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Jonathan Vilma Post-game Interview

Oct 17, 2010|

Saints Linebacker Jonathan Vilma addresses the media following the New Orleans Saints 31-6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Johnny gets you know 46 yards on the ground today really stingy on defense I think is a third straight week -- -- allowed -- about it from our yards to talk about the run defense and in the game played on in. A stop to make them boxed -- one dimensional. Well when neither have a very good backing Cadillac in earnest Graham Allison on the ball pretty well for them so we felt like. -- make me and at the first priority. Sutton Ryan. You know than get out to Josh Freeman who thought that -- good game plan against him and -- We execute well I thought that we did a good job executing which we haven't done in the early part of the season excuse -- game plan obligated to. Is a swagger back with -- team you know he does always hi confident team but it looked like today much more so. You know confident I don't like she's worth swagger NC start stringing 23 poor games in a row where they're dominant performances. So you know right now -- -- where we're at. You know -- -- -- as the last game acting like rat. Of course a look at the corrections and improve on that. You know just try to get better get better next week how bad did you want to shut out. And had once this rookie youth it down on her that was the -- play away from game set at that kind of hurt. You know what they'll -- be. Thirteen. Hopefully get to play on their team what chance do it Johnson congratulations thanks for the time of an acute.

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