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Oct 25, 2010|

Bobby and Mike invite you into the radio huddle to discuss the Saints 30-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Plus the fact is thinking yes you always are numbered through here like the field obviously you know obvious fairly obvious it would seem to be excited. And got county Mississippi in the areas Papelbon business. Yet the big board up for the Monday night contest between the New York Giants. And Bobby -- there is second favorite team the Dallas Cowboys and guess what I think he's going to be on the night yeah that is -- birds. I think it's -- First I'm actually because the Giants and they've been docked jackal and is the highest I mean they've been else -- two games also and they they -- -- the player like. Never advanced team they had an. I don't have a camera -- lots you know filming you politically and copilot and Tony Romo and everybody. -- -- because -- just -- you know you look at Scott yeah it in my brain yeah on the long right because like you. You look in -- doable -- Now you look at the Cowboys fault 15. Well that's -- record of 48 teams that started one at five and only only in 1970. Cincinnati the problem I'll make you the whale the -- this like one of those years where a team could possibly yet. It wouldn't it would be one of these years that I couldn't do you could even the 88 we don't like and I yeah while bored yet. -- If you can hear that game at seven they're not between the Cowboys and it -- right unit negates evident. Evidently -- 7 AM FM dot com also 10 plot point three after him. It also hear that at six -- night special addition Saints -- -- nickel on me in his guest tonight will be assistant head coach and linebackers coach. No it is not it is go to helpful lines can do and you -- it didn't think it is no huddle with Bob and Mike. About for a while one Pittsburgh which we have prepare -- -- and then after. Not not so. Good. -- I mean I mean. Educate is that. You gotta bring facts. I mean it out of the probable aren't I mean. All I don't and about the global sport coat -- ago and one of global. So I'm you know one man receiver -- I'm going to Jupiter. We'll be having to hit 89 it different is he gonna you know right around vocal you know -- has nothing else. If -- is office you don't you don't handle it right partner for a whole -- Allen at the receiving cool with Bobby's said is -- closet all pro receiver. You don't have. Which you look at as a Andre Johnson alive FitzGerald Brandon Marshall riding by Roddy White thank god -- you bring up I agree with I think. Allen lives with everybody else tell them right up the bottom yeah I. Odds that -- in the top three as well as equals. Okay but the -- well we don't know payers looks. We got rid of -- you went out there but we loved -- -- what. Like Allen and Bob are written by my McCray had a sack and a half lives here. To save bottom agree we -- it it was now he came up big -- -- -- Ellis. And I'm not -- and I'm playing delay. I think you won't be real good. Why -- well and I. And he might get an opportunity and you know Coach Williams said Jeff Charleston. Had to -- You know to get more revs now that -- it Will Smith not things Will Smith is the only entity. If you look right now he's acted differently he's not honesty and he had -- right now. And disappointment really -- Alex Brown. There didn't yeah got -- already thought Alex would be a much better. And it's -- -- him what has in. In -- I think will and his fighting an -- -- Liberty's solid but what you lack is the down aside. -- -- -- -- not the other day. A very quickly to work at or very relieved and now. Well as a grown older and our respect not to want to know why. Well the only thing is don't think about it Colt McCoy only threw the ball sixty times minus 6074. Yards so. It sound like im gonna put in the position where he's got to -- play in the playoffs and you're not gonna have a chance whenever thanks so long don't Bartel one. Who ended up when a sack yesterday no public -- this yesterday when necessary lack of pass rush it was the turn over agenda being minus four. And especially tees -- big play who. You -- -- touchdowns -- interceptions and and can certainly get six more points you meant that this team won eight points on its noble lab. -- governor and the united to win in this league you know what -- -- not. I don't I don't know if I agree -- you that we need to get more the pass rush and get sacked McNabb was not go to regular. Local. It -- you have a bit like -- bill better did not have the only rule that says that if the only throw the ball sixty times to gain and Patriots aren't the half or plots act in the yeah. You -- it because what would shorten. -- -- -- -- Was a team like Cleveland Robert -- will talk about that yesterday. Let the likely won't NATO -- heading you're like fourteen points it's really more like wanna I wanna wanna plot points because -- that -- waited late again. You know and that's what's really tough when you play it team like Cleveland Pittsburgh make mistakes. I touched out whatever it almost would -- schools. Because it lately because -- -- so many different ways they can't figure we appreciate you -- are up -- you got something that you've got to read well. Yet now it's time but it -- bunk port Lincoln Mercury email question that the units from stand and honest and bill. And he says Bobby do you think the Saints have a suitable -- over naw I'll would necessarily call and a hang over. I just think it's a matter if you look at this year the parity in the league. And there's not much difference between winning a championship. You know being a playoff team or even nine yet -- -- well you know you look at -- team. That's evident nine versus eleven to five I'm telling you you can look at the handful a couple of maybe a handful and I happen. -- -- like you'll spot believes that every game that game changes you know -- That's and a half dozen or more like -- -- five rains that while game changes and so everything broke Cleveland's way yesterday. Every big play. Broke in that direction and when that happened right you're not gonna end up winning that game clause paying overlook that type situation what you on all. Yet but that happens every. Team you don't think the Colts of being -- off. But the last 78 years and yet look what they have done from Atlanta one -- -- looked as you might New England articulate well -- -- likely noted. And every -- before ruinous Kubel the Steelers won -- -- you make the playoffs the next year last year right by and and look where they're right now. I mean it doesn't guarantee you anything that they would suitable hangover it's just -- you gotta bring it week in and week out there's no. You know homecoming games our off weeks but as far as ability like you see college though. You can I have my one year and put it on the other. Hit by that -- up with you one year in applied in that -- -- really good Chica that's what you need to let. Wouldn't. -- game you get brought up this in my opinion it was enough of late right now in the lineup what that you gotta get this coaching staff. They happily young Williams Chris ivory and we actively but you let him. Jimmy Graham national it would have been -- Patrick Robinson. It would admit that if you still want done ought to all of that is just -- on this team before it got hurt. Yeah optional they have late you obviously that's when -- hot of late young nucleus and I think when junior is going to be ready. I think he's going to be got really good player this week but I think right now. He's not ready to play ball with the sagging schedule but at this time body on the negates that it evidently LE 7 AM Matt Clement got now. Welcome back in -- I guess -- -- that he alone advocating him obviate there this it was a Hasina. He sighed and Hancock county Mississippi time about the Saints 3017 loss to the Cleveland Browns -- it tiger fans if you wanna see the Tigers play at home and Death Valley. You can in this in the win listen to the spot show each Thursday at 1 o'clock. When you do hear the hellish fights -- college for your chance to win tickets to LSU Alabama gained. Missed it and win -- tickets -- Thursday. From this but man down split McConnell tiger radio WW LA MFM and dot com Bob let's go back -- telephone lines -- up about. Marion huddle with -- -- night. Okay -- -- -- we did a good thing not to point and then not keep quiet about. But what they must appoint someone updated them on at that point made enough did bring it up to him small point okay. And up at the end of his squad when -- that I think that it's just my opinion I think that simply is not getting. Protection coverage that he definitely am defeat. I don't know what -- it happened lately going. Be going to be -- not just my opinion on the second opinion that. When then did not match -- give -- -- it was the same amount of money. You don't amount that I have seen them let them have a tremendous tremendous relax. And so I don't know what we did have some money or what is the reason that. Well the thing is that Scott Fujita and the latest salary cap is the only he'd be a certain amount of players that what you you know lot. That who you gonna -- that everybody's gonna make big money. And the Saints. Then feel like as far as guaranteed money in my got it was over. Policy six and a million vs two and a million so basically that's holly in the -- Cleveland. Now they quality young linebackers they have the goal line done bars he had -- nothing to -- is that they thought they -- implement one of those guys that. You know Scott -- sort of -- -- I know he was as far as size. Strong -- strong side of linebackers. You know in the NFL knowledge. And merit that's the tough part of this business they don't just say yeah unfortunately could do what you win a championship as a part of you -- Our five that's six guys not one -- -- you know Mike Bell. I used that the Eagles now the Eagles you know trade him I believe like that of Brown's threat and he when he was hurt with the Eagles and you know we had a few carries a mean if you look you -- the guy you're -- go to Mike Bell. He ran for five yards in them have a minus three yards -- -- more popular they get one. Did end up being a minus seven yards you know carry the UK they everybody now. Artest and I'll condense to leave dash off what was healthy. You wouldn't be on this team today you be somewhere else. If you hit it held accountable to see more leverage Seattle up and he got a lot more opportunities but because that he and I could do it -- steal. Yet. I doubt that -- that Drew Brees he's not concerned. He's played enough we getting hit in the pocket. That all of that doesn't come into quarterback's line now they've had them in the past. Where before you protect that quarterback's roommate he's seen Jim Everett. Hit the ground up -- 21 guy Jeff George though he was sort of like it in the pocket but that's that's not the case -- you -- these then. And now really not concerned with you know get hit in the pocket in the mean I've been as accurate. All right very thanks so much for the call we appreciated the I don't know you'd think the reason is scared my own game scared -- and thought about what it is somebody -- -- -- those -- shall we should mention -- and talking about. He's the best player on your football team when the only place and you wanna bitch. You're if you wanna squandered a season away Utah's bench Drew -- I mean not just one that would go through some peoples and let you get rid of activate. Keep -- -- wanted to -- his knowledge no I'll Wrigley can field on go straight weekend field lesson gulf port -- in Ottawa about it right. I respect him. You know for a grow up but it was proposed as soon yeah that coach from temple but is that this agreement. That's a good friend that's the but I agree. What you you know. As to what. We. We appointed to that opportunity you know and I looked like we -- -- like immediate. Comment so that occupied the -- of these. I don't explain. You about how do that we should not let things go wrong not what do you what you got up there. Well I think Cleveland it was desperate they were trying to generate -- wherever they could. And on the act now coaches what those trick plays now you just hope that wanted to Los Feliz who worked in the game to have three. I mean -- that you've -- not occur and now to say. That we played down now competition -- the Browns have been hard fought games throughout the season. And now. You gotta give the -- went out on the road. Yeah and -- come here and played a -- the way they played him and doesn't that they don't have a careful look guys that could start on this team. If you went alone one that's on me you know you gotta hand -- yet Joe Thomas Eric Steinbeck those guys could start on this football club but man. You look around now a lot of guys on that Cleveland Browns team you could say yet they can come in and be instant starters here. But by what you don't spend with your statement about that a competition I mean I don't know Cleveland they've struggled as of late. But now on offense but three straight years of all the -- it's doable champs. Yeah so you you got to give credit they came yet and then he behind god that you gotta give them. Full credit report do what they outlook the -- and outplayed him ethnic war with this thing gets she'll write up this news break where it unites. -- the fact that it's like you schedule Mike that they along with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert but the -- -- -- -- -- -- Hancock county misses it. Tonight at six there tonight on the would have LE 7 AM -- -- and not count because Saints took issue with the coach on me in his guest tonight will be. Linebackers coach -- bit almost as offensive line goes off but the linebackers -- -- it also. At 730 tonight could be the big game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants and you can hear it right here in the big eight Stephanie do you believe. -- -- -- -- -- -- What a Cowboys tonight to win in this and that's -- first so I know what they -- joint will win -- We're gonna go back then at double pockets area good until it Bogut lose that -- -- not only about it. It's doing I would just say. Yeah -- -- by itself and then Drew Brees is day like he can talk about being implicated. In a poor reception I think -- level -- directly related it would help debt. And I don't know beaches inexperienced would this change playbook gorgeous and make -- bad plays what was it like you left -- right and you know directly. They just. And not secretary -- -- -- that he's been involved with that was streak with such an. -- the only woman with the Cardinals. To a the only thing with I don't disagree with you but that -- a couple passes that the Browns the in -- hat in their hands -- right so long that they girl. You rate dropped so. I agree with you all on the the Scott Fujita played I think that was a missed read or where where my gauntlet with dealt with beyond that late. But we will watch him week. They'll notice our -- -- no no -- -- -- again who're rich three and out we had a third at the end Abram Milan. I mean he dropped when hit in my in his chest and then you had. One -- TJ in our heart dropped at this point in. You and had a chance at another one articles have broken out. Well I don't know I don't think so. Don't think equipment dealt with -- that screen -- remember we talked about it and actually got a lot more yardage is W. You read people out flat if he's gonna be that guy victory like. You know -- outs -- is best but you know he. You know and all that if that happens yeah. -- pulled away from a linebacker. Reggie on that I blatant money ended up with a school. I'm. So -- written it won't work that out and throw out and I agree with joy in this that's not the in the offseason. That. You're gonna have to make a tough decision would Reggie but -- you don't keep him. That you're gonna have to go out and get up back that's been really cool. Now yielding make that would only one catch and break away from depends I think that's something. This football team really really lacks right now without bush in the lineup. You know they it is that is secret that they next year Reggie the weight goes that was -- -- -- twelve million dollars from eight to twelve million. Now when he restructures deal to stay here long term Ottawa -- stick by his guns now. Now as far as Reggie would he want to do to help his market he wants to come back and play unbelievable. -- the Saints almost have to pay him twelve million dollars or you think's almost box of men are peaking yet then on the market. -- -- -- -- -- -- Q it seemed like you know I have term you know we -- at first there was. You know productive or whatnot -- -- arm it seemed like it would just I would get a lot Guerrero as he led his team and they called back which. -- adjustments and made it look like. You know they knew that would that he was don't. If you let this year to order a topic compact -- -- or equity you know not making it just does indeed. Do you know correct -- praise or petrol with a thirteen doing just. Beyond noticed. Julia humbled at Bobby picked him that because of the fact you played -- the book -- fifteen years ha how important is that halftime adjustment. Hey you're -- a little bit different from everybody but. UConn in the the high important that was tremendous adjustment standpoint. And me coming out and execute that oh in the second half. Well no -- it's all about making adjustments and you know you figure out what this team is doing and and going forward and saying okay this is -- -- we can exploit and what you wanted to do. Now with that -- that if you look at it would end up acquiring. You know yesterday. You know. All of a sudden like a river breeze the Colts applause when he -- yards -- The Colts to plus seventeen. In the and you got Ahold of -- the call makes it would've been a good run. And then unsportsmanlike penalty that person 35. So all of a sudden we got 3022. And we ran a screen play -- -- -- is told that with a plus one in their room pulling out before that we ran its greet events anyway for fourteen. But then they're willing that there figured you know maybe the -- gonna come after us and how we keep Douglas creating make a big play that we -- that's our. To make 3022 in the NFL. But I yet adjustments. You know I gotta look at my notes Mike Schmidt well how we started out games. In the first quarter you know this the first time not the first time in the second time. That we didn't score on offered drives us right now we went three now wary if you look the only other time we got to stop. With the win now Lance -- or -- -- against. It's dependent on a one yard line we come out the gate -- now the big difference has been in the fourth water. Where -- outscored people weren't actually really with -- also an army. Where you would like a 113. Nightstick is that you know what I gotta believe. It was a believe -- finishing games up controlling it will water. More with -- I guess you're right at this time out here in the big 870 evidently LE 70 AM FM and that. Welcome back to the second guess you'll Mike that they along with the keeping him be there -- -- -- the -- -- casino beats not in Hancock county Mississippi. Or we went who have the rate we're talking about. Would this makes them laughs you know will want kind of a football tsunami. And they outscored their opponents in the fourth quarter in or what timing games last year. 16758. 167. At the gate this year. They're getting outs award in the pool of water. 48 the particle 44 obstacles to -- a difference in closing games out last year they won't hit them hit them hard closing games out. It's not happening but don't blame that the events on this account because when you look at it yesterday in over the last year and a half. Rick Williams -- -- well he's no rookie. All of -- wanna call virtues starting quarterbacks Matt Stafford Kevin. Mark Sanchez Trent Edwards Chad Henne Josh Freeman three different times -- board Jimmy Claussen max hall. And Colt McCoy handles well gains. That the defense has given up -- six touchdown passes intercepted eighteen. The defense is getting it done this shocking thing this year. Is the plate -- -- has just not hit that high level like he did last year the same. Sort of pieces in place. It just not getting it done in -- different breakdowns. Offensive line receivers not getting separation occurred over a turnover ratio running game sometimes not there. And that is the microcosm of this season you know play it well enough to win on defense. That offense shockingly. Has been built weak point on this team and I don't think anybody would have thought who want it to the season that's what the scenario would welcome. -- very because those fans who -- -- on me Kimmel or. Three out of four years yet the noble and -- its overall -- words one year they -- fourth. And now collected its game against Cleveland in the past two weeks this is the been. -- collected it and making -- defense that's ranked higher that the Dolphins out on it physically they gave the team that is ranked seventh. -- that is ranked eighth that I thought. You know that that as soon -- that. That's kind of a good thing I'd rather have. But defense ranked in the top ten -- have a little more offense these you know its that I haven't as the noble and all that you -- does -- 2627. I think over the long haul we keep not keep it's word that. And it just protect the ball ball better offensively. And create turnovers get healthy at all and yet but yeah even either unless I know we key goal to run I think you can that happened coordinator court -- Ottawa but it might. We are no warm up in my heart when. To me what I am thinking this point when he played it 314 and the only problem is that -- skiing. With their lives within -- Drew Brees had a perfect quarterback rating. And and this is ridiculous when averaged sixteen yards per reception at the Patriots. Now are the guys are accident back because they ran at 34. Right that the Patriots you have problems with the Jets -- -- Vietnam with the Dolphins -- -- even though again. At the end problem the problem it made. Every time -- basically what he. Bobby explain to problems with that report I think a lot of times it's the linebacker that you're not accountable for that he can move around they that causes the Bulls happen. Well in Portland -- yet thought about where take up front not trying to use protection. You know what pass protection so yeah an old dog and all of -- You see him bring -- the Steelers because he would get his -- -- they don't -- You know the -- break even at that backs up d'antoni drop it because of linemen so well though that's. That that's not -- cause problems like you said you look overall. Yeah we probably struggle a whole lot more. Against reported with that was one reason why you went practice against the Patriots in the so indirectly. It looked like yet that. Take a look at that. Unique legacy I was you know -- -- -- -- -- mentioned no I don't with a linebacker -- -- everybody and around whatever. And you know they don't know -- comment. -- what did you break up a good point it's something that we have seen you bring it up against the Cowboys. -- it's either again. Wouldn't you know Sunday night against the Steelers the same sort of situation with that before alignment. Or here on -- I guess you right after this time I don't think it's levity evidently LT 7 AM FM that. Welcome back to the thinking yes you lighten the load the case -- -- -- -- there were symbols of the decedent. -- and -- not counting Mississippi does what -- body and another that that Felix seems to. Quarterback to quarterback and it goes on all along with Saints quarterback -- read about that'll mean nobody is late for health lost the death of government backed up oh beat. We'll look at Charlotte is -- American act -- tough questions or is learn those quarterback fraternity things you know -- off how's the baby doing. You know that it is -- sleep well at night and all that knowing all the Olympic gold. It close they've all those questions because it will be Thursday night on you drive home right -- big X seventy at 5:30 PM on saint reduce -- W eight. -- -- them yet but now and yesterday you brought up David Bowens career game you know and hall ironic. That bullet got in. And that though not I think about is not a I guess it's coincidence but I don't know some people look at the numbers numerology in all things storms or line and they have a line that is Nate I think. The win the world championship last year and if nothing wrong with Beckham's real world champs. But isn't is crazy how you look David Poland okay Eagles at thirty yard interception return for a touchdown. It is 64 yard interception return put down. Guess with names like who named his son ball and I'm like why -- medical it's it's our men that's like food. Don't like that never -- all I tried Twilight Zone as well you know what. That that's the way -- You can tax cut through that that real delicate question Thursday night about beauty and with that something in the air and they -- bullet -- I don't know it's a that it had talking about things happen hey we've got to go to this guy is not know he got a lot better things to do. And it talk about -- -- we gonna go to Jesus Christ in -- or -- -- I know you're busy man. So give us you question which you got was. Well they actually Jesus Christ -- now but good. Gentleman and yeah. Displaying a little April fool's joke gone in October you know they knew Jesus Christ degree and I'll -- -- the formal name be balanced well let's. And that's the he's always that you know it's always there you don't when it left Jesus. Was still -- yeah definitely got to -- a few more roadless precedent. Slidell. And huddle. I just wanna play you know plays in the expecting too much I mean I didn't expect to before and three good I had it. You know five and one by -- six and one -- this point not finish in 115 and it's just typical what you when applicable. Yep Brees would get the troops together and no. As -- they'll make the post season but look how many teams is going back over the you like Pittsburgh. Last year -- others want this noble before they may twelfth last year and look where they're at right now. While ago that the Cardinals. Didn't go back and say so -- step out of the first round last year. Montana versus quality to -- big picture on operate it seem to have that that'd make them Redskins in the eighties it. But failed to make the playoffs next year not so that's what anybody else. With a compass these pets I ever saw -- beyond that the defense they've ever repeated it one wants a couple. Let Millen and then the thousands seen an actress and give gospel with some bad do. The that the. -- now wait Jesus has been going that -- -- and our and in no way you look at it how do you feel about. Saints fans booing you think you should -- to take because you know they're pro football players. Are -- expectation levels now do you think that they've spent the hoop before patient and not -- local team. I'll pick a particular I think expectations but do it just. -- real people realistic though they've yet you you'd you'd hate to miss the boat speed and you know when you look back over at least throughout my -- from so many great things nominee in the playoffs the next few -- -- we got to go to break thanks so much but I'll -- back what was the psyche gets to ride out this huge break for the -- 878 of them WLT 7 -- --