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Mar 17, 2011|

If you could change one NFL rule , what would it be?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Thursday and happy saint patty's day to you and yours. Welcome and sports on on WWL am FM and dot com alongside the cajun cannon Bobby there. I'm Kristian garic -- for the B chief Deke Bellavia. And it's March Madness Bobby -- some upsets already little going down -- final aren't in the NCAA tournament as the field trim from 64 down into the third round. And now Morehead State upsetting -- let's kind of a bracket busters on yet. Though it mattered a lot of people probably hand Louisville in the sweet sixteen at the least and big G had I'm going to the final four solo you know him at all Bee -- final four so. That's a finance. The you know I mean it. Realistic come on it had to be navy in nothing to take against women picking gained. But you know you have these office pools I mean he could be candlelight you know what is kind of like the name of morehead. On and go ahead and I angle -- that went in there. And big gamble -- token there's no way that you realist who put Morehead State all over Louisville. Now you know it's crazy things. -- come about. You know when you look at who you gonna pay. But to say that people opening morehead like -- percentage over Louisville because because -- little -- that was the case so overall now. Well with that being said you look -- -- -- eleven representatives. You know in in the tournament. You know and you'd think coach pitino in in holly had him play towards the back in his season. That they would have accomplished something that's fighting as they call -- Christian March Madness. -- -- -- I had Lugo going to sweet sixteen losing. Kansas so I guess I'm somewhat effective but not as much as you know picking them to be in the -- -- Kentucky holds on over Princeton 5957. So Kentucky moving on -- pressed again and I an effort but came up short game the wildcats only could handle. About it I want -- final four teams in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Final four to 60187 their toll free 866889087. He can also texas' 87870. And while the talk about in the NFL's consider some rule changes -- -- move the kick off to the 35 yard line and moved the them touch backs from the out from the -- to its point five yard line and also. Cracked down on the easy legal hits it could possibly face stiffer suspensions this year for habitual offenders and that program so. You know what let's let's have a little follow that what rule would you change in the NFL if you change one rule or two rules. What would you change mine it would have to be that has interest on our like -- Went when when teams it happening as the Saints w.s go against Minnesota. When. Gus Frerotte -- a couple of passive pass interference in the end zone and is on -- third night twelve they -- to get the ball to one yard line when a ball game. Yeah I think he needed change to pass and affairs Baltimore the college rule. Yeah because -- thing or on the defensive side -- -- always liked it. You know as far as the pass interference call you know being an offensive player. Yeah of the spot in the Bible verses only being fifteen yard line is from -- remember. In the past -- cook. You know you think how realistically -- cook can cover. Jerry Rice. When he told me that he was gonna cheat -- and he thought he was getting burned Beasley was in attack him. And you know right squat -- in twelve yards verses. Given up a long touchdown of respect especially -- -- blitzing. So aka I don't like it you know spotted -- Christian has -- them more an offensive guy verses defense but. I think a lot of it the new rules Christian. I'd say that I agree waited more than -- ever have. -- season I think is going to be good. As far as the routines that look and you look at the kickoff. That and they kick off rule was passed -- at 824 and a 32 owners. There kick off in the 34 yard line instead of thirty. And touch back to be taken out two to 25 yard line and that it it's -- me. And then if you look at it also players on the kickoff team. All would have to line up within five yards and a thirty fives and don't get an -- and running start you know ice yet numbered things lined up fifteen -- back in Nevada goal line yes and replaced and helping get -- at at and wanting him to haul butt -- get down there. When though is that a players' safety then yeah. That's all it is trying to avoid. A potential concussions it is totally as -- the players' safety why they do an evening trying to. You know the the kind of tweak of the way and you know you have 45 guys in the way is now they said. The only can aptitude that they wanna make you where you can't even make away. Because that's a lot of the -- conversions and players getting hurt fellas I think overall the players' safety. You know at this they that's a good rule now you look at -- holiday and a bag of field position -- -- you get the ball if you look at it in. Mr. McKay. You know who is a big part of that competition committee. He's president of Falcons you know they'll look at -- reserves that average kickoff was tutored at the five point. Five yard -- until five and after my last season so not all kick off -- likely Uggla and all on under the new rule anyway. Right so remember that -- to kick off from authorities found about it but these are off of the morning right and actually it was yeah it away from the party. Did 35 to 38 now is going back. That at thirty and Morten Andersen was a big reason. Or hiding there or they move the back of the thirty or do you try to make big kick off return exciting play and I always -- You know so the guy obviously. From a saint respective. Whether it was more spin off partly. You know you're looking yapping get a touch Baghdad's great for the defense forced to an office to drive. But we're more -- his leg was stronger than Hartley Britney get it's much hang time. So therefore it's kind of like okay who's getting it done who could put it 56 yards beware at times even remorse they kicked it. Five yards -- there wasn't much tied to teams would end up you know still returning but you look at the average. Starting position Mateen as well as the 27. In a half yard line and 2002 and so a 25 yard line and start average -- be closer. To that average you know if they do take the -- so I think that's a good rule. I think another rule Kristen. That's a good thing. As far as the instant replay. And you know that that all scoring plays now yes -- that's critical of -- game where the coach trying to have an angle where you don't have to throw a flag is going to be up in the boot. Like did you basically in the last two minute. Even without challenge flag -- yet there without a challenge if -- -- -- a scoring plays impact kings greatly give me that it was being. Obviously. Winning or losing so that that's I'm for that rule change. Yet and if a player is not ruled a touchdown are you know magnetic field goal at camp. A coach I still would have. When have to challenged to overturn it no -- the sake I thought that was a charge now dating -- We've still got a challenge it's only -- third touchdown his call on the field. Can you challenge it and now legacy edit the exit 24 to 32 owners. And now -- that being added to go that route Tuesday it's all about wanted to keep temple a big game -- that slowed down the pace. That the rule passes the league will do away with the third challenge for coaches. So now there's just -- instead of three challenges because of the Booth upstairs would be more involved with those jam. Recapping some of the action for the second round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament Butler is moving on at the buzzer over Old Dominion sixty to 58 West Virginia knocked off clintons and 84 to 76. And global is the first upset they fall to Morehead State 62 to 61 -- -- happen. Temple outlast Penn State 66 to 64 at the buzzer Kentucky's also moving on 59 to 57 over. Preston so what are your final four teams in the NCAA men's basketball tournament how is your bracket looking so far final four to 60. 187 or toll free 86689. 087 -- if you could change one rule in the NFL what would it be if you -- on the NFL competition committee widget. Implement a rule would you change 15042601870. -- toll free 866 inning nine. 08 Sammy this is sports talk on WW well welcome back to sports talk Kristian -- -- for the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside the cajun cannon final 4 March Madness. Is rolling right along round two action and getting an away earlier today. Some good teams following a little recap that here and just a couple of minutes but one of the big upsets global. Falling to Morehead State and also body gives your final four -- -- -- analysts are probably New York final four predictions. Well I'm Kristen are kind of -- approach. There's a reason why. Certain teams are favored they're normal NC. So kind of played the percentages 'cause than it that in Follett college basketball's much as a would've been the path simply because -- -- so. You know and as these -- general's -- and have them local flavor. But I have cancer is coming out of south west region in here in New Orleans -- hit. Coming on the southeast region I mean you think about the competition in have an eleven teams coming -- the big east and it it was able to win that conference the league not the tournament. And that says something -- have it there. And -- on the east region I have Ohio State. And then on the west region I guess that would be an upset of someone considering I don't know if you -- top for the airport three. Texas beatings and the Eagles. You know number three seed but after it wouldn't be -- without being upset that was sending a statement it is. Well -- technically I -- -- -- -- -- you say yes I guess that wouldn't be considering San Diego State but just the tradition area. And Connecticut having wanted to best. Players in the country. You know considering what he's and can be walker are here's my here's my final four argue. Did you finish -- Raptors are yap -- that would be can you tell you gotten attempts at Ohio State playing Texas Kansas -- -- Kansas winning Ohio State winning and this'll make Casey Wainwright happy. Have Ohio State winning the championship. That's where you and I agree I don't know -- in the same final four material Ohio State got that San Diego State. As well I'd go into the final four. Purdue and Florida and Ohio State and Florida playing in the national title game in Ohio State I'm on the Ohio State band -- number one overall seed. Unless and I knows they get a bit on the they had an outside and they have some deficiencies is no doubt about it but I analysts and you know I'm not a college basketball expert and not a junkie on it -- -- certainly following a little bit closer than I do but I'm going with. When they have redden and goal and elastic ornaments and ultimately when you -- these brackets bodies like throwing darts I mean you know somebody's gonna bust the bracket up. I actually got out Oakland upsetting Texas that's when my biggest upsets and it could happen yeah. -- it's a good team is that Oakland California Oakland Michigan. That's right in the backyard and actually. I know at a university is to try to Pontiac Michigan and I play with the image in Panthers so -- look at Oakland University. -- -- actually train there some practices. So yeah -- used Nissan open is nobody's thinking it's in Michigan. It being anything California it's actually. University in -- -- who you have on the coming out the southeast in the southwest on that's. Listen at the south by south east I got. Pittsburgh obviously an Old Dominion lose in the Boller today but Pittsburgh. And that Florida obviously coming out in the in India sweet sixteen and and and in the heat in the final are these the eight. Outside Pittsburgh and Florida any elite eight in the sweet sixteen. Hum out Kansas State. I got Gonzaga. Likens I am not yet I'm out I think it's not hasn't gone a little bit of Iran again in out. It's like it's like throwing darts though because it's the team is we saw last you have Butler in who's gonna be this year Butler did -- to go on that. All I was sending a statement at -- you know what even though you look at their ranking Christian in one inning I think is on on that are radar. And even get the recognition he deserves now if you follow basketball and you know history. You look at what Steve Fisher has done with the Aston activities are about Michigan the fab five in the Michigan though that guy can flat out coach. And that's the reason why San Diego State is in that position. And you know -- before -- season. I mean you know high expectation that you think would also -- on BB 32 and two and number two seed. You know Duke overall have a number one seed but so -- San Diego State is not a household name but this year they've had a special season. Lot of shifting gears to the NFL. You know right after talks broke down last Friday the players union and the owners talked about it and the -- best interest. And it's like -- New York are at heart and it looks like in New York Giants are taking steps for season ticket holders and showing in the day they actually have their best interest that aren't at least given a break. Now that the interest in this city you got 32 owners that what NFL teams now you wanna put you say -- we care about the things in a way the player and owner. While -- tell you what did you are Giants president CEO John Mara. Has taken a step and really taken offense in the consideration. Remains optimistic that there will be in NFL season. In 2000 and -- and but this is what he's done with the Giants and letters -- out to the season ticket Holmes next week that'll give them the option. -- pay and that are season has made birds are awaiting. Until there's a collective bargaining agreement in place now -- the big step how many owners would take the lead. Followed the lead should they have John Mara. Of the Giants and say listen. You have to pay a sleazy tactic -- do we get this'll. Do you want us in all of -- should 31 other teams. Followed suit to a final four to 60187 their toll free 866 inning 9087. Would you like -- Other teams do the same thing the New York Giants are doing is saying that the -- digital was hey you don't have to pay a dime on your season tickets. Until labor stoppage on the work stoppage is resolved. We can texas' 87870. What do you think about that should. Owners -- addressed the league follow suit with a New York Giants and give season taking over as the break. On the on the payment plan on a payment for season tickets until. The labor agreement is is reached and also. The NFL outcome this committee wants it more residents suspending players for illegal hits they wanna change some of the rules. Moving to take off up to the 35 yard line and bring touch backs out of 25 yard line were asking you if you could change one rule any NFL winner is -- season if there is season. Which rule would it be. Final four to 60187 -- toll free 86689087. -- euphoria go to break continues another thing the Giants have done as -- third consecutive season the Giants will not raise ticket prices. And the Giants they didn't -- last year now it was disappointing. They're coming off a ten and six season. It and make the playoffs but it's not like in the rebuilding mode that that's another thing so if you Giants and you gotta be happy. With the organization -- treatment and. David L news Thomas for 31 had a ball off to Shane Rose are standing by for the news headlines -- -- welcome back to sports talk abbey Saint Patrick's Day -- Christian Erickson in for the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside. The cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and at Pittsburgh and once he put it all over UNC Asheville 745116. Seed. Trying to upset number one seed and then look promising for. UNC -- -- that in that to the 68 -- Little Rock artists out there are among the 68 teams. To get in and anyone now on Tuesday night but looks like there road is gonna come through and we'll also talk a little NFL football the owners. For the New York Giants are given season ticket holders a break. Saying that they don't let them make a deposit for the season ticket until the labor agreement is reached start to lock out. Has ended should the other 31 teams follow suit final four. 260187. New York toll free 866889087. -- also -- -- at 87870. And Bobby this from ESP in the states might open at Lambeau. Regardless no matter what happens -- in the labor situation. The retaliate the TV yet NFL players announce its -- eleven regular season schedule in the same way at the same time were used to which is typically in in and may. Are people for the most part and quite an impact -- and at an attractive matchup. Played the past -- -- winners. And as a saint and a -- -- time the played a Packers. I mean -- we don't know what's gonna come about but you know playing the Packers at Lambeau Field at that time -- December. Yeah you Devlin welcome that it could be issues ago. You know Aaron Rodgers vs Drew Brees I mean that could be a very entertaining team that you know you have to play to Packers so. Obviously. Can be great weather. -- could possibly rain but you have to deal with the frozen tundra supposed to do if you would be playing in the city in December. Bobby the owners and players especially owners in this case gone back to New York Giants and in there. I guess reprieve that they're gonna extend the season ticket ticket holders up their New York. They said it since talks broke down that they have the fans' best interest at heart like I -- -- all right in its step in the right direction led by doing that. That's definitely making a statement and we had said really by theory if you look at the majority as the players are the owners of the that they have the fans visitors a -- know that -- yes. You know you say the right thing but this is a proven the putting. That you know you are taken offense and consideration. You know that you know -- gonna send them. A letter next week that we'll get an option of paying vapors are waiting until there's a new collective bargain agreement in place so yeah. The kudos goes out president CEO John Mara of the New York Giants now. If I had to speculate on a 32 on that -- maybe you might have a handful that would agree with -- -- -- The NFL also wants to whenever there is -- season if there is seasonal change a couple rules they wanna get more aggressive on these illegal hits on the defensive defenseless players like quarterback still an extended two quarterbacks in the act of throwing. They also won -- move the kick off to the 35 yard line every touch backs out of 45 yard line body but. West in the audience. If you could change one rule in the NFL what would it be and what was George. Well I -- tell you one rule that I would change audiences totally selfish being the founding father who dat nation. That to me that was garbage. That the Saints had to go to Seattle. Now this topic won't be discussed at the meetings. You know as far as receding. The playoff teams you know they have been meetings next week right here in New -- right. You know in the Big Easy -- you know is not enough momentum among the teams to push for a change in the system it. I'm just selfish out in the sea dogs Vietnam -- fourth seed. -- a 79 record I think he should go because you have in conference play. AFC Tennessee and you should goal to me overall. By erected. To me there's consider with the Saints did in the season in this -- The C -- had to continue on and that twelve games that that that's one ruled that I would change. But date on Monday and owners don't think we have enough momentum that twenty for the owners to agree upon could. I you know I didn't -- I don't like that I think they just put it in in last year the year before where now and the players. Coming down with the ball in the in zone or. Close to the boundaries pushed out the used to give you the benefit out could get could have gotten to feed down now it's an incomplete pass regardless of the defender. I'd like to see that rule change is well as far as momentum yeah I mean if you if you if you close to -- -- at a touchdown pass. And you you elevate for and you get pushed out. Well I mean I think it's reasonable to say. But I mean that's subjective but it's reasonable say a little -- schools and our Lance Moore might have come down their fourth touchdown like -- I'd like in the review that and you're only the competition committee. Fans what rule would you change problem you know it's only seven their toll free 866 -- 89087 and Christian and. The rule alike -- I think college approach because people like points in light scoring have one foot in attitude. That's the Steve Geller was entirely -- -- the shown some rules and that could possibly be change one rule on one foot I don't I'm not I like the difference. Between the 2 PM residents of the blah and you don't of those things that separates college football again and to defense and coaches this thing -- enough as it is that Bennett has often anyway but I'm always think I'm offices. Quickly telephone -- -- on -- All your under the WL glad dormant. Normally there. Yeah yeah yeah no update yet. Yeah I agree with Bobby. Also like did we shouldn't have our our game you're particular intimacy to build. I would. Well we had a better erected Norman I mean I mean come on that you -- hasn't been a team that yeah and I know I don't know. But I don't know I mean this in Seattle 79 I mean this week and a well. Not been on the -- train. But I -- and rent the what you do it in the playoffs anyway you know does -- look at the Giants a -- Seahawks and nine in the playoffs the NFC west this week. What the feeling takes these purist that thinks the football should be played. And -- could trade during Katrina to have a problem with that I'll like my bill. And that they should have been -- -- this is what college slot you -- -- While we're changing -- things Bobby's I would I would really do great things so the team with the best record get -- home court advantage. And like flexible -- you would come that's that's my rule change you are. And you don't Norman to have owners that agreement Cuban is to get to -- part of the 32. You know -- homeowner might be looking when they we might be in Seattle's position. And don't know that you you know -- playoff bonus and importance. Of winning your division. You know but I think IT director at all -- winning it it is. If you could change one rule in the NFL would -- be 504260. 187 a toll free 866 inning nine is Airways seven he can also -- attacks at 87878. When drew Billy -- -- you're up next is a sports talk on WWL welcome back. 87870. On a text. What -- -- about the new rule changes in the NFL to remove the a kick off to the 35 yard line if there is an FL season and the courses and discuss these things that the NFL owners' meeting next. Next weekend right here in New Orleans and also wanna bring the touch -- out to the 25 yard line but also a crackdown on the illegal hits repeat offenders. Four flagrant it is illegal hits will have them a much greater chance of being suspended -- editorial and has yet is that bingo players. Are aware now. The ramifications as far as yeah it is a flagrant hit. That where it was kind of I -- attests. As far as warning the players were now the players don't were absolutely I could see that. Especially. A player does consistently. You know gotten finds that ten million new blood is so you will be suspended thinking. What rule would you change in the NFL. You're on the competition committee 504260. 187 or toll free 866889. Is nearly seven he can also Texas -- 87870. And it's also on the in the NFL as the New York Giants rather. Gonna give -- dig a hole is a break. Telling them that they don't have to make a deposit on their season tickets until the labor. Stoppage is his. An agreement is simply -- -- come to tune -- so would you like -- -- the other team's policy final four to 60. 187 in a toll free 866 inning 90. It's and that's also the subject property damage dealership opinion poll Debbie WL -- on log on there. Cast your vote you can also blog about it on right below the poll you click on the -- Alban. He can tighten your thoughts to the phone lines we go. But see -- in -- -- on WWL and. I think they call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that -- -- payment but it actively advocate. I'm actually happened that -- -- that even with. Well that they've probably get a -- hold on -- an NC -- there will be -- season you move towards that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A decade Sudan may indicate do it because it's not a strike it's a lock out you know it's not like in 82 and 87. Where there were a replacement players. Knowledge is a lock out the you won't have anything. Drew home a year on -- develop rule would you change. Outlook changed the -- they go to saint -- pass interference rule I think that the college level at the right -- the -- just like mood at it and that's not think they'll be a lot better. The eight ball he'd be -- in -- -- yards and you know. Little touch and not the ball right accurate and -- got the ball down. And you see that as a strategy body were third and fifteenth they're well -- look -- -- wanted to get up of that happening it was a bear in mind goes for as a quarterback will play in the Vikings and Kaesviharn call and if yes. You know and basically it was -- Haley got golfer. He has affairs quite a bit but but but no it was kind of a hail -- situation. Yeah and it's on the spot in the files. That definitely benefited by. Will rule would you change if -- on the NFL competition committee that's or asking you end. Should the rest the -- followed New York Giants leading giving fans the option of paying for season tickets by may first or waiting until there's. A new collective bargaining agreement -- the other. 31 NFL teams follow suit. Final four to 60187 -- toll free 866 inning nine is nearly seventy can also text this. 87870. Yvonne Darrell Billy frank CJ Michelle will and you too this is sports talk on WWL welcome back to sports talk the text messages are rolling in here Bobby and 87870. They -- we'll see how many owners care about fans. And follow the Giants lead. One rule change no penalty for excessive celebration. Let him have it -- a lot of quality to -- -- course that's on the New York Giants. You know given the season to all the debris yeah. No without a doubt hopman I still think if I was. Now. I'm just speculating I think out of 32 owners they might 45 might agree -- you know John -- and do with the Giants have done. And Giants giving season dig holes or break telling them that they don't have to make a deposit on their season tickets until the labor deal has been worked out -- to lockout has ended. Would you like to see the rest of the NFL owners of the same final four to 60187 or toll free 866 inning nine. 087 yeah what rules would you change what rule would you change the NFL -- this committee is looking at changing some of those rules. -- -- -- -- About the protection the quarterback autumn don't wanna see that obvious I know you beautiful cool quarterback you wanna see that then a QB protected pocket especially that's one of -- they're gonna considers. When an act of throwing. No luck occurs and I think the approach -- -- -- be like he used to be in dog crap about the quarterback but I'm not a realistic the money involved people wanna see Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees is the world play. Then -- activated story before we're playing in the 49ers. -- and I got the crap knocked out of me like Charles Haley. -- reform across my hand in. You know balls a man elected that is that ya gonna call it. You know any kind of like you know looked at me like like goal on -- -- to all set a bit of that was Joe Montana you to call it call that you -- -- Yeah are probably would've been -- last night I haven't got that -- They gotta have had that draw mean that Jerry Rice to get past that phantom pass interference calls and John Elway and Joe Montana -- get those roughing the passer calls and it would John L east and I mean that's an eligible attendees to milk that the crowd noise -- when that was a factor when they. If the crowd was too loud this is early -- an -- in the late eighties what I had a game right here you know playing the Bengals in Boomer Esiason. He held that the game almost twenty minutes because of -- that would never -- should never happen and it would never happen -- pages in no you can get a delay game plan in the coming up next hour Jim Trotter Sports Illustrated NFL -- another way your phone calls a sports talk rolls on right here. On WWL.