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Oct 26, 2010|

Bobby and Deke invite Chris Landry, Scouting Consultant & FOX Sports Analyst, into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to another position to score around the next the volleys without access to fox sports analysts. Chris commander Chris it's good to see you manpower. Guys do doing extremely well -- agree is a -- focus and I was on a big one coming up tonight between the Saints. And the state as we look back on a week seven in the National Football League in -- Let's not off a little bit last night Chris it quarterback play on those Sunday and Monday. Tony Romo the latest victim of a physical giant defense. And in Sunday night Brett -- banged up pretty hard but I go back to the -- -- first came to 42 seconds left and a couple of timeouts. Minnesota kind of evolved in a -- -- to Theo -- much into the displacement. Well I thought -- at the time but in all obviously you know I'm not sure exactly what's gone on there than. You know others obviously to -- -- usually -- fanatic has been for some time to it. Oh -- days is being brought in from the sidelines and I think there's a lot of forcing in the football but -- to rent him also. I think there's also little bit of the year protecting the football would choose. You know obviously you know ward did with that when you look at the turnovers that were made in the game and -- -- several problems there's not what did. We don't know -- is gonna give the door not sure he's gonna do his best but dot I thought at the time that they would probably be a little bit more precedent -- -- and see if they can get something out. And end up you know Chris look at it these three NFC teams all four -- three to think of four and three. Redskins of -- -- -- Bears are important three. But -- they weren't even though the Bears have a winning record -- -- to Jay Cutler last knows he's not enough I have ever seen anything like it. That he's now been sacked nineteen times in three games I mean I can never played sixteen games only got sacked fifteen the whole season. Act you know what it it is when it's nineteen. Intent quarters entitlement will agree in. And not to be picked either but sit on page or 71 sack I mean it's it's. It's it is crazy and you know I just look at them they're 17% on third at seventeen point 9% on third. And when you look at it that they're not run ball in. You know in all in the law they like sixteen with a 914 for 6160. Or 66 running the football. And when when they won the game they've won four wins it averaged 27 and after the game so. You know to me they're just getting away from but not protecting the passer and it -- The people on -- the runnin' and it's just chances compromising their defense and effort so not advocate the problem date. -- mean there -- -- appeared to be a disaster waiting to happen I -- 88 the would not shock me. If they win maybe one to gain the rest of the year the winner and I mean what exactly they ended up with a 456. And Quincy and and I little. I think it's it's their look at. Complete disaster. You know they've got to run the football. And in in get a decent things. And then it's got a problem -- -- status saying Mike this org and do about it in this is how organized and if not on the topic because it's one of those disaster actually did that -- off split you know -- wins early and ends up with six or seven. I really think it's possible look at animal on film. They look worse than then you can act -- possibly express. And then you know Chris colleges says that it is player. Highs and lows high expectations coming at an NFL you know the Falcons in the Raiders and now. With the Redskins you know he always looking for those cover -- DeAngelo Hall. He -- NFL record of four and -- sessions where is yet. Right now is easy playing more with more confidence or kind of playing up to expectations it would scouts and -- person I'd expect -- all along. You know he's starting to get I think that Jim's done a good job with them. He is hasn't that -- he's he's. It has always been a bad it's been physical he's been aggressive he has had that that mentality that he's got that cocky. Tom -- bill and take your best receiver away and not all that concerned when he gets beat. But he's been inconsistent he's been inconsistently this technique and I think he's made a lot of mistakes. But I think is the -- aggressive approach is kind of plate you know played into his hands this year. And I think -- -- become more sound and -- technique and I think you know you know this is the quarterback but any position once you get into the lead. You start to understand the game -- but better and you start to understand in his -- rob rob aggressions and not being it's foolish with the year year deal calculating what your risk and not think. They just gotten situation what he played the ball pretty well. The -- at -- and so on and some bad but those under pressure and he just he was more -- than anything especially. But I did Chris I mean I don't know against you it's a parity we've talked about this now. A couple of weeks you look at the Saints there where basically two touchdown. Favorite against the Browns and then you know we were joking about the Panthers in the Buffalo Bills. I mean is there any rhyme or reason that is a minute of the -- is that bad and a second down looking at Buffalo. They with a thirtieth ranked offense in the NFL then now the Ravens to yield it would -- of five yards. But total office support touchdown to the bills and had to win. And overtime I mean I don't see it is coming in in and Ed -- backe forces three turnovers. But Urbina took his packaging -- duty just play out of his minor Earl Woods over the Ravens defense. You know he's played pretty well Foreman they've scored like you know let thirty and fourteen in 26 and 34 in he's got. Let him touchdowns or interceptions since -- in this -- that things that he does better than Trent Edwards is protect the football and it in the gives them a chance. Put you don't 500 plus George I didn't see that I didn't see the -- you know put not -- Also sixty. On then I mean -- is a little bit interesting. To see I think what you see a lot of times it's. And we always stop but it's an abnormally Paula mediocrity rarity but you know the difference between the best team in the NFL worst -- You know real smaller gap that I think a lot of fans really understand it's not like -- ball we all follow a lot as well. Where you know even in the SEC that the best team in the conference in in towards the bottom of the conference is a much wider gap in terms of personnel. A lot of teams that. Or have poor records and look bad. Day or bad because they make more mistakes and he or that Cowboys in the Chargers who talked about -- Are they really get that we yes they're bad in the result but. We know their talented. And I think we're seeing in the -- the Buffalo is. They have been pulled at times. And also and they just put together an I think may be a combination that. In Baltimore. Just not playing with a pack of inspired effort tech -- saying it would it would does the boat sank just saying it every week. And they don't tell me that a team like Cleveland bench flying -- hit some positive momentum -- one. Can get a lot of Jews come and out of -- were gonna go played a team that won the Super Bowl play Q well. And it's it's just more doable in this league and I think we're seeing that all week in week out basis. Toppled -- that was just there's no great teams. I think there's you know liberally Philippines. There -- some teams that or rarely stop Paul are. And it's only because the other team does -- or make the same mistakes over go over and maybe there are limited to some degree but when -- put it together. And the team that's a really good does not play very well and turn it over. That's different then that's where your worst teams in the league can beat investing totally because the difference is not that much. -- Chris and you look at covering his -- because a look when you get -- -- streak against particular congress the Saints had won seven straight games. Against AFC opponent and obligated to Tennessee Titans in order Eagles had a big win against the Falcons all of a sudden there to Titans in Kenny Britt. Yeah I mean -- comes out and no I mean here's a 268016. Yard touchdown receptions -- finished whitworth seven receptions. 125 yards a look at now the Titans at five and two. They want what there NFL best twelve straight over the NFC. You know Kerry Collins get in his first start with the injured Vince Young. Boy and -- save like that ties his god NFC's number. Well you know they do really good job out there we used to be something that back at at eighteen to pick up one and in. Yep that'll really get idea in and that is. You know you know you play is different that and it's a different conferences division every year so you know on the -- team like the Titans they play. Because what they would do is -- partner up with a team in the activated in the NFC -- and they'll they'll spend the but to date in the off season. Sharing information. With somebody in the NFC so let's just say it's you know you know Tennessee. And Washington you know loses there's you know -- accurate or Washington would do everything what the Washington because -- got a new stamp -- duties and then an example. Well they would share all the information on the NFC east teams. And the time this year all the information on the the the these top teams in the -- but it obviously you can get those teams to to -- eighteen did you division LP. I think it really needs in hockey teams are usually prepared. We always will move. When you're Nancy team you know less about the and -- invite -- -- And I thought we we didn't. But he did pretty good job of making sure that we spend extra time. Getting in the -- and -- the opponents in the LT did and I think that's reflective on the -- the perfect example but team that. That's really well prepared and they make big plays when they need to on the. They forced eleven turnovers in this per game winning streak it scored 27 point in order to win and they took that game away from them out the Philadelphia. Kinda -- on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Many -- to -- covered Kenny Brett so in any anything unique guy he's got size he's got speed. And that that makes the -- difference because we know that Tennessee it's all about running the football. Chris Johnson and when you overplay that. In Munich and make some big plays downfield that that problem is going to be extinct because the Texans the Titans and Colts. Our current economic -- collectible more than normal topic it's can be fun right. The -- ago Gaulle pulled forward Danny Danny always scouting consultant fox sports and a fan is Chris Landry on WW -- And yet there. Are eating. Out camp are in years and let them. Couple little awkward too right or not it's -- you know the idea that the fact that should be. -- 22 loss right now because the fuel thing. And of course the -- option on the pictures to correct and the Internet. Etc. then the record books from Atlanta law you know. Right but it's still all accounts this name -- -- say they could stole the game against Atlanta but I'll wear but the Falcons I'll play him. And you can't look at that game objectively. And at NC. That mean Chris have you and that object of the gates it came legal author of right -- you could the yeah and it chip shot field goal. That you have to make the pedestal win it. I mean looking at the Falcons. Right now and neglected or five weeks and got Tampa handled the inning and also the Ravens and hold. You know what. Well it's not a must win but from a confidence standpoint. You know Chris I think we've got to beat the Steelers -- Sunday night. That to keep pace with the Cubs have an average as the Clinton industries -- Question about you know you can all played what if you know you're way unbeaten record the bottom line is. You know the day you see this could have happened in the think -- that couple more wins which you know addicted a couple of companies that go the other way it is that they -- -- you've got to always looked at -- Of the whole body of work in the bowl scene but there's no question -- I agreed at saint. -- -- -- -- -- back the cause of bull was gonna -- -- -- -- fox sports NFL analyst Chris Landry here on WW him. And welcome back around and answer above league continue -- Chris Landry Chris. The Saints next opponent -- comes it will want Laos. And and they create a good game and its bases in big games among questionable. Standings. David and exit took place there weren't supposed to. Happened at the end of the Steelers at Dolphin game has passed on to what to take on it yet April is going forward I mean that they they gonna have to address this in the offseason. I mean and an -- on those Sean -- team -- and within have you ever recover a fumble a bit. You just hold on -- it and don't give it up. And I'll maybe get some video of it but don't has given a that are official ride away. To make sure that you know they naked maybe review it that who actually recovered at home. He can replay for one reason to get it right you have to combine. Like you do always combine which -- seed alive on the field. Witten did yield to come up with the people he uses an agent paid not eight cry. I understand the application of the rule has done correctly but. Eat eat eat using somebody recovers the football. You know open the ball we have the combined it is now. Here's where I I think that they need to be clarified in the world that it needs to be understood that that the other hand because. In this league when the whistle balls. You're taught you know that that the plate over and we knew here and eighteen year from the stands certainly won't be able lenient here. An official late touchdown. You know deep you'd normally count okay he played over. You gotta you gotta make no. And it's going to be empathize both from an official standpoint and obviously from a coach's standpoint that. Okay you'd hear touchdown you'd hear a whistle you don't -- played -- You and so on was referring to you Paul knew all along -- football. You don't eat digital could be reversed and I think that the problem of people who covered well is pretty -- it's my immediate but I. I think it's also pretty obvious that it -- probably and it in total and it ended it and it gave it up one yard touchdown. That's a problem that you haven't why -- that set the rules. So that everybody is understanding and on the same page -- -- from here on out. If you'd you'd get the ball out that the cut down a pitcher law that the reversal. I think that's how I look at it there's no question and I think that that that Miami got jobs here and that was you know double play in the -- -- written. It'll on the EP just to do anything else but. You know -- it's common sense and you see that it common sense in the rule. Built against comments and that's when you've got. At a bar and how to apply differently and -- wait for the guys on the appeal to -- apply different. And Chris. You know it's like I guess is two examples and you look at the charges. And it's a mind boggling you look at their numbers and then you look at the Cowboys and Tennessee charge and is the but right now where the Cowboys -- and and and has to be disheartening got off to a great start with the Giants cut out the terrible start. The Giants able just to hammer on and you know in the Cowboys -- an answer and -- opinion on this. Whether you have Tony Romo are not. If you look at the odds in this global era -- a party teams have started out one in five. And only in 1970 angles. Wanna make in the playoffs so is that like Don Meredith would say. You know turn out that diets the parties over the goodnight Irene that a Cowboys and me because I just don't see him right now -- in the playoffs. I don't either and when you think about that statement. -- in Indiana the weather's really nobody's. There it's elicited giant cheered the. Deserve to be that Monica you know what they're playing best ball right now. But there's nobody. Separating from anything in the NFC. And were not even half what these this season and the team that may be as much talent as anybody. In -- Is virtually out of it that that would be and that's virtually impossible to even think about but that's basically where we are not I think it's. And it's the team capable of running the table I don't see adults in at all but -- I think you'd think -- done in in -- without Romo. You know you'd think last night that the defense is gonna step up they're gonna get something when Romo those socket that the game they could've. One of aggressive it saves idea hurting in the second. Well they are but you know I'm telling you I -- they've got they've still got to play semi. You don't want. Yeah I know Clinton owners have ability. I mean they're brought is is that talent they're just not getting it done their mental error after mental error on the date. They really are struggling and it's not just because they don't have talent it's because they don't do the right things in that that's. Think that's gonna change overnight. Might -- intimately tells me it's not. To the phones we go seek it down Jones -- Sega down thank you for Colin WW him. I don't don't shaken down would you got. I've had two quick questions I don't chorus and it carries and hope partly with Scott Fujita and Mike built. It like we changed a lot about terminology because we -- you know PG you know that you can go to Cleveland Mike Bell. -- up if you think that maybe. They had a little put the smallest -- any kind of -- Well well Scott -- had some influence and but not Mike Bell Mike -- came over and Eagles -- I mean he admits that the DD yeah. Getting in with the coaches and help setting of the game planet -- -- did a great job and Chris Allen you to comment on this. How they disguise coverages and it and out now what you gotta do -- you combat that you know this is what is that you protections. A lot of times is that a wing and England quick counts. And and hopefully you know that you -- in the common sense thing as an offense and maybe catch -- guard and out of alignment -- a quick count. Well they did a great job disguising coverages and disguising their fronts and Woody did is they gave Drew Brees no pre snap paraded. It I give rob Ryan a lot of credit and you know they do a pretty good job of giving you a lot of different looks defensively anyway and no planes. That paid basis this is the best thing to do it's it's certainly an -- they have about like that but. Kick it out it's no different in this league but that it happens with every team because -- free -- on into the league. -- a lot of players and it doesn't have to be a great player that to beat somebody that is -- that's got -- been around a team. That we do that'll pass in fact. It is common in this league. To signing guys. The week of the game that night have been with eighteen for a while just to get a -- feel -- If you can get an idea what they're fronts and coverages what they like it is. On the other side of the ball with so there's no question and they -- -- -- but it's still he got to be able to keep and they made plays that. I think the real -- was. -- all the Browns offensively were not able to convert all the turnovers in the points. But then when their defense and literally just take unity and I bought on about. A turning point was when. You know ball and its its first one to put -- put it up 23. And the pulled the thirteenth three up but that would -- huge difference -- -- that it affects level and you see -- this Saints team. All about getting lead. And people that don't want think creating turnover -- -- it it's another they're not able to rare back India's aggressive with the pass rush because you don't have. Well I don't hit people want. They'll make -- Chris called McClellan had that the sort of ball sixteen times I mean I. You know it'll force -- you've got to put -- out of ballclub or call the bubbles would. But there's no question about it that. That the real seats. And in why this team is that satellite here in the run and it's a team built around it's rolled the ball and that. The defense whose job is to be able to -- fracture. And they're able to that occurred they've got eagle fourteen point lead in. And they're able to do -- job with that well you know getting those lead now on you're not protecting the football all but depleted saint art so. It's it's it's much more difficult and they are getting people's best effort they're doing a good job. And preparing for and I think that anytime you have success of the league year. Evens out even more. In right now -- thing to -- is not this good. Quarterback Drew Brees not playing very well right now and all but decline has been inconsistent play well light -- but. Quite frankly had played well most of the year not running the football consistently. All those things not having a Reggie Bush which they've not had in the past and have done better without him. Then they're doing -- -- now all these things it just kind of all kind of melting in the one that -- -- a lot of -- he's produced that you. And -- that's why it's become more and more difficult in the lord's prayer in the like greater because they're just not that. The turnovers -- I'm glad it looked last year we were like last nine yet and -- that the five Gainesville similar minus five no mean that's obvious. Yeah -- -- -- that spit the you know -- -- that's why they beat targets of lost twelve fumbles and six interceptions this year. I mean that that's why so conversation you know Balkans in San Diego is wire read you know also count that a plane to portal that's what -- turning it over well. They did the same conversation in a different scenario here nor does is -- they they this that and all but the more -- that's not getting the production out of -- -- it. And Obama laid turning it over at an alarming rate its just. All the new a lot of all he'd try to win game. Chris they're supposed to be some type of happy medium -- on meeting take place between their -- NFL and college football. Deposit talk about what can be done -- what we've seen the problems in between agents and so for recruiting players. And I it was read and a scroll last night in between the Dallas enough. Giants game that there may be sent and imposed a -- assists painted could follow someone to the National Football League. How do you feel on his Chris is is it gonna be soaked in a way it's gonna had to be way out college not only gets penalized. But it's the person who is apart of the problem popularly follows them as well -- at -- -- were going to be a -- -- saw may be an answer this problem. Just start the week I mean for example accuse one close to home Reggie Bush you know Reggie Bush's. You know the whole situation. He's done with the NCAA night -- you know and Heisman Trophy he'd -- need to get that out but. -- needed adopted into double in no incentive to -- -- soul. Okay well how do you deal with -- well if you're a rookie and you in a similar situation that Reggie was it. If you had an option OK you may have to sit down at that you're season and -- -- rookie pay check. You might be able -- in the top of the NCAA and point out something that maybe happened -- You you know under no obligation to do at this point you're not your year of eligibility -- -- I think. It's about being a comparable if -- be some of these things now the next step is to. Hole -- NFL players association standpoint calling the agency responsible. So if an agent is -- to have. Improperly and did something he or anybody associated with them. Then you have to take away his ability to represented that player. Yet he had to forfeit -- percentage of that and then you have a repeat offenders is gonna happen take away. All of his -- to -- percentage of it and they you've got to. -- -- Holding people accountable I mean it's not different do you mean. People -- they're great kids that you don't correct that would happen they continued to do the things that you don't want him to do. I think would happen if you had a different body to that college football is Indiana valued at players' association and everybody is the -- agenda. And I think you have to bring it all together and say okay we're all suffering from this would that we do the war to gather to make. These guys who are doing this comparable players. Coaches. Agents schools everybody need to be -- a problem until they are the problem is gonna still exists. Boy your calls -- scouting consultant at fox sports and if and it's Chris -- go around the league -- every two tonight from 7:8 PM right here on WW yeah. Hey welcome bank. Back to the foes or go home office aaron's stance thank you for Colin WW it. Yes so it. Parents are you. To question more about it world vote print this record. You ultimate they bet it'd be and then group B in the clear though. The question put by it is with the Cardinals to -- written -- -- problems denying this. Well -- actors go ahead but now. It -- a little bit ridiculous the second question no I act they probably will but. Dash right now not not focus on any team like with the Saints is. They've got they've got a lot of work to do they've got to play better I mean there right now the way they're playing I think playoffs serve. -- keen to win that to be handled things. -- material right now to me I'm a process oriented guy and it's about getting. Some of the really she's that they are having right now -- that they do that certainly they can't but you know there there are also capable -- Adelaide missing the playoffs very easily in the. Right now they look no better than an 8890. And now they've got some work to do. They've kept it to play a lot better school. And then as far as I think he took a Reggie and -- -- there rat. I think it's more than likely. That Reggie will for sure be available against the Steelers. Now Pierre. And there's questions today -- -- that would type ankle -- Wright is a difference high ankle sprain. Versus red ankle sprain now I was fortunate prison never had a high ankle sprained. It in -- as far as you know hurt my knee in. The never dealing -- bankable but my understanding and a high ankle sprain it's almost like a broke an ankle we have four to six week type injury. Yeah it does take longer and sometimes it's its strategy to -- around the double the year. When it's broken -- -- it is this is a lot more damage it's done. To the ligaments around it it just takes more time in the and a proper spot so getting the blood there -- -- -- it's it's it's more typical thing in due to deep and an elevated and the coaches that are. Right now there they're looking at least to have a good. And hopeful that things school well the rest of the week to have a good. In all fifteen to eighteen. Place series for per per Reggie an in epic team progresses this week. I think having him on the field. For whatever Obama snaps they can do it would help on the certainly not gonna do it unless he's he's capable of doing it but it I think that that that they are really. I think excited about adding him back in particularly against is the stat of the opponent that defensively is going to be quite attempt. Back to the phones to go to -- go to Pittsburgh slam on line to Pittsburgh -- thank you for Colin WW ago. I don't -- where how are you sir. Well on the radio shock to do that -- -- at least. I think reasonable. People do. There are a lot of people in the suited for all the -- -- Cardinals don't it would kill you may want to the pool but what -- today. -- -- -- -- -- But it. But the good -- put forward for people. Change today actually at their pocket old nine lol -- treat you well. He got a chance what you know what worries them -- Now what -- typical patient. What sort of weekly. We call today are in for a whole. Principle that the what did not what you want to get. Back you know about world war. -- -- -- -- -- -- Whereas we know. They wanted to get. Your you know. Hello oh well we'll double that real -- So no minorities say in his got to bring your -- game because when you get to talk on -- back at the land it suitable. By -- -- the chance to come of that down. You know -- -- -- -- at they let go take for them to lose. And Schmidt talked about a great player. You know because he plays in the 34 people know a lot of bottom because he doesn't rush the passer. This static to mean is is valuable and was just -- lost or damaged crop Polamalu was in. That's that's tough for them to lose in. You know hate to see that boy really really great 34 in in this league in they'll miss him -- you don't want to think. I have noticed on film within that and I'm very curious to -- don't fall. -- become -- -- -- -- bit and that kind of maybe most fearful that they are not a bit too pass happy -- bandits come back. In the -- from the run a little bit as you'd think they're much better team. When they can run the football and let band -- the play action game but they coming more -- person. And not to set up the wrong but almost getting away from the run that it's going to be its industry because. And you don't Chris suddenly -- it's likely maybe that was the case last year. What no there's dabbling with a case -- you know what's been and I thought. That because they've got a running game -- and they proved that through the first four weeks that. -- that we can win where would got the defense -- dealt with before Aaron went down. -- You jamiat thought they would carried it in and big band. Did just add more equipment into the passing game but yeah -- there there is as good as any team in the league -- that they become. Pass first. That to me that makes them more vulnerable as is that it. Crucified does want quickly on the comments know will we see number one go down for the third straight week. Oregon eight USC. You know -- I'm -- -- back importantly it's certainly. Number one in and listen you know of them Bill Mitchell play Auburn we'll see Albert -- not a big win but no I think that's going to be. A game that USC it's bearable gains but they're playing at home bills or some point to get a target. I just stole the USC being able stop organ but it is definitely possible it's. It's definitely out I think that's a strong possibility at that Missouri. Is likely to go down against Nebraska I think this chaos is gonna continue. Chris and his gang consultant fox sports NFL analyst Chris Lugo -- would -- mixed Tuesday night thanks so much Arctic -- our guys. -- -- Deke Bellavia sports talk to visit WW bills. And welcome back. Don't get there is a nightly crowds of course like Saints players who -- looters on -- boulevard in Metairie kimono on zone is looking up close and personal for. Six to seven with -- safety Malcolm Jenkins he'll be with. It's Thursday evening it suitors for the Saints players show well the real Robert Mitchell is -- makes them 8000009 Bob good evening good evening. But guys were gonna talk a little bit about the full body stand at Louis Armstrong airport but we wanna start with the last season the Saints -- he church around the locker room that -- smelled greatness. After the big loss to the Browns. What are you smelling your spelling greatness. He's -- a winning streak coming on May be getting a bad smell for the rest of the season we gonna continue to talk about but the Saints shouldn't you know what are you smelling for the rest of the year. Well lobbied over got to do also we gotta finish strong MLS you know like I'll -- do we know now on the fourth quarter we've been outscored 48 to 44. I don't know and last year it was ridiculous we were like 94 to six. At one point oh hundreds of the wanting no weekend now school in the fourth quarter Bob Mitchell is up. -- thanks so much scanned consulted and thoughts boats and if analyst Chris slander me with his Steve buys poignant news. Featured included Nomar will break continue breaking down Saints and Steelers. And a former LAQ tiger and current Stephen rank clock ticks into the radio they became air. Amonte Manaudou also Tyler black -- -- it's Bob -- I'm Deke Bellavia he's the back out of the food nation if KG name Bobby eight. Goal ranges on -- like on the way at all -- people.