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Bobby Hebert, Post-Game Commentary

Oct 17, 2010|

Bobby Hebert offers his post-game commentary following the New Orleans Saints 31-6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

UK get better than that the start off the game and meet its total Domenici of from the get go the first water if you -- to -- the seventh at seven. 99 yards in the first water. I mean it was just which we used to against the Saints fans as well think that then we expect this. You know game any game out but this is more like we're able to witness you know last year and that you feel like old -- -- -- -- Running the football would stop in the run. I don't get any better than that if you look overall we average. Six point six yards to carry you know apart -- we came into the game thirtieth in the league as far as 3.3 yards of hurt him. It did it you -- actually yarder through long before last at 75 point six. Well all was said and done. I mean he couldn't get any better a meat -- twelve yards Russian. Not -- we came in we said this them has to give. He's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gonna stop us running the football we gonna gash that it would thirtieth in Russia -- it's given a -- -- 43 yards a game. Thought they outstanding a game plan. By coach Payton and like he's that you can't get more balanced -- that he got 32. Passing attempts and 32 rushed -- it. You look at turnover ratio. You wanna be even are on the plus side even the days that we still you know minus one for the season had an opportunity. As far as the -- great over the ATP. You'll plus one applause to. A review that overturned but it but overall. You that's what the growth of as far as you know creating turnovers. You get to show how well things were going. Or is that the first time -- putted. Was like eleven minutes and 48 seconds. Left the net -- water. I mean think about that I mean boards that okay he's not holding anymore he wanted to kick and all of that they aren't as you can all. Well he was -- good earned against free money on having the plane no movement that are poured water. And it was able to -- nothing to show you why -- cards as much as anything I'll look at this number right here. And alchemy that a game at that this -- will we ever have thought on the coach Payton Brees. Then I'll keep it would be ranked higher at an office welcome -- that it gave. Are -- that ranked ninth overall in the NFL and all that can't have comic art right now it's an outlook and I'll run deep it. If you look at it we held the Cardinals. To 41 yards rushing last week that the fewest. That being at this they have held it opponent is all night season opener. For the the draw the line that we held them to 33 yards. Well you look today we've been better that performance. That part of what you are well one -- as that they would they would just to get. Marty yards rushing at that point two yard clip. The I mean. I thought Kevin -- I was gonna have a better show and but. Bottom line that out of them but look what they were never in the game. Agreement over outstanding on third down you know you -- sustain drives. We were nine at 1275. -- state that a coming into the game. We -- fourth in the NFL they're not a burden but we obvious pinnacle of in that category. It would Alter over a football we get to be able to movement now in the red zone. No -- we gotta get better in that area we had -- beaten before 50%. If you look at last year we were sixth in the NFL right 58%. And it's so Portland it is game we with 37 -- that well but what we wore. You know going -- this game or 29. At today new era in them being -- -- or. But that's an area when you get down there you have to go to get a touchdown. Now penalties at -- -- they can't be completed this nine penalties for eighty yards. Malcolm -- it's got thirty yards -- one late now. Mistakes than we all are but I think without the cheap shot and packaging that Josh Freeman. Then not only hit -- way out of bounds musical it is the and I you could see lapped by it almost started -- I I. Well or do you want a ticket -- -- team but I sit I would not hold that against and the maple brawl broke out. Because that -- with the cheap shot shots option arm Malcolm Jenkins. We'll probably get huge fine on the middle of the week from the NFL but he got this is what we expected states and as -- -- progress that this would come back and break. We got a couple of jacked up a segment. And it was Chris ivory jacket -- Ronde Barber. And then also. -- -- on that screen he ran over a Barrett Rudd in the paper wrote the -- And he's flat rain nimble I don't yet that's not Bubba after that it. But -- elaborate on that as you go forward. And I the bottom line is. Total domination. We averaged 33 point -- game last year. -- 31 points. I know we wanted to shout out that wasn't the case but to -- is like shut out type game how dominant we were.

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