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Mark Rosa, Jeff Demarco, & Jeff Moore

Jan 13, 2011|

Wal-Mart is looking to expand to Belle Chasse. Is this good or bad for the local economy? Tommy continues to discuss with Professor Mark Rosa, Small Business Owner Jeff Demarco, & the Developer for the project Jeff Moore.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Effect it has on the economy on small business and your area below Wal-Mart. Or hated. Not a big -- bulls take your calls we come back seven have you. Sports leader -- really -- seventy WWL. WWL. And have them at 1053. And show to climb inside Garland thing. -- 2601870. Or 66889. -- seventy. News Garland how. -- in Garland today got a hot -- -- -- -- and and a chilly Thursday actually and thanks -- spending -- Thursday lunch hour with us. On the big 878 -- WL we're talking about Wal-Mart. And its effect on small businesses specifically as it relates. -- of proposed expansion into Belle chase and I live in Belle chase some not a big fan of this. Of Wal-Mart in general I don't think it's gonna be a good thing for the perished. And I joining us called the end of the program heard it's age Jeff Moore who is with the realm of real T and they -- the developers of this proposed. Project mark roses sent to rejoin us is well a professor of finance said. Tulane University phone lines are jammed I would ask you for your patience because -- -- -- As soon as we possibly can with that we welcoming Jeff more hey Jeff played on. Good sir thanks for taking the time and for colony and tell mile bit about yourself are you from vitamins they're -- not. Now I'll have been years and are we apple offers you were not -- Bradford on the -- -- virtually edged up or walk him around in order. And have been developing over in the New Orleans area are about fifteen year. -- -- developed anything in vitamins parish already. Arafat has not okay so. Did this start with your finding a piece of land to develop -- with your. I toward partnering with Wal-Mart and then finding a place. So what we we are looking at the inaugural like for about three -- can't -- now. We've heard of under contract -- -- new year there you know the economy goes slow down Lester William million Boe rate. And we were talking with a -- pictured above but we're talking a Wal-Mart about it. And about or five months ago Wal-Mart usually at the very thing we're gonna pick a good -- -- -- Mexican and the committee. And they approve the deal. Like I've I was fortunate your conversation earlier with mr. DiMarco. And we want but the topic itself until we have -- up we have called drug which would have been an instructional there -- also couple wallboard or corner. And -- them or about twelve or thirteen year amid group mr. college so hasn't launched a war. -- it is if they offer source -- and controversial those with the burger boxes to do not do. And and so that they can't survive you it did it. What you can -- a service or you can apply racial like come on which player man -- a shortage. Help me push production and you put the flame. At Wal-Mart if you look at skirmish remarked those. Drug court you have a -- If you if you don't have health insurance and you're playing well -- home push frictions. And obviously you wanna hear what was off one match or wallboard would have a better -- Probably the mr. DiMarco I thought I don't open communication but urged generally -- ritual which would come out. Where do you live. Jeff. -- -- in my neighborhood. Good -- shot at Houston beltway eight model worst area appear at a country village. Is there a Wal-Mart in your neighborhood and on the first circle. Are you comfortable with that. Absolutely. Illegally in the neighborhood dealer and a gated neighborhood -- I'm just trying to get a handle on how -- for exactly these wal mart's impact your neighborhood. I don't liquidated our community -- we're all -- about a mile a reporter for MarketWatch. And have presume you've spent some time in -- -- -- -- I'll tell -- this before we get to that where exactly the project stands right now because we tried to get a bunch of people on and and everybody. That we contact it was pretty hesitant to come on the radio and talk about it so. Yeah you all know -- now is a writer you lease the land. No longer contract apocalyptic. Okay com. Is it a done deal as a Wal-Mart getting going in or not. Hallmark and there we haven't approved Bill Walsh ordered him were trying to get a permanent which but it. Through the parish. And one of the parish leaders told you. But Eric later this summer of Orange summer -- What is parish president -- -- told you. Well we've got what there's resonant note that -- -- were probably three times now and the first time we met with him here are some suggestions we incorporated them. He wanted to -- so load. To alleviate traffic northbound. On the four -- church. And so we redesigned the project to -- -- actually traffic alleviate traffic but they have better -- electric. It -- parker took -- elemental a couple of things like Google and some of the. It let me just -- a couple of factual things out first of the people let their lives they're just so we know what's going on exactly so the next step -- and I'll give you is when Sammy -- the next -- procedurally is a wide Jeff Hugo before. I counselor will there be any public hearings on any of -- are not. I do not know that we we went there much earlier this week with our application. -- -- We're going for that option -- -- -- moratorium on development here -- apocalyptic -- and out of -- local. Error why the over the Pittsburgh. Let it expire December 30 -- -- We waited until Abu -- -- winner and we're following our application of which picked. -- in what is your gut feeling tell you as far as. And this project do you think it's gonna happen and what about some time lines on breaking ground and opening etc. We're trying to open source. True of 2000 important. And breaking ground as far as instruction. Probably October of this year October Oprah book. And you don't know about hearings are approval permits or anything. Well I don't put his own promotional. Over there should not be an issue. And the next step as far as you're concerned and in terms of moving equipment it's generation you would be waiting to hear about the approval for approval of your permits. When. -- tell you we're going through that process as we speak arc -- don't know how long it's urgent clerical -- solution approach -- -- -- -- -- I didn't know you for a file for that wins. What they. Plummeting to balk at their partners are functional I'm driving under the. Seeing yet. Now tell me to disable the phone calls into her. Yeah -- -- hinge on who called -- talking about. Tax revenue. And so right now there -- about a 140 million every they'll actually don't. It's leaving the fair virtual out burger or actually in the trade area of the trade area would include English or improve certain action. -- head -- cereals like -- availability happening what is happening in Jeb Bush and here are. -- end Kermit would say leaving the how do you determine what's leaving the parish. But they're -- a report regarding the -- -- -- -- hard it's very it's called -- retail or commercial bunch equipment retailer Q please support sincere person real player. Toward them doing national epidemic of substantial investments. Cities of people on entitlements that are going to Wal-Mart basically. It doesn't but it people implied government or are we going to Wal-Mart but we're going to chairperson pair of attitude and two orchard scent all of -- to do their shopping. That tax revenue the -- it's about fortunate to have a bit of the eight point 25. Cent -- pollutant that. -- that. -- hundred million dollars we will put that being the third stop and that'll include its own view. -- you know might -- a million dollar in fact the revenue and bottom third. Bit of jumpers and there. So there really like -- virtually no train Serbia but will be incremental sales it will be cereals with their shopping -- that are on record. Patched properly and I'm guessing tend affecting Prussia. Rauschenberg is moving cereals from -- Russian pair of plaque -- here. It's foregone revenue that's leaving now. I'm sort foregone revenue that's leaving now. To which we do now will come back into Jefferson perish. The other thing on air or Khatami is people -- it will be around 400 jobs in the shopping center. About 300 full time positions -- 100 part time. And a lot of those people are walking and now Wal-Mart but looking elsewhere they're probably. Entry into coastal water actually. And we're spending money on capsule waiting M are causing traffic whereas if they work here -- shop here. There's wedge crap -- a warrior austere approach to. And happy which is a plaque -- the association of business and industry. There's a web site and make certain that drawbridge goes up between right and what time to play -- out of the way. You can do your shopping -- -- And there's this topic but small business solutions. But it's it's it's where wall quarters going smaller channels it's made everybody more competitive fortunate sharpen -- pencils -- little walk order. And like you were talking about what -- sort. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't get the same level of attention of those you know that look the same customer. It's satisfaction that I give truck before the race debate may or may not have the -- -- the they. I tell you what Jeff more hang on UN which on -- and leave -- Mark Rosen has rejoined us and Jeff DiMarco the owner Clemens parishes with us as well hi Jeff and mark everybody is on the air right now also. Jeff go ahead you're on WWL. Just DiMarco as well as just more and mark Rosen. I'd like to address more than just the competition issue. It is that but it took it to a lot more than that. Com I don't think in this is just my opinion. I don't think the population and Belle chase can support a huge development like this that's gonna have to draw people from outside of the parish. You're ending that many cars to the already disastrous traffic -- camp at that intersection. What is your research show and -- Jeff Maury if you've done any. In terms of announce support within the parish. Two make a Wal-Mart profitable or we as a dependent upon. People coming from outside of the parish. More anybody crossing -- for those -- we -- -- a thousand people. In the trade area which is fear itself Soviet proposal. There's only one in 2000. Rental -- in the past mr. DiMarco I'm I think I'm gonna meet with you tomorrow altogether certain commercial and look forward and -- can. Open and and look for the -- -- But predictable. Researcher reported Belgium and that's all of your pocket and apple at Wal-Mart fame with the same number independently on her own demographic -- -- but but does include English -- That's Orleans. And it's not a looker but it it him a traitor okay every area itself -- -- -- we may be trying to claim but. But your point Jeff DiMarco is -- your -- in traffic from outside of the parish absolutely. We've we don't -- we don't see anybody cooperating. Vehicle coastal -- shopping -- church. When making the same product -- ensure -- -- on their side of the -- -- In my would you tell the people from English turn. There's little air across precursor for coastal -- prayer -- which -- used to -- that amount of cars horned. How -- -- 406. Which is gonna be drastically increase traffic at that corner. I thought that the ultimately what better they'll they'll want to report search the poor slaves within the next -- I think they're they're seeking funding interest rates. And what we're doing and if you're welcome all the details like -- outlook putting a load. Off of twenty furry foot traffic that is north -- To get on the or church. Which should help alleviate traffic there that's -- number one and a virtual -- -- people on developers bring much bigger proportion well it won't meet certain. Really what it's gonna do is not alleviate the traffic it's just gonna move it for a percent off. If you put another red light on highway 23 did you you just moving the problem you're not you're not solving it. Ohio actually I'd like to make another point I think that site right there is about 33 acres have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is off -- here creators. Probably about 35 papers but that includes some low light amber we're gonna dedicate the that we are we already have we're we're in a unique geographical situation here. Where were where shortage we're short on drainage. And if you put. If you fill up at 33 acres at 35 acres with concrete. That drain off for marine watering can have to go somewhere. And jets do more he had a plan to address that are not. Videos from a hardware Chris DiMarco sure -- mourners can show us a reverse order bishops are from Obama sort of. I just DiMarco thank you for calling band we're gonna take a break here we'll come back and take. However -- you have for Jeff Moore and mark -- tummy -- in for Garland big 877 W. The largest radio news team in the gulf self. The big 870 and 1053 WWL a firm. You're in the think tank with Garland Robinette on WWL AM FM and dot com and C news talk in sports leader. 504260187. The or 866889. Always seventies. Tommy's country and for Carla Martin -- our guest the professor of finance at Tulane University Jim Moore who once the telephone Wal-Mart is filled chase. 260 honey Sony toll free 8668890. -- seventy when he comes to developing wal mart's. And Lander Roger on a cell phone has an interesting question that Roger you're on WW well. Roger. -- Roger. The idea there. -- up they go ahead Roger. Okay and turn your radio -- go ahead. -- That the number one in the gentleman that's almost all the time I've really like to ask him a question. Might -- endemic problem giving them and that out in. In the parish. I'm concerned about Normandy. We don't let one bad we abandoned him when I'm never gonna come out there -- you probably can't. -- If they'll let me you can get. Jeff how you looked at developing any lands in new law Lindsay is singing here Roger and I and I presume. Because of did the proximity where the -- -- DC beyond on the interstate then ended because of the present an event being they are already in the differences. Today you would have no problem opening one there why not look at that area for development or have you. Are not put -- -- those all callers are what. Moonless night Israeli ninety NN news you familiar with the area and not run GM I absolutely -- -- earlier this -- -- bills followed up another quarter corporate. Then. They're they're about stability could give me look off and let me know what they're finding out. -- certainly can't -- you can give me your phone number I -- all you. -- -- put John whole raji and give it to. Allison Ramsey ransom our producer okay. Got a question hang on March you know I think there's something going here Roger you might have made a difference in -- Olivia might have lit a candle instead of cursing the darkness to. Robert will beg your pardon Robert you gonna have to hang on let me go to. Karen in Gretna hey Karen no I beg your pardon me and he was next hey Mandy your -- have you well. Me outlook on an island about paid out. Which in my whole life I've seen it go from where there was actually part -- -- street off but I LA and analysis and all of in a different subdivision that we haven't grown a lot entry -- -- here which I think. I want -- terminal and on that earlier and I think that the developer from ground kind of hit it I thought a lot of moral content. I lived down in that category that have been and I pastor about -- Wait a traffic earlier bridge and I -- the Wal-Mart they didn't contact Alan Cornell where cash and having kicking and back and forth a lot of the what I'm really want and he actually got him. Adding that going into that it's not. It -- estimates that bring in people in from outside the Paris -- it's more about keeping people who are here. So I think he looks like either me beauty. I -- convenience. It -- -- on the house and most bookstores a computer how children valley to get out of one. One place to nineteen. Seeing him. I can stop her everything and once I expect Connell I guess they have no idea they'll go and I a lot of me and the question about -- -- -- and especially like genetic experiment decree automated things like that. But I think as far as like a traffic Tito I think a lot of us who are waiting and then -- You know over anger over the and a coast so we're going out the parish to get things I mean this -- -- -- little. I'm an and he -- to -- up and Garrett played tonight at being illegal and a third against a they went up and I don't -- about anything when governor Unicode so. I don't let me pose this is questions CA if you had a Wal-Mart directly across the street from the -- -- is would you continue to get the other items they are or would you get it all at wal marts and she mentioned convenience of the way and having everything in one place is so important -- get. And what if and this scenario we painted before happened where because so many people. Went to Wal-Mart. Good niche items were not available anymore blasters -- that be okay TO or not in terms of unintended consequences. I think we -- how would still I mean it they'll let me count that I like I mean I don't like buying orders from California until then I'm not. Him going to compartment and my second in Montreal. What is in terms of business there wasn't enough around to keep molesters and business. And Wal-Mart as it's happened before in a lot of places Wal-Mart comes in a small community in runs blesses god forbid out of business. And that's an unintended consequence of that. Are you then. Because if the by California oranges or whatever of -- Wal-Mart has. Are you then regretting your choice of wanting Wal-Mart in the area when you see the close cited molesters are not. -- -- like my thought that they have been content article -- is that you can't really talk about it yeah as I EM but I look you want the pilot and paint on cars and over like an earlier in the area and they haven't seen a lot like they're Keeneland XP and a little grocery store their common -- on -- -- me. Had been married you know like electric Aaron that he Gaudin -- -- you see everybody mainly can still open. And then get on time it's a pandora's box -- only way -- evening I'm you know if if I -- on the -- but I mean I think -- I -- I agree at all lead -- could get I think that people are having conversations happening and that we look at how to act and think about things but. It and that's why -- wanted to put it on the air today Mandy because I heard rumors and a -- NA. A smoothie shop and -- heard rumors on the New Year's Eve party and not enough people were talking about this and that's why wanted to do it's a thank you for the call Jeff Moore thank you for -- -- anything you want to add before we get news quickly. We hope bite you very much like Michael. If I want concern mark -- hang out because. Mark yet I hear they're gonna hang on Marc Rosen professor of finance and Tulane University like Dylan on glad you're part of it right now though time for Debbie W offers news and for that. We go to Chris Miller. When he 47365. This station to count on when you need to go. News talk in sports leader the big 871053. WW will have and WWL. Dot com. -- -- I think it's fifty something like OJ did you get an iPod you load all of those songs on him when you're like 18 that morning. Really you're walking or elliptical machine or whatever it is true mark Rosen -- the media minded makes you feel as though you're eighteen or twenty again. But they don't realize it until it's over I'm telling you works for apple. Of the road drive need to work some town elderly are only 22 yourself soon only be good at twice -- -- -- in my -- to go here. Twice LB advances -- that as a professor of finance or. Com UAL listen an email I got talking about the expansion of Wal-Mart in the Belle chase and other areas from ginger this was fought in the new shopping area. In Covington based on traffic if you -- bad enough he -- Wal-Mart in your community they -- ruin small business and a community they hire 80% part time. And they know benefits and discriminate against women they destroy jobs. That once existed in the small business community giving people no place else to work. Once they've established themselves they do exactly what you said cut back on employees and also on the products they carry. And they do raise prices it is a vicious circle where the public thinks they're benefiting due to lower prices on some items in the long run society as a whole loses. Downtown areas and small communities dry up in the town loses. It's vibrancy. Vibrancy your guest said it is a choice and people choose it well maybe at first Woodson they have no other choice in many small communities. Any truth -- based in fact to any of that mark -- That certainly come as that I think that they need that they have been taken to task about some of their employment practices. I think it's also wanted to and can companies can lose big on those things they don't like the publicity they don't like to to beat. Didn't cold. Quote he'd taken to task for discriminatory practice they paid fines and it's a big deal. So they don't want any of those things that is they come in and try to slash prices and every way possible. Of course they do. That's what they're known for if they're employing part time people it's because people -- going there to apply and beautiful part time jobs that walking in every day. They go to work. You can perhaps that they could find something else they would. But it it's kind of the if it's on its face -- people go to work fair. They must want to go to work. But isn't another side of landmark they're preying on on desperate economic times and just getting by paying as little as they possibly can. Yes now wouldn't I wouldn't. Wouldn't disagree with that would wanna say they trying to shave every penny off the -- that's just. That's certainly possible. -- -- -- Wal-Mart groove. Through the decades that it's been staying in business. Through some of the best economic times and held some of them did not as good economic times will without -- we -- the argument when. Everything was as robust as as we can get it. And -- Moore was doing very well. Just my opinion I think when you go to Wal-Mart you're doing business with a double quick email from Dave Newman. I deal I honestly do mark this is my opinion. That he Dave Newman good. Many people I know that we're comedy you're not alone and -- Sami had an OC Gus -- is documentary Wal-Mart the high cost of low prices but I found it very interesting documentary shows how Wal-Mart. Destroys all mom and pop businesses and any area they go into if you haven't seen -- you should check it out it's on Netflix. And be watched online instantly -- inject another feel like Robert in Biloxi thank you for calling in from holding so patiently you're now on WWL. I think it sounded good luck Howard appreciate. Mark grosans perspective on things that the the one candidate. I think they're a bigger picture there one of the things they think you talked about that a big thank -- very real is. But they -- put out you're put out of business your local grocery stores and businesses and a lot of times it's done. More my perception. Than anything else that the pricey I'm in the fact that they do what they call loss leader thanks -- milk they know who their target market as. They know that the mom want to pick up some help from the baby formula and diapers and they -- -- cheaper than the rest of the stores can't. And then when they have those moms in the store then they're able to sell everything open program from going to that local school. But in addition to that one other thing is that there's commit these committees -- all over. And the country that have been. Couldn't ask for spilling. The empty building that -- -- left when they change from the Wal-Mart store to the super Wal-Mart store column you believe when you hear me refer to the white elephant. -- ugly building sitting on your heart what you're small community that are empty Wal-Mart and you know who a legion says to fixing that problem. These -- the perspective that -- the small businesses that they put out of business. Actually their suppliers. So they start on from a supplier. And say hey look this is going. And then what we're what we're buying from you. And he'd take it off so they can they build new buildings they can they continue their capacity. And the I -- them. And those that -- eminent threat that we're gonna lower the price too little -- particular product the company expand or build new building. They can't not sell it cheaper so they're -- they're profit margin from that perspective as well. Mark what -- Rabbit I think you're right as they ordered a very tough businesses and through that many of programs of both them and documentaries about to think or -- or. I'm very tough to deal with it and they've gotten to the point. Retailer the largest in the world that there even tougher. And they they impose a one you know you if you wanna have -- cellular serials. All of Wal-Mart shelves. You need to go up to Bentonville Arkansas and -- would dance like you've never done before and -- culture margin down to the likes of which you've never seen. But the retail or the other suppliers who go to -- say we he used can't. He can't not -- on Wal-Mart shelves scoop when they place an order it's not for fifty boxes of cereal it's for 500 million boxes -- If you are earning less per item but what can you imagine the volume. It which should be selling that product imagine the eyes that'll be all your product. And that's what has made this world go round the world goes box stores. It again it is for his quote putting integrate local business out of business. These consumer put them out of business the consumer stopped going to mom and pop or -- store grocery store. Food store and then going to wal -- Yet he's doing business with a double that's what I'm telling you just won't listen -- Hey let me ask you this real quick casino I like to run things by -- nature I'm not making up things in my head because I think we all do make up things and I had. But about fifteen or twenty years ago and coincidentally enough in the same area. Other city just down the road from each other they build a big highway over big bridge over on the inter coastal waterway. Then a couple years later they develop English turn. And think and well they could have known that there we're in the developing only stern hence they build the big bridge or maybe they built the big bridge and then they said well. As a result now let's develop English turn I'm not quite sure which came first there which precipitated the other. Well about a year and a half ago they expanded highway 46. Which is on the highway Jason right by nearly 23 where they're talking about within this Wal-Mart in and they subsequently done some more work near that intersection. And now I hear about this Wal-Mart going in so naturally mark my active imagination gets to go on and on think it will did somebody know. That this is gonna happen a year and a half ago and is the deal already done it and is that why these highway improvements when he and then the all our. Because of the highway improvements of what your demands say that they were working on this for a long time. The idea think I'm I'm wrong in imagine that this deal was already done and that's why these highway improvements were put in nurses just a coincidence or what do you think. -- and I don't know how to comment on that one deal and that happened before coming you know you're and I know very well that it's happened. It's certainly happen does -- happen every time I'd like to think not it is that happened. Before what it certainly has happened before. It's hard to believe that it's a coincidence when things like that happen. Well there's going to be projects like this that they would have to -- -- call of the developer. If you don't go with it it could put a 100000 square foot building anywhere until his. The years of planning and -- you have to filed for permits and he he you have to get the blessings of spilled some of that stuff. People get privy to some of those plans that are coming forth and it even. Relatively small commercial buildings. 101000 square feet 2030000. Square with a fractured world -- more would be. It is that -- these years of plant and ended it to disclosures of some information that disclosure to everybody but it's. People know about it it didn't just appear. So while I do make things up in my hand I may not be in this case. That's right thank you mark we'll come right back -- I hang on don't hang up our phone lines are handled it does -- houses weekend as we continue to discuss specifically. The Wal-Mart that proposed -- Jason generally speaking the Wal-Mart as it relates to Hudson small businesses in this country tummy tuck -- in for Garland Robinette. On the big 87 need to be WL. Johnny Tucker and -- Garland Robinette mark -- nice enough to spend a lot of time -- today as we discuss Wal-Mart and competition in its effect on small businesses specifically as it relates to a proposed expansion. In the bell Jason Marquis only when he comes a consumer choice and competition I'm just sitting here thinking well I guess ultimately. And as we look at this is a model if you Willis Petri dish of Belle chase and if Wal-Mart goes into it I guess some people like myself. It's. Almost democracy in action because if you if you really don't want. Wal-Mart in Belle chase and they decide to build the story there in years so adamantly opposed to it I guess you vote with your wallet in. And ultimately if they don't do enough sales. Then they won't stay open and if enough people don't want -- they I mean it really is almost like a ballot box right. I -- I think it's as simple economic. Issue. And you don't you go where you wanna go and you know it's. But I -- about the fact that your they're under that sells awfully simplistic but if you and if you wanna go to court corner hardware store that's where you will be. If you buy paint from that person and and hammers and whatever else they sell. You might need an alternative it's like the end of X and no we don't and we would actually not able to carry that so you might need. More than one store I think people. In this day and age you know you Leo and I've been around long enough to to remember when grocery stores close to. In the later afternoon there was -- reason -- have a group restore open have to find those 6 o'clock. And then old you've a year of growth trees open 24 hours and some places wall -- for that matter open 24 -- Why would they open because people -- air and they wanna be in the air and it's not you would see them how many times have we seen. A grown tree extend their hours for some business and then reduce their hours. Well because they they just didn't hear that the support period to keep the place to running in the hours with the the traffic was. So little that it didn't make sense to do it so they just. If they adapted to -- in the current business conditions. I think people's time is valuable when everything right there it's convenient it's under one -- for gas is expensive. Have to let the kids around that it is it's a need for a list of reasons I think that's why these quote box stores in many variety. Worked for that matter shopping malls they have all of these retailers under one roof. And if you look at the do lakeside mall. I think it's if it from a sales standpoint one of the best in the state of not the south. Why will be because people find it apparently convenient for the would be there. And I think we should remember again and keep it in perspective Jon tried when was doing this in the early sixties but he was doing it with a bar which made it even better Ronnie knew it -- good thanks for holding men your on -- WL -- had. -- There -- certain part of the fourth anything else I'd. I gotta give you could go to something and that every comma with continue review I'm Mike a lot of host -- your own network and have -- -- do two things that I got to commend you for one. He gives the listener a chance to. The talk as opposed to talking old -- And to you actually don't just hang up on the -- actually kind of make it nice and he campaigned and don't just cut people off the delicate gotta gotta kind of thing. Only with solid being said he had about a minute and a half Friday's event. The elephant in the room and cannot do amend the Mike he says that by massive Urban Planning innuendo and just send a professor wrote -- agent here. It's what happened this building about ten to fifteen years from now not the store but the building. Could think about that only -- big box eagle wal mart's web -- now confined -- nine buildings and we cannot alone including one. And Alex -- on the west bank and run it. Round Saturday to review but I wanted to make it decides which you just said -- did that seat that's the other side of that business they are famous for doing that. And famous for moving so why don't street did they leave something behind. So that's been -- group of very large piece of commercial property. Not easily purchased by many and that is not a little or capital and everybody let go into a 50000 square foot. But the so. Gentlemen your sand that is part of the plan as part of the leash you put that in. You get to deal gonna go on and where it's like well if you leave you clean up your -- before you're done. And hopefully have. Plan to play with somebody to take an old or and or demolish the building and or you know maybe bill because it can't be re used by somebody else Camelot eventually as well. You don't just go in nod your head saying yay yay yay yay yay yay yay I'm not think about what happens. He had helped develop -- weapon and you gotta go -- check with the developers web but the got a lot of people and I think you'll link to an article from pocket and used I don't some journal -- -- I. Haven't talked about the technology everything coming in and everything. Well thank you erratic appreciate the call you gotta thank you mark rose I can't I tell you how much I appreciate you taken to a two hours under -- data help us sort all this out. Could help -- and what do you think Wal-Mart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They give micros and thank you found pleasure then having UT again will they -- -- picking up here we have a good time for public also hang on -- not hang up. Hi Tommy Tucker and for Garland think tank and -- -- 77 W. As your. 871053. Of them until. -- Johnny duck period for Garland -- I can't thank Ben Nelson for all you call phone lines are still hand lower back and ask. Time to take them all. We'll -- get back to BL EC -- Tommy and heavy WL the icon. Wonder about the seven WL iPhone -- It is this new -- -- imported here you can listen at WW well anywhere around the world and your iPhone you get up to the minute news weather and sports. Plus -- and scores -- your favorite W that you don't talk shows anytime. And anywhere WW -- -- -- forty near app store in your -- going to get more details. As WWL. Dot com. Mom's blood is coming up next he'll be talking about the president's speech from Tucson isn't healthy healing process. And he's also retired about Mose Jefferson already.