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2-3 11am Harlon Pearce, Daniel Becnel, Amanda Chittenden, Ian Stevens

Feb 3, 2011|

Garland continues the conversation with Chairman Harlon Pearce and Attorney Daniel Becnel about Ken Feinberg's optimistic outlook on Gulf recovery, and is joined by Amanda Chittenden and Ian Stevens from the Blood Center to talk about how to donate blood and platelets to patients in need

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And did you know. Rather complicated issue of drugs to. We do son Joseph and they and then have bee expert. As to. Here's what happened I'm writing were -- they're listening to the Deborah go up on my opponent. And basically your news story. Pomona Jenin and read on the Internet federal George rules. -- facility and Glenn -- are not independent of BP. Finding me invalidated thousands of settlements -- group and cajun country. I know a lot of people have been impacted by this and I flew out to him. Admittedly -- Come here and said. -- in the present United States. It is illegal staff Kenneth Feinberg for -- -- -- -- sit down and not say when we bulletproof is when we come soon. Federer rolled. A -- News that we know they're going to be lawsuits. Can we -- -- -- -- convincing people it's in the print. And said to me the old thing was just a disaster. And then I got -- -- -- -- lawyer friends and correctly for the little guy as the middle guys the Condo owners of the big guys hotel owners accelerant. Trying to set new rates to where. He's not making what a lot of people are trying to do the right thing. And seems to be saying. The biggest danger in what I'm saying what the media is saying with the news headlines. Is that what could be done. Now the year two years whatever. Where people do give the money they lost or. A big part of haven't may end up being like we have absolutely in the times in the past. Whether it be. The -- they -- Koresh whether -- Alaska and Exxon Valdez 2030 years in the court. Hardly anybody gets really think have the people involved in dead by the sun the reaches -- conclusion. And dandy pretty much convinced me. That I was wrong I'm reading the wrong in interpreting it wrong it may be one Drudge. That needs and embrace her owners to control. As is standing mentioned some judges do. And I'm willing to say that I LeBron Paula don't portray and wrecked by -- -- all that says it. I'm gonna make sure anything else there were not understanding. Or I'm not letting gets covered so damage they've weather's also meant trying to get done. Arlen peers Beckham alone with the -- Seafood marketing board to make sure that we understand very complicated. And perhaps dangerous situation. For those who try and put their lives wreckage of -- bullets advantage. Your -- Okay let me just give you an example. Tumbled one. The president of the United States is the one that put the hammer on the head of BP. To put up twenty billion dollars. BP doesn't happen. It doesn't have twenty billion dollars this week alone but it fell into refineries in the United States. -- raise about three point nine billion dollars the put into the phone. They've been -- there interest worldwide to everyone they had to make deals with the Russians and you know we live from getting that BP is not the only one responsible. You have Transocean. -- is that much responsible as they are you have Halliburton who has that much responsibility they are -- aren't put up but done. And they carpet just as -- -- BP yet how well we have Detroit now. We want to come at the Feinberg. The president. -- twenty billion dollars back in even though we've given out almost four billion dollars already. We don't want job at sixteen billion dollars and we wanna go to court. I don't think that that's a wise thing to do. And I'm gonna give you some examples of why not a wise thing to do and judging by BA you must understand. Argued they MBL. In Boise Idaho that he should be appointed as the judge. But judges often. Come to disparate results with the same facts. An example of that is what we've heard over the last two or three weeks we have basically the medical health care Obama -- We get to -- it says it's okay we have another -- says a part of it. It is not good but the threat is okay and we have one judge in Florida and Pensacola that that all of it is so good so let's split judges. With multiple opinions on the same set of facts. So that's why I used the example of the temple in the right. We don't know what will happen until the Supreme Court of the United States ultimately here is the fact that this case. And to get to the Supreme Court as a fortified -- process. So let's talk about what's realistic. Number one. If you wanna battle. I don't have eight planned where my client. Will be offered money. -- -- There -- cases in -- final form. By the end of February everybody will be paid and they will be paid not only what mr. Feinberg want to give them. So what pop group is that each individual client. Whether it's length of value. There property which is gone down I'm fighting with Feinberg now remember all of the real estate agents all over. Virtually none of them are getting paid because they can't sell anything along the coast. And I'm fight with him and they and they should be pay. I'm fight with Feinberg about the developers I have developers. Along the around -- car and and and saying that then and all of those development. Remember Feinberg just paid one particular Condo. At the Phoenix. News Gulf Shores, Alabama. 37 million dollars. Do you think those people want to believe that they have built. And not be able felony thing has and wait five years or three years that -- they needed the money to finish their project and hopefully -- cell layer conduct. All I'm saying they is we fought with Feinberg and a number of issues for example if you remember what. If you work for BP. In during the -- they were gonna pick up credit for that. We convince him not to have them taken credit for that so I have one particular truck or. Who read it is both. Over the course of the cleanup May-Treanor and 61000. Dollar it never made more than 50000 dollar trip in the form. And so I mean he's like he hit the lottery. Our daily live let me -- Rivera and then give him plenty of time -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I may have misunderstood boots and we have -- here I want to bring this and -- yesterday the news reports it is clear Sarah Feinberg and they report by hammering Bo duke southern Texas a and -- -- a good news. This thing could dump all come back environmentally and economically. In two or three years but that same report says ever quoted. Acknowledges that in the independent investment at this point is impossible I thought I heard you say. Some seafood. Industry people are concerned about. Giving away their rights. When they don't know how bad the future's going to be did understand that correctly and so you do wanted to stand for response. Now I I can answer that quickly and understand all within the -- we -- wanna get I think -- out a way to get back our our business is saying. We're suffering in the secret industry leading non would ever mr. -- -- -- but. They got this this big thing taken overhead that says hey what does this Aaron losses are really much bigger than what. We're we're would we can prove -- today because of environments because. Marketing because perception. Because -- think that are are are real are happening to us and have been taken from the short consideration. And what if we don't have a fishery in three years. But it doesn't Herring fishery the Herring fishery in Alaska it took a couple leaders -- -- -- news column complete finished over. So what are we don't have something I can't shrimp industry command and everything that happened to contact -- -- on about ten Gigabit. I understand that on the other side of the people I understand what mr. Beck now saying about settling down that's going to court. -- Alaska friends. And I went to court OMB and -- two million dollar judgment. Fifteen years later ten years later they get a 100000 dollars from the only people with all due respect to technology made money with the attorneys. And it's it's very difficult to contact at the end the result of the lawsuit really come up with something of a real public -- to do you any good to date. We need to get themselves things today we also need to do that had a -- intangibles and -- and I think it could happen to understand the road into consideration. And I think we re began a kind of walk a thin line of posters think that we do need. I hear mr. -- policy we settled something now we need to get something -- -- -- back alive in business today so that we can -- year. -- problems in the future. Let me let me ask you -- take -- -- -- -- -- and -- and again I'm. And I don't wanna -- council pessimistic but on the show. We have literally written the reports. Where RC brood grows up to I think. A bio lab somewhere up around Portland. And they've looked at tissue down to pica attorneys for leader. Crime and they have found like one or two samples. In the Gulf Shores and somewhere around Florida. Then ahead some evidence of of a petrol chemical and but other was strictly pure clean. Then -- the reports for a month the FDA. That say. Most of our seafood imports and they are foreign they are loaded with toxic chemicals fecal coliform. Over. A breeding in small ponds. They carry disease. And 1%. Is even look at that I'm legitimate newspaper article that says. Quote big headline frontpage. Go ahead. -- and government scientist says but other scientists are saying stay away they're wary of the testing process. Do you ever convince anybody actually. I managed to return -- to that's. Okay. First off you're right we need to hold -- has changed it would hold our domestic product is no doubt about that. But in Louisiana. We have to take steps forward we have to go ahead of the curve. And we are working now where we're working on professionalism programs and educational -- truck components for fishermen try to delete programs that -- wanted to treat working very hard. About how good she did some of these scientists that actually be aware of Louisiana seafood and I never read a headline that says or you insane -- -- -- -- -- -- And I mean just it just seems like we we can't win. We will remove -- the mostly inspectors secluded more. And we if you remember when the president came down here would need every. Place he went DA complete food in Louisiana mediated in Mississippi -- in Florida. And an Alabama all walk like that he ate seafood every single time that came from the gulf of -- And then the media says he sure does look skinny lately under. The Americans are taking a break come and backcourt -- Welcome good news comes vision Danny Boyle one of the people in Baton Rouge. I'll put a moment come back leave some clarification on what's different between. Quick payment verses final bend it permanently. We've done -- -- about the only attorney -- you so we're talking about me joking ruling. Concerning Kenneth Feinberg BP independents etc. -- -- bring you real quick Mike can badly you've gotta be quick question. Yeah quick question are quick aren't questions artwork and turret and industry and when we ever -- upon or their party. She's currently in terms of award -- -- -- back big numbers in -- earning. Hours. Hezbollah employment place when they had their initial payment that is huge urban. That CNET nation that was admitted a third at that point becomes a point -- looked at our future. And my question -- What in particular it's been a quick statement that the marker on the ball all that well we -- urged to bring -- final. You've got. -- -- I have -- I have met with Ken Feinberg. Mike Rosen and build quality. And well we were able to work out. We are gonna be meeting on the sixteenth seventeenth and eighteenth. I'm -- have three people and can acknowledged this problem remember most of these people want hired Bob beat people employee and had a -- authority to do anything. And so you would have a claim what they have depth in Florida and another claim. Let's say in looked -- On the other claim in Biloxi. And you have three different job they're all coming out -- different conclusions on basically the same setup back. -- by that -- yet and thought it when he told me and he's made a commitment to me what the thousands of client that we have. The -- about that. The three of them. Ken Feinberg is part. Mike Rosen and bill morrow -- will sit down with me. And -- each and every case I have based on the evidence that we submitted with commitment name. The claim form all the prove. What I demand -- and we got to negotiate all those thousands of claims and we don't be out of here by the end of February with a check. And what I understand is Canon is willing to do that. So that you don't have that disparity between what happened and in Baton Rouge and what happened and in Panama City. And that it is one of the things I was able to negotiate. -- -- If he had like kind of on the court on that probably because -- chronology -- -- reasons I got called cupcake week. To do what we've got thirty million and I applaud for marketing and I applaud these people haven't had that we worked hard to get back. But work with the attorney general right now believe that allowed to spend that money it's Peta business friends speak to govern and that buddies with a wedge from them. We have over thirty events planned within the next six months nationally and internationally to bring the message to the people in this country out of this country. We're working. Through hard -- and bar -- entry to get programs in place that guarantee the rest of this world that anything that comes at a Louisiana and the gulf. It above the standards of anything else and our quality controls they got secretly -- for the -- -- in the world and it's gonna take a stand to get that down the all the educational poetry is gonna components quality assurance program that we're doing BMS is on -- a lot to think they were doing. Debt we that we will step above. The commodity market -- into -- different level different plane that's how we have to beat this program that perception that's the only we're gonna be it's -- got a lot of work to do in the states. But we were up to the channel -- -- -- text between the seats aboard. The lack -- fisheries -- pricing and a group. We're gonna get the job done and we've got a very short fuse it got to get something done by currently. Gonna have a great season and the price of the began we -- For all your good people in the industry listening or -- you buying what -- saying. Yes I agree with anything I think we need to solve our problems but we also to be concerned about future well what happens in the future in my -- -- And where we are not just look at my history because that the state could we represent a lot of what happened to the states. Just -- and does. In the ballot that would bring an end. And we are what is -- we -- about pitching coach so I am concerned understanding I appreciate all of his comments and even he headed in the right direction. I'm just concerned about where we're going to be in three years. If perception is in turn around if our. There are habitat is not -- and interpret. And I really well until suitable for the bureau hugged. -- our own perception. Use Sox got a pretty good on patrol and whenever you need to talk then -- Be more than happy to set up a meeting with candor and might end Bill -- they -- anybody free of charge at any time that they are available. While people are available at wanna be a particular problem again the man is work in the night and day to try to help. -- Tillie tell Nicole Lee come doom the show Monday it will reach a lot of people -- I'll put -- anymore better information or even the other media calmly put your own again thank you thank you -- just -- then beg you know the attorney for a and by understand correctly that the small fisherman. Believe the medium size is marketing people that hotels that Sean Payton and etc. Or to middle lower fees -- some. Saying when we in the media here this ruling. It's not we shouldn't take out of what I took out of it oh my god all my friends in cajun country. Are gonna be ruined to the contrary all of means is okay Feinberg -- say I'm not independent LBBs given me the money box. Let's work with -- these so you ruined a good nothing and 5220. Years like they did in Alaska. All right come back to your called world wide open to discuss this and also. A member of Brazil and -- thru you video not a blood sooner. For a personal reached my own. Personal reason homeowner use that bully pulpit again. To ask you for help stay with the snowmobile. All right -- I'm having -- be very candid about a lot of things that fame -- mean they're pretty big mistake you know the first -- of misinformation. Spend an hour and a half but think rectifying it. And now we're gonna tell you that -- -- there a lot of people sick in this world move their a lot of people in trouble in the world. And I'm gonna use the bullet hole but I just happened over the microphone with a couple of million people listening. -- crying. Can help. A family. Whose daughters of Brenda my daughter and in the student -- Ridder agreed scoop sacred heart. Because personal but very bluntly -- terrible. When you have a thirteen year old daughter like I do. And her friend Shelby Leonard goes from being to be looking very healthy to. Dangerously -- In Children's Hospital in need of blood platelets. -- I asked everybody from. Florida to Texas and I know we could calls every day from. Washington California you -- from all over the country. And I was just hoping. Blood platelets understand sometimes she's gonna a blood type that I think is -- than usual. I wanna find out of somebody you know the state can you have been craved and would we give appeared that server. So her father who but I think a very -- -- Came on yesterday in -- very reason. Testimony -- as to what kind of shape she's in any. Really and truly asking new. Too good to. The I think it's plugged in dot org. And help then and quite frankly I don't look we have not bunt. We get a call from Amanda I think it's shouldn't in public relations manager blood sooner. In Stephens vice president operations. On the blood -- asking if they could come back on the answer is. Of course. You guys are save lives. I appreciate your calling in. What do you call in for a India -- more information. Well and good morning grown more -- -- that I -- -- we get -- IQ and make sure that everyone is aware. It takes a lot to educate people in the public. Regarding I'm -- nation and also -- more specifically. Platelet donation to until we wanna -- To talk to more about bad and they need further. Continue our shouldn't take too much originated audiences York. Allocate. Play against you should start out with me be telling people what platelets are on -- -- part of applied that can stop a person completing. And it -- -- like Clyde and and and so a lot of patience I used that would be leukemia patient and and there's with other cancers. It's patient cheese. -- more often. So -- and then in order for -- to get it I'm sure people are familiar with. Blood donation where you go landing you don't need -- -- Pint of blood but we do it added take it back to our landing -- didn't Taipei we can break it down into -- three component. However to get more concentrated. Lately. We can do an. I toner comes and we. Are hooked to a special. Machine that. It's unthinkable blood out. Make tanker fusion is applied and take out the component that we need in Shelby case that would be a -- And and then we return the -- portions of like back into that don't. I commend her father told me yesterday it's not painful and it doesn't take that long is that correct. No it does take a little bit longer than our regular blood donation and time it takes about one to two hours. However it a gimmick -- that's a more concentrated on the -- -- -- -- platelet support transfusion. Where is without a blanket the nation when you. When you break that down into its components we have to do. You have to go to drilling and he'd take the platelets from several blood donation thing in grouped -- together to make us a unit can't. What you did and you do super comfortable chair in the -- only doing your men and a couple hours it's over. Yes and you know we've watched TV you can read a book. A lot of people need to get away from everything for a couple of hours. Yet they mean it really is -- and finally relaxing -- now -- you counter tackle take care of -- they'll bring -- some cookies. It can get -- the one I've heard of I'm temple of our regular donors -- -- -- for platelets that they're time awake at -- -- to relax and if several women -- doing you know its its airtime to not be a mom or a white thing is it's gonna. Take their time and and they get waited until a little while. You in the -- it aren't that -- you in so -- so good you know yesterday I was just brainstorming. If somebody listening in Texas. I would do do you know what she'll be blood type news. Anybody America. Shelby -- -- any negative is that a little bit unusual. That is about 6% of the population is what that refers to the usual and that is if a little bit more typical to come by so our military zones or units of you know people to donate they have valued at six of those people could likely date. A negative. Sorbonne in Texas I hear this and I go don't have because I got -- type blood. Can use can you traded can they say hey we're gonna send this over to amend I mean Shelby one Choo get those. Send us back somewhere incentives to second thing workers -- only in the metro area where you physically have to come and do it. Well there are things that you -- -- such as directed donations. Where. If you gore and another day down. You know if you go to that whatsoever and they call us and there's something that we can work out in an empowering negotiators the end. We were much rather it you know those within this period to detonate we can give it a little bit quicker. And it it provides these you know us maybe has become banking and and and donate begin for another patient in need of another hospital. That one of the this is these are ongoing needs and the more we can stabilize our inventories and not have peaks and valleys the better off it is for all patients. Consume what's brought what brought this home to me it is it is kind of sort of -- his child for my daughter. -- I don't think it's ever gonna happen much. It's always somebody else -- -- It's never gonna happen tomorrow. In fact is never gonna happen anybody's children that I know. Always happens somebody else and we kind of forget about the blood banks in the food banks from whatever. And this has happened -- all over the place in if you guys it's a prime example. If you guys are ready and you don't have to supply. Just because we're not in trouble now been removed won't be in the future. And if you're not ready don't have this blood -- life and a -- It's certainly could be and that's what we encourage people to donate whole blood every 56 states and -- platelets as often as she can't. And we really want to ensure that we stabilize or blood supply keep it so we don't have peaks and -- so we're not out looking for product and have -- ago and down to where anybody has to wait because we certainly don't want -- patients. To have to wait for an extended period of time or wait for that product to get through we have donor testing that it -- -- Aren't both -- to a man who's so for a view guy's head in response to the call for small and second -- -- Why don't be vocal about it we call we're gonna go when they do. Okay we have if they would like to do a platelet donation. We can't -- it carries defenders. Which increased I'm Metairie Kenner spent our we have one on the West Bank -- have when -- -- don't. Wanna try down that happening Hammond and intent but now. Then gunmen are right now aren't sitting at home. Lord do -- call when -- -- born where we'll have fun that number -- whereupon the location. Okay you can call us and 18086. Blood. Or you can get -- our web site which is people like an -- dot org. The blood soon dot org and general truly all this. And I assure you all the locations. The address that and -- where's the telephone number. A fact I believe it -- the map to aid to the location out of. One -- and 11886. Blood. -- Blood sooner dot org all one word or one -- all one way -- -- anything amiss with. I that I -- we have had an outpouring of support for air shall be. But we -- we get I can stress that the home while Shelby is the it's being treated fairly cheap as one of many many patient. Being. Treated for our the -- entered and and other blood disorders that that need. Well I can -- -- -- I confirms he's using the bully pulpit or shall be and hopefully. Other will be held to. Got a call here on the you know computer a -- to anybody donate blade lynch played -- if -- 65 years old about. There is no upward each. Requirements and the eligibility for returning platelet. It's the -- -- played so you have to be at least seventeen years old weigh at least 210 pound. We count except sixteen year old. But they must weigh a 130 pounds and having kind of blood thinner consent form. And the only other restrictions are platelet -- expect a much refrain from using aspirin finally had to -- two hours. And it's fair use thing Ibuprofen and they after a -- for at least 48 hours before their donations. Amanda and -- I know visited Kim thank you and Oprah calling me again and anyway we can help in the future please call and thank you for what you do -- thank you. Thank you so much particular Greg come back to your calls. A lot of your going to be reviewed headline sports and television news good Lou's -- radio talk shows like mind that. We come until much go to federal judges said Kenneth Feinberg is not in blue and ruby community is that Toby Borland. No longer is gonna put all of these agreements have we have had on. In jeopardy we yen to hold things are gonna -- in the itself. I had an attorney on that that they -- of the marketing and seafood promotion board. And they've -- says and that's not the case this is probably a federal drug ruling that leads and brace around his pencil. Because the fact the battery is Feinberg. Is now gonna have so what say you up I'm back by BP ammonium given new BP money. I'm giving -- almost four billion -- got twenty billion in funeral want him. -- go back to -- tickle his record. In -- like in Alaska where it takes 1520 years have of the lawyers again. And I think people in -- -- the average of and I'm probably wrong here but somewhere 111050000. Dollar every dream. So. Danny Beck no end and -- -- certainly screeched all one. What I was so exercised over thinking that this was a huge development. That threatened to. Everything we think we're gonna get in reparations. To -- and said let's go back to what your think. Robert in saint Bernard parish is difficult. -- You know it he talked about this four billion dollars they gave out these first round one of them you know. And sank but all alone he gave the fisherman 30% -- -- six month settlement didn't give them the full amount of money that we look. That we act -- the only policy claimed it. Feel some people died some people didn't edit out are more unfortunately that didn't get it -- and my brother. But both -- -- yesterday. They're they're probably have a darn says -- better -- -- -- older and I am we don't they haven't done. I was sent in and out of school -- we don't commercial fish and and -- about Michael. -- -- -- -- kind of that you got denied yesterday and I don't understand how. -- How people won't Obama and I don't understand how people go metal pilgrims are living people make a trademark claim they get money and don't be eligible for a final settlement component to any particular people won't do the talks are one of politics isn't sure it doesn't really really -- it's. The -- need to be fired from his job. It'd be fired for a ticket on the -- -- the much. He's that they -- I haven't bought Viacom and put somebody in there will be responsible to do its job because look what happened down here it could be a problem. Eight did not speak again of the -- of freshmen -- -- gonna grab people. It can't make it more gonna -- in -- -- more capital and it claims. It's it's what's going on around here I'm -- -- gone and I bet that the Feinberg can only the shell met the other day -- ran into a window and I don't wanna know what went down. Just ask well how -- my money can you -- -- -- screaming and the call I didn't and it -- got people about apple -- meeting shall be disposed of being at the water board can and we were supposed to watch him be -- Robert and Robert look come -- road Tom my my heart goes out to you and everybody else that's not being made right by this process. But then did the big question that we were. I also exercised over today. Where's where's the fear that then nobody -- -- -- what they god they have to give back because of all the reparations and it's set for a but then the tears. Will -- inequities and I'm sure they are in there don't you think it's a worse idea to go to court and we import Beers and get enough. Absolutely are Cutler can end and it and it -- Think it's would do you know Bloomberg News. 41 year later told people got 171000 doubts about talked -- what you don't fishermen from a lack. It would down here opponent BP. -- -- -- Soria and I apologize I got a good show from running out of time. I can't just -- -- butcher singer don't have any knowledge but after talking to Dan. On this issue of the big picture issue. I gotta go -- I think it's. Try everything we can to make sure everybody is taken care of but -- ain't gonna be no more twenty billion dollars in the because. To court particular fifteen or twenty dollar twenty years you'll -- -- -- does not gonna -- hardly anything left. So I just wanna make sure that we understand what this judge's ruling really me. Take -- Lot of you out there that. And then. You're too emotional and -- them angry you're too quick to. Jump to conclusions. And eat and -- Hate to admit I think too bright that's all been done true. -- -- this show we'd pass caught me. When I named it could think tank a relief when thinking about this can result. It's that I came running high blew my dog. I came running hybrid in my opinion. I can run and I didn't think. And say what I think is right. Because you're gonna call me. There's more educated. Or -- but give me information like Danny -- -- did that for the moment. I can't deny. Someone saying we all wanna move towards. Instead of the liberal conservative Republican Democrat I'm right you're wrong. Religious views etc. -- believed to have the stands but at least have enough open mind as say in -- and and he goes wrong. And by being wrong I think. Got a little bit more right.