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Jan 19, 2011|

Bobby sits down with Drew Brees and talks about the playoffs, what N.O. needs to do next year and the current labor negotiations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby -- saying -- and though and French market coffee. Follow you'll pass time now for Bobby had his weekly conversation we drew drew thank you so much for joining us we appreciate. And -- -- colleges talking. About Aaron Rodgers in his play and and you know when you're just observing again not necessarily. You know watching film we're just watching it from a TV perspective. To me what I was impressed -- and you don't have to be frustrating as a defensive coordinator. What you -- shoot I had the right defense on I don't know holly got away even that Timmy -- Aaron Rodgers is capability. Is a big part of his game. And obviously when you go 31 at 36 you've been in the zone before. He throws with three is 66 yards. -- a packer fans with the -- of Brett Favre uniform never through the that many yards in a playoff game -- if you look so far in the playoffs. He's first in passing yards -- average of 46 he has six touchdown which is second. And you don't use that led the NFL and 25. Plus yard completion since 2006. When he's leading with eight. Had five blocked -- seems like he's clicking on all cylinders right now. -- -- -- about it drew employer quarterback position and an order pretty well we actually the chance to work out together over the last few offseason and so -- can develop and I'm I'm really impressed with what he's got a lot of no physical all these. You know our kicker pretty special I think he's got you know he's got -- -- are released but he give out the ball very quickly he throws. -- -- tight spiral the he's got great capability now politically like you were talking about it -- aboard a lot of -- he. Extend plays you make plays pocket that'll only expecting it and -- -- but also. Rotting in a lot of cases it went that extra help that he's been. They're running back -- there a quarterback but. I think most impressive -- -- just. You know as a three year starter now. You know it's filled the shoes -- -- there every day you can imagine how the Colts. You know that span and yet he's he's just continue to get better better. The first season for 4000 -- each of these and this year -- 39 under. Mister game and you know in injury suffered concussions so. He's he's more QB for virtually no question and all of these players as well as you can play right now in the playoffs -- -- a child. Andrew look at said that Packers fact Falcons game boy it's say it -- auto started I should say. As the Falcons would expect. You know -- -- cause a big turn over looks like with the Packers and am a big play they -- Joba ball. They get a touchdown primary queens but now all of a sudden Green Bay scored 35 consecutive points and to me -- a big point watching that game. All of a sudden try before have you trying to get points we've seen Matt Ryan duties -- the found with a little spring and out. To get closer a higher percentage. Field goal in in all of a sudden you look in where the game maybe possibly could have been 21 to seventeen. -- Williams takes it all seventy yard touchdown now has 28 to fourteen -- half. But that decision like that too big of a momentum swing profound -- the recover. Yet you know if you if you were. A tight then. Two into mathematical formula. Getting a turnover early in the game which it landed did they get fumble from Green Bay and then we scored first and then a special teams start stole the -- -- go to computer and so what percentage. The Falcons now winning this game after those two things happening. In the first quarter. You'd you'd say like 9295%. -- And then all of sudden like you that you know the tables just turn and -- Green Bay defense. Has played exceptionally well this during the playoffs and and did you know while -- -- that well but but also. There they're their offense just their ability to cut the score will make track meet and then he -- epic play before half. From our weekly as the two interception during the game you know taking points away from the Falcons. As an -- do you know you're angry and they turned them both ports such huge. And Andrew are looking at the game obviously about NC game Chicago against the Seahawks. I'm looking at you know that Bears defense and always gonna have a two of defense the Seahawks only gained 111 yards through three quarters. You look at it is -- the condition -- Soldier Field. And then you could see it Bears even though go to sea -- made a run in the and you look at time of possession. The Bears had the ball 3710 minutes that is Seahawks twenty to fifty soldiers sailors like them again ago. -- obviously led the Bears were in control. Yeah -- -- out here to watch as you can imagine. That. Brought from their speculation either by. The Bears. In the pair -- predicting. I think all year long. If you just look at the stats may be -- that impressive and yet. They just -- you know and may they wear you down throughout the course of the game. Think -- been pretty good in the fourth quarter noble principle at all and so. Obviously when you go to different future matchup between divisional opponents Packers and Bears -- both split. -- -- -- -- -- -- During the regular season but now I think both these teams -- player in. It couldn't they can play the next slow especially the clockers and so. Surely they feel pretty good about their chances Bobble at Soldier Field step onto the bench players. And it look at it the Steelers in the Ravens and you know I'd pick the Ravens -- back in training camp in late July that you know the Rams and AFC. In this doable and and -- feeling pretty good public distillers are trailing 21 to seventy picked the Packers to repeat against those communities well I. I don't know what always seem like a homer drew you know -- Hello. Say that took about an order aren't. Obviously. Drew looking at the Steelers -- their trailing 211 to seven. -- feeling pretty good about the Ravens in opted turn over is degraded that created to Ravens touchdowns. But then the -- come back with -- -- three Baltimore turnovers in the third cool water. And and I was almost shocked they'll look at the Ravens offense. When you look at it that -- 126. Total yards offense. Minus four in that third quarter and is that -- have they had only. 28 yards and it is a Steelers team is that good. Well burgers at burger in the in the games -- -- -- But but. That the accurate and had a game and and you know lead 217 and oh so and three the most return or effort or that would just devastated I mean especially on the road. Where the last -- -- give the Steelers momentum. And -- defense all revved up again and into the offense opportunities does. I think that the Pittsburgh offense relies on getting actual field. From turnovers their defense gets in and pampered most points and that you -- -- -- that so wherever you play a team like the Steelers. You wanna make drug field -- -- you don't argue most of these points and and of Baltimore felt really good about going in there and beaten the -- extra -- that Gregory treatment and I think -- just -- -- -- proven they're great road game especially the playoffs. The last three years Flacco Cordoba on the road every year and won at least one playoff game. So that's. It's itself you know I don't feel for them -- -- obviously usual postings proven you know. They're terrible. QB to QB Bobby being Drew Brees here on saint radio. Drew I know there's so much uncertainty about the offseason we were asking all of our listeners today you know in a championship game a year ago getting ready to go win the Super Bowl. What did the team had to do and all season to give back -- checked into all. Oh -- softening -- already. Generated in a position where oxygen and short milk by you know. A ball -- amount of weeks so. You feel like you're always playing -- you know you're always you know I think it's so necessary to have that rest time you know between. Last year in the beginning February and -- are worried until mid April we've basically at all for two months now. Still some of staying in shape and record saying that you really start options stopped until. Mid April and everybody else is starting mid march. So revenue back should be able we got ketchup but yet that rest time that time recharge battery -- is mentally vital. And so I thought we -- she's very well so like. We were we were we got healthy. We will rested we have really -- OTAs mini camps. Pre season training camp and you know so we're in great position last year to repeat unfortunately. In the injury bug caught -- goes without sleeping late in the year. Rick also will play in. On back to the actual weeks in a car drivers as well but in no excuses we we had our chance of hopefully that search through fire for next year. Andrew a lot of talk to also after talking with the Jets and Patriots about the you know the possible lockout and the CB David first things first look at led the Jets and the Patriots. I mean I don't know if you could walk to talk and and back it up then guesses not. And being you know his dragon inn and and saying you know you can get it done and not accomplish have been looking at the Jets. Again is going back to -- name at when they won the Super Bowl and knock off. The last two NFL MVPs in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and and you look at Sanchez it looks like you might be struggling games. But he sure make in the big throws down the stretch at the Makiko. All the Jets -- -- team you know had been road Warriors luster play out state. Making its future and it -- two game winning. Two on the road McDormand play at Indian. This year during the same thing -- two on the road now. -- -- -- You know very good quarterbacks are good teams and organizations so. They certainly are to be Rivera -- been approached Sanchez and his ability to. You know. Kind of fight fight back from some person and and played really well especially on the road this last week. New England who everybody thought was going to be. The VAC -- preserve them answered all of I think when -- tribe made the comment earlier in the week you know this is not mean Belichick came in or just. I've -- real couple guys and here we go out and murdered order each match but I mean day. They had a great game plan. They played extremely well defensively. Really made toward me Comerica rhythm out there are over there. And I offensively they were just you know the best and it it was a picture ball took curveball but took advantage via -- that got them. You know it was not -- -- and Creighton and Q but they just. -- -- -- -- -- And it drew look at it now a future or a news CBS it's day. Alleged explained his -- And because I know you're on top of things in. And reading something is Ryan something's not right I mean looking at the NFL's respect of these say. That the players have full access to all information on revenue. And a great deal of information on cause not what does that mean a great deal and animation lineup all information on clause. And you know including the large cause -- just for the players. You know -- that are that are now -- a player has said repeatedly. That they've asked -- financial transparency. And economic information. And that NFL is that we've been told publicly and privately. That detailed financials are nerdy business. And editor in Arab greater financial transparency. And is confusing I mean it. I mean explain it to them. Well our our -- The NFL is one more unique businesses there is and especially when it comes to L players are paid. Because we -- our salaries are based off what percentage of the -- Not the net revenue that the current trouble. So that's why we get all the revenue numbers we know the revenues are easier because that's how they determine. What the salary cap going to be and then -- -- we know how much each team is. Able to stand on the players what we don't get -- the cost figure now. -- mean we get very little but but certainly not as specific as we would need in order to to should be able to. Negotiating penetrate where we're the NFL does because. You know that information obviously very important that there that's our main argument their argument is. They're there officer -- way to. Therefore even of the revenues are going -- -- which. Over the last three years their their revenues skyrocket overlooked by your humble people we made or made more money this year -- that made. And more made -- lecture to the war and so continued to open up and yet. We're being have to hit basically 18%. In 18% step -- So you know so obviously that doesn't make any sense and so we say well. It's impossible then shall those costs and and were being shall call so that's where. Ford doesn't make much of stuff -- QB to QBs brought you -- -- employees of Crosby tugs in -- Angel and French market coffee. Follow your passion drew thank you so much to a top makes weakened double by the two teams advance to Super Bowl 45 Andrew -- garnered a break and now thanks to coming on. But who do you like it is suitable and who you think's gonna win it. Well at this point I was I'd love to see it -- on malware writers and -- player. Trouble they travel you know I'd love to see him and the Jets you know my -- while quarterback coach San Diego Brian Schottenheimer Dolphins coordinator in the thing Tomlinson. You know on -- market -- in -- about -- and San Diego but look at field you know other shot that. A -- injury troubles came through to represent that I think those two to Cuba and also most -- Chamberlain. Drew tag is so much at a time what Tom makes week. -- right of course the main. Think about it all is Korea when he was one of the best quarterbacks in -- now bodies in position to win back to back Super -- Mark -- Yeah I think about the right place right guy right place at the right time coming back to your calls this a sports talk on WW yeah.