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Jan 20, 2011|

The guys continue to talk about this weekend's championship game and the Cajun Cannon goes QB to QB with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening -- and our number two pro sports sakes the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and the ability act offers break. On the pro ball for a second straight season offensive guard for the New Orleans Saints Jahri Evans six in the radio little. I'm 35 bodies weekly conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees without breaking them all for the championship teams. -- the remaining two game AFC and NFC title game. 2601878668890. Rates in which two teams you'd think on -- before the Super Bowl. If it is the -- the kids. The Bears on the Packers who we opponent four and who all you ticket plus LHU is tied. Offensive coordinator on new Dolphins when they Steve critical. To take -- for -- -- do you like that high. But any of these information. And guys background and what coach Derrick Pope has gone on our website WW dot com mortgage your feeling on that is an issue. Better numbers in 2002 and offensively by with -- lance in the league in passing. There and well you look at our goal happening you know when you scored twin nine almost thirty points a game you can be twelve that you competent and maker you know what. Well -- -- when you look around the nation though and I think LSU fans brought this -- 86 in total offense. And a 107 in passing and you know coach miles. -- and not just winning a quarter coordinator -- also quarterback coach who can develop. The quarterback and -- with interest in. When you look Steve Craig for hours history. He was also the quarterback coach with the Buffalo Bills. In 2001 and two on there. Current saint it was a coordinator Gregg Williams who was head coach -- bills and so. I'm sure you you know you trust the coach like Gregg Williams I mean. We see how well rounded he has -- and the stands to gain. Then he with the thought highly of him if he was -- him you know as his quarterback -- -- Spears said the NFL level. 2601878866889. He rates Andy thanks so much time -- -- hang in on Matt thank you for calling WW yeah. They economic and you know mentions. Our dimension sort of -- Matt Forte. What -- picked up commitment that was a two lane to get Jabbar from -- -- All eight Ahmad -- Daunte yeah. You can see -- I've got to see him. You know they know what you're told to but I thought it was the the big as a regular season game for Martin. A when he played jesuit. And that was you know what you know what's phenomenal about my abs is number is going to be you know the -- it's almost -- -- -- -- -- each year and he's a phenomenon -- the last two years but. When you know. That a team's primary. Agencies sent over to yet. And you knew and you know that they're gonna give a tunnel time -- steel ones that would big numbers like that it is. I thought he was a phenomenon that is a great -- you know I don't get into all the stars and I'll let Mac about these Q is rated dismissed on as I mean honestly I'm not knocking recruit guys because they only showed to me -- all -- Because educate amniotic he would it was. Okay it has -- and have a chance to be. All -- has -- can be great college all he was okay it has two lead and have a chance to be great crowds on the things that would -- about stars from -- -- and how many years and it's all about you know how you work and all that but I think he's got a tremendous future and look. We know one thing. But to -- -- on the football. I -- up Yankees goldfish in and be in currency when he gets in this year Mac could he could he could have 29 on current moment this year. Accord also that total from the coach Belichick picked up compulsory -- some big on what to wage where he. -- Although yeah yeah it's Hossa yeah it is just get EM -- success at Tulsa you know they want to three balls in four years there. And value with the Louisville and basically circle for the -- here I don't faded. He. -- say damages reputation but it was turn key foreign movie it was coming off -- trip to knowledgeable they were pre season ranked in the top candidate Brian Brohm I think -- -- -- -- -- -- Blew up bush when he Raiders -- who went generators and they didn't do wailed a year they it was six and six but. Obviously he's a good coordinator and he's been in the game for a long time. Yeah on -- on approach grow opening. Early did you actually it's a global last week. But the Utley. A lot of people have brought that a Mac. -- is being Peyton Manning. You know Rex -- emphasized that before he quits coaching wanted to be. Peyton Manning and obviously I'm going against against Belichick. So is almost like yet opposes such a high two almost back to back Super Bowl tight games -- what's gonna happen -- -- and. Right -- -- -- seem that you get the dates in this answer they will. If the have a get a playoff game at home I don't know being -- the bad against them because they don't know what it feels like a meeting in their home in two years you know. Area and also I think I think Chicago might -- a real serious blues. To stop run loses that might be the only -- -- before justice is. Possibly as you know obviously the weather not -- -- the team but it's called beat the coldest -- the Chicago and so far it tomorrow. It's going -- some Sunday it's both be like that make them the windshield and it's everything is -- -- zero and hundreds or court. Back to spell my yellow plate in the series split like that where. -- -- hey Aaron Rodgers said it best. But you give -- our quarterback even a Brett Favre any quarterback. Obviously. You like to have ideal conditions now -- -- handle. An adverse. You know conditions and obviously Aaron Rodgers has done them but he said no I love polling -- to home. He goes not a bills numbers when he was almost perfect what 3136. Right you know -- say give me a dome any day but you know life. You can have -- he needed to give -- a quarterback that allows the plane adult -- get it done an ankle in the win. Oh. Okay Matt thank you so much for the -- preceded them back to the -- ago -- -- for being in being good evening thank you for calling WW. Get that particular call appreciated. I'm Matt Forte experience I think he has awesome I just don't understand. It and that he's -- noble Warriors. The thing to watch and -- wearing forty until you know maybe. Guillotine could -- a few good players. In the professional football -- except that the statewide. -- what -- -- tickets would be it would have been welcome to saint. I would always -- local guys for the home team in army brigade to dread you know people constantly you know those few key could be good open -- -- with the got to look at what the draft is indeed. And I mean so forth enemy and that point time Bobby the Saints offense is coming off what number one performance in 06 Matt came out in 07. And -- -- like you know at that situation from the standpoint deuce was relatively stealing out the tune him Reggie Bush any Pierre Thomas has a breakout game Winona with the thought that was the year that -- got drafted. But the point -- I'm saying. Clinton breakout game. -- was an NFC champ -- in the Bears know when ran out game was against the Bears the following year when he lost in seven of the season. That was when Pierre had a break is that when he had to be able Arnold are behind you are right rushing. Regardless of evened its opponent to that point -- you know they came on the Internet to meet him at that championship game began that was Tuesday of a bigger need -- points. -- Now but I you don't you don't get me wrong I mean I think any vital calling in stated. They would like to have a Matt Forte and Andy what woods in the normal thing is you look at any its job running backs. I'll help him right kick and you come in and week in week -- and -- Ortiz and that guy. No question about it durable guy considerable. Offensive foul play consulate -- -- for the Chicago bay as he does Jones Walter Payton. As only backs in Chicago history to rush for a thousand yards in bank the bank seasons and receive over five Mario it's in back the bank sees coming back Tony and Craig. Blessed Saints offensive guard diary and this is sports talk. -- underdog Europe and welcome back he is -- -- became my BA -- -- -- ballot via the home for the AFC and NFC championship game Sunday 2 o'clock the bands and the pac some historic soldier appeared from high spirited the AFC championship game to Pittsburgh Steelers. And the New York. Jets 260187866. 88908. Simulation officially announcing that they have -- Coach Steve Craig -- as their new offensive coordinator seven UK coach -- tolls and Louisville. And now he's in the folk Corning puts less miles I'm excited student. Coach -- thought I'm very excited to on the stands at LSU and work on the coach -- yeah. Not that this is not but that's kind of standard you know I mean I mean he's a press releases but press releases of hiring the based all the things right in the -- in the -- -- would -- -- I -- have no other opportunities. The guys wanting the job Huey Lewis and I'm just opponent -- and applicable. If I have great respect for coach mouth since my days -- toast when I was prepping to plays Oklahoma State team to its and I watch his Korea have been extremely impressed with he's done it -- few. So coach Rick Thorpe is now the offense coordinator -- Image and big relatively young Emmys 45 years of me. You know so I think he brings a lot to the table like you said before. When LSU fans wanna see. As artifact you know. Yeah -- but for coaching I mean I give it a 45 Q established. Is now Michael house coaching isn't the coach Davis a. The only American mountain Hamas might really just -- -- him a midlife crisis here I'm thirty -- and -- -- -- yeah you right ready to have and in. Point a minute which is if -- I was relatively young for coaches fortify relatively young -- life. No it is Cindy in an -- that's what I'm saying you could get man. And pebble mine and I am you Grammy hall can be what do you look coach -- -- how low I mean coach Petrino coach Paterno along the East Coast now that's ridiculous yeah. But I just saying. Just relatively speaking compared to close to Davis. Right you know and they just now like I'm behind -- six year old. You know who's trying to maybe get his -- you know he gets so many years of service. You know that that that's why I know a number of NFL callers I've heard him talk about -- -- wanna get twenty years in. You know coach 120 plus afford them yeah yeah I mean that the benefits of good when that occurs. But no big when LSU fans what they wanna see. They obviously always in judge about what plays -- called. Right you know and you know obviously how the office looks out executing. But right now what's been the Achilles heel on the coach groh and you know since against Matt Flynn you know we took over -- on the jumble Fisher has been. Developing quarterbacks that if he can do is come in here in make jarred Jemison better right even a Jarrett Lee met burger. Yeah ever since he and Indiana's Jeff Ireland since it miles is being here LHU. -- -- -- Went out questions that met burger. And next she got the round pairing and it. Or the two quarterbacks coming at a high school that had debates pedigree. Quarterback and apparently no more -- nations -- member it was against gonna start the University of Georgia this year. So SC coach Chris -- has a a tremendous. You know resonate with quarterbacks in the pants. Effective phone that we go create all I want Craig thank you for calling WW. I get a great show. -- live in the art that tenure but born and raised in Chicago -- on you mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Young. Was to receive yeah 98 Arab government -- still -- this is unduly critical. You can't be here for the Jets though. All of them they are Ollie that they have monopoly. From new regime -- I'll keep -- I never like to Jack tournament. Their record pretty -- to me hello little out of the Matt Forte in the great guy. You know he's a wonderful honor to Jay Cutler last week he he tried in NFL playoff record. You know there's one person at Purdue and beside him to -- -- 2000 tests. None of The Big Talker on the -- on the about a -- that want outdoor. If you like -- Green Bay Packers at all in Chicago. It would take America Cuba. Yeah. -- and Derek the field man. And loving that you. Reading. -- beat Green Bay Packers. Number two in the division -- in the Super Bowl. And are great and noble I'm ready based assuming motives ultimate prize in sport simple ball but that beat Chicago fans I think this will be. 95% I mean I was on line. Date would -- beat Green Bay in this game inning voters who bogeyed beat down because there's no way Chicago fans want to wake up Monday morning. No money went to battle -- stomach big Green Bay hoisted their joy at how his trophy in the city of Chicago only brought back. Taste but man that it can be rocket and it slug it out there -- been that respect it all year just like the Bears. Nobody that the -- in the morning where every time they played anybody -- -- gonna go any other that they look what. Now and here again become -- What happened. Next time. -- going to be one B Rex Ryan Rex Ryan he want to talk okay he really. Yeah I really believe that. Antonio again. But I -- that will be agree game because donate lately season that was on the game. Yeah I'll Brett -- -- would share for banners and Jets. They're adults. And how important Chicago man you know. I really didn't see that's the dilemma though wanted to give it a point -- -- it that our -- -- into other states because. Last year when I was playing in the Super Bowl all right I'll stick -- form of an underdog -- and that Norman now come to Ireland that it. All of that of sports -- in Pennsylvania in the sports bar I brought alive in there she watched the game you know you don't want to put all of that. Yeah Eric Elliott if that female and mis deepest memories of the things they do will Craig you have to ought to games -- Sunday we appreciate. All right coming back to Tony affiliate pain -- and the Kristi Paulus must. QB QB Bobby ABA in Drew Brees and the ability and -- -- and it's a sport who do you think he's -- syllable 45. WW on whose time is five parity it's not the headline news we've seen in a -- -- QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby tugs and -- and though and French market coffee. Follow you'll pass time now for Bobby and his weekly conversation we drew drew thank you so much for joining us we appreciate. And hydrologist talking. About Aaron Rodgers and his play -- and you know when you're just observing again not necessarily. You know watching film we're just watching it from a TV perspective. To me what I was impressed -- and you don't have to be frustrating as a defensive coordinator. What you see shoot I had the right defense on I don't know holly got away even that Timmy -- Aaron Rodgers is capability. Is a big part of his game. And obviously when you go 31 at 36 you've been in the zone before he throws that three is 66 yards. -- a packer fans with the opening of Brett Favre uniform never -- but that many yards in a playoff game -- if you look so far in the playoffs. He's first in passing yards -- average of 46. He has six touchdown which is second. And you don't use that led the NFL in 25. Plus yard completion since 2006. Where he's leading with eight. At five blog days seems like he's clicking on all cylinders right now. The day for him about it screw you employ at quarterback position and an order pretty well we we actually the chance to work out together over the last few offseason and so coaching can develop them I'm I'm really impressed that he's got a lot of -- physical all these that. You know our kicker pretty special I think he's got you know you -- -- at least give out the ball up very quickly he throws. -- -- tight spiral the he's got great capability now politically like you were talking about it Newport -- actually extend plays you make plays out of pocket probably. Expanding it and throw it but also running in and a lot of cases it wouldn't have instilled that he's been. Cut their running back as well there -- -- but. I think most impressively finished just. You know as a three year starter now. You know to fill the shoes approach for -- Green Bay you can imagine how difficult you know that that has been in yeah. He's he's just continue to get better better. Its first received triple -- -- each of these and this year used 39 under. -- game and half you know an injury suffered concussions so. He he's one QB for virtually no question and all of these players as well as he could play right now in the oil from -- -- Andrew look at said that Packers fact Falcons game boy it's say it -- auto started I should say. As the Falcons would expect. You know -- they cause a big turn over looks like with the Packers but I am a big play they play Joba ball. They get a touchdown primary queens. But now all of a sudden Green Bay scored 35 consecutive points and to me -- a big point watching that game. All of a sudden try before have you trying to get a point we've seen Matt Ryan duties with the found with a little -- and out. They get equals sir a higher percentage. Field goal in and all of a sudden you look in one of the game maybe possibly going to be -- when he won the seventeen. Reminder Williams takes it all seventy yard touchdown now has 28 to fourteen at half. But that decision like a two big double momentum swing for -- found the recover. Yet and you know if you if you were. -- Two in two mathematical formula. Getting a turnover early in the game which Atlanta did they get fumble from Green Bay scored first and then -- special teams first few typos and computer and so what percentage. The Falcons now winning this game after those two things happening. In the first quarter. You'd say like 9295%. Chance. And then all of sudden like you -- you know the tables short term and you know Green Bay defense. Has played such loans during the playoffs and committed a lot of that while bush but also. They're there their offense just their ability to cut the score will and they can track meet and then you get that big play or. We think it's to a reception during the game you know taking points away from the Falcons. And then return do you know -- Green -- are both ports such huge. And Andrew a look at at the game obviously Dunn NC game Chicago against the Seahawks. I'm looking at you know that Bears defense and always gonna have a ton of defense the Seahawks only a game. 111 yards through three quarters. You look at -- disability condition as Soldier Field. And then you -- seeded Bears even though notice Seahawks made a run in the and you look at time of possession the Bears had the ball 3710 minutes. That is Seahawks twenty to fifty soldiers sailors like them again ago. Now obviously led the Bears were in control. They had -- and -- as you can imagine. Here. For -- -- -- in -- either by. The Bears. In the -- better team. I think all year long. If you just look at the stats may be -- that impressive and yet. They just weren't you know and may it wears you down throughout the course of the game and think it's been pretty good in the fourth quarter -- defense -- -- -- Obviously when you look at different future matchup between divisional opponents Packers and Bears they're both split. You know that the pair were -- -- horrible. During the regular season but now I think both these teams player. It couldn't they can play the next -- especially the clockers and so. I'm sure they they feel pretty good about their chances bubble that you know sort of feel that old -- then there. And it look at it the Steelers in the Ravens and you know I'd pick the Ravens -- back in training camp in late July you know the Rams and AFC. In this ruble and and l.'s feel pretty good public distillers are trailing 21 to seventy picked the Packers to repeat -- -- -- -- well I don't know what always seem like a homer drew you know I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously. Drew looking at the Steelers they're trailing 211 to seven. -- feeling pretty good about the Ravens in opted turn -- degraded that created to Ravens touchdowns. But then the Steelers come back with -- Albert three Baltimore turnovers in that third water. And and I was almost shocked they'll look at the Ravens offense. When you look at it that a 126. Total yards offense. Minus four in that third quarter in his leg and have they had only 28 yards and it is a Steelers team is that good. Well burger hamburger -- in the games in girls -- But but. A generator and had that game in hand. You know lead when he went seven and at all and so on three the most return of furcal it would just devastating -- mean especially on the road. Where the last annual -- give the Steelers momentum. And get that defense all revved up again and and give the offense opportunities -- I think that. The Pittsburgh offense relies on getting actual field. From turn over their defense Q can interpret most points and some that route and so every player came. Steelers. You wanna make drug field if you don't argue most points in. And Baltimore felt really good about going in there beaten -- straight that their -- -- And I I think through this agreement approved in -- great road especially playoffs. The last three years Flacco quarterback is normal road every year and won at least one playoff game. So that's. It's tough you know tough to deal for them but obviously usual postings proven you know. -- -- QB to QB Bobby -- Drew Brees here on this saint radio. Drew I know there's so much uncertainty about the Aussie in the west and not all about the business today you know in a championship game a year ago getting ready to go when the Super Bowl. What did the team had to do and all season to give back to that chip in triple. All -- softening your already. Integrated into position where the off season -- -- -- by you know. More local more weeks so you feel like you're always playing catch you know you're always you know I think -- so necessary to have that. -- time you know between. So last year in the beginning February and -- -- worry until mid April we've basically at all for two months now. Still some of staying in shape. And that kind of thing that you -- start Yeltsin stopped until. Mid April and everybody else is starting mid march. So revenue back should Manuel we got -- but yet. That rest that aren't recharge battery vote is mentally vital and so I thought we -- -- very well felt like. We were we were we got healthy. We will rested we have really get to create mini camps. Precinct in training camp then. So we are great position last year -- to repeat unfortunately. In the injury bug caught -- goes without Lleyton -- year. Rick also will play in. On back to the actual weeks you know other drivers as well but -- no excuses we we have our chance and hopefully that's -- to fire for next year. Andrew -- a lot of talk also after talking with the Jets -- Patriots about the you know the possible lockout and the CB David first things first looking at the Jets and the Patriots. I mean I don't know if you could walk to talk and and back it up and guesses not. And being you know his dragon -- and and saying you know you can get it done and not accomplish have been looking at the Jets. Again is going back to -- name at when they won the suitable woman knock off. The last two NFL MVPs in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in and you look at Sanchez it looks like you might be struggling games. But he sure make in the big throws down the stretch at the making Kyle. All the Jets or other team you know they've been road Warriors you know last year and play out state. You know making its future and it chipped two game winning two on the road -- -- -- -- -- Indians this year during the campaign and two on the road now. -- -- You know very good quarterbacks are good teams and organizations -- They certainly are to be Rivera I've been approached Sanchez and his ability to. -- -- -- -- -- Back from some personal and and played really well especially on the road the last week. New England who everybody thought was going to be. The the AFC -- in the answered all. I think when Greg tribe made the comment earlier in the week you know this is not mean Belichick and you're just. I think real couple guys in -- -- and ordered -- -- each match but I mean day. They had great game plan. They played extremely well defensively. Really made toward doing it can never -- rhythm got got a turnover there. And our offense when they were just you know the best it was a sinker ball took credible but took repairs and -- certainly got them. You know it was not -- not and Creighton got -- Q but it is just excuse well the job done. And and drew -- look at it now a future or a news CBS it's day. Alleged explain -- to me and cousin -- you're on top of things in. And reading something is -- something's not right I mean looking at the NFL's -- they say. That the players have full access to all information on revenue. And a great deal of information on cost now what does that mean a great deal and animation lineup all information call. And you know including the large cause we -- for the players. You know eggs that are that are now a player has said repeatedly. That they've asked bar financial transparency. And economic information. And NFL is that we've been told publicly and privately that detailed financials are -- audio business. And editor in Arab greater financial transparency. Is confusing I mean it. I mean explain it to them. Well our our first well. The NFL is one more unique businesses there is -- especially when it comes to L -- -- Because we our our salaries are based off for the percentage of the -- Not the net revenue that the -- So that's why we get all the revenue numbers we know revenues are easier because that's how they determine. What the salary cap going to be in the -- shall we know how much each team is. Able to stand on the players what we don't you are that the cost figure now. Mean we -- very little bit but certainly not as specific as we would need in order to to should be able to. Negotiating and say we're we're -- felt the speaker. You know that information out very important that there that's their main argument their argument is. There their ops are going well yeah there for even of the revenues are going way way which. Over the last three years their their revenues skyrocket over lots your humble people we that a well made more money this year and they made. And more -- -- actually did the war and so continued to open -- yet. We're being have to basically 8%. In the 18% step by -- So you know so obviously that doesn't make any sense and so we say well. It's impossible then shall those costs and and were being shall call so that's where. That word doesn't make much of stuff. QB to QBs brought you by the -- employees of Crosby tugs in -- Angel and French market coffee. Follow your passion drew thank you so much what Tom makes -- in double by the two teams advance to Super Bowl 45 Andrew -- garnered a break and now thanks to -- -- on. But who do you like it is -- and we thing's gonna win it. Oh well at this point I would I'd love to see it -- but nowhere -- and -- player. On the road they travel you know our outlook this year -- The Jets you know model while -- -- from San Diego Brian Schottenheimer their offense coordinator in the paint problem term. You know but market turns in Fulham about their and San Diego but look the field you know a shot -- A meager three for almost came true to -- that but I think those two to Cuba and those from most -- Chamberlain. Drew thank you so much at a time -- makes week. -- right of course the -- Think about it all his career when he was one of the best quarterbacks in -- now bodies in position to win back to backs -- -- boo -- now. Yeah I think about the right place right time right place right time coming back to your calls this a sports talk on WW yeah.