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Feb 21, 2011|

Tommy, in for Garland, talks to Labor Union President Helene O'Brian about the union protests in Wisconsin .

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Reservation experts. -- Fortunately either the create -- seventy WWL. WWL. And have them at 1053. And I should go to climb inside Garland thing. Or 260187. Or 66889. -- seventy. Is Garland. Tummy -- -- for Garland Robinette today Garland a little bit. Nobody. Will be back before you know hey we're discussing the events that are going on in Wisconsin. Any feeling about it Garland. Has been preaching this for a long time. He's been the film hanging in the wind and to paraphrase the Bible. I need -- time of these budgets. And the deficits song. And the pain factor. And nobody wanted to talk about this. -- -- is gonna happen. And they you heard Elliott stonecipher a demographer urges them tell you that this is just the beginning of it. That it's gonna come to other states. And I think it's interesting when you juxtapose this with what's happened in Egypt. And what happened. In what's happening in the eight in -- what happened there what's happening in the other mid eastern countries. I think it'll be interesting to see what happens here in the United States. With how it's viewed by Americans and how willing they are to accept less. And is Elliott -- an angry with him it all depends on how the leaders approaches. If that haircut. And the pain is spread out evenly among everybody that I think it's to be okay. But I think if in the -- to look at Scott Walker the governor of Wisconsin. I think when you say no collective bargaining for government employees unless. You're a state trooper or a police officer or firefighter. Cool endorsed me in the last election. That I think you factoring politics into it. And then I don't think it's gonna be accepted to well. I think when. The president says well I'm the way to -- throwing in and I'm paraphrasing here. With those unions in. Wisconsin. And then you realize that that has allowed to do with the politics of the 2012 presidential election. Then I think it serves no per presented to kick that K in. Even farther down the road. And it gets us away from dealing with the actual debt and deficit issues that we have. Muddies up the whole situation. And the pain that eventually everybody's gonna have to face. It just gets pushed off. What he'll think I'm pretty jaguar opinion poll with corporate cutbacks no managing for a one -- Layoffs -- -- our unions a thing of the past or are they needed now more than ever. Not quite evenly split 42% of you saying they're needed now more than ever 58% saying a thing of the past and I would love to talk to yet. And -- 601870. Toll free 866889087. In a moment we'll connect with Kelly O'Brien she's the president. Of labor union local 21 to get organized labor's side of it first -- market -- has been holding for awhile they mark here on WWL. Okay hurry don't -- Okay the whole idea what extreme happened national media. Which initial idea. Teachers is somehow being the reason -- bringing and it brought down the stage for the states are economical situation. They are economic stability there is there's Ludacris you coming -- Wisconsin. The governor walker. And he is more Rangers Laura Leo's. It is it is not -- be it man -- integrity and attacking teachers in singing stating that there are. Giving to that they received too many benefits it is and not putting a finger the papers speculators Wall Street that caused the crash. By contreras was hero. Goldman Sachs his. And Lugar are improper one million dollar bonus. -- that it's okay by teachers receiving measly 35040000. Dollars a year. The media is. That people that are swing the opinion of the country are somehow -- partial or communicating the idea. Bad teachers have been living on the fat well to people and been having all these benefits. They're not what they're not. In. What they're not including in there and there conclude in their ideas that they're. According to. Is that these people that the teachers have. Education and Bender prolong parent they've worked for that -- are walking into he's charged and getting. Large pier at large are -- religion comparison rustic country they're actually making lawyers and then there's a report sort of try to sort. HHS. Oh and I think the questionnaire. I think the questionnaire Martina goes to one -- Elliott at the end of the interview with him is. How do you think then it goes over in this country when. Menu you can make you be good all different -- one whether or not any. Any employee of Goldman Sachs is. -- Worth twenty million dollars a year or not I guess it depends on how much money they bring into Goldman Sachs sort. If the job was competitively bid if you could find somebody willing. -- to do the job at Goldman Sachs and could. Produce the same results and would be willing to do the job for two mania because if they weren't then. You could save the company eighteen million dollars see in terms of efficiency so I guess sets up a completely different argument to have for a a different show -- It when you gonna have in all of these states I mentioned places like job. -- I did to Michigan Arizona Florida Ohio New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico other states. And it could be facing the same kind of thing that's going on in Wisconsin. Well you only get the same -- in your promise you're not gonna get the same nation has to do without this but yet. People still CEO of twenty million dollar bonuses -- team millionaires 42 million net. How do you think that's gonna gonna go down -- Than the people in America. -- I think they're gonna feel safe capitals you think they'll take to the streets of do you think they'll just say well it's capitalism and if if you can go get one of those jobs go get a. Well -- it's it's a good. -- -- Eat nature capitals or compare her to issue will show that. Well it's your radically supposed to allow be touched. Apple out of the barrel. And and oops and cheer theoretically let memorize so that our what we've seen the reality is not how late for work -- we've. There's a lot of us have probably seen in. And the workplace is saying and -- our. The the perceived value of someone making twenty million dollars a year because they made money from it ruptured her old this week -- not the majority the American people. And then. There -- people and during and history being banned in protest their capitals and attacking our government institutions force saying well. Now these men are doing okay because there -- private sector are working and competition that really mimic. Bad -- -- -- there -- right there are very few rights struggle workers. There will hold the whole motive for corporations are to reward the top shareholders not to work. Yeah it's we allow them to goal aren't on the trek that they've gone sit there is they have been you know -- -- now we have rights and workers sent me we have a minimum wage law and in things are okay in this country which there are or a BG. The funding that's available to workers and state workers. There is there for reason and if we cut back and and say OK okay state workers teachers firemen policemen who are the foundation of keeping your society. In -- -- -- state that it is and by persecuting them for mistakes. The financial institutions that we bailed out and they are living -- that they swear that people are wrong. Thank you Michael I got I got -- got to move on market a lot of calls I get a ton of things I could say to you but I think John is gonna take it that forming Johnny there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A president a labor union in a couple of minutes as soon as we take the break and come back so Helena hang on but John. I can just hear you through hold chomping at the bits a day ahead here on WW well. Well -- You -- understand what the last that was paid in pack. She had her pension arms and an understanding how little those guys get paid or we can't dictate. Get it you know go to night that we had comes sort of collective bargaining orientation can make things you know better the reality is that. Collective bargaining orientation frequently -- he -- Institution. And if we continue to press the issue of -- he's pretty institution that's that's not realistic can't stay there and frankly. The majority of people they Cody to a profession of arms are they going into a paramilitary peripatetic ideal partner and I reported a short break we teaching. After recognize -- -- -- call. And and it and it you know it's kind of like Peter -- nobody that's even make it about poverty but -- but -- -- as they took it can't expect rule worded it. Which capitalistic principles. If you're not gonna play it by capitalistic rule. So. You don't know the deal going in. He kind of knows the deal going in this what usein. If you don't then you'd you know -- did get another economic repression and eat at Eritrea and repercussions. There are tradeoffs and TJ yeah okay and they are the highest paid or they are the highest paid people in the world. But the rewards are not monetary. But the rewards aren't monetary you're you're -- you're guiding and shaping the futures society and frankly. Do you do that might want a year. I do thank you John I gotta run -- you're gonna say when it comes capitalism the company exist to reward stockholders that's way America works and that's -- -- you gonna tell mark but. There and that's why I didn't tell him that he was on the airs but that's why the company exist like get -- I guess my point is. When it comes some of these when he and -- time -- thirty million dollar jobs. I just have to wonder. If there was competition. If there's not some kind of old boys' club that exists. Some kind of we just hooked up yet assailants and -- if the job was. If if there was really competition. At that level. If you couldn't actually find somebody that would do the same job as well for three million and save the company that extra twenty million. Israelis find -- like a standup comedian -- when somebody comes in and says on here to save the -- company money. -- -- totally have to pay you 45 million play but. Maybe 45 day you know save the company money. -- coming in for Garland talking about the events in Wisconsin. And Helena O'Brien called in she's the president of labor union local 21 Tellme. Let your union you're union represents. We represent. Mostly public. Employees. Mostly low wage service employees in who worker. In the local school districts. Well as some. Treaty parishes cheese in Paris it's -- So for example in New Orleans schools many of your cafeteria employees and custodians. Are members of our union. In what did you what did you lunacy about he would tells me. You know I think it's a couple of things. That it wanted to make sure strokes understood why can't. To that there's been lots of polls done and something like nine only 8%. Of American workers including Louisiana. They felt they could have a union without getting in trouble from their boss day which use the union. And so when business groups talk about how no one marking union anymore they're not necessary. It's not true except that the business community has really can't pull it again. Workers could try to get together with their co workers to actually improve there. Working conditions and wages and benefits not only Unionists it's not a union just simply -- the community group except get together with you workers and and coworker who you basically say. The bonds we wanna have -- say. And no we're not gonna get everything we want. Com but if people would like to get addressed and -- community in the chamber of commerce and the big corporation have been very attractive -- More than thirty years in the legal arena. To fork union out of the private sector and it so that that'll let in 7%. Of workers in the private sector right now are members of the union. So it has not been as much union busting had been in the public sector. And in some states such as what content. Those workers have been allowed should be and it could be any union and cat union contracts and negotiated between the ears of their wages and benefits. And I think that what many people have to understand is that first of all the fight in Wisconsin is not about. Money. It's not it's about politics. In fact. What I did experts say Wisconsin is actually looking at a 137. Million dollar surplus this current -- year. Now they are facing. Is there about its face out of touch because. Our deficit because Scott Walker at the governor. Just gave a 140. Million dollars in tax breaks. You didn't sit in Wisconsin. So I guess T thank you know he's going to fund those tax breaks. -- the wages and benefits of those unions of the unionized workers shouldn't be not workers have agreed to. To cut and their health care and intention they've agreed to that. So it's not an issue of money -- issue of politics. -- if you look at what happened I don't wanna bore people with the recent court ruling a couple of years ago or last year Citizens United. Which basically said to the business and true. The world into the United States that there's no restrictions on private money in politics. And what happened last year in the 2000 camera but her -- at least on this. Hundreds of millions of dollars. Were spent by corporations. Can get their people elected. And he only organized money for working families. Our unions. And union are vastly outnumbered. But even in the places where unions were able to get together and can't -- -- progressive. Pro working family elected. -- legislators. The chamber of commerce made sure they got people like mr. Scott Walker elected and other corporations. Helped get him elected and the first thing he's doing is not only. Keeping -- thanking his supporters he's he's basically saying -- com. Don't worry coming to get rid of the competition which. And you know wanna -- capital people talk about capitalism and competition. There's not a balance of power right now politically or at the work -- And I think union there's still need it. We have to help workers speicher even one change -- can't -- -- workers in the -- -- here quick don't even get one paid day. There -- any of them cool get fired for no reason I have no right could ever ask why. On there are plenty of workers could get. Wage cut actually now there -- a -- custodians. In the -- charter school network who were all given an hour. I mean a dollar an -- -- cut and they were told that they didn't want to ticket cracked. But only let let me just ask you right -- -- and I go to new -- People listen to this right now they've worked in the private sector initially and we know what I had my -- my wages cut I had my benefits cut end. It's happening in a private sectors so why should those that work in a public sector be any different. Everything strict and I don't think people in the public tricky should be any different I think private sector workers should be allowed to organize actually -- In the hotel in Italy comes to cuts why should name it beat people and in fact if you look there are huge amount of -- in the private in the public sector across the country and state. In fact didn't -- and a hold it and filled. In buckets everything I did have comp for those public employees -- not an issue. It's not a fight over money church during the fight over whether the workers have been day. And have their own organization or not. And that is what excited about should the other thing we have to be careful about what's happening right now in -- in the race to the bottom. -- can have the worst job centric feel like we're in what -- and just because there may be some low wage worker. School has you know get paid minimum wage. And had to work what has to be on call when he forced seven -- the black -- want them. Because he has that doesn't mean everybody should should be that way instead of saying how do we make job better we need to rebuild our middle class. Instead of actually trying to make -- work. Keep these elected officials should be get together and saying how could create more jobs and -- could gain a family. Good at handling workers from have to -- inactive due to a three job. Just to get their you know their -- OK. Helena hang on a minute we'll take some calls we come back into 601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy right now though time for -- WL first -- that would go to Dave -- 31 here's the latest from here official weather station WWL AM FM and dot com. For the first time in more than a century Republicans will control. All of the Louisiana senate house and governor's office. A special election over the weekend and Katie and I -- the GOP while the majority in the senate when the legislature convenes in the spring. Al-Jazeera reports that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Has left his country. Amid increasing violence pro democracy protesters are demanding change -- supporters and forces have reportedly killed hundreds of demonstrators. Venezuela's Information Minister says other reports that -- Is headed to Venezuela are not true. Mideast unrest is sending oil prices up more than four bucks a barrel today on world markets. In gasoline prices are climbing to do they were up three cents in the past week in New Orleans or triple -- says the average for regular is now more than three dollars a gallon. And climbing. Before the hour on Wall Street while the US markets are closed today for President's Day. Other big stories coming into the College Baseball season was the bats. The NCAA has restricted the use of the spring of fact in composite bats. Van -- fans thought they would see fewer home runs as a result but that wasn't the case for LSU center fielder Mikey Matsuoka over the weekend he slammed for round trippers. And it tigers' season opening series sweep over Wake Forest WW Els Geoff Palermo says months are gonna tigers are off to a great start it. Sometimes worry about these guys that you know that they can be eligible for the draft maybe crested earlier on try to put up big numbers but but we've looked relaxed they -- and so this thing. The tigers returned to action tomorrow night. Entertaining UN -- in bad murders shortstop Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia starts today at 4 o'clock on WWL. Every WL forecast. Windy today gusting over thirty miles an hour otherwise warm with highs around 75. A slight chance of rain tomorrow. And -- the rest of the week staying in the mid seventies right now out there we definitely have gusty winds. 31 other guests at the lake front 32 with a gusts and Belle chase. They're gusting to twenty five's the south winds at the international airport where it's 76 degrees in -- 74 degrees mostly sunny on the North Shore with wind gusts of twenty miles an hour. Every WL traffic. Behind -- acts -- reported there once for possible lame blockage. If you're on the I didn't coming in from Kennard -- New Orleans and interstate all that is problem free most of the river. -- expressway and T get around Claiborne but you'll find a slow down travel to the west bank of the CCC stable at that jump to a traffic is backed -- it's also got traffic so going to the CB in the -- chip and -- those delays -- Orleans -- -- problems coming of the Slidell on the twin -- do want to work on the Huey Long bridge -- -- both the east and west -- free this afternoon. This travel -- brought you by the national World War II museum. On your dancing shoes for sentimental journey at the national World War II museum dine and dance with a seventeen -- victory big band to the music of Glenn Miller Duke Ellington Tommy -- more. -- of the state court. Or five to late 1943. -- a -- -- -- -- Robinson have a traffic -- -- 60 -- -- has technical issue at the beginning every report can you tell us again where that -- is on the I ten -- well that's the idea that's going to be a -- -- the -- said northbound is what we heard traffic -- cars -- out to we're just getting this on the on the scanner there you may find -- blockage over the ITN northbound calls for our own country crossing and I ten right thank you -- I'm Dave. Cohen with WWL first news this his rocky by the new WWL iPhone -- available now with the App Store. It's Garland Robin that's think tank on WWL AM FM and dot com. Who's talking sports leader 50426018748668890. Wait seventy Tommy Tucker input Garland -- thing to handle the big 877 WL talking about the events and was. Really O'Brien president of labor union local 21 Tommy quickly -- you represented who. Reference and service workers. I will take some calls and a second in an email wanna respond to hear from Matthew aide who says. And I just opened the show by saying that the president over the weekend said that. And I wasn't necessarily agreeing with the president I just mentioned that he or somebody says that when we talk about unions. We tend of think of them is this -- totally. Obscured. Third person and it's actually people it's your friends and your neighbors and I citizen ABB go to church with sane people you see it. They grocery store and the same people would sometimes might live next thirteen they get this email from. Matthew uses Tommy you agree with the president that these guys are quote your neighbors. Well I'm your neighbor -- and I pay 35% on a household income of 50000 dollars annually. -- -- -- They are you neighbors I'm your neighbor to guess what Matthew I pay taxes also we all do. Then Matthews says the finances sacrifice like in these union workers sacrifice to -- starter Matt Elliott stonecipher. Is spot on as a small business owner paying personal income tax was self employment. I massive pay my own insurance retirement etc. and someone else is also I can't do it the train is breaking down. I guess I should just get a government job to ask you all it sounds fine but when you left out of this is that when you decided to go -- business. For yourself and I admire you for doing this. You decided to per common to become an entrepreneur door and you wanted to take the risk. Of having a big payday of being your own boss and of accruing all of the rewards that come to you as a result of that. -- that what goes along with being. -- own boss -- goes along with getting all of those profits of your business and being able to make the decisions. Of taking the risks of being able to accrue any profits that you get. Is there's a downside of that and that is -- your own insurance retirement etc. And as far as getting a government job if you wanna do that well okay they keep in mind you're not gonna be year old boss. The sky is not going to be eleven as far as how much you can make. End. Thumb bet there's gonna be. Then boom problem of when it comes to cut backs perhaps your pension is like going to be what you thought it was gonna be even though you agreed to it. At one point in time so Matthew thank you for the email nice try but I think you play in kind of fast and loose. With the facts here and I think a lot of times people think that they're the only ones that pay taxes to the phone line can we go tie in Metairie hi you're on WWL. I Harry -- good. And had this whole thing worked out there to face thumping by as far as -- the and that was taking. -- and I am bomber who works for themselves. But I live into world -- my mother died after Katrina and I have my mug a sister who actually care improved mentally retarded. And seventy years ago. And I'm watching services and things for her because Biden never I would never stopped and as a business owner who -- skating. And -- -- there aren't. Taxes in their own insurance. Could take the attitude with these young workers like well I do this so much so why can't -- do that for themselves. Did you really look at is what -- really see happening is we just how angry with one another. And neighbors because we are neighbors. That we don't put it -- and what the real issue are and that is that there needs to be creation. Some thought whether it be job whatever it is we cannot keep giving him 21 ideal. With the other ideal right now everyone wants to. Shape business because that's gonna helped not and that's not true I am I'm telling you I'm an individual business -- Who has worked for ourselves longer than probably a lot of people this -- you replicate it even been working. But the people who support union members -- with content we're not talking about those gaps we are talking about people who are already employed. I don't have been working. -- who have put in the time who have given their money I could not opt out. I just I just wish that we would paint but really it's as secure being split paid attention. So why we're in with what we really -- pay attention to -- -- -- -- did not fight. Club. Things against one's saying it's people fighting against people and we got to come pivot table and they're slated to -- another. Time I couldn't agree with you more I read that email just now because when I -- neighbors put in quotation marks. It incensed me because my point is it is neighbors -- grew at the president -- -- agree with John beta or whoever it is you agree with. The union is comprised of people and I think they are people out there that are constantly trying to pit one group against the other. -- -- -- And you're right and what's happening is while we're looking like. I'm looking at my next door neighbor going you know you're making 20000 -- more now or myself what -- the guy on Wall Street. -- yes I can tell you how they look at things differently he will not start my business outlook for an out clause when you start your career in radio. -- -- for your exit clogging your out clog up. How you were going to leave when do you guys take these jobs. The first thing they look at it impacts their determination. How do they get to leave what power she would do they get to lead with what protection do they get to leave their jobs with some of them. I'm year's -- good job and leave -- with a multimillion dollar retirement and rip somebody being pissed off excuse me about saying that. The fact my neighbor next door may 20000 dollars more and she works for a bit so he works he works for the state that. We're moving outside of -- who really walking away with the money. At the manhunt that want done -- -- -- to gondola still bitter with each other and we've got the biggest companies out and that's why the president component. In the black woman on its face this fact. I don't like to use the race baiting and even my president and all meant them our president but they wanna say he needs the lead what -- the lead with good bit. Need to say it you're gonna compromise table Obama condiment table and we're all gonna figure out a way to make this work. And if you're just gonna come here thinking about it -- that I have to cut -- -- have to cut that man I'm gonna have to tell that woman that she can't have her utilities. -- -- utility assistance. Speaking to give up behind because we're not gonna work that you're not gonna come here under the guise of job killing that kept the number one thing that that people could -- which. And it scares hopefully they do not keeping. Because calendar up but you -- understand company corporation's announcement on its this -- on the sidelines. Watching with trillions of dollars that they could be in testing and they are not. I don't know who don't important that we include either a comps and give them hides behind that it's okay to investigate people they don't want investment people. That's what folks aren't seeing need to. But again like -- could -- president wants to lead people lead and -- If you complement table top part -- everything is up your car -- including. Closing the loopholes. Including including the tax break could remember -- -- both sides of the coin. I am one of those who will pay more how -- are I know X seventy years of age and mentally retarded. Needs more. So I have big deal and we all better get this again and -- gonna teach our children through less than that we will look black. He and and I thought yeah. I just wanna know -- and I think I think. I think. Then you're ladies and has tremendous amount of passion and I'm glad you called my sort of and understand you own your own business right and yes I do thank you I think. I -- online suite now. Thanks for calling -- seven have you. Hey darling thanks. Yeah I need you guys of course who predetermined end. -- let me clear something up John. John hang on elements are over with get a minute in an email from Chris and I wanna fixes up. Earlier when I was responding to the other email us that we all pay taxes and not every person in this country. Obviously pays taxes and with the earned income tax credits on people actually get money back. When I may without paying anything what I meant to say was when it comes to the attractive demographic that is the WWL listening audience. We all pay taxes that's what I meant go ahead John sorrow over would you please. Right there -- that Newton gets -- earned income credit thank you so much it will Nixon do I am that guy and I'm also the stuff employed. Can basically. I get survivor benefits -- my wife passed away and go away I can afford to -- I have my daughter in -- despite being poor. That she's covered by Medicaid. Otherwise basically I'd have to earn about fifty grand in order to make it work. And then I wouldn't have any time to be with my daughter be apparent plot may -- bright but basically living. Right they hit the screens at the edge that I can be the best parent that I wanna. He's already do your part time. Yeah I actually -- -- much of the last ten years silliness and you chose to be working -- because your single parent and you wanna spend time with your daughter. Because if you go to work full time. And make 50000. Plus. EBay I'm happy about what you -- right where you are now and you wouldn't anytime with there. Interest and. That is basically an order from needed -- local copy. I was about 10% of my income figure they'll. Depending on how you look at it and -- they -- deeply about the whole situation is that you know this whole financial debacle that put us here. The people who profit from that we're billionaires you know it's people who wrote the loans if that basically there all this well because -- evaporate. Went somewhere anywhere -- pockets of millionaires and that we have the millionaires and billionaires they're basically exploiting this whole financial downturn. To take money away from the poorest among us. Now they wanted people on the EPA's so that they can't even record carbon levels in the atmosphere. And the union thing yeah that's exactly what they're doing the basically try to make it so that they can be applied to citizens that are working for the government. It's ridiculous. -- -- Yes I I agree a 100% again I think factor important. You know public employees make significantly less than private employees. Especially here in Louisiana action public employees had given back a lot of their money already the plant here. The idiot -- -- worker if I can't -- a kick -- equipment equal 10% pay cut. And for our -- out to be able will be an opinion right the economy isn't stressful time people are really struggling. And we are trying to find someone to blame but let's blame the folks who made the -- and who benefited from the -- and that. Wall Street that. -- -- I want to make the sacrifice you know what you could take 10% of the money that I now that I get. Well or even target a percent Armenian my taxes just check with the -- this. It's been -- opt out exactly eat them. Are you about my -- and let's look at the rich give up their portion of their boy that started the two wars and it's their -- it's that the money out of the financial industry. Now let's start -- port out people towards to -- You've got my money you give up some -- let's make things right they get this country back to where it should be. Thank you John I appreciate the -- in it's in certain circumstances -- thank you for your time and hang on way to get your phone number just in case who wanna. Call you further on down the line is this story continues unfold. Let's see it says I don't know is that you first they were you calling from Biloxi. -- hey what's your name sir. Hey Chris what's up. I'd like make common cold air -- we like our -- pro union has been call in the day but. They're working for a company that postcard in this country 38 years ago -- it's never been union. And though we don't -- we did we go individual unions do. We didn't even come out first permanent dynamic isn't there are important vote that they don't so. -- -- -- -- -- -- an idea think Chris it comes sounded it may be the same way it did with the health care debate and so many other things where if it's working for unit then you don't have a problem and even ultimately you know Social Security when we talk about fixing Social Security events. Waiting for you if it's working for you rather than. You know you find -- way to -- 75 to get your money but it's not you're gonna need it at 62. You know -- -- basically did all those years well you know that. Jose can be done. They're the only you do for your company. Did Karabakh. -- of I'll -- collapse is GM does to bail while. Okay well today's police audio auto. Personally make the seventy bucks but I'll. Why don't -- wire and that was with an event like this we're out of time thank you both will be right back on WW. Talk and sports. Big age 71053. WWL. Tommy Tucker and for Garland Robinette thing tank we will continue to discuss the events in Wisconsin. Throughout the next dollar got an email from. Elements in the name that is the corporate tax attorney who says. I just wanted another this is not. Some bead wearing hippie somewhere there's a corporate tax attorney who says Sami you're really hitting on something today the research is shown. Then one of the indicators of executive pay at publicly traded companies is how much money they compensation committee of the board of directors and ain't. Shareholders. Own these companies but they don't really have any say over the executive paying. So the executive is CNN old boys' club he argues for premium benefits for himself from his friends. He then turns around and tries to make profits by paying -- little -- ten. None of the labor is in the old boys' club unions give the little guys some leverage over the old boys' club. The dispute is very similar what you talked about on Friday with the -- Rich getting richer. Discussion it was in foreign affairs the really rich people keep port people arguing amongst themselves while the rich just keep getting richer. And any attached a page from a New York magazine citing the study. So we'll talk about that thinks hours well in light of the whole. Elliott stonecipher discussion we had just this morning with. You know the debt and deficit and pain that's coming we see it manifesting itself in Wisconsin and -- I think the American public is going to respond to that if we're asked to make sacrifices. And we're asked to. Do with less but meanwhile. Maybe those in the old boys' club when it comes executive compensation. Continued to get the twenty million dollars. Salaries. -- the 38 million dollar golden parachutes. Because. They're hooked up leaving. Mike Metairie quickly how your under the W. Yeah I've been I've been otherwise if does anybody know complicated I'll headlined by the within days. We don't -- at -- data less then that is then a couple of 100000 you know and they did that -- I. These factors are all this equipment because they use well no I don't think they he had quit you know I'm I have millions talking about my. Equipment they -- yeah you know what equipment as the pilot quizzes because there's a big Macs I got so --