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Don Banks, Gregg Giannotti

Jan 13, 2011|

Deke and Bobby invite Don Banks, Senior NFL writer for Sports Illustrated, and Gregg Giannotti, Game day host on KDKA “The Fan” in Pittsburg, into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome our number three -- sports talk he's -- decay NM Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia continue looking ahead -- this weekend's divisional matchups. Give us your picks for the playoff game between -- Ravens and Steelers Packers and Falcons. Seahawks and Bears and Jets and Patriots who are you put on -- And work on your prediction spinal four to 60187866889. Z rights and Don banks -- sport to maturity comes in that there will be with -- after our -- -- break the phone to go thanks so much to -- and take -- down they were obvious office up with Joe here -- long Joe thank you for calling. I don't and a little bit overweight around today at the office that the potential next off the corner approached you was having none other than Texas Tech. Former coach Mike Leach -- -- any truth to that whatsoever just rumor. Ju Jo I don't know I'm sure at this point on different people you don't ruin things out there Rich Rodriguez -- here -- -- Tim Brando say Rick Perry and -- which you know it. Form from when Jim both Fisher was here what coach miles and the and obviously coach crew in the I don't necessarily say they did the coach you know. Coach miles over assault took over the offense but they'll point out black I think there was a vibe maybe there was in his going to be disagreements and in the sports. That you know okay what this what we should do this is what we should do in the gotta hate coach and offensive -- And my point is I Jews KC a gag like Mike Leach. -- somebody telling him how to run often. Yeah -- -- their personalities would miss Jaime -- mind leaving exceeded his character I mean he's like a pirate I he's good he's piano and guarded memorabilia in his office but. No I think he's too headstrong now if you want to work and you know you don't have opportunity -- head coach then. You know he might have to -- and all the the coordinator job you know -- I remembered Donald Trump units and on Mike Leach is navy immersed in Miami job. I just think the personalities would clash. Between Mike lately -- coach miles I don't know what do you think. -- and its rushing offense that might bring to the table you know how well would match with -- dark. Yeah I -- yet you've been able to run the ball on the five yard line you look at Oregon. Right not Duke and -- cost -- the national championship. I mean guys are out delicate the other eight. Deep we are running back in the -- we have I'd look cute they can do under that offense on the football are now he -- -- a lot. -- he's a great success is no question about it I just it to me I think he's a guy that's not currently a coach in waiting but is a coach in waiting at -- makes sense you know -- -- -- I understand that you that you but he might need an introduction back into the college game considering what happened and attacked attacked. Yeah Joe you know another name and now numbering in the sub 'cause we just talked to Drew Brees Jim Chaney. And how you know less miles made a statement that he was there an accommodation. Nudges disregard to spread. Was still able to run the -- ball well of coach Chaney. Ran that would Drew Brees at Purdue. And how you look at Tennessee this year how they ran the football -- you gotta have the quarterback got to have that triggerman. But to me it just seems a personality and out of -- contract status that of a University of Tennessee. But. I don't know what leads -- -- head coach Rodriguez. The I was on the other personalities would Mench would coach miles. -- -- -- -- -- That's that there are preacher he got a great or. Thank you Joe appreciate article yet and -- -- brings a point you know Tim Randle threw that out there and -- Rodriguez and leads a kind of surprised me but -- Tim Brando is a more connected and we'll. Iowa he's on. You know -- college game you know yeah yeah so he bumps in the wind won't be mean yeah are exactly I mean your bumper to be here and there. -- down in Big Easy say get down thank you for Colin WW yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well ability beyond that much but three yard comment from a three games and watch a -- will be on -- the last one -- -- like Pittsburgh go to Baltimore. Tough game close obviously. Chicago the Seattle. He'll make us look a little about a ten. You know if you don't it's Seattle beat some it'll make us look a little better. Right right you have that that -- so what happens. Yeah but don't -- gonna happen on. But I don't know shaken down they beat him in Chicago or D'Amato and now it's a different team at this one in December. Six sacks given up an Atlanta game regular season for Chicago people or bring in and out but it didn't mag types and the boys kind of gave it up and Atlanta from game LS you know right into the game. Calm. -- the game we got. Just felt bad judgment on down in a -- trying as big mountain to get stopped once against us. And well you know my Hawks with you know against the Atlanta I want them to lose bad but -- -- Green -- always seemed to find a way -- mediocre DeSean Jackson -- -- -- You know push you turned away from breaking that. To win that game I -- I know. Two people to miss by -- -- Philadelphia as well. Immediately and then her -- really hurt him in the game didn't -- it change the complexity of play call and -- a dollar counts but you know I'm looking back at their game though. It kind of really played itself out a safety -- nobody in the first half. If thought Kiley doesn't drop the ball that's a big touchdown right before half of the -- -- you know Adrian -- he was wide open. I mean I think I think the package would do -- -- Aaron Rodgers and I was greatness. I think they do you just don't have a consistent running game and I think that's that there I think I think -- Michael Connor the more consistent wanna they put a 110 yards -- last comic played how to got Gonzales I mean. Different amid going to be I think it's going to be close and probably cut scoring I think at home nowhere Atlanta it's plain and don't howls I think that's good -- assure. And I doubt like to see Green Bay win I -- would have to say that the problem O'Neal on Atlanta. Well -- it down and say get down make -- yeah very calculated. Gamble they when -- same -- on all is the only car in not his heart but let's dig down I'll watch it this occurs. You know obviously the turnover battle any when we greens are close but Bryant led the Packers can run the ball like the Iran against the Eagles in their rookie running back I drafted free agent from university of Buffalo start he ran a 123 yards. -- don't even need demo and nobody if you guys that. Oh yeah they went through bowl yes I digging did -- -- consistently do that going forward no Tigers could it went as soon. No surprise me about Atlanta they don't have that third for this study don't like we got peripheral that can catch -- balding Tom. I'll probably go -- -- Jenkins and these guys have stepped up to do anything consistent at all. And not -- way Gary Kerney you know dinners and nobody nobody matchups to show you how they still have confidence in Jenkins who was the number one draft pick. Dillon up to expectation is Roddy White but you notice the start of the second have a we played the Falcons. When they went down the field and now we got the -- -- -- -- going out to Tracy Porter and Jacobs is dean and Demi god interference call. Prime -- like to a three straight passes in a row so I still think they have confidence in Jake -- that they. -- like the matchup that that does still go to the bulges B Roddy White -- Quick quick quarter -- draft guys when you're nose tackle lead you -- lot with six actually got a problem. With kids let's get some Russian looked at some pot you know look at them -- to put. Quarterback now whether it be shaken down I agree with you whether I mean I don't know ought to investigate this but I'd be not all NFL team ended defensive tackle maybe -- a consumer not to look at the lines you know. He had ten minute -- that that's a ridiculous number. But -- know whether it's outside linebacker Davidson then we get somebody to consistently get after the quarterback. Say down thank you for -- come back to John generation college divisional weekend who are your ticket. Who are you put in 450426018786688. -- he rates and they. This is sports talk. The home of the divisional playoffs the NFC and AFC championship in Super Bowl 45 right here on WW and welcome back back to the phones -- go to Graceland for John John thank you for calling WWL. Yeah that did I can't jail and a opener anyway yeah also this reported that Rich Rodriguez is in line for. Probably we don't know they would report we had Tim Brando random early oh sporting news and CBS sports and we asked him. Who he -- a couple of names yet throughout the name of Rich Rodriguez and Mike Lee Chen and John I just thing I -- Craig myself because because I don't think. Rich Rodriguez. You know chain of command what have the personality. Clashing. Like a Mike Leach would -- with coach miles an -- -- Rich Rodriguez is it good god just wonder. You knew it even though you could afforded noble -- a -- -- lights -- on the spread. When you got a phone because he's game pay money team he won he was suppose be working -- you know John includes all. They're back get a -- -- West Virginia Duke -- million dollar. Yet he had the winning and have their commitment John you -- -- -- Rodriguez a mean dog coach Boller should say. Said yeah he's still it's a combination of the spread and you know traditionally to -- to run the ball now is -- coach Rodriguez -- flexible enough and not be pure spread. You know that that be a question you know I'm I'm sure they do an interview process is going to be brought up. Do that I know Derek -- -- court brag about it east it'll look out about it they have to probably -- oracle up operate small. Ten miles all the good measure that's -- could be -- Maryland this guy won't store run. They'd be open up Kent State court together made almost Gaza Mullen girl didn't. I think I figured Carrick -- on a -- chip Kelly. Does it tell our pin and it they all work together at all so children Rondo urban mop a lot of Haaretz said Doug -- not to water learn the stretch remark. And admire quote brought it back and all got account and a and a little in a circle so. -- -- Ordered you know you we have Croat couldn't could page. Don't that you -- recruited you didn't recruit Jimmy that was the biggest thing. How could we have about going to -- -- we try to do -- call back trying to back slot receivers and a god and will be would approach these kids in his Sam. John but John look if you -- able to entice -- burner to come to town right I mean guys when you decide to go you know coach -- going to be there are so. I'm out of things -- -- as far as attracting a top quarterback. Well we welcome in now Don banks of some Sports Illustrated one of the top writers -- was a National Football League. Dodd thank you so much so time in the four match as we have Donna back clearance for some pretty good football divisional weekend. Well I think this is the best weekend and the entire NFL calendar -- I think usually gonna get close to the best eight teams and this week especially with the Ravens Steelers and Jets pats. I think you're looking Packers Falcons I think you're definitely looking at six of the best teams units in the league right there. And then out of Don you know looking at the latest opponent the Saints loss to the Seahawks now. What do you think nick did take from the first game you know probably -- the most impressive wins when they beat the Bears. It's Chicago you know they -- -- six times. But it just say is like a different Bears team now colors more settled down. And obviously a player to watch is there's the latter part of season Matt Forte right here from a Slidell Louisiana played at Tulane. You know had over a thousand yards -- in almost six -- yards receivers seem like he's a big part going forward -- wanna do offensively. Tiger that I think forte is kind of you know he hit his stride this season's second out became more important. Most importantly the Bears got -- Leo Lyons settled down and I think Mike -- steal -- line coach. Deserves some credit even though they still gave up a ton of pressure -- on a quarterback it's on the season. That Bears team compared to this one. It's pretty different on the -- line and they only kind of learned their lesson and -- get rid of the ball quicker. So it's not the same two teams that are meeting as does did that day in October 2 weeks six but. You know if nothing else to two of the Seahawks. Psychologically they go to Soldier Field -- and stay on the field but the Bears and and compete. And right now guys -- play with house money I mean they're they're playing to -- -- playing confident because it's low and behold it went 79 and made the playoffs. And then out you know done obviously look at the Jets they're always gonna talk smack every night you'd think they'd be more humble considering them but what would the Patriots. You know put on -- I'm in New York. But -- seen his game unfolding it's never the same you know you know and you've played three times against the same opponent. But to me was the most overall impressive team why the Patriots were number one by far the latter part of the season. I mean a turnover ratios ridiculous plus two when he eight. There are almost there almost playing flawless football and that you know that should scare the rest of the field. Because everybody else might be playing for second place. The only thing I think the Jets can hope for is that the Patriots got a little rusty. On the plate blood amounted to obviously meaningless game. -- last week and received an at home against Miami. And then took a week off I guess that's New York's best hope is that they kept playing. And then they didn't want a big game at Indy last week and that there sharper. But I you know I think it's gonna be closer I think it's going to be competitive maybe for two and a half three quarters. I -- I don't see -- 42 point gap being completely erased if it is it's it's a heck of a story. And the Patriots are gonna have a lot of ask questions to answer but I I think that I think the pats and home field advantage is as they're gonna carry the day. And then -- -- you look at the Ravens and Steelers you know you talk about potentially may be Packers Bears. And Utica college -- rival games you know Auburn Alabama mr. Ohio State Georgia Georgia Tech whenever I mean it doesn't get any better in this thing. You look at both scoring defense holding opponents in the teens. It just say like Thomas says that is gonna come down to a field goal tied game in. You know can throughout the game up column L -- being healthy and -- and contribute and make a big play but it's the was the. Eight seems likely that whatever we watch Ravens Steelers it's Groundhog Day or what in the same game over and over and over again and in other I think the last four years especially it's been nothing but three point games practically. Now I will say -- gave Baltimore winning at Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh -- Baltimore -- he does take a little bit of the the home field advantage away I just think it's. -- the big game for Joe Flacco he needs to stay aggressive state. They have to beat the Steelers they can't -- try not to lose in in Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon it. I think if they can come out. And kind of get the crap out of the game grab an early lead and that could be really. Huge for Baltimore -- but they're really I think first one to twenty points definitely win this game. And I and I think it's going to be tough. I'm actually picking Baltimore I think it's their time. -- can finally beat Pittsburgh in a game that really really matters that seemingly. They can beat them but when the games are the biggest in the playoffs or really concede the division. The -- usually get the upper hand and it's. Generally because of either Polamalu make complaints -- Roethlisberger. Pulls another one out. Senior NFL writer for SI Sports Illustrated bigger become the day and also take him out as I'd done come -- We are not from the players side of things but as we move forward maybe cost in the connect on negotiations a possible lockout. And maybe one or two things you put to Tom moaned that the owners -- make a good point about what the stats thing. Well I mean I I do think the owners have I that -- somewhat of the moral high ground saying that the 2006 -- Was -- skewered and they need to they need to bring the number for a little further south than sixty. -- went out and what I think now's the sticking point is I think the players are really starting to dig their heels against the eighteen game schedule and I think donors were counting on that. As a way each. To generate more revenues that they can -- share with the players without it coming out of that percentage that they wanna get down to. You know more from. -- more. Fellow owner friendly number in the fifties as far as total revenues shared with the players I I think the thing is gonna go awhile I've said it all alone. Pound the optimism every once in awhile gets expressed by the Bob Kraft or even the commissioner bud. I really think and listening to the rhetoric on both sides I don't think there's anything close to being an agreement and I think somebody's gonna have to start hurting. And really. Feeling that the financial pinch before this thing gets settled and and didn't -- that's going to be the players before the -- of justice. And I've done look good and now the last matchup Saturday night you look the NFC south and how well they've been represented as of late. You know putting teams in the suitable have an an opportunity. And looking at the Falcons. You know -- hit a post season on a roll there one night in the past ten games. And but then all through their loss and come to teams and and the play -- how do you see. This one unfolding and I know it's a different animal you in the post season I can the Falcons handle the pressure. Think they would they would have been much but this serves like giving Seattle. I don't think they wanted the Packers. I think the Packers are very dangerous team right now if you Green Bay can run the ball anything like they did at Philadelphia I think it think Atlanta's had a little trouble. -- -- the Packers to win this game. I think they went into Atlanta and kind of dealt with. The dome -- -- in week twelve and did find it just fumbled at the one yard line. When Aaron Rodgers coughed that up for that could have been -- Packers -- so it's a pretty level playing field for Green Bay. And I light the Packers to get out of the end NCAA indoor related Dallas so I'm. I'm expecting a Green Bay win because I think there. Here and not your garden variety number six -- Don banks senior NFL writer for Sports Illustrated that have been latest -- and it's a local newsstand and systematic SI dot com Don always a pleasure thank god it. Do we get all right thank god on WW a -- on his 631 it's time -- headline news Hussein a row and welcome back to sports talk. Steelers. And the Ravens kick off the divisional weekend Saturday here on WW -- Operas -- now to welcome in Greg -- -- -- is gray not malaise named Isabella -- -- you to him if alligator arms and your fellow combine it. -- is that correct. And to. Diego did today we know we know lot of language he has the game day host of KDK -- that band in the Steel City to Pittsburgh Steelers. And Greg back in the day it seemed like the old AFC central. It was always always in the Steelers belted -- the -- to the hard nosed games and regular season and of course those. Post season battles at Three Rivers and now it seems like it's. Baltimore Pittsburgh degree robbery in the NF phantom of the AFC north and also a post season battle. Are absolutely in nobody's surprise that you're seeing this matchup again. It's for the second time now and in three years that you've seen them clean plate three times in the seat in back at 2008. Of course the same thing at. Happen in the if he came cheap game you mentioned how the Steelers and and AFC central eighteen north running into these teams and they do it when they do run into them. They win they have not lost to a divisional opponents since the merger in the post seasonal it back in 1972 -- the Steelers do match up with these teams. Three times in a row they generally daycare business. Ben Roethlisberger generally takes care -- this against the Baltimore Ravens. He's 16 there Rahal never lost the Ravens in 2006. So that a lot of trans going in the Steelers direction that other than that the -- early. Mean that things are gonna work out there way out Saturday. And Greg the point you make and he's gotten it done Ben Roethlisberger of vs Joe Flacco. I think one key area and -- Ray Rice on -- against the Saints defense. I mean he was unstoppable now that's not going to give that Steelers the -- -- -- -- -- the Steelers shut down. Ray Rice can Joe Flacco you put in his hands of -- get it done and that's not always the best option and I know late in the game against the Steelers. When the Steelers came out on top. He had big guy. Wide open in the -- you know he didn't move his feet dark and be sharp out did come you gotta make dead thorough subbing is it now the time. To get it done for Joe Flacco he's gonna get it done against -- is -- Right and it's it's very simple. I'll logic would come to this football game became so evenly -- and you try to find the matchups and which came at an advantage and clearly Ben Roethlisberger over Joe Flacco. I am impressed with him as a quarterback but he still. More big game manager the next guy that quarterback position but you're scared they'd beat you. On his own and he definitely was right in at Sunday Night Football game -- truck all -- an extra sack on that fourth down he was clearly looking behind him he was worried about that. But I will give him credit that first steeler raven match up. I'll back good in week forward -- didn't play he -- leading eight game winning drive and that football game to a touchdown pass to TJ Houshmandzadeh that won that game. I don't know what black though he's ready to beat that guy that is going to be sweet natured game in his career not a rookie anymore. He's he's into that third year as a quarterback and he's got a ticket stepped to win a big time playoff game against the Steelers on the road. But to me they -- -- -- in these spots you had a phenomenal season everything they get a deal with. The suspension in all the negative press we know report upon himself we understand that -- the offensive line won't he had to deal with losing both these tackles. It's been a top -- per game and actually the biggest advance to give the Pittsburgh Steelers -- Roethlisberger or lack I like Flacco and let the steelers' run defense is so good. They're not going to be able to run the football Baltimore Ravens it's going to be a black -- and -- just not sure he's ready. They take the bull by the horn -- would -- playoff game against the Steelers -- the world. Heading Greg you know we all coaches emphasize this you know -- come by parity in the league the turnover margin not that's ridiculous. The Patriots plus 28. The looking at the Steelers plus seventeen the Ravens what they're plus seven. I mean Troy Polamalu it seems like he always makes a play whether it's a sack fumble. An interception. How important is that area who's -- plus one RR plus two side. And you know what is the status of Polamalu is he hobbled or -- you full go. -- each line that he is not in practice. I think throughout the week for about six weeks now outside noticed some people that may take a look at this football game in -- -- all almost out practicing this week he's gonna be hobbled. He actually has been better ever since he stopped practice -- You didn't pretty middle rather than a year this year how he is completely healthy he'd yell for truck all the -- damn near me not make a lot of big time played you know still point. Great shape eBay at the same time it was making those game changing plays any injuries particularly to take some time off -- practice and make those game changing -- so -- seek him out there. He's going to be fine and one thing that was very good to see week's seventeen after Troy missed a couple of named victor re aggravating an Achilles he came out. You played against the Browns. Steady and he picked -- a ball and in the first quarter that football game right off the bat on the first possession it was almost like okay I'm back don't worry about it. I'll be trying aren't generally what they've been raped and -- followed makes the big plays Ed Reed does not so I would say that probably. I would lean towards the Pittsburgh Steelers finding a way to make that big play again in this football game and of course. I can keep Flacco making a bigger mistake than than Ben Roethlisberger even though Ben Roethlisberger is a little more big risk taker at the quarterback position I is also quite that bad right now this -- -- most of practice irregular seated. I think seats this year going down the hall at all forced to it divisional all the. Great. KDK aid the fans in the Steel City as the Steelers. Entertain their rattle Volvo or Ravens Saturday in the divisional round they -- the divisional weekend off right here on WW. And Greg gone back to being around his -- I go back today at a meeting in Baltimore. -- when he got beat up you know that was an opportunity and and Noah coach common and Dick LeBeau and those guys like they do in the just the aura of Pittsburgh. He had an opportunity there to really. 3M race all get -- braces those Steelers fans about plain blue blood all over -- Steelers football. Crooked nose into a -- that night when he came up and that play he may -- -- was all on top of him although B was incomplete he save on about twelve yards by not taken the sack. Bet to me kind of show Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers fans a look I know what I've done it from -- he given -- all Howe wannabe is Steve this would Steelers do. Absolutely that's one of the signature play of the year there's three signature plays that football game that you could point to anyone bump. At the biggest player of the year the ball -- sack fumble and Joe Flacco we talked about. And then on that drive then be able to get away from tour also absolutely absolute monster. -- that football game we couldn't block the guy and it said that the biggest concern for the Steelers going into -- game he's Jonathan Scott. Our Max Starks played their left tackle going to be able to do anything electoral votes for and that. Yet -- what the the ball with a black and get back all at bound to complete -- until a touchdown pit cycle reputable people on third down there. Phenomenal stop it's gonna be it's actually not cut steeler fans there all -- not. Going to feel right about Ben Roethlisberger because that. Well of course everything that went down in the -- Georgia but. It got a a fine job of not only playing great -- all the same right things he's doing our thing staying out of trouble. Are off the field. And and really changing himself so I think the majority of football and majority of steeler fan that is. Are are re embracing him in the -- he makes another play like he did. Against a world looked in this football game winning this football game and maybe go to open and beat New England Patriots admit that's going to be -- stats such if they get by the Jets -- expect him do that how to hold what do welcoming him back in but he does a fine job this year to all that. Everything that went down about really winning everybody back. And Greg what is your take on this and hopefully it doesn't come down -- it is and and that's not the case where -- decides. A playoff game or a suitable. How string -- now what with certain type of hits. Good football here too we would've thought as good hits in the past now they're getting fine. That out you know the Ravens defense obviously those Steelers defense they're gonna be aggressive. Living on the edge as there's some area are of concern -- should say where. That may be could be one of those -- hits that can influence the outcome of a playoff game in in god forbid even assume global. You know all that that's pretty huge concern when we talked about this all year long about how the Steelers had been getting the short end of the stick at least that's the perception from Spain and the players the players are very upset. Top gun James Harrison gets quite so much outcome there's more roughing the passer penalty on -- married to anybody else that everything that. We would talk about the ones -- that would come up with this is going to caught the Steelers. A game in a big spot and he argued in a close game against the Baltimore Ravens -- that this could happen. And and I we talked a line Clark every week the Steelers they'd -- on on our show any competent studio he says. You know more than each flying I don't even care about the bind it put fifteen yards because we're worried. In a big spot in the whole scheme we're gonna get hosed on call. And it's gonna change the outcome of football game I don't think you can as the fan especially at the player. Going to one of these games stinking. -- their -- we're gonna get our job on a cold here you kind of have to put that as your mind played football the way you don't have played football cause the last thing you wanna puke. -- beat -- not been a certain situation or are not playing eighteen you wanna play all the way you know at a plane they'll call you out there on the field. But -- actually -- took a major concern. And the Steelers really truly believed to -- man in that locker room that the NFL has been out to get them all year. And I'm sure that change now they had to the policies that. Greg did and I grant what is very -- popular food of choice honesty in his game dates at a tailgate. IE got to get up remaining Brothers say at least. You know all court that the number one the signatures sandwich in Pittsburgh he got to get the and and cap a. A cold and then you gotta get the egg on there a little French Fries on top of the Belmont I can't get the goal from -- get put that together. Maybe nick you're on makeshift permit any Brothers ever get there when you tailgate outside aren't real. Yes indeed the -- so much enjoy the game Saturday. My god thank you so much is Greg -- that you have Katie AKC radio that stand in the Steel City the Steelers host and Ravens. Decade sub divisional coverage a week in here on WWO Saturday afternoon and welcome back tomorrow OK guys I christening -- Buick you. The bonus 730 and handed off to the if they'll preview bring all four divisional games tomorrow night all of that here at all on WWL AM FM. And ended -- is -- the last and an approach. That he isn't your cities if there recap saint c.'s talk about the divisional game and also hit on all the big election news. This week is -- 26018786688. 0870. He's the number two gate in bowl today's parity offended -- opinion poll online at WW dot com. -- whenever woods is -- being allowed to spend the next six months at home instead of a halfway house. Right a wrong move you can vote on line not here vote on line WW -- dugout 080 is going to be at the we have to spend the rest -- the time home. Yeah I don't know. -- -- don't love them or hate him and yeah what he's like 84 years old of an -- you know holding no good -- the out against the kind of fade off into the sunset in general I -- never had a problem. Where government average you know people have different. Personal experiences right he was one reason -- -- and the Saints uniform and I stated very 1985 dollar signing with the Seahawks. It politically is correct this our society thinks that they all -- and they try to beat. And his politically correct in what I'm about to say. But if he rampant government next term he'd be a runoff. He might be that the government that's the kind of -- all of -- he's -- you note that. What would dig up all knows our reflect back and you look with the Saints mean that is community. You know John become. You know all of a sudden he's in a cell on the think -- of the same similar to Jacksonville. And you know governor Owens got mister Benson involve -- to keep the team here. So I know that's one positive just speaking on behalf of the Saints and you know the -- and nation he was directly involved and that and help meet the come here to have some local flavor. Like -- and had a deal worked out with the Seahawks. You know back in 1985 and in you know coming here. You know it wasn't a bum Phillips or anything -- he was the coach but governor was in mister Benson. You know behind the scenes so. I don't know what other state but Louisiana it's a more colorful against that. A governor would be part of our professional teams recruiting process. And that's all like government can't do and L issue. Yeah who -- That's right hammonds saw Anthony Anthony thank you for calling WW real. They're you've got one back right he Anthony looked I would go crawl but I would -- home when I got off work. And I heard one of the -- talk about they -- some chemical we've got in our division. Yeah and a C south lead that's could be called a lot of -- while united -- Saints thing. He he he he really not a complaint back up I think him on the street outlook look written now in sabbatical leave except a lamp. Alama talk about a two day. -- and you don't land that is like one and one day and you know to Saints fans experience when the winner of Tennessee chance shipments Chicago -- I think truly Saints fans yes the Falcons on. Top of their lives -- right behind them of the Bears. -- Obama stated that the bad ribbon panel but not only reason I'm not going over the -- Because they talk about not to like the data from lately that you would need to come up -- Yeah you're right I assume -- like him you play whatever it took about like others do. But after the hit being a role within a -- -- a most of them more the only thing. No I got a lot a lot of people a lot of people go away an -- you know it's amazing. And we always talk about this big when you look at. A local ties obviously you mentioned Todd McClure are the -- -- Falcons you look at. Running back Matt Forte right out our Sydell Tulane with the Veres and then you look at BenJarvus. Green-Ellis with the Patriots like you know from saying all right and you look at Mike Wallace's -- -- receiver formal Perry walker artist -- does not violating its date -- all the connections of the local as it's amazing. And even Matt Flynn. You know with the Packers -- Aaron Rodgers is the guy but then in and you look. You know the Colts I mean look at Reggie Wayne Archie Manning -- and now -- make night. He had their last big game win at 132 yards rushing but the Jets out of nowhere parties go play. Against the pages but it just goes on and on the local connection the agency would all these NFL teams. Gone back -- all your causes by rebounding ability edits his sports talk on WW -- and welcome back to the phones we go un nick in the Big Easy nick thank you for calling. They think particular call him at the biggest thing they have as anybody in the world -- and accumulate good reason why. It would be good for us to see the Falcons when the two global. If that is the tracks that there -- days when they do with a simple. It's short all season. Tremendous demand for personal time it's emotionally Troy leaving I have to go to all these events. They. Acquiring Carter and everything -- so nick nick is using. A positive out smoke -- all hang though is he's focusing his hate for the Falcons in a positive way is that -- nick. My love for the ranked cardinal every torture notice you you'll you'll make in a tunnel since preach all. Commitment they go only problem is that then they they went assume all develop continues the line. Well you don't call us back when you win something you know our -- there and -- when a suitable ending and it talks -- and. But I'm really just one good example that is bothered me all -- -- -- -- days before training camp opened. What's -- wall more you watch Drew Brees. 4000 books -- -- -- I defy anybody. It took took time -- hundred Nate. On your name a hundred times -- amount -- -- -- what the world I would speculate god love him and thank you could do it. Now they can -- good record as saying they Drew Brees. Could this -- tickets aren't thousands and thousands and thousands of books. Immature three weeks or forty goes to care perhaps the year's second in the pro football. -- -- it it you know every event appearances. You have this tremendous emotional angst involved look people you know needing -- -- -- No I don't know -- -- nick are you not I'm Bobby have -- about to comment on things because we're going to break I don't know how to plays until but there's no doubt about it all season is more taxing my editors and less time. Right in the eight you know I was just so many hours and a day and that's as impressive big -- the Patriots have done. And I mean I'm sure Tom Brady is a well the men and our. You know as far as is apparent is that what they want to do that and and you know it and Andruw Jones doesn't turn out too many people did you doesn't -- And age is almost too nice maybe become a bat to a dime and T bone -- -- college he's by rebounding Bellamy a plus will. Previews the Jets and Patriots. And also the Bears and the Seahawks this is WW --