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Head Coach Sean Payton Post-game Press Conference

Oct 17, 2010|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton holds a press conference following the New Orleans Saints 31-6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Really no injury updates right now get back home and get a feel for where these guys threat and obviously we played well. -- our guys had a good week -- work preparation during the week was was evident. And good to Matt -- on the road get a win like that any questions we'll. I played solid you know that are real good job obviously rooms are all out. -- couple -- missed assignments but just keeps getting better. -- About half of the block well just look at the numbers. On the -- ago. Well. There's there's it's good question because it was always back to single free sometimes -- -- zero kind of came in and out of it you know aside from the thirty yard. Penalty. We're we're literally like to come away with a shut out but we'll see them on film that close look at it see if those two balls for a second. All them personal files while American. Democracy want more about the officiating regarding that is. Explain to me that there's too personal files both on -- I'd say anything. I'm watch it take for so I'd make sure that. We can see that. That was. Was a lot of chance to see it you know obviously. The overall control of the game was concerned late in and I think that's a responsibility of officials but. We'll see it on -- I'd just point was this book each week you know you command and and it's early in the season you know and shoot I know was just in a question but you brought the crisis word a week ago. And that's that's what happens in our business. And then it's reported that that's what I said in so I'm making is. It's a long march here and it's important that they use the areas. In regards to rushing for instance statistically the last two games. Or defense of yards given up rushing and because it's easy to say look these are the areas that we haven't been as good -- clearly we needed to address that but it's important that. You know that they keep. They just keep chopping wood and get better and they do a good job at this week really eliminate the distractions you know white noise. You guys. There wasn't anything different today than we hit some big plays though that that was good. So certainly. Well we threw. Well well. A couple of opportunities but overall. -- Just look at the numbers play very well against. -- -- It's. There's a lot mistakes. -- -- -- back out there will be like ways it. All. Well. Just wanted to change -- -- but one of the things that scare -- pretty good job with his with the overall playing time location. And thomas' got a little bit maybe have your foot -- you know deeper with the -- But we changed. Here handled it well over which were decided we'll see we do actually. Now now we just we just wanted to take a look at the location in the hang time we thought it was going to be important against us for what he's good return. We'll see on -- we take into watching them you know they've they've been defending the run pretty well last week in the week prior. So you know let's just I think really starts with a good work on Wednesday -- Thursday practice. He's doing well obviously it's his first year here and he's adjusted to the role well in. Good teammate. It. That was a missed assignment. The army had to scramble he. You know -- Yeah I think look if you do have that effectiveness running the football it helps your protection. Well -- played a lot. Obviously started. Played a lot of man. -- lot of good breaks on balls today even in zone coverage late in the game so break -- cover -- look. He just keeps getting better and better. Chris. I mean it it's certainly we felt like we wanted to commend Russian but more importantly you know when you don't have the turnovers you have more snaps -- You get those opportunities. Listen he's he's a work in progress right now it's. He does some good things and there's some things that he's got to work on -- program. But thanks god.

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