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Nov 9, 2010|

Deke and Bobby invite you into the radio huddle to go Around the League with Scouting Consultant & FOX Sports Analyst Chris Landry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tuesday night at Santana go around the National Football League whoever -- -- consultant at fox sports NFL analyst Chris. -- -- -- now you have a question for Chris Final Four to -- so when he to have an eighth. 8668890. -- and as we need food for the on the National Football League Chris how are you don't break. Doing well Chris and Chris. At the nine weeks and and as of the -- league season. No team in the league as a better record in would equal to losses in the loss column is this the best -- we've seen in quite some time for the first half of the season. Parity mediocrity and her real wanna put it and -- I think teams are trying to find themselves a little bit I think he's. There's surely not a great team but I think there are some teams that are starting to get better. Yeah you know I think that that's exactly right you know couple big believer in kind of in the in this era of pro football like you're really positioning yourself. Around Thanksgiving and it's what you do after Thanksgiving and that's been determined and I mean the Giants are playing well. In mainly because they're playing well both sides of the line of scrimmage you know Eagles. You know doing some good things Lannan in the in the -- -- -- -- am really impressed with what the Packers -- Dillon definitely under dom capers even with all the injuries. And then you know they SC Scania England has looked as setback last week the Jets certain gonna have to do mourn the passing game. The Pittsburgh as a rock solid and then. And Baltimore's good so again I think it's going to be an interesting race. As we try to find out which one of these teams can be special. From -- get at all. And out you know Chris obviously looking at Wade Phillips and -- Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones now on the news look like you know the Jerry jones' them into week week and a half ago and never won it. To really changed coaches this season -- you look at the blowout losses that have mounted. As of late you know them being one and seven Wade Phillips defense you got the same -- mostly to blame. And really it's it's him like Jerry Jones almost had no choice could -- but effort level. And at this -- Carolina that was definitely big keys is the -- -- -- the bills haven't won but at least the playing hard. The looking at right now that we an account Cowboys and Panthers and looking on you know against a Wade Phillips coached defense and and I thought this is mind boggling considering because I think he's a great defensive coordinator. That the -- is allowed at least 35 points in three consecutive games and you looking Cowboys history. That's done that hasn't haven't to this team since. There are all eleven and one in their inaugural season going back to 1960. So was it just time that I Jerry had to do some awaited this point. I think that's absolutely had to you know it's not something that you wanna do in. It's not something that you'd think hey it's gonna benefit to -- because. You know you takeaways defensive coordinator you put more stress on the other coaches. But to me it. The record at one point seven record is a by product of the effort -- are the lack thereof I eighteen it looked like. They'd quit for a couple weeks and that there's no bigger indictment of a coach -- -- not frustrate the hell out of me or my language when I hear players today. And we loved wade -- we what you loved him if he loved them then why they play hard part. Amanda Beckett really irritates me but -- and I like way to keep it coach but it there's no question that came just. They looked as bad as anybody because April wasn't there even tactic you'd normally associate with a lot of effort. Wasn't -- again though and I -- poignant -- I think what you did anything easy you make a statement every player stated believable for that. A job's on the line your resume is your -- every week that you put forward where going to be watching yet. And panic to challenge everybody in the organization's staff players. To perform better job on the line that idea -- -- It might spice it -- well little bit my Miami experience does mean that. It make Kendall will play a little bit and normally will just come -- you know -- not at some point but. That I don't think it was any choice hoping to assist on the net. That he felt like he you know you watch that -- can normal and everybody universally. Called isn't it. Guys can get fired tonight and it would it was not so universally obvious. And obviously the owners in the same thing. And in our Chris I think is a good for pro ball and you look at tradition. The Raiders -- achieved and cheese and a significant game that actually meaning something that the Raiders at five and forty overtake the Chiefs 2320. And on the you know winning in overtime private -- most significant victory since winning the 2002 AFC championship. You go to them what they haven't had a winning record any time. Since being 21 in 2004. And not this late since the old two season. Looking at a significant. You got to say their biggest game obviously in eight years. RD baggy contention ride of their. To possibly maybe overtake the charges no the charge is all about special teams and looking at turn -- and and also talk about that in. Elaborate on Jacoby Ford mainland. Where you know tell the fans where he's come from and all of a sudden I mean here's a fourth round against six catches -- forty yards of return is opening kickoff. In the second half but touchdown so where did this guy come from and why did he last the report stronger as he looks legit. Well he is -- the speed guy a little bit draws a route runner came out of clamps and he is an outstanding speed guy I think the biggest thing. That I've noticed Dolphin -- -- the utilization of ward in the changing of the blocking scheme to benefit -- makes that more. Big credit I mean may be candidate for assistant coach of the year to this point he Jackson the Dolphins coordinator the Raiders. They are running the ball well and they're creating some vertical opportunities in the passing game for Jacoby. And various they would they would then he's healthy he's been able makes some place whether it's Gradkowski stand in the play. Jason Campbell they've been able to do enough in the passing game but it's about the running game. And how they've been able stat legit. In more important. -- that they have really done a good job that's out of the ball. And I think that that's that's been important I think there -- -- gaining confidence that -- acute stage special teams -- me you know several. Big games -- a huge game against the Chargers and the head and everybody at this point this year but I think that there. Listen why not the only one game ahead in the loss column from San Diego. We know that -- Diego and by the way. I think for all the problems norv Turner's total related jab looked at all but it broke Rivers is playing well they -- they're starting receivers have been -- -- he. They're doing it with mirrors in you know defense. Phil had a double a passing attack. They'll need -- they can cover. Big night generating much the penetration and we kind of alluded to wear an expansion teams -- so they're overcoming that. I don't know what to make data I think he had this city is the solid deep I thought this game was even bigger for the Raiders to that would at all. -- you know -- in this city gets them at home -- -- city's status. Solid I think I've done a good job they protect the football. They just -- broke well if you hold -- on the tuning yards rushing that you probably gonna win again that's what they do the play pretty good defensively that you get. That's solid -- improving Raiders and now. Actually knows what we're gonna get out of the brought up out of the Chargers and I think it's going to be a bunny just being right in that division. And I credit the petite for being patient in the Raiders are improving -- at the end they're playing smarter. The Raiders or -- not seen him in years offensively. So -- lies. And dramatically there really fitting to their personnel and Jacoby Ford in. And that damn make that a perfect example of guys that are benefiting from. 2601878668890. -- and his number get involved. Let's go to. Big key in Algiers biggie thank you for calling WW -- -- crystal entry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's -- far away and really do any day vikings' land. Or Randy Moss does. The littlest bit tight uses that do anything for them I mean there's these stood contribute -- Eight. Brett Favre. Lesson. You know Minnesota's and it's another one of those cases where he gets a lot of time out trying to analyze what's in -- that situation but. It'll look and brought him back. And won that game against Arizona in action knows all the prominently headlights week. Imagine what it would have been like in Minnesota it would have been you know I just acted. Brett would probably been gone. I think there on life support kind of eluded to the -- Green Bay is playing in fighting through there injury. Minnesota not -- you watch him and they they look like they're kind of you know. Behind the eight ball and I'm not quite sure they're gonna get back on track and now but. I can make stay in the division race a little bit longer mean I think we're getting to a point where every game -- normal amount went four. But forget the achievement that he threw for more yards than he ever it is week and it means 36 of 47 -- mean -- He just willed -- back -- -- that you don't get the mistake with the Randy Moss in Tennessee. Well look at. I'd pass over Randy Moss and I attitudes and rampant -- the too long time ago and and I had a talk with rated Super Bowl body -- some years ago that. Just you know that it was at that point the first year intensity in you know -- Borg and take it that would. With that character background and at that point at this Super Bowl almost congratulate him on. You know you rarely. Proved a lot of people wrong with. Your ability to stay out of trouble and and -- year. The good person in in -- of course this year is he's gone back to more oh what Randy Moss and not that -- in Baghdad but. He certainly does a lot of them that your. Dead brain -- things. I don't know how it's gonna work out but but there's one difference I see with Tennessee than Minnesota and I stress this because what Minnesota say it was a third round pick. There is no real risk intensity. Yep he doesn't do it he's the Bulls in -- -- is gonna get rid of. Let him go it's not gonna landed in portrait that locker room. Can -- be a factor in the short term -- unit in contention that feels like it when the division. And replaced eighty -- it's -- -- bit you know vertical passing game. It makes Kristiansen better now this all depends. In. Folks your guesses as good as mine is Randy got to play our. Indian play sometimes hard Indian player all the time all are at camp I have no idea I'd take even a crystal ball couldn't tell you that. Well we nobody has so potentially in -- and I think it it would not surprise me if he makes some big play. It helped them on a playoff -- know what it surprise me warhead and a conversation a week or two weeks from now about him in -- -- because he's been up. You know -- not again. I've really don't know what to make album. But it probably is -- time in the that's that there's really no risk varies capital Adam messed up of opera. And the way the conversation that was an invisible we expect. And if you don't do that I'll be quite honest with you Randy wouldn't cut he's -- is -- And I think that the difference Minnesota's problem in -- -- that was soul. -- that the that is is it coaches 'cause. They went dome just -- Bible to go to distracted -- we wanted to do. It's so much so that will want will will -- -- third round pick. In three wood full week lady turned around and cut in I I can understand I'd expect the don't be mad at need to but it. 2601878668890. Rates and the Islamic -- -- to the lone star state for. It in Houston and good evening you know Chris Landry on WW yeah. Eight at getting guys and. You know I am I want to hear an outsider's. An opinion on. You know what's gone on over here it was what you think. You know the Texans are doing on defense. Now -- as a fan. You know volleys that you -- span problem lie in Europe the battery member of the year. I've been here about forty years in the you know. You know kind of adopted detectors. -- -- -- In if I'm I'm getting sick inside the defense and and it's them planes so shortly one teacher thought. Yet -- his -- Sigourney Chris Darden is season ball you'd come out like gangbusters inches. Tried just thrash of the colds and and dominant performance and and now they're sitting important for. Well and you know on that game they were able run the football and when they can run it and establish the line of scrimmage. There -- different team that they're they are just they may be. Bowl worst pass defense instantly. In terms. Missed assignments on the back and covered brick that there are awful on the and he kissed it looked anatomy it's it's it's really amazing. It's it's a big problem I think it's gonna it's gonna kill them it's gonna limit -- or they didn't go in. They're in the race -- right now I certainly would favor Tennessee in Indianapolis is no question about it in. I'd just don't yeast and being able make a run the is that the teams that can't put all the football. We're gonna have their way -- I think that they're they're they're going to be games where they're gonna play well they can run it. And when they get in rhythm offensively taken out school -- but they can't out school yet a drop -- me -- leads to say put. The you know. That Gary Kubiak is gonna -- -- you know as mistake of you know going with Kareem Jackson I think that was. You know foolish to not perhaps better and -- out. And you know and better and -- to work with it's -- I mean he looks you know the best thing that he'd. I think it Kareem Jackson has been -- people you know I mean that's what you. No I think I don't -- I had domain. Chris. How can navigate yet Donte' Robertson to play good Houston good. Well not it's a big part of it there's no question. And I think -- is going to be at the player. It looks and I think they've really got some big -- -- on defense. Dramatically and they're gonna have to look at it now whether that means that. Gary pace forward based or -- you know he's allowed to make a move to keep in mind anybody it's making a move and we know Della Torre has. Think the BC BA in and that that's gonna have a lot of effect on you know. What people might do with coaches and whatnot but I think that's one problem that the owner. You know made a commitment to stick with area. He may after the season as well I think they're gonna have to look strongly. At their defense. In -- probably given a really big time defense coordinator in there on my way through maybe -- well having god in the made still have a chance oh wait want to coach you've done spot may have it goes in -- it goes somewhere so. We'll have to see on -- but there's no question that somebody like that is going to be needed to be needed for Houston to take that next step that they elect their well. In every other direction you know what they are currently well. Static itself and fox sports NFL analyst Chris Landers who has come back to all -- calls the Christie's Bobby bending by the -- is this is WWM. And welcome -- -- Bobby avail and Chris Landry and Deke Bellavia -- every 2007 any of the go around the National Football League about the. And -- Chris how about this but will open I mean -- look as bad now that we lost at a Cleveland Browns but to me. This is no fluke the pages they were battered baffled and beaten badly. I mean we talked about Peyton Hillis -- ran for a career high. 85 yards and two scores and Clinton just found a New England. They really did in -- caught a few balls as well that they're forming an offense was really impressive you know when he got a lead -- probably the plot in. They know you're gonna run it you know you're gonna run it that they got to stop it. New England couldn't stop woman in Cleveland did a good job and it'll this was a big supporter of lying you know pull a polished -- Played so well when they run the football. It it keeps them on schedule offensively and it makes it very manageable down and distance situation and you know he's -- -- you know they've they've got good balance but. Make no mistake about it you -- -- it's that run game in definitively what would break up played a lot of odd ball front. There's no question that there that -- get a good gap preparing Justina. The -- because you know that had a couple big wins here. Against some you know some impressive teams. You know now mostly to get -- -- -- as the Philippines New York Jets. Coming up natural suspect continued so yeah there's no question about it that's that's a positive. As steps form for -- dad -- you know on the many people are the Yankees by increased opposite -- -- Players played art form at the end of life here they keep it up. You know he made -- built around a lot. And it Chris we've talked about we hit on the Packers and Tennessee obviously is the Saints in the falcons'. And look at and NFC east and the New York Giants considering how they've played. As a league compared to visit to a horrible games the start of the season off. But they handed Seattle its worst home losses 2002. And it was the giants' biggest road win says the 417 win at Washington and going back in nineteen. 93 and and looking at the Eagles overtaken the Colts. I mean Michael -- are covered am with the Falcons. More name of Marty morning -- -- -- do an outstanding job has just his accuracy. 218 yards he also ran the 740. We all know about a man Andy Reid after a bye he's now on twelve and oh. And and you know they had beaten Manning and the Colts in the three previous tries so with the Giants and Eagles lightly beat two teams that clinic -- -- -- and going forward -- What state about it -- goal all Witten more -- and Martynas animated done with Michael and you look at his footwork and his technique is. He's not the same quarterback that he was an island I mean he is just much more poised in the pocket. And Matt -- east can make more plays from what in the pocket and it was and are still some mistakes here or there but many still has the ability to. To take off and run later when he needed but with. -- they're right they ran the ball pretty well. I think the defense was outstanding. They they are really good team in the Giants that's at their point as well as anybody in the league right now. The main reason is they're all went to the defense of lines they are. One -- put pressure on it. They can run the football then that's where Eli Manning -- his ability. Set things -- -- make good decisions. And not have to play from behind in in in make up big points. Young receivers are really starting to is to become the lead players. That it's making a big difference are maturing in in I think they're really did not think it's going to be -- -- -- erase it. Corset jacket that Cowboys this week the technical Philadelphia in the next games so. It's it's on the twenty or so it's going to be a lot of fun not think that races certainly gonna come down to those two teams in the -- That telephone to go is David in -- walker David thank you for calling WW yeah. Chris Bobby -- -- activities and -- are you sir I am good at two part question. Obviously the Al Williams by the intensity level. That big Gregg Williams of the -- coordinator. Why exactly my question is. What kind of contract duty under do we have a possibility of losing a lot of coaching job available this year do we have a possibility of losing him. I don't know that there's going to be a lot of head coaching job -- -- mentioned with the impending SE BA I think that's gonna make it. A little bit of the unique season will will will see how that plays out so will will have to conduct -- that it. I don't know that day and we talked about this place here. -- Greg just gonna jump but anything I think that the right opportunity would have to come a long. In in you know I think that you don't -- he understandably -- get another opportunity. That needs to be the right line and I think they're well the first -- to -- Buffalo was. Was a good linemen and certainly challenged I think that. He learned from that and I think K he wouldn't be interested in less. The right one came along and now I'm you know would they distort your speculate I don't wanna start firing coaches here in the air but. Well we know it just -- now that there are some possibilities would really get ownership situations. Really good organizational structure it that opportunity comes along I think you'll know it's imply that. I think there's some up again I think dom capers has been anecdote before stone a good -- appeals to -- a lot of guys so I think he'd be in the mid. Hey Chris right now. And right now as dom easily -- corny with the Packers right correct. And he's done a great job and of course he's. He picked it stands now you know with somebody you know another I don't know I think that you make these so -- -- -- you'll get another shatter Leslie Frazier. I think that it's a little bit cyclical Woolsey hobbies Steen finished up. I wouldn't necessarily count Greg out the door I think that he would likely situation is control the defense kind of did things so. I think peace culpable one happy but the right opportunity comes along certainly I mean I think in the beat. You know should that be the first one to -- Greg you need to look at that it is it the right one on the wall. And in our Chris -- they get any better than this Thursday night football Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons you look at the Matt Ryan he's now eighteen and one. In the Georgia -- they coming off a big win. Against a division full in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Michael Turner ran ran 507 yards on the on though they give a big places where lock on the special teams and you know you look at Freeman you hung in their time but there was delay with a come out on top. Heidi -- -- coming out of Thursday night would Baltimore at Atlanta. Well you know I like Baltimore a little bit better at the team but Palin at home I think Atlanta as a really good looking team I think they've been very consistent. I don't think they're great team but boy they've been very patient you know. Everything for them they can run the football they can create a mismatch in the passing game fortunately that. Roddy White was not hurt. Significantly in came back -- dallas'. Being a real factor for them in the passing game is going to be quite yet though they're gonna face a defense of front that's very good. Baltimore. Really. Pleasantly surprised at how well their plan on the back and I thought that they would struggle. They played well capable way -- came back so hey this is very between. You know I think Baltimore's gonna go as far as. Chills guilt black elusive maturation level I think that antique it and takes things. You know the bull bottle on the lead of MLB category he's gonna have to make a lot of plays in the passing game and I think key -- capable of doing it. But this -- a team that's still built around really good defense. Run the football with Ray -- But allied Baltimore a little bit better as a team but on the road Atlanta's gonna play him very tough or budgetary Atlanta at home and play -- Edit -- Chris boy look at an embarrassing performed to talk about New England. Pages against the Browns on now Sunday Night Football they got a goal at Pittsburgh. Why -- day went on how do you see it is coming out because you're talking about smash mouth football on the Browns Stevenson inning and get any easier going is that steelers' defense. Yeah you know it's Pittsburgh defense I mean you'd -- saw it late night -- -- and they. They put a lot of pressure on you they come up with. What they place in the need to is they stay healthy I mean they're probably eighteen to be in the AFC is is the band become more culpable of Nate. I think don't get too great tool for away from there run game I think they're really good team at home we've certainly got to like them. But I I do expect New England to respond in in this is gonna be. Game we'll have a big game plan and I think they're going to be challenged offensively to make some big plays in -- EC in spots. That's you're able to get rid of the football quickly which Tom Brady to and he can have such success against Pittsburgh. What's altered in any comeback -- -- success that wouldn't surprise me at New England went on the -- pulled may be the upset. But I certainly favor Pittsburgh they're they're a more complete team that the two. New England it just doesn't run the football consistently enough for me at this point in -- much is their defense is improving week but week there's still young. And that's still think the ball. Coming back your calls for -- -- and NFL. Captains Gary goes gases got a good sold fox sports NFL analyst Chris Landry around the National Football League here on doesn't do you have. And welcome back. Don't forget each and every Tuesday night from 7:8 PM we go around the league with. -- consultant fox sports analyst Chris Landry 26018786689. He released him. And Chris solid your opinion on this an incident that occurred in the Miami Dolphins Baltimore Ravens game and Miami coach Tony Soprano said. He was NFL to investigate. The Dolphins complained at Ravens fullback Le'Ron McClain spent in the face of linebacker Channing Crowder now. The claim denied skating intentionally but a video replay from W -- our TV Miami appeared to confirmed incident. As soprano. Said that he verified it. I mean we all know by Bill Romanowski. And number of times he did that I can even remember. We're playing the Redskins. And Dexter Manley he's bad engine Dombrowski is faced the -- he gets a personal follow you know kind of caught the second. Accurate and in Ellison we got a field goal range and I mean is it a findings that come about our maybe. A more severe may not I don't know suspension but I think the NFL's can address this. I would think a fine. I have -- means -- -- listen I think that's. Nothing's more of violent meanings in -- I mean that's that's an ultimate sign of disrespect you know. Not think that Warren to fine and it's certainly the eighty repeat -- and that they would it would necessitated suspect. And end up -- -- Chris looking at the saints' performance. Dominate I mean. You know 3043. Now you can say as far as effort very similar times that a Cowboys would you seeing. On you know the Carolina Panthers but you know the -- -- played out that are opponent you know a bed that early turn over but it. They finally ended up on the plus side of -- thing is the first time since September 26 the Falcons game. You know we start out the season plus five and we ended up being minus five now where minus four. And you -- got Thursday that the doors down Jabari -- graders in his -- -- is like god this is kind of a complete game both when Dolphins in the woods is signing considering now the defense six straight games. They've held an opponent on the 300 yards. And that Carolina is only able to get 195. Sosa is like a big win and a good victory gonna tell by a week where he had back to back wins. -- question about it works hand in hand in -- get a lead in. You know Uga team -- defense is playing well he can force some turnovers he gets an extra chances offensively. He did in more rhythm -- -- run the football well great to balance offensively. -- -- -- I think at this point he almost have to challenge yourself to get better. In every aspect and I think they've done that at. We're really excited about you know the bye week in the time negated healthy and com all of that and that stretch run for their season they get. At Seattle in Dallas and Cincinnati and Saint Louis and and you know I think he gets in game that you can build on had success. And then you know yet to -- -- -- at the end of the year not not taken those little book form agent -- lightly but. You know I think there's a chance to get better and instill. On top do you have a specialty -- getting some guys that help -- going to be significant -- so more mismatch advantages for the centers. And I just like the way this defense is playing in I think that's important. And it's just amazing with sharper in in keeping guys like that help but he. All the rest of the way it's gonna be so important as they just are different team when he's in the air force creating turnovers and that's a big factor and we -- you know for the and they need to see that -- four. Get back into the plus range of possible as we hit -- -- that -- -- games of the season. To the east forward Nathan Nathan thank you for Colin WW yeah. There are -- to order today and I need. Does what it. Third well it the game will be at where our own group read on the indeed because sanctions runner's -- ten times more -- -- openness. Well you know committee it's it's not -- these -- is is you'd like to be a little bit more balance but. The defense is gonna dictate that what I want when that that is really in which Sean Payton -- is to be able to create that balance and be able to run the football. More effectively than they had for the most part. In the first half of the season and that they're different reasons obviously -- -- they haven't been as effective with TC when they run it. And they are able to make some explosive plays yeah at least Jones getting the big play early and it is a big. Plot and it just balances -- the passing game look -- that the pats first -- But they were successful like here because they were balanced offensively. And they were able to sustain drives or courtly when he needed to. And you know that put their defense in better position kind of like the defense. In some -- a little bit better this year now offensively and and that's where you wanna see them get into a rhythm. That is sustainable for the rest of the year so I wouldn't worry about that I think. Eat eat depends sometimes -- -- some gains an early part of the year the opponent that the kind of brought the -- struggling. They're forcing it -- comment from behind what that which you don't want I think that if teams are gonna continue to play you know waited. You're gonna -- -- to go to the short passing game I don't have a problem with the total giving up -- that 3540. Yes and headache Chris look at drew a 43 passing attempts but dad's 76 overall plays the Iran at 32 times. I'll always take the approach that the net never won a run in the -- And I think coaching is aware of this. Then at least you wanna have like high 20s282930. Rushing against the way it is -- -- his drug today at least having done it tends I think that's sort of balance comes -- Are no question about it keep this does for everybody out there keep the number fifteen mine. And -- been an NFL game rushing attempts and pass completions. If you don't numbers add up to fifty you'll win 88% of again -- Scanning gets old and -- fox sports NFL analyst Chris Landry Chris always a plays that we were told to you on Tuesday night next week when we get sick for the second half with the aid into the black and gold. You -- All right Chris preceded him back the colonies Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia plus -- thinking it would double team. -- -- and see what's coming up next on the ninety Panama for a seven sports talk with -- -- -- are veterans but -- cannot. Around say hello to the KG came by behave in -- -- of some food to bond surprises. And get a chance to say hello and visit. With -- offensive tackle John -- -- and also saint receiver Robert major. All let them our best Chevrolet for a seven radio Saints radio WW. And welcome back he's by the event because they don't get -- -- -- -- we eventually -- visits are better -- little body can afford sports talk for a seven. John's kids go visit with some five to six and in six to seven is Saints receiver. Forever meets 2601878668890. Rates him the easy number to be in a ball -- -- they'll -- The half price deals that upon make and it paid tickle a little bit further right now we got a lot of great deals for half price of that. Less the round how's the bar and grill in Metairie in the pit barbecue in Gretna. And on sale now remain the river being the beast -- an air beat. And then a view -- brew mom all over the place at Baylor brut him Metairie take him out. At WW -- Dot com. Thanks so much to team PA -- Menard. And also is the together increasing -- we're back tomorrow efficiently so it's it's our veterans -- -- an angle for beating him okay talent takes him meet him saying I -- -- -- -- -- ninth to Sunday morning. We spent I actually daylight -- time on radio and on the main main problem blanket will Deke Bellavia. He's dictating -- -- the -- bed. On the way you -- his -- good night people.