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The Point After

Oct 17, 2010|

The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert and the Big Chief Deke Bellavia take your calls following the New Orleans Saints 31-6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey welcome to the point -- -- -- TDs seafood end of reds scored on a -- -- Philadelphia where today the black and gold dominated Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 31 -- six alone -- game five BA bad Deke Bellavia Bobby. Chris Harry with a big game today and the Saints offense complete ballot 64 plays 32 rushes 32 passes. Yet they keep UK get better than that to start off the game. Let me just total Domenici of from the get go the first water if you look through Reed who's seven the seven. 99 yards in the first water. I mean it was just -- we used to against the Saints fans as well Saints fan then we expect this. You know game any game out but this is more like we're able to witness you know last year and that you feel like old school football as far as. Running the football would stop in the run I don't get any better than that if you look overall we average. Six point six yards to carry you know apart -- we came into the game thirtieth in the league as bars. 3.3 yards part -- it did it you -- actually yardage who won before last at 75 point six. Well all is said and done. I mean he couldn't get any better of me 212 yards Russian. Not they'll we came in we said this them has to give. He would the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gonna stop us running the football we gonna gash that they would thirtieth in rushing defense giving up 143 yards a game. Thought they outstanding a game plan. By coach Payton and like he's that you can't get more balanced -- that he got 32. Passing attempts and 32 rushed -- it. You look at turnover ratio. You -- be even are on the plus side will be even today's that we still you know minus one for the season had an opportunity. As far as the -- great turn over the ATP. You'll plus one applause to. A review that overturned but it but overall. You that's what the growth of as far as you know creating turnovers. You get to show how well things were going. Or is that the first time be -- Was like eleven minutes and 48 seconds. Left the net poured water. I mean think about that I mean -- that okay he's he's not holding anymore he was to kick and all of that they haul in the pick and all. Well he was almost good earned against free money but I have a complaint no movement that are poured water. And it is able to put nothing to show you why -- cards as much as anything but a look at this number right here. And -- -- -- -- game I've said this when will we ever have thought on the coach Payton Drew Brees. Then I'll keep it to be ranked -- at an office welcome make that a game. Our team that is ranked ninth overall in the NFL offenses can't. Electronic -- right now as an outlook and I'll run deep it. If you look at it we held the Cardinals. To 41 yards rushing last week that the viewers. That being at this they have held it opponents is all night season opener. For the the drive alive that we held them to 33 yards. Well you look today we've been better that performance. That part of what you -- well one yard as -- they would they would just to get. Forty yards rushing at at some point two yard clip. The I mean. I thought Kevin being -- -- gonna have a better show it. But bottom line that out of them but look what they were never in the game agreement over outstanding on third down you know you wanna sustained drive. We were nine of 1275%. That are coming into the game. You know we will fourth in the NFL in third down conversions but we always gonna go out. In that category. It would -- over a football we going to be able to move it now in the red zone. -- -- got to get better in that area we had -- -- -- 50%. If you look at last year when we were sixth in the NFL we're at 58%. And it's Wilfork collected his game we with 37 this that we although we wore. You know going -- this game or 29. -- today we were -- in them being 20 or. But that's an area when you get down there you have to go to get touchdown. Now of penalties at -- which they can be completed this nine penalties for eighty yards. Malcolm -- who got thirty yard don't want late now. Mistakes than we all are but I think it without the cheap shots and packaging that Josh Freeman. Then not only hit it way out of bounds musical -- is the and I you could see lapped by it almost started it and I. Well you know if you wanna pick up but your team but I sit -- I would not hold that against have a maple brawl broke out. Because that -- with the cheap shot -- shot -- We'll probably get a huge fine come in the middle of the week from the NFL but he -- this is what we expected Saints fans. As you go progress that this would come back and break. We got a couple of jacked up a segment. And it was Chris ivory jacket read over Ronde Barber. -- also. -- bets on that screen he ran over a Barrett -- -- -- Breyer wrote the preakness. And he's flat -- gambled I don't yet -- thought about that that it but we elaborate on that as we go forward. And I think bottom line is total domination. We averaged 33 points -- game last year. -- 31 points. I know we wanted to shut out that wasn't the case but to -- it is like -- shut out type game how dominant we were. That's the case you can't -- me -- Deke Bellavia it's the point after New Orleans to win today 31 to six we will continue. With the point at different eating seafood. Let's -- ten seconds the station identification on the -- all the Saints radio network. And welcome back to the point have to hear Dini seafood different caught a lot of caught on viva Rio and Delfino fall apart after after All Saints game it's also brought it buys veterans in New Orleans tradition since eighteen -- And Budweiser have a great time but be responsible and Jews. A designated driver in New Orleans defeats Tampa Bay 31 to six the black gold before in two. And hopefully at home next week against the Cleveland Browns at noon would join you on the network with the countdown with Bobby -- outside of gate C of Louisiana Superdome. And it -- AM about you talked about the Saints. If it's -- performance going into this week's game ninth overall yep rushing defense the New Orleans Saints in the last three games. 65 carries have been -- against his defense a hundred in nine snagged -- that's three point one yards with Eric. Bob and to -- 66 point three rushing yards allow the -- up they keep that up right as good reviews yet just either numbers though Pittsburgh and lead the league in rush defense at 62. Point two so in the last three weeks this -- to be the number two rushing defense right as the football league because. Seattle in today's game given up 72 point eight yards. You know that they use. -- if you investigate that and looked through the years. The goal really put defense -- -- don't know -- it's low eighties Bryant the top defense isn't anyplace that knocked -- like sixteen games. It's about 8283. Yards a game so I think that Pittsburgh numbers that are on the shadow but if we even. Anywhere they're out they're -- 87 yard mark Bellamy that's a good as -- gets. In the NFL. A big -- We know less willingness of this -- right there at last we were talking about how since the merger of no team had been. Through this part of the season really -- one unpleasant unity. I would do an event now by the when you look at the landscape the national football conference -- -- a -- sent through six games in the regular season. That everybody decapitated some losses -- more as a three team total of one loss went down they Seattle missed -- block out over. Chicago Atlanta and Tampa we hardly ever of Seattle beat Chicago and that if we get it. As gay dad that I don't say never additionally the parity right now that -- fell. So detonation. IE could they went 12 AM sees a lot stronger. In the NFC but I tell you what to show you why. It's so early in the season lot of games typically we'd end up marathon not a sprint. Don't -- right now has one loss in the NFC not think about that. In here he got the fair is that it was -- -- -- kind of pretend as how they've played that they lose to the Seahawks. The Falcons lose the Eagles at Philadelphia without Michael Vick play. So I think I don't know at this early in the season if you've ever had. An occasion in the NFC that every team had in these two losses. Over derided the thick of things. Completely come to town next -- got to take Gerald -- advantage. Actually back to back games frank would likely would've gotten fewer than Halloween night though I expect us. You know to to show up a couple of big and it's no reason why we shouldn't because. Finally we gave all together as one team all visit he'd instantly and had a complete performance. As we dominated the to have the Buccaneers today. An accountant you -- treatment for want NFC south game and the opponent though that this is the big win. And obviously. Good pay and better the team that they weren't panicky. But you know balance 32 passes 32 -- is. No I mean it was right where we needed to be. You know -- at this point and I Drew Brees when he won at thirty -- -- -- one night but nine are -- senate with seven. -- it was eight -- nine. That there was a stretch right there in the second quarter that he was eight at nine and you look at the one pick. You hate a former quarterback and you know you try to order target the ball gets that -- -- but you know but that the weight goals Chris ivory bill unbelievable. Fifty carry it fifty yards ten point five yard narrative while we seen big play. -- -- -- -- -- Our offense and all of the above all the fuel without wasn't the case they could -- was. So look at it down the field -- -- or but it 41 yard touchdown. In that you look at that the game proceeded. -- in each of Robert Meachem forty yard touchdown it would all said and done -- averaged seventeen point eight yards. A reception of -- reception anytime you over fifteen. Yards that's big plays and in lance ball or. Just catches that he averaged 28 point five yard reception. 26018786688. The rates hit into all of 31 Tampa six. For the phone to go Kevin into -- -- -- on line three Kevin thank you for calling the point after the Saints radio network. When they must. Umpire got to cram in as both communities. Out with a -- used great average went right to boost India on the attack. While you be utilized like they would at this line on Hamilton Mike Bell. And he'll be in that rotation now if you look at it okay Chris -- -- fifty carries that -- here we get fifteen. And Julius Jones had nine carries saw I'll look at that. You know how. Fifth got six carries I'll look at that. You probably get if he's running that hard to protect the football look at it to probably get eight to think carries the game. I -- athletic and quick and was needed medical. Went through and then and it -- respect contribute and that plan have been. Well this this thing is yet not at the prizes. The because Devery Henderson. In the past has had big gains against the vanity Buccaneers. Where he's averaged about 2425. Yards a reception. Now hard truth spread the ball around look at this 1234587. If they're receivers yet and yeah every don't have one -- -- about -- and you know what you watch the flow of the game -- any regularly knows about that are. I don't have an answer to that. Now Devery it is still a big part of this offense. As far stretch and if you if you look coming into the game. He was third bidding leading receiver had seventeen receptions. And a touchdown averages twelve point three but he did have. A few drops but I don't know could have been dictated lot of coverage and maybe Tampa -- could have been nowadays is that by theory is that everything in there. The -- that harbors him if he's burns so much in the past I'd have to look at the bills to speak directly. How that Slaton snaps. But I thought did a great job Saturday campus to really work in the safeties. And now criticize people -- down the middle which were able to hit big plays on the sidelines. Do a lot of 31 example a six it's the point after -- BBC food in the fridge scored all the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back. With the point after -- -- seafood in the French Quarter at the All Saints games on the -- Bible Belt and golfing caught up is delicious seafood Sam -- Duplicate -- -- -- -- bad it's also brought you buy Saturn brands and Budweiser have a great time with -- A designated driver 260187866. 88908. -- New Orleans 31 Tampa base it. You know -- you -- -- -- An and I don't think obvious. Observed in this are wanting this to happen between me just what I observed Roman Harper is getting better and better. On the Gregg Williams is does that matter at safety. And he did that growth that make it plays he let it -- with seven total tackles. -- two forced fumbles so that mindset as far as not you know ball out which way -- that we put that in Roman -- and at that you look the -- at it is game. Scott Shanle. You know I was not activated theater and it's what an -- How serious it is injury. You know is it better to go the back of guys that Danny Clark. Who's been outstanding. Given opportunities late Coach Williams likes this guy I mean here's -- guy -- his article but the Raiders. The Texas then that -- while he started all. Speaker at the strong side. If you wind up putting July dove on the weak side. Well Clark hit that up with five unassisted tackles. And another guy I get more playing time. You know we all start over Jonathan build -- more Margaret Mitchell Marvin Mitchell ended up with five that was reported that the the also. Had a forced fumble they evolved gonna bounce away. -- -- look at. Okay. The past two weeks we had four forced fumbles last week. Today we had three forced fumbles. Now that's seven forced fumbles have all recovered one. You keep doing that update the -- good about the way and then what you Portland seventy gonna get at least four not five. But that's one thing on like a bottle at the pitch right now is we get the ball out and that's gonna go along way to help you beat. On the plus nine turnover ratio and often the Dolphins have to protect the football and -- overall we did have because I thought even though. We -- even in the turnover ratio is just things like the flow of the game. New era at least plus one at that close to you know won't want to turn one got overturned. You know that refuted that -- -- have the ball. That's warranted -- is -- the group play about Malcolm. He stripped the ball off any recovered -- -- difficulty never really had possession -- Rivera make it played that's gonna go a long way down the road. As the -- continued sports -- Do salty go load the big hit around I wanna -- -- thank you because of the point after the saints' radio network. Who my who. Big utility guy obviate. I think partner I got a couple of things remarkably low. For the ball well that mountain goat -- we -- -- book on it 58 yards. A long. Just just the rough and -- one play I'd like bland it just yet -- one play. I have to look it up but I know up market recalled Mike -- last year he had about a hundred the economic reports yards against the Lions yeah. And then I think he might had a big game raji is the time -- that line. Because you're not familiar with the players who think uniform. But you know I can tell you Chris ivory right up there if he doesn't have like first. Opportunity guy you know really -- it is they claim that kitchen because you also have to look at is not so much. That it's -- 150 yards but the fifth even -- averaging upwards now. Yeah and and a half yards per carry and already -- that a lot of what. He averaged eight point five yards to carry had a 158 -- they'll grade. Made it if not now. I'm not think that the Baltimore Ravens defense the Vietnam yeah right right but but but but you know what we needed to take advantage. Tend to -- how they struggled a stop in the -- We haven't been able to run the ball club that had to -- And one that we that we won that battle. Package we a couple of the rules the Baltimore Ravens defense that date that we got is what it is that they. It didn't or we in. Well I have a day -- you know as encouragement. It it if you look at it Cadillac Williams back Cadillac Williams hit it carries. Sixteen yards. One point six yards part camp. I mean come on -- 89 -- -- like under three yards that's give it to at a high level considering. That we play Cadillac Williams last year. -- you have -- went up seventeen to zero and win the Booth and make game. Well we play Cadillac Williams last year yes we had a 129 yards rushing in the -- don't know what we thought Cadillac he didn't Jack. Let's get too caught up on an. NFL's global. The NFL's scoreboard. On your eyebrows as markets. -- victory over Tampa Bay Buccaneers. -- a couple they've scored the first quarter -- -- 41 yard strike. Three's. With the time he throws near -- Want politics today. -- -- -- -- -- The -- staff. The Super Bowl champion got an unexpected lift from running back Chris ivory who rushed for a 158 yards on fifteen carries. And after the game coach John Clayton said he's noticed continued improvement. But I would still needs to clean up some of the mistakes. Well -- played a lot played a lot of man get a lot of good breaks some balls that I even end zone coverage late in the games on break from cover to look. He just keeps getting better and better. Saints fans were also singing fly Eagles fly today Kevin Kolb didn't let them who -- nation down. I expected. Cobb threw for 323. Yards and three touchdowns leading Phillies to a 31 to seventeen win over the Falcons. New Orleans and Atlanta are both now 421 season. Ben Roethlisberger returned to action for the first time today and didn't waste any time getting Pittsburgh on the boards. That's a direct snap from concert hall Hughes will be good -- you throw the ball down the field. Yeah. The Steelers rolled 28 to -- over the Browns Cleveland and linebacker Scott Fujita will be in the dome next week. Both went to overtime but the Miami Dolphins beat the Green Bay Packers 23 to twenty. It was the Giants over Detroit 28 to twenty Houston comes back to beat Kansas City 35 to 31. Saint Louis takes down San Diego twenty to seventeen. It Seattle over Chicago to 43 each morning. Another game goes to overtime New England takes down Baltimore 2320. Games going on right now just a couple. About a minute left in the second quarter the Jets and Broncos are tied up at seven currently and also the second Oakland leads San Francisco six nothing. And Dallas and Minnesota are tied at seven with a buck 41 left until halftime. With a look at the NFL scoreboard I'm Steve Geller -- Saints radio network. All right Steve thank you very much you used the Saints winning at 831. 26 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have back to the -- to go to Ryan California. On line -- Bryant thank difficult on the point after on the saints' radio network. They brought in had a quick question where you are people. What would you say are you off -- blinder played really good is that. Well dog it's a blind finally kicked -- are pocket made you know we await -- -- and that's that we expect because there are one reason why. Last year we had the sixth best rushing attack you know one overall offense and does that it disappointed. You just call like Bosnia. You know Jahri Evans got paid the big bucks now read a couple of stupid penalties at the beginning were able to overcome it. I'm nervous that's -- are -- UK we can't give all sides I mean but you know that's that's that's gonna happen. But I tell you -- -- it's a blind dominated candidly I mean they kicked the air as. And we haven't seen that is here so army going forward you gotta be -- You felt like -- opponent or. Well. -- I think it's a combination. It accommodates UW played. And it was then putting it a bullet there so there -- sold as coach they told the Florida game about this group -- Know coming out the gate. We run the ball the words to blame if not then go to meetings move them to you coach Payton. Now that's -- likely they'll big challenge didn't. All of it's a violent if you don't wanna run more with a with -- -- to prove to me. That we'd like get negative yards you know mind you minus three and it's something always closet that locked anyway. We do it did this as good as it gets an NFL. We you can have thirty Russia's Dinara execs don't particularly think should art and extent -- it -- yards though. Coach -- will be more willing I'm telling you. Gave any gave out that we do bad and we don't have I'm telling you thirty to 35 rushes that gave no matter how great Brees is good run like that. I'm hopeful that there's also the only game 18786688908. Sammy it's upon after the saints' 31 -- the Buccaneers sixth. You know listening to the New Orleans Saints on radio network. And welcome back the Saints defeat -- the Buccaneers 31 to six -- the point after here on -- Saints radio network. We're here eighteen he seafood the first quarter at the All Saints games on the Conan I don't know and golf team. It's brought -- guys that are granted he wanted to distance AT native and Budweiser. Have a great but Jews eight designated time. -- bitchy Wheldon got to give props out to -- special teams there Houston now. Here's the guy. And that I want to about a work hard behind the scene if he's healthy Anthony Waters. Linebacker chronicler of then he let this fantasy tackles with him today I think that's -- -- injured. And he's a guy that can get things done kick off the plate coverage. We came up big today which he tackles you know he's not going to be yeah starting linebackers in. You know it's not been as the -- we get hurt now and then. But that's the kind of players you beat us as a team and -- -- Anthony Waters led the team the. Back cut to the photo we go Bobby and let's go to. Joe in Hammond on line eight Joe thank you for Colin have you WM. I think -- and people have. -- got out of course and the book you are. Man with a little backup so far and all of that good -- but it. -- Chris thousand that is what they -- that -- and on them part of themselves as useless. You got excellent absolutely -- started -- serenity. Birth order. You Don Malcolm Jenkins who. Went out in my right now he has me. I mean he. Just Marvin this too hard to back up -- linebacker and it wasn't spotted conflict. Lugo went out there had been this is on defense and even that's more that -- -- have already put. I'm not Massa who happen to our message on the -- -- and I played good bet Obama Colston part itself. And we're not play good I don't remember his role but you still have a non durable and those that haven't battled through. The influence the or Perez well one of the ovals going to be other than this depth at that position when the started the day. -- I. Welcome bass player are good at the end -- with this provides. When you get that actual game experience he may get that it practically naked dead in the media room he studied film. You gotta -- an actual game. So that -- provide or death because look at all the NFL teams that it is the feeling that the Packers. How they instinctively. I gotta have definite guys got to step up and ticket and it's an opportunity. No it's good -- -- and I'll get their third game McCain. I know -- not to think he because of movement as the the -- is sartorial. But I -- next week next week if -- in Minnesota home. He's not about to -- of the -- -- right now yeah yeah I have an eight -- reason that he's he's even the weird man queens might win it. While that NFC the game is the influence paper right now it all looks stronger. Yeah you know Steelers Ravens and Patriots pick if you look in the opening. But I think with good -- by Chris ivory. You know getting these reds get their confidence and I know yet that want -- a lot of while that looks like he dislocated fingers them that it popped it back in place. But like getting that experience though it -- provides more -- and he -- rationally here comes back and and Reggie Bush. Back to the phones that we go -- and let's go to UT at Pensacola on line Tuesday thank you for calling the point after the saints' radio ever. I think that none of them are actually. Home a lot caught a little bit about refused I mean -- -- seekers very. I'm pretty good breakout performance. Patrick Robinson wishing to be trying to single and now you've held the Eagles. Yeah yeah I know he's gonna have to whenever you're a rookie out there and I he had been out with. You know three tackles two -- that look but he needs blazing coverage. And yeah you know it scheduling. With an -- body is healthy the starting cornerbacks that the partner Tracy -- But they would really -- argue rob -- to step up and take the place of a better like Randall Gay of the more reps he gets. That's that's the that's. The best thing that can happen that a defense looking even as some young. He was like the port saint. -- all of a study makes that game winning. Tackle. Against the Angela was -- event back. You need that depth and it's all -- matter like -- that -- of players taking advantage of their opportunity by Patrick Robinson. Is getting better and better more playing time. And he's actually getting in the game where. He's not just quietly he's actually of the order -- know he's the quarterback in the air and came up big today. -- EE. Defense let us two point conversion. Pretty smart political move it. Yet -- he's -- and I think Malcolm Jenkins. Is getting better now an agreement he hit Josh Freeman out of bounds when he had a lot about that went Lowell there's been. But he had an outstanding play where. I think it was -- lock it happens -- at a football but he was able. The strip and out and didn't recover at that stuff that you would feel -- like Darren Sharper do. So be it just didn't see not sharper. Is now six games though he's eligible. Along -- another linebacker Greg wins like claiming thing you know that the comeback Soviets and deceit. Whatever their role going forward though because that mean you. But back to the phone to go Bob -- interesting point here let's go to always insightful culture at the meet city New Orleans on and lives six -- -- thank -- -- -- the point after or to saint radio. Without them. You look at the point is that that I needed to make on the computer like that was it could've been communicating my -- and if you guys call a couple of calls ago. That's exactly my point you to the beginning replace two years. We did I can -- reason is in the question the question more that we you know offensive line in the an -- -- Or I was gonna step up. Oops because of so. That allow was allowed -- to relay here. Just how deep we were. In my position until it was flexibility. Without the guys he went out you do was that the question that -- -- -- yeah us so my question -- when we're. Won't let it be that that the folks that are gonna step up. This year and you'll get in and out of this thing -- a couple of penalties early. And in doing today which you also probably the Bryant settled down. We're right as the week we felt consistent -- Throughout the gains that -- that that we did indeed they did they we saw a lot of focus. More that'll didn't seem to being steadily in the game -- -- -- right and everybody -- you didn't go to guys step up so while. I think down the road knowing that we didn't do it public that healthy differently this year I think we're going to be well positioned. To peak yet I think honestly I think itself what was on the -- Well lives are -- we all would agree with that I don't know whether that's right into the -- you know we've -- and I tell you what I'll take is kind of game. Every game you don't like people unless he Drew Brees didn't know with three of us aren't. But I tell you what how could you know I take this kind of performance 32 runs and 32 that is very brutal which Miller's 63 yards. Selected twelve yards rushing or -- 75 total offense. No I'll tell you a bunt to advance the Vietnam will -- yet the only real bullets at -- -- -- -- -- -- well ballot. That we -- this drive that we may Wimbledon -- when teammate appropriate. That we are going to run it and run the ball expected but it it would. It is -- -- and you saw the result that down you know you just I think we're. Are very very strong and down the stretch is we give everybody Hilton. Got to settle it used to every game pressure. I'll have a they have emotions up -- -- not the -- don't expect. You know. Next week. We've got Cleveland -- You know. Yeah that hopefully not -- that the emotional you know cram -- down. What struck me McCain have emotional let down we play get part of that would and they -- -- home. We're back going through my right -- I'd always held some music game. This -- -- that we could. There's no room that we usually hit that I -- ever being good like that. Right now about it to tell -- we gonna have to have all eight game like we did today we've played the Steelers Halloween night. Took me always good to hear from you thank you so much -- new -- -- thirty Juan and Tampa -- sixth. He's the Kasey Kahne Bobby Hebert of the ability it's the punt after it BBC food on the daughter -- Saints radio network. Yeah welcome back. New Orleans 31 this Tampa Bay six the Saints afford to entertain the Cleveland Browns next Sunday at -- -- on the network. And TN AM we're at the ABC food's put upon -- depth All Saints -- come on out -- on the Kona I have a -- and they'll theme. And it's also brought -- buys that are granted they -- today's it's 8089. And Budweiser have a great time be smart and use a designated driver Bobby. There's a lot of jacked -- in our game but today when you have Steve government at all things. And -- keep an as everybody was on what was going on between him and a Philadelphia. -- with Dante and Dante Robinson jacked up DeSean Jackson that is as good as the heat if you ever see it it bring him all the field in both players. Had to walk off the field with little hill and it was a fifteen yard penalty kind of hit -- right on the and hit but it was in there -- his helmet that the new rule now. But that was a big Deco -- Chris ivory jacked up wanted to greats of the game day you run Dave ball. Well -- -- we had a couple of Jack that you like -- like get the silent bond and instinct and it's hitting a message of your opponent that you bring in the woods. And the Chris ivory -- is only a yard -- but he ran over Ronde Barber not would have been awesome -- -- kept his feet. You know and keep going because -- all of us that you -- the end. You able to do that but he ran over. Rodney Barbara mean knock the snot bubble in is those and then later on. I it was a screen play it was briefed the Ledell Betts. In the Galveston have gaining six yards and he ran over. -- runs a route whatever time is there middle linebacker. Who leads into his back road isn't through yet -- -- Jacked up on the DL -- so here's to a -- running backs. You know trying to that's that was something on his team -- that they would -- Chris RB in the belt bent. -- ran over candidates have a they would have they've been -- Since the mid -- about their defense yes they -- we bring in the world as offensive player running back. We've brought the wood to Tampa Bay today and jacked up is always brought it back Tim Clark construction your local home elevation experts Bobby. Whose average he would reject him if you -- -- and the development speak I don't know I'd have to look at the replay. But those are -- plays that you -- on the highlight real. -- shall have the running backs coach how hard you have to run in the NFL. And it's steady and getting hit you can hit. And you bring it but it defendants that a definitive -- and you. Back to the phones we go Bobby that's occurred in Metairie on nine want Kirk thank you call in the point after on -- Saints radio network. I got a call -- -- I'd rather. Allow Lovie don't show up but anyway I'm so meadows who it was so nice as The Beatles things you know not have yet or that is. -- advantage in elderly are about right let's go win or lose right. Mean it -- more out of me -- divisional game for mop my problem is that. Garrett hall. I mean when it comes down for the -- we're gonna need and would fall camp who is usually not reliant. I mean in my question is well -- just the opposite aren't. You did Davis and important to bull energy. Right -- at any evidence doable wreckage that that is still. You know mind boggling is that here's a guy had this evil racket. He collects fixable forty yards he has that great kick down the middle. -- against the Vikings that benefited doable -- you know I got -- at -- -- a hole but it jinx them again. I think you know he's been look at everything that that there duck -- We got the ball the last pads and I said man -- that I don't though I mean no one -- hardly gonna comment stating what you know it he kicked it left again. You know what that are totally -- -- a third you'd expect it to and I yardage but look at Tampa -- kicker Connor -- he has made twelve. Straight kicks and had big game winner against the big old I thought if you think -- -- -- to -- the man we missed it. You weren't meant to Bobby Bobby -- -- -- -- -- straight out player Ronaldo I mean rugged kind of black millionaire yeah he hit the bald -- I think that. Now when I'll admit there it's like yeah trying to hit it won't last they have soccer stadiums. -- -- right though. It all went -- there isn't an overly he Seau it is your right yet dollars as a thug and I kind of -- I was like whoa I think he could do that if -- -- To kick the ball flies the -- -- guys that from the distant third upon by the kicking game major lunatic geologist he's on mindset -- major lunatic thank you so called on the point after the Saints radio network. -- -- -- not a bet but vigilant to take this the dominant win it doesn't let ordered also went Utley could go to his dominant. I sort of the I'm -- I'm in new quarterback typically do you want people come back Roberts about -- How many guys in the movie and onto. Well I'll let you know and -- note that what they would. Well obviously know that you know you're gonna have people have bush in time in his hair but I -- at -- -- -- it yet but I mean after that though I think the difference of at this point it could come down and who's the best that it Jones bits and ivory. They'll allow allow me you know wants and I think we'll be going -- -- if barber adult level -- -- going nowhere and I'll put faith that if you -- you gonna be somebody anybody who -- Jones though -- good today he's usually heals right if he's got to trust factor. Considering his got here this week I was able to attribute. Yet nine now rushes 32 yards and -- a couple of nice runs his vision. So I think right now the -- hit a two over -- -- overlooked -- that. Are currently -- you. Say it again now your arm around her hair and I don't they'll be eligible for the practice team and -- -- -- the years. That is because his years of services. You don't with the Cowboys in the field that though. Naked not -- of the practice squad and how we're able to get Julius Jones. Is that the Seahawks waived him and they got more assignments in -- -- from the Buffalo Bills are. Don't know -- they'll let that dealt vets and Julius Jones immediately too long and NFL you can not. You know put them on the practice squad. That you can't put up at camp put Chris ivory on the practice squad because this kind of performance. -- he -- that -- and and -- yards then you got some as lunatic. Not now that's not the mistake on that one thing that people are airport. Would not accommodate -- you know. I'll get -- -- I would figure but obviously that will be to loan -- -- short shots like that right yet there's got to Crosby you know I'll get there how -- -- -- -- major minutes ago I would say somewhere by the -- of them around before seventh but rookie carefully he would there's a few moments thank you so much. It's time out of sake above all those nations along beat saint radio network time. But unless those in the Big Easy hanging around it as it is the Saints beat Georgia State and 31 to six. Battles go this afternoon through all of 31 Tampa Bay's six. Still on us Sunday at 10 AM a look at it after the Saints and the Browns. And kick off is at -- here on the New Orleans Saints radio network.

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