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Oct 10, 2010|

Deke and Bobby take listener calls following the New Orleans Saints 30-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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And he played -- cal Berkeley all at a high level everywhere until leaking to the saint. He knew he was played so much more than just himself and his family then he's playing for a community. And you don't like coach Clayton. If we have thousands of people. Think come out there at midnight. You might -- -- article to work -- to follow -- do whatever you gotta do you gotta suck it up coached Reid might use that. In the team meeting this say listen. You gotta look in the mirror and check yourself. Because these fans are loyal to the blown. If anything at and they break it it. So listen you gotta take -- -- business tickets because the fans are taking care of their business. A Bears who wrote -- an open. This go to Mike think before I got my nose right now we found is known for an exact notes okay look at this. Most yards after the kids since 2006. The New Orleans Saints 9375. Yards. 691. Yards more than the Patriots. Well -- but Wes Welker when they had Randy Moss. Here's the Saints. Patriots. Packers. Eagles and the Cowboys. Now you look of the 2010 season. The Saints were number one barely. Now going to record of being fired literally two yards after the catch. There was I had barely. Five it's what he can afford to 93 the Broncos. And guess who was leading the NFL going into this weekend and passing yards. In the NFL. How Lorton. Kyle Orton you don't like Tim Tebow that's why they thought it would help but it yeah exactly you gotta have that balance and it was not out of balance and it was six -- -- -- here if they were rushing the football. And we ride him right. But but up and I'm telling you can't sit back to craft has the ball behind number yards an attempt against Baltimore -- -- all I'm saying is right now Hussein's beating Koufax. I'm not saying they gotta be six in the league in rushing. But I know you can't be thirtieth. It's -- UK being wanted to words or rushing teams in all said and done and and I think you know coach thing. How -- game isn't full that we got we that we not have been able to go to Oakland teams yeah we get a seven point ten point lead. But it hasn't been a fourteen -- of seventeen point lead. Where in the fourth quarter can close out games. We haven't goes to when he played nine rushing attempts let's go to could hit on Landry could hit thank you for calling on the point after. Anybody in big -- don't hope that he had men. You know all of the respect. I've been a -- fans foot when he is manned up on the anybody out like that Davis. Well in the third -- you -- -- on as far as LSU born on we'd be in non undefeated. Com mock my take is as boys that green. But -- game. Command I think really it's all they need to execute in the -- gone. Know -- That without a doubt -- cadet and relative to continue you make -- a great points. To meet his defense is playing better they -- -- last year who won -- suitable. So the offense got a hold their into the born in and you gotta you gotta. Convert in the red zone. I'm telling you last year the -- -- who Roland. We had nine hits him the past two games we've got two touchdowns last year I'm telling you we had at the least six is that is -- for a if not seven turns out that we had nine opportunities. In the red -- -- and that's the difference. Could turn overs and decade tributes and the -- on maybe not getting touchdowns. But we've struggled. Getting it today and only got a team down to keep them down. I'm in yet I mean as those that don't -- hold. Bob and heads I mean I've been I've been watching the game and men on depleted defense. I mean Donahue -- first and goal defense squad I have to -- managed to keep my head had been had been playing hard -- It lifted his could get you hold the team. -- 194. Yards total offense they would just three of fifteen. On third down get the breaks. Might -- the Cardinals way as far as the bounce of the ball berth in Obama threw ball went out we last year. You don't use a look whatever one but I think you can create your own luck. And we didn't do that today I mean if we were kind of McLarty. It seems out there as far as I'm making the difference. And the players are playing hard. But you know it just shows you the parity in the league and how hard it is to win an NFL yeah you're. Again thank you so much -- -- -- field and Sam -- Bobby is feeling you felt good about going out to the airport goes own life to feel thank you for calling. Thought tonight. Dominant almost -- Laughable let you know it almost 41 points of their thirty points came off turnovers and I was thinking -- the opposite of what a couple of they've been friends. I think we -- -- all but the airport when it seemed pleased to go to Tampa Bay whether drain and whether it's whatever led them guys we -- standing out there. When they get on the plane goes down and play that game. Probably that you know what but think about this bill. That okay you coming off a loss or what the hell you got excited to be about will. Right now we -- in third place in the NFC's out. If you want the players it's almost feel guilty. On yeah. Better night no doubt but once you -- cap friendly let's look at this time that Alou bat when they get on that plane and go play the next game. You have no -- bill 82 whenever you gotta do whether they could be coming back to overlook Trent. Far corner road trip Novak goes a long way in motivating the players on the psychological standpoint -- thank you so much let's go to. I. Connor get old Metairie home. Hopefully coming back taken a break it when I got -- -- a great to -- if you take a break Tigers did you take a break coming back to the restroom break. And Arizona beat saints' 31 every -- seafood here they bring you WW. 04550. Minutes. The point out here on C three POW WAOK you have -- and yeah. We ain't been easy food independent auto on the corner of -- fill it don't mean where we're at the All Saints games going -- out there. And has brought the violence -- and -- a long tradition since basically kind. And Budweiser who want to have a great time -- -- -- designated driver of the game and b.'s annoys. Okay KG can't think he pays over the radio got out of public will. Thank you for coming back into this show we certainly appreciate that we. I mean -- I don't know that is nicely put it well you have to acknowledge a big Henry since he is bringing his big game and nudges jump at all that wagon -- -- its season at home already into eighteen with their. They're above the wagon I have to do is beat him you know the big Manny looks like Sedrick Ellis and and he's a big man. But you know -- you know. Folk and look at him he's all pumped up -- his guns and I said the but he got a little little sensitive thank -- you double and a look ahead because this one week at a time but this is it is heartening laws but. Kamal you look at the NFC game and then you look at it divisional opponents at Tampa -- Yeah I'm not saying it's a Muslim but if you can they keep pays the way to Falcons are rolling right now even look at -- Tampa -- to -- you have to win next week at Tampa. They got the groans October 24 and got the Steelers Halloween night. Did you go I Carolina November -- seven that you have a buying. He got the Seahawks coming to town you don't have to go to Seattle which is a tough place to win right and that is going to the Cowboys game Thanksgiving Day. To be -- to right now. They needed to -- -- I still think we'd be in pretty good shape. But as evident three words so we gotta go the next five games either of five and all of foreign one. To be right there to keep pace -- -- even have a chance. December 27. So they gave to be meaningful at Atlanta in the Georgia Dome. I think at at that point when you look at meg going to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day we gotta be seven and three 82. And -- seventy real words to even have a snowball chance in hell. But Saints fans -- call against Saddam Hussein that they're gonna go out to the airport the team plane going between eleven and midnight. Caitlin is on -- wants he says he is out at the airport -- thank you for calling upon out there on WWL. People people you know. And okay -- and -- -- Where are quite easily like nine people out. I'm really nice people on the table even now -- would be more likely that. Oh is that this vacate review dispute by team you play you go ahead tell people what you got going on -- while you're out there now maybe you could as possible because blog. I knew that he didn't like I think Eli really the -- doesn't simply won't do any important I think can be. Co payments and his family people I think now the team will be less than we thought about it like Indianapolis Indianapolis of it would it be like I'll call learned they had it. It's NATO's -- we have Mora background we're more cultural community. I would we sort of feel like. You know the Colts come back this goes wild. From -- -- you know go artists who will bull and he won but it won twelve games seven straight years and they had. Night you bush over the airport -- -- -- order -- be like in the same. You don't train at. As the Indianapolis a community who have come on this damn boring in -- -- we -- -- good Indianapolis good Indianapolis 500 and -- formal one. I've -- to figure out why. Because I'm angry that ninth boy dead air for what that's what's going about it ahead now. I people. Don't appreciate their team we don't want to baseball are already show that we're passionate. Widow lose. This can't just -- his knee gave out an airport in nineteen. Hands and -- -- can be read -- leverage -- midnight they got Mozambique and I think it showed similar to the Black Hills become all too aware of -- cup finals no. In their hands when they feel guilty. -- right. No they came losing quickly they wanna go out there in his sleep they're good they're sold out there on the football field through everything. Supreme bring home a big. -- they can't you know make sure you like that. And ninth -- gave up. So like coach -- -- very proud we claimed by a big trade is the one bad thing here on Saints radio good. And welcome back whereas the point happy here at CDC included the Chris -- -- village golf scene and policy team's main saint. Fall to the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 3220. Program -- -- veterans that you wanted to visit to eight Canadian and Budweiser. Had a great time to choose a designated. He's smart. 2601878668890870. If he noted if -- golf. Back video phone to go to -- -- vehicle battery on lines that can't thank you for college that you get. You -- okay how you guys have. Gone. I'll talk about determination. Farm -- didn't play to determine the elusive rookie quarterback they came pretty close last week and they got -- accomplished this week I know my. I don't like called Harden had a very popular but -- No McConnell a hole you point and think about. How far we've come compared to last year going against. Rookie quarterbacks you've ever Matthew Stafford success we had against him. Sanchez with the Jets fours and limit the mistakes. Yeah I mean I thought I could I quite pull out -- that -- -- it. Who what the praise from that are part of Rupert and all but over -- that guy heritage Josh Freeman yet. Yeah we lost him in overtime in but -- you know I'm not necessarily. Gonna blame this -- on the defense because -- max hall. We basically knocked them -- big game. -- an opportunity to go recovered halftime -- came back can't talk got to give him a lot of credit and none. You know Maxwell. Could Kuwaiti teams start out Jabari group gets interception off him. I mean it was an outstanding game -- so to speak he managed the game. He was seventeen to 27. Voters sixty yards but the only and a hundred. 94 yards of total offense he was sacked six times. But -- you would think yeah we should've been able to force more turnovers. Against them but that was in the case I do think. We turn over the ball which -- surprise. Instead of a maybe max hall -- Cardinals team. Because we were minus three for the game though than not that's a little discouraging. I think you're. A lot of things that -- nod he thought for two weeks now and argue what I -- kicker haters don't blame partly due in today at a public carded but to me abuse. I've looked like offense is sputtering the defense can't make a whole lot of stuff to sort of warm down and inept play. Well no no that's not true Mota away they wanted to as his point because he could bring up coach -- actually said the same thing when he was as they have been rant about. It didn't hit the team what they might deflate you don't Makoni musical face it always is. You know we got more than you know obviously you go to -- got a lot of things that's correct. Yeah because W got a kid zero you gotta hit zero lead and I mean they gain. You should go to put the hammer down considering. How the Cardinals have struggled as a way to get a quality opponent so we perceive as though the Falcons. -- the charges early in the season. But on the -- a third down though we give -- we thought they -- three of fifteen. 20%. I mean that's -- that's getting it done now offensively we -- 511. And now the bottom line is it all goes back to the reds on the turn -- like getting touchdowns. Settling for field goals and so -- there's no ailment of blame this on on the defense. I even though we -- going into the rookie quarterback. Please please don't get me wrong I'm not put -- all -- all defense I want I want -- I think our defense the last thing he can't get burned. By Minnesota Friday and Allen played his defense confirmed by the Atlanta -- and I -- for his defense did. Kinda burned by Carolina -- and it does. And let it dawned on the low low low low I don't know the first three -- it and smoked us. Now now I agree with that Vernon Davis with the 49 -- -- with the Vikings. And then but that big -- -- can challenge yet Tony is out like he was the twenty year old -- Carolina tied and did not burners. -- look at the passing game did not Burnitz if you look at how they score just want to give out the pocket. Malcolm Jake it was China she wasn't over -- top. Jonathan Stewart scored that we Will Smith took a poor angle along when Malcolm Jenkins D'Angelo Williams. Score at 39 yard touchdown. -- the tide in denied burners today it was more Larry FitzGerald and you going again though we are perceived as -- best cornerback. Jabari Greer -- and I said when I looked at his game. That as good -- tiger yet he is right now he came within inception. I say. Not so fast in which you Corning regarding Larry FitzGerald. Could -- gave up a 25 yard pass. And a place it short and all of disheartening. It was 33. We trying to get after max hall it was both veteran. Any guy he sort of fade route I'm not a single one yard and we're oversold looked at all I -- made that we would open by three of four yards. And out you know not valid -- him because -- think we going. Best -- best but a lot of people struggle to carry the cover Larry FitzGerald. But you know what every week when you face of the team. You could have top players it is NFL thank you gonna have to step above. And we've gotten hurt more necessarily going against top players can make -- plays like we did last year. I can imagine my video parent call it down on Shawn and -- and branded as the fun out there. Aren't Saints radio WW -- -- welcome back. Thanks holiday by a score all appointees who. Q third 120 to the Arizona Cardinals looking around and as a football league at the school is Baltimore. 31 as seventeen over -- Jacksonville's on -- they -- -- the three straight down. 36 point six total Buffalo Chicago bounced back with a point 36 victory. Over Carolina. Matt Forte twenty carries a 166 -- the next game Tampa Bay. It's still go four seconds left exits and -- they beat the -- 24 to 21 Atlanta was defeated Cleveland forty to seeing any -- Detroit 44 to six over Saint Louis. In New York Giants 34 Houston did. If that's surprisingly well we can take a look at guys do what that was the ability and physical people ride I had no idea is that that his job yet. 34 until we Houston Indianapolis or Kansas City ninety in any game you know kind of wise -- talent like Hamilton and that's our good good she's got a good defense yeah did -- actually doing -- Who knows that Vista a touchdown while I don't know why hit right in his hand right in his hands could you gotta make those plays you have it has to be difficult yes. Washington defeat Green Bay into overtime sixteen to thirteen to hurt you punitive report -- Rodgers that they came with a precaution. The obvious that this CD going forward now agreed they wanted to favorites in the NFC. To see if Aaron Rodgers the enable him to play next week because -- Buick because in exists depending on the severity you know sell a lot of hurdles here even if you wanna play. You know they say no you have to sit out for a month or whatever. You look at right now the Packers. Their running game went out Ryan Grant how -- a one dimensional team Bono live but that's -- are the Packers are very Roger is not. Enable to play in our next couple games. Also all the school is Bobby is such an easy beats Dallas 34. Only had 47 crystals down and out of the Cowboys lose it's a good day nineteenth Rose 431 yards Oakland. -- San Diego 35 to 42. And to think tonight's game right now happy with a 515. It's -- change -- if you forward it is Philadelphia seventeen to ten over San Francisco tomorrow night. Minutes of Muslim and apart out of the singletary I mean I could I think it just shows you the parity in the league and how hard. The party niners have played at times but how they -- snake bit the they would they loses their own fine yeah. I mean guys did that put the focus they had almost -- that they're put a fork in him and -- -- -- kind of motivate you are you you might have to move on to get another job. You know they'll always be noted Chicago area and there at Waco had the monsters of the midway in the face to face with the and tomorrow night Minnesota at the New York did expect go to the phones do we go and Bobby let's go to Harvey -- -- on line six. I thank you for calling the point out -- WW it. City of about they've been there. Great -- I wouldn't call -- victory. I'm looking recruit walking back and that would that would have put again put fox he made some great -- abrasive. About what was happening with his strength. And ostensibly. Independent -- -- not a surprise was bound to Newport is another word. What would you know -- and it was not right -- would grant would have been a political. Act as -- world. Mayor here and -- and Whitney was -- -- -- to go with -- look like this isn't benevolent. Offers didn't see. To drive the funeral of his old schooler because the scores down to come back. Like it was a good. Glenn with a magical bird with this. And so this thing isn't bad there was not a good -- Coleman did you go to different player in the red zone to put my Q what they torture and. Well well but -- -- yet -- the reds don't exactly Agassi take more chances in the end -- look for men's matches you've got a big receiver in Cole's been. But I have no sense of urgency -- I'm looking at vanity game. They went seven plays eighty yards in a minute and 36 seconds to make the scored 22 minute warning. Right so I mean they did have a sense of urgency now. That you like Drew Brees to force the ball more down the field and in their percentages. -- more likely to take a turn over now what the Cardinals were doing anything less than. And and then look like Drew Brees when he stepped up -- -- pocket when he got tattooed. Well when he got that touchdown pass to meet him I I guarantee the cold I -- the cardinals' secondary coach this they're saying. How can you led me to get behind you. You know we cannot have that -- for 35 yard touchdown. You wanna keep the receiver party don't let him get behind you recruit stepped on the clock any guy tattooed. -- in that make it a great throw for the touchdown. But I think eighteen to just taken that the mindset. And open that they can -- the Saints did the mistake which has been the case. When you look at the last -- because the Falcons Carolina. And all the corners within the in the minus category in the turnover ratio. That you know like the bend but don't break don't let him get behind you make them have long sustained drives to get points. -- -- advised tells us that the Saints airplane will be puts it down around 1120. Tonight out at the airport for those who wanna -- that they do those fans that are out fifth time this. Rallying -- it's a good mood hits to go rally cry yeah if the Saints fans who. Children some low for the black gold Vanderbilt Oklahoma on line three Paula thank you for calling upon Toronto because you well. Yeah I think and kicking my ball. Who think I'm -- he wants to I have a difficult question that I won the event meant I'm not me I'd never met them at the airport. But com who has taken the challenge again we didn't know because we're not. I've been -- and I challenged our entire week he gets here. Nothing armpit hair or -- don't -- I don't know do you say that it would not. Get up there and bet my money -- I have equipment in the. Anyway all of the all your points all you retirees out there are. You know -- -- challenging you listen you have to get up to go to working loved the same two part of that nation. So -- -- Paula and so he's support as the teams touchdowns that drags down at 1140 coming back. From Phoenix right or wrong any opponent you go to -- hung out went yeah. But at 8 PM to midnight -- WB. Thing about it it's a couple off all the way home plus she lives Amanda goes your body going to. A lot -- house you know didn't set -- record thirty in the afternoon. Okay that's again to do what sequence is can't we just have fun. I don't mean yeah I wanted to know I I agree that the cook cook from -- -- he's still there. All things. Net I think Ned. The you don't quit calling it conservative I want to know about fashion. Well okay would you take it serve you wanna see more passes than runs I think we've OK come on in the reds' only colds like on the ten yard line. Maybe have these running plays is that you're talking about. Josh I remember what year we -- shot at acted like college and surprised and -- -- -- here are fun and it was. Went through anyway learning to play right up the gut and did we weren't just make good thinking long. Well that -- this thing is all I can tell you this they haven't changed since they've been here goes six scored being kids to be aggressive. I think -- the defense took bronze big jaded the plays that we'll call it. We try any grief to presented in your favor now you know you think at this big -- hit -- passing that are run the ball we should go to cash them. I don't know plus can't -- fifteen yard runs but that hasn't been the case of what we've seen in the past. When I'm I take your approach speak as big cooler to break. Is that all I know is we had 39 passing attempts and 42. We'd be better served if you had 34 passing attempts. In this -- and -- ever rushing following you out more about. Oh yeah another question inaudible puts a -- we hang right -- will -- -- -- you question me. Based upon Anthony finally gave -- Deke Bellavia weight eating seafood in the first quarter on Saints radio. -- you do you and welcome back. Waning moments here W tomorrow night synch again as with Mike it's really about -- -- this field was open hippy hang back and Mississippi moved from Florida's 63 against the Saints coaches show themselves maybe it was 63730. Past recipients since the coaches think it's according to Pete Carmichael. And tomorrow night is Monday Night Football the Minnesota Vikings who visit to New York. Kicks back to the post and go by they feel in metrics largest online five field thank you for calling WW ago. Never thought you know -- made -- always got. Bobby how important what do you think I think that things aren't going -- -- that because truth and who's playing as -- Trouble plane will affect what you need -- -- that you can't but if you aren't enough for bush and I'm -- -- -- -- a lot I think the nominee human rendered. Will I think it's more when it's time to throw the safeties are back there and then you wanna rolled the dice. You don't throw the ball up in and I have confidence in your receiver over their CPR their quarterback who's back as far as. You don't deeper routes and you're trying to push the ball plus 45 yards thirty of forty. Bill I think I don't think his knees -- affected. Now. You know you got to play within reason he'd be sore for drew I talked to drew and he actually felt better. Going into the Cardinals -- -- big going to Carolina. You know as far as planning a news stepping into throwing try to keep value mind even though bodies are flying around you and you are gonna get hit. They'll love that drew would never use that as an excuse and then I don't think that was the -- That his inaccuracies so to speak what we expect. Drew V at least 65%. And he's been 7% plus that didn't didn't he was not a factor valid about the case. And I think. You don't think his playing the percentages David bizarre and and saying you know life. We need to make the Saints have long sustain drives hoping. And it has been the case at times that we -- affords them. It's -- mistakes. Yeah I mean Lance Moore we tried the ball on the field -- Carolina fumbles and a half yard line. We're moving the ball again I have read polls 123 yard line I think that's the approach instead -- given up. Green for Blake drives where all of a sudden you know the Saints wow they just went seventy yards and four plays knowledge taken. -- And I think that's the winning formula if you critical is the Saints. It's make them earn their points and do not give up big plays in I'm telling you that -- the Cardinals. Defense that staff. They can get that meeting at the end. And then you know through pain in the pocket and they Tennessee. You know -- they got and they know who's the secondary defendant. But he gonna see how did you let me jump. You know get behind you but at 35 yard touchdown. When you know -- Should've been sacked by Daryl Washington and a guy come in free drew avoid him. Pumped -- in the pocket any truth to Meachem and I'm sort of defend is probably squatting in trying to cheat. He led -- to get behind them. And you know that end up being a seven play drive eighty yards and make 36 but I think they make it is just have longer sustain drives to -- in a class. Bruce is he is -- 780 yards. Maybe three or four -- now I was supposed to get back to qualify apologize again to it's called making -- -- straight to you let's go to may have Bobby Downey lake view on line to done thank you for calling. Out. Hey guys are you doing tonight. How popular aren't my -- that call comes but of course to a bit because I have seen in terms of you know you it is defense is doing pick who you think -- yeah. -- -- Ukrainian that a little bit. Yeah okay Don and I'm elaborate I'll tell you and I haven't even watched the film of what I see from the TV version. And -- even watch -- live in the superdome. I'm telling you that they are not gambling and they make in this saint. Through London -- and then they come and up bigger and make it may be forced to turn over artists they shoot themselves in the foot. And and then have a turn over you know make -- them -- earned their points. Where last year. You know the Saints came out of nowhere or not though the author has always been efficient group but I think they're not taken as many chances. And -- -- you point is divested of -- and Drew Brees what he's accomplished. Since he's been as Saints quarterback and they know this how we have a chance. To beat him is that make them have long sustained drive as any given a big place. Thank you so much we appreciated -- coach who took PM -- -- on line six up thank you for calling WWL. -- there was evidence -- you were good and our group of involvement with a few quick confident that Leslie quick with good if you had thirteen points. And let them. It was -- -- A couple of comments you know our home. -- number one I don't -- busting guys defense gave up no score today when he did score. On the -- -- have been broadly successful play that -- we want to try to we've just so happened that you know. That was blocked -- -- The best I've been -- gave up. No no scored -- but you didn't talk about the comparison elation of that kind of look at. That's what kind of happened right now I'll never -- we benefited from. They're throwing parties know we have -- weaker teams. You know we with a rookie quarterback can really get a feel for the -- right Q we also -- an injury to remember we had a lot of injuries list here. Just that we would be here that this was his latest here we -- the people they beat stepped up. Then you would because the world is he right no matter how many games we won we really couldn't give everybody respect from the media or anything like that not. You know -- beat almost took is that why I think we've finally got respect even though we weren't -- state champs. Who we beat the undefeated Giants in the -- not even -- accountability. It was clearly beat the Patriots we beat the Patriots and that Monday night that's what I think. We only started getting their respect. And. Bowl at some point -- -- -- you don't know every every moment how we were finding new guys to step -- They need to do we have broken leg and hold their brains and can move. Wouldn't have been kind of pressure and it's. Pretty soon you're playing we're trying to let everybody goes yeah. Like you know chuck beat chuck means we no longer the underdog syndrome we know the feel good story but no we -- -- -- -- anymore. That it didn't play every when somebody -- that played a perfect fit right. But there. And for that he threw his weight off the -- but it definitely felt. Without improvement invited but basically what would play in the same here. I didn't know -- -- let me tell you did hit city in Tampa. Think now all of a sudden now the Tampa Bay buccaneer fans on the bandwagon though it could -- -- elements we thought of yeah. They basically out of order because I don't you think -- very -- -- campaign and Lannan now I think they'll compete against each other but -- what the common denominator they had. Carolina's lack of people would have do all of his own teammate that he would have 'cause they won't both school kids have withdrawn without him they -- -- -- Mostly folk center Lewis every week you think -- do you hope that I've met the baby. And get the win their credit seem to get -- can -- -- And I think that the and I wonder why he can't read -- yeah misplaced. Maybe there's -- huge because no regrets and -- I'm -- that I was -- open field goal but no. I think the only issue I think that the penalties right equipment room with him -- -- when -- It's. Good stretch. The lefties so. I did you know I'd just be talk about penalties include Peyton address this. Now we had 78 for sixty yards and he got things get declined -- we could had eight. Right and know you get there around 89 penalties a game that doesn't make coach -- you have been doing there because even got it broken down. They'll tell you get about nine -- -- -- mess like at seven points right there if you give and I was like you turn over. Are coming back defensively did some minaret -- is to point out the Saints hall of Arizona may thirtieth Corning gonna -- dude don't you -- And welcome back final moments here is everything anybody gave them the village thanks all the time for NCA ADV seafood with bag next week at the these Saints and Colts game Pomona out. I don't mistake Sunday October 17 tomorrow night its second guess nobody there might create at this it was that the home floor until 630 minutes is Saints coaches show -- coach Tom -- will be with us. And Dolphins according to Pete Carmichael event Monday Night Football we have four year. The New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings Bobby this few moments have been fewest -- on what has taken place the first five weeks for the -- Well. I think I'll look at the long haul and it's all about. -- you handle adversity. You know you can feel good about yourself -- winner your champion but you know what every team the news season. And I'm not big challenge. For the Saints and it is still felt pretty good about themselves. Even though they weren't undefeated when they launch the Falcons gain because then an opportunity to win right why they ended his game. They didn't have the opportunity to win. The other thing it was too far behind so they did it didn't see how we bounce back next week against Tampa because no. They're proud fitted into the game with the threw four divisional opponent until. We'll come out on -- -- of a -- helping studios. -- the other game he had time. And the great Bob brawls I've become a -- I'm not sure what they found at the kickoff was 32 point beat beat me dictated by the eighth day. I go to airport landing -- -- pointed -- he lives -- -- people.

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