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Brian Lazare, Brian Billick

Jan 12, 2011|

Deke and Bobby invite Tigerbait.com’s Brian Lazare and NFL Network analyst Brian Billick into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Take anything you welcome to a special edition of sports talk -- -- anybody a bad because we all hole location advanced Chevrolet 46 or better than believable when he can we have security is leaving. That's what had to that we haven't used for the network that CC basketball -- brightly painted on themselves QB QB it's 60. I've that is we think embassies with -- quarterback Drew Brees will have that for you and of course tonight at the arena the rent out Orlando Magic when the ninth straight. And -- the NBA's Eastern Conference has been showcase their talents this year early on with ball in Miami rolled the -- way out. And Orlando so much the -- the east incompetent there and count and -- taking on the New Orleans Hornets as a champion tip at that I've. We'll break it down for you as movies it would probably could see is deeply about label is all of the Hornets. And plus John Denton Orlando Magic dot com be right will be with the it was the magic about why they are playing so well. At the go ahead of the game preview between Orlando and new -- and Brian Billick sumo world champion coach with the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. He will be with -- the talk about this weekend's divisional matchup in the part of the coach's -- Jim Mora junior each week in and in it -- network. And of course as we -- breeze by the even go one at 6055042601870. Toll free 866. 889 you -- him about it they coach that's about agreeing to these new view that that go to the 2017. Season. They'll pay immovable and three point seven these are basically the same salary -- at the same but -- -- local bank to last night you now there's that would Chris Landry. And that is that's Theo baffles me -- miss -- dog -- animals they go to shows a -- is that much time yet negotiated -- often in his field. But -- claw right affectionate mist of updating it and department. For some reason or another but but to me in the -- and it Bobby you know -- -- Chris has been solid. And not take place right over the right on but I -- put him. To have -- three out conversation domain in the low ball figure him in the gave him off of basically what Chris it was listed 33 -- what they often. A 5000 dollar buyout and the Bears all amount to. Who the other is that Chris is a stay. Let me get a few Adam -- if -- -- right man you know you move forward and Brady -- coach. But your university and do whatever they need to do and immediately and in essence that's that the you know at the guys that -- -- the coach miles a close. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And your family don't like you. Right you know deep down inside you can and it became banned but which I shower eighty IP you say you -- practical and -- at all -- don't like I mean his family's here now but I mean. Initiate if you have -- -- -- -- -- it -- that this -- both able to the victims within him that they do productivity is supposed to most of our programming college football right -- being -- -- -- loses on nobody Sammy if that -- action action it's a budget row. And you count and restore tradition that's made it -- let Beckett negotiated egos at the highest level and the people to get the more education. Sometimes you do stupidest thing in the world because that I egos get in the way. Well and then the I think coach miles took the -- you know you have a different personality. He medical of Michigan and they become out in public you know why you waste my time but you know he's gonna take the high road right back to Michigan in. You know -- obviously. He loves Michigan -- it is set back -- -- careless about Michigan I'm happy analogy now but he's gonna do you know the right thing. The if you look at Michigan situation. Yeah how desperate they -- that they still think I guess they imitate. And it can work you know the gene chizik Ralph. How many fans in arm and sign gene chizik why you aren't losing coach when -- he's done and I was three not looking. At the big picture right place right time and now that the love gene chizik so I mean have a coach hope he can't work out. And that I think that's almost the approach they took. That maybe not as recognizable name like Jim are far less miles. And now we'll have to wait and see all on Miller's whoever the coach there. The Michigan fan base is not going to be happy until they can beat Ohio State they worry about winning a national championship right now they obviously wanna win the Big Ten. But whoever's coaching there. What what they've lost to Ohio State's seven years general now. Well known it since Tressel has been. They won six straight between -- won outright big 06 he's always say it's like -- out with them so I mean and or should only be in the no longer is that if they went undefeated. Nobody it'll be interesting to see -- it kinda and I think coach miles is also. About the situation with coach -- now. And then now matches out now you know Farnham get rid of them you know alone. You know saying that look for another job opportunity and I wanna have to parties -- -- just and I don't think it's BS I think it truly would bother him. Because against the fellowship that the friendships and the renew relationships he develops a witness coaching staff I think he takes that to heart. Right now now I've -- you have any feelers who can beat him next. Opposite coordinator four relishing no I haven't haven't heard I don't know what direction. You know that big an -- and I know coach miles. Like traditional football lot -- -- things like that they want you to pass the ball but they want you to run it. -- and I'm hoping somebody comes in here that. Helps mature as that may -- right -- but done. Manso Omar with the process. Of the progression of Jordan Jefferson a perfect example was Ryan mallet transfers. From Michigan and is -- quarterback. He -- from Michigan at Arkansas coach Petrino -- coach Petrino. Even though the he knows the passing game even at the NFL level. And the but he did -- Lugo get enough sense to know at times. That no it's not just all going to be -- You know Brandon and Ryan mallet but it is gonna be now is Davis. The company time suspension -- second half against LSU they gave the ball -- I think. And offensive coordinator this day and age you -- PO one dimensional. I think elegy to take advantage -- off with a blind. You know what they did this year especially in their bowl game against seen him. Run the ball and I'll want to run the ball that's always -- quarterbacks best credit helping you in the passing game and an asset is why I think competition. You know brings out the best -- I've never won or should. So you know Jordan Jefferson and burger. -- you going -- you compete in spring ball. In two days and I mean investment win but I think his commute time and place. Where you still can utilize mobile players and I think if their team player what -- they want to do what's best for the team. -- is one thing meant -- that's obvious. Aren't Jefferson. The more common -- he gets he can make plays with his feet. He can't run at times and make really nice -- it plays at crucial times and if you look at him at burger. You know being more like online ballot he's not -- vehicle is that in the pocket. Lola a lot of expectations. Going to -- that beat him. They would. The reading some stuff about organ. And the players they have coming back and that. They you can have the first game he I don't know where it's actually if you -- But I I'm glad that now house -- It's probably gonna happen and both teams will be in the top five today. Here at the -- can -- bad Deke Bellavia we we can 630 tonight we'll preview the Hornets and the magic Steve the other hand -- the breakdown come -- of those QB to QB -- a fair. And Drew Brees and 6051 -- -- expansion -- 630. Sort of six or veterans boulevard inking a bad Chevrolet where his service has always open on Saturdays for the best deals on cars took today QBs. Late model trait in their program that the vehicles as well it's the best Chevrolet it's a sports talk on WW. We give an opportunity for our family. Weigh in on and didn't. What I out. Rules strength every one of my children are so happy here enjoy being here. Their friendships they're things. You know that's not necessarily. Something that could not be. You know maneuvered replaced. But it didn't tell me. They're happy here they had that was an important factor but I think the decision was made. You know more. About the people we represent. And be the commitment to being here. At Tennessee coach less miles today's -- And meeting with the media after his extension and of course officially announcing he is staying on as coach at LSU welcome back at all by the bad Deke Bellavia. We all location at bishop a late twenties are veterans boulevard in -- in 6:30 PM this evening Bobby has its weekly conversation we Drew Brees is. Conversation at 60 -- welcome it senior right out tiger bait Beckham -- -- -- for the latest round of course. Covering the media that they go to -- meeting as a coach miles addressed the media and also Browns are if you were first so updated on a big Gary Crowe situation. Well Gary Croat and interviewed at Mallon yesterday. From what. Reports we're getting from people up in Maryland has an extensive interview. He is the only person interviewed so far. Buy a new coach Randy -- school for the offensive coordinator position. You know you all know built now on the offensive coordinator on last year stepped changed by one -- left it to become a go to Vanderbilt for that spot is open. -- -- Reports we're getting that you know it look like eight could be outfit here for Croat not quote in the blue. 250000. Dollar in LA she's James Franklin last year in the offensive coordinator Maryland made 500000 dollars. So old money obviously would be no problem. And and leery of hearing that B it certainly seemed like it did a good possibility that will be moving on Tamara. It's aggravate decked out senior -- Browns are without Spears is also Bryant and any other of the possible low moves that the staff of them understand them maybe. At Tennessee maybe look at into -- Tampa mafia thing on that situation. There is correct Tommy Moffitt is supposed to unique -- I'm Derek Dooley in -- built tonight but there is a problem mark because of all the bad snowstorms. In the south and ice storms. I could get to not really had to go through. Through Atlanta and I think the Atlanta airport is closed that right now killed there is a possibility that meeting may not take place. Because market simply not be able to get the not -- -- he is certainly someone that Dooley is pinpointing. I'm hearing that Tennessee is willing. -- the day probably more than 200000 dollars warning is salaried -- you right now -- Right around 200000 -- lol I think he's supposed to make and fifteen next year. So -- do except wait and see Tennessee. Strength and conditioning coach -- Bennie Wylie who just left to take over the job attractive and ironically Mack Brown had Tommy -- on. On his -- A candidate for the job taxes but he he opted dire. The Tennessee tranquil Bennie Wylie and Albert Tennessee's body is open. And Brian what is your against the speculation are being on the top of things that as you observe this past season. Well when you look at that relationship we coach miles and a coach -- Do you think get at times it was that just rumors where maybe. Coach golden bottoming calling plays trying to set something up and then coach miles an affair no -- I wanted to do this and maybe have -- a conflict there and I think going forward what -- future offensive coordinator. Well you think coach miles have more input are he's gonna give him where every brings in the -- and basically. Whenever he wants to do that's what they can run. Well I think he if you look at this thing in Gary -- four years in LAQ. In his first year when he had an experienced. Quarterback. In and Matt Flynn. Oden who you know like to do plenty of things on offense. Well that it would Croat and cannot be appears senior. Was very good and LA she's offense did not look you know as. You know pat pat that are a lack of structure added and it has been the last three years now understand he's still at. Know -- recall like you're he had that. The play against Auburn on the clock almost ran out before -- went through the long touchdown pass to Demetrius Byrd but for the most part you know of the offense flow well you know I can remember rap that the championship game against Ohio State on everyone's parade including myself Brady's growth and. For you know his game plan that night and against the Buckeyes. Well the last three years where you can Croat and working with less experienced quarterbacks. You know particularly. The book in a later no -- Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson use salt content problems. This year you would have hoped this had seen some improvement. And Jordan Jefferson you know lose very inconsistent he didn't he didn't throw the ball very accurately. And I think -- He used to rubble and you know. It is very prone to all the money went to you know yet coming in here the man inside your reputation like do a lot of different things well you know left is not one who likes to a lot of different things in the country what that running game established -- And with their running game established and -- will throw off that well which he -- a little bit more this year in other words. He then back in the -- we're going to be able run the football this year and they -- you know they had Steven Ridley rushed for over our eleven our yard. I think speed to mean. You know -- Propensity to do a lot of different things on offense. Job as opposed to left to do wood -- like to be a little bit more you know standard what they do and and the fact that the quarterback. You know Jordan G African in particular has not developed that the rate probably people would expect. I think do you know it may have been thought well maybe copper change it to look at the coordinator spot has not. Now look there's let smile does not firing. Gary Croat and. You know. I have another opportunity. Look back to ten years ago means nothing would -- about. Mallory -- it. Until they got another job they both got other job and and that's what went on not think hit the same thing happening here. You know Gary Croat had another chance to go somewhere else that'll -- Gillick she's gonna do anything that stopping we're trying to keeping. And and that and that's the situation that outlet mall Doug thanks. Right -- quickly led to -- its -- a Steven Ridley will he forgo his senior season and also if -- if that's this speculated he's not gonna be retained. I any any names of who could cost beat the new offense. Well first of all Wrigley it certainly seems like now that really ready to move all. Think. You know he'd -- getting back. You know. We put their fifth round draft choice but he knows this stock is not going to be improved. And how much. Over next year the year is Woody years I and I'm beginning that this -- that you know this whole. Cheating incident the fact that he got public really sort of is getting too. And you know they issued the he made his deal smoked on the Bob Bennett LSU before dear to stop me to move on it and try to open up. All. What placements for Croat and all that data that's hard to say right now you not think he once somebody. Who knows who they'll have a multiple offense by that I mean you know. You'd survive drop back passing game three step game but also have a quarterback in those. You know come option that you could use. I would say that he will look at both college and pro assistant. But I'm gonna say that he'll pick from private college just -- it if you look at his. You know his previous. Hiring that coordinator he is tired. John. So all three of those guys. Lot of experience particularly. And on the wall in the area. Brown as Aussie erratic at tiger bait that count -- great job thanks so much the company -- is always the latest Nomo Brian and Mike and all the staff have. Ticket that tiger -- that count Bryant thank you so much you welcome. All right have him back at two UWW a news time 433 it is time for headline news -- in a -- And welcome back off real -- advantage it's been below if hate to think about it I've been looking at the end. With the Baltimore Ravens though with the video college. Oh of course now he's. Unit of -- most out of the coaching issue 6:30 PM -- Network. Awful about the Seattle coach Jim Mora. And Brian Billick coached that thank you so much that don't appreciate her -- Coach you look at it is that the way to playoff scenarios him this week in and re matches certainly talked about team they've been mediocre Seattle. And in in the AFC also this week it you innings and be active in the divisional round coach like championships who bowl caliber. Is based video which youthful team Baltimore Pittsburgh -- it's a -- -- -- Well I don't think there's about a rivalry in the National Football League -- one that's won ten. You know obviously like call -- divisional play they're very familiar with one another the FM. Similar style of play very physical. Calendar intimidating defense they can take the ball away. It's just a good physical matchup that I don't think there's one veteran league. And then our coach -- what you look -- -- Pittsburgh. And all our Baltimore scored more points awarded seventeen point deficits in their two games this season. You look at that first game rather -- play the Ravens once 1714. And then the Steelers came out on top thirteen at the end Heidi you see is saint I've gained. Because I'm looking at both scoring the fences. He'll look Steelers stumble on given up fourteen and having the Ravens at them at 316 point nine. Sosa tonight that you gonna see the same -- I've gained that you seen in the race with the you know -- the oil well. Likely -- could point towards a premium of these two teams play. Very rarely does it -- more than -- field goal that separate them. You know when you look at -- paper the one thing that that -- Purdue who's just been outstanding in terms of explosive plays. But it's hard to get both explosive plays against the Baltimore Ravens so likely it's gonna come down to a big play Baltimore not been particularly explosive this year. But in the two games with Pittsburgh they have come up with big plays at a sixty yarder by him on board fixed yarder by Donte' Stallworth and a game winning. Twenty plus yarder against the against Pittsburgh to beat them. By that TJ Houshmandzadeh so Baltimore's gonna have to match the big place that that sparked a book comes up with via Ben Roethlisberger. And it out you know Coach Billick look at it at the AFC and really the whole NFL how the season played out. The Patriots -- cities like they were above and beyond every other team and you know look at the turnover ratio which is ridiculous plus 48. But it seems like if the team can overtake the Patriots now the Jets definitely think they have a chance and the Steelers -- -- -- like Baltimore. Just matches up -- better and as of late maybe had the Patriots number. Well I think all the if you -- -- all the teams that can make a run New England they agree if you think it would be ball more. If for no other reason there's a confidence there have beaten him in the playoff there last year. If you look on paper I don't know if there's anything that would indicate that that's the way it is like you say no. New England's been outstanding in terms of its ability -- would generate explosive plays. The turnover ratio for New England you know with only ten giveaways. Of course probably the only point foreign perception is such a big part of it. But -- They do match up very well because they have confidence what they're doing. Their ability to run and passed ball and bad defense challenged New England. Better than probably in the field from week. There's anywhere the world champions coach Brian Billick of NFL network Coach -- of course are calling games all season long that he coached TO Mora junior. All the coaches -- 5:30 PM central time on the NFL network. Coach when you talk about now the NFC Green Bay and Atlanta oddsmakers think this is going to be a close and how do you see this. Well I had their first game and it was just that close game with Eric Roger's taken on the like the field to. Score what looked to be a game winning score or a game tying score excuse me. But that they gave up a big kick off return about line move them down to field goal range I think it's outstanding match up. I'm gonna be very huge and seeing how Atlanta deals with dom capers defense he's done such a phenomenal job. The key for Atlanta is I think they may very well to a lot of no huddle that called down from the things the Green Bay does defensively. And of course they don't have a lot of start defensively but they played good aggressive swarming defense. And they're gonna need it because. Green Bay is gonna stress about what they're gifted receiving -- and Aaron Rodgers is playing well any quarterback in the league right now. And it coach Billy look at it now -- the Seahawks. Set the world champs at home but now they have to go to Chicago. Homage is that transpire recklessly into the post season now -- when the Chicago probably. Where most impressive wins you know 2320. There with a -- Jay Cutler six times but. You look at that scoring defense you look the Seahawks have given up thirty point eight points a game over the last five I know. They had they held Saint Louis to only six but. Do you think they have a chance in Chicago or will the Bears at their pass rush especially. Again after a hassle bank enough bodies you know. -- -- get a chance against New Orleans and obviously like a lot of people I was proven wrong. -- also did that game in Chicago and Seattle had that big -- -- -- unexpected because typically they don't travel east very well or at the very least to the midwest. But I think there's a difference in this game I think it's different Chicago team Chicago with -- twelve on third down that game. They got a lot of pressure on Jay Cutler and they had not yet really establish the run profile that they have now talking about Chicago. I think this will be a different Chicago -- itself basic. Coach Brian Billick -- coach and of course on the coaching issue -- -- on the Internet that new rookie coach T Elmore -- you take him out it their opinions that. Coach thank you so much for the time until the divisional week. All right appreciated by BA apparently going to be it would come Petit from desperately want to veterans boulevard -- A sports star QB to QB I've been through 3605. Right here point of view of Buick. There are other opportunities. That never made the papers. And and there are other. Jobs that world run by me that I declined. Again that never made the -- But. This almost too important to me who's gonna have to be public and I really appreciate the patience with -- administration -- LSU coach less miles this isn't needed they welcome back home by these -- Deke Bellavia within Chevrolet point six or better in the bottle water. He can -- -- preview tonight's big matchup at the arena the red hot Orlando Magic without taking on the New Orleans Hornets -- -- CS -- that they've always. Of Cox will be with us that the phone to go to change of battery on line three games they keep calling WW. And they aren't right. And that was on. I heard climate yet. What was going on allies you can -- Anyway today in the on the offensive coordinator. -- -- you know anything about it. I don't know any I know the only we've heard courts growth possibly on -- University of Maryland that I haven't heard any names the year round opponent we've assessed him a few minutes ago in the company name yeah. So -- -- what it was that you heard on I don't know some blogger summed up by the University of Tennessee offensive coordinators that what you're hearing. Yeah as -- -- there from a couple of well known Alex you bad Mike -- -- a couple of people like it was a disputed. Getting. He is I don't know I don't know artists agency. I mean it was a like Tennessee's offense -- -- world environment there was again -- again from Boise but I don't know real -- Yeah note note that now lives in to see what means -- When and it you know the game -- it Taylor's use a unit that -- -- you know element there was -- quarterback but. Tennessee's. Men I think you're -- You know coaches know a lot more to -- -- seeing what made it easier to see him in person and I got him in the bowl game. I don't know I think they got dale clock management issues. Q watching James. Or did you watch Tennessee it is you. -- Not helping -- like I would say you know if your advocates of a shooting also ahead what was that the quarterback. Yeah then yeah isn't the case they were kind of -- quarterback -- the -- to change to -- in the quarterback in the and knowing that the input in that game right now and it -- you know England's Ellis Island cigarettes went Peters that was planned -- this ball. I mean I mean I guess sometimes my point is date that would you -- you -- it is that. What a team did -- give you an -- -- -- -- an -- to see there off with a game plan. It was pretty successful -- village. Yeah I AJ -- I know is that now this just in general that our coaches. Who they've had a past it would be familiar wit. You know friends tolerant. Friends signing our hiring for -- agency. When they have that power given the opportunity. So you can look at navy coach miles if he has what it is an investigation navy. Past relationships. That's not always the case but. He a look at pass late pitches that coach miles -- and it all went over -- coordinators may be are who are peaking right now and left them Belichick. Jim Chaney -- believe that's his name is the offensive coordinator. And because that the film by University of Tennessee John Cheney is deal with the offense coordinated with him in 2002 hands so. That their heads so we'll. You know today and now we -- like I said just look who coach miles at all as coaching. Experience. Well would relationships surpassed Leach's he's had with defense all. Office according is whether it be NFL or college football. He's balmy may have become a B a this is sports populace at WW. And I don't know thanks now we'll break out of hander had done -- of Orlando Magic that outlook -- about the red hot. Had to get bobbled CAC. Play by play voice of the Hornets it was -- -- break -- -- it was a night at the rehab in Orlando and you'll -- big Chevrolet for sports talk on them because you.