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Hokie Gajan Post-Game Commentary

Oct 17, 2010|

Hokie Gajan offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints 31-6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You want things to come out here in infield cocky against. Look Tampa Bay is at least in my opinion of very lucky three and one team coming in this ball game right here now -- give all the credit the world of the and that they'd made to play that they had to make in their prior. A few games but I mean I think today they got exposed. Very much so we got a -- that they were number 31 of the league in rush defense as they came out there. It's safe to wait -- a list owner run offense but they came out there and pounded -- right up the middle and I think that that's what kind of what you could see. Other team doing in the near future to Tampa Bay run it right up the gut with -- because they just don't have an a stout people there to stop the run. It okay when you look at this -- a -- defensively his defense has done a good job against the Rondo opting always had a few set all season long for the last two weeks that mean. Really shopping -- Arizona winds up -- the last two weeks OP give up 81 polio Russian. It and look big. -- go back the start of the season Adrian Peterson -- teams have gotten over a hundred yards against the Saints but it hadn't been the running back is killed them and you know -- dare say it -- to anybody in this stadium today that was a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans that had any idea who Chris -- was. Some might know Alou who would build that is because of the -- he's been with the Redskins in this. He's -- -- -- do you feel when and I thought he was in -- don't know if he -- Seattle that ability and the saint. But to saint came out proud of the football days so that was it means you'd take them out and get the running game going like -- -- -- You know I practice I think it's up but I would like to see more of out of this offense that even when it doesn't go good early on I think just kind of you know that the determination in the second effort that those backs run with you've got to continue to give those guys time because it -- the ball game. You know when the Saints get the onside kick and Drew Brees just get turned around hand off to the -- it -- me it was like it was any surprise government. You know you know the attraction of -- throw in just give them as stark naked and -- In the states I think he threw one pass and that and that was -- -- after -- flat. They -- -- of out for -- that everything to run and so I think it it kind of sets that it's -- it's a long term process during the game that even if he eased up on the first 23 more times you run the ball. You gotta stick with it because I think this group right back as hard as anybody in the league -- Your final thoughts on the black and gold 31 to six victory -- with Tampa. Well remember big last week when we were talking about the loss to the -- -- Arizona Cardinals and I said the Saints didn't deserve to win that game. Well in this case they deserve -- to win it because they've won it in every fashion that you could they control the line of scrimmage they won the time of possession they won the the turnover battle they did everything that they needed to. And they finally got over that hump of not -- score more than 45 points in the you had some of the explosive plays but this was just -- situation -- the Saints went out there and I mean they just they would hit. And they dominated at the line of scrimmage and to be perfectly honest we both offensively and defensively -- when you limited team to. What was it that that happen had today rush and about 4748. Yards something like -- weighed down there again it's a pretty good back in the NFL. I think it shows you that they controlled the line of scrimmage and that but defensively has been doing a fine job of bottling up some very good runners in this league in the Saints finally broke I don't know office today about going down the field a little bit more. But then again they incorporate the run a lot more so. Now that it's is a balanced attack. -- but instead they deserved to win this game they did in convincing fashion.

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