. I think the bile rising got to score I mean I mean he can't sugarcoat it. Having that you know you've -- like scoring cannot afford to beat to have nine. As far as myself begin the red zone because. You know you lose the turnover battle though you kicking field goals and then that they got people at the -- -- Then roots again and on -- you can't thank you compiled a point after going to -- good you know. Our pleasure gentlemen our undoing I don't pitch hitter than better. -- fumble for a question of -- And Bobby. The you know when Darren Sharper we'll be back. Well he has to be out whose sore that PUP list -- -- the physical unable to perform list. Yeah that's around the league you have to be out for at least -- sixteenth. So so we right now we've played five yeah. Early like if you look at if you look at that he cannot play obviously against. Have a big that he could be eligible to come back for the Browns game on October 24. For a curve brilliantly injuries have really hurt the things I think that's part of it but. I can't make any excuse for look like the previous policy -- tonight Kirk thought I love the -- Been with the team 2000 mobilized by honorary member of -- know you revenues got Carol Hughes then. As I literally and in all of those cats about -- -- -- -- level watching it and I still am but. I had -- even worse than the Atlanta Falcons game because. Arizona a first of all they demoted their quarterback. -- -- -- They're not a and most. They play in a very weak division and they look like there and averaged eight may -- in this is seen this thing. Who based on its two mobile performance for what they've done they should be. At least -- twelve holes of football -- And -- are if you look at it and -- your point I mean I totally agree with you because going to his game that's why -- predicted the Saints still in. Thirty to thirteen someone that Rangers thought they win it you know back to where. You know we were averaging a 32 point took over the last five years. We in the top three NFL average don't wanna say 27 point eight point somewhere around there. Cannot just look at what Arizona and how they've played this year. They were ranked warning they -- -- in the league in total defense. They won before last in points allowed -- 29 point five if not -- that was basically skewed or two games. When you played at Atlanta then at San Diego when they both scored a 42 point two the only grave look to score ten. So no that's only -- to win it but. I mean I'll -- if it if you look at it. I mean the Cardinals who have given up a 155 yards -- game. You know their rush defense. Mean that was long before last and today when all's said and done we had 85 yards rushing. Sunny day is almost like and -- know where we're ranked rushing the football. And do you think the all that makes sense to have only got 85 yards because coming into his team. You know without the air. What -- Reggie Bush but. We had an outstanding performance last week against Carolina which is almost productive game of the season when you look at that. We had 121. Yards rushing average four point two yards a carry. Where if you look at today. We average three point nine yards to carry and we should have a lot more improved productivity. Running a -- ball considering the cardinal defense. It was not get it done its job in the run and another thing now we had three sacks. I think we get that we got after the quarterback overall. But I thought we -- great more turnovers. Because coming into -- game. That I would nikkei's continue on the plus side. The Cardinals had thirteen turnovers. That was tied for his second. In the league in the NFL and they've given up fifteen sacks. Pride is blood going gets a rookie quarterback and and I'm not taking -- gets -- he was not think he didn't know. But I thought we leaving deal to do more very similar to how big -- started out. Wind say here we -- Is at thirty thin. Maxwell throws an interception Jabari Greer. Abernathy in Olsen -- plus one. But as far as winning a turnover by -- kind of way. Down here from there and we were winning 100 but we didn't think keep that momentum and I'll favorites. Saints plan -- lane but the -- plane would land good heavily really make aviation. At this evening had died this morning. I don't that's that's our limits and afterwards having -- -- -- what you do is I don't feel on my way home you show up at midnight to greet the team is now like they committed to a 3 AM right. Goalie -- -- -- I'm really got to go to work tomorrow is Monday different. Drake took five hours in it did not get up through grew up the -- red nation doesn't know yet just suck it up and it is bring -- eight games. Until then your wit this team you know I just -- -- bandwagon fans. That's the case you can't Bobby Hebert always given their lives by its the point out. Arizona beat the -- 31 morning interviews to 60. 18786689. Series ending his deceased radio -- did you have. -- to the point -- Beyonce -- WWL AM have been dot com. Cut off with a Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert -- -- -- these -- -- -- -- -- according to the Arizona -- Final Four -- 601870. 866889. Appearances. Effective don't we go let's go Hutus. Bobby to Lydia you wanted to go online column it's no yeah. -- -- It's -- bandwagon it's. Simple and then not that you don't like but I'm. I think the panic McDonald frank about it -- -- the -- bounced back. I'm -- and -- to -- the front the democratic mantra that wouldn't trouble and a good head -- but I didn't have -- one of the bad guys. And all of including that would -- -- when I'm happy with nobody out then crowned world champions I think that. I'm not and I do question on how important. What the Phillies have heard nothing that want to go out and Ben Weber before the break and I commend them. And try and complete kept us. Don't you know about -- a lot of right to do little little little bit and play and I'm -- group who came out -- if we don't know when ridiculous but I don't. I'll let the public -- -- ideology at all your point let me tell you yeah. You know all of his -- corner he's -- mentor Garrett Hartley who and you kick and a point nine yard field goal that I can't tell you Mark Anderson. -- fifty years of data that things going to be straight. He don't he's gonna make them kick in the Marten is meant doing kickers right now and you know if you -- Izzo where you gotta give it to their head. And down the psychological part of being consistent where you can kick you know 8485%. Game any game out right but I mean. -- -- -- Who looked more like a traditional NFL -- when you do miss it. There wasn't no shame when Harley is that one against the Falcons. Nalen those Bill Belichick as snowball chance in hell that that was going in Dallas took duck hook. And it was Batman -- -- And you think they'll I have to make that kick your thumb and have a chance is still play NFL and and I think that -- truly it should be Big East. But I think we missed a kick we got deflated a little bit and and because that would've given as the lead. But overall I mean -- -- wasn't full then who the -- -- just gone our way it was disappointing because I thought defensively. We did not we did enough to win that game but many continued thing we -- kind of lethargic out there and -- have that killer instinct would museum last year or. Right commitment on film about it I'm Chris Hammond I brought my -- yeah we we got bit you know the only way to go in and getting. Don't -- Obama -- look at them and then they'll match and I got and a confidence. Panic and yeah you know amendment I want to advance and week out of the bad guys about it. Yet only they know that that's a good play -- I don't how -- he did good unfold. Right the bottom line is you wanna get finished second season which is a full season -- and now you're and his go to playoffs. And you know -- about their -- probably matters more for -- you know. How relative you know Lydia number of people have brought that up instead. And -- -- -- mind at times elsewhere not single game -- it's obviously not. But you don't like that this what I say okay are you trying to build a beautiful family and your wife and all -- and they can't be demanding on you. All of those are you preparing to play in the NFL. I don't know you gotta get your mother in law in there aren't any -- so thin and say -- you can't be bothered me. Well this of honey do lives because I got a job at hand it's very demanding. Now a lot of women I wanna hear that. Because they want their husband to be part of their child birth. But if you have a baby -- this season. Man they don't need any distractions. Could think could come into play I'm not saying that's the case. We've but but but my -- That they could be a possibility. We could not afford to be a possibility we'll took about theory you have to go through it may know I. I've played all season no I don't know what I knew what I was make it a baby part didn't do make a baby. The that it was could be February march or April right. Know -- you're like a foam on no I know woman. Only I believe what 48 hours in that month but I -- -- yet to planned to make a baby and if you would have been involved in you kids' lives. You got that three of four month window in the off season where you can't participate crush inevitability during the season he NFL's Olympic given that just a fact. You gotta get help you gotta say honey I'll love you. But visit on today during the season he got again and then. Well you've got to get -- mommy here's some because I gotta prepare Purdue's game they can't be focused on his new baby coming into this world. -- -- people around you guys say thanks for being here those dog doesn't -- -- -- -- thirty seats they got better track I guess I was somewhere and all this until I got to track Greg and I know all what I just said prior is not theory is back. No I try ask both -- you hey kids if you played well until I you can have the baby during the season have talent. Yeah you might -- to overcome -- but the odds are not with you is offensive you have a demanding wife. Now once that attention right sorry I can't give it to -- -- -- I gotta put fourteen hours -- day trying to prepare for my next opponent. I mean that is the way it is it's not the real world is the NFL. And then how demanding the NFL live you think the Cardinals are Tampa Bay next -- his word about -- -- haven't abated. Meant that he careless by that -- that they gonna knock the crap out of drew if he's not ready beautifully in the the united saying. Always take it easy on drew because though he did you aren't he's an expectant father though and you need you need britney's. Mom in there helping her out -- have about one nanny -- -- To meet all those responsibilities that you would expect by appalled at that time let's go to lose this is -- TV and. River I believe his -- line. He thank you become a good point yeah. -- DP -- around bombing which killed think about this scenario. I come I was just looking in here and on noted that. Three wins against each team that I have now won eleven him probably be one in the eighteenth. After Monday when I'm Minnesota faces the -- Sysco foods announced 171000. So I would think that. If you win today is to win that they can't believe this too it is they have a good team. Said well I find good in next week we'll play and Tampa Bay boot -- wanted and you know I'm I'm kind of kind of concerned about the fact that that I we haven't even played really hard being -- on schedule for the. The hard teams take pity you make a great player don't tell you if you -- you play like you've played today gives the Steelers come Halloween night you might get embarrassed. I know what you're going down Cincinnati struggling right now they're now living up to expectations. But you could have inclement weather there in Cincinnati I know I Baltimore. With bad defense though that's going to be -- you going at Dallas a good Dallas is like doctor Jekyll mr. Hyde looked may lose to the Titans. So you don't know who's gonna show up but he looked at more than anything you could say yeah you look at winning and losing records all of though it's different this year. And it's kind of like with the NFL holds form when you have parity that you don't know what's gonna come about the Buffalo Bills. Has been only team to me where you can almost I don't wanna say guarantee a win -- look how the lines happily. Look how the Cleveland Browns did and played now -- let it took care of business with the crowds of beating of the Falcons in the sixth. It's all about winning or losing look at the Raiders went -- -- look up to four weeks the Chiefs would only undefeated team in the or -- with the Colts. Right a -- I don't need to look at -- -- all directly right give me too crazy it's crazy if you look at Detroit they could beat what 405 and oh yes. -- it every game as bad as people always make jokes about the lines the no. You better previous eight games doing the Lions have played the pick of the season. Have a back Holliday follows Arizona thirty New Orleans -- his supporters -- there -- any seafood on Saints radio you're -- just build your wrist. It's okay -- -- Bobby -- a big Soviet out of Monty should read Tom Glavine might affiliate at the -- was slippery -- accountancy fifty tied. If -- second -- it before it to 630 in the month 63730. It's the New Orleans Saints coaches -- coach something we would have recovered about the Saints. Game against the Cardinals at thirty -- -- of points over the Buccaneers in this week's basically as assistant coach is offensive coordinator. -- Carmichael and also tomorrow night here on the future you know we have Monday Night Football equivalent to. The group Minnesota Vikings fan better Randy Moss and you have all the kids to the Big Apple to take on the the New York Jets and yes we are -- to -- -- didn't. We've got to -- voted yes you know it's amazing. The majority. Mark Sanchez yes and how far he's come. You know he's not a great team he's doing more than just -- in the game because it's amazing -- -- -- I don't know -- -- -- on this head handed and I look at the covers have you know with the first half in the Patriots compared to the second half price. And in an ever since that second half against the Patriots when Mark Sanchez has been. -- -- rule that one Maltese are one point the Baltimore pride in the defense of struggles please don't go so until we can't just to keep example but. But I've been made about -- most but. The New York Jets hit -- have several -- his weapons tomorrow night Santonio Holmes. Santonio Holmes yeah you can never -- get too many playmaker is that. You know you look at yards after the catch him you know Soviet and beat you know what's. You know kind of puzzling when you look at where -- at in north as far as the team. Do you know who going to this game not an -- that was occasional -- led the NFL. In yards after the catch going to his -- him. You heard the question it is actually donated a fairly -- his team know in -- yard -- that the kids go after the catch. We've gone into this game. No I don't how -- -- on Saints. Since coach Payton and Drew Brees have been here. It's not even close are gonna find in my notes come -- find it. That we have almost 700 yards. In his second place NFL team in yards after the catch. Until I didn't you play makers hands went inside to every. Meet Jon Lance Moore Colston. The Saints are -- won in -- in in 2010 receiving yards after the catch. And we noble one by far. Since 2006. Now would you like to big game it didn't seem that way right. -- you look at JE yes I mean but not not looking for a Cardinals game because it was a life of you know we we had a guy on -- rod RY receivers green. And in debut as a 1210 yard pass and in all the sudden the thirty yard gain but I thought I found agent thing. That the Saints. Have been dominant in and that's that in yards after the catch is always about. Moving the chains and now you know having to -- more an offense. And how many did the exact numbers they got it somewhere. You know it in my notes when you look at it because like. You know it's organized chaos here but I'm -- -- -- aware of and I'm telling you. Then look at the Saints in 2010. Not an I don't know -- to be the case after his game we were leading the NFL in yards after the catch. All right beat -- is here at the lab might be here thank you for coming out. Well this is well all I'll move detonates we know. We've back in this down low paying until week -- You -- little all right we we put -- -- -- -- we have never walking as think thinking -- All this week we own them this week that all you bandwagon fans like you don't don't let them double. Just fail. For you -- that was that would albeit we going to be here it's good to have bad days soon and we now. Doing okay now how does -- we do it. And you don't hear it all those bandwagon fans everybody likes to be associated with a winner that's human nature. But if you off their bandwagon at this trying to get back going -- -- if you Kamal. That's right and nothing you know what I'm ready to do that then the ninth -- coming in here at midnight. The San become a -- all the -- I miss you won't be at -- model yeah. Thank you know what like big hitter was saying the team plane is arriving at midnight.

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