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Feb 28, 2011|

Paul Jones - play by play man for the Toronto Raptors talks about their upcoming game with the Hornets and SLU Head Baseball Coach Jay Artiques on Tuesday's game with LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's seventy WWL. And out WWL -- 1053. Sports talk. To huddle with the pros call five world war 2601870. Glory 66889. Always seventies. Good evening and welcome to the final I was I was talking to case anybody there. I -- Sotheby's on next season Trent Johnson show and I'd welcome return to. Clement is another issue as -- -- about another week or so and then the regular season and hands on it CC tournament game in. -- Well big in my shocked the world is something. Yeah yeah yeah probably they -- the -- -- -- -- to -- the 260187866889. 087. Is number again Bob come up at that first break was set up tomorrow night's big game between Ellis shoots -- decent that is the game has become. More than just scheduled Bobby southeast and has built the program up on the coach TO fatigues nationally ranked a year ago. Really came onto the scene at this -- to miss it they've installed the last season. And not. Earlier this year to to a three from all -- support known as one of the best -- -- -- -- College Baseball for a national it -- to a three over it and South Florida. And these past week you won the south Alabama classic. Including the point nine right Alabama Crimson Tide in them one at a tremendous outing from Brandon ever since so we with -- top two. Coach DOT tomorrow night it should be a good one at the bucks shoot in the east. Yeah I begin you look -- show off an outstanding start and you know be -- NC this could be a big skin on the walls so to speak when you look in the RPI down on the -- -- facilities and you know winning two of forty games in that. Being invited to an NCAA tournament now a lot of that was had to do it I think there were. Basically. One and honor is a double elimination begin at ten regarding her. Conference -- yeah yeah yeah I wouldn't because they have a good showing down the stretch its own. But -- season ballclub. When they have eight veterans come in in so really weird habit program -- -- history yes a veteran ballclub that's then and -- -- a big challenge that LSU Tigers. 260187886680. -- here it's him Altamont -- the Hornets began their five game road swing. As it take on the Toronto Raptors Paula Jones -- the Raptors. We'll Jonas after the bottom of the -- moved to the phones we go to -- on line -- Chris good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- Data collection. Not sure -- thought but -- before but that they do. I'm assuming that means that we notre correct. No no that's one thing they will have the -- that's the only thing that is constant. And for sure will occur as usual. I'll -- -- out -- I would torture the following year -- you have a double sized pool of work visa. But that's not the case then. But you know Chris though it does proteins off promises situation -- you can act of I don't know if you plan a project. That there's not going to be any free agency are it was because usually you know in the passing a free agency's dawn however -- -- -- thought about the first myself in essence you guys say like okay if you're GM. There's a chance now that we know that they may not be a free agent -- -- may be shot free agent Pierre. So has it changed us -- Aaron. Long term and we know our biggest our biggest piece of the puzzle right now is the draft so mean it goes it goes back into all of the offseason. Had to provide that there Munich I think can't like go play it also person. Know you all and you look Chris and you bring that -- let go players I think today. What the Redskins release Clinton Portis you look at the Bears. Birdies Tommy -- now if you look at not being Tommie Harris part of that was. -- he was -- 2.5 million roster bonus in June. And also you can look at his production this year. Compared to you know what he's done in previous seasons and it was a fourteen overall selection. In the old -- drew -- four draft made three pro Bulls he started nine out of a possible hundred. Fourth career games in the past seven seasons but this year he only had eighteen tackles. And a sack and a half and and only six starts I think a lot of that had to do more. When a roster bonus not a big question. And Chris on on the Atlanta that is an IMAX Chris Landry. When you look at the roster bonus. Can easily say there is a lockout and a player is due a roster bonus. When everything is settled if he's still on the roster the need and get the roster bonus. You know the guards you know there's a -- And is a good question will we do know that a lot of plays have to go to -- contract Chris. How much all season time they put into the program at their facility like workout bonus I'm Malcolm Jenkins may have makes a number Robert Meachem may have makes a number that. Will be out of the window because. You know unless there's some down between now on Thursday usually that's when that spot in the month of march you know -- and out -- you get into OTA's and mini camps and all that so. That's -- -- to -- again that they make in the offseason it's audit contract from you know Dick I remember. Pat he's Penske did an article in and the Saints -- number one team in the NFC south -- offseason workout bonuses. And I'm just sprinkling right now but I think it was somewhere like. You know 250000. Of Malcolm Jenkins these -- -- all works out of the facility. So yeah that definitely would come in the plated those players wouldn't receive those balloons suspicion that dates solve anything between now and midnight Thursday. The hope they do but -- not sound like I heard somebody about -- Prevent the union. With the and then another big thing Chris is you have to look at it. It was kind of an insurance policy -- I think George Maloney whose ten tended aside with the labored NFL owners hate him. Because and battles almost an insurance policy with the TV revenues TV contracts. Even though that wasn't a season. Then they weekend. Was -- the Beasley was at four million I think four billion should say yeah and that that the players are trying to get George Dodi. The saying that no they have to put that in NASCAR rules with a dead money wouldn't be available immediately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm coming to a deal quicker because NFL owners all will be able to come on the money. But choke big elephant on the that I will -- that this. Yeah always gonna Webb whatever goes to -- Christmas is over don't miss any games at the main thing. Tactic killed but the repeatedly said that relevant for the game it's that. Well Chris thank you so much for the -- appreciate our. But it Bible -- 2601 point 7866. 890 Woodson will return to some basic coaching our teams with Jonas Israel -- Lions. Tomorrow night. They had to Baton -- to take on beat LA issue fighting Tigers it's. Snell threw 86 and once thought all of the season and ranks thirtieth in this country you know big chief. Look at the money involved right now nothing holes in the crunch time. The league as amazed that it would be cutting gross revenues of -- 120 million. Without a new agreement by early march when that's over that and in 350 million if there's no CPA by August. -- for the pre season starts. And one billion million contract isn't -- until September. And if regular season games are lost like he says the NFL's figures of revenue loss would amount to about 400 million per week. When it really stars against series we start talking about billions. It's ride around all missile. Quote huge huge huge Houston ankle was Lawson who don't well you do we go on his remote. You know meant a lot of that I didn't -- Activision hasn't had a lot of nerve that hurt in the slide against Israel and all the workers for the games. All right does not just the players and owners much -- -- -- -- the -- this is you know stop on WW. I'd love on V news talk in sports leader the big 870 WWL. And now WWL on FM at 1053. Sport star sports talk 50426018748668890. Wait seventy. And welcome back along with the Kasey Kahne embodied a bad time Deke Bellavia when -- off on a roll to say is release. Six and want to had a bad route tomorrow night to take on merely shoot fighting Tigers take go to the southeast Atlanta coming off a big week in in Alabama. When they won the south Alabama classic the Alabama classic -- -- at -- -- -- in mobile. Coach -- TJ Jones is now Coachella -- thank you so much for the time and man -- to another hot start this season coach. I appreciate it on the appreciate your -- currently what we let our. -- -- -- It was it to go on the next game on Friday night knowing you -- term and you -- and more games at that person but. A program you've come close on a gets a couple of times and in this in the southeast and he -- but. All in in eleven I believe it was going into that game against Alabama in the U senior from Zachary diploma Bronco turned land brand and have a senate. Comes out of the -- smoke and Emery does a good job seven innings for you acting like it's set the tone but it -- tournament speak truthfully. Well into the equation Brennan set the -- automatically is a great job is competing going Adam -- and -- Nobody got hurt by the government if you should -- the pitching is great without injured. -- Qualcomm -- the ball you know about your record is good job you don't really have a chance to put more reliable we let them hang around a lot. You know I don't adding in quality I -- -- watch -- really responded well. And then our coach look and it kind of made plain obviously -- -- season ball club. Talk about the player Justin who drove was named the tournament's almost viable player. Albert or a good solid all pretty -- premier shortstop. Got one -- optional stuff in the coaching me in field position there were a couple of phone. Pitcher for polish your foot speed. Yeah consider Chicago based got a big hit -- regain this weekend just equality -- that you run the ball -- to an. And in our Coachella didn't you know obviously a big game when you look at an RPI and all playing LSU Tigers. Well what do you tell your players though when you get lose. Ready to face kind of a great measuring stick in his team like relishing. Where you don't just get your thing we talked about that all of you guys who shot like a couple of schedule possible. You know what Doug had a Carla Berry actually the island where the Connecticut really responded well you know war play LSU it. Yeah you control which is another ballgame want the -- looked -- -- Marat. Louisiana. It's not it's not a bald eagle play LSU anything don't ever check as you know you have a challenge at hand real large element in the box. -- -- You know coach Leonard at such great -- extremely talented. Went -- to pitch -- but what we're excited about it and Ford out and it. -- think OJR -- auspicious -- thirtieth ranked. Alliance the Mon night at the LSU Tigers will have before you here. On -- WWL radio coach when you look and back cut last week 'cause to me Wii game and it's another instate foe. Two lane I was listen I found interesting seven of your first -- Enron -- game. Came with two outs in the inning talk about that the mentality there -- staying focused. Make an eight page account work -- -- pitches down to the wire because when you -- dad in him deep -- -- count -- and out status there and you get seven a UT Enron's. With two outs and lets me know about focus concentration cause I guess. A veteran players on club. Yeah I think it's about experience we have an older like said the veteran players -- briefly. And I make such difference you know when you're actually like an all. Dot com and -- just -- government briefly restored so much comfort themselves. More importantly -- the most ultimate say -- going like this weekend it's also went down the street not in the electorate -- based -- You know he's chewing like a lot about two out hits and big -- and that's what you got there would be like Tulane and the way we get it you know put up thirteen on some big hits and a potential -- as well. Coach I I know it's early on to seven games in but how has the the bands that played into you know going to College Baseball season has made about bats and people say well. It be allowed more small ball now and so forth talk to pay in noticed any difference there. I'll get the good mixture of baseball and don't Barry so go hit more home runs this year and lecture at this point -- -- You know what I like about it takes to way to cheap -- -- -- on -- -- on him. You shouldn't be award home run in the it's almost killing of people and coach complain about the back. -- I gotta start coach and a little bit of Israel baseball and basketball program ago we got. I don't know eight -- -- -- We -- -- get forty on the English is so square and the illegal sale like a -- fit it does take -- the sheik Omar. And our courts -- -- easily you look. Obviously still early in the season but you look at. The competition. Going forward in this -- conference that who's impressed you of massage a ball club. That you have to -- on the road in the -- incumbent. Okay in that kind of comforts and I hope this the match committee executive. On the of the opera attention quality wins record is accountable to beat Texas beat rice beat Nebraska. At some Beers and big wins you know. Corpus Christie doing a good job still undefeated at legal in states. We know who's got -- -- change -- -- -- belt Texas State can be aquatic club they always taught their coach who terms this year we have -- they had regular slept well in the battle. The ball very count this year as Antonio very very true so. And a lot of good teams in in in the industry from teams that really legitimate shot to win this thing. He's got it directly and honestly tell you gotta get some breaks no question about hopefully it goes where she. Coach Ortiz tomorrow night 631 periods at LA issue of two on the network here at 6 o'clock for their big game a who you thrown here tomorrow night coach and I'm should just say at practice today than Amare. I don't have to say too much of the players I'm sure they're really excited about this one. Surely you know he a lot of people call particularly struggled battery complaint we start jointly developed and the pitcher. -- -- is -- -- -- the great job fourteen professional merit last year come backs there. Really showed a lot last week sure stamina looked -- and I expect a -- person master surgeon. It -- good -- you're liable print pretty fresh at this week and so we -- ego gets got that the piano. What more you see -- toward helping the better place for them to get to experience in kitchen and Alex luck. Thirtieth ranked -- -- on batted seventh ranked LH -- -- -- to the action right here on WW Cotto takes thank you so much Madonna's Golota Mon night. Thank you settlements out to devote to build a key on line one key beauty and they keep the column. The body and I keep. Bob Villa on the weaker partner reps soccer channel and talk about anyway. Article -- -- got -- on. Boy and I -- line hole and trample. On Monday in we have had the opportunity to be on the -- with the southeastern -- baseball team come back from beaten out for international. They're not pitch as a group group cute little all polite. -- very well but saved them. But Q what is what so -- streak that -- done all year sort able to do that we started to. Blow. We've been out looking forward to -- copies of down play our current. Yeah they're going to be another good series tooth at these things you know. The nickel and all Weston all all of Louisiana schools and I consider too Bobby you know six or San Antonio's corpus Christi Texas State Sam Houston State. They won one game gets a Tulane and weeks ago so it he Southland Conference that's what about base wow. You know Bobby everybody in baseball division on of course different -- would division 11 the relate. Now golf -- the same thing you know go for the college World Series they can make the regions in the tournament's not like football. And I think it's more of a level playing if you keep him you know we've been bought today here in Louisiana ball all time it was it seemed like no back and they with two minutes and -- -- issue and you know. Yeah violation we know yeah and you LA open now to me. A southeast and right in the conversation. Well do you know. Normally in the past. Chicken due to -- and just -- back which was playing in the you know south Louisiana great well we've played all year round now. And though we put some good product out there. So -- -- just want to make sure that -- T -- that you know. Kids want to play well behaved itself Southwest Airlines did not -- that would in the big applause and it was just an acute. That's a good story -- that we appreciated Saint Louis are no thank you so much refuse to 601878668. -- he rates in the tomorrow night. The New Orleans Hornets are at the Toronto Raptors will. Get a preview of that with Paula Jones the voice of the Raptors Jones is an expert WW -- -- -- approaching 631. It is time for first news which in -- -- 60187. Or 8668890. Wait seventy. And welcome back is finally bad I'm Deke Bellavia -- and so when he 78 to six beating him. Zero -- and don't forget online at WW -- back around it's the WW -- of the day it's. That -- Baja cantina. That's right twenty delegates and could just ten dollars. Right now teams can team all -- the great food from taco to Cuban sandwiches. And -- fish taco with Bobby bases fish tacos a very good. -- never -- but he in the video group is the -- Fish tacos and you wouldn't feel as guilty to when you drink and all -- margaritas that you -- trying to help him mean finish. So he feeder fish taco ceremony -- feel better about -- -- the lesson there and they. But -- team has Baja cantina at 1535 veterans boulevard in Metairie half price deals on line that we. Dot com well tomorrow night the New Orleans Hornets will hit the road to take on the Toronto Raptors at air Candace and in Toronto opposite welcome and the voice the rapist Paula Jones politic you so much from the time we appreciate. A lot of beyond recognize that it's one of my good stops on the tour and again trying to I was upset -- -- well actually New Orleans. But that one brief time when they went down it would at least for a little bit. -- -- -- -- And that meant to Pittman more than one trip a year. -- will say with the with the broadcast crew and then some -- -- production crew Bourbon Street remains undefeated Bourbon Street six. Toronto broadcast in the production crew not. Before credit they've got -- -- a record this about a gets there about eight -- over there Paul. But Altamont night the wrapped up his eleven and twenty at home on the season five and 24 on the road I guess you'd say when you look at that they are better at home but. What position these these seem mean you stated transition ton of -- at Indy. -- a ball club is you know basically struggled like the Raptors have way way do you put him at follow. I have no idea I think he said it best when he when he talked about the state of transition. And a lot of experience in and stop here. And because they've they've got something that they want it you know and Chris Bosh let them mean for the timing this year Michelangelo's ten year. The first four years before that -- -- -- the average winning. Margin was the average winning record was 29 to thirty wins a year. And -- -- -- -- been around coming into this year the upper wings was forty year. Two playoff experiences but not as bosh. And it's a transition people had been screaming for years you -- -- no way that the line it's. My brother works for yes candidates in his broadcast partner analyst Bobby east coach Notre Dame when he says. You know -- -- to goes up the -- Maurice -- stuff you don't want to see. And a lot of people sidestep that they didn't want the team with bosh and they were convinced that -- shouldn't build around well. Now and all you people wanted to go on he handles some of the people want to hang on to of -- and what you got now and that's -- young rebuilding team. In the state of transition have had some really solid wins. But yet just inexperienced not allowing them to put together in the and it is toward -- for kids like Derozan and in Amir Johnson stepped into the spotlight Bargnani is handling the spotlight to trying to. Number one score that the focal point of the offense and then the other team's scouting report unfortunately for the first time in his career and we're seeing. The bad guys it is what it is right now like young team that's that's working hard to put it together and and -- -- games get away from the. And Paul what is should take going forward on the future. Agreement is gonna come about with the players association and owners as far as a franchise tag you look at small market teams. Obviously. -- had the franchise -- -- who had an opportunity. To place them on a player like you're Chris Bosh. The same being going to follow with the Hornets increase at all what what did you did you think that'll come about with the players ever agree of. I don't know the players would agree to that it is interest has talked with Mark Cuban yesterday that the man soaring here in. And you know we always referred to peak market small market to stop. I think now it's becoming more of a destination slash no one destination and and where guys will go at where they don't wanna go and not necessarily the big markets I -- guys. I'm sure guys go to San Antonio has -- winning. You know you at a place like Italy were the Clippers are LA's. Second biggest market market North America. It great whatever. You know all the opportunities but -- -- the -- for the Clippers because it's not a destination I think. They're trying to do something about it -- pitchers down with some of the owners are on David Stern about. You know making sure the pie is a little -- equal more more equally divided in in split up properly so that. You know we don't do it when I grow up guys there was three teams in the NBA Philadelphia Boston. And the Lakers -- I didn't know that there -- other teams for awhile. And I think what angers some of the people is. It's the players now making these decisions and not general managers like it was back in the -- I get a franchise tag but I think we're gonna get something. Around limiting. You know maybe limiting the movement maybe increase the sweeten the pot had been on the bird exception make it a little bit tougher for guys just to get up walk away. The hallways of practice Paula Jones is a special -- tomorrow night the Raptors and attain New Orleans Hornets at Air Canada. -- in Toronto and pol looking at this a club they've lost twenty of 23. Gains but you know when you talk about the state of the NBA some would think way you know it now Toronto is on a lottery bound vol club. They gonna pick the top of the draft but does this -- the NBA's now. It's become more -- that may be in the top 45. Did you not team think about trade back train at a pig if they can get some type of value may be. Quote unquote a landing an already proven superstar two wins in the NFL. If -- -- Duke you know comparing these two teams and leagues people really get up about the draft I don't. I don't think that is much in the MBAs and -- the -- because you can have a a top flight peak in the in the NBA -- -- lottery. And -- in stats show that you may be better I'll gain a better. But you know guys and then you're you're right in and are you know the man just down the road from -- it is around the corner from me in in Florida Pat Riley. For years has said. That same thing you'd you'd take that -- like that that trees full grown take that big tree. -- these -- -- but if you -- be taken and that's why people trade takes. And I mean you look at a team like Toronto that quality young that's what Brian coins were traded the pick that he got from Miami in the -- transactions concentrate. Could easily and having right now it's a high pick. That's a different story because -- you have a chance to draft a guy. And hopefully developed an interest -- if you're not you know unless you destinations fellow major trading for. A star or superstar in the New Orleans. New York dated. You know -- New Jersey trying to do it. But as what I would -- destination places because the ownership in the size of the market and in and other circumstances. You to draft the guy turned it into the start and then build around him. I think it's it's a process that takes time you'd take steps I mean. You know Toronto's not ready right now I don't think it is that you know. -- again and Chris -- -- and called write about it but the contending to win the title because. It's all those pieces how many years so that we see Kobe Bryant. You know ready to leave because the parts around the been in you know. There's not a that it said that that all of the sudden want to -- Paul Pierce. Wanted to leave Boston until he got some help so I I think you know you're right in that sense you need to be careful with your draft -- Because if you move -- the right way you can get hit by. You know there's there's still no talent with the lottery balls fall. And Paul talk about the -- player who's hot right now for the Raptors I was reading where Demar Derozan. And he's on a hot streak is average in nineteen these -- nineteen points a game 51 and have a percent shooting and having games this month. And he scored a team best 43 in the -- that last matchup with the Hornets. When the Raptors 10198982. In December 20. In the last meeting in Toronto also is the -- wanted to keys maybe the Raptors are being Hornets. It's his dad and you know we're down. Martin Luther King holiday in in in the US and and the Raptors were in the middle of you know -- losing streak they've lost you know a couple top -- in -- -- they've lost at home to Atlanta on. Some questionable calls and then lost the -- that they were. Coming off a three point loss to Washington and are -- -- against the it was a real kick in the stomach. Because they lost the game by war they reported the 39% beginning was back and forth and they just they couldn't make plays in. You know like -- who has -- -- people and the point being complacent won that game but. After that the Raptors who -- lose you know did did people wanna lose more than nine more in the row in and that could have been tipping point. I think there wasn't the key. Because he's figuring it out TD on these understanding when to go when not ago. I went to swing the ball went again if you look at his free throws in the top forty. In free throw attempts and free throw makes and that's a sign of the developing players that understand -- -- he's definitely keep but but I think the real -- comes on the defense and then. Raptors are a lot in the -- opponents' field goal percentage in. If you can keep that interest -- funny he's gonna culture. If Paul found what well this transition from star is coming from the west to the east. The Big Three in Miami and of course Melo over here now until four. Eastern Conference and in Western Conference or they close it together now -- I think -- I think that the pot they may be closer together. But I think the depth and that the balance of power still lies in the west that -- -- Phoenix in -- the other night their their team under five or game about 500 student -- Well heck if your game over 500 in in the east are usually pinch hit the I I still think the balance lies in the west. But as as as we used this year we -- we always say here the only one from each conference the play in the -- of. Paula Jones the voice of the Toronto Raptors who enjoys each and every opportunity he gets to come down to the be easier -- the tomorrow night the game will be. In his own bag Theo Paul always a pleasure thank you so much for -- out break down the rest. Hey guys any time calling -- I'd love to be on the. We appreciated Paul Paula Jones in the Toronto rap the only thing about them like Paulson -- -- he's right you know Otah paving. Both conferences but the bottom tier I mean you luckily -- like Indiana and so forth. I mean they would've been a conversational. Bryant is perfect example Phoenix -- the game or found currently tenth in the west they -- fit in the east. Andy the Raptors gave them a big league owned a loss for the Mavericks on Sunday you know how we gave over the sixteen. Point lead two minutes into the third water street to put it that day -- -- nineteen point first quarter -- and in a blues and a 1149. And fitness it's on its last night watching the game. This is sports talk your listeners -- if you get yeah. It. Get in the game on the news talk and sports leaders. It's big 870 WWL. And out WWL and have famine 105 threes towards toss -- off five world war 2601874866889. Late seventies. And welcome back I'm all about being fair I'm Deke Bellavia and Adam on the program a talk about the scanning come back and he's -- more helpful or harmful. Two players especially the ones that a more notable and we'll talk about Cam Newton. -- -- has now been the cam. It's Cam Newton. 26 awaits and also Bob is -- Alicea interesting piece. That was put on line -- used in that -- as we came to studio time Purdue's sample with his 2012. London logo close theory is higher. People -- PPO about it in Marion says object I ran objects of the logo of the 2012. London London Olympics containing it is races because he resembles the word Zion and warning -- possible boycott of the games from. I ran -- -- that -- or. Intelligent. Form all of worldly. Topics take well to this point on that being the case you can name by the -- Bob. Does this symbol. Well. -- you know this is this legitimate beef a lot of it is kinda stretches at again as you can see Zion and in in the end and it looks like as the if you could make out I. Again in -- way as sportsman. That I had the letter. Claims that in 2012. Local like he says spells out a desire and the biblical term widely recognized. To refer the city of Jerusalem. And even Bob Marley sings -- song. Like design and train is and away so anyway the Muslim states. You know really. That in opposes the reaches a little goal and I Iranian President crazy president they have. He's also called Israel's destruction in questions that historical counts. Of the Holocaust now Armenian athletes have refused. To compete against his Israelis so you know politics always come in the play but belong in the London local -- the numbers. 2012 and four jagged figures and until now has been criticized. Only -- is designed and doesn't like instinct you design. But then I live the International Olympic Committee said he received a letter and joined the London organizer rejecting. I rants complaint. And they going to see our response is as follows -- the two top 1012. Local residents the figure 2012. Nothing else. The IOC said the London organizers -- design was launched in 2007. After testing and consultation. And says we are surprised that this complaint. Has been me now but. Given that there -- crazy Iranians didn't surprise me they have some kind of Jewish connection. Waited even though it is in London that basically the Jewish influence in that it means Zion not 2012. So Vincent bogeys and days and who cares if virus in the Olympics anyway. You know like I was saying -- in the Shaw was in charge. They did holds the Olympics we've -- -- I think it did do programs in their countries in wrestling pretty good. But I -- and then there's those prisoners come and an Irish government and she know the real wrestling the the Olympics now wrestling and nothing Corey -- thank Nancy Green from race I would. In the scanned Bible you'd get in though I -- -- you -- Olympic wrestling you know you know you -- to show you grammar by the female wrestling. You know on the Friday it does show what the female -- that time pro wrestling motivated vehemently you -- yeah yeah it is not Rio race as night collegiate yes yeah is no professional respect -- right right nothing choreographed or anything the big also. If you look at the national collegiate basketball Hall of Fame class of 2009 and Bob Knight Bob Knight yeah at him lines of 2011 class old man -- the Saint John Redmond made yet interviewed as Mullen big if you -- he coached in the and it's at three national titles. 902 wins in 41 season. Also Virginia great Ralph Sampson. You know he also will be inducted along when eight members -- an -- -- powerfully with three teams in the east. Saint I don't know. Well and it's them that that then that's. That accompanies our press is it. In that goes to show you how well we talk about good basketball is inconsistent. In pain is now it is feasible flaw with damning comments that guy now best on ACC's terrible. But the big east has always been. Yeah alternate a state. As suspect the are mobile they're now I think I've shown that it dominated -- -- -- -- -- and impossible and -- also on that club class. Will be Andy Sutton. Yeah as a coach Eddie Sutton and and a couple of Lakers lead shield James worthy in. McKenzie Russell big -- gain and -- -- as -- -- -- and street and you mentioned Chris Malone Saint John and -- written in the thanks so much time and NASA's. Manning -- control and also. Time and dances was the screener the boy and I -- shall produce he was a Jack of all treat today thanks so much -- Rose on news. A mix it to Trent Johnson showed him on my -- that talk about the scouting combine in Indianapolis. How it's harmful or -- helpful. Two players who attended -- in -- what is the risk and the reward. For a -- to tread on seldom Bob Mitchell on Deke Bellavia. He is decay -- Dick Cheney and Bobby any day that ball on the way in my zone tonight people.