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Doug Russell, Jim Colony

Jan 17, 2011|

Bobby and Mike invite Doug Russell, Sports Director for WSSP Radio in Milwaukee, and Jim Colony of KDKA-FM the Fan in Pittsburg into the radio huddle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- is let me get killed Mike detail -- -- -- -- again about maybe have a at this -- of this data. I did Hank got counted Mississippi. Out in -- evident because at 7 o'clock the night in a putrid Johnson show and LSU basketball really had some part. Well they got embarrassed like it definitely they lost but 38 points. And portraits evident that there -- -- and on the SEC you know that's surprising Ameen. Nichols state beat him. You know and and you know that a lot goes out to Naples -- accomplished that but yeah Ellie she got. -- -- Obviously it's wins and losses you look at a Stanford guy coming in and he's going to be judged on wins and losses but it's all about recruiting. You know one -- two players can make all the difference in the world whether or not you can keep the action in basketball and has he done. And each and every at 6 o'clock which Dolan not mr. Dave hill wood from the silver -- okay thanks so much for -- did tonight. Message -- to be did a great to have W ability you're in this reminder we're gonna have to get -- show everybody night all the way through. The money yet this bubble we'd go to Gus no for America Canada I don't know they finish that it that part of the pitcher congregation and all of a quarter directed the would you detonate the the bodies to maybe have that or recount on that you on the board of directors they felt was going on here at the civil slip -- that we. At a great holiday season here. They got a lot of entertainment and stuff -- -- -- the next couple weeks they got a lot of great stuff coming up at airports always all of these Mondays with the -- radio show. Don't forget all wonderful they've both made we have one dollar. Cop once in the two dollar cop haters who read about it to the radio show if you pick up that republic. They vote in a payment Watson over the weekend that this is -- hot spot in the payment. You have a good variety. Thomas and everybody's needs so to speak musical wise Phillips was going on and in that direction now from music standpoint he has -- -- over the weekend. It's what we -- do we have act -- over this it was over he used to a couple of the coach allotment casinos. Pre Katrina. -- secrecy has rocketed Yates is attributed Jerry Lee Lewis. He's gonna be rocket -- places for -- Saturday from eight to deny me for years he'll miss that and that's for this Friday this Saturday. What -- what times and you can appeal becomes lauded eight gamble yes state ball great ball. Hi great balls and Fareed is a great job they know. Lot of people this sit down here we -- from Ohio so he's making the trip down here he's got a lot Ohio plan. -- Louisiana guy. Yep yep of this -- guys that Celtic. BBC person as rocket idiots. Well nothing -- you have. Called on here because of open an extra got them a 2000 dollar January jackpot drawings every flight Saturday from seven limited gradually but the big rule out there. At this past Friday Richard a basic Lewis 15 thousands -- that the wheels though blow some big winners all that in all ends up next Saturday night. At night -- giveaway that beautiful was -- the Chevrolet. Silverado black and gold truck outside so -- next Saturday. A bit they the fans coming this weekend that all watch playoff we'll all get that you'll vote gaming. I mean you'd have to say the fan base that there hollering go -- go. Especially way to Bears fans are treated the -- -- going back in the championship and Coach Green and two reasons first year. And then also. Hopkins you know I I cheer for the Steelers -- blue collar team vs New York. I mean I think the Saints fan base in the fan Mayhew -- here in the regular money yeah yeah yeah I did I get out there. I didn't hear you gotta understand Alou where you heard from him. But I think I -- have you taken it if you I think if they can win and then I could see them also a cheering on. You know Packers does do is to make those who. When you come together big screen you if you play a little bit -- game you can write as you rattle the slot so. Man you know you get the best of both worlds in the best -- they have on the Mississippi gulf. That's rip it's destructive keep you don't ever want or slot -- posted fourteen foot HTTP one thing about Brazil beat the Super Bowl what. When teams not going to be there -- Atlanta Falcons yesterday. The so a couple of those social work don't miss beauty secrets in his rocket eighty -- to -- -- this week it'll mistake yet they. The -- all we not having a look normal against Falcons call up from Atlanta area. And our ability as -- -- -- -- yet if the Falcons to win. And it they would have went that is doable in one and I'm telling you every day. Every month until next season somebody would have called in and being to their hauler about the Falcons but the bottom line is. If you don't got that ring it don't mean a thing and you can't say definitely don't think yeah that's stated they they say that hey that's been. Know you had a great season what does that mean you're out you got embarrassed at home you had the number one -- Last year we had the number one team we took advantage of it the whole crowd but obviously the -- skates and then. That's right it also luck we'll have these are Super Bowl weekend when a beef but. All's we're working -- you -- year's world that. Next Saturday night someone was when I came in -- was asking me that if you have to beat Puerto whose Wimbledon with that would sort of that principles holes Sunday we'll have you the ball towards me up too -- 1000 dollars a course 1000 dollar -- the finals more if you yet. But you cannot forget I -- days. I'll -- it luck of the asses of themselves. Don't know another part of his body that was rich don't look -- will look exactly like it got it right on the on the money. Yet -- now -- got to reflect back with them last year you know you're news here it's clearly votes yes Arizona yeah I picked the exact scoring and so I guess if you could it be lucky. -- Cubans who will gain a -- because -- ended -- The Knicks pick both of these but I can't man and I'm glad I. I did not say anything and whether they ask. Yet to show you how wrong I was so that the one Monday night game I -- the Jets but beat the Patriots have -- and lost Florida by the throat with a and there but they came back and they've won the game when it. I got to pick in games that something could happen -- a lay up. They expect them but would notice we appreciated. And you have a lot of things hop and enrollment over yeah. Super Bowl weekend and things leading up to at least he'll be it to be a lot of quality gores don't yet we have the radio to give you deal with the -- WL so like but yeah. -- Both sounded better -- -- -- better. Double double all the way to the money yet this -- a couple of -- you know with thanks so much notice that we appreciate -- if you open. Great staff get this it was the man they would everytime because when people always bring up the hospitality that they -- here does that mean. We appreciate everything that you -- everything you do for everyone else is. That is something we hear it everywhere we go more. With the -- guess you'll write up this time on the other big 878 that Debbie -- 7 AM FM and -- now why. -- -- Picked up 51 million plus include Williamson forty with a 366. Williams' -- -- there's things. Really well. It's okay. And that was the back breaker young man from assumption high school of them buy it from -- Williams makes the game break in. Played for the green bay Packers and on the line what is now we kept up Russell from WS SB radio in Milwaukee. Thanks so much -- -- innocent. Was -- obvious that watched a month Williamson high school we plated assumption high school right at the -- where -- -- And won't walk on at Louisiana Tech. What does not get drafted gets butt buddy Houston Texans and training camp. And all of a sudden this year in my opinion he's the best cover cornerback in the NFC what a great run for c'mon Williams out there green. -- You know quantify -- There's the -- you just put out. Is dead spot well I mean this is a kid who nobody get the chance to who was literally picked up off the scrap heap and has worked his tail off to get to where he has it's all on the popular art or probably anybody target two probably and anything is a good. Hit it nice humble young man. Easier -- four and everything. Glad that it happened to camp this year he has -- an he has deserved. And I can't -- And good things about. -- tomorrow without Mike McCarthy Ted Thompson. The Packers -- general manager about how they feel about remodeling and you know you that -- gushing. Mike McCarthy. Couldn't eat proper and those were exactly like couldn't be prouder. What a lot has done in China and -- long term contract with the Packers and he has become one of the bat locked down quarterbacks and and he does it. In clutch situations save became a week ago in Philadelphia. Air and really put the final nail in the coffin going -- -- out I'm good about that everybody saw the other night -- but jerked on this story. -- regular caddie for. Also got -- -- Clay Matthews junior of the council -- your starter accuracy. Pot certainly had so great bloodlines. But you know when I'll look at his coat you know look at him I mean they're almost carbon copies of one another. In Kevin greed and what he has brought to the table one thing I gave Mike McCarthy. He has surrounded himself -- an outstanding coaching staff I think he's seen in college football the same way to -- What you can't beat what a very good coaching staff brings to the table and what you -- with having greenest know what that line backing corps as a whole. Because of all the injuries you guys have suffered. But man would he still would Matthews as. Bird he generally has every couple years ago -- mean he -- coaching search coaching intern not even a consistent. And we just -- gets put the door after his playing career was over and you know usually take it as hard as you want to make a real career out of -- you know he's got a whale without without -- -- used up a seventh round draft choice. A year ago. That but that got injured in now Brett Jones who unfortunately can't play or not that he's on injured reserve but he came out of nowhere. As well. Yeah. It's just find some -- who I've also been injured means he's been featured no name kids step Kevin Greene has really coach up our camp in a different about it agree. That's amazing even successful teams the successful coaches -- so great -- and Mike McCarthy and how well the job without. And it now you know ducked what is the mindset of the packer fan base because you look at the pressure when you've taken or -- living -- look at the 49ers. Is still trying to find a replacement. Far you know Joe Montana and Steve -- The Dolphins that Dan Marino the Broncos and John Elway and looking with Aaron Rodgers has been able to accomplish. It is it's is that the ultimately. You know we need to take a prior to this who will win but. Look at -- that playoff performance against the Falcons 31 at 36. Tutors 66 yards -- Brett -- Everett threw -- a playoff game -- they truly embraced Aaron Rodgers. And and realize what a special quarterback years. Yeah I think finally yeah outside I don't think. That everyone has been on board I think that the first three playoff games of his career -- and touchdown passes spotlight more than anybody else in NFL history to their first three. Playoff games and that includes hard and Elway and Montana and young and I was the record part that you mentioned and everyone else for that matter. A boat that holding out that'd be -- trans Sherwood park it's -- things. I would agreement Packers in the sixteen years here nobody can take that away from anybody nobody should take that away from anybody. The success there -- -- -- has turned a lot of naysayers into believers are still a couple of hold outs but should the Packers complete history with two more victories this year I think that a lot of those great -- Are going to shut up once and Paul and and get on board with the program because Aaron Rodgers has been nothing short of amazing just an absolute phenomenal performer. And it got -- going forward obviously you always want to have balance in Nazi thing with Jay Cutler they gonna try and run Matt Forte. And you look at James starts coming out of nowhere university of Buffalo 123 yards rushing against the Eagles. And they didn't have that balance and L with 96 yards but at least. Yet 31 attempts is that going to be critical also. That they can have that sense of balance -- going to Chicago this weekend. I think it a try but. Inaugural fire and people are fooling themselves if they think the change starts you know what happened seventeen -- Milosevic yet. I'll work yet you mentioned out of Buffalo who was benched. Because of bad practice cap and so he had one good game earlier this year and I would -- -- -- home game against the 49ers where he performed pretty well. You know he got at least the spot lied about Cameron lauded him and he settled right things that all the right things -- -- -- -- you know lately that I can practice and -- -- and one on the inactive list your displayed back into the lineup had a great game against what else is you guys now. But it you know it if packers' tampering nonchalant countries killing themselves into thinking that James Starks is going to -- the key to this game coming up on Sunday at Chicago the Bears. I think that's kind of foolish notion that you ask coach can certainly been an -- once you won the ball. And I think that once you make that attempt early on just based on the sloppy track that. That we all know Chicago's Soldier Field that's. But this is a pass or stop and ask -- what brought back tell -- -- scores points -- others offense keeps the defense. On the field and keeps the packers' offense certain -- rather. Off the field so. Don't put too much on James starts this game will be won -- lost on the right shoulder Rodgers. Yeah you know out of her when Mike was here when that things in New Orleans team -- you talked about all the time about you've won the first coaches are member here. Using that short pass as a running gains. And we brought that up so many times in compensation that Howell became his change now that you could use that short passes that's a running game in. You know when you look at that with -- all the entries have practice -- -- How has been able to overcome this is truly been a great story. One guy I think this really breaking through for you is is BJ -- did big nose tackle in his second year from Boston College. It's a guy that. And one thing you notice about him on the -- he's -- -- cost that mean he just has that ability and get 34 alignment of dom capers. To create havoc in the middle of when you have a 34 alignment. You gotta have a big time nose tackle and BJ is is turning into that type -- -- and he's like rich junior put him at that lead blocker also Wimbledon yet. Not that -- You got some real. Yeah a lot of people back there -- -- no question about values that apparently there. And evidence of that last week at some point or -- is ever going to let it go old William refrigerator Perry route. Actually get Iraq itself but you know he got to enjoy this time in the offensive backfield opening up a hole for John Q -- not -- touchdown run but. And what there is. Get -- -- a lot of strengthening you mentioned this actually mentioned what he does -- shows up on the box score. But I mean what Bobby play gave me the holiday as a means that nose tackle. And I ask you do a lot of things that never show on on the box score and sometimes sacrificing yourself for the good of the team in fact that you yourself for the good. Somebody else's numbers whether it's Clay Matthews. Letter it's you know partner before he got hurt or whether it's Charles Woodson in -- and honestly Q -- Don't think to beat Iraq he does so well and the show unbelievable under appreciated his -- except two blockers so many times because they after. If you don't put -- blocker I'll be here he's going Gordon shouldn't have to put two blockers on him and he -- got up and it's almost like a one man advantage. Cheap he does so many things that don't show up at -- -- appreciate that this wish more people wore more. Like shelves intelligent in the game that that would realized that. If you don't got married. Yet and Casey and Mike and our our average dog you bring that up I'll destructive than you normally don't recognize. Pocket -- going against that eagles' defense had Clyde Simmons alongside Reggie White the two Roma round you have to have some guys to block them. And he would still get that push you taste that well why -- you -- step up there's no room didn't let Clyde Simmons and Reggie White covered all the ads though. Those that are kind of guys that don't get the respect a lot of times. But it is still important even to success. Yeah -- -- there's really no question about that you know that did this -- good football teams are you built on the line out whether it's the offensive line. Protecting your quarterback and opening up playing pretty wide receivers or whether it's the defensive line that disrupts the other change while. Happy -- he has had such incredible anchor and there were so many people -- not only -- -- when that happened. Sometimes sack percentage. Expect a little bit too much I think their real out there their expectations are unrealistic and use party -- a year ago as a spot stands and I I was laughing all the way to got Malamud. Are you are -- -- -- -- really stupid and about a year or -- or whatever whatever BJ. You know. Put up a few more numbers when other teams don't keep up on him. And that turned out to -- that he's worth every penny they paid him and was definitely worth the number nine overall selection in the draft years ago without. Makes them much which artists we appreciate that he went thing who detonation. Will be in las cheered for the Packers this -- game because name me another day Atlanta and im really hate -- bad so -- get out are all. Peace out bullet glove like guarantee it thanks so much for ordinance. Corporal -- real quick and yeah. All right Doug Rolston from WS's the radio in Milwaukee gonna go to -- -- out -- the -- 77 WLT 7 AM FM of that now. This will be the final snap and the before -- nothing but thanks. And the Pittsburgh Steelers make every couple of Ravens -- -- final 31 at 24 to advance to their fifty. Any NFC championship game. As for the third consecutive time they've eliminated. The Baltimore Ravens and head to head matchups this playoff competition. What are what they confuse you look and you wanna see that Ravens up on that this when you limit layout I know it's a tough game especially bitter -- as a starter like he had a lot of you mean you got then they'll play and and that's not today and I can't explain to you. How teams match up against other clubs -- happen no book. Hey what we see each and every yeah -- teams match up well. Yeah and like you look at Ben Roethlisberger. And how strongly is. You don't put him among the league but he's right there but he this -- -- quarterback I think Hines Ward. -- -- He said he may not be Tom Brady all Bulls -- the guys obviously that's what Drew Brees Peyton Manning -- says who NIC human Gado. I know we've got a chance to win. He said he's a proven winner and history shows he's a proven a letter against the Baltimore Ravens what do you think that'll. Well I mean it a that is and it's unbelievable how he's been able to match up against that -- -- what is now we have to Cologne on it from KUK eight. FM radio to fans and covered the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jim thanks so much would join and us and you know it's it's not up. One of the black and -- wanted to to a gonna make it each and every yet. And to be honest with Pittsburgh and New Orleans in McConnell like twin Brothers from different mothers. Got a lot of the same. Sonic characteristics. And England -- blue collar that's ought to think I've never back in this Lebanese watching Pittsburgh play at. You know an economy was so bad in the northeast at that time things would change and it. It you know coal mines do you -- type situation the Steelers pulp. That's sitting in that area. We have to treat -- all the hurricane situation that happened here with the saint hit for Sosa it's a lot of the same sort of community effort. That's easy Pittsburgh's in the same sort of thing you Waltz. Well -- and and violated as a colony is the way it's put out to negate any my relatives of listening nugget indignant. -- -- will try to bring your. We tried to bring you a little bit like cold last night talked at home and you know what -- -- John as the unit Jim. Well that's fine all Nuggets in my street cred on our show later in the week we have we made up wiz Khalifa on what is so black and yellow which apparently is not climbing the charts alarming rate but. You know it's. Yeah -- the you know that this Steelers. What I think about the Steelers. Is that that we you know in the steel industry. Collapsed. Well -- collapse much below that strong but. But you know when he caught in Pittsburgh had to change a little bit about people will -- way and the Steelers. A lot of -- have become America's team and -- in fact you may remember that. And it -- don't want to do they wanted and America's team they were first starting out basically you know they approach. The Steelers make that we -- you the American payments and the release that now you know the -- are released that now we're not a better team were dispersed in. But you know for a lot of reasons that you just stated. The Steelers have a lot of ways -- com. You know kind of Americans came -- and they've had success in the world and so when he Super Bowl. So you know it's it's it's. It's except it is it is appealed the situation properly what. If you think back to march -- what was going on the quarters. And and what's happening now. It's. And I was one of the -- outside the united that this on the air that if -- the Steelers have decided to get rid of them. I would have been okay with it but -- -- we also -- that. As soon as he comes back as soon as he starts winning games. Everything will be forgotten. Everything is not completely forgotten in that regard. -- -- Meant who else you want right now we saw -- Peyton Manning did against the Jets we saw what Tom Brady hit well she want right now in the NFL -- ball -- -- hands -- you know problem and don't fourth quarter we want -- -- you know -- if I'm an NFL and I want Roethlisberger. Yet that Jim especially that third in nineteen I mean to make that -- And come up big I mean though he was the difference. If he'll become a huge -- and now that mindset. You know and playing the percentages look at -- -- -- it's like a long putt. Right and you know and in and look at field position -- any comes up with a big throw. But that -- what you look at this dealers and organization obviously they would team of the decade. In this than anything you look at forty ninth in the eighties Cowboys in the ninety's now the Patriots you know in in this victory. But the Steelers right now I know it's been up and down kind of went through bowl not the playoffs but if they win. Against the Jets they'll -- in their third syllable -- six season. And you look at it is -- -- -- greens the that it that's a pretty nice accomplishment. What is there's a lot of guys that deserve a lot of credit -- under the radar. Let you know people in New -- don't know about Kevin Colbert. But he's director of you know of pro football operations when he got behind a lot of this stuff Mike Tomlin. -- got -- -- it was a situation where you know people that right away vote you care to build our team won't yet he did but you know this is -- team now and yeah -- You talk about you know there're there are some players and a lot of heat players. From the Steelers weren't played before Mike Thomas got here right. This rookie class has been really good and and you know that there're there're there're a lot of veterans that people recognize that there are some new players and all the sudden step it up what you mention that walked practically from Roethlisberger to Antonio brown. Would I who couldn't even get a hat on game day at the beginning of the season he was inactive. Like he you know he worked his butt off the practice Hines Ward and autumn. Mike Tomlin got out of it that hey you know what you stay with it it -- get -- chance. And look at the play that he made. So. It -- if -- if I'm a moderate speed changing of the guard that. But there are some new faces in here and and and it's one of those deals where I'm sure a lot of championship teams -- like it's. God -- chances you gotta make plays. And the Steelers young receivers made some plays and we saw that the Ravens veteran receivers. You know and quite dropped the ball and yeah and TJ Houshmandzadeh who by the way. Just face the terrible towel. In the regular season victory since that one regular season game back in 05. And he had some of his teammates said they basically abused the terrible towel. Which is -- to Pittsburgh tradition everybody's Peter on TV that they have played in the goal. How -- -- ever since then they've backed up on him Bryant. Thought well it. Yeah I ended up Jim you look at. Obviously you wanna -- -- the fan -- that happened home crowd and but you have to been a great situation and you owner role. -- the Ravens era when he won his seventh. -- Ryan Clark right here from analysts reports that while double -- Ray -- on this screen pass in all of us that badly re energized the crowd. And you know it's kind of you know Baltimore you think about it deal with a two touchdown lead and you know obviously. You know a couple of times over the Ravens created. But in almost on the tides turned in the come back with the help with three Baltimore turnover in that third quarter and it just seems like the Ravens couldn't. Couldn't recover from that momentum. Regiment and Ryan Ryan Clark got eaten he had a lot of he's used on our morning show on -- accused it'll be -- and tomorrow morning advocate morning show -- -- -- almost gets a lot of credit as well he should. And it's funny though -- you know some play as you know. Some fans are never satisfied. Had people wondering where was Troy Polamalu will get where Troy Polamalu he was doing other stuff in the ravens' front boy Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark had chances to make plays and did. He's really good usually steady people don't realize the thing to keep have to do what all the sudden. One big you know that it is well thought it sounded you know 32 and Troy decide -- I'm gonna do this that make that hand signal an eye contact with Ryan. And he has which shot at the last minute and look you're tours and go here's like to go there. I don't think people understand you know some of the things of that that that he does and I was really happy for him. It's just -- game he has so you know last night. Let the other night I'm hoping that last night. And but -- he he's he's been a real -- position the Steelers are very unsung hero. That they executed to what Steelers defense is done you know over the last few years. Jim thanks so much but on and it's and good luck this weekend against the Jets in -- -- it's it's a great story and you talked about what happened in his spring. With Ben Roethlisberger of what Mike -- to keep his team intact. And to really make -- work you gotta give Mike -- his snapped a lot of credit but we appreciate you come and all what does on the second guess yeah. Right any time guys. Thanks so much still colony from KUK. FM radio -- fan of Pittsburgh morons I guess you're right at this time on the other big 870. Seven OB LE 70 AM after Hammond -- now. Let go back to this let me guess he'll likely to deal with the KG can't have Bobby Hebert. As loud at the ovals and casino beats out of Hancock county Mississippi -- -- at 7 o'clock that'd be deterred Johnson's show right here on the big 870. And Bobby when we're talking about he will bring it up impact players. The saint speaking at when he four. And I was just want to -- this which -- in 200224. Overall pick Ed Reed Baltimore Ravens. 2003. Indianapolis Colts picked Dallas Clark idea. And 2000. Four. The St. Louis Rams pick Steven Jackson running back Arkansas State. In 2005 green bay Packers and the when he would pick up by the name of Aaron Rochus. In 2006. -- make those Johnathan Joseph it was a -- cover cornerback what the bagels. In 07 eating get picked it 24 get picked it 25. Jon -- all pro linebacker Carolina plant is in no wait. 24. Tennessee Titans Chris Johnson running back. And it'll make it right nick will that somebody -- have a big impact -- -- and totaled nine he went pick at 2426. Clay Matthews play Mattingly date back any lead into acknowledged no if you do your homework right. That's an impact player there at that 24 spot just not. -- even started tightly out. I'm talking about 88 time pro forma. A lot of inhabited do we need to use these guys -- now it's not on that list. Defense of line. Because they've gone because they thought -- -- it's it's just like it creates. Those guys come off the board real quickly is the same will -- the -- it's difficult to get. That big time -- first and. Mike I got a question as you know you look at a guy like a pack -- Robertson. Not on the level of now coaching at the number one draft pick. Because they have the ability and you think you real looked maybe succeed. Like the Patriots -- number 27 last season -- mclarty's. I mean is that tragic drama than you think you have that ability. Yes more physical skills that DeVon -- pick up the middle part of the game. And it'd be consistent. Because look at the Cowboys game at the all England after the -- went up there -- -- Getting on in Slidell -- you know how to win at Bobby in my. They are not doing. -- just didn't take the which I think we -- You know Andrea. Well it's gotta be up front seven player and my preference would be if that's a pass -- there a -- can put pressure on the quarterback. As befits a bit that's what you should go for it Gregg Williams assist them. The linebackers are not the blitz guys. They're -- cover people strong in run defense -- that the Mets have this Atlanta airport at Marino's record or realignment. So if that's -- front seven guy and in particular he -- a bit. You you leaning in that element a lot of people bring up blocking marking will be a very good football player put his team but. You don't play defense you don't put pressure on a lot of backing you see. This time of the season it's like to the well being that you know -- a lot of guys that can put pressure on the quarterback that you hope. That somebody would Thomas lied to you that house that element is that the incident at the. I don't win their ticket -- Robinson last year and we had him on the radar we are talking about this don't draft Jerry Jones hit a weatherspoon Wright who wind up starting off for the Falcons and outside linebacker. Outside linebacker Stevenson and I think got squared immediate impact we need us. Any secrets have been he wanted to answer your question a lot of the outside linebackers it is trapped at a early -- projections they -- 34 outside linebackers. Pass rush people put from the 34 alignment. So don't be interesting this team but I do think it's gotta be a front line guide the incident -- attack at 24. Appreciate your call or second guess you're right at this time out here on the negates that. -- an explosive moments here -- that against Joe Mike Teel indicating cannon Bobby ate there. Does remind everyone at 7 o'clock that'd be to Trent Johnson show right here on the big 870. News just broke out of Oakland no surprise you Jackson offensive coordinator for the Raiders has been named the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders -- Jackson. -- head coach of the Oakland Raiders about you bring -- up a point about how dominant the Steelers have been against division folds when it comes to playoff time. Yet you look or rival type atmosphere. -- -- when the Angels. You know -- playoff team and you look at the Ravens the candidates that shelters Theo is now. This is impressive. You know this if you like the Saints. Totally dominating. The Falcons that Carolina are. You know Tampa Bay in the playoffs the Steelers are nine to go against division teams in the post season. You know that's second season -- truly counts. You know average ballot then now that indicates the Ravens -- -- Roethlisberger. Because you have them off of them but in that division. The Steelers have dominated the post season and and that goes a long way. And think well not so fast you might be enough on our have a chance the plane as it was in the post season. Within division. I don't care it's been that -- -- -- that the Ravens have not had success. Just you know coach you know it would Bobby -- They got. I tell. Bob Hill. You would -- people. Google that you thought the that factored in again. Well you don't like this goes back to training camp Mike you had the Saints and Jets. I had the Packers in the Ravens so we've still got with a guy like we got somebody in the hunt now the glory you'd -- will be. In that -- -- I think a lot of as Saints they know days and he thinks is going to be the Packers all K through because I think a lot of a lot of the Saints fan base. It is going with the Packers in his Steelers I think you look at you then as more of blue collar. Where he got a big city Chicago and New York so a lot of fans I've talked to become -- Jarrett -- the Steelers and the Packers a lot as the offense on the Louisiana. Yeah got a lot of you but if we end up but I guess what are -- know that's arguably. And Mike Hilliard. Keep vehicles all of that that you know Butler -- the. And a I got other family members that in the coaches being told that up without refuted it's really Duke but Bob -- to -- make your GM I did not -- -- not -- And I kind of a problem and the -- up I'll -- but let's -- the money on an editorial team but. It's is that children night because of all the dynamics of everything in in next week. And it really -- Upton beating up also to the national signing day. For college football players -- -- conference final weeks where some of those you deeply missed the opening and out there be interesting to see how. Strong Belichick equals out. Yet in my looks like they can it be and how great position to close out a live up to expectations and obviously next year. Received an -- and they gotta be a team -- -- confident national championship yeah they think getting any better that LSU and Oregon to keep all the season in Dallas thank everybody for president body into plus the night won the legal age all good night people. That.