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Dec 7, 2010|

Bobby and Deke invite Marc Spears,Yahoo! Sports – National NBA Writer, into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk here on these two days seven days December 2000 Scientology Casey Kahne and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up at the bottom of the allies national NBA your right of Yahoo! sports' Marc Spears. Will be would have to talk about the sale of the Hornets to the National Basketball Association. In a 5 o'clock now we will speak with president a New Orleans Hornets few weapons so he can -- is more on what this means short term long term. And now maybe look at the future. All the Hornets here in New Orleans now that they are owned by the National Basketball Association the director of photography for the New Orleans Saints Michael Hebert will visit with -- in the 6 o'clock hour. Double -- new photo book that is out. And it is something to see he is the best in the business without question have a nice visit with him. And as always on Tuesday night we go around the National Football League from seven to 8 PM with scouting consultant. And fox sports NFL analyst. Chris Landry the number two game -- 2601870. 8668890870. The NBA all the Hornets and says it wants to keep the team here. Wanna know do you feel the same way you think the NBA will try and keep. The Hornets here long term to 60187866. 88908. Sammy and what may be some factors that you throw. Into the mix there as well like who says we will get more educated with points president Hugh Weber. And the 5 o'clock hour and Bobby. We'll get to some more stories are very important time here forest McCann hit a lot of speculation what what happened. The long term with the New Orleans Hornets in nearly NBA in the in these -- obviously football is king but. How we kind of forget sometimes that the NBA is also facing and lockout so we that the throw that into the mix too as well. Yeah dig and I think I missed the swears Gary's -- being involved which purchase in the Hornets. I think those kind of a double whammy you know looking and -- spill but I think even more importantly. Looking into possible. Like -- and same kind of scenario Indy versus the NFL where. I think from a local standpoint I mean -- that -- basketball a lot of fans -- approach Wasilla but and those four as the Saints know they wanna see. Football but I think is that over till it's over and you know going forward I think something eventually. They have some kind of collective boring agreement in the NBA bed is not over that -- -- could still. The involvement keep the team in -- Owens I think that 300 million price tag having that's potentially of the team would move whether. You know speculation Seattle Kansas City Chicago Anaheim I think that's where that comes in when take. That kind of money I think the key the Hornets in New Orleans and and hopefully will work out because of the population wise New Orleans really is a big town small city and you look at perspective businesses maybe move into the city. I think it always goes hand in hand. When you look at the swagger of a city you know going forward as far as entertainment. It always helps to have different professional franchises. As -- entertainment value and though. A number of corporate leaders you know when they look at professional franchises in any city where they might be relocating. They looked at -- like I think number five -- a lot of and Forbes magazine -- more I was reading that. As Boris you know entertaining clients employees. You know having that experience in you know Kabila to go to in BA gain Major League Baseball the NFL -- Hopefully we'll get worked out in the Hornets will stay there long term as the once you lose a team. I'm not saying it's over because we lost the Jazz and was to able to get the horns before that it was terrible lows but. I think you have a team we need to do whatever it takes. To keep him in the city. And being not to go on on a different tangent but I'm -- here in this aren't definitive around the nation note that none this is not a Haynes worth they ought to talk about it too. Right base and it increases in appointing a more homework at the bottom boat -- and you spike or. What this is what has sparked the interest the curiosity of the Kasey Kahne Bobby -- should be involved in the NFL other than the Jets. In their brains beat him last night by the Patriots Albert Haynesworth has been suspended for the remainder of the season and basically Gates's. This is against ran all this is the in the relationship between Haynes worth and washed and Gretzky it's and basically the movies that this. Same old song and dance but -- can be considered -- classify as conduct. Detrimental. To the club and basically what it was Bob is another gripe at day Redskins -- -- this time to 317. To the Washington Redskins on Sunday and -- -- -- and -- -- for the Giants who Dryden who lost the Giants -- most that's one of things and yeah I went. Out on Thursday but left early because I wasn't feeling good and went home. And feel the at least this -- I guess going into going into the game. With the Giants -- -- -- and they want Jimmy Bryce having gotten the motive could he says in an inning or bottom seed here. And say -- -- homo and -- something like that for these people to make up lies to try to make me -- made it's ridiculous so basically the he called the people who don't I'm not against with him haters and soulful which is a camera running but the handlers on them you know. This was doom promises are though but never this a doomed from the get go wind. When the game harmful and you know Contra yeah Andy -- as they have Snyder please support knowledge to. Well I mean he's like I Johnathan Sullivan version morning national scale. But what I proved himself yeah what about but yet exactly vagina Solomon you know when he was dominant in the burners and during the game whatever when he was inactive. You know he's just saying eleven point five -- all -- -- -- when I got guaranteed Milledge is. Oh what where's the heart of a -- ball and that's that you never can measure. And did you if you look at it -- sorted again as his coaches that said he was inactive against the Giants and because he didn't have a good price on Thursday. He was limited on Friday because of an illness I don't know maybe I had acres some in -- was late for a meeting. Though is not a priority in that in his life and it's a shame. To me that's -- main reasons players like jeans -- while they're never have guaranteed contracts and NFL. Because of because of that I mean. He's just started -- you know wide -- -- -- -- the dog. And I'm not jealous -- player -- if he's the only word to me it all goes back to holly was Brady's. And and really just a bad light on all the National Football League players by his actions and and and it just says -- Because he has a blade of player with tremendous. Potential and ability. The law why would you want him in the locker room so I don't blame the Redskins but he certain. A lot of players and I think that's why don't never. Have you know guaranteed contracts not -- on and -- before we go to a break I'm sorry to hear around the nation. Talk about -- the great New England Patriots and Tom Brady and how he had when they play prime time. They've always showed up and -- a big await the and a husband has. -- -- forgotten -- so fast. You man the last show Monday Night Football Drew Brees. He threw for eight he was eighteen of 23. 371. Yards five touchdowns. In a masterpiece performance -- crush. The -- thirty and 38 to seventeen. Ohman and I football Drew Brees. Not Tom Brady had a perfect passer rating of 158 point three. There's only one of 22 recorded by an NFL quarterback going to you know this season and if you look guests at Disco gurus that you believe has won a best. Passing performance in it now in league history the reason why they point to breeze averaged sixteen point one yards per pass attempt. Against the Patriots. And that's one of the greatest that ever since discord achievement. In recent NFL history sixteen point one yards per pass play deep in in if you somewhere. Just happen that are bugs you get that done. At a high level and you know basically quarterback simply do not average sixteen yards per attempt. In today's NFL and and happened when you look at an -- 34 years before that that was even in that category. -- -- by the great Patriots in being the best team. Right now on the NFL. I say well when that long ago. The Saints being defending world champions how they made Tom Brady and coach Belichick. Raised that white flag and yeah fourth quarter. When the Mario the motivation when I was winning five money at five minutes plus in net -- So to say that yet no one can handle the pages in prime time. I begged to differ this thing spank them last year. Come on Matt opponents' fans who wanna hear commuting NBA has purchased a new orleans' opponents what do you think this means. For the future of the bugs here in the Big -- through 60187866889. -- in the Canucks who wanna hear from you. All you just say well it's football season now -- about basketball at the football season. And get out of the arena is Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia basis sports -- you're listening to WW. And welcome back -- -- Bobby Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia 260187866. 889 theory and coming -- Jonas a sports talk them off four to 8 PM wherein that's Chevrolet. Tony 600 veterans boulevard out in can it will be different for eight. And a Roman -- Saints safety will be witness from five to six and from six to seven Saints linebacker. Will be what does Marvin Mitchell all of that tomorrow out of -- -- sports talk for 8 PM coming out. And see Bobby -- -- the show going to be a 48 and Roman hop will be -- and also Saints linebacker Marvin Mitchell. 86688908. Sending the NBA's ball the Hornets made this -- mark Spears Yahoo! sport took over the NBA will be would this. He was up on a conference call with commissioner David Stern yesterday will visit him and in the president of -- one point Hugh Weber. What does this mean for the future of the Hornets here in new wallets and your thoughts. -- the NBA has ball the Hornets -- do you think this means for our basketball team bad -- the same Sam good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. -- First I wanna make sure you remembered that we're out of respect crisp all discussion. Are the very beginning of scenery wobbled -- he started I was very upset and -- said that I didn't believe that the order deserve them. But -- obviously you made some good moves. Are dealt there and so in and then coach our money Williams. Are partly a phenomenal job to do little cold street drugs so late. And I hadn't put my money -- -- mortal. A twelve game weekend package. I'll support the straight such wanna make sure. I make that point out what what does -- -- very big part of being. Although it yet it it makes me through -- that victory -- to because that do believe because they can -- the water here. Especially with the the foundation -- crisp all our -- that you ever -- being political top. That we could -- her ears open it could rival the Lakers although we're not quite that level yet so are my concern is that you have about. They're gonna take that away from much why won't got to try to -- you baited him. About to be some potentially really special. And then out. Sam. You obviously got to be concerned about this because I think you have a team here we have to do whatever it takes to keep him here because it's -- like well. In the Hornets go away judges those he has to be in their pitcher and a future in the Hornets to go away getting in the on the NBA team. I agree with you Bobby you made the grade point and it's birdie calling and talking about all the Saints with will you economic. Our advancement in the city in an editor at being rated very odd for people to move. This is not the time to to take one -- tools away are we all the you don't got to the Saints and we're all supporters but. We've got more than one team we go to blame -- -- you we got towards two and then that we really need to try to take time in. I know expensive for you know everyone's. -- their economy but. If you could take the time about to obtain a ticket to the best ticket prices which -- you different sporting event across the nation. And an NC Chris Paul plate it is definitely. You know animals by watching Drew Brees Plaistow. -- good virtual gut reaction salmon do you do you draw any parallels to a Major League Baseball did buy an Expos and -- in the Washington. I wore it unless the group that we believe wants -- world war two and what's financially best. Struggle -- and and the and the and the team not necessarily the city. Also a concern me after -- Bob lucky ticket to buy the they were -- being purchased by by the immediately insert. Sam thank you so much for the -- appreciated 260187866889. He rates in the NBA has purchased the Hornets what does all this mean -- you. The fan. Dale dams and of course money -- coming it turned things around make a lot of moves got the thing going in the right direction. We'll get more educated on it Marc Spears national NBA right of Yahoo! Sports is with -- after the news and and president of the New Orleans Hornets whoever jaundiced. At 520. So -- thoughts the abuses -- -- stay here long term with a league work what is commissioner David Stern has said before All-Star week here in New Orleans. They like to see teams stay in their respect cities. All would be in being looked to go somewhere else and the I'd like to -- last caller says that make the most there. The value one of their thirty NBA franchises to another city. And welcome back getting your feedback on opponents they are now purchased by the in the eighth. Our special guest who cover the NBA on the national scene for Yahoo! sports' Marc Spears -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. And and note that become the talk about this so -- this statement from mark couple years ago on -- it. What with that said mark. When you've got will for this word this what was your initial reaction knee jerk reaction -- the. On -- I'm surprised I'm remembered. You know financial problems with. -- have been bat with the Hornets and with the Memphis Grizzlies. Are so that definitely not surprised and also that they. Actually Atlanta Hawks have had some problems but. You know not every day that believes. You know prize that fatigue and a it is. That that was surprising to me but you know on new mission with seven has problems in the kiss -- -- to me it was. He doesn't remember in spring. When David Stern basically said the things weren't going -- when he says publicly that things aren't going well that means they're going off. And the he he makes it better than it is. So new kind of from that point on that things -- going in the wrong direction. Moss is a nationally NBA writer for Yahoo! Sports us this -- is helping us. Did more educated and give us his vibe is polls on the Hornets being purchased by the NBA. Mark the most recent thing announced that pops in the us fans hated in any sport would be well with some Major League Baseball do can you draw any parallel there from the purchase the Expos and moving. By the end of DC and is is this a model for that maybe something and then content -- Think you know NBA did mister smart they're they're gonna look at that they don't look at. Coyotes and NATO team in Arizona with a bad situation in. I've learned from that to go to bed and but it is forward I don't think there roach. Just so the team that they have they -- and and -- maybe one of the deterrence. Is expected you know lockdown. Our starting July 1. That being said. I think the thing that's going to be tosses from -- -- to keep the franchise's. One that you could answer this question better than I can't pull Louisiana would buy it or would consider mine and it. On the flip side you don't cities like. It's settled. Seattle. Kansas City. And a -- -- you know some people think pages. And an enormous and somebody on political Kentucky's. You know places like -- or Kansas City ready Arenas and play and I don't want that scene now. You know I actually was here and rumors last week that Larry Ellison. -- billionaire owner multibillion. Would be. More. -- -- Basically lost government Golden State Warriors recently in in weather could be could afford it seemed to actually get. Kind of accepted in the Duke has the previous zone and didn't like. That he would like to buy in there's been rumors about him it is -- mood seemed to celebrate. For him. He can't get in money he got. Bill Gates money. He got a guy like that got you in -- my partner. You know it that's a drop and nobody buys a team that's like 2% of this gross income at -- point six billion. So I think MBA you know that there are some voters out there that there -- thirteen people that want the scene. And so saying. You know -- people from New Orleans. They need to hope and pray that there's somebody in this state that to step up or somebody that wants to keep between there. But -- -- -- game seven people began to -- people became the -- and -- that is. Speak to the people don't want that team Tuesday -- start from the -- And I understand that these is that in the -- understand the financial situation and as that he. And -- football season I mean it's just you know hit it close out the Saints on -- you know. He was saying it's as it's major players the NBA is not minor league basketball but. It's like almost a mindset and a fan base -- is -- focused on the Saints right now. Vidro focus on the saying. Oh yeah Bogut honestly thought they want and LSU basketball because. At plays and so. -- noted that it you know Warren even open at loophole so a lot of team in the league are made at least. Be strong over the next month so that impose an open. To give you more time the mixture ensure that that means their 2014. But that it is empty right now. That who opened the loophole offer Allison and anybody you know. To buy the team in his group wave maybe sooner than you think don't think that this could -- -- -- -- -- be impatient. -- -- -- -- -- Right and out you know Margaret that being said. And you know line and I'm gonna try to take depositor approach is not over until it's over you look at Gary sources situation. You look at -- oil spill and and now. A potential lockout in -- labor -- is that something maybe just an excuse. Party you think of that was resolved and maybe Gary swears would step forward. And be more aggressive perches in the team to keep him there. -- You know as a good course demeanor and rumors about them being closely -- -- done. And then. In the last minute you know chin was trying to raise the price right and -- two minute yeah my bed and you know on obviously was with source. Business situation you know. So with everything that happened this problem that didn't you know it may be back and he could. Do without a problem because lose those build on that stuff period of financial situation over the -- -- Mean maybe some magician do them and everybody is. Been in that situation word to you but I can force some minimum later you know maybe yes and do. You know arm. So but just I don't know is there anybody else that's the thing I mean it's. The way it's done like yesterday and star world. He's resources somebody that you know they're gonna talk to on this and that but he's not a true candidate. About a franchise. Marc Spears national -- NBA for Yahoo! Sports is on suspension is small forward gets a foul word on this. Recent development with the Hornets also. And you had a Jack of all traits -- about the yoga video Katrina -- in the superdome story and tell us about how you became -- part of it. All alone new noses you know most most that was -- -- amount -- sensitive enough on the west bank and you know a lot of my family was affected by Hurricane Katrina. And rituals. Holes a cup in and he's also worked as -- gains and -- games. And a member of October that first game back Lakers in the corner and -- as a member. And a visit with prominent that's for a summer apartments as the storm. He you know emotional meeting that we had about it and we decided that that phone summer you know the kind of document -- went to. So he's up -- in the Denver would videotaped for three hours and you know last year two years ago -- that didn't purchased. Overcome because he's footage in Pasadena that it -- -- to the documentarian political produces so we do we came back. To New Orleans and you read a couple times we've -- special. Access into the superdome. Our home we talked in numerous people that were in the dome worked in the dome. -- -- local citizens like you know Robert factored. You know Japan local journalists like to know where -- at some people in the times Picayune. Home. Mike Duncan and we have a great great documentaries has been in fourth sofa was telling the story about what happened incited them. And the latest don't socialist and have been his stability international so successful on December 16. 9:30 PM. On the canal place -- the -- saying it isn't the third. -- not that big huge span of sixty people also it's it's about stuff so there's lot of interest I was in I was so Bravo for everybody -- And then out you know mark he talked to budget ties in New Orleans and you gramley -- wherever you went Hurricane Katrina hit. Five years ago and then. You look obviously reopening the superdome on them and united gained against the provinces virtually experience. What does the superdome personally mean to use. And now where were you when Hurricane Katrina hit. Know what Katrina hit. I was sad because I was endeavor that I -- with the proposed government target to mark Sammy was out there everybody. Pretty much was except for a and a Bozeman. And trying to project -- for those who was pathetic it was. Purple. And racists -- trying to do to. Every emotion like man. It's still so you know and and I just remember actually covered that game in Houston. The charity game. That a lot of MBA players came. And played him in Houston and there was a lot of people that weren't accused interventions and you know buses had taken them there. And that's the thing that sticks out to -- that's what we're really really really -- to mean just to see -- people. And I'll never forget Chauncey Billups just look like inspection. Just looking at a lot of people are people that just looked like in just nothing. You know and and and I give -- NBA players credit. For for doing their games quickly dirt off season as it did in. So nominates. Bestow it to alone -- -- -- affirmative of these -- set -- in the in the west -- for the most part now. Sort of I mean that's suited it is from Dalian and and that is remember the first time in back to the -- the first -- -- and yeah I mean it was great here on -- -- As as to note -- -- as -- documentary. Every time you by the place he can't help but think about what. -- no question about it most these national -- in BA Yahoo! Sports and found a month. Or what you. Yet. Detroit you found it though it's bought what happens with the home. Part ownership groups for. As far as his phone was not authorities would lose their future here. I did you put have thrown it I'll toss you out. It -- but I don't think it. And -- wanna bowl with tanking it would packing the arena be enough. Temporarily. -- Because the question I keep wondering -- locally combined. -- Obama who wanna put their commitment in how do you get the local people become even more and there's financial issues and everybody's not bat you know this is not easy sale in. They've lower ticket prices and I think people -- -- care about the Hornets and the numbers will -- -- when things -- done -- And and office equipment. I've known -- -- on us. -- it -- W. You know relief -- -- consider moving to New Orleans and one and looked at apartment everything we wanted to leave Boston moved to a NBA's studio work. Fashion moved to the Bay Area but the reason this primary reason -- emotional -- that you'd see movies. Marc Spears Yahoo! sports' NBA right a mob will get John again no right before the this Sonics can now place man this looks like a good good failed. Probably could be of computed figures to manage -- you -- -- -- moment you know -- Mark thank you so much we appreciated our one of the best in the business Marc Spears of the NBA for Yahoo! Sports -- -- great work at Yahoo! Sports conference's fourth stop on WW. And welcome back sports all the while Bobby -- -- Deke Bellavia 26018786688. Theory Sammy. If they don't Hornets -- -- will they go it's operated fan dealerships opinion poll online at WW mail back OK and you dig it thank you for college. Are. All well and I'm on the immigrant and the soap opera it's important for him great. And tractor. They're good what do Barbara. North of videos courier who we. Grown up all. A lot I don't know that the state in this city has so many money issues and enjoy you weren't about. The public for about politically incorrect yeah I have be really your all the cutbacks you know -- prospective universities and educational that aren't as well. Yeah -- yeah 100 burned out a lot of problems it's very possible. I'm against as possible but it wouldn't be practical like three right now. Barry the suited as smart very the people. Obama and there are just glad to from the other rhetorical one in the paint what they -- -- -- Reporting and payment of the lot a lot of role was going to these deals on new on talks. Yeah yeah I mean no we don't know long term with you know individual players and that being Chris Paul love franchise type player but. But he's here now and I mean yeah I need more people in the seats though you know. Then that's very dramatically in the first order of the plane being sold -- less. When you know our -- -- -- know when you got one it did the -- born here in the and one that is brought here any minute you know is based on -- you -- adopted is that the word I'm looking for Bobby award. But he you really can't compare the two because one has been years since their birth you know. Infancy so was NN up along that track directed right and ace in the -- aren't exactly. You know so. But I just think human economic standpoint when you looked long term. You know when you're trying to attract perspective businesses and and I'm being a major players -- around the country. This affords them in the place. You know it is my name is Isaac -- a lot of their -- Roddick at the same guy he's honestly. I mean even for -- of this is say you know people who they were Hornets games. Make her dollars a game. -- five grand out of a year and -- -- some Beers -- not that much but in the -- of the ticket out of somebody's budget who works on the staff of exchanging comments. It's it's a lot at stake you'll get more educated on the president of the Hornets Hugh Weber will be -- -- will the opponents say I'll go now to the NBA has purchased. The team here in the Big Easy Bobby -- of the ability of this is forced off you're listening to WW yeah. All right coming up next battle if you Scott hobby. Johnny and ocean springs and Richie Collins plus Hornets president Hugh Weber would kick into the radio huddle to educate us more than NBA has -- The New Orleans Hornets to 6018786688908. -- Operating a fan -- received opinion poll your thoughts with the Hornets stay in New Orleans Paul will they -- hold on line that you. WAL dot com plus in the 7 o'clock hour we'll go around the National Football League with scouting consultant and fox sports in Tampa and was. Chris Landry you -- thoughts on the Hornets in the NBA producing team. He's Bobby -- I've become -- -- 2601878668890. Rates than it is disposed -- that you are listening to that you do you. BC news talk and sports leader they'll create gate seventy WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL FM -- 6110 -- New Orleans and WWL dot com.